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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 17, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a fast moving wildfire has forced more than 80,000 residents from their homes in southern california. crews are working through the night to try to get a handle on it. the windy conditions are making it nearly impossible. >> donald trump saying he's not going to change. and gets back on message selling himself as the law and order candidate. we'll have more from milwaukee ahead. a mail carrier caught tossing mail in the dumpster. >> that's not where it's supposed to go. a video that shows her skipping a task in the process. saving us the task of having to open it first. >> new meaning to junk mail. and britney spears is doing it again, headin
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stage where she cemented her status as a super star. we'll tell you what they have planned. >> has it been that long? from abc news, this is "world news now." >> she was so good in her prime. i'm excited to see her perform. >> she's still in her good. >> i've never seen her in vegas. it's been a while since i've seen her in action. >> it's real lip syncing in vegas. good morning. >> we'll have more on britney spears coming up in the skinny. we start with the breaking news from southern california. >> the wildfire we were talking about, these are live pictures from our station. this fire is burning near 15 freeway there in the san bernardino area. if you've ever driven from vegas to los angeles, this fire is burning right near that. it really exploded in less than 24 hours. >> remarkable. it started yesterday.
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80,000 people forced from their home. earlier we saw some dramatic video showing a fire nado whirling as the fire continues to spread. the flames were shooting up 100 feet high. crews are trying to get it under control. several homes and a historic inn have been destroyed. this fire has burned at least 15,000 acres. kabc chopper pilot was overhead. >> this is a monster of a fire moving faster than any fire i've seen in a very long time. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency allowing more state resources to be devoted to fighting that fire and we'll stay on top of this breaking story throughout the morning. the arson suspect in the major northern california fire is due to make his first court appearance today. officials say he is an ex-con who once trained as an inmate firefighter. we have more details on his arrest. >>
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apsil on arson. >> it makes me angry. so angry. >> reporter: police say the man is a serial arsonist who sparked fires across this california county, including the one that exploded over the weekend incinerating 175 homes and businesses. a long time resident is not mincing words. >> if it was up to me, i would have him be in a place where he found a began of gasoline and a lit match and let things happen the way they happen. >> reporter: investigators say they tracked the suspect for more than a year. is it possible that all of this destruction could be avoided. >> it's difficult to build a serial arson case. it starts small with the first investigation. now to flood ravaged louisiana.
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a curfew is in effect after 10 people were hearrested for looters. at least 40,000 homes were damaged in the area around baton rouge. many owners have no home insurance. 11 people have died and authorities are going door to door looking for the missing. there's a 50% chance of more rain today. >> the fbi has given several congressional committees documents from the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. republican lawmakers requested the information after no charges were filed against clinton. clinton's campaign is now calling for the documents to be made public saying that will keep republicans from leaking selective portions. the fbi says the material is classified or sensitive and should not be released without fbi approval. >> donald trump is set to get his first intention briefing. a privilege afforded to presidential nominees. last night trump said hillary clinton was taking the side of
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rioters over police. he accused clinton of pandering to black voters and asked the african american to vote for him instead. trump also said that law and order must be restored in the wake of the protest sparked by fatal police shooting. >> the violence, riots and destruction that have taken place in milwaukee is an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and to live in peace. >> hours earlier trump met with local law enforcement officials in milwaukee. the milwaukee county sheriff, a supporter who spoke at the republican national convention. it's another quiet night in milwaukee after the deadly police shoot ing shooting of a black man after a traffic stop. the officer involved who is also black has not been identified by police. but his name has been made public on social media. the officer is now the subject of angry threats. an internal investigation is underway after video showed a washington d.c. police officer pinning a woman against a patrol car.
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abc spoke with the woman who is now threatening to sue. >> reporter: the video shows an officer pinning a petite woman to the side of a police suv. her feet dangling a foot off the ground. confrontation posted on twitter, getting thousands of views. the latest example of sometimes tense relationships between minorities and police. >> it's harassment. it's harassment. >> reporter: the woman who asked that we not use her name on air told us she'd gotten into an argument with a man she says propositioned her and a friend. she told a tv station she was speaking aggressively to the man when police arrived. it's unclear what caused the officer to grab the woman. she was not charged with any crime. >> the way the officer handles her is odd and definitely unconventional, but without knowing the circumstances as to why he had her in that position, it's -- you really can't be critical of him until you know more. >> reporter: d.c. police say they're investigating.
