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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: abc7 learned that gene wilder has passed away. wilder best known for his role as willy wonka. he starred in "blazing saddles," "young frank stein." his family did not release details of his death. he was 84. michelle: right now at 4:00, the split rocking the political world. huma abedin leaving former congressman anthony weiner. the decision coming after another sexting scandal. weiner left office after the first incident in 2007. but another accusation came up in the past few days. we have more. reporter: how many chances does a disgraced politician get? >> i am profoundly
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question following weiner's quest for redemption after a sexting scandal cost him his place in congress. even after a second scandal derailed his bid for new york mayor, his wife huma abedin stayed with him. >> married to one of hillary clinton's closest adviser. reporter: then the third strike with the report from the "new york post." photo of weiner in his underwear texted to a friend. abedin and weiner's told her son right there in the bed. now abedin announces she is out. in a statement she says anthony and remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. abedin already had her share of headaches as questions about hillary clinton's private e-mail server raised questions about abedin's role in facilitating access for high-level donors to the clinton foundation. and her marriage was already in attack line on the campaign trail. >> she is getting classified
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she is married to anthony weiner, who is a perv. >> she is on the inside of the campaign and that lets trump question the integrity of the inner circle. >> many praise her decision to leave weiner saying she will be better off without him. but said it's another example of clinton's bad judgment reporting from northwest, lana zack, abc7 news. jonathan: also developing for us this afternoon, two women murdered four years apart in anne arundel. now police believe one man was responsible for both. they say they arrested him. the body of jessica lee was found in 2012. holly smith was killed earlier in year. maryland bureau chief brad bell explain how police link the cases. brad? brad: a very alert police officer that asked this question. did you also kill this woman four years ago? the answer they say was yes. both women k
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both women dumped in woods. now police have to wonder where there any more unsolveed crimes that could be tagged to this guy. jessica lee vanished in 2012. she was 20 years old. her grand mother said she simply didn't come home. >> when she didn't, we knew something was wrong. brad: months later her decapitated body found behind the pasadena shopping center. for four years her killer's identity remains a mystery. then this past may, the body of another woman, holly smith is found behind an industrial park across from the annapolis mall. she, too, had been brutally stabbed. police soon arrest 28-year-old christopher and say he confesses and now police say he is also the man who murdered jessica lee.
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>> we have reason to believe he might be involved in other violent crimes regionally. he has ties to southern maryland and eastern shore. michelle: barbara burke says for her family there is only slight comfort. >> it doesn't make sense. brad: christopher shy. the police is the important part. he has all kind of aliases. they want people to look at the picture. if they have any information about him, any contact, any suspicions at all they want them you to give them a phone call. we have more at 5:00. more about another way police say the man could be identified. they say he was
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jonathan: thank you. check this out. a helicopter from joint base andrews had to make emergency landing this morning at gwynn park middle school in brandywine on the football field. that is cool. the kids looking out win demust have been like wow, look at that. it's well south of joint base andrews. the helicopters are the ones that do the testing and the drilling up and down the potomac every day. it landed without any issues. nobody got hurt. transmission warning forced the pilot to set down at gwynn park at 12:30. it was taken back to joint base andrews. michelle: uneventful day weather wise expect for the heat. but all eyes are turned to the labor day weekend. never too early to look ahead to the weekend with chief meteorologist doug hill. here is the forecast. doug: gorgeous out there. no threat of rain. the temperatures lower 20's in spots. a -- lower 90's in spots. it's calm
