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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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get live stats, averages, and standings. right on your tv. change the way you experience tv, with xfinity x1. >> mark: warriors got it going off of a sudden. extra effort plays. how about the effort of green, pursuing, getting back in the picture, creating that turnover. on the other end, curry says, allow me to have this defense, kyrie. you're a bad man, throw your mouth piece. after that, other half of the fla splash brothers, knocking down the long ball. two bad men. >> mike: well, they have been certainly struggling
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for golden state. it's back up to 17. mozgov has come on, frye, jones, williams, as well as dahntay jones. speights comes in. grimacing a little bit, seems to be okay. green, not that time. mozgov, who had such a huge role for cleveland last year, but they changed the way they played. now, not in the rotation. getting some mop-up duty here in game one. frye back up top to williams. thompson, with the rebound. steve kerr calls a 20-second time-out. no doubt to get som o
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starters out of the game. 1:32 remaining. warriors on the verge of taking game one. my man, dwyane wade! you got this. you cool. cool like a penguin in a tank top. cool like a convertible with a snowplow. like a streaker at a hockey game. like a finger roll in february. cool like a yeti eating frozen spaghetti. wooo! ♪ the cool, crisp flavor of gatorade frost. play cool. >> mike: steve kerr and the golden state warriors, they were up 14, and then the cavaliers took the
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but they came back in the fourth, the lead up to as many as 20. and rush, ezeli, barbosa, clark in the game. can't stress enough, the continued excellent play of the warriors bench. all last year, on the way to the championship. more of the same this season. >> jeff: and their defense, mike. you get so infatuated, and rightfully so, with the shooting and magical shooting of the backcourt. but sometimes we overlook the great defensive capabilities of this warriors team. >> mike: came into the finals, the number one team in the playoffs in offensive efficiency. they have struggled to get that rhythm, that fast pace that's been so successful for them since tyronn lue took over.
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one assist shy of a triple-double. theench scoring, 45-9 chlkts. so,golden state, coming off of that emotional western conference final. three straight elimination games. as the ball is stolen by williams and frye. game seven was on monday. a thriller here, they bounce right back, with a terrific performance in game one of the finals. >> mark: you need to give the bench credit. whether they played extended moments, or this is garbage time, with all due respect. this is a collective group, off and on
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>> mike: rush can't connect. ezeli. blocked by mozgov. lowest scoring game of the season for thompson and curry combined. yet, they win by 15 against the eastern conference champions. warriors take game one. courtesy of their bench. well, same start as last year's nba finals. golden state winning game one at home. steph curry, just 11 points, 4 of 15 from the field. but enough to defeat the cavaliers. shaun livingston, a playoff career 20 points in 26 minutes. he's with doris. >> doris: tre
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closed to within two. you went on a 24-1 run, 17 of them coming from your bench. what were you able to take advantage of there? >> just being aggressive. it's what we did all year. andre, barbosa great today. we just did well. >> doris: career high in the playoffs for you. what specifically was working? >> the midrange jumper. bread and butter. just trusting my game, being aggressive, and just having confidence. >> doris: how significant is the defense you're getting from iguodala on lebron james? >> durant last series, lebron this series. he's our most valuable piece, on this team, with steph and draymond. >> doris: and you can't look anywhere in the arena without seeing the strength in numbers. how does this group embody this
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believe in each other, and just fight. >> doris: congratulations. mike? >> mike: all right. one of the great stories in the league, after the knee injury, had to go to the "d"-league, said he got cut by teams winning 20 games in a season. now, plays an integral part in a golden state team that it's try to win another championship. just a fantastic performance. but a long way to go in the 2016 nba finals. the final score, golden state, 104. cleveland, 89. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, doris burke, our producer and director and outstanding absolute crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching on abc. home of the 2016 nba finals.
