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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  August 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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up, a comfortable cool down after the rain. whether we will need an umbrella tonight. he's done more in his lifetime than most artists that are 20, 30 years old. >> a local rapper many hoped would become a superstar gunned down overnight. how he's being remembered tonight. it's been a week since christher barry passed away. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> good evening. thank you for joining
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some rain blew through the area late this afternoon, heavy at times. meteorologist josh knight has a look at your stormwatch forecast. are we done with the rain? done, there ist one isolated shower pushing across the area and it did just move through laurel. temperature down to 77 degrees per it for a lot of us, the rain did help us to cool off. it's now left with this muggy, steamy air in place. try in laurel as we get over towards route 1. showers continued to push off towards the southeast. ultimately those light showers moving towards annapolis. most of us are done behind the rain we had this afternoon. this is that lined the pushes across the area. for most of us, it was relatively light. that all fired up as it got further over to the southeast. down cover slow to break behind this. the cold front still working its way through the sh
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watch as the clouds break and temperatures drop. right now it feels like we are more in the 1980's -- 80's. if you're getting out there, get the dog out for a nice walk, we have temperatures in the 80's by 7:00 and into the mid-70's by 11:00. first day of school for a lot of kids tomorrow, we will have that bus stop forecast for you coming up. kimberly: keep up with all the weather changes, stay connected with our team on-air and online at and on our facebook and twitter pages. a crime alert and prince george's county, a local community mourning the loss of a young dj and rapper known as -- who many say was quickly becoming a real star. our reporter has reaction from the rap community. reporter: tonight
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telling us this is still a very active investigation. they believe that 30 -- dirty wipey was targeted. condolences have been pouring in all day long on social media this local star. >> it's just sad. he was a young man who was aspiring to be a great artist. roz: up-and-coming rapper dirty swipey is being remembered tonight. his real name is douglas brooks. he was gunned down in suit lent -- suitland. >> is done more in his lifetime than most artists who are 20, 30 years old. roz: swipey just released his biggest mix tape, "sorry, not sorry" last month. he was folk -- featured on "good morning washington" in june. police believe he was targeted. outside found swipey
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he was pronounced dead on scene. >> i would say he was the next thing. radio just with d.c. had swipey on his show last week. he was also somewhat of a raid -- regular, hanging out and performing on his adhd show. >> he put on a great show and he stayed and he shook every kid's hand, took every kid's picture. roz: -- josh: swipey grew up in southeast washington and was quickly becoming a rising star. police are still trying to identify the sus acts involved. meanwhile, a reward of $25,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest trade live in prince george, ryan hughes, abc 7 news.
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swipey's just in suitland, police got a call for a shooting that turned deadly and upper marlboro. police say that one happened at 1:30 in the morning at the 3600 place, thedsley victim known as damien rowlett. he died at the hospital. there is an investigation underway after emergency crews pulled a body from the anacostia river this morning. we don't have a word yet on the identity or the sex of the person pulled from the river. they may be the best-known family in the district, the barry family. a day before the family says final goodbyes to christopher berry -- they gathered to remember him and the others they have lost. anna-lysa gayle is live in southeast with more. anchor: -- reporter: neighbors say this is the areahe
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was found unresponsive following an overdose. this vigil comes a day before his funeral. . >> i'm going to miss him. that's all i can say. standing under umbrellas, friends and community leaders are membered christopher barry, the son of the late marion barry, a family they say contributed a great deal to the community. >> christopher also had a where he was hiring ex-offenders. the youngsters in the community. to give them jobs. the barrys are very close to my heart. onorter: christopher died sunday, august 14 following an overdose. family friends say he was using the drug -- before he collapsed in an apartment in southeast washington. >> he would be going around to
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christopher barry's funeral is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at temple's praise on southern avenue. he will lie in repose from 10:00 6:00 p.m.pport him -- at the same church. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: about those notre dame players arrested this weekend, head coach indefinitely suspended senior quarterback it was arrested and prillaman early charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. kelly also dismissed senior safety max redfield, among a group of five players dismissed after police found marijuana and a loaded handgun being driven by -- handgun in a car being driven by ashton white.
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>> do you think mr. trump will change on that? >> he doesn't hurl personal insults. kimberly: conway and stephen bannon took over trump campaign last week. duringnafort brought on a previous shakeup, left the campaign amid questions with his about hiso-russian -- ties to pro-russian groups. >> that doesn't mean that the russians have been pushed out of this campaign, the hand of the kremlin has been at work in this campaign. on time, it's clear they are supporting donald trump. kimberly: the presidential candidates themselves are off the trail but a new poll in ohio gives clinton a six-point lead over the republican nominee. abc 7 once to connect you with the presidential candidates to better inf
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candidates. send us an e-mail at school bells will be ringing. coming up, where summer officially ends for thousands of students. plus, you might be able to turn off the ac a little bit this week.