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it's feeling a few degrees warmer across the area than the air temperatures are. 91 in leesburg and fredericksburg. add a few degrees to that and that's what it feels like outside. the upper 60's to the lower 70's. as far as what will happen the rest of the day, stay cleared and see clouds passing by. quiet. temperatures in the 80's tonight. eventually the near 70 by morning. the wake-up temperatures are in the upper 60's to the lower 70's. you mention the holiday weekend. we have all kind of stuff. hurricane gaston, tropical depression eight and nine. all of these could have affect on the beaches in florida in the next several days. we will examine those in detail in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. hundreds of thousands of students around the region are returning to class today. if you listen carefully you hear parents cheering that fact. it includes the
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program. this is after abuse of discipline came to light and the federal funding cut to the program. but the program is still running. sam sweeney has the story. sam: we learned that the prince george's county head start program will be under control of a denver based company. this comes after the federal government pulled $6.4 million grant largely due to the incompetence of district employees. today county executive baker welcomed the head start students back to the first day at glass mentor elementary school. the message to parents is everything within the district will operate as normal with no interruption. but this is not the way he and superintendent kevin maxwell want to start the school year. >> it's early and it is embarrassing. it angers me. but the next thing is i have to make sure the children are safe. that the parents have a place to send their children. then we make a correction
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sam: they are forming a transition plan. once that happens all the staff in the head start program must reapply for their jobs. superintendent kevin maxwell says he believes it's temporary. i'm sam sweeney. back to you. michelle: there are several changes for the new year as the students in montgomery county head back to class. most notably a new grading system. no more final exams for high schoolers. a record 150,000 students are enrolled in schools around the county this year. jonathan: no final exams. wow! in prince william county back to class for 88,000 students. some of them got to start the year in a pranked new school. check the digs out. 1400 students attending charles colgan high school in manassas. the $100 million facility -- wow! high-tech fine
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and also aquatic center. look at the gym. sweet. michelle: go sharks. jonathan: there you go. we have been asking you to sell your best back to school pictures. michelle: isn't that adorable? head to chick on the back to school bubble. watch here on abc7 or to see them on air or online. jonathan: see holding the baby sister. michelle: matched her doll. that was cute. taking a look now around the nation. investigation is underway at the second busiest airport in the nation after a big scare this morning. reports of gunshots at lax led to several criminals being evacuate and incoming flights halted. the reports turned to out to be false. a man in a zorro costume was detained but it's still unclear if he was connected to the incident.
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airport dressed as zorro? really? michelle: it is l.a. jonathan: hollywood next door. a date set for apple next big announcement. judicious for americans but something different for sweden. why it is calling on the e.u. to get rid of the popular sea creature. jonathan: the maker of the epipen and what it is doing to quiet the critics. >> it's only august but some say it's pumpkin spice season.
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jonathan: this would get your attention. cloud over siberia. this was just a cloud formation. that is it. this was just a natural cloud. quite a power meeting today. pope francis got together with facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the vatican says they talked about how technology could fight poverty. zuckerberg gave the pope a mode
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aircraft that facebook hopes will expand internet access in developing countries. jonathan: san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is standing by his decision to do that. the q.b. says he will sit at the national anthem before games as long as he believes people of color are treated up fairly. michelle: the star spangled protest. he seems to have support of the locker room. >> these are things that have gone on for years and years. >> we are a family
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michelle: he cited police brutality in a number of cities as one of the things that need to change in society. we will hear from the redskins at 5:50 in sports but it does make you wonder at what point is it a distraction for the team. in interviews other players are asked about this. jonathan: he is not even the starting quarterback. some of the members of the nfl who are also members of the military say the reason we go to fight is to protect people's first amendment rights to do what he wants. he has the freedom to sit down. they may not agree with it, they may find it disrespectful but it's his right. michelle: we'll hear from the fans, what do they want? do they want their athletes displaying this type of protest at a football game. social media is going crazy. most is not supportive of colin kaepernick.
