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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 23, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," donald trump and hillary clinton are pushing ahead and trying to stay on message despite a number of distractions to their campaigns. trump is sticking with his latest efforts to attract minority voters as hillary appears on late night tv. beau bergdahl is in court this week. he was captured in afghanistan after leaving his post trying to avoid prison time. how does the case against him stack up? and why big savings would be in the air today. >> for many looking to fly, your best deal might be waiting for you. we'll tell you why and how to catch it. and riley curry, steph curry's daughter, and her epic play house. it's almost big enough to fit her personality. we'll give you the grand tour later in the skinny on this tuesday, august 23
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>> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's start with politics. donald trump whether it's a pivot or retool, it seems as if he's adjusting his hard line approach to immigration. >> trump is insisting he's not flip-flopping. after months of energizing his base with the call of deportation of immigrants, she's no longer talking about a deportation force. he said now it's the focus on those with criminal records. trump made another pitch to minorities. and arlette is here with us. what's the latest with this shift? what do you think? >> donald trump is starting to continue his appeal to minority voters, arguing that democrats are the ones that have failed them. last night he spoke to a mostly white crowd in akron, but said this to black and hispanic
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voters about their communities. >> you could go to war zones in countries we're fighting and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities. they're run by the democrats. to the african americans who i employ so many, so many people. to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. >> reporter: he asked that last week when he also predicted that four years from now he could win 95% of the african american vote. he's faced heat about that prediction. given the low polling with black voters, currently around 2% nationwide. trump also last night called for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton and the clinton foundation saying the fbi can't be trusted. >> even mike pence laughed when he was told they would have 95% of black voters by 2020. there are questions about whether trump is softening his stance on immigration.
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>> he's had a hard line immigration approach saying that, calling for the mass deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. diane mentioned his campaign manager is suggesting they may move away from the deportation force, but donald trump saying he's not flip-flopping. on thursday she was supposed to give an immigration policy speech. he has postponed an immigration policy speech until next week. >> you're saying he plans to deport other immigrants but focusing on the criminals first and being more diplomatic about the rest? >> right. he had a meeting with hispanic supporters over the weekend where he suggested he may approach things in a more humane way. >> what's the latest we know as far as the dakotas are concerned? >> donald trump has already started his debate prep. he had his first session on sunday. he's reviewing old videos of hillary clinton in 2008 and her primary debates against sanders.
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think it's going to be a make or break moment for him. >> i'm curious who played hillary clinton yet. >> they haven't figured that out yet. if you have any ideas, send them their way. >> thank you for being with trump is also trying to depict hillary clinton as a criminal, railing about the latest set of e-mails and the clinton foundation. >> clinton is dismissing those claims and laughing off questions about her health. we have the highlights from l.a. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton has yet to respond to donald trump's latest attacks against the clinton foundation. however, for the first time she spoke out against another one of his attacks about her health. during an appearance on jimmy kimmel, she said trump's claim that she doesn't have the stamina and strength to be president is crazy. she also asked him to check her pulse.
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>> the new rumor is that you're unhealthy. that you had a concussion. rudy giuliani was on fox news yesterday and today and he's saying you seem to be sick. you look tired. et cetera, et cetera. are you in good health? >> well, this has become one of their themes. you take my pulse while i'm talking to you. so -- make sure i'm alive. >> there's nothing there. >> what can i say? she brushed off the news. she talked act how she's preparing to debate against donald trump. >> i am drawing on my experience in elementary school.
