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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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other victims out there that they just don't know about yet. >> i can't understand. brad: it's been four years since barbara lost her granddaughter jessica lee. young woman's body found decapitated behind the pasadena shopping center. four years but the tears come like it was yesterday. >> every day. every day. it hurts so bad. why can't they catch this guy? brad: that painful question unanswered until now police say. murder charges filed this morning in anne arundel county against this man, 289-year-old scheibe -- 28-year-old christopher scheibe. a career criminal. >> i hope he burns in jail. that he goes to trial and never goes to hurt anybody else. brad: sadly, police say sadly he has hurt someone else. last may in annapolis, the body of holly smith fou
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mall. she had been stabbed and cut multiple times. christopher scheibe's name surfacedded as a suspect. under questioning police say he confessed. recently, more questioning about jessica lee and another confession. and a new fear. are there more victims out there? police asking the public for help. >> we are asking to take a look at his face. face, not name. he has been known to use several aliases. brad: barbara burke unable to understand why anyone would hurt her grand daughter. >> she would talk to anybody. a loving granddaughter. brad: police telling us that scheibe has connection to southern maryland. you heard what they said. look at his face. not think about the name. one other point. they say he was a story teller, and he often told people he encountered that he had been part of special
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so again, that face, the special forces. anything like that. if you have any suspicions about him, police want you to give them a call. as we said, there is a fear that there could be other unsolveed crimes connected to this man. in millersville, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. just into the newsroom tonight. we lost the legend of comedy. gene wilder died last night. according to the actor's nephew. he was famous for his role as willy wonka, as well as the string of mel brooks comedies including "young frankstein." "the producers" and "blazing saddles." he died from complications from alzheimer's disease. gene wilder was 83. leon: he was a genius. prince george's county executive baker is promising change in the school head start program. this is after the program lost federal funding amidst claims of children being abused or neglected.
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ing. it is embarrassing. it angers me. but the next thing is i have to make sure that the children are safe. the parents have a place to send their children. today was the first day of classes since the scandal broke. michelle: summer break is over in montgomery county. the return of substitutes to school is shining a spotlight on growing problem. growing student population leading the overcrowding. kevin lewis joins us with what is being done. kevin? kevin: this really is no secret. mcps has been talking about overcrowding for years.
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if you take the enrollment alone they could fill the elementary school behind me four times over. day one of classes. maryville elementary school in rockville is lucky to be under capacity. >> adequate space and safety for every student. kevin: mcps new superintendent jack smith says overcrowding is one of his top three priorities. the problem is this marks the eighth consecutive year of growth for mcps with 2,500 extra students this year alone. the total enrollment is 159,000. two other middle schools and an elementary school also opened today following expansion projects. signed the
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wheaton high school, more sign of progress. brighter classrooms and extra stairwell. cafeteria that can be comfortably fit 1700 students. >> it's increased the school pride. knowing you are the best of what the county has to offer. you don't want to say i'm the newest school in mcps and i didn't use the resources i had. >> well, the young man they heard from is a senior at wheaton high school with hopes of attending columbia university next year. whack to the issue of over -- back to tissue of overcrowding. it's not going away anytime soon. mcps estimates it will have 15,000 students enrolled in the next five years alone. we are live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: a new high school is opening and 1400 attending charles
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manassas. it features high-tech fine arts facility and an aquatic center. we have been asking you to share with us the best back-to-school pictures. boy did you get the message. we have so many pictures. we want to thank you. head to click on the back to school bubble to share your pictures and watch here on abc7. see your shots on air or online as well. michelle: the return of school says fall but the temperatures are saying something else. summer still. leon: still summer. summer is not leaving easily. if the heat and now we have two tropical systems threaten the u.s. as well. doug hill has more. you got your hands full. doug: a lot to look at for the recordkeeping purposes. 24 more days of summer left before we observe the autumnal equinox for the first day of fall. take a look here at the latest
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image. this is a beautiful evening. mid-to-upper 80's across most of the areas. still 90's closer to town. 93 in reagan national. outdoor dining weather. superb. a bit warm but as the sun angle is lower the temperatures will fall more quickly but still remain comfortable in the 80's tonight. overnight, 64 to 72 under clear skies with a northeast to the easterly wind developing. at the bus stop is 70 degrees. 90 in the afternoon. we have the latest information from the national hurricane center on all of this stuff. michelle: thank you. if you are headed out of town take the storm watch weather team with you. download the weather app from the itunes or the google play store. it is free. leon: new low for the disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. his wife is leaving him. jonathan elias is following