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we're seeing pumpkin spice hitting the shelves. michelle: i love it. jonathan: thanksgiving is when this happens. dunkin' donuts are announcing the full pump kip menu. michelle: is it too soon? head to the options are too soon, right on time, or pumpkin spice is always in season. amy aubert shows us for some it's too early. amy: it might not feel like fall outside. but baltimore coffee and tea company in frederick it tastes like it. >> it's not too early in my opinion. people get scared that it leaves every year at the same time. amy: they do it year round. >> even in the he
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summer, we don't have a lot of it but we offer it as an iced option. amy: they say here at the frederick location they sell 20 tops of pumpkin spice. >> it's too early in the season for me. >> it's not october. >> for andy -- >> it's such a hit. amy: it's not just for coffee lovers. >> whatever they want for themselves they want for their dogs as well. we try to accommodate them. >> they sell the products year round. they expect the cookies, nonalcoholic beer and the lattes offer the four-legged friends to fill the shelf of soon. >> for dogs pumpkin is never too early. >> but it should perhaps kick off when the temperatures drop. >> cool started. that
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amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: while running the piece it came to mind that you are the one who said it's too early. yet you sing christmas carols in the summer. >> i sing them all year long. i can't get enough of them. michelle: double standard. jonathan: there is a difference. jamie, doug, too soon? doug: on thursday is the first day of september, which is the first day of meteorologist autumn. i'm all in. bring on the pumpkin. pumpkin spice, pump kin bread. jamie: no, no, no. i will say -- jonathan: turn your mic on. it works better that way. hang on. wait for it. jamie: i always have my pumpkin candle. it's on my desk but i don't open it up until i have to wear a sweater. jonathan: see now. michelle: doug, thank you for being on my
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jonathan: when it's 100 degrees out pumpkins don't grow. michelle: christmas carols don't work great. jonathan: they work all day long. jamie: that is terrible, jonathan. get rid of that. let's do traffic. stop talking pumpkin spice and we'll stop talking about what we're dealing with on the roads. we have a serious issue. north of river road. we have an emergency crew on the scene. try to avoid the area if you can. let's talk about the solid red line we are seeing, which is in both directions traveling along the capital beltway. it's on the inner loop and the outer loop we have the volume. mainly here inner loop is the heaviest. the bigger picture, we are seeing clearer inside the capital beltway. outside we have the volume. heading north on the b.w. parkway. just a reminder, kennedy center. they are doing overnight repairs on th
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parkway. it's scheduled through the end of this eck woo. it starts tonight at 10:00. evening should wrap just in time for the morning commute. back to you. michelle: thank you. a storm system headed to north carolina could be the next to be named. they are monitoring tropical depression eight to see if it will become tropical storm hermine. the depression stormed sunday and expected to move to the east coast by midweek. tropical storm watch in effect for the outer banks from cape look out to oregon inlet. doug: we have tropical storm nine in gulf of mexico and it could be ian. the first one that gets the tropical storm status will get the "h" name and the next gets the "i" name. michelle: when is the timing? doug: whenever it happens. probably the next 48 hours. jonathan: there is a lot of energy. storms, hurricane. a lot brewing down there. doug: the ocean water temperatures are getting in the height la
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maximum heat. 86 degrees, sea surface is the magic number. the systems are over and going to be over those water temperatures. 91 degrees in laurel. sunshine. it's toasty out there. that means good night. even in the early evening for the pool. 88 at 7:00. drops lower. it's muggy but a beautiful evening for the pool side or otherwise. here is the deal on the storms. way out on the edge of the screen is hurricane gaston. with 110--mile-per-hour winds. moving north but it will head to the asors. so that is out of the picture. the swells propagate to the east coast. tropical depression eight. i can find it. can you? it's down here. it's goin
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off the coast. tropical depression nine. this one is going to go to the hot water and bend and turn and intensify. two to watch. the bottom line in our area is probably not going to have an effect but for the rip tides, the possible showers along the coast and heavy rain. this gets going offshore as well. this will show how close it gets. tropical depression number nine will get stronger and moves off the coastline. the second one that could be ian could make landfall northwest of tampa. and head out to sea as well. so limited impact. here we go. the cold front coming wednesday evening with the thunderstorms. finally a break from the heat and humidity. it looks gorgeous over the weekend a
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day around the washington area. that's the latest. jonathan: thanks. let me show you something. this is an extremely rare blue lobster. they are out there but not a lot of them. part of family of american lobsters some in the european union want classified as invasive in the area. meaning that is not a good thing. more commonly this is how we know lobsters. ready for the pot. 32 of those crustaceans were found in sweden water this year. american lobsters moving in their territory. some say they don't belong there. opinion soon could be issued on this entire topic. coming up next, not your typical national disaster. what killed hundreds of reindeer in norway coming up. michelle: next at 4:00, american businesses betting on drones. we break down the new laws that went into effect today.
