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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 6, 2016 6:30pm-6:42pm EDT

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children's schools..
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mall. andday. >> there's been a sho
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the mall. we're trying to set up by cop. shootings were committed by the same suspect. >> reporter: homeland security officials tell us that tordil was placed on administrative leave, his badge and gun taken, after a court order to stay away from his wife was issued against him in march. in the tense hours before his arrest, government offices and local schools went into lockdown. but the violence ended without incident. >> he got out of the car with his hands up. >> reporter: but in a bizarre twist, police reveal that after his alleged rampage the suspect went to the same shopping center where the washington sniper spree began 13 years ago, spending an hour eating in the
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same boston market where the murderous duo had once dined. u realvideo just coming in. and it's harrowing. from the massive fire north of the border. authorities say it's out of control. one family watching on their iphone after they escape. the security camera in their home capturing this. the flames ripping right into the home. and this time lapse video showing the fire sweeping into
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and neal karlinsky isfishnd.bu,d water.
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labor as they fled, including u. this fire remains extremely dangerous. david?evere weathes od causing accidents. and in the west tonight, hail near reno, nevada. hammering the front of the car. an inch of rain flooding parts of fresno, california. rob marciano is live in new york city tonight, where it's been raining all day. a tough weekend ahead. >> reporter:
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week. look at the middle. and moves into the weekend for mother's day. >> rob,he race for the white house. donald trump responding to the deep divide within the republican party. now promising to unite the gop now that he's the last man standing. but speaker of the house, paul ryan, saying he's not ready to support trump. and late today, news of a summit of sorts. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight in ne
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mystified about that snub from speaker of the house paul ryan. >> paul ryan, i don't know what ultimate victory but he was colaon so we reporter: ryan, the most >> he also inherited something very special. that's very special to a lot of us. this is the party of lincoln, of reagan, of jack kemp. >> reporter: trump shot back on twitter. "wrong, i didn't inherit it. i won it with millions of voters." trump and ryan today agreed to meet in person next week. caught in the middle, republican party chairman reince priebus, who found himself defending trump's widely-derided tweet eating a taco bowl and declaring, "i love hispanics." >> he's trying.
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[ laughter ] and -- honestly, he's trying.r they won't support trump. the it states of america. >> the president saying it's not a reality show. jon, you've learned that paul ryan and donald trump will sit down in washington next we? >> reporter: they'll meet here in washington next thursday. but i would not expect a quick breakthrough. in fact, a source close to ryan does not rule out supporting a
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third-party candidate, but he hopes it won't come to
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support. >> i really think i earned the support from the people. 'v
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human rights abuses, scenes like this. 21-year-old american student w poster. terry moran, abc news, pyongyang, north korea. >> thanks. and back home to a new development in the death of prince. court documents revealing that the firm in charge of settling his estate has allowed dna tests on prince's blood in case an heir comes forward. as they wait to find out from the coroner if there was percocet in his system. and a fedex truck weaving in and out of traffic. and a truck
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spilling potatoes on the highwa causing a nasty pile-up in nashville. i was just underneath a semi >> reporter: incredibly, despit laws in safely operating their vehicles. in the u.s., there are 100,000 crashes a year because of drowsy driving. just look at what happened today in charlotte. a potato truck driver charged with failing to maintain lane control, allegedly telling troopers he fell asleep at the wheel. and of course that wal-mart truck driver in 2014 crashing into tracy morgan's limo, injuring the comedian and killing a friend.
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asleep at the wheel after be mi torn off their cars. a car ltime. and the drone owner lincont this building the balcony on the seventh floor.
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decided to write a letter. about her friends. about the children of flint. >> speak for all the kids that live here in flint. he sent that letter to the president. and this week, she watched as air force one touched down. and before he spoke about the
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water crisis, the president asking for aou wrote to you! >> i know. >> reporter: the presi made ll smi and about the power of one letter. >> it was amazing. if you're small, you can still change the world. >> so we choose mari, known as little miss flint. have a happy mother's day. have a good night.
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attle. wheel... of... fortune! chladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white! hello! hello! thanks, everybody. thank you, jim. ending up our week saluting seattle. see you later. how ya doing?! get ready.


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