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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: we are following some breaking news right now out of gaithersburg. news chopper 7 is just over a pretty bad crash. here is what happened. the fire department is telling us that a car or an s.u.v. hit a bicyclist killing that person. this is on the 100 block of frederick road. that is all we know at this time. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along to you. alison: also breaking, the man arrested for going on the shooting spree across three maryland parking lots have formally been charged. the abc7 cameras were there. you will remember when they took eulalio tordil in custody. he was indicted on eight counts including two first-degree murder charges. jonathan: it has been a busy afternoon. an air force thunderbird jet crashlanded after flying for the air force academy graduation. they did a flyover. in fact, president obama
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at the ceremony today. we were told that the pilot ejected safely from the f-16. he is okay. this is video from the graduation just before the jets went back to land. the thunderbirds perform on behalf of the u.s. air force, much like the blue angels do for the navy. michelle: breaking from the campaign trail. house speaker paul ryan says he will vote for donald trump. this is the first public backing that ryan has given the presumptive republican presidential nominee. he writes that trump, "would help us turn this agenda into laws to help improve people's lives." alison: this afternoon we also have new information about the death of pop icon prince. the "associated press" is now reporting it was an opioid overdose. jonathan: remember, prince was found dead at his paisley park compound ady before he -- a day before he was supposed to meet with a doctor specializing the painkiller addiction. michelle: he had seen a doctor in minnesota the day bere
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results of the autopsy. alison: updating yesterday's breaking news for you now. a new bombshell in the ucla campus murder. a third person found dead. this was hundreds of miles away. apparently a kill list was found. the shooter mainak sarkar's home with several names. one woman on the list was found dead in brooklyn, minnesota. the ucla professor william klug was killed yesterday in a campus building. police say the woman was shot before the shooting yesterday that locked down ucla's campus. the gunman's car at this hour is still missing. >> we believe that vehicle will be unoccupied. we don't believe there are outstanding suspects. we also believe the vehicle may contain evidence which will help us to establish motive. alison: we are told from officials another person on the kill list who works at ucla is okay toda
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jonathan: there were two threats at newark airport today in new jersey. the most recent a british airplanes. everyone was taken off the plane. they were lined up next to the plane. then dogs came out and inspected each individual bag before they were taken to the terminal. nothing was found. this is hours after the guy in the terminal used a pay phone to make a threat about a it shooing. he was quickly taken away in custody. 23 people aboard a sinking boat in the chesapeake, many of them were fourth graders all rescued by a waterman. he saw the state-owned boat in distress. he went to help just in time. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke to the waterman and one of the people rescued from the water. brad: these people have quite a story to tell. this started as a field trip studying fish, crabs and oysters out on the chesapeake bay. this was chesapeake bay foundation led excursion. the boat hit a
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object believed to be an old army tank that the navy used to use as a target. now everyone says the captain on board the boat initially knocked unconscious performed very well. the real hero, a waterman who answered the call for help. the boat went down in a remote and beautiful part of the bay. it was a teaching vessel with 23 aboard. the crew, a fourth grade class from chestertown. teacher and parent chaperons, including brian cole. >> we hit something really hard. we went from 17 knots to nothing. brad: in five minutes the boat sinks. the children already wearing life jackets. the adults quickly putting them on and scrambling roof to the floundering boat. fortunately the experienced captain was able to send a radio mayday. the coast guard heard it and made their own call. ten
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jeremy heard it and grabbed his son and shoved off. >> i was running the motor hot. you can't go fast enough to get there. brad: when we come back at 5:00, we will tell you more about what happened next and what the captain saw and felt when he arrived on scene. and we'll also share with you a little bit more about his story why he hopes that this puts the chesapeake waterman, including himself, in a little more positive light. in cambridge, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. this afternoon, storms popping up to the west and mostly to the mountains and i-81. the big question here -- are they headed our way? chief meteorologist doug hill has the first check on the forecast. doug? doug: hi there. the quick answer is slowly the shower and the storm activity is headed in our direction. if any arrives it is later this everything. we think tonight there is a good chance showers and
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metro area. what we have all day long is a weak flow of winds from the atlantic ocean and the east. as they travel to the west it will initiate the shower and storms. they will continue to pop. south of harrisonburg, where the radar is at the moment. bonnie is now back to tropical depression status that will head to the atlantic ocean. you see on the left-hand side of the screen a number of the areas has a chance for the storms today, tomorrow, and saturday. watch for the chance of isolated storms in the metro between 7:00 and 11:00 tonight with a bit of clearing overnight and patchy fog. we'll check out the weekend in detail in a couple of minutes. michelle: thank you. bizarre report. security guard at dulles airport accused of war crimes in africa. the somalian coming to the
