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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a plane missing over the mediterranean. ang egyptair plane missing. >> the mystery now, how did it go down? the all-out search right now as new details surface about who was on board. >> good morning, everyone. we'll get started with that breaking news, the disappearance of an egyptair plane. >> officials say that plane has crashed. we're seeing pictures of relatives of those on the flight at charles de gaulle airport in paris. that's where the flight started.
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looked after by authorities and the airline who set up an information center for the family to get news as the airline finds more. >> look at that image. you can see the grief on that woman's face. images just coming in gathering at the airports right now in paris, as well as in cairo and an emotional scene cruising around 37,000 feet above the eastern mediterranean and we call in llama ama hasan. a statement might have been released a few minutes ago. what is being ruled. >> reporter: we understand the egyptian prime minister says it's too early to say whether it is a technical issue or related to terrorism about he said we cannot rule anything out. at this hour egyptair flight 804
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on board 66 people, 56 passengers and 10 crew members. the plane took off from paris at charles de gaulle at 11:09 p.m. time local time. bound for cairo. egyptair said they lost contact with them and it was due to land at 3:05 a.m. so not long to go before it was due to land. that was the plane's final contact with air control. we understand that this was not a distress call. and at that stage the airbus a-320 was about 3:40 into its 4-hour journey not long until it was due to land flying at 37,000 feet as you rightly said. it disappeared after entering egyptian airspace and over the mediterranean sea and the pilot has had more than 6,000 hours of flying time and weather conditions were good. airbus a-320s are regularly used for short haul budget flights and they have a very good safety record. now, i should
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as released the passenger manifest, no americans on board, french nationals, one britain and as well as a few other nationalities. a major search and rescue operation is under way with teams from egypt armed forces and greece in order to determine exactly what happened to the plane and investigators will need to look at what they find and, of course, the black box. the french prime minister also echoing what the egyptian prime minister saying that nothing can be ruled out at this point. we understand that a crisis center has been set up at cairo airport with egypt's civil aviation minister expected to hold a news conference. always rightly said at the beginning when we started talking about this, this is clearly a very distressing time for the family and friends. >> that's right, lama hasan and developing story moving on several fronts. lama, we appreciate you coming on. we move on and for his take on what we know at
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we're joined by abc news aviation analyst john nance. john, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> since we spoke a little earlier we've learned so much possibly about this plane. the egyptair officials saying it had crashed. what more have you learned? >> well, what we know now is the airplane is more than likely in the water and i'd say 99% possibility because apparently the satellite communicator that is meant to break away on crash or impact with water or land has transmitted a position. now, we don't have an absolute certain readout of that because of the way the report came in from a military and rescue center it's almost undoubtedly the case and as you pointed out, pointed out earlier this probably has nothing to do with anybody making a distress call in the cockpit. there was no weather in the area that could account for this. we're not flying over a
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and it's in the middle of the mediterranean and possibility or probability that it was a sudden end to the flight and that would either be a bomb, incendiary device and there's one thing you cannot rule out at this stage although there is no indication, i remember 20 years ago we lost a boeing 767. egyptair off new york because the co-pilot decided to commit suicide and pushed the airplane over and struggled with the captain until the plane came apart at flight. no indication that is the case here but you cannot rule that out especially in light of the german wings accident. >> they must still be holding out hope there are survivors in all this. given what you know so far, what's the likelihood of that? we know sully sullenberger landed this same kind of plane. is it possibility we have survivors?
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having a little bit of a problem getting through to john nance. john, can you hear us. >> yes, i can. can you hear me. >> yes. >> the only possibility is if, in fact, they had some sort of catastrophic situation on the jet and were -- >> all right. i guess we have lost john. these images you're seeing there once again from the airport there charles de gaulle airport where this flight originated around 11:59 local time last night which is six hours ahead of the east coast here and we do believe quite an emotional scene as police officers and other authorities there try to console family members. >> that footage is from france, there were 15 french citizens on board this flight. 30 egyptians and others that total 56 passengers in all. these family members standing by waiting for answers and there has been information centers set up in at
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to try to provide them with information but right now there's not much of it. >> not a lot to go around. want to show you the map of where the search effort is centered. you know, this flight was about 3 1/2 hours into its journey of roughly about 45 minutes from landing when it went down. we believe the search is centered in karpathos in greece. this is the flight radar 24 of its path. things were going fine, it was at cruising altitude, 37,000 feet when it disappeared. >> and that's the thing. when you look at investigations like that especially this early on you want to rule things out and in speaking to aviation experts this morning they've been saying the flight path is clear, the weather radar looks clear. and nothing that would point to any red flags here so again many questions still left to be answered especially since it was at cruising altitude and we will have much more on the latest on this investigation coming up. also we're going to pivot to other news. donald trump talking about
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rape accusations against bill clinton. plus hope for melanoma patients. a police officer chasing two suspects plowing into another vehicle but, of course, we'll keep on top of the breaking news that we have been following all night long. egyptair flight 804.
