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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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way future corruption cases are handled. tonight the big question is will mcdonnell go back on trial in a lower court? northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg joins us live with where things stand now? jeff? jeff: that is the big question hanging over the case. will the justice department bring new charges against bob mcdonnell? the u.s. attorney's office not saying much today. only that it is reviewing this decision and will make no further comment at this time. the mcdonnell camp has plenty to say. it was the ruling mcdonnell and his supporters had been waiting for. still a surprise. >> to have an 8-0 ruling is astounding. jeff: they concluded that the government's version of corruption was too broad. chief justice roberts saying --
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the former governor and his wife maureen convicted of corruption in 2014 for accepting $180,000 in gifts, money and loans from johnny williams in exchange for helping williams promote his dietary supplement. all along mcdonnell made a mistake and vowed he never broke the law. >> he held himself with grace and dignity in the process. >> thanking the justices and the countless people who offered a vice and encouragement. this would become the new tapestry of my life and given me indelible example of jess'ed a mow mission to live by the golden rule. politicians everywhere with relief. >> i think they were concerned about the criminalization ofa
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officials do. they take meetings and they do favors. jeff: bob mcdonnell was in virginia beach with his family today. no word when we will hear more from him. that will depend on what the justice department decides to do next. no word on what it will mean for maureen mcdonnell but it is likely that the decision by the supreme court could also mean her convictions will be thrown out as well. live at the supreme court, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jeff. the supreme court also delivered the most significant ruling on abortion rights in a decade. the justices said a texas law places undue burden on women seeking abortions. the ruling was 5-3 with justice kennedy casting the tie-breaking vote. >> we have a daunting task in front of us to determine whether and how to reopen the health centers that were forced to shut the doors for the past several years every time a woman goes to get an abortion she wonders if she is walking in a safe facility with cl
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maureen: president obama praised the ruling as a victory for women and reproductive health. be the first to learn about major supreme court decisions and breaking news. you can sign up to get alerts straight to your phone at we are on storm watch right now with the chance of rain entering the area. we have the timeline for you. check in with doug hill for the latest. doug: it looks like the immediate metro area not much chance of thunder and lightning but showers or sprinkles. check out the live doppler radar. a few showers in the metro area. the heaviest showers are well west and southwest of washington. in those areas the showers are showing a sign to diminish a bit. motion from northwest to southeast. there is coming in from montgomery county to northwest washington. other patches from manassas to montclair. they move through the area. there is a lot of lightning west of the cp
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we see the area continuing to move south and east to front royal and toward the metro area. for most of the region we call it warm and muggy. isolated showers. isolated thundershower in the western zone. patchy fog. 67 to 72. we will get you set for tuesday and the next few days and right for holiday weekend in a few minutes. maureen: thank you, doug. at this moment, d.c. mayor muriel bowser will sign a law to raise d.c. minimum wage. last week the council voted nestle to pass thed unanimously to pass the bill to raise it to $15 an hour by 2020 and increases after that would be tied to inflation. a montgomery county elementary school teacher arrested accused of sex crimes against the students and police say there may be more victims. john vigna taught at cloverly elementary school for the last 25 years. according to police, vigna fondled two 11-year-old female students on a number of occasions in the last two years. the district placed
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leave four months ago. hi is now facing seven sex abuse charges. he was the first congressional representative but tonight walter fauntroy is behind bars. he had been overseas for several years when he landed at dulles airport. he was taken into custody for outstanding warrant. d.c. bureau chief sam ford joins us with the new details tonight. sam? sam: maureen, it seems that prince george's county authorities knew there was this outstanding warrant. got a judge to reissue it today. so when the folks that went to dubai to get walter fauntroy, the folks in waiting thought they'd have a celebration. what happened was he was arrested, taken away by the police. no sooner had walter fauntroy got off a flight to dubai at dulles airport he was headed to the jail. this is the mugshot that loudoun county released of the former congressman, pastor, civil rights leader this afternoon.