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developing story. just when you thought the race for white house couldn't get more interesting. huma abedin is announcing a separation in a news release today. it comes after another sexting scandal involving her husband. the third public scandal he has had. this time it appears that the proverbial straw one of the pictures he snapped and sent out his young son shows up in the picture. you see the stomach and the little one. the baby in a onesie. the "new york post" posted the picture of weiner in his underwear with a son that he called his friend. this story and the split is fueling the fire for donald trump. >> she is inside the inevery circle of the campaign. this lets him make a case that you question the integrity of the inner circle. jonathan: trump praised abedin 's decision to leave weiner saying, "she will be
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but it also takes a swipe at clinton's judgment. you can bet we will hear more of this in the push to election day. leon: now this coming in the newsroom. police in d.c. are investigating a deadly shooting of a man in southeast. this happened in the 3100 of buena vista terrace where they found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. police are looking for three men in a 2001 gold chevy impala. michelle: frightening story from the district tonight. a man in his home attacked and sexually assaulted. as stephen tschida reports this is the third time this month a man has been sexually assaulted in the district. the suspect somehow got in this large capitol hill home. but no obvious sign of break-in. investigators believe from the moment he entered the house the suspect intended to sexually assault one of the male occupants. although the victim did not know his attacker. >> shocking. it's
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>> it went down sunday morning about 6:00. a man asleep in a bedroom in this home woke up to the sight of another man armed with a gun standing over him. >> it's extremely disturbing. theys say several young professionals live in this home. >> i don't remember hearing anything of this kind in this neighborhood in 20 years lived here. >> last week the d.c. police released surveillance of a suspect in the recent sexually assault of a man in the shaw neighborhood. sunday's incident is the third sexual assault of a man by other men this month in d.c. >> you don't hear about it often. it's stunning. >> aside from the surveillance images of the suspect in the a.m. incident the suspect descriptions are vague. no word about th
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be related. stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: still ahead at 5:00. a senior citizen and beloved church member killed walking across roadway. what police need you to see as they search for the hit-and-run drive responsible. >> plus the maker of the expensive epipen says is it working on a generic. a doctor we spoke with warns it may not be a solution for many parents trying to protect their children. is that plus, pump kin spice madness is here again. we tell you about a town going all out for fall flavor. some of us question whether it's too san for this. michelle: first, controversy around a quarterback refusal to stand. new developments in colin kaepernick's protest next.
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leon: the call for action by inaction. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem. his refusal to protest police brutality against african-americans. as we report the quarterback is not backing down.
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the field. now. >> i'm continue to sit. >> it's what colin kaepernick is refusing to do on the sideline that has him in the middle of a fire storm. the quarterback saying he is taking a stand by sitting. refusing to stand up for the national anthem. protesting police brutality against african-americans. his decision is met with outrage. >> here is my salute to you. any fellow athletes say he is being disrespectful. >> i get he can do whatever he wants but there is a time and a place. show some respect. >> some teammates say it's his prerogative. >> he did what he did. he had a right to do that. we will go forward. >> 49ers coach chip kelly
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saying -- >> it's not my write to tell him to do something. >> the nfl saying players are encouraged but not requiring to stand in the playing of the national anthem. kaepernick said refusing to honor the flag doesn't mean he is disrespecting the military and hopes now people hope he knows where he stands and the issues he is bringing awareness to can be addressed. leon: our abc7 sports team was at redskins camp today to get reaction to this. the powerful words from the players and bobby mitchell and what he told robert burton coming up in half an hour. michelle: it might only be august but we are already seeing pumpkin spice hitting the shelves. is it too early for pumpkin spice food and drinks? weigh in. some businesses in the area already weighed in. they think
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early. dunkin' donuts announced they are adding the flavor to the menus. the baltimore coffee and tea company in frederick says they never stop selling it. >> not too early in my opinion. people get scared that it leaves every year. michelle: i do get scared! pets. yes. the four-legged friends getting pumpkin spice in their lives. paws in the city offers pumpkin pup products year round and expects the pum pin cookie, beer and lattes for the four-legged friend. beer for the dog? to fill the shelves soon. leon: happy dog. michelle: yeah. leon: the american way. never too early to make a sale. when does the christmas selling season start?