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♪ ♪ if you're a champion move like a champion ♪ >> sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, game two on abc. it's go time.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. jonathan: thanks for staying up late with us. breaking news, at least five soldiers dead,
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fort hood, texas. alison: the state of texas has been hammered with dangerous flooding for several days now. michelle marsh has the latest. onhelle: rescue crews are the scene, trying to locate the missing soldiers. they are scouring the creek after the truck overturned. flooding is making the task more difficult. texas is under a state of disaster in 31 counties. right now, the names of the dead and missing are not known. three other soldiers were rescued, said to be in stable condition. that is the latest from the live desk. michelle marsh. back to you. jonathan: developing now, a pair of military jet crashes in separate locations. a pilot safely ejected from a
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colorado. hours later, a blue angels pilot was killed in tennessee. jay korff has more. >> this is the scene. a practice run thursday afternoon, only two days from the start of the popular airshow season, a blue farl f-18 hornet crash not from a field at a regional airport, sending a fire into the sky. and then i heard the loud noise. then i saw the fireball. i'mfirst thing i think, looking for a parachute, and i don't see it. jay: the pilot was killed. thursday, military officials identify the pilot is marine corporal jeff cuss from colorado. in theed the flight team fall of 2014 and had more than enough flight hours to be part of this unit
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before hundreds of millions of fans over the years. seenl of a sudden, i just one flyover by itself. jay: impossible at this juncture to know what happened. he is an appearance -- he is inexperienced airshow pilot. -- he isan experienced airshow pilot. it is possible was a bird strike or hit a power line or there could have been a pilot unconscious because of g forces. the cause is under investigation and likely will not be known for several months. jonathan: there was another accident involving a military precision flying team member. the pilot of an air force ejected safely6 before his airplane crashed in colorado. nobody on the ground was hurt. the edges taken part in a flyover at the air force academy graduation. the
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president obama who was a speaker at the graduation. stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage. of heavy rain over the panhandle of west virginia, towards montgomery county and frederick county, nothing severe. however, be on the lookout for rumbles of thunder. closer, the wettest weather is south of hagerstown. this will continue for the next hour or two, then scattered showers overnight. the forecast tomorrow, grabbed the umbrella as you head out the door. morning temperatures quickly rebound into the 70's and lower 80's for daytime highs, showers and storms by the end of the day. the potential of severe weather this upcoming weekend. the timing is coming up. alison: thank you so much. let's talk about the game, shelley? -- shall we? golden state versus cleveland,
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jonathan: it was exciting until the fourth quarter, when it became a blowout. scott abraham is reporting. everybody had high hopes this would be a close series. so far, not so much. scott: some fans walking behind me, enjoying a good game on of the nba finals. nn was packed inside of pe social in northwest. for a thursday night, this place was hopping with basketball wons, everybody seeing part t of the warriors against cavaliers, lebron against steph. the fans enjoying the game. it was a lot of fun. talking to some of the fans come it's interesting because they want to see lebron james deliver a championship to cleveland. as we know, cleveland missing out onho
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want to see lebron come back to cleveland and when the championship for the fans. a lot of i talked to going with their heart, hoping cleveland gets the job done. a good atmosphere. they are expecting double the crowd for the second game on saturday. scott abraham, abc 7 news. alison: scott, thank you. it was a battle of two superstars tonight. there was some big challenges on the court. steph curry is an idol for one little star. we showed you his skills when he took on robert burton, but after and a real dream came true, erin hawksworth has the rest of the story. erin: earlier this year, 11-year-old noah cutler got to meet his idol and abc 7 made it happen for stop robert burton has the story. robert: remember this? me
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cutler come after we saw his flawless imitation of nba superstar steph curry. is it still messing with you that you got to meet the best player the world? noah: yeah, a little bit. robert: earlier this season, the warriors contacted abc 7. they brought little noah out to the bay to meet makes steph. what was your reaction? noah: uh -- robert: speechless like now? noah: yeah. >> we got a phone call and said we would like you did to do the halftime show, possibly meet steph. when imy composure, but told him he was excited, running up and down the stairs. robert: what was it like meeting the steph curry? noah: it was like a dream.
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teph. >> steph was unaware was going to happen. then you see the camera zoom in and the cameras flocking. it was amazing. noah: i was nervous before going on, but after the moves, i was proud of myself. robert: nervous, but not shaky on who will win the nba finals. noah: warriors. erin: good choice. if you want to see more with noah cutler, the 11-year-old basketball phenom, head to he's awesome. jonathan: the kid has the moves and the hops. is your home for the nba finals. saturday, right here. alison: metro is bracing for what will be a complicated commute this weekend. metro is kicking off safe
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a repair blitz to keep your ride safer. for now it mean service disruptions. happen on15 services tracks in virginia, but d.c. officials are working to ease congestion in and out of the city. signal timing will be adjusted and it will be traffic controllers at some intersections. of safe track pass impact is on our website,, or sign up for text alerts on your phone. text the word "metro" to 43817. jonathan: a deadly shooting spree killing three people and wounding three others. tonight, the guy who was arrested has been indicted on a whole list of criminal charges in montgomery county. he is facing eight counts come including two charges of first-degree murder. he is accused of killing his wife in a school parking lot and killing two
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a giant grocery store and a mall parking lot. he will be back in court monday. alison: a 16-year-old killed after being struck a car on his bike in gaithersburg. it happened after the teenager fell into a major roadway. tom roussey is live with the investigation happening now. tom? tom: alison, montgomery county police say the teenager who lost his life was coming from that direction, on the sidewalk, heading north along 355. somebody had placed a sign in the sidewalk that he ran into for stop he then fell into the roadway, where he was hit by an oncoming suv, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. family members say the world has lost a terrific, hard-working whoager, santos escobar, died on south frederick avenue at 2:40 p.m. the peruvian c
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where he worked is very close to gaithersburg high, where he was a student. his cousin by marriage says martin moved here from el salvador in the last two years. he lived with his father, his mother still in his homeland. martin worked hard to help her and his family back home. he did not have any vice. he did not drink or smoke, nothing. the only dedicated himself to studying and working. he was a great person. he said that martin rode his bike all the time and was cautious and slow. the police say he ran into a sidewall heading north on the sidewalk and fell into the roadway, where he was hit. the vehicle that hit him was driven by an 18-year-old woman from pennsylvania. the police say the accident is under investigation. meanwhile, the family is mourning the loss of a teenager who had dreams of going to college. he had many plans to study, work, all to help his family.
