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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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show you the landscape at the korean war memorial. california, alabama, texas. you see remarks happening now. a lot of people lost loved ones in the korean war. the forgotten war. all over washington. appreciation for those who fought and died for freedoms. >> the wall is holy. >> when veterans think of the wall -- >> i have a cousin on the wall. my wife has a cousin on the wall. >> think think of the tens of thousands of brothers who never made it home. they share in the
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>> the strength we hold for each other is what gets us through. >> appreciation for the bond and the service is on display all over washington. including at the world war ii memorial on the mall. army first lieutenant megan van campen, a nurse at walter reed reflects on those who fought and died in that war. wile her work days are spent carrying for those wounded in the conflict of today. >> it is a honor to take care of the nation's heroes. >> she hopes that the significance of memorial day is never drowned out by pool parties and bar cues. >> some people don't understand. they don't understand the country we live in and the freedoms we have. >> today across america we honor those who died in other places. >> men and women had to fight and believe in something deeper then
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this is a pronowned moment. you can tem they leave here feeling it and understanding it better. let you know the meaning of what memorial day is about. in washington, jeff goldberg. jonathan: it's great to see people learning about that. thank you. at the arlington national cemetery, president obama spent the final memorial day as commander in chief with a call to action. he said the nation's actions must extend beyond this single calendar day. president obama: for truly remembering and truly honoring the fallen americans means being there for the parents and the spouses and the
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those who are wearing photo of the common. >> thousands lined the street of the district today for the country largest memorial day event. >> it includes tributes for those who fought and fell in all of the wars. this is more on newschannel8 and more tributes online. you can go to website to see those at michelle: things are returning the normal after a brief scare at the white house. after president obama returned from the arlington national cemetery someone threw a metal object over the fence and that trackerred a lockdown. has math team was called in and they determined the object was not a threat.
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>> we are continuing to keep a close eye on the sky for possible storms blowing through the area. >> there are a few showers with the thunderstorms off to the north and the west of us. head to north and west. they are moving toward the south and the east not expecting to become severe. closer to town inside the capital beltway. if you are watching us in hyattsville or the light showers. if you have the barbecue plans give it a half hour to 45 minutes to be okay. we talk about the rest of the forecast coming up. >> severe weather is blamed for a deadly holiday weekend from the heartland to the atlantic. east coast, the problems center around what was tropical storm
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hitler has more and the flooding in the middle of the nation that claimed six lives. with back-to-back storms leading to more evacuation near houston. >> i thought we'd be safe. >> the brazos river reaching major flood stage. emergency crews are going door to door to perform a rescue after the next. >> the entire neighborhood under water from 20 pimples of rain. >> six people have been killed. they are recovering the body of a man swept away by flash floodwaters. >> i saw a person holding on to a poll. >> in kansas crews look for 11-year-old boy who fell in a fast moving
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the family are cleaning up from bonnie. the former tropical storm dumped up the eight inches of rain in carolinas temporarily shutting down this highway. >> that storm is creating dangerous driving conditions up the east coast. families heading home on memorial day could expect wet roads throughout the midsection. the search is on for a killer in prince george's county after a woman was found dead in apartment complex laundry room. this happened this morning on 18th avenue in adelphi near the boarder with montgomery county. so far no word from police on a motive or a suspect. or even t victim's name. michelle: still ahead tiny flags across the hallowed ground this memorial day. why they are not honoring the veterans but instead marking a crime scene. jonathan: why the man made a call to ki
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to protect the child says he would make the same call again. michelle: surprising thing the driver of that tractor trailer did moments after crashing over an overpass. jonathan: this memorial day, america remembers the fallen. we'll be right back.
