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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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beaches this weekend today: mostly sunny. hot, but not terribly humid. highs: 88-92 tonight: mainly clear. lows: 63-69 wednesday: partly cloudy. a little more humid. highs: 89-93
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alert - before you send the kids out the door this morning. monocacy valley the door this morning. monocacy valley montessori public charter school in frederick county maryland is closed today because the air conditioning is not working. staff should report to work as usual turning to o
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using a sexting scandal involving disgraced former congressman-- anthony weiner to attack hillary clinton. abc's kenneth moton explains how trump says the scandal calls into question-- clinton's judgement. breaking overnight. a driver is rushed
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after crashing his car-- into a house. our cameras shot this video-- just before midnight in the 58-hundred block of crown street in
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investigators say the driver lost control of the vehicle and left the road, slamming into the house. no one inside was hurt, but the driver was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. an investigation in ongoing. also breaking this morning. police investigating a string of stabbings-- all in northwest washington overnight. the first one reported on georgia ave & blair road, just after midnight. one man was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. less than an hour later police responding to another stabbing-- this time in the 17-hundred block of columbia road. officers say another stabbing was reported at 16th & lamont street, as well as another one at irving st and 14th st. these all happening within 3 hours of each other. all the vicitms suffered non-life threatening injuries. a 9-1-1 outage affecting service in the district for several hours saturday night. and now we are learning more about what caused it. investigators say an engineer pushed the wrong button... causing 9-1-1 service to be cut off. an alarm signaling a wat
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and we're told the engineer tried to turn that alarm off. that engineer is a contractor... and has since been banned from working in any district government building. emergency service representatives tell us they don't believe there were any dire incidents due to the outage. but the investigation is ongoing. in anne arundel county... police are trying to figure out if a man-- now behind bars, is a serial killer. christopher scheibe is accused of killing "holly smith" this past may. her body was found near the annapolis mall. scheibe is also charged with the 20-12 killing of "jessica lee"... her body was found behind a shopping center in pasadena. lee's grandmother says scheibe's confessions to both crimes provide little comfort. investigators have not ruled out the possibility scheibe may have more victims.
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ties to southern maryland and the eastern shore. the washington redskins have one less day to prepare for their final preseason game-- thanks to mother nature. the skins will face off with the tampa bay buccaneers tomorrow, instead of thursday. the teams moved the game up a day to avoid tropical depression nine-- which is expected to make landfall in florida thursday morning. team personall say they spoke with the league and local authorities, and made the decision in an effort to ensure the safety of fans, players and stadium staff. coming up. shots fired at a falls church home. now neighbors are on edge-- with a shooter on the loose. the details.. coming up a growing firestorm surrounding a nfl player's protest against the national anthem. what fellow players are saying. thats coming up,
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y23cwy yi0y - hot, but not as humid today - storms wednesday night & thursday - beautiful labor day weekend - watching tropics; rip current risk at the beaches this weekend today: mostly sunn
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highs: 88-92 tonight: mainly clear. lows: 63-69 wednesday: partly cloudy. a little more humid. highs: 89-93
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495 @ braddock 66 in gainesville coming up. a freak accident in
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and police get a lot of help saving the driver's life. we'll tell you who came to the rescue.. not your average photo shoot. pop star taylor swift greets some lucky fans.. and she paid a big price to make it there on time. we'll explain.. coming up.
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