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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 24, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, an investigator now says evidence from egyptair 804 points to an explosion. the new questions about the plane's final movements before it disappeared. the urgent search for answers. we are live in cairo with the latest. overnight six reported tornadoes tear through four states. winds over 80 miles an hour. hail and torrential rain creating travel nightmares. now more severe weather on the way for millions and a blast of heat about to hit the east. temperatures as high as 90 degrees ahead. donald trump unleashes a scathing attack on bill clinton launching a new ad about the former president's problems with women. >> you know, they're dirty players and have been dirty players historically and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> while hillary clinton lashes
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bankrupt america. and dance with destiny. a blow-out night in the ballroom. our ginger overcoming her injury and going for glory. >> glory lasts a lifetime. >> nyle taking our breath away with his freestyle. >> 22 seasons that is the best dance i have ever seen. >> paige over the rainbow and topping the leaderboard. >> goodness gracious, great balls of fire. >> one of the closest seasons ever. who will raise the mirror ball trophy tonight? we're behind the scenes for the big finale on "gma" only this morning. a look at the rain. good morning, america. down to the wire on "dancing with the stars" and how about ginger last night. we know she was playing with pain but she looked so terrific and got those perfect 10s. >> all the couples did last night. it is too close to call. it all ces
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we're just hours away from finding out who will bring home that mirror ball trophy. lara and michael went behind the scenes and lara is up early joining us live from the ballroom. good morning, lara. >> hey, robin, hey, george. as you guys just saw, ginger and val nailed it. but as she told me right after the show, so did the other two finalists, her game plan, rehearsing through the night for her one last chance to wow those judges. i'll have more on all of it coming up. >> that sounds like ginger, doesn't it. >> so sounds like ginger. thank you, lara. first to that breaking news, an egyptian forensic official says remains recovered from egyptair 804 could indicate an explosion on board. abc's matt gutman is in cairo with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. if this is true, this could be a stunning revelation because it raises a key question, was this terrorism or perhaps mechanical er
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dismissing reports from greek radar officials saying that the plane swerved in midair then descended. the egyptians are saying it simply disappeared from radar. this morning, for the first time egyptian officials saying their examination of human remains found at the crash site points to an explosion on board the plane. the associated press quoting an anonymous member of the egyptian investigative team grimly saying none of the body parts were intact and that the logical explanation is that it was an explosion. debris recovered from the crash site shows that white purse, what appear to be toothmarks could be the telltale slashes of shrapnel. and this seat cushion which looks to have been sliced apart by a sharp object. this as egyptian officials slammed greek reports monday that the plane swerved and lost altitude before it came down telling abc news that the plane was flying normally, prosecutors also requesting data from french and greek authorities about the
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jinx airspace. and as dna testing to identify the human remains begins, the public gathered in cairo for a memorial service for all of the 66 victims. now, one of those memorials served as the aviation minister told me we simply will not know what happened to the plane until the black boxes are retrieved and could take some time. there is only a sickle ship searching for them. >> okay, matt, thanks very much. a reality check from our aviation contributor steve ganyard. you don't necessarily read it the same way. >> i don't, george. i would actually suggest that what he's drawing his conclusions on would suggest the opposite and that is a high-speed water impact. these kinds of forensics require real professionals and it's a very specialized discipline and so, again, we need to be very careful about what we're hearing from anybody. we need to stick to the facts. >> you've been consistent on that
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skeptical early reports that the plane might have swerved and done a 360-degree turn and now you have this egyptian official saying that didn't happen. >> this goes back and forth about who to believe. show me the data. we have to see the data. right now we have two things, one that said we had seven error messages two of which had smoke in the airplane, the other was the airplane was straight and level at 37,000 feet. those are the only data points we have. everything else is speculation at this point. >> on the big question was a mechanical failure or act of terror, no closer to a conclusion? >> not a step closer. >> steve ganyard, thanks very much. >> remains a mystery. now to that severe weather from texas to iowa, millions caught in the path of tornadoes, hail, flash floods and now more are at risk as another round of storms head toward the plains. rob is here with the latest on that. >> good morning, four states seeing tornadoes yesterday. even one state with straight line winds to 82 miles an hour.
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third day of damaging, severe weather. >> it's almost on the ground. >> reporter: overnight lightning illuminating funnel clouds in the skies over oklahoma. multiple reports of tornadoes across the great plains. this one hovering stationary barely moving for minutes. several twisters spotted in kansas, texas pounded by hail too. this woman running baby in hand trying to avoid getting pelted. this tractor trailer losing control and flipping onto its side. in minnesota, torrential rains making visibility near zero. some drivers pulling over just to wait it out. and in kansas, those are geese swimming through the trees after four inches of rain fell. back east in pennsylvania, hail coming down hard making for scenes of a winter wonderland with memorial day less than a week away. hail blocking storm sewers creating flooding. in montana --
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>> reporter: -- this pig looking for shelter wherever he could. all right, here we go. day four, same spot getting hit parts of oklahoma, kansas in through western parts of nebraska. tornadoes as well and another system coming in the day after that, friday, your severe weather threat. could be potent on thursday. the by-product is we're going to start pumping up the heat, near 90 degrees wednesday, thursday, maybe friday. that is going to be a bit of a shock to the system. >> welcome shock. >> i can see that. >> thanks, rob. >> thanks, rob. the race for the white house right now and everything on the table. donald trump has released a scathing new video targeting bill clinton and women and the clinton camp is going after trump's record in business. abc's tom llamas tracking it all. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the attacks escalating. both campaigns digging deep to expose past scandals and now trump even discussing the suicide of a close clinton friend. overnight, donald trump claiming he has no other choice but to go after former president bill
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clinton's sex scandals. >> you know they're dirty players. they've been dirty players historically and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. >> reporter: trump posting this video on instagram. >> i was very nervous. >> reporter: that's the voice of monica lewinsky, the image, bill clinton smoking a cigar and other women who've accused the former president of sexual misconduct in discredited or unsubstance yachted cases including juanita broad rick then cuts to hillary laughing. the clinton campaign says the allegations are from two decades ago and trump's play, a bad strategy. >> the last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit. >> reporter: and this morning, clinton fighting back with this video saying trump was rooting for the 2008 recession years before it happened. >> if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money. >> reporter: clinton now trying to prove to voters that trump in her rd
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to happen. >> he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. >> reporter: the gop takedown turning into a family affair. bill clinton questioning trump's wealth. >> her opponent who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us won't release his tax returns. >> reporter: but hillary still fighting a war on two fronts. overnight, senator bernie sanders blasting her for declining to debate ahead of the all-important california primary and saying the race is far from over. >> we're going to win here in california. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to go marching to the democratic convention with a hell of a lot of momentum. >> reporter: "the washington post" reporting trump is willing to discuss some conspiracy theories that involve the clintons including the death of their friend and white house aide vince foster. trump calling his suicide very fishy, kenneth starr, the independent counsel who looked into it confirmed what