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michelle: look at this frightening scene out of the bronx this afternoon as a tractor trailer dangled from a highway overpass after a crash. this is on the sheridian parkway for those familiar with new york city there. incredibly the driver was able to climb out. and down to the side of the road below. one person was hurt but everyone will survive. >> the director of the cincinnati zoo says he would make the same call again. perhaps you heard the story. this made a lot of people angry. the zoo is under fire after shooting and killing a gorilla after a 4-year-old boy somehow crawled into the enclosure. the zoo says time was critical and it would have taken too long for trappingizers to work and it -- tranquilizer to work and it could have agitated the animal. dozens of people gathered to remember the gorilla. the boy is back home and said to be doing well. police say it is possible his parents could be criminally charged and
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negligence. animal rights groups say this is proof that the animals don't belong in zoos. the issue, the decision to shoot the gorilla and whether the parents should be held accountable are hot topics today. >> it makes me sad they are put in here. once it happened you have a kid in there with the wild gorilla i don't think they had a different choice. >> i wish parents would hold on to kids at the zoo. it seems completely irresponsible. jonathan: facebook page called justice for harambe has 75,000 likes. the online petition is asking for the parents to be charged. michelle: u.s. in ahead for us search -- just ahead for us, what police believe the thieves were after. jonathan: we are keeping a close eye on the rain that could affect memorial day for us. where they are he
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left from topical storm bonnie. that is coming up. erin: erin: i'm erin hawksworth. coming up, the nationals begin a nine-game roadtrip. that is where the maryland men lacrosse team forced o.t. in the national championship game. we have highlights and reaction in a few minutes.
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michelle: a busy weekend near los angeles this weekend. after someone vandalized the memorial to the p.o.w.'s and m.i.a.'s. dozens who heard about it turned out to volunteer and remove the graffiti in time in the services. that is one of three incidents that happened in tribute to the fallen across the nation including vandalism and possible looting at petersburg national battlefield in virginia. as chris papst reports part of the battlefield is now a crime scene. >> 151 years ago, the quiet hills change american history. it was
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petersburg that 700,000 union or confederate soldiers were killed or wounded. it's also here that relic hunters want a piece of history. >> it's just sad. it's unfortunate they are taking away from history for their own personal use. >> be not surprised. chris: last week a thief or thieves equipped with a medal detector vandalized a petersburg national battlefield looking for bullets, buttons, guns, anything they can find. there appears to be a hundred where artifacts were removed. whatever was pulled from the holes could be very valuable. a quick online search of civil war relics shows bullets selling from a few dollars to upward of $1,500. stealing relics from a national battlefield is a risk. in 2010 a man caught doing
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here was fined $7,000 and sentenced to a year in jail. >> this area belongs to all americans. some just some folks who decide they want to line their pockets selling off the items. >> it's infuriating. jonathan: we have breaking news to tell you about from rockville now. a person was found dead outside an apartment complex at rockville pike and georgetown road near the white flint metro. officials on the scene says it does appear that the person fell from the building which is more than 15 stories tall. nobody saw or heard anything but a person walking by who found the body and called police. surveillance video shows vandals setting off fireworks on the porch of a home in riverdale. the homeowner is frightened inside. nobody was hurt. listen to this for a second. not just the fireworks are going off the intense heat generated from the illegal fireworks melted the
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the family who doesn't want to be identified posted the video on youtube. >> when the bomb squad came, i think they said the m-80 firecracker. so it's a small firecracker. but the explosion and the damage is really powerful. >> we are seeing the surveillance video because the family installed the cameras after problems with teens kicking in their door. so far they have not made any arrests. michelle: that is scary. the whole house could have burned down. jonathan: talk about the weather. we have fireworks of our own. >> thunderstorms. this is all part of one of three cold fronts the upcoming week. nothing terribly cold. but rain and storms. outside we go, looking over at the torpedo factory toward oxon hill, national harbor. 76 degrees at reagan national airport. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. dodging raindrops inside the beltway. we will talk about that in a moment.
