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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 2, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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making news in america this morning, frightening weather across the middle of the country overnight. lightning and hail while across the southeast too much rain in too short of a time. having deadly consequences. on the campaign trail the front-runners are looking for big wins in the hoosier state. we're live in washington. a surprise visitor in an apartment. firefighters realizing there's no training for this type of emergency. anheuser-busch didn't have this six-pack in mind when it talked about beechwood aging. from a couple of guys in wisconsin.
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it is a rough monday morning so far for many people in south central states. >> two possible tornadoes touched down near indianapolis, indiana. sirens blared throughout the city throughout the night warning of potential twisters. there was heavy rain, strong winds and lots of hail but so far no reports of major damage. a different story along the western gulf coast with some areas receiving up to 1023467s of rain within 24 hours and flooding has turned deadly and storms are continuing overnight. >> at least five people have drowned in the floods so far. those victims, a woman and her four great grandchildren were swept away in texas and with the ground there saturated and waterways overflowing, more rain could mean flash flooding. the forecast now from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you, kendis, diane. flash flood threat active along the gulf coast for houston, shreveport, jackson, mississippi, down to new orleans. humid air feeding in
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possibly 5 more inches of rain where we don't need it. it spreads for the entire southeast with heavy rain across mississippi, alabama into the tennessee river valley and carolinas with a few storages into florida and on top of that a heat index near 100 there. but that's not all. it's going to be muggy all over the place. expecting another low pressure system to make its way throughouteast. scattered showers through maine and new york and down towards the mason-dixon line from new york. >> turning to the race for the white house. a crucial contest tomorrow in indiana that may be make or break for ted cruz. >> the front-runners are poised to rack up more delegates but their rivals are digging in for the long haul and get the latest from abc's lana zak joining us live from washington. >> reporter: good morning. wondering when this primary competition may end? not any time soon according to ted cruz and bernie sanders.
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clinton's supporting him instead. both republicans and democrats pledging to take this one all the way. ted cruz says there's no way he's giving in to donald trump, no matter how big trump's lead. >> donald right now is on the 30 yard line. >> reporter: he holds a double-digit lead and the front-runner telling indiana voters they could help him knock out the competition by bringing hit delegate count over 1,000. >> let's focus on hillary. >> reporter: hillary clinton seems ready to focus on trump too. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> reporter: but while clinton supporters are asking bernie sanders to get out -- >> i would like to see sanders try to bring some of his supporters over, as well. >> reporter: he says no concession before the convention. >> the convention will be a contested contest.
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supporters for ushering in a political revolution with their. >> we have received over 7.4 million individual campaign contributions. >> reporter: over the weekend the president teasing sanders during the white house correspondents' dinner. >> bernie, you look like a million bucks or to put it in terms you'll understand you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each. >> reporter: the president actually made fun of all the different candidates including hillary clinton. he said her attempts to reach out to youth voters was like a relative signing up for facebook. clinton took it all in stride tweets nice job. aunt hillary approves. >> lana zak reporting for us in washington, thank you. mayday demonstrations turned violent. demonstrators threw rock, bricks, even molotov cocktails at police. five officers injured. at least nine
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there were other may daymonstras in seattle turned violent. new this morning two u.s. missionaries have been found dead, the victims of violence in jamaica. they were found in a rural area on the caribbean island. the two worked to are a pennsylvania based religious group called teams for medical missions apparently on their way to check on a house that was being built for a poor family. the green zone in baghdad has returned to normal. thousands broke into the fortified area storming the parliament. it marked the worst security breach the green zone has seen forcing the government to declare state of emergency. the demonstrators mostly supporters of a shiite cleric are demanding reform. commuters in washington, d.c. could face some major delays this morning after a train derailment. 15 cars of a csx train went off the tracks. a spokes
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leaked sodium hydroxide used to produce various household products including soap and detergent. a historic new york city church has been damaged by smoke and flames. the fire destroyed the roof of the serbian orthodox cathedral but it was empty at the time and there were no serious injuries. the cathedral was built in the early 1850s and was designated a city landmark in 1968. it was the end of an era in providence, rhode island. >> the last performing elephants of the circus walked the ring for the final time. after decades of protests from animal rights groups the circus is retiring them to the 200-acre preserve in florida. >> they've been part of the circus for a long time, 145 years. other animals will remain as part of that show. well, coming up a lawsuit that starbucks is calling absurd. all about how much ice is in your eyesed beverage.