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michelle: even if the weather is mild like today. doug: we have a ways to go. we will see the cooler days. like the end of the week we get a taste of the cooler weather but it will warm back up by next week. thinking of fall. not here yet. got a ways to go. get started with the time lapse. this is from the langely school in mclean. beautiful morning. the clouds thinning out. the sun getting higher in the sky. more fair weather clouds form. that looks like a photograph. the temperatures are around 90. through the evening we will drop to 80's. partly cloudy and warm. sunset getting sooner. 7:42. remember an hour less daylight thank -- than at the end of june. wake-up temperatures, mid-to-upper 60's across the metro. brentwood and other part of the city. closer downtown. 72 in the morning. a little on the muggy side.
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weather. on the side of the screen the circulation from the hurricane gaston. category two headed north and east. back to the azores across the atlantic to europe. now we have the thunderstorms off the coast of carolina. circulation of tropical depression number eight is down here. it's still expected to become a tropical storm. stay off the coast. we will watch that. it could bring rain to the coast. in the if you feel, we have another one. tropical depression nine. here is the deal. it will get up to 40-45 miles per hour. but quickly on the day wednesday move off the outer banks. head rapidly to the atlantic. dissipate. it could rough up the surf for the mid-atlantic. tropical storms from the oregon inlet through the cape. look out tomorrow. and as far as tropical depression number nine. raggedded looking. not a lot going on with it but they expect it to be a tropical storm later i
5:20 pm
i could make landfall and head along the coast. move out to 60 miles per hour. rough sur surf, rip tides is the biggest effect. great conditions. 90 wednesday. less humid on thursday. cold front late friday. scattered showers and the thunderstorms. a little bit of the heat comes to an end. it looks nice. 40% chance of storms. thursday is the first day of september. first day of the meteorological autumn. cool off and turns pleasant. through the holiday weekend. beaches look good as well. the rip current is what we'll see there. point this out. this is monday.
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and check labor day and the forecast a week ahead of time and compared the forecast a week ahead of time was and what the actual weather was is different. this is the time of year that we are subject to the tropical influences and things could change. we don't anticipate that. but the stormwatch7 weather team is all over it. with know how important the final weekend of summer is. we'll let you know how it changes. leon: don't want to end the summer on a bang like that. thank you, sir. still ahead, folks. cruise ship mishap. a crash in baltimore that has a captain off the job. michelle: a generic announced for an epipen but it may not bring parents the cost savings they are hoping for.
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leon: the company behind the epipen says it is working on a cheaper generic version. this is coming after a major bub -- major public price surge. q mccray has more on the story. q: who doesn't like saving money? any discount is good for patients. this news is amazing for them. we found out the newer, cheaper version might not be right
5:25 pm
mylan announced plans to launch generic epipen at 50% discount. news dr. richard loria and his patients are pleased to hear. >> they are refusing therapies because they cannot afford the epipen. q: the branded version epipen will still cost more than $600 or higher. >> if you walked in office street, it's $810. the reality is that they gouged patients. the main competitor was pulled off the market. q: the move is in response to national outrage over high prices but why wasn't mylan making a generic version in the first place? >> i suspect this is related to the device more than the drug. q: the easy to use auto injector is what makes it popular. it's required by name in school systems around the country. >> given that school systems in particular may require a specific device such as the branded epipen name, because training teachers
5:26 pm
drivers in two different devices may be difficult. q: which means parents could be stuck buying the pricy version. those considering buying the treatment from a foreign country should think twice. >> it may not be enforced. there are provisions written saying we should not do that. q: if you have concerns, ask your doctor. also, always make sure that when you buy the epipen you open it there in front of the pharmacist and check the expiration date and make sure you have a year left on it to get your money version. the new generic version won't come out for a few more weeks. that's the latest. back to you. michelle: thank you. metro safetrack surges giving uber a surge of its own. the ride-sharing app says it has seen 25% increase of demand since the start of safetrack and it credited the pooling together initiative which includes an increase in uber pool
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the trains will singletrack around the clock between franconia station and van dorn street. abc7 can help you stay ahead of troubles on metro. text the word "metro" to 43817. leon: still ahead at 5:00, it cost woman thousands and even after the victim said she couldn't afford it. michelle: captain off the job. what we know about the cruiseship crash in baltimore. she was out for a walk. an elderly woman died crossing the street in reston. police say the driver never stopped. 'm ryan hughes.
