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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 16, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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>> mark: greatness is on display and we are all witnesses. j.r. smith with the lob in transition. the finish by james. continuing to make plays. offensively. we saw previously with andre iguodala had his number. this was a strip early in the series. instead, shields it, protects it, fades away. knocks down the shot. and getting it done defensively. against curry. the blocked shot. that's not enough. the staredown, the talking, letting him know, energizing his team. >> mike: like so many of the all-time greats, the sustained excellence, sometimes you take for granted. oh, he has another 36-10-8 game. but facing elimination for the second straight game, lebron james turning in a spectacular performance. and a time-out had to be called as it was close to a five-second count. >> jeff: the cavaliers struggled with this baseline out of bounds defense the entire series. that time,
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well-defended. >> mike: the cavaliers and their fans celebrating one of the all-time greats, who, for the second straight nba finals, putting up absolute staggering numbers. including tonight, very close to a triple-double, and more importantly, for the cavaliers, on the verge
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seven on sunday night back in oakland. klay thompson gets away. stripped by fouled by j.r. smith. that's the last thing cleveland wants to do is to start stopping the clock and putting the warriors at the free-throw line. >> jeff: i think klay thompson's done an excellent job mixing it up here in the second half. attacking the basket. and getting himself to the free-throw line. >> mike: he was 3 for 12 at one point. now 24 points, 9 of 21. shaun livingston will come back in. and iguodala will go off. festus ezeli checks in. and barbosa will take a seat. barbosa, excellent job off the bench. >> jeff: what a series he's had. didn't play in one gail. and just ready and
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giving them a great boost off the bench. th >> mike: thompson misses his third free throw of the night. tristan thompson gets that deflected rebound. and a foul on curry. and curry is going to get hit with a technical. he throws his mouthpiece after foufling out of the game. >> jeff: it hit a fan, mike. >> mike: steph curry apologizes to the fan, but lost his temper. first time he's fouled out since december 2013. and then gets hit with a technical four with 4:22 remaining. the frustration setting in.
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curry finishes with 30 points. it has been a roller coaster ride in these finals for curry. and the crowd delighting in his exit. curry's going back to the locker room. i'm not sure if they threw him out, which, you can do on one technical or he's just going out because he's fouled out. trying to get word from the officials. so, irving shoots the one-shot technical. he thought he got all ball. and then got in front of james and that was -- it was that
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second contact that they called. and you rarely see curry lose it like that. and he was ejected on the one technical. 13-point lead, still a little over four minutes remaining. what a turnaround in these nba finals. >> jeff: and that was a tough sixth foul call. >> mike: that's first ejection of curry's career. j.r. smith! they are celebrating here at quicken loans arena. and offensive foul called on klay thompson. tristan thompson with another fine play.
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center, closing out to a knockdown shooter. under control, getting back into the picture -- does not commit the foul. clearly the contact, as klay thompson elevates into the body of tristan thompson. he is an elite defender. >> mike: and james taking time off. draymond green trying to force -- and he's called for a reach-in foul. five fouls on draymond green. frustration for the defending champs here in cleveland. >> jeff: and green, it may be a wise time to take him out of the game. he -- >> mike: he's two technicals shy of getting a suspension. so, if he gets hit with two quick technicals here, he'd be suspended for ge
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playoffs, once you hit seven, it's a one-game suspension. he currently has five. already been suspended for exceeding the flagrant foul point total. chants of "mvp" for a four-time mvp. a virtuoso performance from one of the all-time greats. festus ezeli. short on the jump hook. gets his own rebound. back out to green. barbosa fouled by tristan thompson. and they wave it off.
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foul came before the shot attempt. they're in the penalty, so, barbosa will shoot with 3:23 remaining and an 18-point cleveland lead. as it looks like we will have a game seven on sunday night at oracle arena in oakland. after the first two games of this series, two dominant victories from golden state. many thought it would be a quick series. then, after golden state won game four and went up three games to one, same feeling was felt. ba back-to-back per fperformances for the cleveland cavaliers. and they are on the verge of tying it up three games apiece. game seven will be sunday night. tipoff shortly after 8:00. our coverage will begin with nba countdown at 7:30 eastern. they just showed kyrie irving on the big screen with a huge applause.