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suicide. george. >> tom, let's talk about this with cokie roberts and matthew dowd. donald trump going into the playbook of the 1990s right there going back to so many of these issues discussed right then, the question is what kind of ref advanrelevance will it h >> a lot don't remember these things because they weren't born but this election will come down to how white women vote and i think that the fact is that women will be very upset if they think that another woman is being blamed for her husband's infidelities. >> you agree with that, matt? >> no, i actually think -- i mean one of the things about donald trump, george, we've talked about, he was smarter where voters were among 16, 17 candidates in the primary. i think he has a very good tact on where they are today. first of all i think the argument reminds voters she's of the past and for voters under 40 they have no idea about this so it basically
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past. two, gop voters want to litigate this issue so helps him consolidate the base very quickly which he's done in the course of this and this argument and, three, it is a -- it's an -- underlines his trust issue, one of the main arguments against her. in the short term i think it's a good play for donald trump. >> go ahead, cokie. >> well, but i tnk he's really consolidated his base and i think the republicans have come together behind him despite all of their angst this the earlier days and now he's going to have to shore up those independent voters and he is coming across as a bully. and the smart thing for her to do is just not engage on this. >> matt, the clinton campaign making it pretty clear that secretary clinton is not going to engage on these allegations but fighting back on donald trump's record in business. he's going to bankrupt america like he bankrupted his businesses. is that an effective attack? >> well, i think ultimately this election will be decided upon the economy, george and i think the only way she's going
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able to beat donald trump is she's got to figure out how to knock down his business acumen. if it's between a businessman and a politician which hillary clinton is he's going to win unless she underlines it so i think in the end that's the main argument she has to make is try to knock down his business acumen. >> cokie, i see you nodding your head. >> i agree with that completely and show ads like obama did against mitt romney of white people being put out of work, of saying he's not for you. >> cokie roberts, matt dowd, thanks very much. bernie sanders will be live on "the view" at 11:00 eastern on abc. right back to robin. a major shake-up at the tsa after that fallout from long security lines at airports. passengers waiting for hours missing flights. now the agency's head of security is out. abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with all those details. good morning, david. >> reporter: 12k3w50rgood morni. under pressure, airlines complaining about lostev
7:13 am
for his head the tsa administrator has removed his top security director. waits measuring in hours helped lead to the removal of the tsa head of security, kelly hoggan and not just the lines. >> we missed our flight and told there's nothing they can do. >> reporter: but also last year's 95% test failure rate. banned substances getting through and even with those failures hoggan was given a bonus, $90,000 doled out in $10,000 increments. >> those bonuses were given to somebody who oversees a part of the operation that was in total failure. >> reporter: despite the criticism the cloud of controversy a week and a half ago the head of tsa was still supporting hoggan. >> i do not currently have a plan to remove mr. hoggan. >> reporter: that changed with these continuing tsa lines. word of the action tweeted out by that congressional committee, but will the removal of the head of security mean relief for the lines thatav
7:14 am
missing flights sleeping on cots or lines snaking through the atlanta terminal? there are still more of us flying and no additional tsa officers. the math that adds up to a summer of misery. now, the tsa administrator also announced he is creating a tsa command center, the idea is that they'll be able to deploy officers and canines to airports that are going to see heavy volume in a specific day. and that administrator is back on the hill, george, on thursday, wednesday, rather, he'll get another grilling. >> all ahead of a big weekend. thanks very much. the latest on bill cosby in court this morning where he could come face-to-face with one of his accusers for the first time in years. abc's linsey davis is outside the courthouse in philadelphia. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a hearing that bill cosby's attorneys had hoped to either avoid or delay. but here we are and now the burden is on the prosecution to establish reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed. if successful, bill cosby will be headed to trial.
7:15 am
this morning, bill cosby is preparing to go back to court after his hail mary attempt to delay was denied by the pennsylvania supreme court. and now for the first time in years, the embattled comedian may be confronted face-to-face by one of his more than 50 accusers, andrea constand. a judge is set to decide if there's enough evidence to put him on trial for sexual assault allegations stemming from a 2004 encounter with the formal temple university employee at his pennsylvania home. prosecutors are likely to introduce evidence that they say indicates cosby gave constand three blue pills and wine which they say made her unable to concept to sexual contact. cosby, however, has maintained all along that the encounter was consensual while cosby is not expected to testify, constand could be called to the witness stand. this on the heels of the release of the transcript from a deposition of cosby's wife camille in february related to a separate ongoing civil
7:16 am
husband brought by several women accusing him of assaulting them. the document obtained by abc news shows camille cosby refused to answer questions she deemed personal and off limits saying, quote, that's communication between my husband and me ands that is it. but attorneys continued pressing her with questions like, can we agree that throughout your marriage that your husband betrayed the sanctity of your marital home? and would you agree that throughout your marriage, mr. cosby used his position, power to manipulate young women? mrs. cosby was instructed by her lawyer do not answer. if there is a trial and if bill cosby is found guilty he faces up to ten years in prison. he has pleaded not guilty and his legal team has repeatedly denied all the sexual allegations against him. george. >> okay, linsey, thanks very much. to amy for today's other top stories starting with president obama in vietnam. >> the president is calling on vietnam's government to improve its record on human rights addressing a crowd of thousands in
7:17 am
the president said countries positive per when they embrace freedom of speech and assembly. the president also reflected o the vietnam war saying we once again learned a bitter truth that, quote, no matter what our intentions may be, war brings suffering and tragedy. well, this morning a congressional report accuses of nfl of trying to influence research about brain injuries. the report claims the league tried to strong-arm the national institutes of health into taking the research away from a scientist the nfl feared was biased and threatened to withhold a donation. the nfl denies those accusations. in hawaii five people have been killed after their skydiving plane crashed orb the island of kauai. witnesses say it sounded like the plane's engine just stopped working. and then in a separate incident a small plane crashed off oahu, those two passengers were picked up by a passing jet ski. well, a wild crash caught on camera. a driver who apparently fell asleep launched right over this traffic circle in europe. look at that the car careening into the air before
7:18 am
puddle. remarkably, the driver was not injured. finally, ready to laugh? the woman who we have affectionately named chewbacca mom is at it again. after visiting "gma" yesterday candace payne took her mask and laugh to late night tv for a game of car pool karaoke. "star wars" director j.j. abrams is in the backseat popped up showing them how to do the proper chewbacca and then they all can't stop laughing. look. it's so true. once you put the mask on you just can't stop laughing. >> we brought it home. harper put it on. she could not stop laughing all night long. >> way to go, candace. continues to spread joy and happiness. >> we can certainly use that. mentioned the heat. cool and rainy conditions across the northeast. got to get through it. laugh through it if you can. 60s near 70 degrees with showers on and off. look at tomorrow's warm-up. near 90 degrees.
7:19 am
tonight. low around 60. tomorrow, mostly sunny and very warm, mid 80s. isolated t-storms possible thursday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring wet and cooler conditions late in the holiday weekend, but uncertainty remains.