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>> you talked -- >> the guy who pulled your ponytail. >> the ponytail puller, but that meant he really liked you. maybe donald trump has a secret crush on you and it's his way of expressing it. >> this is how great rumors get started. clinton in california for high dollar fundraisers. including one today at the home of justin timberlake. the nigerian army said it brian ross is looking into those e-mails. and he'll have a full report later this morning on gma. president obama travels to louisiana today to tour the flood ravaged areas of baton rouge. the president caught criticism for not cutting his vacation short. the president didn't want to interfere with the ongoing recovery efforts. 13 people died in the floods. firefighters are trying to contain blazes in washington state. quickly
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destroying dozens of homes and businesses. hundreds have been forced from their homes in california 10,000 firefighters are battling several fires. the nigerian army said it killed the leader of boko haram. this isn't the first time that the army has claimed to have killed that leader who was behind the kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls two years ago. that terror group is linked to isis. at least 40 people are dead as monsoon rains flood india. hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from their homes. others are on their roofs of their homes. the rain is expected to continue and floods are common in india during june and september, but this season has been brutal. back at home the battle against zika virus is heating up in south florida. the state announcing it is extending another $5 million in funding to miami dade county to
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five additional cases were found. that brings the total number of home grown cases to 37 in miami. here's a challenge, limiting the amount of sugar your kids eat. the american heart association says no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day. that's honey, molasses and high fructose corn syrup. kids typically take in two to three times that amount. tuesday is cheap flight day. it's the day that fares drop on most routes. august 23rd. it marks the start of the fall travel season with kids heading back to school. fares can drop 20% or more to some locations. prices then tend to jump back up at thanks giving. this is the time to travel. >> that sounds like a report sponsored by kayak. i'm not necessary
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buying that today is the day. we'll see. a pro baseball is paying for showing a little bit too much power. >> this will be what we call the not so grand slam. brandon thomas in illinois swats bases loaded home run. every baseball player's dream. however, unfortunately this shot -- you know sometimes when they go out of the park and hit a car. in this case it hit his truck's windshield. he says he doesn't mind. the homer helped the team to win 17-6. >> wow. >> wasn't exactly the tie breaker they needed. they probably would have won anyway. >> i do question the team they were paying at this point. it was part of a 13-run inning for that team? >> it was a strong inning. it was all because of that one home run. it gave everybody a boost.
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ageless. do you think i'm gonna crack under pressure or conquer the field? defy expectations any day with always infinity. de with flexfoam. absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always. a hump back whale is set free off the coast of australia. it was caught in a shark net. rescuers were able to cut the
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netting from the whale's head and tail and off it went. a top general will testify in beau bergdahl's court case. bergdahl's attorneys say abrams was inuenced by negative comments about the case by john mccain. >> ryan lochte is waking up poorer than 24 hours ago after sponsors dumped him. >> this follows his tale about a robbery. the second most decorated olympics swimmer losing the majority of an estimated million dollars worth of sponsors. speedo dropping him. >> i'm ryan lochte. you get speedo fit. >> and designer ralph lauren following suit.
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it follows a weekend of damage control interviews which seemed to backfire. lochte was apologetic. >> i take all responsibility. this was my fault. >> reporter: but still unable to admit that he lied. >> why did you change the version of the story so many times? >> i overexaggerated. >> reporter: it's a term he used eight times in a nine minute interview. >> i overexaggerated the story. i overexaggerated some parts. i overexaggerated a story. >> reporter: brazilian police say he vandalized the gas station and then lied about it. lochte admits to tearing down one of those posters. what's not in dispute is that somewhere around here there was an argument with two armed security guards. what is in dispute is why one of them drew his weapon. we tracked down the good samaritan who helped the swimmers diffuse the situation. lochte, was he screaming at the guards? >> yeah, face.