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>> mark: steve kerr getting his guys out of the ball game. if i'm ty lue, i do the same thing. >> mike: james has played all but three minutes. mcadoo's in the game. james jones gets off the bench. he's going to come in. james finishing touches on a magnificent performance! 41 in back-to-back finals games. barbosa. knocks it away. pass inside to ezeli. that won't go. tipped out. taken by j.r. smith.
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>> mark: cavs want to commit a foul to get guys out of the ball game. >> mike: and they do. celebration under way here in cleveland. the cavaliers in their final home game of the season will force a game seven. >> jeff: but the warriors, still, this is what you work all season for, the regular season. everybody has, well, should you try to win in the regular season? yeah. they've had a historic regular season, they get the final game at home. they have a great home court advantage. and they'll be a heavy favorite. >> mike: mozgov, mo williams, james jones all set to check in. >> mark: they're discussing the foul. lebron james fouled shaun livingston. festus ezeli going to the line.
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referees pick up on it. livingston must come back into the ball game to shoot these free throws. >> mike: when the cavs fell behind three games to one in the series, the number is, no team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a finals. of the 32 teams, and this is the 33rd, who are trying to attempt that, only two prior to this have even forced a game seven. as lebron james will get a much deserved ovation. another dazzling performance when facing elimination. last player to have back-to-back 40-point games in the finals was shaquille o'neal. 16 years ago. >> mark: coach makes the right point. if you're the warriors, you've earned the right to have a game seven in your building
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going to be incredible. and it's going to be an awesome game seven for both of these teams. >> mike: that will be the second consecutive game seven for golden state. remember, in the conference finals, they were trailing three games to one and wound up winning game seven against the thunder on their home floor. mo williams. this crowd absolutely delirious. what a way to say good-bye to your fans in your final home game. mcadoo inside. and much like game three, it was right from the opening tip. if you are just tuning in late, the score after the first quarter was 31-11. warriors with their lowest scoring quarter of the season. james and the cavaliers, their defense was smothering. their offense, great ball movement.
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and after that, unbelievable start, the closest golden state could get was seven points. >> mark: if you're steve kerr, he's talked about it all along as we look at draymond green. it's their defense. you can say the shot-making and all of that, the series against okc turned around when they began to get stops defensively against the thunder. and the problems that they've had in this series is when cleveland scored, big numbers. >> jeff: and that's a big concern because of iguodala's health right now. he's been the primary defender, obviously, on durant and now on james. and his health is imperative going into game seven. >> mike: we said at the top, many fans and long-time cleveland residents and native, as clark throws it in
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said going into tonight, it was the biggest game in franchise history. well, they've pulled off a brilliant performance when they needed it most. dellavedova off the glass. and again, the change in venue. you get that extra day. mo speights drills a three pointer. final minute. well, we'll have, for the 19th time, a game seven in the nba finals. in the previous 18, the home team is 15-3. and, again, the cavaliers will have to go into a building where the warriors were 39-2 and lost twice in the playoffs, as speights hits another three pointer.
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going back there after winning game five at oracle and, obviously, this tremendous victory here tonight. nobody has left this building. dellavedova. and the warriors will dribble it out. a wire to wire victory for the cleveland cavs. back-to-back wins when facing eliminati elimination. and their hopes for that first franchise title still very much alive. 41 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds, four blocked shots and you see the list, back-to-back 40-point games in the finals. again, just staggering numbers from lebron james. >> jeff: look at that list. all-time all-time greats.