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if
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most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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michelle: an elderly woman died after being run down crossing a street. the driver never stopped. now police are asking for help to find the person responsible. ryan hughes joins us live from north shore drive in reston where it happened. ryan? ryan: we learned that the
5:31 pm
she lived across the real estate in a senior community and was out for a walk to get exercise. police say the driver who hit her never stopped. now they need your help to track him down. >> friends say a 76-year-old devoted her time to the church. every sunday she handed out patch lets at church -- pamphlets at church. she was crossing and she wasn't in the crosswalk and she was struck by a car. >> everyone is running. >> police say the driver never stopped. >> the ambulance came. she was unchon
5:32 pm
she could not talk. >> she was rushed to the hospital but she died. >> we got together and prayed that she was okay. it was really sad. ryan: we obtained the surveillance video from the gas station. fairfax county police are looking for it. they thought the person driving the black altima was a suspect but now they believe he or she was a witness. >> we'd like to find out the circumstances if for accident. >> the church friends are praying that the driver is responsible. >> we hope to catch the hit-and-run guy soon. >> police would like to speak to the driver of the nissan altima who likely witnessed the hit and run. sal lived by herself. now her friends are planning a way to honor her. we are live tonight in reston. ryan news, abc7 new
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michelle: thank you. another hit-and-run in fairfax county on the beltway near an exit in anne arundel. police -- annandale. police say a man driving a car rear-ended another vehicle and sent it crashing in the barrier. the female drive of the car that crashed in the barrier died. the other driver ran from the scene. he was caught a few hours later. leon: check the top stories. investigators say a man already in jail for killing a woman in annapolis admits to killing another woman in 2012. police say christopher scheibe confessed to killing 18-year-old jessica lee in pasadena. he confessed to killing holly smith this past may. it is possible he killed other women that they don't know about. michelle: former congressman anthony weiner and his wife separated in the wake of another sexting scandal. huma abedin a top aide to clinton ray nounced they are separating following allegations that
5:34 pm
weiner sent lewd pictures to a woman online. he re-signed after sending suggestive photos to several women. leon: actor gene wilder died of complication from alzheimer's disease. best known for roles in "blazing saddles," "young frankstein." he was 83. prosecutors say a chicago man confessed to a shooting that killed the cousin of nba star dwyane wade. two brothers charged in the death of nykea aldridge appeared in court. police say that derren and darwin sorells are government gang -- are both gang members. michelle: the captain of the spirit cruise ship that crashed in a dock in baltimore has been suspended. spirit of baltimore ran into and heavily damaged the pier rat
5:35 pm
george leight lives on his bolt and says it was a -- lives on his boat and says it was a close call. >> five more feet and i'd have been in the harbor. thank god for watching out for us. michelle: spirit cruise says two passengers suffered minor injuries. the dock was damaged and two boats were scratched by the bigger ship. coast guard is investigating. leon: coming up next a lottery scam aims at the elderly. "7 on your side" has what to watch out for. >> have you seen this machine? -- have you seen this man? he is wanted for grand larceny. leon: free wi-fi for met
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steve: it's monday but we are talking about the upcoming weekend. big weekend around the d.m.v. talk about what to expect on labor day monday. looking at the temperatures in the upper 80's. a mix of sun and clouds. overall a nice, nice labor day ahead. backtrack a little bit. sunday. we have the national symphony orchestra. temperatures will be in the 80's early on. following in the 70 it. the gates open at 3:00 in the afternoon. delmarva beaches looking good. be on the look out for the dangerous win currents. the temperatures around 81 on saturday. 82 on sunday. we are not talking about any rain. stay with us. "abc7 news at
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q: welcome to "7 on your side"'s fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. tonight we have five fugitives from law enforcement on our wall. including two new ones. one of them is wanted in prince william county right now for firing shots during a domestic dispute. prince william county police say on dray john richardson is charged with grand larceny, brandishing a firearm and reckless handling of a firearm. in d.c. they are searching for torrence joy for burglary. articling county police are on the looou
5:40 pm
flores-lamaci for forgery an barak who failed to appear for trial after his third d.u.i. put the wall of justice in motion. tonight the spotlight is on wallace dodson. metropolitan police are on the lookout for dodson for stealing money. >> wallace uses somebody else's identification. enter a bank in the district to withdrawal funds under the individual's name. this is identity theft. this is wrong. this is legal. now he cost that individual hard-earned money. q: he is 5'9", 160 pounds and he is wanted for first-degree theft. if you are watching, police want you to turn yourself in immediately. if you recognize man contact the metropolitan police department. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. i'm q mccray. leon: arlington county police department is now using body cameras. 25 member of the county police and the sheriff's office began wearing them today as part of a test program. the fo
5:41 pm
months after the department began researching body cameras. coming up next at 5:00, colin kaepernick doubles down and says he will continue to not stand in the national anthem. we head to redskins park to check in with how that decision is sitting with the skins. michelle: also ahead a new tactic scammers are using to get your money. "7 on your side" with an important warning.