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jonathan: the buzz around, outlawed in d.c., this will give it away. drones. michelle: but they could be the future when it comes to deliveries. today the feds new laws take effect when it comes to commercial drones. emily schmidt explains how drones could soon be
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emily: the buzz of drones carries beyond the noise. we get a different perspective of the world than before. from the rubble of italian earthquake to devastation from midwest tornado. to is idea of getting a pizza to drop in. as domino's demonstrated last week in new zealand. >> we successfully delivered the first pizzas in the world. emily: facebook founder mark zuckerberg says the drones have such ability to connect the world he gave a model to the pope. it's not lost on the federal administration. >> over the next ten years commercial unmanned aircraft systems can generate more than $82 billion for the u.s. economy. by 2025 coul support 100,000 new jobs. >> before monday, anyone wanting a commercial drone lesson needed a pilot's license. that can be time and money
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consuming. >> $20,000 as a minimum. emily: new f.a.a. rules lower that bar. they must pass aeronautical exam. they have to be under 55 pounds, stay in view of the operator and they can't fly higher than 400 feet. if you want to fly at night you need a waiver. >> there will be tens of thousands of people legal to fly. emle: the f.a.a. says it could open up opportunities in rescue to helping farmers check their crops. the sky no longer the limit in an industry almost unimaginable a few years ago. in washington, i'm emily schmidt. michelle: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the company behind epipen pledges a generic version. will it help ease the pape when it comes to paying for it? the parent company hopes to get congress off its back next. kellye: i'm kellye lynn in largo bringing books to the barbershop. i will tell you about a program that seeks to reduce the achievement gap in
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: the maker of epipen will soon roll out a generic form of the drug. michelle: it will come at half the price. opening both versions, mylan
4:32 pm
will bear for both drugs so is this really good news for epipen users? q mccray at the "live desk" with the details. q: this is great news for the epipen users out there watching now. the latest information in the newsroom is that the generic version will safe you 50%. mylan is the company that makes the life-saving device. it announced today the generic version will cost $300 for the two-pack. the name brand sells for more than double that pack. myland was under fire for increasing the price by hundreds of dollars in the past few years. epipen, get this, used to cost $100 in 2008. a doctor we spoke to says any disground is a great thing. >> it's a life saving device. patients cannot afford it. they are refusing therapies because they cannot afford the epipen. q: mylan will launch the generic v
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from now but it does not necessarily mean the right is right for you. especially if you have kids. i'm working on that story now and i'll have it in the 5:00 hour. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. doug is pack to talk about the weather. it seems like we're about to turn a corner and the heat is going away. this is wishful thinking. doug: i'm listening. it is. it's interesting because the cold front is coming in wednesday, the last day of the month of august. thursday is the first day of meteorological autumn. we have noticeable change in the weather pattern for thursday to the weekend. this is rehoboth beach. jonathan: that's where we should be today. doug: but look how crowded it is on a monday. still crowded late in the an. beaches will be jammed this weekend. for good reason. the weather will be gorgeous. as you go farther south to carolina beaches you want to keep up to date with the changing weather patterns. right now it doesn't look horrible. episode of showers and
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wind and rough surf. 64 to 72 overnight. clear skies and a light northeasterly breeze. on the muggy side. it will be fine. 70 to start the day. 85 at recess. 90 in the afternoon. sunny, hot and humid. even in wednesday it's hot and humid. but then wednesday afternoon comes to town and brings showers late in the day. the cool dry air follows. future cast shows showers offshore from a tropical disturbance number eight. it may or may not become a tropical storm. northeasterly winds will feed into it here. the precipitation. most stays off the coast. the outer banks is the area to keep a close eye on here heading through the next several days. later in the week, we will deal with the tropical depression neighbor in the gulf of mexico. we'll let you go with this. quick day of a seven-day. 902 and 90. cooler and less humid on thursday. bright sunshine. delightful friday and saturday. lower
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mid-80's and sunshine on sunday. monday is partly sunny and 87. my only wish is every day on there comes through exactly as forecast. we'll see. michelle: we hope so, too. thank you, doug. many local students are heading back to school today with the new clothes, shoes and haircuts. in the spotlight on education, kellye lynn tells us about a program that is putting books in barbershops to extend learning beyond school walls. kellye: when 7-year-old markell dickens steadieses himself for a haircut, he is able to escape to another world through books. through a program called boys barbershops and books. the goal is to shrink the achievement gap. >> we know that many boys are falling below the achievement gap. we want to make sure, especially african-american boys, that by the time they get to third braid they are reading at third grade reading level. kellye: the program started in the fall of 2015 and
