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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 30, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" tropical threat. parts of the east coast bracing for heavy rains and flooding as numerous tropical systems go closer to the shore. the west coast also has a watch of its own. a distraction on the campaign trail for the hillary clinton campaign. huma abedin says she's splitting with anthony weiner as another texting scandal hits home. >> new this half hour, the first night of the u.s. open. >> while the world's number one player may be on the course, it's who is in the stands that is drawing a lot of attention. wait until you find out. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we were in the stands, but we
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attention. nobody cared we were there. >> and there was a reason we were wearing our sunglasses at night. we'll explain. >> we'll get to that. >> first, let's get to the top story this half hour, the stormy weather in the tropics. >> there are two tropical depressions south of florida expected to be tropical storms. depression nine is moving up the gulf coast. residents in the st. petersburg area are getting read for heavy rain. >> and depression eight is moving up the east coast toward north carolina outer banks and expected to be a tropical storm later today. beach goers are already seeing rough surf and rip currents with heavy rain ahead. hurricane dp asto is away from land. first go to td 8 as you see on the map. they don't get a name until they're a storm. this one looks like tropical storm warnings in place from cape lookout to oregon inlet.
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the storm that is dropping quite a bit of rain for south florida through cuba, that one has to become a tropical storm and then make a turn between tallahassee and tampa is where it's hitting right now. the timing for that is thursday. the pacific, hurricane madeline looks to affect hawaii, the southern and big island. >> mother nature busy these days. in the west a powerful storm system hammered colorado springs. there was flash flooding and road closures. some motorists were rescued from their cars. downtown colorado springs received two to three inches in about an hour. they also dispatched their snowplows to deal with as much as two feet of hail. a stunning tornado was spotted growing as it ran through farms at sunset. there were several other tornadoes in the area.
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not much damage reported. there was also heavy rain and some hail. the white house says the u.s. has met president obama's goal of admitting 10,000 syrian refugees into the country. this family heading to san diego is among those resettling. donald trump criticized the program as a way for terrorists to enter the u.s. the u.s. will attempt to welcome 10,000 more refugees in the next fiscal year. a huge migrant rescue operation off the coast of libya. about 6500 migrants were picked up. it's one of the biggest operations of its kind so far. the white house says president obama will meet with the president of turkey on sunday. it will be their first meeting since the attempted coup in turkey. the u.s. is asking turkey to focus on the battle with isis in syria and not on the kurds. and this follows clashes between the two groups over the weekend. we're learning new details about the ex-marine who killed three baton rouge police
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officers last month. newly released medical records reveal he never saw combat in iraq, but told doctors he suffered from ptsd. he was diagnosed from an adjustment disorder with depressed mood long called for violence against police officers in several rambling videos. a new sexting scandal, and the issues bringing comments from all corners including donald trump. abc as the story. >> reporter: three strikes and anthony weiner is out. the new york post reports weiner texted sexually explicit messages in his underwear photo to a friend with his toddler son there in the bed. his wife, a top aid to hillary clinton, announced their separation monday after remaining by his side through two previous scandals captured in the documentary, "weiner". >> i'm
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>> reporter: abedin already had her share of headaches as newly released e-mails questioned her allowing access to the clinton foundation. >> hue she's getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weine are who is a perve. >> this lets donald trump make a case that you have to question the security and the integrity of the inner circle. >> reporter: trump raipraised abedin's decision to leave anthony weiner. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. >> reporter: costing 10 million, it is his largest ad buy to date. but clinton's campaign is firing back with their own challenge to trump, released detailed medical records. >> reporter: recently trump raised unsubstantiated questions
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providing far less detailed medical records himself. clinton's campaign called trump's only doctor's note laughable. it appears donald trump's former campaign manager isn't really out of the fold. sources tell us trump and corey lewandowski speak almost every day. the relationship is described as stronger than ever. when he was fired with trump lagging in the polls and hired by cnn as a political commentator. police in south carolina are investigating reports of a clown trying to lure children into the woods. there have been multiple reports of characters dressed like clowns. they reportedly glash flash green lasers and try to entice kids with large amounts of money. authorities say there has been no evidence to support the alleged sightings. it's orientation week on many college campuses that. that means parties. >> s
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not just this week but all year around. and that's why we get surveys like this, the top five party schools. >> at number one, climbing two spots from the number three position last year, the badgers of the university of wisconsin. >> yes. >> jumping five spots to two, west virginia university. very good time. university of illinois's main campus was number one. it's three this year. and rounding out the top five, two pennsylvania schools about 80 miles apart. >> the midwest is far ahead. >> no boston college? >> no boston college. >> a good time, anyway. >> i was just studying the whole time. >> syracuse university was five. it is now eight. >> i'm sure parents of all syracuse university students are disappointed about that. same for the university of iowa. number two, now number six. no longer on the list. >> disappointing. party up.