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to sue the police department. officials in mexico confirmed that one of the kidnap victims from a restaurant was the son of a drug lord. the kidnapping was carried out by members of a rival drug gang raising fears about a new wave of bloodshed in mexico. el chapo is serving time in mexico after an escape earlier in the year. this may be a reason why people in the fort myers, florida area haven't been getting their mail. >> take a look at this video. that's a postal worker throwing away hundreds of pieces of mail. they are trying to track down the worker, and they were able to retrieve most of the mail. you will have to pay that bill after all. >> then they realized it was -- yeah, a bill. she was trying to save them from that, i guess. >> maybe some nice letters were
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in there. >> coming up, the toughest test yet for america's beach volleyball duo. could they survive the hometown favorites? >> and lady gaga and bradley cooper teaming up on the big screen. first a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast
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disinfect with lysol bathroom toilet gtrigger... just stay in the toilet. ... and lysol power foamer. they kill 99.9% of germs. to clean and disinfect your bathroom... ...lysol that. ♪ >> i have no idea what she's saying. >> it means today. >> oh, today. who knew? simple. >> kerri walsh jennings came
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with a new teammate, but the same goal. win the beach volleyball competition. >> the best they can do now is bronze. they lost in a semi finals early this morning. they dropped a two set match to brazilians. it's walsh jennings first olympic loss. on the track it's usain bolt's world with the rest of us just watching. he moved into the semi finals of the race. he says it's his favorite, the 200 meters. he says he didn't run hard. he just came to qualify. >> i should point out way behind bolt, you see him there, was the belize athlete. he came in 73rd. >> i thought that stopped counting after a while. >> he's not quite on my podium. there were only three medal events in track and field tuesday. an american won gold in the triple jump. will clay took the silver as well. >> not too shabby for simone biles. she got fo g
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the floor exercise. >> she's the first american to win four gymnastic gold medals in one summer games. the gold medal may not have been the best part of her day. for that she can thank zac efron. >> that's right. you might have heard she admitted to having a huge crush on him. he made a surprise trip to rio. he gave her a kiss on the cheek. one of her tweets read just call me mrs. ephron. >> she was talking about the celebrity she wanted to meet, and zac efron came out of her mouth. so excited. >> off he went to rio, and the girls now say they can't -- earlier said they couldn't wait to eat pizza, now they can't wait to eat pizza with zac efron. >> another step. as we take a look at the medal count, the united states leading over china. now 33.
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the lead is now 33. the u.s. picked up nine medals tuesday bringing the total to 84. >> 28, 28, 28 is the lucky number. 28 gold medals to lead the competition. great britain is second with 19. there was some drama at a medal ceremony. now controversy after the home crowd booed one of the winners. >> tuesday brazil received the gold medal. he won the night before in pole vault. the frenchman that took the silver and an american that got the bronze, but the brazil crowd was not happy. he compared the booing he received monday night to the reaction that jessie owens received in germany back in 1936. he apologized, but the crowd booed him again tuesday night leaving the frenchman -- look at his face. as you see him, he looked really distraught. here's the good thing about all of that.
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the brazilian went there after the ceremony for that act of kindness. >> sat down with him. >> after the ceremony they got together with the pole vaulting legend, consoling the frenchman after the ceremony. the president of the national olympic committee called the booing unacceptable. >> i saw on the instagram account later on, he was like he never thought he would make it to the podium and get booed. he said it was a sad moment for him. >> just unsportsmanlike. >> yes. >> i guess the let's get into it song didn't get the message across. that they're not supposed to boo players when they win medals. >> yep. now this. ♪ >> that apparently is how you make up for a public address system failure. >> the system conked out when it was time to play the national anthem before belgium and the netherlands played field hockey. the teams started singing the
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belgium won ending an 80 year losing streak to the dutch. maybe it was the singing. >> maybe. when we come back, britney spears is about to hit us one more time. >> returning to the scene of some of her most memorable performances. one more memorable performance on a wednesday of our samba. ♪ "world news now"
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> it is skinny time. i'm pumped about this one. britney spears is doing it again. >> she's cutting her hair off? >> no. no. she's performing. >> oh. the pop princess set to return at the mtv video music awards later this month for the first time in nearly a decade. >> i even loved bald britney. >> the network may be announcing with the video of a snake slithering around her dressing room, a reference to her performance when she danced with a python around her neck. >> and two years later she stunned viewers again, this time with her three-way kiss with madonna and christina aguilera. christina getting sloppy seconds.