4:36 pm
boys between kindergarten and fifth grade. terry is co-owner of drake's place unisex in largo. >> we understand what the need is for the community. we want to chip in and help any way we could. kellye: children are encouraged to not only read the books but take them home. the prince george's county memorial library system regularly restocks the item at the five participating barbershops. >> that means they are starting a library at home. they love the book they were reading. that means they enjoy reading. if they take the book home, then that is a plus. kellye: in largo, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: well, there were two hit-and-run crashes in 2 -- 24 hours. police say a 26-year-old was crossing north shore drive in reston yesterday evening and he was hit by a car. the driver kept going. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died late this morning. police are still looking for the vehicle and the person responsible. michelle: another deadly hit-and-run to tell you about.
4:37 pm
virginia state police say a camry was rear-ended by a nissan maxima. the impact sent camry in the jersey wall killing a woman and injuring four others inside. the driver of the nissan got out after the car hit a guardrail and ran away. but was found later in anne arundel. he was taken into custody. the red cross workers are in alexandria helping residents who have been displacedded by a two-alarm apartment fire. fairfax county fire says it start around 8:00 this morning on the 2700 block of arlington drive. it took about an hour to knock down that fire. it appears nobody was hurt. jonathan:m coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- an underwater bike race? we'll show you how they race. it's more than just snorkels. we will show you what keeps them from floating to the top. michelle: and putting a $379 water
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test. is it worth it? we compare it to cheaper options.
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female teacher: wmale teacher:he and the largest planet?? male teacher: someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low cost, high speed internet at home,
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male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. welcome to it all. comcast. jonathan: the yucks are over but the competitive goes on. this weekend the world mountain bike und
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michelle: you have to laugh at this. the competitors have to ride a mountain bike along the bottom of two-meter deep water filled trench. he is still me daling there. wearing -- he is pedaling there. wearing snorkel to allow him to breathe. jonathan: there he goes. love it. there is an official to make sure he stays on track. >> it feels great. i do a lot of bike racing but this is the biggest accolade. bike snorkeling championship. michelle: i love that. that is so cool. luckily for him he walked away with the winning title. he won the gold there. brings it home for the u.k. his second run won the race for him. time of one minute and 4.94 seconds. jonathan: they do that for a
4:42 pm
full minute underwater. staying overseas. horrible story. more than 300 reindeer killed by a lightning strike at norwegian national park. this is a tough image. they went out there and saw the sight of the hill littered with the animals. michelle: they say the wild animals are occasionally struck by lightning but the agency never seen so many killed at once. jonathan: horrible. michelle: the reindeer were likely huddled together because of stormy weather. jonathan: terrible. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- charging $40 for the tumbler. the company says it keeps the liquids colder longer. we'll see what happens when it's put to the test. michelle: a mother gunned down pushing a stroller. the arrest and the renewed focus on the gun violence
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michelle: another murder rocks chicago. a mother shot and killed while pushing a stroller. the bullets, though, meant for
4:46 pm
wade's cousin. her death highlighting the growing concern over violence in chicago. elizabeth hur has more. elizabeth: ordered to stay in dale are derren and darwin sorells charged with murdering nykea aldridge, cousin of three-time nba champion dwyane wade who spoke against gun violence just a day before the shooting. >> we start the work today and hopefully eventually we can stop it. reporter: aldridge according to police was an innocent victim, shot and killed pushing a baby stroller after registering one of the children with school. >> the life is gone too soon. too soon. she was taken away from us. elizabeth: her family devastated. chicago's top cop angry revealing the two suspects in this case are known gang bangers and repeat offenders. >> w
4:47 pm
and keep them there. >> the law has to change. it's part, it's not the whole answer but it is part of the addressing of the problem. elizabeth: this killing putting chicago's gun violence back in the spotlight. so far this year there were more than 450 murders. that is up nearly 50% compared to last year. some 6,000 illegal guns have been recovered since january. that is more weapons than new york and los angeles combine combineed. as far as thises have is concerned, police have a videotaped confession from one of the suspect admitting the intended target was another man. the two suspects are due in court next month. in new york, elizabeth hur for abc7 news. michelle: overseas now. incredible pictures of migrants and refugees coming in, thousands rescued on the mediterranean. many families traveling with young children.