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coming up, the who's who of about every a list showing up for the u.s. open in new york city. while another a-lister shows up for jury duty. and the one word taylor swift used to describe her profession to prosecutors and why she was eventually dismissed. >> and remembering a comedic legend. what we've finding about the late gene wilder. he left generations of fans laughing with his zany antics. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by cats pride fresh and light. you by cats pride fresh and light.
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some mesmerizing images of whales behind a ship. their motion looking like they're surfing. the video was taken by a ship's captain. fans and celebrities are reacting to the death of gene wilder. >> we learned he had been struggling for years with alzheimer's and he died sunday from complications of the disease. he left behind a legacy that is still leaving us laughing to this day. here's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: playing the role of leopold bloom as one of two scheming producers -- >> my blanket. give me my blue blanket. >> reporter: turned gene wilder into a hollywood start and got him a nomination for best actor.
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the movie was the first in many collaborations with mel brooks. producing such classics as "blazing saddles". one of his many comedies including "young frankenstein". and enduring classic. it's just as much fun now as it was back then. producing laughs for even the actors while shooting the film. >> i'd look at him and his face would be here and here, laughing. >> reporter: and willy wonka and the chocolate factory. in his personal life, wilder began promoting cancer awareness and treatment after his third wife gilda radner died from cancer in 1989. tributes are now pouring in. mel brooks tweeting gene wilder,
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one of the truly great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did with his magic and blessed me with his friendship. gene wilder was 83. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. and the celebrity tributes have been pouring in. erik mccormick of "will and grace "tweeted he's a genius i stole from constantly. he's one i was humbled and thrilled to work with him. and from carl reiner, good-bye to a gifted actor whose films i suggest you revisit if you want to be entertained. >> and russell crow tweeted i saw blazing saddles seven times at the cinema with my school friends. you were a genius. rest in peace. >> did you know will y wonka when it came out was beaten by ben. "ben "about the rat.
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movie of the year. it was after it made it on tv that people were like this is pretty good. >> and continued to show it to their kids. a great movie. another favorite of mine, "see no evil hear no evil" with richard prior. it's great. gene wilder leaving a legacy behind, and the support and people coming out with memories of him sure to continue throughout the night and tomorrow. when we come back, why taylor swift was dismissed from jury duty. >> and the celebrities at the u.s. open to see and be seen. including us. we were looking everywhere. ""the skinny" is next". we were looking >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ ♪ taylor swift reporting for jury duty. >> she dispatched her civic obligation in nashville. >> unlike the rest of us, she first posed for photographs and videos with fans before heading inside the criminal courthouse. >> doesn't happen to you at jury duty? >> no.
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to be a prospective juror. she described her occupation as song writer. >> a witness says swift was she was initially chosen for a case. >> but she was reportedly dismissed because of her own pending sexual assault case involving a colorado radio d.j. who claims he was fired from a job over false allegations he grabbed her during a photo shoot. next, a new teaser out for an upcoming reality tv show, ben and lauren happily ever after. apparently ben has a secret he has to first get off his chest. >> after the final rose, is when reality hit. >> there's one big thing that you don't know about me yet. so whatever that secret is. >> we'll wait and see.