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and west of us. we have had hardly any rain. the showers are likely to3 contain downpour and rumble of thunder. a lot of moisture. what is left of bonnie will continue to spin and spin over here. that will move off toward the north and east. moving through the next 24 to 48 hours. that will help bring unsettled weather to beaches and southern maryland. heading in closer, chesapeake branch estates to st. george island. this is where we have the heaviest rain at this time. a lot of rain has not stopped all day long. you don't have to head too much to the north and west where we have had a few showers. a few thunderstorms beginning to pop up around pawpaw moving south and east. the good news with this, this is moving to drier air. by the time it reaches the immediate metro a lot of this will start to fizzle out. a few showers do remain inside the capital beltway. around college park. hyattsville no
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few light showers. this should be out of here in the next 15 to 20 minutes. 62 to 68 for the overnight low. isolated showers. patchy fog, may become dense to the west of us. around 81. winds out of the south at around 2 to 5 miles per hour. this is our future cast. we move through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. it will be a dry rush hour commute in. but grab umbrella. we will see spotty showers develop across southern maryland. as they move through the late afternoon hours to the early evening. you may hear rumble of thunder. not expecting anything to become severe. then we will clear things out for day on wednesday. it will be warmer to the west of us. talk about the upcoming weekend. we will end one right now. the delmarva beaches on friday around 75 degrees. chance for storms. middle
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next weekend sunday will be probably the best day of the week. a lot of this depends on the cold front that is going to move through here on friday night. the extended outlook near 80 on thursday and friday. the 70's on saturday. back to lower 80's early next week. jonathan: all right. thank you, steve. big weekend for lacrosse. erin: yeah. both maryland men lacrosse and the women face north carolina in the national title game. terps, but for the men they faced o.t. who walked away the winner? we show you what happens next.
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save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. erin: as if the maryland women la cross team losing the national championship yesterday wasn't bad enough, today it was the men's turn. this one went to the wire. fourth period. tied at 11. gets inside and drives and scores. maryland takes a 12-11 lead. carolina would eventually tie it at 13. and send it to overtime. terps are down a man because of a penalty. chris fires and scores the game winner. heart-breaker for the terps. they lose 14-13. the team was understandably upset after the
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>> this is never about us. it's about them. i'm super proud of them and sad to see them go. >> we are family. tough to see your brothers cry, upset. the coach is upset. super emotional now. erin: disappointing weekend for them. meantime the nationals begin a nine-game road trip in philadelphia. bryce harper loves philly. as he has homered in last six games played at citizen bank park. the first pitch for that is 7:05 p.m. nba western conference finals between the warrior and thunder. it doesn't get better than game seven. a after record 73 wins and memorable game six come back on the road, golden state goal of getting back to the finals and defending the title comes down to tonight at oracle arena. for the thunder, here i
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>> we didn't look at video. we know what we have to do. this is matter of us playing with extreme effort and leaving it out there and feeling confident to get it done. erin: i cannot wait for that game. how about this? for the first time in 16 years the entire day at the french open was wiped out. at least we're not getting that much rain. jonathan: no wipe-outs for us. steve: no. a few showers out there now but barbecues will come in and tomorrow is looking better. little sunshine. showers in the afternoon. the next seven days we will call for unsettled weather. we have three cold fronts on the way. on wednesday, maybe a few showers. by friday and depending on the cold front on friday it could linker to the upcoming weekend. michelle: all right. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: see you at 11:00.
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tonight, on this memorial day, dangerous weather and deadly floods. evacuations under way. rivers still rising. already six lives lost. plus, the remnants of tropical storm bonnie kicking up dangerous surf on the coast. outrage. a child plunges into a gorilla enclosure. zoo officials forced to kill the endangered animal. did they go too far? plus, new details about how the boy ended up face to face with the 400-pound silverback. breaking news. gunmen identified. new reports about that shooter in the violent neighborhood spree and his military service. shark attacks. terrifying encounters off both coasts. a florida boy bitten and a california beach closed after a possible great white attack. why experts say


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