4:48 pm
look at. more than 700 were rescued from just one boat several miles off the libyan coast. jonathan: apple fans, here you go. a new iphone could be announced in less than two weeks. apple put to a note on the website saying see you september 7. it will stream the invitation-only event held in san francisco at 1:00 in the afternoon our time. that is when we will know for sure. a drinking cup has become the item everyone is going after at camping stores. it claims to keep your drink colder all day long, which could be great. the question is how much are you willing to pay for that? do cheaper ones accomplish the same thing? consumer reporter john matarese put the cup to the test so you won't waste your money. john: the yeti drink tumbler is the hottest, or should we say the coldest thing at d.c. area camping stores these days but wow are they pricy. we want to know if cheaper competitors are just as good. walk into any dick's sporting goods, cabela or o
4:49 pm
miss them. big displays of yeti tumblers, the hot i was selling cold drink -- hottest selling cold drink cup in history. chris would love one for his job. >> if it worked it would be great. john: but the prays is $39. almost $40. >> no way. i wouldn't pay for that. john: the stores know the price is high for family budgets so they arem roing out competitor. >> wal-mart makes a brand like that. john: wall mark look-alike o'czar trail cup is $9. outdoorsy guys all over youtube comparing the cup. >> they are the same dimension and the lids are interchangeable. john: we decided to do our own test. the $39 yeti and wal-mart $9 look-alike, the ozark trail and another $9 cup. the sub zero. i packed each one with ice and sealed them
4:50 pm
ice melted. the yeti and ozark lost the same water. two understands. sub zero lost 1.5 ounces but since it was smaller than the other two it saw more ice melt. at 24 hours i drained each cup again. yeti and ozark lost identicalmants. sub zero lost a slightly bigger percentage of melting. at the two-day mark all the ice melted except for a teeny piece of ice in wal-mart ozark trail cup. in the end we are calling it a tie between the yeti and the wal-mart ozark trail. yeti filed a lawsuit against wal-mart and another brand as well to ask them to stop selling the look-alike tumblers. for now they are still available so don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. jonathan: people will be racing to get the $10 expert. we want to revisit the issue with the pumpkin spice. too early to head
4:51 pm
scene? michelle: head to never too early, too early, or it's just on time. jonathan: he lives at starbucks. steve: but i don't drink flavored drinks. so they can hold off two months. jamie: what about a candle? ready for it now? steve: i don't care. michelle: just join my team. jamie: i'm not ready. steve: the second it's a cool morning in a few weeks you will be like it's on time. i drink iced drinks. jonathan: we got it out of the system? we're good? we can move on? michelle: for a few weeks. steve: in the meantime, it's hot out there. good for a chilled coffee. look at the national harbor. look at the green slime on the river due to the fact it's been so hot. algae, sorry. not slime. give it proper name at this point. 93 degrees at reagan national
4:52 pm
what is wrong with calling it slime? i like it. i don't like it. look at the temperatures out there. upper 80's to the lower 90's. it will stay on the warm side moving through overnight hours. forecast this evening for the 80's. partly cloudy for the evening and the overnight. lows will fall in the 60's. suburban locations. lower 70's inside the beltway. the next few days going to the pool. 20 tomorrow. 90 on wednesday. thursday on 26 degrees. delmarva beaches for the holiday weekend. fantastic. 81 on saturday. 82 on sunday. 84 on monday. be on the lookout for the ripped currents. if you are not used to going in water be careful. the seven-day outlook. double 90's tuesday and wednesday. 86 on thursday. 84 on friday. we stay in 80's saturday and sundays with the nighttime lows in the 60's. good time to download the stormwatch7 weather app. stay ahead of the north storm. i'm not going to use the segue i wanted to do. here i
4:53 pm