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>> mike: and a dejected klay thompson goes back. >> mark: you know, mike, that's the double standard. i love klay thompson. if somebody else walks out back there, we question. >> mike: and there's the buzzer. game seven, sunday night in oakland. another dominant performance from the cavs, and we still have not had a close game in these finals. lebron james, making sure of that. with a victory tonight. he's with craig sager. >> craig: well, lebron, facing elimination, obviously doesn't phase you. back-to-back 41-point games. tonight, they got back in the
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personally, you had 18 straight points by the cavs. what adjustment did you make? >> just being aggressive. great teammates, great coaching staff that put me in position to be successful. just try to do whatever it takes to help us win. we're going against a very, very great team. and we can't allow ourselves to make mistakes and we have -- we still have to clean up some things. even in game seven. we still have to clean up some things. but we gave it our all tonight and got the victory. >> craig: stepcurry was unanimous mvp during the regular season. in this series, you have dominated him statistically. you also frustrated him. the first ejection of his career. how driven are you to reclaim -- >> he's a great player. let's not get that mistaken. they're the best team in the league for a reason. they were 73-9 for a reason. home court throughout the whole playoffs for a reason. and, you know, a lot because of him. you know, if not all. if you add in klay, draymond and the rest of that group, but -- we're a team that's iv
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well. and we got some guys, we got a lot of pride and love the moment. even though we're a young group, we have guys that love the moment and i do for sure. >> craig: well, this was the last game, either way, here in cleveland for the season. you'll come back and clean out your locker or you'll come back to the biggest celebration cleveland and northern ohio has seen in over 50 years. how do you handle the impact you have not only in the game of basketball, but this region? >> at the end of the day, you know, i'm going to give everything i got. i'm going to give the coaches everything i got in game seven and i'll be satisfied with the results. you know, obviously, i want to win, for sure. that's my ultimate goal. but i know i'm going to give everything and we'll see what happens. it's going to be a fun one. >> craig: when you guys were down 3-1, everybody talked about, no team had ever come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a championship. what changed with your team? what did you notice what did you learn? >> hey, man, records are meant to be broken. at the end of the day, we're a team that'
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year. the outside noise, you know, everything, and weapon just -- it was like, hey. at the end of the day, let's just go out and play and see what happens. and we've been able to beat a great team to force a game seven. and i can't wait. >> craig: congratulations. great performance. very pleased to be here to witness it. >> oh. first of all, i'm going to ask you a question. how in the hell are you going to go 30-plus years without making a finals game. that don't make no sense. much love and respect and i'm happy i was able to be here with you. >> craig: thanks for entertaining me. back to you, mike. >> mike: thank you, craig. two nba legends, craig sager and lebron james. an extraordinary performance from james. as the cleveland cavaliers, trying to keep their hopes alive for this city.
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52-year drought waiting for a championship. they are one win away, but quite a challenge to get that one win coming up on sunday night. back-to-back 41-point games in elimination games in the nba finals. more to come from cleveland, we'll wrap things up as the cavaliers win game six.
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>> mike: late night tonight. mindy kaling and meghan trainor join kimmel. and on the west coast, it's oprah with jimmy on "game night." as the crowd celebrating outside the quicken loans arena. and certainly through the streets of downtown cleveland, their cavaliers win back-to-back games and force a game seven in the nba finals.
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115, the warriors, 101. the 2016 nba finals tied at three games apiece. so, for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, doris burke, and so honored once again to have craig sager. our producer tim recocorrigan, director jimmy moore and our outstanding abc crew, mike breen saying so long from cleveland. and thanks for watching abc, home of the nba finals. we'll see you at game seven. ♪ if you are champion ♪ show me you a champion ♪ the real champions ♪ prove that they're champions >> the nba finals. game seven. sunday, on abc.
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leon: windows broken, flagpoles ripped down, power outages. wild weather in the d.c. region, and we were packing several hours of storms. all three area airports issued alerts at the height of the storm. alison: steve rudin has what we can expect when we wake up. the worst is over? steve: it is indeed. we still have a flash flood watch until 6 a.m.
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radar, all of the heavy stuff moves off to the east. we go in a little closer, everything clearing out nicely. inside the capital beltway, to the west, gaithersburg, reston. if you have been waiting to take your dog out for a walk, now is the time to do it. tomorrow looks a whole lot better, brighter skies, sunshine, temperatures in the 60's in the morning. afternoon andte early evening, upper 70's daytime temperatures. what to expect for father's day weekend coming up in a few minutes. leon: thank you, steve. some of the worst hit areas are in loudoun county. damage to a lot of cars. richard reeve has been in the elements all night and kicks off our team coverage in middleburg. richard: middleburg, virginia, got slammed by hail, dimpling on car hoods, windshield smashed. trees down.