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>> reporter: over the weekend, usa swimming said there would be disciplinary action. when we come back, some kids lead off "the skinny." >> one with her new house, and the other for a big proposal. stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ skinny time. we'll start with the child who has the nba to thank for her notoriety. we're talking about the daughter of steph curry. >> she has made quite a name for herself with some adorable news conference appearances. and now thanks to a new show called play house masters, riley has a new place to play. >> and she had some suggestions about what she was hoping for. >> i want a bridge, a slide. >> you've already got a bunch of things figured out. >> i know something. maybe i can put a telescope on it. >> a telescope? >> yeah. >> the 20 foot tall princess pony themed play house features the slide and an upstairs loft. a ball pit. a climbing wall. a dog house. oh, my word. i want t
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you can see how it was created and installed when play house masters premiers tonight on tlc. >> that is bigger than my apartment. >> it's bigger than both ours combined. that's beautiful. >> next up, another kid. this one getting brave when it comes to meeting his favorite country singer. >> miranda lambert, her stop this past saturday night was at metlife stadium outside of new york city. and that was where a six-year-old fan named sebastian got his big chance. >> that's right. he not only wanted to meet miranda, give her a hug. he actually went straight for it, proposed marriage to her, and she said yes, but she said sebastian has to wait about 25 years. during the show she told the crowd all about it. >> he got down on one knee, and he was such a gentleman. it may be my favorite proposal ever.
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a ring pop? >> yeah. a ring pop. i'm assuming that's what it was. >> they're delicious. >> for the record, lambert is voting anderson east, fellow singer. she was just teasing him. >> i wonder if he thought that proposal was so adorable. tyra banks is now heading to stanford university's graduate school of business. >> not as a student, but as a co-teacher in a course about creating and maintaining a personal brand. the course description says banks will share their personal brand through digital and other platforms. the star is fired up about it saying on twitter i'm beyond excited to teach. it's in my blood and i can't wait to meet any students? >> class is in session in 2016.
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there will be no smizing course. >> that means smiling with your eyes. >> that's disappointing. you'd think she'd tell you how to smize. do you know how to? >> am i doing it? >> no. it looks angry stare. >> maybe i can't do it. tyler perry talks about his latest project and why it's having such a profound effect on his priorities. >> is this style your smize?
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k-y touch. ♪ ♪ ♪ we're playing that song in honor of tyler perry, the man behind the madea movies and countless other productions. >> there's a guy behind madea? >> not at all. >> are you telling me the ending of all the madea movies? is there something i didn't know. >> spoiler alert. >> next you'll reveal the secret in the crying game. >> a new tv series, and we talked with him all about it. >> reporter: the atlanta based perry remains a billion dollar phenomenon. writing, directing and acting in plays, movies and tv series all under his name. >> you look like a big bottle of
3:56 am
medicine. >> i'm sitting here while i have my hand and feet still holding onto everything that i've had in the past. >> reporter: his newest tyler perry's too close to home. tlc's first scripted series. an eight parter spanning washington d.c. and a trailer park in the deep south. >> the attempted assassination of the president of the united states. >> i love the idea of just how fun and exciting it can be to have someone have this great life in the white house, living their dream, and then have it all fall apart because of sell fish, greedy, whatever reasons. >> reporter: and among those, a besieged bonnie. played by kelley sullivan. >> she's strong. if she was a friend of mine, i would not mess with her. >> reporter: that social media superstar, brock .
3:57 am
he did this man bun video that catapulted him to 2.1 million instagram followers. a new show business new by. >> reporter: how far back do you have to go to get somebody's first stage kiss? >> mine, i think i was 17. and it certainly was not anywhere as good as the kiss that i had with brock . >> i've only been madea on stage. she's not getting kissed by nobody. it's never going to happen. >> reporter: madea returns to the big screen in october while perry admits that fatherhood has she shaped his priorities. >> having my son has changed what i dream about. it used to be about business. now it's about him. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> was a dude in even madea goes to jail? >> you're focussed on that. >> even in family reunion? >> yes. >> what about witness protection?
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>> not that one.
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making news in america this morning -- more e-mails, causing trouble for hillary clinton. donald trump now asking for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. plus, clinton making a late night appearance on "jimmy kimmel." we're tracking three storms right now. plus several fast-moving wildfires forcing more people from their homes. so how much is too much? new guide lines about the amount of sugar children should consume. and can you guess what caused this huge group of people to race down the street in t taiwan? i'm thinking black friday sale. >> looks like it, doesn't i


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