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coming up, a mother of two arrested hauled off to jail after letting her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart. what police are saying now. look at ginger last night on "dancing with the stars" overcoming that pain, will she take home the mirror ball trophy tonight? michael and lara are behind the scenes. >> so good to see you. not yet, i'm... folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! the living room's a disaster! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. plants need planting! well the leaves aren't going to re themselves! (vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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>> better weather is on the way. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: it's going to be a beautiful day. the 80s are back. the first 80 degrees day of the month expected this afternoon with thin clouds giving way to sunshine. tomorrow,
7:27 am
lasting through the holiday weekend. pop-up showers possible on thursday, friday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring us wet weather and cool us down late in the holiday weekend. >> anchor: drivers are happy to see the sunshine. quote a few accidents. beltway traffic not bad. if you're inside the beltway, a couple trouble spots. starting in virginia, 95, this is dale city tying us up northbound, one side of the roadway blocked. inside the beltway this is a live look at eastern avenue and kennilworth. crash cleanup on the 50 interchange headed toward 202 on bw parkway, heavy and slow. toward the beltway on 210 indian head highway, northbound crash, palmer road. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. breaking, two separate problems on metro's red line causing major
7:28 am
first, an arching insulator at medical center, single tracking grove. second problem, trains between dupont and van ness, expect delays. metro general manager ted paul wiedefeld is set to testimony in a few hours about improving metro's safety and reliability. this comes 2 weeks between the safe track metro maintenance plan begins. you ca
7:29 am
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♪ ginger and val, they did their thing in the ballroom with their hollywood throwback channeling ginger rogers and fred astaire scoring perfect 10s as they try to take home the mirror ball trophy tonight, all three couples outstanding last night. >> she had that '40s look as well. also that breaking headline, an egyptair official saying debris from 804 may indicate an explosion on board but our experts tell us those small pieces could show the opposite, it could indicate a high-speed water entry. overnight six tornadoes reported in four states and more severe weather on the way for millions as the east prepares for major heat. temperatures as high as 90 degrees. >> bring it. bring it. >> we're not complaining about the heat. it was hot on the ballroom floor
7:31 am
lara and maks are joining us from the ballroom. a perfect 10, indeed. tonight the winner is going to be crowned. will it be ginger, nyle or paige. we have bindi irwin and maks joining us live all coming up. it will be a tough decision. >> it'll something tonight. first right now that family vacation nightmare. these images show officers pinning a mother to the ground in handcuffs charged with child abuse for letting her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart. abc's ryan smith is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. this woman's luxury vacation turned into a tumultuous ordeal and now their lawyer telling us they hope videos like these hold police officers accountable. >> get out of the car. >> what is this guy doing? >> placing her under arrest is what he's doing. >> reporter: this is the moment julie mall's idyllic family vacation turned into a nightmare after a police stopped for letting her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart. that evening the malls were
7:32 am
bald head island. julie and her husband scott even snapping this selfie together. then according to the "charlotte observer" their son asking to drive the cart back to their $1,000 per night rented cottage when moments later officers stopped the family. >> out of the cart. >> i sort of folded my knees then he pushes me down into the ground. puts his knee on my back. >> reporter: as maul waits for other officers to arrive the situation escalates. with her husband recording, watch as police cuff her and carry her away. hauling her off to jail later. charging her with resisting arrest and child abuse. it's a shocking incident for a place like this, a scenic paradise off the coast of north carolina. accessible only by boat with no cars allowed. only golf carts driven by those 16 and up. the arresting officer claiming julie mall was at fault, that she failed to surrender her
7:33 am
the malls were intoxicated, uncooperative and on city annapolis risking injury to their son by letting him drive. visual effects the charges against julie mall were dropped. >> out of the cart. >> reporter: but the incident won't soon be forgotten. >> now i just have the memory of being shoved to the ground by some guy for reasons i cannot even fathom. >> while her attorney says they got a good outcome her ordeal may not be over and authorities could choose to recharge her up to two years after the incident. >> time left on that, okay, ryan, thanks very much. now to new developments in a deadly mystery. a family pointing to a new autopsy trying to prove a young florida mom was murdered after her death was ruled a suicide. her family has long suspected her boyfriend a sheriff's deputy even though he's an cleared of any wrongdoing. gio benitez has more. >> reporter: good morning. this investigation is five years in the making. a case made famous across the country because the family is
7:34 am
murder. >> please my girlfriend i think just shot herself. >> reporter: suicide or murder surround the death of michelle o'connell. and pitting her family against the man they believe killed her. >> we knew that she didn't kill herself and that should bring justice to michelle's death. >> reporter: now her family says they have new evidence proving she was murdered and they believe her sheriff's deputy boyfriend at the time did it. o'connell the mother of a 4-year-old girl died of a single gunshot wound. the gun belonging to her boyfriend, jeremy banks. >> there's blood ever of ywhere. >> reporter: her family never believed that fighting to have it investigated as a homicide. their story profiled on "dr. phil show? when you say it's overwhelming it was a suicide, i'm sorry, i don't see it that way. >> reporter: the family taking matters int t
7:35 am
hiring an independent medical examiner to conduct a new autopsy. telling the tv show "crime watch daily" it had a fracture nobody saw before. >> i believe she was struck, rendered incapacitated and subsequently had a gunshot wound by another person. >> reporter: banks has maintained his innocence and never been charged and two independent prosecutors ruled her death a suicide. this morning the sheriff's office tells abc news three medical examiners had already looked at the body and that there is no probable cause to indicate michelle died by anything other than her own hand. still, o'connell's mom is convinced banks is responsible. >> michelle deserves justice. >> reporter: and the sheriff also claims the boyfriend can't be the killer because he filed a civil suit in the case putting everything under the microscope. rob and george. >> thank
7:36 am
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we are back now with "gma investigates" and a warning for pet ownersment you may know poinsettia, chocolate and grapes can make your pets sick but another house plant may hurt them. it's the top one by animal poison control. steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. the main thing they need to remember, the sago palm, you can find it in garden center as cross the country. it looks innocent enough but this one plant is responsible for a spike in poisonings. take a look at this everyday pl
7:41 am
america. it's the sago palm and one small bite from its leaves is enough to kill. >> one or two seeds is enough to kill a dog. >> reporter: tiffany and taylor smith lost a piece of their heart when their bulldog walter dies two days before christmas 2014. >> we never knew what happened to walter. >> reporter: but it all made sense when history repeated itself with their new puppy wilbur suffering seizures hours after they saw him chewing on a sago palm. >> he googled it. >> the first thing i saw poison control and emergency vet. >> veterinarian came in and said he has a 50/50 chance. he was already in stage 3 liver failure. >> reporter: this time their dog survived. >> is this one of the most difficult things you have ever dealt with. >> easily. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: how do you explain that to someone? >> the worst. >> losing a family member is like a child. >> reporter: the
7:42 am
than 1,00 dogs have been poisoned by sago palms and 34 died and no federal agency is responsible for warning pet owners about the plant so it's at each store's discretion to let you know. "gma investigates" wanted to find out how often are sago palms sold without warning labels so sent producers to 11 store as cross the country. >> we are at walmart. >> on the hunt for those labels. >> first thing you see, extremely poisonous to animals. >> reporter: at one walmart and home depot we found warnings at every plant. at lowe's stores we found it different from tore to store. in one new jersey store no warning labels on any of the plants we found but in this california store -- >> you can see there is a warning label. >> reporter: a label on each one and at all four mom and pop stores we visited -- >> no warning label at all on this plant. >> reporter: so we asked the store clerk why. >> do you know whether they're safe for animals? >> if animals were to ingest
7:43 am
>> reporter: so do you caution people if they're buying them? >> only if they ask that question. >> reporter: that store did not respond after our repeated requests 20r comment but lowe's did telling us it's our intention that every sago palm be labeled. tags may come off before they are purchased so we're look nothing ways the tags can be more consistently affixed. ultimately buyers need to beware. what do you say now to dog owners everywhere. >> remove the plants. take them out of your yard, out of your house. >> uh-huh. >> they are not worth it. >> reporter: it's important to remember that the entire plant is toxic. not just the leaves but the seeds, most poisonous, not just pets. this same plant is responsible for poisonings in florida for children under 5, a quarter of those children between 2009 since 2009, rob sgln that is dangerous. >> important information. coming up a parenting alert. the hidden dangers of online gaming. we've got lara in the ba ballroom.
