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tv   Defense News  ABC  June 19, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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>> this week on defense news, interview with the swedish defense minister and look at potential shift in israel's alliance. welcome to defense news. here is a look at a few of this week's top headlines. india is warming up to tighter relations of the united states as the prime minister addressed the u.s. congress. some remain skeptical which mark as paradigm shift. among other things, warming up of ties under the regime is likely to invoke concern from moscow. denmark officially agreed to buy 27 f-38 joint strike
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selection puts an end to denmarks delayed decision before economic issues forced copenhagen. cost of the program estimated three billion dollars. israel suspended entry permits after a gunman killed four at an attack in tel aviv. two palestinians opened fire on shoppers and diners. both in custody. i sat down with barbara rome defense news israel bureau chief. >> many in the country and particularly in the international community were very trep day
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he is well known as a controversial character, a fire brand. he has come out with controversial statements over time. bombing the s1 dam. assassinating under certain conditions. there was a lot of angst particularly international community of how he would behave in the second most important position in israeli government. it is very interesting to note since he entered office at the end of may, he has sent out very pragmatic messages, extremely pragmatic. first day on the job after conferring with the joint staff, general staff of the israel defense forces, he said israel doesn't have the luxury. it
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in wars of choice that israel must only engage in wars where there is absolutely no choice and must win. another major thing symbolized is he said when you have to choose, between i am loosely translating, wholeness of the people or wholeness of the land, most important is the wholeness, unity of the people rather than vision of greater israel meaning permanent inclusion of the territories in the west bank. >> so encouraging? >> very encouraging. >> okay. >> he was on the northern border earlier this week. again he talked about how israel has no plans other than to preserve quiet along the border with lebanon and syria. >> he has an interesting role of the relatns
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and russia shifting, is that correct? >> he is russian speaking former member of the former soviet union. he has expressed israel's interest in addition to the special relationship with the united states to move closer to russia. it remains to be seen how it will -- prime minister netanyahu is doing it. he was in moscow meeting with putin and the prime minister was talking about the need for israel to strengthen and advance the relationship with russia. not only preventive safety measures over the skies of syria where the russian air force
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operating, broadening the security ties. i would expect israel to strengthen and grow closer to russia as much as it can without compromising the relationship with the united states. >> there is tension there. talk to me about whether or not israel is going to have that front and center. >> tension at the top is well known, there has been a stand off of swoorts. israel recognizes there is no one that can replace the special relationship. amount of dip
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receives consistently in the united nations. the 3.1 billion, it is 3.6 billion annually. israel would like to cozy up to russia so russia would not be a spoiler. i don't think they believe russia will take washington's place. >> there was some aid between united states and israel, where does that stand? >> everybody from the u.s. administration hoped agreement for the next 10 years and hope it
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this year certainly by april. now we are into june. i am having, increasing doubts that it will be signed by the time obama leaves office. it would be a major achievement for both countries. right now it seems to be frozen. >> when we return, our interview with swedish interview peter. you are me and the guys walked into this you woulda thought from the name it was gonna be packed with sailors. so i immediately picked out the biggest guy in there. and i walked straight up to him. now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy. now i have a wonderful hybrid. slate blue. crème interior. he was so nice! open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. navy federal credit union.
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>> welcome back to defense news. last week swedish defense minister peter visited washington. aaron sat down with him and asked him about the signed statement that promises more cooperation between the two countries. >> this is a really important statement for sweden. it is something that show it is transalantic link is important for sweden and our viewer. transalantic league are also important for you. we haven't had this sort of umbrella before in the united states.
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agreements. in this statement of intent, we now have information sharing studies about the situations, studies about what is happening in russia, how to develop security in the long term. so that is a lot of questions we talked about. around equipment, we have a historical corporation with the united states connected to the systems that are also in national security. that level of security is also decided by the parliament. we have relationship with u.s. and want to continue.
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>> one of the underwater systems is the new submarine developed. obviously there are new technologies that come along. do you see opportunities for sweden and u.s. to work more closely? >> yes. >> that simple? >> yes. >> this is very important part of the underwater systems. it is connected to the capability to operate. that is an imp
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systems. >> another part is working together on exercises increasing number of exercises, expanding them. a lot of times it is seen as a way to send a message to others in the region, perhaps. is that how we look at exercises? >> yes. it creates probability. that is still together also a signal for security. if you can show me the capability, that also will be when you make an analysis. you have for example, exercises each week together. from time to time, why did you participate?