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maryland bureau chief jeff goldberg has more. the man claims none of this is true? jeff: that is right. we spoke with his attorney earlier today that denies any allegations against this man and says that those who are accusing the individual of war crimes are quite simply seeking publicity. this report first aired yesterday on cnn. it is accusing yusuf ali who was working as a security guard at dulles as a military commander. that is the accusation. a military commander in somalia civil wars in the 1980's. according to the report, he is accused of torturing civilians, burning villages and conducting mass executions. ali has lived in alexandria for 20 years. he has been put on administrative leave since the airing of this report. he is being sued for crime against humanity in a court in the u.s. his attorney is denying the allegations but travelers we spoke to h
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>> it is kind of alarming that somebody who cleared security in the usa didn't reach out and discover the rest of his story. >> my client was a member of the somali national army. and reports to me that he served honorably and i have to reason to doubt him in that regard. jeff: ali works for a company called master securities, which is a contractor for the metropolitan washington airport authority. according to m.w.a.a., they do severe, rigid background check s going through the f.b.i., and said that he passed the vigorous background chengs. -- background checks. his attorney says he remains with his family in northern virginia and has no plans to go anywhere. live at dulles international airport, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. brian whitman a former pentagon
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to a punishment for stealing a neighbor's nanny's license plate. the issue over parking apparently in the capitol hill neighborhood was boiling over. stephen tschida is live to explain the punishment and how the official was caught doing this. stephen: surveillance video ended the mystery haunting the neighborhood. but this just in. we heard from a pentagon official within the past hour that brian whitman has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. this is since he has been charged with the three misdemeanor counts of theft. this car has virginia plates. but check out the windshield here. parking pass. even though it is expired by several months, no ticket on the windshield. now, we have some video we can show you here of what is going on in the neighborhood. also of brian whitman. a two decade veteran with the
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58 years old and driven to take action on what he believes is abuse of a parking privilege. written a note to the neighbor's nanny and stealing the nanny's license plate three times. we spoke with a worker to learn more about how bad the parking i here. >> you have to move every two hours. it's ridiculous. people infiltrated into d.c. but if you say zone six residence parking for the residents. what does it do for the guests? you are here in suspended animation riding around. it's ridiculous. stephen: back live. you see the zone six parking sign. this is what went down in court. bryan whitman agreed to $1,000 fine, do community service and stay away from the neighbors and their nanny. under that court agreement, th
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as far as his future at the pentagon, though, that remains up in the air. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. a fight forree quality pay. this time at -- equal pay. four women suing over the gender-based pay gap and claim of sexual harassment. each of the four filing separate lawsuits in richmond. the school would only say in a statement that it is committed to providing a fair working environment for all employees. alison: tonight a message for pregnant women from the director for the centers for disease control and prevention. do not travel to a place where there is zika. 341 pregnant women in the u.s. including puerto rico have been infected. he says zika presents a range of problems for infants from very severe problems to milder ones. >> we still don't know for infants born with a normal size head if they will have other brain development
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problems. we may not know it for months or years. we have to protect pregnant women. alison: he says congress needs to act more urgently to provide funding to help fight the zika virus. jonathan: let's talk about metro now. d.c. preparing for massive burden that the mobiletrak7 plan will bring -- safetrack plan will bring when it goes into effect tomorrow at midnight. mayor bowser says they will expand bus routes and put more traffic control officers on the streets. city officials now are considering extending the d.c. circulator hours on weekends. bowser says it's not just the metro riders impacted by the safety surges. >> the project will affect every commuter. no matter if the surge is happening in a district proper or not, we think that washington, d.c. will be affected by all ten months of the
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jonathan: capital bike share will have an alternative way to get around. the city will update the plan as each phase moves forward. obviously we'll stay on top of all that is going on with metro. we are doing it online for you. if you want to see the acted lines and the ways to get around head to our website still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the cincinnati police are wrapping up the investigation about the boy that fell in the gorilla enclosure. the recommendation it could make to the prosecutors. and the frantic 911 calls made that day. michelle: look at this. this is from this winter and close to the d.c. area as well. we will show you where coming up. >> a scam artist latest target. i'm chris papst. coming up, how your music play list no longer safe.