7:44 am
a pressure cooker here on "dancing with the stars" as you know it's the finals, last night incredible and both michael and i here to witness it all. >> all right, i am in the ballroom at the "dancing with the stars" season finale. ginger zee is here. k. ♪ here's how it feels to get fifty percent off most national carrier rates too. ♪ so, imagine how it feels to switch to sprint and buy an iphone 6s and get another one free when you add a second line. plus, try us out for 30 days. if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you
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7:48 am
now to all the excitement from the "dancing with the stars" finale. our ginger making it to the fines in the tightest race yet. just 3% between each of the three couples. lara, michael traveled to l.a. anticipate went behind the scenes to support team zee and lara is joining us from there. hey there, lara. >> good morning, you guys. did you notice the weather reference in ginger's dance? she did that for good luck. i got to sit front row as she and val got those three 10s for their freestyle. and then nyle and paige matched that perfection. not to worry, though, to win the times it's also about the fan vote and ginger certainly has plenty of those starting with her "gma" family. >> what! >> wow. >> how are you? oh, it's so good to see you. >> so, ginger, i want you
7:49 am
>> okay. >> all right. >> get off your feet and relax for a second. >> oh, nice. >> those are for you. in between you need the rest. >> so, so kind. >> reporter: and, of course, michael couldn't leave the ballroom without a quick lesson. >> click. >> turn, stop. ♪ >> yes. >> hey. >> how is that? >> whoo. >> all right, lara, i found your seat for you in the front row. >> your "gma" family is here to cheer you on. >> this is it. two minutes to air. go, ginger. ♪ ginger, don't do this. don't dance like this and you may have a shot. ♪ >> she's looking good. >> reporter: just as they have all season, ginger and val nailed it. >> 10. >> this just happened three 10s. what does she need to do to win this. >> she's doing it. what are you talking
7:50 am
>> that was a trick question and you answered it right. i caught up with our own ginger rogers again after the show. did you two dances tonight. can't you just give her the mirror ball trophy. >> when he told me we have to do this, wait, on monday night we'll rehearse for who knows how long and then tomorrow again is there home stretch, baby. >> we're doing it. >> home stretch. >> all right, so i'm seeing ginger this morning. i'm bringing her this. she can decide if she wants to have a little sip to calm the nefrgs and then, robin, you sent these out for her. you said these are your lucky slippers. and we know that ginger needs to fight like a lion tonight. ginger, girl, we got you. good luck, buddy. >> that's right. lion up. lion up. great to have you there, lara. that's right. in our next hour maks and reigning champ bindi irwin join her in l.a. and also a health alert now you. is breakfast the most magical meal of the day. the new headline raising big questions and dr. ashton is here live.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by aleve. all day strong, all day long with 12-hour strength.
7:56 am
here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: it's going to be a beautiful day. the 80s are back. the first 80 degrees day of the month expected this afternoon with a few clouds giving way to sunshine. tomorrow, warmer, middle 80s lasting through the holiday weekend. afternoon pop-up showers possible on thursday, friday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring us wet weather and cool us down and bring we weather late in the holiday weekend. >> reporter: significant obstacles tying us up on some of the interstates. starting on 95, approaching the springfield interchange. we have a crash blocking the right lane northbound 95 and the same for folks making the trip eastbound 66 blocking the right
7:57 am
capital beltway. want to show you the beltway where traffic is moving nicely on river road. poolsville, require road remains close. we have a closure on new hampshire avenue at clovery street. northbound lanes remain closed for crash cleanup. >> breaking, two separate problems on the red line causing major delays for requireds, an ashing insulator, grovener and friendship heights trains are single tracked. woodley park station, problem with single tracking. all trains bypassing bethesda. expect delays. last month a woman in her 30s was asleep on a red line train, woke up to find 39 john hicks attacking her. hecks accused of raining her
7:58 am
point. police were able to track him down. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. have a
8:00 am
♪ shut up and dance with me good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. last chance to dance. the final battle in the ballroom, ginger, nyle, paige battling it out for the mirror ball trophy. >> temporary, glory lasts a lifetime. >> it's the final push to win, lara live from l.a. before the big finale. ♪ i'm on top of the world success times seven. from diapers to diplomas, the world's first surviving septuplets just graduated high school. what the mccaughey brothers and sisters are revealing about their future plans. new overnight, should you let your baby cry it out to fall asleep? the research revealing how this could actually help babies fall asleep faster and sooner. parenting alert. the hidden dangers
8:01 am
games. >> have it right, the person went from immediately saying hi to send mow a picture. >> yeah, basically. >> reporter: the risks they could be facing right in your own home. the keys to keeping your kids safe starting this morning. ♪ and we have the cast of "x-men" here live and jesse being transformed into the beast right now. so many superhero surprises as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! ♪ feeling in my bones good morning, america. that was one of the most frantic good morning americas i've ever seen from the cast of ex"x-men: apocalypse" taking over times square. they got the selfie stick. jesse palmer at it
8:02 am
stepping in as the beast. there he is with the special effects team getting his makeover. you can watch it happen live all morning. >> look at that. >> at on yahoo! that is the almost final look. you'll see the whole thing in jaws a bit. >> he was walking down the hall earlier this morning as it was taking place, it was very, very real. also big news about breakfast. the new headline saying it's not the most important meal of the day? dr. ashton is here with a reality check. and lara is in los angeles as you know for the huge "dancing with the stars" finale. look there, she went behind the scenes and in great company, lara. >> absolutely. look who i found, you guys, it's maks, it's bindi and we'll talk about the action, tonight is huge coming down to this, ginger was fantastic, wasn't she? >> i never watch the show. i don't know what you're talking about. >> we'll talk about your brother. we'll break it down with you, bindi and i'll get real answers from bindi, george.