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down the flames. they are trying to figure out who set the car ablaze. california firefighters make significant progress against a wild far north of san bernardino. the bluecut fire is now 83% contained, but that fire destroyed more than 300 homes and businesses, including a number of local landmarks. evacuation orders are slowly being lifted right now with many residents starting to return home, unsure of what they will find their. -- there. three words kids at dread most at this time of year, back to school. classes start tomorrow for several area school districts. d.c. public, anne arundel, frederick, maryland, and west virginia students head back to class. keep an eye out as you drive for young ones biking or walking to school or heading to bus stops. when your children go back to school, we would love to see pictures of the big first day. go to burst.
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us your pictures and we may put them on the website or on our air. i think we have a picture to show you right now. this picture. oh, my gosh. this is you! >> circa 1994. i think is probably second grade. it was in bel air, maryland. kimberly: you are almost as blonde as you were than. -- then. if you have not used burst or seen it, it is an easy way to send pictures. fortunately no thunderstorm damage. some heavy rain. at our are looking temperatures still hanging around 80 degrees. dew point in the 70's, so it's kind of steamy after that rain. feels more
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humidity breaking down of pushing off to the east. for now, something we do still have to deal with. quantico picking up almost 1 4/10. downtown dcf children's hospital picking up 1/2 inch. done, but there was going to be a chance for a few isolated showers to stick around this evening, and that's because the cold front hasn't come all the way through yet. we had that in eastern anne arundel county. right around d.c., we have some coming through and also as we get towards mclean. watching as this continues to push off to the east. you have to handle that chance for just a few more raindrops. some of them a bit heavier. as we zoom out, we can find where that cold front is. it's working its way through west virginia, ultimately bringing us much nicer weather. as we fast-forward, it pushes all the way across the region. by 11:00 tonight you might feel a big change
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sunny skies will be the rule all day long. the humidity is low and temperatures are a bit cooler as well. mid-80's all three days to start up this week. high pressure is in control for us. with that, lots of sunshine. overnight lows, because we are clearing out, humidity on the way down, we have temperatures in the low 60's for some of us. around d.c. we are starting off in the upper 60's. you will really feel that changed by early tomorrow morning. 68 to pick up at the bus stop recess, 78 and sunny. teachers, i'm sure you will want to get kids back outside and all the way home, right around 83. great for those pictures. do send them our way. we head into thursday, we start to heat back up. 88 with a chance for a
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few thunderstorms further to the west. friday, that chance goes up. still relatively spotty. most of that week is going to be dry. hopefully the garden and lawn got a nice soaking today. as we get into tomorrow, the temperatures hanging around 90. kimberly: the nats got a good soaking today. >> they sure did. the nationals look to sweep the braves tonight. it may be hot and a little bit rainy in atlanta. bryce harper's bat even hotter, and it comes at just the right time. sports is next.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk. >> as the nationals look to sweep the braves today, skipper dusty baker said he's concerned with his bullpen. the nats a 5-0 lead on friday and almost to a -- ew
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last night. in the third, harper hits a long blasts to write. -- right. that's a three run shot. the nats would take a éi4-0 lea. the bullpen blows the lead again. braves tied the socre 6-6 in the eighth. that's a walk-off, game-winning home run right there. the nats drive this one 7-6. today's match between d.c. united and the new york red bulls is the black and red biggest game of the season so far. just outsideted the playoffs, but could jump back into 6 with a win today. the only thing standing in their way was mother nature. a soggy, wet field at rfk today. united trailing 2-1. passed him. finds the back of the net. the game
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draw. head coach jay gruden gave several he starters rest during friday's re-season game against the jets. sean jackson and p are garcon did not play -- pierre garcon did not play. touchdowns inwo the redskin victory, and he said after the game he was motivated by dropped balls last week. >> it stuck with me through the whole week. coach said i was all right, that i had some key catches. i'm going to be a deep ball threat. this week i was like, i'm going to come in and make sure i catch every ball. >> another bright spot friday was the redskins first team defense. the fumble was recovered by d hall.
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dominant, the jets quarterback with 4 completions on nine attempts. will blackmon added to that with an interception in the second quarter. >> last week the biggest thing was, it was new for us to learn how to communicate. with the second group it was me, duke. we never really played together in the game before. i think this week was important for us. i think that shows. >> congratulations to good counsel greg kyle snyder, he becomes the youngest american ever to win a gold medal in wrestling at the age of 20. thating of 20, i read maryland alone, the athletes from maryland won 20 medals. more than france.
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kimberly: a fresno women's 100 year old tortoise was finally returned to her after a daring escape. you can see how delighted and relieved she is. 1/2 miles,traveled 6 about the length of 11 football fields, a day, for 10 days before being seen by a man. believed the turtle may have fallen in love with that white dome structure. >> maybe it was running away from that yapping dog. >> get me out of here. a few more showers for us on radar. a couple moving through the metro area as well.
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ pop! ] [ laughter ] [ man roars ] [ screams ] [ woman laughs ] [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now here he is, the host of our show -- alfonso ribeiro! [ cheers and applause ] hey. thank you. [ cheers and applause ]


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