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jonathan: a railworker strike is threatening to disrupt the soccer championship. they are upset about labor reform bill to make it easier and hire and fire workers. can you imagine? service has been cut in half which could present bigger problems when the soccer tournament starts in just eight days. have you heard about that? this is the latest scam going around. a lot of people falling for it. somebody gets you on the phone
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claiming they work for the i.r.s. and demand money. alison: that is the first sign. the i.r.s. will never call you. it's what they are asking for that is shocking here. gift cards as a form of payment. >> go figure. chris papst has a warning everyone needs to hear about. chris: this is a big market. how much of us haven't received a gift card or bought one? in 2015 it accounted for $1930 billion in the economy. for years scammers have been trying to steal part of that. but now, they are targeting a specific type of gift card. itunes. this comes from the inspector general from the treasury department. someone calls pretending to be the i.r.s. employee. they then tell you, you owe the federal government money from your taxes and demand you pay with your itunes gift card. this isn't necessarily new. it has existed in different forms but
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of the itunes it is moving in the music world. the federal government would like to remind you it will never ask you to pay your taxes from a gift card and, of course, other payments like western union, money gram or bank wire transfers will also never be requested. if you receive a call, it's recommended that you hang up immediately and report the fraud going to chris papst. alison: thank you. another alert to be aware of. the federal reserve is admitting it has been under attack by hackers since 2011. that include attempts to break in and spy electronically. so what is not clear today is if the hackers broke into the fed security system.
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reuters and cnn are working off the heavily redacted files released by the federal reserve. jamie: there is a fatal bicycle accident. frederick avenue is closed off. muddy branch is an alternate. they are doing investigating. that area is closed for quite a while. 395, the heaviest stretch continuing to closer to washington boulevard. i am happy to report that. on the red line we had single
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safetrack we will send you a text with the biggest metro issues to know about. just go to and text "metro" to 43817. jonathan: thanks. she is back. prop call depression bonnie. you thought she was gone. she is not. the storm could bring wind gust and five inches before moving to sea. if you are heading out there, be careful in theert what. doug: we were looking apt a live shot from hatteras. i didn't look too bad. most is offshore. headed to sea.