8:03 am
we're just trying to live in it. thank you. you should get a special trophy. ironman. i mean, really ginger has been there. we want to say thank you for the way you stepped up. >> ipg goer would do it for me though i can't dance so there's no question. no worries. >> day and night every single day, rob. thank you. to amy for the morning run up down. the big story this morning a major development in the investigation into what brought down egyptair flight 804 over the mediterranean sea. a senior egyptian forensics official says human remains recovered from the crash site suggest there was an explosion on board but many aviation experts do not agree with that yet and egypt's aviation minister admits there won't be any firm answers until the black boxes are recovered believed to be 10,000 feet under water. also breaking overnight a shake-up at the tsa. the agency has been under fire for those long security lines at airports. and now the executive in charge of security, kelly hoggan, has been removed. his
8:04 am
members of congress. meanwhile, the agency is establishing a national command center to track passenger volume and is adding more full time officers in both chicago and new york. well, a new wave of attacks in the battle for the white house getting more personal by the day. donald trump slamming hillary clinton taking aim at her husband posting a video highlights former president clinton's sex scandals even featuring old audio from monica lewinsky and he's also reviving conspiracy theories about the 1993 suicide of clinton friend vince foster insinuating there may have been foul play. meanwhile, hillary clinton hammered trump on his business record saying he could bankrupt america just like his companies. clinton also taking more hits from bernie sanders after she refused to take part in one more debate. sanders calling it an insult to the people of california whose primary is next month. well, a consumer letter about what kind of insect repel apartments protect you best. a new study by "consumer reports" found most of the
8:05 am
repellants don't last nearly as long as the synthetic ones. in fact, five of the six plant based products they tested lasted for only an hour or less. they found the most effective were synthetic products including those with deet. parenting news. it looks like letting babies cry themselves to sleeve is not a bad idea after all. a new study found babies left alone to cry themselves to sleep dozed off faster and did not wake up as frequent frequently in the middle of the night. researchers in australia also found no link to emotional or behavioral issues and that babies did not produce more stress hormones when they were allowed to cry, however, i would add that the stress hormones for parents might spike a little bit. finally, a major milestone for seven siblings who made headlines around the world just for being born. the mccaughey septuplets are now 18 years old and they all just graduated from high school. ey
8:06 am
1997. four boys and three girls became the world's first set of septuplets to survive. the mccaugheys are embarking on their next chapter which includes college and the military. one sub blink says the relationship is like seven best friends and just when you start thinking about the tuition bill all seven got free admission to the hannibal la grange university in missouri. how wonderful is that? i was thinking about it too congratulations. >> what a great story. thank you, amy. to rob with the "morning menu." a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." former bacheloretteen andi dorfman is here to dish on last night's season premiere and secrets of her own season. you look fast tntastic. "dancing with the stars" champs, two of them and get their take on last night's almost finale. the finale tonight. who will win that mirror ball and it is a "gma"
8:07 am
extravaganza. jesse in makeup and we have james mcavoy here and the whole cast coming up on "gma." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> you look awesome. be that woman who does what she loves. knows what she wants. "yeah, mom's gonna go for it!" except ... i don't have a clue where to start. hey we hear you. that's why aarp created life reimagined. it's designed to help you find your true passion - with personal advice from experts, coaches and people like you who are going for it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at (vo)never be good.can purina believes it can. inspecting every ingredient for quality? that's big. being confident that your pet's food is 100% safe? that's big, too. spending more healthy years with your best friend? that's amazing.
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8:11 am
i love that little tune. what a night on "dancing with the stars". paige vanzant turning up the heat sizzling salsa. taking "fireball" to a whole new level. carrie ann saying she brought her "a" game. all three cups brought their "a" game. >> right down to the wire. just hours away from the finale. closest race in the
8:12 am
back to her. >> george, it was so incredible to be here for it. you guys have all done it. it is so energetic and really anyone's guess would will take home that mirror ball trophy, the finalists all unbelievable dancers, we, of course, are proud of our girl, ginger zee. here's a look at the highlights. ♪ it is going down to the wire. >> this is tight. the finals, i can already tell. you guys are all good. >> reporter: the competition neck and neck. the night filled with raves from the judges. >> 10! >> reporter: not one. >> len, a 10. >> reporter: not two but all three cups getting perfect scores for their freestyle routines. despite a gloomy forecast for our ginger and val. >> ah. >> reporter: our favorite meteorologist injured in
8:13 am
now. >> reporter: ginger proving she can still dance in the rain. ♪ >> pain is temporary. glory lasts a lifetime. >> reporter: but the others were right there. paige showcasing her growth with mark somewhere over the rainbow. >> you have grown in this beautiful way. >> reporter: and nyle's freestyle stealing the show. ♪ people talking without speaking ♪ >> reporter: a moving contemporary routine that had emotions running high in the ballroom. >> you really brought me to tears in this one. that was beyond dancing. that was a work of art. >> reporter: our ginger and val got their chance at redemption. >> does that hurt? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: pulling off the lift that injured ginger. >> i saw you holding your back. >> it gets me. >> reporter: even getting a 10 from len. >> bruno. >> 9. >> so here with me now in the ballroom two former champs, bindi irwin and maks chmerkovskiy, so i want to get right to it. good morning. thank youor
8:14 am
early. who in your opinion had the best freestyle, bindi. >> it's really tough to tell. everybody was so beautiful last night but i have to say nyle and peta last night were just spectacular. and i think that what was so gorgeous was the whole world stopped just to watch them and feel them and it was stunning. although, you know, paige and mark and ginger and val were gorgeous, as well, i have to say that. they were. they were. >> so how -- >> i was waiting for it. >> i have to. >> how much does that play into who will win? i mean, they all got perfect 10s so how do we know? how do we gauge going into tonight who has the lead? >> i think, you know, judges are known to kind of get us to this point and then let america decide and sort of get out of the way. i think, you know, the scores showed that a couple points in between won't make a difference. i feel it's all up to people and whichever freestyle made them feel some things. i agree with
8:15 am
peta pulled 0 of a freestyle that probably wasn't the most difficult dancewise but it was -- the first time that we all -- i saw the ballroom and i was watching last night like on tv and the sounds that the ballroom made were different. it wasn't just applause during a big lift. it was just people didn't know what else to do, goose bumps all over the place. >> carrie ann i this. a bchl 22 seasons single best dance she's ever -- >> what about me? >> earmuffs both of us. >> mac, not only do you have your brother to cheer for, you've got your fiancee, peta. so where is your heart in this? >> i run out of the house before either one comes out of the room. to avoid -- >> live with both of them -- >> for now. for a moment but i'm proud of both of them. i think they're amazin
8:16 am
knowing what peta had to do with nyle this season, you know, a little glimpse into their partnership every time with the scratches and the pull and the slow down and pick up and how she was communicating? >> let me get to one last question because you can help our audience understand. after the show last night they're given music and they're given a suggestion of two dances to fuse together for their final chance tonight. so what happens last night? they're burnt out and then they go -- ginger said she would be up most of the night. >> it's true, fusion dance is phenomenal because after the entire performance of the night then they have to go back to the studio and start working on their fusion dance and it's a lot of work. they're there till midnight, 1:00 in the morning and getting up at 6:00 a.m. so the amount of adrenaline they need and strength they need it will be amazing to watch. >> bindi is still trying to catch up. >> i am, i am. >> tonight not only will we see who wins but, maks, you'll do a little from your new
8:17 am
