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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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force thunderbird jet crashed minutes after performing at the air force academy graduation. in tennessee, a blue angel jet has crashed and we're learning that crash has turned deadly. chris papst has the latest live from the newsroom. chris? chris: just in the newsroom we know one person has died in that crash. it happened in nashville, tennessee. we do not yet know who the person is. we do not know the pilot. we know it happened near an apartment complex where it crashed. i want to show you where it happened and the pictures from people around it. here is nashville tennessee and the airport where it happened. southeast of the city. the first picture we can show you of the plume of smoke after the plane crashed. with the blue angels up here. 'resy picture of the blew angels over the plume of smoke turning back around with the person writing unsettling to watch a fatal accident.
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shortly before the last picture you saw you can still see the fire coming up over the top of the building and the plume of smoke that is rising higher. this person taking video. the person saying pray the pilot is safe. we do not know which person died in this crash. also, this happened around 3:00 in the afternoon today. i believe we have video we can show you here as well. video that happened 3:00 in the afternoon. u.s. navy blue angels jet practicing for the show they have coming up this weekend. in nashville, tennessee. this happened shortly after that take-off. this plane crashed. one person reporting to the local abc affiliate in nashville she was inside the home a mile from where the crash happened saying her house shook. she could feel the ground shake from the impact of the blow. as we get more information we'll bring it to yu
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we don't know if they were a pilot or somebody on the ground. for now, live in newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, chris. this is the first deadly crash involving the blue angels since 2007. that is when lieutenant commander kevin davis lost control of the f-18 and crashed in an air show in south carolina. pilot error blamed in that crash. the blue angels performed here last week at the naval academy graduation. we'll continue following the breaking story to bring you more information as we get it. a crash in colorado springs, president obama minutes ago met with the thunderbird pilot who ejected safely. the pilot had just performed at the air force academy graduation. president obama was a commencement speaker. president obama met with the first responders from the crash scene. more breaking news. this time out of gaithersburg where a car collided with a teenage bicyclist.
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it happened on south frederick avenue. known as route 355. montgomery county fire says the victim was pin under the car and died at the scene. southbound lanes are closed between chestnut street and south summit avenue as the crews continue to do their work. another big story we are following tonight. allegation of a wanted war criminal was working in a secure area at dulles international airport. tonight the man in question is on leave. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is following this story for us from dulles. jeff? jeff: 63-year-old yusuf ali worked at the airport for a few years and he has lived in northern virginia for two decades. prior to the arrival in the united states, he is accused of committing unspeakable acts of brutality. >> it's the kind of news to make the travelers stop and think. what happened here >> it was alarming th
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somebody who cleared security or the usa didn't reach out to discover the rest of the story. jeff: cnn ran a story that yusuf ali was military commander in somalia civil wars of the 1980's who tortured civilians, burned villages and conducted mass executions. they claim he is a war criminal guilty of crimes against humanity. >> he dispute vigorously the accusations against him. >> joseph peter brennan served as ali's attorney since 2004. he says his client who lives in an apartment complex in alexandria served hon abably in the somali army. >> it's unfortunate he is subjected to the litigation. jeff: he works for master security who has a contract the melt washington air force authority.
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mwaa says they are closely vetted including a criminal history records check by the f.b.i. and security threat assessment by the t.s.a. we have verified all the processes were followed and approved in the instance. >> i don't think we are that secure if this can happen. >> ali placed on administrative leave. his access to the airport has been revoked. we tried unsuccessfully to reach him for a comment but his attorney says he remains in northern virginia with his family and has no plans to go anywhere. live at dulles airport, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. maureen: update to a story we brought you last night. prince germ's county police say they caught the man who taunted their officers while riding a.t.v. he is facing charges for several traffic violations. he was riding that a.t.v. his friend michael rowan faces similar charges including reckless driving. he shot the vi
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officers are prohibited from chasing a.t.v. riders. in this case, the video led the officers to barbour who has a long criminal record and is a registered sex offender. in the district, month-long crackdown against a.t.v. and dirt bike riders is working. police chief cathy lanier said there is a significant drop off in the illegal riders. of the 250 riders shown in a list published earlier in year, 25 have been identified and charged and charges are pending against 25 others. hillary clinton taking aim at donald trump and his foreign policy position. she is campaigning for the california primary but the speech today was more about the general election. she argued trump does not have the temperament or the experience to be president.
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>> donald trump's ideas are not even really ideas. just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies. maureen: for his part trump responded with tweets questioning clinton's credibility. house speaker paul ryan endorsed trump after saying he wasn't ready to decide whether to back trump's candidacy. up next at 6:00, the two things the ntsb now says are responsible for a deadly collision between health and a small plane in frederick two years ago. plus avoiding commuter chaos. how d.c. is trying to pick up the slack when metro begins major track work tomorrow. children saved from a sinking boat. meet a man who rescued 23 people on the chesapeake by a.
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maureen: the ntsb is blaming pilot error for the october 2014 collision that killed three people aboard a helicopter and two people inside the small plane were hurt but they survived. the ntsb said the
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pilot flew in lower than anticipated. the lack of radar at the frederick airport contributed to the collision. worker is expected to recover from the injuries he suffered while working on the canopy of a gas station. it happened this morning in the 4800 block of wisconsin avenue northwest. if worker is treated for leg injury. fairfax county massage therapist has been arrested accused of sexually abusing a client. nicholas curry worked at massage envy in south fairfax county. curry is accused of inappropriately touching a woman in massage on may 8 and police urge other victims to contact them. up next the man who saved two dozen people from a boat as it sank in chesapeake bay.
