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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you. it's xx and we're just getting started. right now a live look out at the district. thousands of families are waking up getting ready for their first day of school. summer is over for one of the regions largest school districts - as dc students return to class this morning. and boy is it a great day for it when it comes to the weather. good morning washington. happening now. summer is over.. and this morning
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students and educators are getting ready for their first day of school. a few schools began their school year last week-- and this morning they will get a lot of company. these are all the school districts preparing right now to start this school year on the right foot. you see that washington d-c is right on the top of the list. sam sweeny is live.. with more on the big day.
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when your kids go back to school, we want to see the
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day! go to "burst dot com slash w-j-l-a" to send us your pictures and we may put them on our website or on air. right now - dc police trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in the trinidad neighborhood over the weekend. the victim is 24 year old dante miller. he was shot multiple times on 18th place. so far police haven't released any other information. and don't forget. seven is on your side, helping you and your family fight back against crime. check our "spot crime" maps on wjla dot com, to stay aware of the latest crimes near where you live and work. in the day ahead - funeral services will be held for the son of the late dc mayor marion barry. christopher barry will lie in repose from ten to six today at the temple of praise on southern avenue. his funeral will then be held tonight at seven. barry died last weekend from a
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over dose. he was 36 year's old. coming up. dangerous ground. tornadoes wreak havoc across the midwest. we'll show you new video of the storms, and the damage left behind.. so long, rio. the summer games are in the books, and team usa may have trouble making it through the airport medal detector. the eye popping numbers.. coming up.
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inside a sinking boat. we have the frantic 911 calls-- as a family pleads for help. dangerous ground. motorists watch in horror as a tornado tears across a highway. now the clean up begins.. the details.. coming up.
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y23cwy yi0y sifting through rubble and debris, a day after a series of tornadoes rip through their homes. this twister in delaware, ohio was just one out of nine reported from michigan to kentucky. the powerful winds ripped roofs right off of houses.. and sent vehicles flying. one of the hardest hit areas.. allegan county in western michigan. the tornadoes uprooted hundreds of trees, pulled down power lines, and destroyed numerous homes. residents still shocked by the level of the destruction. despite all the damage in western michigan, no serious injuries have been reported there.
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a developing story from overseas.. we're learning more about a suicide bomber linked to a deadly attack at a wedding in turkey. at least 51 people were killed in the attack in gaziantep , near turkey's border with syria. investigators now say the bomber responsible was a boy-- who may have been as young as 12 years old. 69 others were wounded in saturday night's attack. the bride and groom suffered non-life-threatening injuries. turkey's president blames the attack on isis.. but there's been no immediate claim of responsibility. we're hearing from a family rescued after their boat capsized in cocoa, florida.. trapping a toddler. the family of four ended up in the water friday night when their boat ran into trouble. tammy bossard, her husband, brian, and one of the couple's children were quickly rescued. what followed was a frantic search for the couple's two-year-old daughter. rescuers heard the girl crying.. and eventually found her in an air pocket underneath the overturned boat.
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the girl's lifejacket kept her afloat until she was found about an hour after the accident. rescuers say she was a little cold.. but otherwise okay. the rio olympics are in the books! and it has been an incredible 2 weeks. we have gotten to see some of the world's most gifted atheletes perform at the highest levels on the world's biggest stage. thats right, and so many historic moments from this years olympic games. and last night's closing ceremony, nothing short of spectacular. simone biles carried out the american flag to wrap things up in rio for the u-s. biles took home 5 medals, 4 of them gold!she pretty much dominated the entire games.many now crowning her the greatest olympic gymnast of all time. the games concluded with the u-s collecting more gold! and it seems like the u-s men's basketball team saved their best performance for the last game. they werent the dream team, or the re-deem team, but they got the job done. they dominated
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p-g county native kevin durant led the way with 30 points. that's now 3 straight golds for u-s men's basketball. by the way, the women also took home gold over the weekend. and olympic history made in the boxing ring! claressa shields slugged her way to a unanimous victory in the gold medal middleweight match. the 21-year-old flint, michigan native defended her title from the london games. shields is the first american boxer to win back to back golds - and the only u-s boxer to finish first in rio! u-s-a wrestling claiming another gold medal. kyle snyder earning his spot atop the podium becoming america's youngest ever freestyle wrestling gold medalist. and now for the final medal count. the united states finished on top with 121 medals, 46 golds. china finishes in second with 70 medals. great britain took third place , and russia fourth. the next summer olympic games will be held in tokyo in 20-20. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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coming up. the new tactic on
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already sparking controversy this morning. but is it working? we'll break down new poll numbers.. coming up. ready for war. a big weekend at the box office for a new movie starring jonah hill. but he may have been a little out-gunned. we'll explain.. coming up.
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button on his campaign -- one more time. trump on a new mission -- trying to reach out to african-american voters. but with less than 80 days until election day-- the plan is already facing some backlash. abc's mary bruce has more. 4-12 46-52 115-126 127-end
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the comic book movie, "suicide squad" remains alive
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the film was number one.. for the third straight weekend. the "r"-rated animated comedy, "sausage party" stayed in second place. the iraq war comedy, "war dogs," with miles teller and jonah hill, came in third. the animated adventure, "kubo and the two strings" opened in fourth place. the big-budget remake of "ben-hur" barely managed a fifth-place debut. the film grossed just 11-point-four million dollars.
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want to hear.. back to school! thousands of students in the disrtict will return to class today..what kids and parents can expect this morning.. today marks the final day for residents to clean up main street in ellicott city. what happens tomorrow that will prevent people from entering the historic district. and we are following breaking news out of fairfax county. a downed pole and wires, the aftermath of a serious accident.. what you need to know to get around the mess,. good morning washington im larry smith.. and i'm autria autria godfrey.. toss to veronica good morning, back to school day! we'll start off with what you need to know. dc public schools are back in session. you'll


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