>> yes. >> check it out. thanks for waking up extra early and, george, we throw it back to you in new york. >> thank you, guys. can't wait for tonight, the two-hour finale starts at 9:00 eastern and they'll fly all night to join us for the "dancing with the stars" after-party right here on "gma." >> we always look forward to that. now to the most important meal of the day, or is it? a "new york times" story about breakfast is trending huge pointing out evidence that says skipping the meal may not be as bad as you think. abc news senior medical contributor nutritionist, author of "eat this, not that when you're expecting" dr. jen ashton is here. so what is the evidence here. >> listen, i whole heartedly applaud the content in this article, however, i am profoundly saddened that it took a "new york times" article to bring attention to something that has really been known in the world of nutritional science for a long time and that's because the studies that we kept hearing about that linked having breakfast with weight or other
8:18 am
appeared in good peer review journals but, again, we say it here because it is so important, those studies were based on association, not cause and effect, they are incredibly different when it comes to the world of science and this concept that your body needs to eat as soon as you're vertical because it's in a fast, that is a complete myth. >> became gospel. >> absolutely. >> you have to have your breakfast but there are some people, when it talks about energy and that's why we eat to give ourselves energy and it seems like some people crave some food in the morning and others don't really want to eat. >> im00 one of them in terms of my personal preference. i like to eat within five seconds of being vertical but from a medical and nutritional standpoint we have to understand the body doesn't really enter a fasting mode until you've been without food for like 36 or more hours, your liver is always supplying glucose into your bloodstream so this is an individual preference. this is not one side fits all. it's what works for you. >> what do you tell your patients. >> if you're going to
8:19 am
choices because you're ravenous then eat breakfast but should be smart, simple, sustainable. my go to which we have here, one of these three thing, eggs on toast, greek yogurt with chia seeds or frozen mango smoothie with green tea. >> i'm glad we're setting the record straight. we got to do that more and more. jen will take your questions on twitter and on facebook. amy. >> for the record, robin, i never miss breakfast. all right. now to our series what your kids don't want you to know and this morning we are taking on a danger you may not realize exists, your kids can be at risk playing video games in your own home. t.j. holmes is back on the beat, important information, t.j. >> yeah, good morning, robach. i don't want to scare parent s but you need to hear this. even in your own home your child is by himself playing a video game. you still have to be worried ca
8:20 am
there alone. because of online gaming now, the whole world is in that room with them. it's wildly popular, but parents beware. predators may be using online gaming to target your child. >> i honestly didn't think anything like that would ever happen to anybody in my family. >> reporter: this woman who we'll call susan says a stranger approached her son while he was playing clash of clans online with a group of friends. can you remember well that day and what happened? >> yeah, it glooms me definitely. >> her son we'll call him simon was 8 years old at the time and within a matter of minutes, gave his phone number, last name and even sent the stranger a picture of himself. >> i have it right, the person went from immediately saying hi to send me a picture. >> yeah, basically. >> reporter: meanwhile, susan is at the grocery store and is able to watch this conversation live because her smartphone is
8:21 am
synced. what do you see. >> my son sends a picture just, you know, a goofy little boy picture of his face and the other person sends a picture of a teenage girl but it's a picture of a picture, not a selfie and now i'm starting to realize this is not good. i've got to get him off this game. i am calling my husband at home just saying, get the ipad away from him. he is on with a stranger. >> reporter: and they're not the only ones. it happened to 10-year-old olivia playing the popular game mindgraft. a person calling himself ben told olivia he was 12. they texted for weeks. >> he sent me a photo. it did kind of look like he was 12. >> reporter: olivia's mom was suspicious something wasn't right. she took her daughter's phone one night. >> i said, send me a picture. he said if i take a picture of every inch of my body will you do the same. i said yes but i'm running out of time but he sent t
8:22 am
>> according to the fbi's website, there are 750,000 predators online at any given time and they all coo have a virtual key to your house via the internet. >> a lot of the online games have multiplayer feature connected to people all across the globe whether that's live chat over a microphone or chat on a keyboard. you can be connected to just about anybody. >> reporter: how has that changed your gaming experience, how you use the internet? >> it just makes me more careful. i always make my codename not a last name or anything that they could find out. >> reporter: did you and dad find yourselves being a little overprotective after this happened? >> whenever i get tired and think, oh, i can't figure out another new game, i just remind myself, we were given a little blessing in a situation that keeps us vigilant. >> microsoft which owns minecraft sent over a statement sa
8:23 am
as hauls been a priority and we encourage parents to also may an active role in their church's online actives. a lot of games has a mode you can have invite only and if you turn that on, then the kids have to let someone into that chat but sometimes -- >> they let lots of people into chose chat rooms. weaver ericka souter editor of joining us. i say that because i know this exact thing hanned in my household with that exact game. two of my children were texting back and forth with a person posing as a woman who was supposed to be like preventing bullying on the site and they established a relationship with her gave her information. we found out and went crazy. how can parents police this better? >> it really is a frightening reality for parents. the best thing you can do tell them potential dangers in an age appropriate way. it's interesting. we think nothing of telling them of stranger danger in the real world. well, the same should go online. they need to know what is inappropriate for their friends
8:24 am
mom, it's a nice woman who is helping us prevent bullying. you have though think of that person as a scary monster because they could be anybody, anything. what rules should you put in place for your children? >> very simple rules that readers have followed. number one, keep personal information personal. don't reveal your name, no photos, no phone numbers. >> where you live. >> where you live. either parents information. number two, online friends should be real-life friends, you never know. that person could say i'm a 12-year-old in a town next door to you but could be a grown person trying to find out more about them. and lastly, you know, don't go into chat rooms or spark up conversations with strangers. that's a huge no-no. >> right, i mean, it is so hard because they're so easily influenced and, yet, t.j., i know if you want to keep your kids offline. it's impossible. they need to be online for school most of the time. >> areas where kids are at a disadvantage because they don't have connectivity or these guises that some other
8:25 am
saw in the piece, she went home and intentionally scared the mess out of her child to let him see that rye at. and that's part of it. you have to empower them to know what to do and to be prepared for it when you're not sitting right there because chances are when they get approached. >> i had both my kids in tears because i wanted them to know how scary it was and it's important for all parents. >> bottom line is you're the parent. you're the boss. don't let location service, cut it offment don't make purchases, don't give them your passcode and make sure they're not posting content without you knowing. >> incredible advice. we appreciate it. let's go outside to rob. >> great crowd out here. not raining. we've got folks from texas, from nebraska, tornado country. look what happened yesterday, woodwarding okay okay, looks like the finger of god. more severe weather expected today. that's going to last through the week so be aware of that and heavy rain, as well.
8:26 am
tonight. low around 60. tomorrow, mostly sunny and very warm, mid 80s. isolated t-storms possible thursday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring wet and cooler conditions late in the holiday weekend, but uncertainty remains. great crowd out here. coming up, former bachelorette andi dorfman dishing. don't miss it.
8:27 am
>> better weather is on the way. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: it's going to be a beautiful day. finally the 80s are back. the first 80 degrees day of the month expected this afternoon with a few clouds giving way to sunshine. for tomorrow, warmer, middle 80s lasting through the holiday weekend. some afternoon pop-up showers possible on thursday, friday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring us wet weather and cool us down late in the holiday weekend. >> reporter: relief on capital beltway. still shut down on river road, utility road blocking us in partnership drive both directions, crash clean
8:28 am
looking at the delays, rather. we were blocking a lane southbound, the crash causing extradelays. capital beltway, on the inner loop between georgetown pike and gw pike way, accident activity on the shoulder. stalled car on the gw blocking the right side of the roadway. we continue to block the beltway on eastbound 66. >> anchor: thank you. this morning, metro general paul wiedefeld is headed to capitol hill. set to testimony before a house transportation subcommittee. this comes less than 2 weeks before safe track, the safety maintenance plan begins. this morning, fairfax county is helping you get around the upcoming track work. we're set to learn more about county leaders relief efforts during the safe track repairs. abc 7 will be at the meeting, starting at 10:00 and we'll bring you the latest as we get it.