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welcome back. updating top stories now, the disappearance of an egyptair jet over the mediterranean sea. 66 were on board that flight bound for cairo but never arrived and officials say the plane crashed and that its emergency equipment sent out a distress signal before it disappeared from the radar. the majority of those on board from france
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in other news donald trump is gaining ground in a possible matchup with hillary clinton. a new national poll has him pulling slightly ahead of clinton 45% to 4 %. that's basically a statistical dead heat. clinton was leading by seven points last month. in the new poll clinton has strong support from women and hispanics but trump does well with men and white voters. >> trump is slamming former president bill clinton raising an explosive allegation from the past. in a fox new interview while discussing "the new york times" story about his relationship with women, trump up a decades old rape accusation. leveled against the president. >> in one case it's about exposure and another groping and fondling -- >> and rape. >> and rape. >> big settlements. >> $850,000 to paula jones. >> and lots of other things and impeachment for lying. >> no
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in 1999 claiming clinton raped her two decades earlier as he was campaigning for arkansas governor. clinton was never charged. overnight hillary clinton's press secretary said trump is doing what he does best, attacking when he feels wounded. >> when we come back this morning's breaking news, an egyptair flight from paris to cairo vanished from the radar and crashed. we have the latest on that after the break. d, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. whether it's big... or small. first to go. or best for last. sweet. or not so sweet. whether it's tossed... or twirled. if it's easy prey. or plays hard to get. every last crunch, sprinkle and drip... should be as clean as it is delicious. panera. food as it should be. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please!
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the cairo airport. that was the destination point for egyptair flight 804 with 66 people on board. the plane never arrived. instead, massive search effort taking place right now out to sea in the mediterranean. roughly about 200 miles north of that location. family members both in cairo and in paris at charles de gaulle airport where the plane took off are waiting for answers. 56 passengers were on that flight, 804, flight 804, rather, they checked in before that flight to cairo but, of course, the flight never arrived. >> egyptian official confirming that crashed early this morning in the mediterranean sea and spoke with abc's alex marquardt in paris. >> reporter: just gotten word a short moment ago from egyptair, the airline flying this plane there was a disstress signal that is now being analyzed by the military search and rescue feels and just a signal,
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between that and a call. so far there's no indication that any sort of distress call was made. the last aviation authorities to have contact with this plane were the greeks as they left greek airspace to cross the mediterranean and head towards egypt. the greek air traffic controllers said this plane was just vanished. we know from radar the plane disappeared around ten miles inside egyptian airspace still flying around 37,000 feet. shortly before the plane was due to land about three hours and 40 minutes into the flight when it disappeared. we know that there were 66 people on board. ten of them were crew, 56 of them passengers. the majority, 30, were egyptian and 15 of them were french families. now, what we know about the plane is is that it's an a-320, quite a reliable plane just 13 years old built in 2003 and
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know the pilot had quite a significant experience, around 6,000 hours of flying time. we also know that the weather off the coast of egypt was quite good. quite clear and so right now it's anybody's guess as to what brought this plane down. it simply disappeared from that radar shortly before it started its descent towards cairo airport. charles de gaulle is a very secure airport. it is one of the biggest international most trafficked airports in the entire world. it would be on the same level as, say, jfk or l.a.x. this is not the egyptian airports which are notoriously lax and back at the end of october there was that russian plane that took off from sharm el sheikh with 224 egyptians on board. that plane was brought down by an explosion that was claimed by an isis linked group in the sinai. so, obviously there are going to be some suspicions that this was terrorism. what we can -- what we can assume from 37,000 feet, the altitude that this plane was flying at
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group in egypt would not be able to reach it with some sort of rocket or missile. so was there some sort of explosion on the plane or pilot error? we know that because there was no distress call, that the pilots either weren't able or didn't have time or incapacitated and were not able to send out any sort of distress call. that could indicate some sort of catastrophic failure but as i said right now it's anyone's guess. this plane has completely disappeared but we do know that from its emergency system it did put out a distress signal. >> that's abc's alex marquardt in paris where the plane originated and we're starting to hear from government officials about this situation. >> egypt's prime minister says nothing is being ruled out when it comes to the reason why the plane went missing and earlier we spoke to our contributor former marine pilot retired colonel stephen ganyard. >> we have radar
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better than it, the positioning transmitted from the aircraft so even though it was lost well out to sea there will be good data on the altitude, air spree and what the aircraft was doing in its final moments so i think we'll have a pretty good idea whether it did just disappear which may suggest a bomb or did it go into some sort of steep descent? we obviously don't have any radar transmission, so lots of questions at this point but i think we have data that will allow us to find the wreckage. in past the sharm el sheikh airplane that went down, when an airplane just disappears at altitude, at cruise altitude it's very unusual and usually something that is catastropc that will bring it down. perhaps a bomb or a hijacking or somebody takes control of the airplane but an airplane, an airliner at cruise altitude is a very safe place to be and no reason in the world that an
