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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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breaking news this morning on world news now another tragic scene in orlando overnight. the desperate search is on for a little boy grabbed by an alligator at disneyworld. the latest just ahead. >> heartbreaking tales of survival. more and more stories coming out of the orlando night club shooting. we'll hear how some managed to stay alive and how life will never be the same for them again. it's wednesday, june 15th. >> we begin with break news from florida where they're conducting an all out search from a 2-year-old boy dragged into a lake by an alligator.
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>> staying at a disneyworld resort. they had been playing near the water's edge near the grand floridian hotel when the alligator suddenly snatched that boy. >> we are going to hope for the best in these circumstances but based upon my 35 years of law enforcement experience we know that we have some challenges ahead of us at this time. >> the sheriff also said the boy's father tried desperately to grab that child. even going into the water and struggling with the gator itself but the gator's grip on the child was too strong. he also adds that search teams are not leaving until they find that little boy. >> that's quite a scene there. happened around 9:30 in the evening there around orlando florida. the mom also ran into the water as you can understand any parent
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would to try to get their child. the dad wrestled the gator and does have a few scratches on his hands. >> they were vacations from nebraska with three children. it all happened so quickly and that gator incredibly powerful. >> overnight crews we're told up to 50 are on the scene there with helicopters and spotlights looking down as well as boaters are there and alligator trappers on the scene desperately trying to search from this young child but as you heard from the sheriff there it doesn't bode well at all. >> unbelievable. yet another tragedy. >> 3rd time in orlando there's been tragedy. another really huge story that took place over the weekend. the orlando night club massacre. 27 of those wounded in sunday morning's attack are still in the hospital. six of those patients in critical condition. >> at least 20 bodies have now been released to a funeral home
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considered for criminal charges as well. >> take a look right now i'm going to show you that's her apparently. the shooter's wife wearing that hoodie. a law enforcement official tells abc news she may have known something about sunday morning's violence. she claims she tried to talk her husband out of his assault and sources say she was with her husband when he recently bought ammunition as well as a holster. >> president obama unleashed a new attack against donald trump for his comments in the wake of that attack. the president rejected trump's calls to label the massacre radical islamic terrorism and we'll hear why coming up. >> it should be quite a scene in orlando tomorrow because the president will be there. >> in addition we have also been hearing from survivors from the attack. >> what did he look like to you?
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when you went face to face with the killer? >> he looked deranged. he looked deranged. he looked like something was mentally wrong with him. >> the night started out like most nights at pulse in orlando. dancing, latin music blasting. close to 300 inside. 20-year-old tiara parker was there on vacation with her 18-year-old cousin and her best friend patience. >> three straight girls at a gay night club. >> yeah. it was really fun. they loved us from the time we walked in the door. we felt at home and we were comfortable. we were having so much fun. we thought this is going to be the kick off to the rest of the week. >> but just as they ordered the uber car to leave shots range out. >> making it out. from the hospital patients remembering what happened next. >> i said we have to get tiara. >> running back they find tiara and more than a dozen others but now they're cornered trying to
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back bathroom. >> so you hear him trying to load the gun? >> we're all scrambling around in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs. >> for three hours they were trapped in the bathroom by the gunman. >> that's when i realized my leg was shot. >> so the bullet went in there. >> yeah it went in there and came out my bath. >> she tried to negotiate with the killer? >> she was talking? >> yeah. >> what was she saying? >> please leave us alone. she was shot in her arm right here. i dropped to the floor because i started to feel the pain. >> you layed on top of her arm because you wanted to stop the bleeding. >> yeah. i guess he must have thought i died with my eyes open and i kept staring at hill and from then i thought in my mind he was going to shoot me in my face. >> the gunman stopped shooting for awhile. he actually may have called 911 and said the reason he was doing
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bombing his country and pledges allegiance to isis. >> the shooter got in the stall with us. >> the shooter got in the stall with you? >> yeah because it didn't lock. we had to hold it. >> they killed him. i watched him die. >> you watched the killer die? >> yeah. i could see him. >> but she was lying lifeless on the floor. >> i feel her hand and i feel her trying to grab me back. i'm like please get her, get her, get her and they're like we have to get you first and i was like get her. >> the swat tale pulled them out. patience was shot in both legs. they would spend the next day and a half in the dark until news came that she did not survive. >> she is a hero. she came back looking for me to make sure that i was going to get out with them. my cousin the brightest future
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in front of her. >> in orlando, florida. >> what a story. >> that's an incredible tale there. our thanks for that and heard so many of those stories but everyone has just still different levels of sadness. >> she said she was actually, she stood face to face with him at one point and was looking in the killer's eyes. >> chills. >> gives you chills. it does. >> in the meantime there's new developments in the investigation. >> so let's go to marcy gonzalez live in orlando. what can you tell us about the current focus of the investigation? >> hi guys, good morning. well they're getting ready to open some of the roads around pulse night club but you can see the area right around the club itself at the scene is still blocked off.