8:29 am
and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. ho
8:30 am
♪ you will remember me it's happening now. "x-men" taking over times square. we've got the mutants from "x-men: apocalypse" taking over times square. quicksilver can move at superhuman speeds played by evan peters. >> and james mcavoy. where is everyone else? will they make it? wow! >> superheroes right there. >> that is incredible. how did they do that, guys? >> just like in the movies. >> yeah. >> same thing. "a" plus. >> give us an "a" for effort today. >> that's right. how about jesse. 'taking one for the team still in makeup getting his exame-
8:31 am
he'd be out here for this story. jennifer lopez opened about her children, balancing life as a mom, performer and, of course, her sold out las vegas show. ♪ hey >> she's a musical force of nature. ♪ even if you were broke >> reporter: fashion icon. >> jennifer. >> reporter: and box office gold. >> just pitiful and confused looking to get -- >> reporter: no surprise she was taylor haf made for vegas. ♪ if you had my life and i gave you all my trust ♪ >> reporter: the 46-year-old musical powerhouse debuted her las vegas all i have residency in january to sold out crowds at planet hollywood's access theater. ♪ >> reporter: after sunday's billboard awards, jessica alba, meghan trainor differented the awards after-parties to hit the floo
8:32 am
>> i'm exhausted from dancing and singing. >> reporter: how does she have the energy to do that? >> she's j. lo. she is superhuman. >> reporter: j. low starting with a song written by meghan trainor. >> all my dreams have come true. she looked at me and said, okay, baby. i'm pretty sure it was me. >> reporter: i got a chance to meet up with the bronx bombshell after her stellar performance. >> how you're still standing. >> honestly i'm leaning on the table. >> your workout regimen because i want to get on that. >> it's the dance rehearsals. ♪ >> reporter: anybody forgot about you being a flygirl. >> right. >> you will get quickly -- >> reminded. >> reporter: in the show. >> reporter: after she balances her vegas show and motherhood the mother of two once again proving there's nothing she can't do. >> yeah. >> giving the audience everything physically, emotionally. >> yeah. >> why did you want to call it all i have. >> i just felt like that kind of encompasses me and how i d
8:33 am
things and my life. >> there were a couple of really beautiful moments where you kind of stopped and slowed down. >> yeah. >> the first was talking about your children. what is it like being a mom? >> it does change you. there's no way i can do a show without talking about the fact that i'm different than when i started. >> reporter: what is your secret to balancing everything and still being a great mom? >> they come first. period. and once they're good and i feel good about that whole part of it then i can do everything else. >> reporter: she's got it going on. >> i know. he is so busy, jesse palmer. wait till you see his makeover coming up. check it out i'm here with alexandra shipp who plays storm in "x-men: apocalypse." helping me out with the weather. are you ready. >> most definitely. >> ooh. >> that is storm right there. i love what you do with those. thank you.
8:34 am
>> check out some of the cities that are very storm-like in the forecast. storm lake, iowa, 81, rogue river, oregon, 73, angel city, florida, looking at 84 degrees. last one, remember, was a good one, oh, yeah, wolverine, kentucky, violent storms across the center. we have you here. hopefully no thundermostly clea tonight. low around 60. tomorrow, mostly sunny and very warm, mid 80s. isolated t-storms possible thursday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring wet and cooler conditions late in the holida >> all right. this weather report is brought to you by aarp. thank you so much. aaagh! where's the lightning? the lightning is not working. back to you guys. >> the best laid plan, rob. all right, thank you very much. well, it is the morning after "the bachelorette" premiere and
8:35 am
insight. former bachelorette andi dorfman is here dishing on last night's show and her own romance in her new best-selling tell-all book. "it's not okay: turning heartbreak into happily never after." andi, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> what did you think of last night's premiere. >> oh, my gosh, i feel like every season it gets crazier and crazier on the first episode and this season definitely lived up to it. it was wild >> did you see who jojo should pick. >> i definitely see like some connections, i love that word. from the very beginning, i think obviously you see jordan and chad and luke and i mean i'm happy them staying around for a little while. >> any advice for jojo if she's listening. >> yeah, i think just to have fun. it's easy to get lost in the moment and kind of get stressed out but it's a once in an opportunity lifetime experience and enjoy it. >> is it fun being a bachelorette? >> it is. it's definitely tiring but it's so much fun especially afterwards. you're like, wow, that was an amazing experience. i just traveled the world
8:36 am
had -- went to places i had no business going to so it is really fun. you just have to kind of stop and pause. >> with cameras documents your every move and every word, right? >> sorry, dad. >> let's talk about your book. you referred to the men in the book by numbers but pretty sure everyone will know who everyone's number is. >> i did the number system. it's pretty obvious who each number belongs to but was kind of empowerment feeling for me. putting every guy into one pot and kind of putting it all in perspective and as a female having that empowerment of, all right, i don't have to put the names of my exes in pie book but i can have each of then as a number. >> juan fab blow, nick, josh, they're all in there and don't come off looking so great. did you let them know you were doing this? >> i didn't. i will say there are definitely some things that are negative about them but there's a lot of well high deserved compliments, as well. it is an entire story that involves not just a breakup but a love
8:37 am
separate lives and we have avenue all gone on to do other things whether it's another season of "the bachelorette" or a different show and live our private lives so to speak in the public so i don't think any of us need to ask permission from each other. >> all right, well, we have someone who would like to ask you a question. super fan amelia. >> what was your motivation in writing the book? >> oh, there was a lot. obviously the book comes from my own experience of going through a breakup. every day you see it's a journal entry so that very present very raw emotional moment. so it was kind of a purge in that sense but to empower women to say, look, you're not alone. we all see the love stories but we also have heartbreak and none of us talk about it. kind of like the breakup anthem like i got you. i know, i've been through it and gone through the ringer, you are not along and mainer you will survive and you can survive heartbreak. i promise. >> kind of like an adele song. >> but i can't
8:38 am
"gma's" facebook. how are you able, she asked to become such good friends with prior contestants when everyone was fighting for the same man? >> that is a good question. i don't think people realize how much time you spend with the other contestants, more so than the lead, so like for my season, you know, and kelly who was on my season who is here today we're all still friends because we spent so much tile together in the house, even christie too, we're all close friends because you spend more time with each other than the lead. >> are you still an open book? are you dating? revealing anything about your current personal relationships. >> i'm living the happy single life. >> happily never after. >> the new happily ever after. >> andi's book "it's not okay" is available now. andi, thanks for joining us. you can see a new episode of "the bachelorette" monday night at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. coming up next the cast of "x-men," if you haven't noticed
8:39 am
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♪ remember me remember me the cas
8:42 am
apocalypse" one of the summer's hottest movies. take a look at them trying to stop the end of the world as we know it. >> go with the kids. we' we'll be waiting on the plane. what? >> not all of us can fully control our powers. >> then don't. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. james mcavoy, tye sheridan, evan peter, lana condor, you got them woken up. >> these guys have been crazy this morning. fantastic costumes. >> you are having so much fun together. >> we're lucky. we get on really well. >> sure steams like. your hair is all back. >> thank you. thank you for seeing that. >> this is the one, the professor, has to shave it all off. >> the moment myself and like five other audience members are really been waiting for. literally tens of audience members are going to be so excited. by this. you know, finally,
8:43 am