the pumpkin spice lattes but you like green spice? that what is going on here? it's good you enjoy something. talk about the traffic. not a lot of people are enjoying a crash. 270 near german town road. moved to the shoulder. still bumper to bumper traffic. take a look at the capital beltway. seven locks inner loop to the outer loop seeing a volume at 14 miles per hour. the big picture look. you can see here. not a lot going on inside. but slowing on the outside. looks like green slime there. back to you, jonathan. jonathan: all right. jamie, thanks. coming up for us here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- it's not just the race for the white house. the balance in both chambers at the capitol are at stake as well. how should the g.o.p. prioritize the campaign spending? a closer look at where the money is needed and where it could go coming up. michelle: coming up new at 5:00, the controversy surrounding
4:54 pm
colin kaepernick. his defense after refusing to stand for the national anthem and what the redskins camp is saying about t ♪ and what the redskins camp is saying about t amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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michelle: with donald trump still behind hillary clinton in some major polls they are working to switch the balance to house and
4:57 pm
reporter: from trump bump to trump slump. falling polls and campaign shakeups bolstered the case for many anti-trump republicans. now calling for a change in strategy when it comes to doling out the dollars from the g.o.p. war chest. >> it's simply pouring money down the drain to pretend that donald trump has a chance of winning. reporter: former republican house staffer jim boyle is one of more than 100 republicans signing a letter urging the republican national committee to immediately suspend all discretionary r.n.c. support for trump and focus the entirety of the r.n.c. available resources on preserving the g.o.p. congressional majority. >> those are the true republicans that are running. trump trump is not a republican. he is charading as the republican presidential candidate. reporter: many republicans facing uphill battles to hold on to their seats including the six senate candidates that have seen the poll numbers drop since the republican co
4:58 pm
resources say the money can help if for nothing else to amplify the messages through mail, radio and television ads. in a media landscape they worry is drowned out by the top of the ticket. >> the conversation is overwhelmingly driven by what crazy thing donald trump did today or what new scandal came out about hillary clinton. reporter: former r.n.c. spokesman tim miller says there is a big concern that many moderate republicans won't show up to vote at all. >> it's critical we maintain the senate and the house. so that there is a check on hillary. >> maintaining control at the capitol. for some republicans their last best hope for 2016. in washington, abc7 news. leon: tonight, new murder cases linked. >> every day it's, it hurts. leon: the area police say they have their man and they are worried he's a serial killer. overflowing. a local school system starts
4:59 pm
than the previous one. the changes and the challenges ahead there. plus, hillary clinton's top aide says enough is enough. anthony weiner's latest embarrassment and a new generic epipen available. it's cheaper, but doctor says there is a critical difference that users need to know about. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: up first at 5:00, tonight, police say they connected two horrifying murders to the same man. they fear there could be more victims not yet discovered. both cases involve women found decapitated in anne arundel county. maryland bureau chief brad bell spoke with a victim's family and the police. what have you learned? brad: well, the fear here at the anne arundel county police department is this suspect killed two women. in very similar ways before. the fear
5:00 pm
other victims out there that they just don't know about yet. >> i can't understand. brad: it's been four years since barbara lost her granddaughter jessica lee. young woman's body found decapitated behind the pasadena shopping center. four years but the tears come like it was yesterday. >> every day. every day. it hurts so bad. why can't they catch this guy? brad: that painful question unanswered until now police say. murder charges filed this morning in anne arundel county against this man, 289-year-old scheibe -- 28-year-old christopher scheibe. a career criminal. >> i hope he burns in jail. that he goes to trial and never goes to hurt anybody else. brad: sadly, police say sadly he has hurt someone else. last may in annapolis, the body of holly smith fou


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