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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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breaking news alert. leon: we have breaking news coming in this hour from capitol hill. the fight over gun control measure now taking a new and somewhat unusual twist. dozen of democratic lawmakers spent the better part of the day holding a sit-in. they are trying to force a vote on gun control measures. this comes one day after the senate failed to pass four bills on the same issue. tom roussey live on capitol hill now. tom, what is the latest? what is going on? tom: [no audio] >> there has been a conspiracy of silence against tackling gun violence. any meaningful way. we are not going to be silent anymore. >> all the gun bills have been offered so far, none of them would have stopped any of the
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tom: we are live at the capitol right now where the sit-in, is going on, on the right side of the building right here. basically this started around 11:30. it was the democrats who wanted to vote on a gun control measure in the wake of what happened in orlando. basically, they wanted to vote on a measure that would have blocked some people who are suspected of being terrorists from getting guns. it would have expanded background checks. it didn't look like the vote would happen before a week-long break by the house. so for that reason the democrats are staging their sit-in, which is still going on at this hour. reporting live outside the u.s. capitol, tom roussey, abc7 news. leon: thank you, tom. see what plays out there tonight. now today's sit-in got a reaction from president obama. he sent out a tweet directed at representative john lewis saying, "thank you, john lewis, for leading on gun violence
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most." now to the weather where we are looking at the damage caused by yesterday's storms. residents of glenelg in howard county spent the day cleaning up downed trees and contacting their insurance companies. the national weather service says a tornado touched down around 1:30 tuesday afternoon. that was on the ground there for some 20 minutes. traveling almost 13 miles on the ground the tornado packed winds of around 80 miles per hour. fortunately no one was seriously hurt despite that. so, maybe the most memorable images from the storms was what we saw taking place at the cleveland park metro station. you see the scene here? water rushing down the escalator there like a fountain. two new pieces of the video just releases by metro showing this. sam ford now live in northwest. he has more on what metro is saying and showing tonight in the wake of all of that. sam? sam: well, it was just about this time yesterday that the water came
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street here. during the storm. flooding the cleveland park metro station. met rereleased time lapse video at the scene at the cleveland park metro station yesterday. cascade of water that poured into the station for 12 minutes from beginning to end. but making for dramatic pictures. today the corridors here are all dry. there are questions on why this time. >> too fast. >> it never happened here before. >> but never rained like it did in a long time. >> foreman for d.c. water came to the scene to inspect it himself. they lifted up manholes. >> wide open. nothing in them. >> the opposite side of the street has had the sandbags in place for years because of a flooding problem on that side. d.c. water spokesman says the en
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three years ago and recommended drainage fixes around the parking lot expansion. clearly the city needs to do something. >> there is no water in them. no debris in them. they are clean. >> it's just too much water too fast. the sewer line couldn't take it. sam: kelly said he and his workers would come check the other catch basins around the area for blockages but he said he didn't expect to find any. reporting live, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. leon: there may be stormy weather moving our way. steve rudin has the latest. steve: no word for the evening hours. and overnight. the temperatures will fall in the 70's. show you a freshly updated future cast for you moving through the overnight hours. look what happens. left-hand side of the
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approaching storm system brings heavy rain in time for the commute around 9:00 in the morning over the district. arlington. alexandria. fairfax, southern maryland. some of the storms may become strong to severe with gusty winds. i believe the biggest problem will be the heavy downpours. more on that plus what to expect for the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. leon: all right. update on breaking news at 5:00. drivers should avoid the area around washington boulevard and second street south. this is because of police activity in the area. southbound washington boulevard just reopened but northbound still closed down. police say that a man committed suicide in a car. that is what caused the street shut down in the area. keep an eye on it for you. now new at 6:00 -- police in montgomery county look for a group of the teens want in the two silver spring attacks. the random ambushes are similar to the violent knockout game that captured the nation's attention a few years ago. kevin lewis has the