stewart gave me his full blessing when i went bald. >> tye, you have the toughest job trying to be the cyclops. how do you get that? >> you mean toughest in the sense that i can't use my eyes or -- >> you can't move. >> exactly. well, i think that's, yeah, for me that was one of the most challenging aspects of the role and i kept hearing -- i kept hearing the note all the time is like you just need -- you need to act harder. just trying -- it's me and brian our second unit director on set and shooting this big sequence in the third act of the film and he's like i just need to see more anger in your eye. well, i'm shooting lasers out of my eyes and i'm trying to figure out how to use my forehead. >> yeah. >> alexandra, that was quite a debut as a meteorologist that you had. >> thank you, thank you. you know, not a lot of people can do what i did out there. >> not a lot of people. >> so, ye
8:44 am
that's going to make our living hit for the year reel. >> i really hope there becomes a meme of some sort that i can show my grandmother. >> now you step into the role of halle berry played storm before. how did you make it your own. >> i tried to -- i tried to just be a lot more animalistic about it and come from a younger aspect and try and think about it as like when i was 17, 18 and like totally headstrong and completely crazy emotional and only made digs based from those places, i think it really helped me kind of relate to storm in a deeper level and be like, oh, that's why she does what she does all the time because she thinks she knows best. >> cannot wait to see it. evan, different superhero for you quicksilver still living at home. >> yeah, yeah. yeah, still in mom's basement. yeah. >> is that working for you. >> yeah, i like that a lot, yeah, i like my mom's basement. >> la
8:45 am
>> oh, man. >> oh, dear god. >> okay. >> what a leap for you to get the role right out of high school. >> yeah, yeah, i found out i got cast in my history class, yes, so i was super excited then, of course, i didn't passion any of my finals. >> how much harder to study for the test. >> i'm done, bye. >> on your iphone in your history class. >> i mean, yeah. they just called me up in the middle and i was like, yo, well. >> well, congratulations. >> thank you. >> we got watch parties all across the country including one down in miami. and i think we got somebody ready to ask a question out there. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey! >> all right. >> whoo. >> yes. >> peace, man. you look good. >> hey, professor. >> what's
8:46 am
other than reading and controlling people's minds what other superpower would you want to possess? >> oh, that's a good one. well, miami, i would say miami x i'd say that i'd like to make -- i'd like to have the power to make people fall in love and -- >> ah. >> yeah, no, and do horrible things to each other with that love. no -- and yeah, some of the biggest serial killers in the history of the world could fall in love. definitely make people fall in love and feel attracted to each other and do all that because how could you have two armies facing off against each other if i was like, boom, you all want to get down. >> thanks a lot. right there. so you guys ready for your newest cast member? >> say what. >> ready for your newest cast member? >> yes. >> jesse, let's see it. >> oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow.
8:47 am
>> wow! >> what's up? >> how is the x mansion? >> yeah, it's good. >> hey, bud. >> white shag piled. >> i was in vegas. things got a bit weird so here i am. >> it kind of works. >> unbelievable. i got to say honestly i'm a huge fan of superhero movies and certainly the "x-men" and as a fan i've been curious toknow what exacts have to go through in the costume and the work and the time. i i was just backstage for two hour, george and mike were the makeup guys that worked on the movie and set this all up. you can see it here and this is not realtime. there's so many hours that goes into it. i was in that chair for over two hours getting all this done and i feel great. i might just walk out like this. [ applause ]
8:48 am
thank you all. cannot wait to see the movie, "x-men: apocalypse" in theaters on friday, you can watch jesse's full makeover on our website and when we come back, matt bomer opens up about "the nice guys." that's next. ♪
8:49 am
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matt bomer stars as a bad guy in "the nice guys." new role alongside ryan gosling and russell crowe and got to sit down with him recently. in the clip you're about to see he may seem like a nice guy but that's not really the case. >> mind fetching your dad. >> he's running an ear and. >> back any time soon? >> oh, hour tops. >> fine. now then nurse holly, how is our patient? that's her? >> oh, no, that's jessica. what she's got you can't fix. >> you are very funny.
8:51 am
matt joins us now this morning. thank you for being here. >> hey, amy. thanks for having me. we did our research. >> you were 4 when the waltons -- your character is modeled after john-boy. did you know who that was. >> i did. i thought it was great that he created this merciless cold-blooded assassin comes in the visage of john-boy from "the walts." that dichotomy, okay, i understand that movie. >> it's funny. he's the bad guy. got to be fun to play the bad guy. >> i think any time you can show different colors and portray something that you haven't had a chance to do it's always really refreshing as an actor and it was so fun. >> a really fun movie to watch. so ryan gosling was here. >> i heard. >> i heard you guys had a little thing going on. >> i don't know what you're talking about, matt. >> you just got hot and bothered. >> he is so funny. ob
8:52 am
did you have a hard time keeping a straight face. >> i did. i fell out multiple times over the course of filming and i knew they were brilliant actors but what they brought to the role and the nuances and the way they skaundz stand the dynamics and chemistry of the buddy cop genre is just -- you can't not have a good time watching them together. >> i was so impressed when i found out -- i mean this is a really physical movie as well. you did all your own stunts. >> yeah. >> wow. >> that was part of the fun of it for me. one scene i fire four different types of weapons at them in one take and so all that arms training and the fight sequences with russell, it was just a blast. >> wow. well, it is a blast to watch, matt bomer, thank you very much for stopping by. >>ing that you for having me. always a pleasure. >> come back any time. i said the same thing to ryan. >> i bet you did. i bet you did. >> see, what a nice guy he is. "the nice guys" is in theaters now and we will be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
don't miss flo in concert this friday.
8:56 am
driving matters. i'm telling you, you guys did a great job. my goodness. >> high maintenance. >> i have a question. can i get my back scratched. >> with my hands or my feet? >> oh! >> want to thank everyone -- >> sorry i asked. >> -- at our watch parties across america. you're getting tickets to see "x-men" before its release. >> good luck to ginger and val tonight. >> go, ginger. >> anchor: warm temperatures are coming back. here is jacqui
8:57 am
a beautiful day. finally the 80s are back. the first 80 degrees day of the month expected this afternoon with a few cloudgiving way to sunshine. for tomorrow, warmer, middle 80s lasting through the holiday weekend. some afternoon pop-up showers possible on thursday, friday. tracking the potential for a coastal system that could bring us wet weather and cool us down late in the holiday weekend. >> reporter: finally, a sunny, dry commute for tuesday morning. we cleared the crash on interstate 66. now over to 95 we've got late clearing delays northbound into dale city and wood ridge. delays but no accident activity to report at this time. now, inside the beltway we're seeing the heavy traffic, reports of a crash on the suitland parkway, inbound after branch avenue before naylor road, blocking a right lane causing major tiups on the
8:58 am
but southbound delays from cia all the way to memorial bridge. back to you. >> anchor: thank you. and this morning paul wiedefeld is headed to capitol hill testifying before a house transportation subcommittee. this comes less than two weeks before the maintenance plan begins. this morning, fairfax county is helping you get around the upcoming track work. we're set to learn more about the leaders relief efforts. abc 7 will be at the meeting starting at 10:00 a.m. we'll bring you the latest when we get it. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. right now. have
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly." today academy award winning actress anna paquin and from "x-men: apocalypse" james mcavoy and what to feed your kids as we continue our take charge of your food week, plus fred savage returns to another day at the co-host desk all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and fred savage! [applause] ♪


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