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members head to court today to start sting out his estate. this comes amid some new questions about the superstar's health. the reason why a truck wound up all but submerged in a river. we'll be right back.
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check this out, this postal service truck ended up in a south carolina river northeast of columbia. it happened in a heavy downpour on interstate 20. the truck driver attempted to pass another vehicle and lost control. he was rescued from the river and charged with driving too fast for the conditions. more than 40 public schools in detroit will be closed. the move comes after the teachers union called f
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sick-out. the school system's emergency managers warning the district won't bets employees after june 30th. he also says today's sick-out will make it more difficult to try to convince lawmakers to approve a rescue plan. the system has more than 90 schools. puerto rico has a huge bill due today that it can't pay. the territory will default on a $422 million bond payment. weekend negotiations on deferring the payment were unsuccessful. in a speech yesterday the governor said providing essential services to residents was more important. congress has so far been unable to pass a debt restructuring bill for puerto rico. and the latest coffee chain lawsuit isn't over how hot they are but the cold ones. en illinois woman claims they put too much ice in its beverages and seeks $5 million to compensate everyone who purchased a cold drink from starbucks in the past 10 years. starbucks calls it absurd saying
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delays are most likely in new orleans, houston, atlanta,and b. next a potential battle behind. some of his family members had he had to court in minnesota today to start the lengthy process of dividing his $300 million estate. >> that's because prince died with no known will. meanwhile, there are new questions about his health as abc's eva pilgrim reports. ♪ >> reporter: authorities turning their attention to prince's medication and whether the star died of a drug overdose. sources telling abc news the superstar was getting prescriptions from multiple doctors, authorities have executed a search warrant at his local walgreens but no official word on why he died. toxicology results still week as way. meanwhile, the superstar's family heads to court as they move forward to settle his estate. prince's older brother alfred remembering his little brother. his attorney putting to rest rumors of family
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>> with any estate matter, with ory ter: with an estimated $300 million estate on the line, people claiming to be heirs are coming out of the woodwork. hair hunters international has been overwhelmed with people claiming to be prince's love child. so far one man's story has piqued their interest. >> he was born in the '80s and his mother crossed path with prince a couple times as i'm sure many, many other people did. >> reporter: heir hunters is still verifying key details. if he had children those children would inherit his entire estate. >> it's going to be an active wildfire season for some parts of the country. at particular risk the southwest, california, alaska
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southern midwest. last year they burned a record number of square miles. this was a scene outside an apartment near denver. this is in the predawn hours over the weekend. yeah, no thank you. fire crews responding to a frantic call about this bear making himself at home in the resident's living room. they coaxed him out and he headed down the hallway luckily away from the firefighters. no humans or bears injured in that one. >> did he find a different room maybe? >> we can only hope. looking for goldilocks. >> bore ridge. the kentucky derby is this saturday. fans attending have a new attraction to see. there's a whole exhibit about last year's triple count winner american pharoah. >> it features mementos from his romp into racing immortality and videos of all three race wins. now, jockey victor
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there for the opening and riding sports highlights and that means the playoffs. good morning, america. the sc stands for "sportscenter." with john buccigross. >> to the city of pound, wisconsin, the warriors and trail blazers open their semifinal sleers there in the western conference. klay thompson played. steph curry did not play. 18 points in the first quarter. draymo draymond, saginaw, michigan, triple-double. 23 point, 13 rebounds, he orchestrated this whole thing and the warriors win without steph, 118-106. >> they
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blues and stars, chris 3-2, but jamie bend, one of the finest hockey players in the world, number 14. best all-around winger. >> hits, scores, great hair, as well. it went to overtime and david bacchus wins it. he just happened to turn around. just brushes it in and blues have evened the series at one. game three tuesday night in st. louis. >> and nevada, missouri, good morning there, as well. >> we'll do our best. looked like a nascar demolition derby on sunday. 35 race cars were involved in accidents of some kind. >> okay, so there were some minor wrecks but the big ones in the final laps. one involved 21 cars. another with a dozen and as bred