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martin has not been charged with anything. the police say the circumstances are still under investigation. reporting live in gaithersburg, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: sad story, tom, thank you. still ahead, giving up the dream of going for the gold. one u.s. athlete is backing out of the summer games. will others follow suit? plus -- richard: two very different approaches in
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jonathan: 7 on your side with health matters and an american athlete withdrawing from the elevated over concerns about zika. the cyclist has a pregnant wife at home. he said even the smallest risk is not worth it, so he withdrew from consideration for the summer games in rio. the miss borne illness is blamed for serious birth defects. alison: tonight, stopping the shootings on the streets, a pair of events looking to target gun violence in d.c.
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across the country. richard reeve is live with how the effort struck close to home for some. rich? richard: dupont circle is still busy at this hour, a lot more people out later with the warmer weather. the guardian angels are on patrol in northeast washington, here at dupont circle and impassioned rally against the violence. >> just trying to show a presence. richard: the guardian angels and stepped-up police security in northeast. >> it gives people a chance to feel safe. richard: for some, on the cusp of a long hot summer, safety is a much want to currency. >> i got a call there was some shooting going on. richard: at 10 a.m. wednesday, somebody gun down a man in front of the liquor store. the victim is still alive. >> it's really sad. that should not be happening in broad daylight, should not be happening period. richard: the district has
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they share, three more than on the same day in 2015. this person's nephew was killed during a marijuana deal gone bad. this gathering of homicide victims families. >> he was in the middle of breaking up a fight. he was gunned down. ishard: this person remembering her stepbrother, a young minister shot to death in southeast in august 2013. she says that young people need to learn to resolve their conflict without violence. >> people go to jail, mothers are crying. people need to work through issues. richard: the streets are still very busy, but the folks who organized this rally say they have started programs and conflict resolution for the crucial ages between ninth grade and 12 grade. i hope that will help make the
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you. whitens players wore tonight in the name of charity. quarterback kirk cousins and others turned out at the annual all-white charity event. the money raised tonight will benefit the boys and girls club of washington. >> it seems like it gets better every year. that is what we strive for. and also have a good time with our teammates. we want to keep things going in the right direction. alison: last year's event raised more than $100,000 for the boys and girls club. garcon hopes to top that this year. steve: 82 degrees was the high earlier today, now cool and 70. warm and humid overnight, falling into t 6
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west. winchester and luray. 73 fredericksburg. the satellite and radar, showers beginning to push and from the west. hagerstown looking at wet weather, winchester drying up for this is moving towards frederick. lb surprised if you hear some rumbles of thunder, but not expecting anything severe overnight. a few showers upper northwest d.c., silver spring, college park getting in on the action in the next 45 minutes or so, but not expecting anything severe. this is the remnants of what was once bonnie, now a tropical depression, briefly becoming a tropical storm into the day tomorrow. and no moresea worries for the outer banks of north carolina over the weekend. 64 to 70 overnight, scattered showers and thunderstorms. the temperatures tomorrow in the 60's. we quickly rebound in the morning into the 70's. grab the
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work and school. you will likely need it during the nearly morning hours, then through the afternoon scattered showers, a few thunderstorms. then a little break in the action saturday. then stronger storms likely sunday afternoon into sunday evening. we will keep you updated ray here on abc 7, news channel 8, and lower 80's, partly sunny, scattered showers and thunderstorms. the wind out of the south that 3 to 6. once we get the rough weather out of your, beautiful weather monday through thursday, highs in the upper 70's and lower 80's. we are back right after this. ♪ know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple.
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retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, d services we offer. because when you have insight, you know.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk
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local toyota dealers. tonight, it was game one of the nba finals. the warriors looking to defend their title, cleveland is starving for one. the last time they won a major sports championship was the browns in 1964. first quarter, lebron james drives and scores. it would be all warriors after that, mostly the bench. fourth quarter, the bench took over. the warriors up by 16. cavs tried to rally. james drives, steph curry ends up with it. look out. the filthy pass. 104-89. win game one, here is thecavs'head coach at the podium live. >> what was going on out there, the layoff? coach: they were att
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lot. i thought they did a good job of stripping us low, but we have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. we cannot give up points and give them points. head that was the cavs coach talking about needing to do better in game two, which you can see right here on abc 7. tip-off is at 8 p.m., pregame coverage starts at 7:30. john wall was back in the d.c. area to accept his nba cares community assist award. $400,000er, he donated to bright beginnings, a center for homeless children in d.c. give 25 grand to the wall foundation, which will be donated right back to break beginnings for a playground. after the presentation today, we asked


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