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horace: she would be the first to admit she loves to play the lottery. >> don't charge me a final. horace: the lottery game the senior citizens played for years a few weeks ago took an interesting spin. >> you have
5:45 pm
horace: she won. that's what she thought. half a million dollars. but what she had to do to collect according to the man who called her handling the transfraction the bank was unorthodox. she started to tell her she had to pay $12,000 i.r.s. fee. >> i have no money for this. horace: no problem he said. bank would send her two checks. one for $9,000, the second for $3,000. all she would have to do to prove she could be trusted was to cash the check, buy two greating cards. put $9,000 in one and $3,000 in the other. >> red flag. horace: chelsea owens says it appears she is falling victim to one of the biggest ripoffs targeting the elderly. >> it's heartbreaking when we hear this. horace: the better business bureau says sending small checks to supposed
5:46 pm
winners is a ploy. >> walk away. this is not a legitimate lottery. horace: after checks like those are cashed will likely balance leaving the so-called winner having to pay back the bank. no legitimate contest would require you to pay anything up front. one more thing -- >> once you have given your telephone or number or te mail address to the lottery scammers you will be placed on a so-called sucker's list that the fraudulent telemarketers buy. >> i don't believe you. no. goodbye. >> you will start getting all kind of calls. horace holmes, abc7 news. >> if you have to send money to get money it's a scam.
5:47 pm
e-mail us or call us for the help line number. 866-236-3401. michelle: we might need he on the roads. check in with jamie sullivan for a look at the trouble spots. jamie: 66, michelle, where we begin. this is a trouble spot for us usually because we have all of the volume. today a little different story. there is an accident in the clearing stages. we have had the ramp blocked and we had lanes blocked as well now. we are dealing with the starting to recover. because the crash is almost cleared away. 66 leaving the city we are slow from the beltway. on the beltway near 7 locks road, inner and the outer loop is slowing. up is glare as well so it's heavy on the top of the beltway. 11 miles per hour on the inner loop crossing the american legion bridge. that continues through bethesda through silver spring. you get a break
5:48 pm
are on the brakes again near college park. inside the beltway is more green than red. always a good sign. back to you. leon: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert about the next iphone. it will be unveiled in a week. apple is hosting the next launch event titled "see you on the 7th." the next iphone is expected to be the 7. we'll see if the rumors are true that apple is eliminating the head phone jack for blue tooth. michelle: we shall see. drones are not welcome in the nation capital but new laws may change law of d.c. leadership. enough laws kicked in to make it easier for someone to obtain a commercial drone license. before the new law to fly a drone for a business you needed a pilot's license.
5:49 pm
cost $20,000. the laws were reduced because of what the new business could do for the economy. >> over the next ten years, commercial unmanned aircraft systems could generate more than $82 billion for the u.s. economy. by 2025 could be supporting 100,000 new jobs. michelle: now to fly a commercial drone you must pass an aeronautical examine, stay in view of the operator and you can't fly higher than 400 feet. the f.a.a. say changes could open up the opportunities from the rescues to inspecting utility lines. leon: to delivering pizza. michelle: surveying storm damage. leon: hopefully good stuff like that. one thing not in the sky for us right now is any rain. doug, what is the word on that? doug: tomorrow afternoon, out along the blue ridge, isolated st
5:50 pm
wednesday, late afternoon or evening and the cold front. it will be nice. take a look right now. the kids are practicing on the field here in frederick. the coaches running drills. running this way, running that way. back and forth. toasty in the upper 80's in the area. as far as what will happen in the evening, the temperatures will fall. slow drop. 93 at reagan national. 91 in leesburg and fredericksburg. 91 in baltimore. outlook for most of the area. clear to partly cloudy. sunset at 7:42. 65 in the morning at ashburn. 68 in la plata. future cast shows the tropical depression number eight spinning off the coast. maybe showers make it to the outer banks where there is a tropical storm warning in effect for the southern and the outer
5:51 pm
another wing in the gulf of mexico. they are both shore scrapers with the biggest impact the one in the gulf for later in week for the west coast of florida. here we are looking at the shower and the storm chances late on wednesday. cooler and the less humid weather thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. perhaps to labor day itself. that is it. back to you. michelle: all right. thank you. leon: all right. boy, this thing that colin kaepernick kicked up has a lot of conversation started. robert: curious to see how long we talk about this. he will continue to sit. that is what he is telling the media. this is the biggest story in sports. colin kaepernick not standing in the national anthem to protest what he feels is the unfair treatment of african-americans in america. we got a feel with how the players are taking it. >> i don't know colin. i can't speak for his beliefs. robert: we asked about the kaepernick controversy. >> i just found out what was going on with that. robert: vernon
5:52 pm
with kaepernick in san francisco. >> he was a wonderful teammate. a great person. hard worker. every day he brought his lunchpail ready to work. robert his no-stand stant is the hottest issue in sport. >> i give respect for the men and women that give their lives for freedom that we enjoy. robert: some are questioning his timing. the platform isn't what it was when he was a superstar in the super bowl a few years ago. >> if he going to do that be an activist. from here on out, be all about it. so it's genuine. robert: another controversy that digest at redskins park. this one not involving home team. >> media is going to always multiply negative things. i think he explained himself and why he did it. that should be enough. robert: i had a chance to sit down with the redskins legend bobby mitchell, no one who knows a thing or two about discrimination.