11:58 pm
the back window completely gone in this car, a tough day in this region. >> a delusion of water and a ton of hailstones. richard: windshield after windshield, virtually any vehicle parked outside was fair game during this june hailstorm. golf ball-sized hail fell in this area as well. >> it got to the point where i could not leave, so here i am. richard: the storm started with heavy rain, clearing up to reveal a rainbow and sunshine. but this was not an easy day for drivers. >> a lot of darkness and a lot of rain and wind and lightning. not good. richard: the real headache, all the hail that left debris of the streets and kept tow truck drivers busy. >> the windshield is shattered. if you look at the hood, it looks
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a bunch of dents. richard: a lot of folks trying to assess the damage. looks like there will be a major cleanup in this area tomorrow. richard reeve, abc 7 news. alison: wow, unbelievable. in prince george's county, we saw downpours as well. tom roussey is in camp springs where the rain created a hazardous situation. tom: in prince george's county, we were spared the worst of the storm, but we were not spared the entire storm. this is video of the sometimes moderate rainfall in camp springs along allentown road. lightningmount of this evening, thunder. the one thing we did not see that they saw in other parts of the viewing area was heavy wind. the wind did not get too bad here, limiting the potential of damage in prince george's county. it
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definitely solve the weather moving through during the evening. tom roussey, abc 7 news. 7'son: stay with abc stormwatch team when there is severe weather on the radar. they have been working hard all day and into the night. sign up for text alerts at leon: new developments in the orlando terra tackles that president obama says he does not care about politics, he wants a solution to stop the gun violence. he met with devastated families in orlando today, this as news that the gun man omar mateen exchanged text messages with his wife. thursday, president obama visited with victim's family members and met with survivors of the orlando mass shooting, an income prehensile bull attack that has sent shockwaves through the nation. -- an income
12:01 am
principle -- income principle attack that has sent shockwaves through the nation. president obama: this shooter's motives may be different, but the instrument of death is similar. and now another 49 innocent people are dead. an hours long filibuster on capitol hill will now lead to votes in the u.s. senate on gun-control proposals. >> it is going after the second come is that how you stop terrorism? no. jay: the shooter who pledged his allegiance to isis killed 49 and wounded several dozens. the authorities are honing in on the shooter pass wife, who has reportedly given convicted stories -- conflicting stories, first and nine she knew anything was going to happen and tried to convince her husband to reconsider. law-enforcement
12:02 am
received a text from her husband asking if she had seen the news. she responded by saying that she loved him. she also reportedly tried to call him during the attack, but he did not answer. leon: the shooting at pulse nightclub has caused beefed-up security across the country. in chicago, additional uniformed and plainclothes officers for the pride parade that draws nearly a million people. organizers of the pride parade in colorado were taking similar precautions. the police do not say if there are any specific threats, but they are being extra cautious. alison: still learning more about the terror in orlando as the nation grapples with the debate over gun control. continuingbc 7 for coverage on-air and online at isn: save track phase two about to begin.
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70,000 riders, starting saturday and lasting until july 3. shutail systemm down between eastern market and benning road stations. the stadium armory and potomac avenue stations will also be closed. officials urge you to plan ahead. you can do that by reading the complete fan at our website, anson: new at 11:00, incredible scene, a tour bus overturned on the side of the gw parkway, more than a dozen people inside, but thanks to some quick acting soldiers who happened to be nearby, the busted not stay overturned along. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke to those heroes. sergeant first class david cooper was driving home from work at the pentagon when he came upon the crash on the gw parkway near mount vernon. he s the midsized for bus on its side and rushed with another man to open the emergency roof hatch. >>
12:04 am
passengers out of the bus. jeff: it was soon clear to cooper, a member of the marines and army, that people were still trapped underneath. >> i said we have to live the bus. othersooper and three counted off an unbelievably lifted the bus from its side to operate. >> adrenaline, i really don't know. i don't think anybody thought about that. you are just focused. f: three people were trapped underneath, one woman with her legs severed below the knees, but still alive. >> i said we need to do something, we need to take control of the situation. i basically did what any person, any person with any moral obligation would do. jeff: after the bus was upright, she saw the woman who was trapped was not going to survive. she got close and cover the woma
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prayer for her. i wanted to measure that she died with somebody. jeff: in addition with half a tally, two other suffered critical injuries. everybody on the tour bus were chinese citizens. we don't know why the bus collided with the passenger vehicle on the gw parkway. the u.s. park police will only say the crash is still under investigation. at fort belvoir, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: amazing. we have some special people serving our nation. alison: can you believe that, four people? to lift a bus. he was convicted of torturing his wife's boss. the sentence being recommended by the jury. severe weather rolled through the region, as you know by now. are we in the clear?


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