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exercise every week four times a year. it is very strong. >> is it important for the u.s. and sweden to do more exercises together to expand those in the future? >> that is why we have witness agreement. >> last year you were asked whether sweden should look to join nato. you said you didn't believe it was the best way forward. is that still the case given what has happened? >> sweden works with all these questions. sweden are not alike countries. we have the same level of cooperation with nato. that means we developed the membership in the partnership. we also want to have a strong
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transalantic link. we work with bilateral agreement, bilateral corporation. that is one pillar in our strategy to have these corporations to upgrade our own military capability. we have support from 70% of the members of the parliament. >> info sharing is one area you highlight. when you talk about info sharing and sharing of not just intelligence but strategy documents does being part of nato help expand sweden's knowledge base on military affairs? >>
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>> i think there is a lot of knowledge about the security situation in the baltic sea. both sides have benefit. information sharing is important. >> when we return more with the
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>> welcome back to "defense news," now more with sweden defense minister peter. among the topics covered with associated
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>> i think we have to realize what we have done. we have to see that what they have done in crimea is low. we cannot accept annexation of other countriecountries. international and right to serenity in each country very important. basic platform to have peace in the long term. if somebody has the right to get into another's territory, it is important that the european union keep up with the sanctions and european union are unified. i can also see
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side. we must be clear. we work for unity and work for keeping up with the sanctions. we think that is very important. >> sanctions are one way to tell russia, we'd like you to stop. exercises are another. is moscow getting that message? >> i think they understand the message. i think they have their position. i think they will continue, they have have continuation in their exercises and behavior. they show they are ready to use military power to fulfill their political goals. that is something we have to see with clear eyes. if we do we'll also see this is a situation we have to live with and handle. we can't accept that they behave in this way and we must have borders and reacti
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do whatever they want. it is very, very important. >> how confident are you that the sanctions will remain in place? >> if we work for unity, we can have sanctions in the future. i think the democratic forces are strong. i think the respect for international law is strong so we can keep up with it. >> another sign of strength is unity. britain considering it. >> if it will lead to that britain needed the european union, it is bad. really bad. i think european union needs for
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so um, i hope i will say yes to being in european union. i think if they say no that will also be something that can be used. >> in july you are allied with european nations, what are you hoping to see come out of the warsaw summit? >> we are glad the prime minister and defense minister from sweden. we invited them. we are members with the partnership and ep program. most important question for us is to have possibility and platform for regular discussion with nato about the situation in th
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situations in that area. they are members from nato. we have a common interest. we have a support agreement. we are a partner and want to develop the partnership. we think it is good for swedish security. >> personal exfinance expert. >> you should have answered the question of affordability well before into your new forever home.
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with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today. subway. fresh is what we do. >> "defense news" editor aaron matea. >> in july, warsaw is going to be home to the next big nato summit. last was 2014 in whales it is how they deal with a resurgence in russia. it was still relatively new. two years down the line, nato is trying to react and adjust accordingly. >> poland has its own interest to consider. can
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you spoke to dig into that? >> sure. >> it is clear if poland is concerned about the russian situation. they are trying to mixture of modernization plan launched under the old government, new government in october is doing their own version. that is part of it. part of it is increasing nato participation. poland is a second tier policy. nato began reaching out to year. there was an agreement they wouldn't put troops in poland. >> okay. there has been talk quite a bit about as much as
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troops heading to poland. is that even enough to deter russia. >> defense minister was clear with us. we said does this stop? >> he said no, it slows them down. we know if russia can come in and conquer a territory and claim it, it is much harder to take it back. it is to make sure nato has skin in the game. basically buy them the time they need to survive and launch a counter attack. >> okay. that makes sense. also a series of ally exercises that have taken place leading up to the summit. any lessons learned as of yet. >> exercises are a two-part thing. it is to show russia we are allied with the polls and can operate with
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second half is to test out whether that is true if they can operate quickly. serious -- a country has invaded polish territory, how do we get everyone from point a-b. >> looking ahead, there has been a theme resonating for a new adaptive nato. have they articulated strategies? >> nato has become set in its ways before 2014. i think the situation in ukraine scared a lot of people certainly in the pentagon be
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handle cyber, asymmetrical attacks. that is the big focus for the warsaw summit. woe need to move quickly, that is within 48 hours. deal with cyber, expected there are cyber changes for nato and do better on the information stage as well. you hear about russian propaganda. nato wants to get its message better. >> out of curiosity, a lot of it has to do with the budget available. are there strategies? >> u.s. is pushing nato partners. very few countries do that. po poland
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we are willing to be a part of that. expect warsaw, u.s. people there pushing, calling for more 2%. nato secretary doing the same and if poland can do 2% other nations can as well. this is as much about the signal there is a strong flexible native committed to each. >> that is all next week we'll have an interview the general mark welsh. check out the defense industry at join the discussion online. thanks for joining us. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company]
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