5:53 pm
kaepernick. >> i understand how you feel. but stand. i guess tears just like anybody else. i might have just got through treating like a dog out on the street. i still stand. robert: bobby mitchell. the first black player for the redskins. he knows what it's about. for him to say stand, you might have to stand up. leon: interesting. robert: a lot goes into this. michelle: we'll see where it goes. robert: the full interview is at on sports. leon: stay with us. we'll be right back.
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michelle: it's like an easter island of presidential busts from george washington to george w. bush. the original home closed for good and one man was tasked with their removal. as jay korff shows us, he couldn't just get rid of
5:57 pm
jay: down a crumbling driveway in rural virginia, stands a testament to history. >> i'm howard hankins. we are outside of williamsburg. jay: howard turns trees into mulch on his 400-acre farm. >> i can't believe i did it. jay: the recycler is also trying to restore. remarkable collection that honors the men who led our nation. >> it's almost like mount rushmore. we got them all. jay: here tower 43 american presidents. each statue standing 20 feet tall. >> it's unbelievable the detail and to be so big. the eyes are looking at you. jay: the steely gazes are determined and some are ghostly. >> we have mr. roosevelt. back there is george bush. the earlier ones are my favorite, i would say. they came
5:58 pm
jay: it inspired this 62-year-old to preserve the icon of power. they once lived at the nearby presidents park which went bust in 2010. hankins was tasked with disposing of the statues. >> they wanted me to crush them. i thought about it. jay: but he decided to save it for history sake. find out how hankins moved the giants and how he plans to honor the heads of state. >> i want to get it out there and build a museum and i want people to talk about it. jay korff, abc7 news. michelle: this is a exclusive. log on. we have a special tab at the top of the page that takes you directly to that story. well, that is all for us at 5:00. now on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the mistake that is now being blamed for a system wide 911 outages in d.c. wi-fi co
5:59 pm
plus, how safetrack will impact an event that involves thousands of people here in the d.c. area. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: it's 6:00. we now know an engineer pushed the wrong button and caused 911 service in d.c. to be cut off saturday night. maureen: emergency service representatives say they know of no dire incidents due to the shutdown but still some residents say the problems persisted for hours. leon: stephen tschida is live now. we look at the fallout from the wrong button. stephen? stephen: about an hour and a half of 911 calls failure. this is what we learned. a lot of phone calls went out today from the wilson building to the 911 center. this is what the government leaders learned. it was a simple mistake with major repercussions. an alarm
6:00 pm
leak sends engineer to a secure room saturday night. he intended to turn off the alarm. instead he cut off the 911 system. >> that kind of thing happens when you have new folks in there. tokes who aren't paying attention. stephen: linda bruce is among the callers who could not get through. >> i called from 11:50 to 2:20. i called at least 20 times. stephen: the engineer is a contractor and he is now banned from working in any district government buildings. tonight management is trying to reassure the public. >> we are looking to ways we make sure it doesn't happen again. >> a few weeks ago montgomery county 911 system crashed and this led to complaints of lost lives since those who called could not get an ambulance. so far, apparently no such complaints after d.c.'s 911 failure. >> we would love to hear from a resident if there was a service that wasn't provided. stephen: linda bruce's situatio


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