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they're still collecting evidence there but we also learned that the fbi has now been able to access his cell phone going through that trying to figure out who he has been in contact with and where he travelled leading up to the massacre and a big part of the investigation is now focused on his wife. they're learning that according to law enforcement sources that she went with him to purchase the ammo and the holster and that together they visited pulse fairly recently at least once. so now investigators are trying to figure out if his wife knew about the plans. she allegedly suggested she tried to talk him out of harming anyone so it's still unclear if she will face any charges. >> we are learning a lot of if you details as well about his he secret life. what's the latest with that? >> yeah, we are hearing more and more accounts that he may have been gay. we're told that he was a regular at gay night clubs including pulse and the people we have spoken to who said that say that he one just here as a see len observer. that he was here actively
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pursuing them and we're also hearing stories of him reaching out to men using gay dating apps and stories like this go back as far as ten years. we're hearing from people. so now that's something that the fbi is looking into as they try to figure out the motive. >> even his ex-wife had a tough time answering the question of whether or not she thinks he is gay. marcy thank you. >> president obama launched his harsh attack against donald trump accusing him of threatening the country safety and religious freedom. >> he said trump's remarks do not reflect our democratic ideals. >> we hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence. where does this stop? >> the president also effected
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call from trump to label it radical islamic terrorism. he said it's a political talking point and not a strategy. >> trump said the president is prioritizing our enemy over our allies and the american people. >> i watched president obama today and he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. that's the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn't be here. >> hillary clinton also slammed trump during a rally in pittsburgh calling his speak shameful saying the he remarks should disqualify him from running for president. >> he's getting a lot of heat from many republicans including senator lindsey graham from south carolina that has called for a ban.
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solution. >> all right. he took aim saying the terrorists win when they convince politicians they should take away our rights. this debate not going away. >> the heroic act caught on camera. >> moments of terror and her errorism during a campus shooting two years ago. a student disarmed the gunman. >> and nature's fury. more than half a dozen tornadoes across minnesota. you're watching world news now. dozen tornadoes across minnesota. you're watching world news now.
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moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. following breaking news from disneyworld in florida where emergency crews are trying to find a 2-year-old boy that was snatched off a beach by an alligator. the boy's father went in the water and tried to wrestle his child away but the alligator's
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grip was too strong. dozens of searchers are on the scene at this hour and saying they won't leave the area until they find that boy. >> overseas now it's new details from the terror attack in france and the video released by isis he confesses to killing a police officer and his female companion and lists other people he manned to target. the suspect was killed by police and is identified. he served prison time for recruiting for isis. >> take a look and you can see the molt that a student tackles and then disarmed the gunman who was reloading his shotgun. one student was killed and two others injured in that attack. the suspect intends to plead insanity when he goes on trial this september. >> russian hackers manage to breach the computers of the democratic national committee and stole opposition research on donald trump. the dnc officials confirmed the hackers were able to access all
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messages and even e-mails sent over their system and they say a cyber security company moved quickly to secure the network. >> now to the severe weather and a funnel cloud spotted in the skies over southern minnesota. it was one of several tornadoes that formed yesterday. the storm also brought flash floods to the area and dozens of flights were delayed at the minneapolis st. paul airport. >> on the weather front today a storm system is moving through the pacific northwest and northern california bringing snow to the mountains on this june 15th. well, chicago, detroit, indianapolis and cincinnati will see severe weather. >> the scorcher continues in the southern states with the heat index over 100 degrees from texas to florida and into the carolinas. >> when we come back the early father's day gift for some nfl dads. and what mark zuckerberg td
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dad. you're
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the the fund to help victims and families of the atlanta night club massacre got a boost. disney pledged a $1 million cash committee to the one orlando fund.