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congressional staffer and church member flew to dubai saturday to bring fauntroy home. >> we were able to go to the u.s. consulate. they were helpful. they helped us tremendously. we found him where he was with his family there. treated him wonderfully. we were able to get him back. fly with him back here to dulles. that was it. sam: fauntroy was taken taken fm the airport to the jail. in 2011 he failed to appear in a court case over his $50,000 bounced check involving a obama inauguration party that never took place. >> that is being resolved. it really is. that's why we were surprised. it's no longer that much. sam: he said it took work to get fauntroy out of dubai. >> he had a diplomatic passport and they seized the
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>> why? >> we don't know. you'd have to ask him. >> we wanted him back. we did everything we could to get him back. we got him back. sam: here is what we understand will happen. tomorrow morning in virginia there will be a court hearing. in the meantime a judge issued an order to release fauntroy on his own personal recognizance. after the essential formality of a hearing fauntroy will walk out of there a free person. he will eventually have to appear in prince george's county maryland. the court date has been set for july 20. reporting live from dulles airport, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. maureen, back to you. maureen still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- an update from the campaign trail, including what would be a powerful new alliance between two women. a heartbreaking clean-up continues from west virginia. the latest on the efforts just
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maureen: breaking news tonight from northwest washington where fire crews are investigating a track problem at gallery place. we are hearing multiple reports of smoke inside the gallery place metro station. metro tells us there is debris on a track but the fire is out. we have a news crew on the way and we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. new developments in the race for the white house today. in a possible preview of
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democratic ticket, hillary clinton campaigned in ohio with senator elizabeth warren. the massachusetts senator is on the clinton campaign short list of vice presidential candidates. speaking in cincinnati, both women took aim at g.o.p. candidate donald trump >> what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings? i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small insecure money-gruber who foughts for no one but himself. maureen: also about hillary's v.p. short list the list includes tim kaine and julian castro. g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump responded to the clinton-warren event in a tweet. he called warren goofy ind caused her of lying about her native american heritage. trump spoke to several reporters over the phone. in one conversation he
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racist and a fraud. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- fire investigators are testing their skills. we got an inside look. some unsettled weather is ahead. who will see the storms? chief meteorologist doug hill is back with a complete storm watch forecast after this. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. one of baseball's top pitching prospects will make his major league debut for the nationals tomorrow. plus it's one of the best golf stories of the year. billy hurley active on
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maureen: fourth of july weekend travel expected to break records this year. a.a.a. says a record number of people will hit the roads because of the low gas prices and the holiday weekend. more than 1 million people in the capital region are expected to travel and nine in ten are expected to drive. flaming ripping through a building. a startling site but not what you may think. the a.t.f. and the d.c. fire and e.m.s. teams teamed up for a training session thi
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morning. our amy aubert was on the scene and got a closeup look at how first responders are working and how investigators work the scene. amy: glass shattering and smoke flooding the area. behind the scenes, this blaze was planned. measure and set up to mimic a real house fire. >> we had an actual contented. we had sofas and drywall. the real thing you would experience in a home. amy: beyond tables, lamps and chairs, the two-room structure equipped with tools to measure once the flames get going. they have it set up in the middle of the room to test the temperature at different levels. for the first responders it's another day on the job. this time a bit different. monitoring the flames of a fire investigation training course. >> at the end of the day they will be able to walk through the cell
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skills. to see if they could determine where the fire started in here. amy: after crews stepped in to stop the flames all that is left smoke, ashes, skeleton of furniture that once sat inside. now it's a classroom of sorts for the trainees. >> the students are going to walk through the cell. they are evaluate it. we will have a class, advanced class on fire patterns. amy: with mostly remnants left, it's up to them to determine how this fire began. in southwest d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. maureen: in west virginia, people are trying to rebuild after the devastating floods. ten inches of rain fell in some areas causing 23 deaths and destroying hundreds of homes. i was the deadliest u.s. flooding in six years. now the residents are sifting through a thick layer of mud and trying to salvage their belongings. >> it's been devastating. >> i was heartbreak when i come d