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we have atria question for you. wait for that. 81 degrees now. looking at the capital wheel. this looks like 83 now. we have had afternoon storms develop for the past few days. what will happen is we are going to see isolated showers getting closer to the metro. we could have showers or thunderstorms to deal with. a big pocket to the valley. this is going to drift to the
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northeast. daily shower and storm chances. check the future cast. we will have a continuation of later tonight. showers and the thunderstorms could pop. as a cold front comes in the warm humid hair. a bit more humid and then 84. on sunday we talk about this. the atmospheric setup will favor the afternoon in the sunday afternoon and the evening. it will get early here. we will have the lower humidity levels. that is a nice break. the toughest part is trying
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figure out the wording of it. when is the last time that the high temperatures did not reach 90 degrees or higher by now? when is the last time? how many years do we go back? 2003? 2005? 2008? we will answer it shortly. jonathan: rivetting. michelle: has anyone complained it's too hot yet? doug: gosh yes. jonathan: i did not say it. jonathan: i said sticky. alison: you meant it in a good way. jonathan: it was sticky. not in a great way. michelle: that is for you. the 2015 blizzard. this is the snow that
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charge city. plug it in the g.p.s . if you feel like it's too hot. alison: in addition to trivia thursday we honor our team player of the week. but the national cathedral varsity team has too many to pick just one. we will introduce you to the entire team making history coming up next. jonathan: also, still ahead for us, the cincinnati zoo is pushing back the reopening of the gorilla exhibit as the 911 calls from the day are now coming out. >> i can't watch this. i cannot. jonathan: that is the mother of the child that fell in the exhibit. you will hear her call. what she says and when the exhibit will reopen. we'll have it for you coming up today at 4:30.
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michelle: instead of putting the focus on one team player, this week erin hawksworth introduces to two of the team stars. >> amazing feeling. i couldn't stop smiling. >> the two of the
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cathedral high school joined me on the news channel 8 high school sports final to discuss the achievement. >> i knew the other eight would pull as hard as they could. erin: for the first time in school history the national cathedral girls became champions of the regatta, the oldest and one of the largest high school rowing competition s. >> this was great to see the positive results from the regatta. >> i'm incredibly proud. they approached the ra ga the, the race, the -- regatta, the race, the season with a mature athletic attitude. >> what stands out about this team? >> this is the weirdest group of kids. >> awesome. weird is
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>> this group of kids cares about he each other machine any other i coached. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a massive tree struck from lightning dies. but it's still standing. residents want to take it down before it falls down. what is the holdup? we'll explain coming up. michelle: frantic moments from the mother of the child who fell in the gorilla pit. >> 911. >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit of the gorilla. michelle: more of the 911 call and why the gorilla exhibit won't reopen saturday as planned. alison: as we head to break a last look at the weather trivia question. we'll have the answer when doug comes right back. after the break. hope you will play along.
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michelle: doug is back now with the weather trivia question. we have to pitch in the answers. doug: look at the question again. the question is when was the last time high temperatures did not reach the 90-degree mark or higher by now, by the 2nd o
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2003, 2005, 2008? start at the end. alison: i'm going for 3. -- 2003. jonathan: 2003. michelle: 2008. doug: see what the answer is? jonathan: 2005. >> yeah. doug: see what it is. 2008 but we also hit 98 degree s june 7 followed by 96 on the 8th and the 9th. 10th we were higher. we have history here. all the answers could be right in one context or another. jonathan: we all get trophies. doug: in 2005 we hit 90 on june 8. 2003 was the 24th. so when is the last time we hit 90 this late in the season. michelle: what is the answer? i'm confused. jonathan: you got it right. michelle: 2008. doug: but consolation prize if you pick any o
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jonathan: we are winners. doug: if you live in washington long enough there is no such thing as a wrong answer. get started here. showers and storms getting closer to the irs ca. there is a pattern through the evening. the best chance of showers or storms will probably be 10:00. 11:00 this evening. warm and muggy. areas of the showers and the storm extend south. this is a cold front of a weak one that is moving east. at the same time we will see what is left of the tropical depression bonnie move out. the stage is set for this to move through. keep it unsettled with a chance of showers, thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as the remnant of the cold front moves through. we get to sunday and there is potential for heavy weather in here sunday night and evening. overnight we talk for chance of showers. isolated thunderstorms. muggy. low with 70's and the fog. bonn