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kevin: this sleepy silver spring neighborhood consisting of mature trees and cute well-kept homes is distressed. on sunday june 5, a pack of ten to 122 teens attacked a 35-year-old man in a street. they sucker punched him in the face and robbed him. on friday, june 17, only a week and a half later a 19-year-old man was taken down in similar fashion. one block away. >> detectives feel confident that the two incidents are related. >> police believe the attackers are all around 14 years old. their victims had minor injuries. >> we are concerned we have a group of teenagers randomly assaulting citizens on the street. >> detectives are now trolling the internet to see if the culprit posted evidence online. >> in today's world with social media, it wouldn't be surprise me if one member of the group probably videotaping it and putting it out on instagram or twitter or facebook. we ask the public if anybody sees some video of the vents that somebody posted to ple
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kevin: so far there have been no arrest or clear suspect description. they will up the patrols in a safe and a family neighborhood. >> reporting in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis. back to you. leon: security will be tighter tomorrow in baltimore when a judge is expected to announce his verdict in the trial of baltimore police officer caesar goodson. goodson is charged with murder in the death of freddie gray. the maryland national guard being brought in case protesters get out of hand in the city. the first two trials involving officers involved in gray's death ended without any charges being found guilty. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- imagine seeing this billboard out driving. what is more shocking it's put up by somebody running for congress. we explain this coming up. later, crazyest in in cleveland today -- craziness in cleveland today. we take you a celebration 51 years in the making. a late word of a blockbuster nba tr
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leon: developing story out of the
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they need help finding a missing 9-year-old girl. sophia proctor last seen tuesday in the 1000 of 14th street northwest. police say they believe she is with her biological mother julia who was seen driving 1998 volvo with d.c. tags. if you have any information or have seen or heard anything police want to talk to you immediately. now election news. marco rubio has had a change of heart about his future. today he announced he will run for re-election. rubio insisted he would give up the senate seat at the end of the term. many republican colleagues encouraged him to run believing he is the party best chance to keep the seat in floor. dennis hastert reported to prison in minnesota today and began a 15-month sentence in an attempt to cover up decade old sex allegations. he admitted to ab
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wrestlers he coached. the statute of limitations expired for the years. the 74-year-old was not charged with sexual abuse in those cases. the latest polls indicate that the referendum vote on great britain staying or leaving the european union is too close to call at this point. the vote on the brexit issue is a combination of the words "british" and "exit." it takes place thursday. campaigning has been intense. those arguing to leave say it will give britain greater control over the economy. those who want to stay in the union say the u.k. is stronger and safer as part of europe. coming up, when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues the divided neighborhood you will meet two homeowners on opposite sides of race for the white house. and get ready for another soaking. steve rudin will be here to let us know when the next round of rain is coming.
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leon: hillary clinton and donald trump spent part of the day trading insults around each other.
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divide is friendlier. >> a few weeks ago, maria teresa wilson a life-long democrat -- >> hillary! >> -- couldn't help notice that her neighbor, steve, a republican -- >> i think he is right for america -- >> went public with his support in a big way. >> i can't take it anymore. i want to see the country do better! she went bigger for hillary. >> hillary is going to trump trump anyway so let's do the thing. >> she found out exactly how big steve's sign was, then went to the printer and made sure her sign was bigger. >> i put my sign up. he said, "you only did it because i had mine." you're right. i couldn't stand it there. >> she is a democrat. that is fine. do what she likes. >> they have been living next to'm other on decatur street in northwest washington for 20 years. >> hi, neighbor. >> hi, neighbor. >> they are good friends and help each other out. in
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is the odd man out. >> swimming in murky shark waters now everyone knows it. >> i see people walk by and look at it and almost stop. in their tracks. >> a little bit of disbelief. confusion. >> maria does not hold it against steve he is for trump. >> everyone is entitled to make one mistake in their life. and i guess this is yours. >> my gosh. >> after election day she thinks she will hold the party. >> i'll be fine. >> in northwest washington -- >> we can still be friends. >> i'm going to help her. she will help me. >> jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: can't we all just get along? speaking of signs, facing backlash now from the neighbors and candidate for the u.s. house taken down a controversial billboard he put up. rick tyler