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prevent commuter chaos when metro starts the year-long rebuilding plan tomorrow. and chief meteorologist doug hill breaks down the best chance for storms.
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maureen: chesapeake bay waterman is called a hero for rescuing several school children and an adult after the boat sank. they were on a field trip and the boat struck something under water and went down. waterman jerry and his son rushed to the scene to pull everybody on board their fishing boat. >> i don't define myself a hero. this is something we all do. if someone is broke down we help them out. maureen: the boat was in a restrict's area
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down. the underwater object may have been a tank used for target practice. today is the last day of regular metro service for the next year. tomorrow phase one of the safetrack rebuilding plan begins. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter is covering metro and joins us live with what is done to prevent a commuter nightmare. brianne: well, take a look around here at the eastern market metro station. it looks formal at this hour. it will be a different scene in weeks. today d.c. officials say even if a d.c. stationn't impacted the safetrack will be felt across the region as it gets underway this weekend to next week. >> it will be crowd and slow. >> that is what is expected if you plan t
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the safetrack get underway. >> all the repairs we think will affect commute, commute times and the traffic in the district. >> today d.c. officials announce plans to ease the congestion. next week the rush hour parking restrictions will go in place along the major bus route. the city officials arialing the riders to consider two wheels. in the safetrack capital bike share they will allow riders a trip for $2. they still have concerns about the summer school and summer jobs. >> we want kids safe on metro.
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>> they are stressing riders to use alternative if they can and do a run-through tomorrow. maureen: thank you. we dedicated entire section of the website to find alternative routes. you can find instructions for breaking metro alert to your phone at a muggy day today. feels like mid-summer. instead of the beginning. doug: more coming but next week is cooler and less humid. get a live look at the torpedo factory. we have partly sunny skies. warm and muggy. the temperatures across the region
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reagan national. 79 degrees. winds from the east/southeast. dew point are high enough that is where we get the muggy feeling from. big numbers for the grass pollen and the mold spores that are both in high range. moderate level of the tree pollen and the weeds low range. numbers are impressive. it's interesting to note the 80's are just west of the metro area. you go from d.c. east. and it's five or six, seven degrees cooler because of the east and the southeast winds across the ocean cooling things off. all of that is more humidity to the air. the air is wet and will climb up the hills and the mountains we are seeing this activity. showers and the thunderstorms. heaviest batches to charlottesville. that will encroach on the richmond metro area tonight. some of the northern end of the showers and the storms will come in the metro area. part of it at 10:00, 11:00 midnight. so several batches of storms that pushed along by a weak cold front. that front will increase chances of the chae
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thunderstorms through the area tomorrow. take it to the future cast. through the mid-afternoon and evening more showers and the isolated thunderstorms in the area. most of saturday is muggy. then 30% chance of shower and storms by sunday. much higher probability of the showers and the storms. cold front coming in. potential for the heavy and the severe thunderstorms as a possibility with damaging winds. late sunday afternoon and everything. clearing and cooler weather. look at that. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. cool, dry, sunny. i'll take it. a big night in basketball. erin: that is right, doug. the nba finals begin tonight. john wall will help recruit kevin durant to d.c. we talk to him today. plus, curry's key to winning tonight's g
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erin: nba finals begin
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from last year. it will be fun. entertaining matchup between lebron james and steph curry who together won three of the last four nba titles. and six of the last eight m.v.p. awards. here is lebron and steph on what they think are the keys to winning game one. >> we have to bring the same mentality that got out of the hole 3-1 to game one with the score 0-0. we can play with the hunger around the same fire, as if it's elimination game i really like our chances. >> we have to control the game. one us make can start a run. erin: this is your home for the nba finals. we will broadcast every game with game one tonight. tip-off at 9
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8:00. wizard guard john wall in d.c. area to accept his 2016 nba cares community assist award. wall donated $400,000 to bright beginnings a d.c. educational center for homeless children. he did it in september. now the nba will give $25,000 to the john wall foundation. which will then donate to bright beginnings for a new playground. after the presentation we asked wall if he gets caught up in a k.d. to d.c. movement. >> i don't buy it. i don't buy no mind to it. he just finished the series he lost. he needs time to relance. when the time is right i'll have a conversation with him. >> great idea. call him. redskins signed a third round pick. baltimore native kendall forward. the team's entire
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class is under contract. good to have him on board. maureen: right. before we go, recap of the breaking news. navy pilot killed, blue angel pilot killed when his fa-18 jet crashed in air show practice near nashville, tennessee. military source says the pilot crashed after take-off and did not eject. the other five jets landed safely. news conference expected any moment. "world news tonight" with david muir will have the latest on that coming up after us. what is the latest from you? doug: rain to west and thunderstorms are moving in the area later this evening. showers and thunderstorms. we will have chances of thunderstorms tomorrow and saturday. especially sunday. chance of severe weather sunday afternoon. steve will update beach and that possibility at 11:00. maureen: thank you. stay tuned for david muir and join us at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the f-16 crash after the president speaks at the air force academy graduation. the moments right before that flyover emergency. the pilot ejecting. our team on the scene. also tonight, the new video coming in now. two police officers shot, the moment one of those officers goes down. he does survive. but the suspect takes aim more than once. and the fiery standoff that follows. hillary clinton unleashing a scathing attack on donald trump. her long list, saying trump would take america down a dangerous path. trump firing back as she was speaking. major developments in the deadly school shooting. the kill list now discovered. authorities say the suspect had already begun to kill in another state.


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