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still tropical depression. hold the strength for another 12 hours and move out of the picture here. all the attention goes to the next three days. partly sunny and muggy. 82. pretty good chance. 50/50 chance of the afternoon evening showers an storms. warm and muggy. 30% chance of storms. the strong to severe thunderstorms with the possibly damaging winds on sunday afternoon and sunday evening. jonathan: i like the trivia question. tough one. michelle: it was. doug: everybody wins. jonathan: talk about cincinnati, ohio. the zoo there now still working on the gorilla exhibit barriers. they are now expecting to open on tuesday. they were hoping to have the gorilla exhibit open this weekend but not going to happen this weekend. alison: they are still making changes after the little boy climbed over and fell in the moat. as you know was picked up and grabbed by harambe. a male silverback who was killed by the keepers. that's sparked a national
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video. it's very scary to watch. now we get to hear the frightening moments. the 911 calls from the boy's mom and the tourists at the zoo. alex perez has the audio. >> there is a baby in the zoo that fell in the gorilla moat. baby in the zoo at the gorilla moat. hurry. >> oh, gosh. he is taking the baby. taking the baby in the cave. >> for the first time this morning we are hearing the desperate calls to 911 as the 3-year-old boy was being dragged by a 450-pound gorilla. >> the gorilla slammed him against the wall. picked him up out of the water. climbs the rock wall and put him up on top. now he is up on top with the child. has him by the shirt going back and forth. >> among the cries were help the boy's frantic mother. >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. my son fell in with the
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him. >> throughout the ten-minute ordeal, the boy's mother trying to comfort him. >> be calm. be calm. >> he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> the zoo's emergency response team shooting and killing the 17-year-old endangered silverback named harambe to save the boy. a decision animal experts say was necessary. >> i will bet my life right now if i had to that that child would not be here today. >> cincinnati police are now investigating the boy's family and the parents regarding the actions that led up to the incident. the boy's mother who is a manager at the daycare says her son is recovering and doing well. she is asking those who wish to donate to her to instead donate to the zoo in harambe's memory. jonathan: i want to get you back to breaking news we told you at the top of the newscast. in gaithersburg, a bicyclist has been killed in an accident there. diane cho is live on the scene. what do we know? what happened? diane: well, you can see that there are several officers here rat the scene. we j
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a teen. we don't know exactly how old he is. police are still investigating this deadly crash involving a car and a cyclist. you can see under the s.u.v. where the victim's bicycle still laying. the police say the victim was pin under the car and had to be extricated and pronounced dead at the scene. southbound lanes of frederick blocked off between chestnut and south summit avenue while they continue their investigation here. they are expecting to have the area blocked off for another three hours from what i'm told. this happened around 2:30 this afternoon in the 100 block of frederick avenue. in gaithersburg. police say they aren't sure how the s.u.v. collided with the cyclist. but the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating. we are told the person was not injured. in gaithersburg, diane cho, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. struck by lightning. a massive tree is now dead. residents who live nearby are worried that it could fall on their home. at the end of the street
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breach grove lane it is public property. no individual homeowner is responsible. a few are potentially in the path should it fall. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live in potomac with more. kevin? kevin: it may be dead but the tree is still very mighty. estimated to be more than 75 feet tall. in fact, if it fell right now its branches would hit me standing two houses away. folks in the neighborhood refer to the fall radius as living in the line of fire. this saga dates back to the winter of 2014-2015. when the tree started to shed large branches. some more than ten feet long. because it sits on montgomery county property, residents call 311 last june. requesting that the tree be taken down. the county put the request in a queue. but now 11 months later no progress. "7 on your side" started to ask questions. today montgomery county arborists surveyedth
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expedite the removal request and promised a key armed with chainsaw and cherry pickers would be out here tomorrow and the job completed by the end of next week. >> there has been a lot of puppetting back and forth. the -- punting back and forth. the response since calling "7 on your side" is fantastic. if they follow through and get out here in the next few days toker weeks, a-plus. but this has been year-plus in the making. so that is not good for a tree of that nature that can do damage. kevin: this is one of the large branches that fell in the roadway this week alone. more than ten feet in length. a spokesperson told me there was confusion as to whose property this tree was on. that they say is a big reason why there was a delay in getting the problem resolved. live in potomac, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: nice to see they are getting after it. thanks. still ahead for
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chipotle every day. that is this man's mission. the reason behind his burrito odyssey in a few minute. michelle: still ahead. beloved mascot resting comfortably back on campus in lsu. mike continues his recovery.