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it's scheduled to premier on et october 11th at 8:00 p.m. on free form. >> that's part of the disney network of channels. next the celebrity action at the u.s. open in new york city. >> we were lucky to be in the house as phil collins performed for the crowd. everyone went wild. we enjoyed it so much, and he wasn't the only celebrity there. you have phil collins singing. listen to this. that was him performing. you have alec baldwin in the crowd. susan sarandon in the crowd. with her sunglasses on. >> apparently we figured -- >> we noticed a pattern. >> anna winter with sunglasses. >> vera wang. also had sun glasses on. >> we decided we'd get in on the act. >> we were ready for a big jumbotron moment. didn't happen.
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we watched the match. we enjoyed watching phil collins. >> it was fun. >> we rocked out to "in the air tonight". this is during a jam break down. we got in the car and watched this video back. check out over my right shoulder. >> do you see who that is. >> we had so much fun rocking out we didn't realize susan sarandon was sitting right behind us the whole time. the best part is when she came on the jumbotron, we were like it's susan sarandon and had a conversation about wearing sunglasses because she did. she was probably sitting there watching us wondering who these idiots are. >> little did we know she was behind us, and then we find out. oh, great. couldn't have taken a creepier picture.
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>> who won the match? >> who? what match? >> there was tennis? >> oh, djokovic was playing and djokovic one. djokovic won. but he was given a challenge even though their seeds could not be further apart. very cool game to watch. >> it was very nice. >> cool match to watch, i should say. >> also at the u.s. open, kim kardashian was there. you think she's telling the same story about us that we're telling about susan sarandon? she's watching right now realizing she was sitting next to us. >> while she and her husband were in town, they got a phenomenal loft apartment for free through airbnb. >> it normally rents for $100,000 a month. kim posted snap chats of herself waking up and the rooftop garden. >> they cut a deal with airbnb
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go to, dawn saves wildlife. ♪ ♪ "golden lady" is right. our next topic, she's won an oscar for her performance in the danish girl, and now the light between oceans. >> we're talking about the actress. she's opened up about her new role act with her new boyfriend. >> reporter: she's one of hollywood's hottest actresses taking tinsel town by storm. her breakout here included everything from starring in the summer block buster to winning a best supporting oscar. >> thank you so much. >> her latest film, the light
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selling novel is a story about love and loss. in the film she plays a free spirit who falls in love with tom played by her real life boyfriend. your character miscarries several times. >> as an actor, i felt that was the most intimidating thing to perform. it's so primal. i had wonderful people who helped me to try to make the scenes authentic and real. >> one day the childless couple discover a baby in a row boat. they make a choice with serious consequences. >> it was interesting to play a character like isabel. can't judge her because everything is initially made from a good place. >> i was afraid it would be against the rules. >> to marry me? >> the chemistry between your character and michael fastbender 's character spilled off camera, yes? i know you're private about it, but this is where you fell in love is on the set? >> that'be
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but we had met a few times at parties, but we kind of first got to know each other during rehearsal. we both have done several films where we play a love story, so it's difficult. >> tending isn't always the same. >> right. >> as for the film, she hopes audiences walk away with sympathy from all the characters? >> it's about loss. it's universal emotional subjects that i think everyone can relate to. she filmed some episodes for far sweetish soap opera back in the day, and she auditioned for drama school. rejected twice. >> and she was also your muse for halloween. >> that's right. >> great halloween costume. >> this is abc "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. great halloween costume.
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making news in america this morning, campaign drama as hillary clinton's closest aide separates from her scandal-prone husband. donald trump taking advantage. criticizing clinton and questioning whether the top secret information may be in the wrong hands. and this morning john mccain facing the race of his political life today. see the rush to fill sandbags as rough surf grows in two tropical systems gain strength along the u.s. coastline. where to be on the lookout coming up. a highway crash and the brave actions of bystanders jumping into action trying to save a driver from a burning vehicle. and look who showed up for jury duty. taylor swift takes her seat among other potential jurors so was the songwriter selected to


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