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memorable for all the wrong reasons. she opened the 2007 performance lip syncing and dancing off beet. people were disappointed. >> that was the last one. wow. how will she shock us this time? we'll find out at the end of this month. >> my favorite is still the oops i did it again performance. >> the -- was that the -- >> the sparkly kind of see through outfit. she had the black hat on. >> okay. >> not that i'm a big fan or anything. >> i sort of remember the christina aguilera one with madonna. that was a big deal at one point. johnny depp and amber heard reached a settlement in their divorce. heard is disz dismissing her domestic suit against him. he will pay her $7 million which she says will be donated to charity. >> heard filed for divorce in may and secured a
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order against depp. they said neither party made false allegations for financial gain. the couple was only married 15 months. and a star is about to be born again. lady gaga and bradley cooper a remaking "a star is born". this is gaga's first time in a major motion picture, and cooper will be directing his first film. >> this will be the fourth version of the movie. judy garland and james mason teamed up. and in the 70s it was babs and chris christopherson. >> and gaga is reportedly working on a new cook book with her father which will feature recipes from their family restaurant in new york city. >> a busy young lady now that she has a driver's license. >> that's right. one of the funniest on screen duos is back for more,
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talking about will ferrell and john c riley. >> this will be their third movie together. who can forget talladega nights. >> this time they're looking to put comedy into a sherlock holmes movie. and the playboy mansion officially off the market. the new owner? hugh hefner's neighbor with the price tag of $100 million. they'll be combining the places. >> hefner swroent won't have to look for a new place to live. hefner can stay there for the rest of his life. the homes were built in the 1920s and were originally just one estate. >> going to be a very big estate. coming up, one on one with the most decorated olympian ever. >> michael phelps on fatherhood and the secret reminder of his son as he raced for the last time. you're watching "world news now."
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time. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ got to get on that. >> what is i tunes u? >> i don't know. >> number one. >> we have talked a lot about michael phelps over the week. >> there's a lot more. the most decorated athlete in
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so olympics history is retiring. these days he seems most proud of one thing, someone called boomer. t.j. holmes caught up with phelps in rio. >> good to see you. >> reporter: he may be the most decorated olympian of all time, but forget his 28 medals. i caught him toting something else around. >> i caught you carrying a baby seat with a baby in it. >> i was walking out with my backpack and the baby's backpack and the car seat. daddy duties are on me. something i'm excited about and proud of. >> reporter: proud papa to boomer, the mini michael has been stealing the spotlight. and especially when daddy is going to the stands to sneak a kiss after winning gold. i know he's just a little guy, but how does that change you as a swimmer knowing he's now, boomer is in the stands? >> when i got out of the warmup pool for the last time to get
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have the white shoes that i wore pretty much every finals, and in the left foot there's a footprint of him inside my shoe. i put my shoe on and looked down at it, and i started to get emotional, because i knew he was in the stands. >> reporter: i know you're sure this is your last. >> it is. >> reporter: as we speak here, but can you give us this guarantee. that if in four years you still got it, what if you still got it in four years? >> no. >> reporter: and your times are as good as everybody in the world. even then? >> no. i'm done. >> reporter: congrats. >> thanks. >> nice to see that softer side of him. >> phelps alone has more gold medals than all but 32 of the 205 countries competing. >> you think when he takes a bath he says not work again? this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, more than 80,000 people evacuated as a wildfire races through southern california. part of a major interstate now shut down. the struggle to get it under control right now. in louisiana, people are now returning to what's left of their homes. the water is receding in some areas following historic flooding. hear why it's being called the worst disaster since sandy. >> a preteen's pictures drawing death threats posing with her kills. the big game hunter defending herself this morning. simone biles soars to another gold medal as another american makes history winning the usa's first medal in her sport.


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