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michelle: the rio summer olympics are set for august 5. jonathan: he is out of his mind. 100 feet tall. michelle: i know. i'd wipe out instantly. all right. recovering after cancer treatment. louisiana state university live tiger mascot underwent radiation treatment. jonathan: for the tiger fans out there, they love this mascot. mike has pictures on instagram. beautiful tiger. 420 pounds of him. back on campus. resting comfortably. he was actually taken to
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over the weekend. the 10-year-old cancer's tiger is not curable but they hope the weekend's treatment will give him a calmal of good years -- kim a couple good year -- a couple of good years of life. michelle: rehope so. next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we first showed you this video yesterday. man on a.t.v. taunting an officer. he is in custody now. where he left the evidence that made it easy for the police to track him down. jonathan: stolen letter written in 1875, was taken from the smithsonian 30 plus years ago. now it's back. look at the signature. can you tell who wrote it? the story behind the century old letter up next.
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jonathan: breaking news in newsroom now. a blue angels crash that took place in tennessee. michelle: chris papst is in the newsroom with the images coming in from the scene. chris? chris: the condition of the pilot and the people on the ground, we don't know that yet. we are wait
4:49 pm
information. this happened at 3:00 in the afternoon. blue angels crashed after take-off for a practice show for this weekend in nashville, tennessee. this is nashville, tends, the city. we are a few miles southeast of the city. pictures coming in from the people on the ground watching this. this picture taken after it was crashed. this is a magnificent picture of what the scene did look like. afterwards, you can see the plume of smoke rising up in the air. people are calling out the blue angels plane crashes as we watch in nashville, tennessee. we have video from the helicopter over the scene. if we get more information we'll bring it to you. for now, life in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: last time the blue angel had a crash the pilot
4:50 pm
michelle: think of the families that come out the watch that. jonathan: tons of people. they come out for the practices, too. prince george's county police filed criminal charges against an a.t.v. driver caught on camera taunting police. we showed this to you yesterday and got people upset. so the video, this video was posted to instagram. it shows the driver identified as sterling barbour doing wheelies and dangerous stunts. he facing several criminal charges. his buddy recording the video has also been criminally charged. >> a stolen letter written by charles darwin back at the smithsonian home. thanks to the f.b.i. the letter written by darwin in 1875. it was stolen more than 30 years ago. the f.b.i. followed up on a recent tip and found it. there is no word on who took it.