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in addition donations from disney employees will be matched dollar for dollar. >> next a special surprise for a group of nfl dads. we are just four days away from father's day. >> to honor the occasion courtyard marriott hotels produced a heartwarming video about nfl dads and their kids. they were asked questions about their fathers but they weren't told their dads were actually watching from another room. >> and what played out was just, i mean, so much cuteness. check this out. >> i love my dad because he's so nice to me. >> i love daddy because he loves me. >> like i love him more like i can't pick a number that i love him. >> daddy. >> what's up? >> love you too. >> it's moments where you really find out the things that your
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>> most important football come together but my family will last forever. >> some of those dads included were saint's quarterback drew brees, houston texas tackle vince wilfork. antonio brown and carolina panthers center. >> the children who were among the questions they were asked, they were asked where does your dad work and many of them were like, in his office. it's a different sort of office. >> i like the kid that said he couldn't pick a number. couldn't pick a number of how much he loved his dad. >> antonio brown wanted to be a good dad because he didn't have a dad growing up or at least one present in his home. he had several kids but one of his big things is he wanted to be there for his children. >> his son thinks he's done a good job. >> absolutely. speaking of fathers a couple of high pfi
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there's a lot of excitement on the other side of the world right now. the anticipation building hours away from one of the biggest events ever for disney. >> we're countying down to the opening of shanghai disney resort in china and abc's robin roberts is already there. >> it's the first ever disney park in mainland china. this week opening it's gates to the world. 17 years in the making. disney chairman and ceo bob iger's epic undertaking today a sparkling reality. >> you're here on the cusp of the opening. is it everything that you anticipated it to be? >> it's everything i anticipated it to be and more.
3:56 am
what i imagined possible. >> it's hole to business's biggest enchanted story brook castle ever. disney's chinese partner predicting 10 million guests annually. tickets to opening day selling out in just hours. over a million people have already come here just to catch a glimpse over the late. before the gates have even officially opened. >> the mass transit rail extension capable of delivering 20,000 every hour.
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>> just outside the park, disney town. open just over a month ago it's already over a huge hit with world class shopping and dining and overlooking the wishing star park and as the clock counts down to the grand opening inside the finishing touches are underway. fresh touches of paint and dancers rehearsing to get the magic just right as disney makes china it's newest home. >> it's going to be quite a spectacular scene when it all gets started a little bit later on this morning there will be fireworks at 7:30 in the morning eastern time. >> quite the celebration. >> it's nighttime there. >> 700 culinary cast members. 700 different places to eat there. 99 acres.
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i like that bo
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making news in america this morning breaking overnight an alligator attack at a popular walt disney world resort. a toddler pulled underwater as his parents watch. the father trying to wrestle his son away from the gator. new details from authorities just in. the orlando nightclub shooting investigation is now turning to the shooter's wife. what did she know about the plot, plus, more survival stories from inside the club. hear a woman's terrifying moment when she was locked eyes with the shooter. war of words. hillary clinton and president obama in a joint attack going after donald trump and angry and impassioned moment from the president blasting the presumptive nominee. overnight trump responding. and a record breaking swim. a young boy braves the rough waters around alcatraz.


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