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do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at ♪ time now to check "the pulse" and starting with the president's eldest daughter heading to college. >> the first family announced malia obama will attend harvard in the fall of 2017 waiting a year after graduating high school next month. malia visited princeton, her mother's alma mater and columbia, her dad's alma mater so looks like harvard was the diplomatic choice as that's where both of them earned their law degrees. >> a fun year. next up a solution for all those pizza boxes that end up in the trash,
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an edible pizza box. >> a box pizza. it's inside a folding box that you can actually eat. >> okay. it costs about 40 bucks and vinny's pizzeria is still working on a way to deliver the whole thing without using a box, of course, so that means it's really -- >> it's a work in progress. is it really a box? fishing and beer often go hand in hand but not like this. >> a couple of fishing buddies in wisconsin had a rare catch. it turns out to be 60 years old but after all that time under water, the cans were corroded and filled with sand. >> we thought it was a rock or a log or something like that. happens all the time. and truth be told pulled it up and it ended up being
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>> they were empty, unfortunately, but i don't know how good they would have tasted anyway from -- they would have been cold still, i'm guessing. >> that is the upside. would have been cold. >> what a waste of beer. >> it is. it's still a mystery how the beer ended up at the bottom of the river. the men haven't decided whether to keep the cans or donate them to a beer museum. >> a little contribution to the arts. finally, it's a happy birthday to britain's princess charlotte. her parents william and kate are allowing a new look at her. >> they've just released these photos overnight, snapshots of charlotte, the cool thing about this, these were actually taken by her mother last month at their home. now, charlotte's privacy, of course, is usually very carefully guarded. this is the first time we've seen these new pictures of her in several months. >> when your daughter is that cute you have to let us get a glimpse once in a while. the duchess is quite a photographer. >> yeah, beautiful. nice symmetry there. more news for you after this.
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today: am clouds giving way to some sunshine. warm and humid with pm t-storms possible. highs: 78-85 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: rain likely. lows: 53-62 winds: ne 5 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain. rain most widespread in the morning. highs: 63-68 winds: n 5 mph
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overnight. it happened just before 2 a-m and left all lanes blocked until emergency crews could reach the scene. several people were injured but we are still awaiting an update on their condition. we have a crew heading to the scene and will bring you a live update in just a few minutes. right now. a freight train derailment having a big impact on your commute today marc's brunswick line is only operating three trains. a 6:05 departure from frederick a 6:25 departure from martinsburg and a 7:45 depature from brunswick. we just learned from metro that service will resume across the redline this morning. csx officials say 14 cars derailed before 7 sunday morning -- near 9th street and rhode island avenue. the train was going from cumberland, maryland to hamlet, north carolina. crews are now on the scene working to clean up the derailed cars, and the spilled chemicals. this morning..
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rubble after a massive, four-alarm blaze. throughout the 160-year-old serbian cathedral of saint sava-- shortly after parishioners celebrated easter mass. there are no reports of any injuries, but parts of the building have collapsed. the church was declared a new york city landmark in 19-68. crews say the fire is now under control... but is not completely extinguished. the search is over. the first family says malia obama will begin her college career in cambridge. the president and mrs. obama announced over the weekend that their daughter will attend harvard university in the fall of 20-17. first-- she will take a gap year, something harvard encourages students to do. both the president and first lady graduated from harvard university law school. it's xx and we're just getting started. a train derailment in northeast spills hazardous a train derailment in northeast spills hazardous chemicals and creates some big
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we'll tell you what you need to know before up. protests on the west coast turn violent.. and several people now waking up behind bars. the felony charges they are facing.. coming up.. good morning washington. today: am clouds giving way to some sunshine. warm and humid with pm t-storms possible. highs: 78-85 winds: sw 5-10 mph tonight: rain likely. lows: 53-62 winds: ne 5 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain. rain most widespread in the morning. highs: 63-68 winds: n 5 mph a freight train, flipped on it's side.
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