4:51 pm
the letter was written thanking him to send field studies out west to a region of the country now known as the yellowstone national park. jonathan: big night. cavs-warriors, the finals tipping off right here on abc7. michelle: coverage starts with jimmy kimmel live at 8:00. tip time is 9:00. we want to know who you are rooting for? that is the instapoll question. log on to jonathan: look at the results so far. instantaneous. so far the warriors are ahead. that is consistent with what we saw yesterday as well. people were pulling for the warriors. coming up at 5:00, erin hawksworth asked many of the redskins, even head coach jay gruden for their take on the epic series. we have that spin on this coming up in an hour's time. michelle: the warriors are playing at home so it just feels like it's their night. jonathan: they are not going to get beat. c'mon. steve: i'm rooting if cleveland. michelle: i would like
4:52 pm
win but i don't think tonight. >> my sister lives there. jonathan: i feel bad for you, though. steve: see what happens. all right. looking at the torpedo factory. we should stay dry in the beltway moving through the evening hours. 81 at reagan national airport. we had rain earlier this afternoon. lower 70's in winchester. luray at 72. stanton at 66. most of the rain suppressed west of us along 81. further west on garrett allegany, washington counties. i fades off a little bit as it moves to the d.c. metro. delmarva beaches for the upcoming weekend. if you have travel plans there, temperatures are in the 70's. we will look at the showers and the storms on friday. the same on saturday and sunday. not perfect beach weather but not going to be a total wash-out. taste of wheaton on su
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late afternoon and the early evening hours. we start off with sunshine. temperatures are lower to middle 80's. the strongest storms late sunday. then we look for beautiful stretch of days monday through thursday next week with highs in the upper 70's to the lower 80's. let's head to the cleveland fan. jamie sullivan. jamie: what the heck? i thought you were going to be cheering for cleveland because i'm from there. steve: i said cleveland. jamie: you said it was because of your sister. i thought it was because of me. i thought you really liked me. jonathan, cleveland, someone likes me. start off in gaithersburg now. we have been dealing with the police activity due to a fatal accident. frederick avenue heading southbound is a mess right now. a big s
4:54 pm
if you're on the top of the beltway. heavy here. we have seen issues earlier. an accident was taking out the left shoulder and now you can see all lanes are open. but it is still difficult on the
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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plant the flag in syria, the isis rival. jeff barnd exclusively talks to expert that says if the two factions join forces in syria it could spell serious trouble for the west. jeff: for weeks, al-qaeda leaders have been hunkered down in pakistan. jeff: that is one reason why leaders of the 9/11 terrorist group want to establish foothold in the heart of the arab world. >> they stick out because they're arabs in a sea of pakistanis. jeff: al-qaeda sending a dozen of the most seasoned military leaders in syria to establish the own base there. right on the doorstep of the more media savvy enemy isis. al-qaeda just about ousted isis three years ago saying they refused to accept reconciliation. but both of the groups whisked away jihad on the west. isis has the recruit and the muscle. al-qaeda has a philosophy. >> if you combined al-qaeda's long-term patient planning with the
4:58 pm
potential recruits, that would be very dangerous cocktail. jeff: jim phillips says the geographical locations could allow them to attack both capitols and it could be carried out for a giant military plot for another 9/11 attack on the u.s. >> al-qaeda still hasn't lost its desire to make major mass casualty attacks inside the united states. jeff: isis leader and al-qaeda's roller share the same long-term vision of a world governed by islamic law and it could be a launching point. >> it is always a possibility. jeff: in washington, jeff barnd, abc7 news. >> everybody got thrown forward. alison: tonight, a field trip
4:59 pm
a lone hero arrives. dirty tactics? >> that is something that you think of with a small, teenager, knucklehead would be doing. >> not somebody of that nature. alison: a pentagon official caught red-handed fighting a neighborhood parking war. plus dead weight. making a neighborhood nervous. >> this is a year plus in the making. alison: until "7 on your side" gets involved. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. yammer we begin with breaking news -- alison: we begin with break news out of gaithersburg where a teenager riding a bicycle is dead after an accident with a car. this happened south frederick avenue. known as route 355. diane cho live on the scene with the breaking details. diane? diane: there are several officers here. we learned that the victim is a teen but we don't know how old he is at the time. the police are investigating the deadly crash involving an s.u.v. and a
5:00 pm
the victim's bicycle is still laying underneath the vehicle. police say that the victim was pinned under the vehicle and had to be extricated by emergency responders but pronounced dead at the scene. they had the southbound lane of frederick avenue blocked off between chestnut and south summit avenue as they continue the investigation. they are can wanting to have the area blocked off for another three hours from what we are told by police. this happened around 2:30 this afternoon. in the 100 block of frederick avenue in gaithersburg. they aren't sure how the s.u.v. collided with the cyclist but the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating. we are told that person was not injured in the accident. they have not released the victim's name at this time. in gaithersburg, diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. more breaking news this afternoon. blue angel jet has crashed in tennessee. chris papst now in the newsroom with the details on this. what do we know? chris: we are getting more


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