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it. >> it tore us apart. maureen: the clean-up effort will take weeks or perhaps months. senator joe manchin hopes the federal government will help rebuild damaged roads and bridges. doug hill is here with us. we are so sorry about the horrible flooding in west virginia. doug: awful. maureen: we have rain coming our way. doug: few showers here. there is still rain in west virginia. the first thing to tell you about is the live weather cam at winter green resort. this is 3,400 feet. they have had a lot of rain there. not far from the resort they have had four inches of rain. the rain drains down so flooding south of the lower elevations coming out of wintergreen a possibility. that is what happens when you have day after day of rain and the soil is saturated nowhere for it to soak in. it runs downhill from higher to lower elevations. we are looking at winchester. the only thunderstorm in the area. zoom in to show you. that part of frederick county,
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not many lightning strikes. it's a possibility. all of that will pass south and west of metro washington. in the metro area we have showers. that is it we think. i don't think we will see thunder but a few showers possibly at game time. 7:05 first pitch. the nats are back in town. muggy tonight. we hold in the 70's with the areas of fog. the future cast shows two storms coming. temperatures in the upper 80's. as the front comes in the afternoon, the late afternoon and the early evening maybe showers will pop. we will clear tomorrow night. behind the front wednesday and thursday. we are looking for sunshine. lower humidity. a nice breeze out of the northwest. and the temperatures only in the middle 80's. that is good stuff. as we continue through the end of the week the high center will eventually get out of the picture. that will allow the moist air to return south and it will get muggy in the day on thursday and friday. so as r as tomor
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thunder in the afternoon. highs of 88 degrees. it will feel closer to 90. less humid. lots of sunshine. friday the humidity is back. afternoon thunderstorms are a possibility. we start the holiday weekend. saturday we can see showers or storms. we have a 40% chance of the forecast. it looks like the chances will be late afternoon or the evening. most of the daylight hours should be fine for outdoor activity. sunday, partly cloudy. shower and the storm could pop up in the afternoon or the everything. then we get into monday in the fourth of july. it looks great. sunny and warm. highs of 87. the beaches look goods. mountains look good. everything looking good, erin. just looking good. how about the nats? erin: good to have you back, doug. one of baseball's top pitching prospects is getting called up as the nationals welcome the mets to town this week. hear from the players on the rivalry next. "credit karma, why are you checking your cred
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. erin: exciting news for nationals fans and dusty baker announced the top pitching prospect lucas giolito is getting called up. he will be on the mound tomorrow against the mets at nationals park. the good news for the nats is they can finally unpack! the team was on the road for 20 o
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month. but they are now home for ten games. while things should be much easier for the nats al at home, you really can't ever count the mets out. it's always a big deal when a division rival comes to town. the recent road trip we didn't play as well as we wanted to. it's a three-game lead now. so the whole division could change if we don't take care of business in the next series. it could be a tough road for us. >> it's just another good team to come in, just like when the cubs came in the last home stand. we fought them hard and won that series. it's another quality opponent we need to beat. erin: good to have them back home. day one of wimbledon. no major upsets to report on the men's side. djokovic and federer avanced to the second round. on the women's side venus williams struggled at times with her opponent. vienna is the oldest -- venus is the oldest
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tournament at 36 but used her experience to outwitt her younger opponent. leesburg native billy hurley's win at congressional sunday is the best golf story of the year. this chip on 15 was the best shot of his life. hurley who also served in the navy announced his father was missing in last year's tournament only to find out that his father had killed himself. so hurley's victory was an emotional one. then today, he was very active on twitter. we showed you two of his tweets at 5:00. here he says -- it is all starting to sink in for him. in euro 2016, huge upset by iceland. they beat england 2-1. doug, you were close to the situation, weren't you? doug: i was there saturday leaving. they were crazy in iceland. on the plane back it was incredible. erin: i
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congratulations. doug: i don't know if we're celebrating the weather but it has good potential for the holiday weekend. tell you what you need to know. coming up tomorrow, a partly sunny, warm and a humid day. upper is 80's. chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. low humidity, sunshine. pleasant weather wednesday and thursday. friday a chance of showers and storms. saturday should be dry most of the day. showers and storms better chance 40% in the evening or at night. a few showers and storms on sunday. then on the fourth on monday, sunshine and dry. 87 degrees. josh knight in for steve rudin tonight and he will talk about the chances of storms tomorrow and look ahead to the fourth of july weekend at 11:00. maureen: i can't believe the fourth of july is around the corner. "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. have a good night.
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tonight, the supreme court's historic decision. justice joefrs turn the restrictive laws. the most crucial ruling in nearly 25 years, impacting half the country. flood emergency. nearly two dozen dead. the search for victims swept away by rushing waters. thousands of homes and businesses damaged or destroyed, with more rain on the way. market aftershocks. wall street takes a new dive. millions of 401(k)s losing money. more fallout from the uk's stunning vote to leave the european union. trump slum. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead over donald trump. clinton and elizabeth warren joining forces. will she also join the ticket? and, plane on fire. the passenger jet that burst into flames. more


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