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other than something nefarious or catastrophic happening. egypt, tense domestic situation, it's just going to raise all sorts of flags and of course the first thought will be terrorism involved. right now there will be a recovery that will take priority and the egyptians because it appears the aircraft has come down in egyptian airspace even though it's over the mediterranean will take the lead on that since it's something like a disaster at sea, you'll have all sorts of nations joining. we're going to find this airplane. we're going to find the wreckage, the mediterranean is not too deep in this part of the eastern med and so we will find the airplane and find the black boxes and so i think we'll have a pretty good chance of determining what went wrong. mechanical will be one thing to look at but, again, the fact that it just disappears is going to suggest something more nefarious, perhaps, perhaps something explosive that would have made the airplane come apart instantaneously and not given the crew a
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' same time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. they massage key pressure ints with each step, for all day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles. for some encouraging news in the battle against the most deadly form of skin cancer a new drug which targets the immune system dramatically improved life expect san called keytruda the same one to treat president jimmy carter when cancer spread to his brain. >> what they found in this trial is that about two out of every five of the patients who were on this drug actually lived for three years after taking it. which is really interesting because this is a disease that
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will live about 11 months. once you have advanced melanoma it's a very bad deal. >> and pore promising news in the fight against cancer regulators have approved the first drug for bladder cancer that harnesses the body's immune system. it's the first major advance in three decades against the most common type of bladder cancer. in florida a dramatic car crash was caught on camera during a high-speed chase. take a look. a speeding police cruiser blew through a red light in orlando and slammed into another vehicle spinning in circles. the driver was injured but is expected to be okay. the officer was pursuing an armed robbery suspect. he was citing for failing to slow down at that intersection. well, game two in the nba playoff matchup between the oklahoma thunder and golden tate warriors with one play getting a lot of attention? that's right. check out andre iguodala with a double clutch no-look layup at the end of the second quafriday
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good morning washington. toss to eileen today: cloudy. isolated showers/drizzle early. some afternoon clearing. highs: 66-72 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and comfortably cool. lows: 46-55 winds: light friday: mostly sunny. high clouds increasing towards the late afternoon. highs: 69-75 winds: se 5 mph
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breaking right now-- egyptian officials confirm that an egyptair flight from paris to cairo-- has crashed
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mediterranean sea . details are still coming in right now but here is what we know. the egyptair flight 804 was lost from radar at 2:45 a.m. local time. it was flying at 37-thousand feet. an egyptian aviation official says the military has received a signal from the plane that is believed to be an emergency beacon. however-- the tower reportedly did not receive any kind of distress signal from the cockpit, before it disappeared off of radar. 66 passengers and crew members were onboard that plane. right now there is now word on what may have caused it to crash, but a search for debris is underway. and just a few minutes ago-- the french prime minister offered to send planes, and boats to assist in the search for the missing flight.
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to follow this breaking international news. the crash of egyptair flight 804. we'll bring you the latest updates and alerts all morning long-- right here on abc-7. right now-- police are investigating another troubling incident involving gunshots in prince william county. police say bullets struck two houses in manassas tuesday night. in total-- that is 15 of these incidents this year! officers don't believe this is connected to previous cases in woodbridge. fortunately - no one has been injured. don't mess with claire underwood. one of the stars of the hit series, house of cards, did not back down from a fight over equal pay. according to a report from business insider-- actress robin wright says she had to go toe to toe with the show runners to receive pay equal to her co-star kevin spacey. spacey was making a half-a-million dollars an episode in 2014 and wright was making about 420-thousand-an episode. the actress's demands were met and she's now executive producer of "house of cards." she's also directed
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it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking news near egypt. a passenger plane goes crashes en route to cairo. we have the up-to-the minute details on the search effort for the plane and the dozens of people now missing. good morning washington. today: cloudy. isolated showers/drizzle early. some afternoon clearing. highs: 66-72 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and comfortably cool. lows: 46-55 winds: light friday: mostly sunny. high clouds increasing towards the late afternoon. highs: 69-75 winds: se 5 mph
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breaking this morning. an egyptair flight from paris to egypt crashes overnight. the airbus a320 was


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