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that contained a phrase there. "make america white again." now responding to the outrage taylor told a local tv station he has nothing against people of color. he said his goal was to remind people of a simpler time. he is running as an independent. all right. right now wildfires burning in seven western states. firefighters are making progress now battling a pair of fires burning north of los angeles. the fire complex is 10% contained. while the flames have not merged the fires are a mile and a half away. but cooler temperatures are expected to come in for the rest of the week which is what they need to hear. >> absolutely. >> check out the new tool that santa barbara county firefighters are using to fight their wildfires. infa red device. it's -- infrared device attached to a iphone. it allows them to see 100 yards in front of them in --
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the firefighter bought 20 devices. they are going to have to use them. they could use a break in the water. >> little bit of a cooldown. we have a break from our weather from the tornado in howard county and lightning and the thunder and the rain. today is the break. this evening is the break. take advantage of it. tomorrow much different story. stronger storms on the way. >> boring for you isn't it? >> yeah. go figure on that one. here we go. sunshine out there. moving through wednesday evening. take advantage of the outdoor plans. looking at the temperatures, lower 80's. the clouds will increase from the west. the wet weather will hold off until well after midnight. tomorrow morning get ready. we have a flash flood watch in effect for garrett, algany and washington county. and the pand-handful of west
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virginia -- panhandle of west virginia. this hugs the corridor. this is overnight and tomorrow. the reason why is rain on the way. this moves our way. slight risk for severe storms in the area. >> the clouds are on the increase. thunderstorms by early morning. prince george's county. college park. southern maryland. this moves out of here. another round of the heavy rain on the way as we head through the afternoon hours and in the evening. some of the storms warn down with the winds and the thunder and the library. 4:30 a.m. we have "good morning washington." keep a watchful eye t
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sky. it will make it to the 80's throughout the day. clearing skies on friday. saturday and sunday around 85 to 87 degrees. cooler at the delmarva beaches and the mountains. showers and the thunderstorms return on monday. temperatures are around 8 is. see nighttime lows from the upper 60's to around 70 degrees. leon: we are comparing pictures with the celebration underway in cleveland. mill pictures might be better than yours. robert: we c
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robert: we will start with golf. the party starts at congressial tomorrow. tiger woods hosting the annual quicken loans national tournament he won't be playing in. the media is trying to figure out when tiger will return. he has been sidelined with back problems since forever. tiger couldn't give a timeline on his return but he did mention how hard it is to just sit back and watch. >> it's tough not playing my own event. i've done it in the past unfortunately and it never feels good. i want to be out there. i feel like i should compete against these guys. i mess play --
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against these guys. robert: looks like clevelanders will be celebrating for the entire month or so after the cavs won their first franchise title sunday. today the parade in downtown cleveland. approximately 1.3 million came out to celebrate. if they weren't already out there. it took more than four hours for the cavs to get through a mile and a half down east ninth street. team members riding in style. rolls-royces. the king addressed his kingdom. >> i heard a lot of "thank you, lebron" today. you know, thanks for coming home. thanks for keeping your promise. but gosh, we should thank the guys up here to be honest. it's so surreal. i was talking to my wife. i'm like babe, we did it. [applause] robert: stick with the hoops the chicago bulls traded away
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the knicks announced they received derrick rose in return for robin lopez and calderon. the washington mystics won four of the last five and they will try to keep the momentum going tonight hosting the indiana fever. leon: would you go to a parade and stand next to jim brown without wearing a shirt? robert: i don't think so. leon: put a shirt on! >> not greatness like that. steve: only in cleveland, right. [laughter] got him! robert: got him. steve: 86 degrees for a high tomorrow. we have showers and the strong storms on the way. i think the storms are mainly in the afternoon hours but heavy rain in the morning rush hour commute will clear things out on friday and by saturday and sunday, it looks fantastic. i can't knock cleveland. leon: i thought you were my boy. it's over. all righ
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at this hour, millions now bracing for major storms. from the midwest to the east, tornadoes tearing through neighborhoods, rooftops ripped away already. time lapse video shows this supercell. flash floods rushing into the subway. and now, tonight, 67 million at risk from minneapolis to the east coast. and the wildfires this evening. our team right there on the front lines amid fears heavy winds will whip up the fires again. also breaking, the dramatic and very rare sit-in on capitol hill at this hour. a civil rights icon leading lawmakers, demanding action on guns. several hours in and counting. donald trump takes aim. >> she's a world class liar. >> and after our one-on-one with donald trump, who weighed in on hillary clinton's faith and religion, what clinton has to


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