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tv   Good Morning Washington 5am  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that breaking news a pedstrian struck by a pickup truck in prince george's county. it happened on suitland parkway at naylor road - right by the dc/pg line. john gonzalez is live on the scene. hi john.
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suitland pkwy 495 @ 50
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breaking news right now out of los angeles. just moments ago
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brown - posted 250-thousand dollars bail to get out of jail. brown was arrested last night at his southern california home on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. this after a woman complained that he pointed a gun at her face. the arrest happened after an hours long stand-off with police. the woman, identified as baylee curran claims she was admiring a diamond necklace of one of browns associates who was reportedly showing off his jewerley. thats when she says browns friend got angry and told her to back away. moments later, she claims brown pulled out a gun, pointed at her face and told her to get out. in a video posted on instagram, brown denied any wrong doing and says he is the victim. poli
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home after obtaining a warrant. so far police have not said if a weapon was found inside. happening today.. a major announcement by maryland governor larry hogan on the start date for public schools. he's expected to issue an executive order moving the start date for all maryland school systems to "after" labor day. we want to know what you think - grab your phone and go to to let us know if you think its a good idea. sam sweeny is live in prince georges county - one of the earlier starting school systems in the dmv. sam good morning.. a laurel woman is outraged about what happened to her daughter on the first day of school.
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attends murray hill middle school in howard county. in the afternoon she realized she was on the wrong school bus, and told the driver. he said he was late for his next run. she asked him to drop her off at a spot she thought she knew the way home from.. but ended up walking the wrong way into prince george's county. she eventually found someone who helped her call her parents. a school spokesman says all bus drivers are trained to return a child to school if incidents like this happen. it's unclear if the driver will face disciplinary action. in the presidential race.. g-o-p nominee donald trump heads to mexico tod.
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trump tweeted yesterday,. he's accepted president enrique pena nieto's invitation. and he looks forward to meeting him. the meeting comes just hours before trump's planned speech clarifying his position on immigration. during a rally in washington state last night, he said he'll divert money being given to illegal immigrants. and he'll use it to rebuild places like detroit. trump's immigration speech is set to begin at eight tonight our time.. in phoenix, arizona. this morning thhe department of agriculture will re-open four offices , after they were shut down tuesday because of an email threat. the agricultural research center and library in beltsville are among those that will reopen with added security. offices in colorado, north carolina and west virginia will also reopen... but a second office in leetown, west virginia and one in connecticut will remain closed
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happening tonight, the final dress rehearsal for the redskins before the start of the regular season. their game will be played tonight in tampa due to the tropical depression eyeing south florida, so you can bet on sloppy conditions. we've seen a lot of good things from the skins this pre-season..but they still have a few kinks to work out before taking on the steelers september 12th on monday night football. you wont see many starters tonight instead you will see a lot of players still trying to make the 53 man roster. right now the roster is down to 75..22 cuts will be made between now and opening day. it's and xx degrees. and taking a live look outside.. a calm and comfortable morning in the dmv.. how warm will it get??
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it's and xx degrees. coming up on good morning washington...
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for help.
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released from the night a gunman went on a shooting rampage inside an orlando nightclub.
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you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. opened fired in orlando's pulse night club killing dozens. in all 53 people w
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take a listen to the calls that came pouring in the moment shots erupted.. the calls are from desperate friends and family, who at the same time, were on the phone with shooting victims still inside the nightclub. the shooter who pledged allegiance to isis was killed in a hail of gunfire with police. the recordings don't include calls from the shooter or victims inside the club. authorities are refusing to release those while a lawsuit is pending. this morning in new york several kayakers are recovering after they were struck by a ferry in the hudson river.. the ferry left from pier 79 in new york city and ht the
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6 last evening. rescue crews pulled 10 people from the water in 8 kayaks. the water taxi struck two kayaks sending at least 5 people into the water. one victim suffered a serious army injury and luckily crews quickly responded.. no one on the ferry was injured. the hudson river is used for both recreational and commercial vessels officials are looking into who had the right of way and whether the setting sun affected glare conditions on the water. breaking overnight from japan. at least 11 people reported dead after a powerful tyhpoon dumped heavy rain on the area. many of the victims were found at a nursing home as
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checking facilities in northern japan. at least two rivers overflowed by the tyhpoon broke through their banks floodings several areas. right now crews are responding to those who need to be rescued. many are still trapped in their homes. the tyhoon made landfall in a city about 300 miles north of tokyo late last night before moving out to sea. time now for weather
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francisco. so is a big tech battle brewing? abc's kendis gibson and diane macedo have the details in today's tech bytes.
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reopened within the past 15 mintues after a pick-up struck a person overnight at the intersection of naylor road. john gonazlez is live in mobile trak7 with what happened.
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developing now ... the ranking members of four house committees have sent a letter to the
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they're calling for an investigation into whether donald trump's campaign helped russian hackers target a number of democratic organizations. so far ... no response from the republican's campaign... all of this while the agency also addresses concerns that hackers could target voting systems on election day. jummy is here now with more... that's right ... the f-b-i is warning officials in all 50 states about two alarming attacks ...
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systems in illinois and arizona were targeted ... in one hack ... the personal information of more than 200-thousand voters was compromised. agency director james comey spoke about the threats yesterday... the warning issued to state leaders did not specify who was behind the cyber attacks ... but many believe the hackers were from russia. it was a terrifying scene ... a tree crashes down ... right on top of a passing car along beach drive ... trapping a man inside. it took a herculean effort to save him monday night ... this morning ... we're hearing from one of the good samaritans who rushed to his aid... he arrived on his bike ... just moments after the massive tree came crashing down. and what he saw was horrifying...
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the driver pulled from the mangled car has been updated to stable condition. ironically ... police tell us that beach drive is usually considered to be one of the safest stretches of road in the area. it's and xx degrees. coming up next on good morning washington. he made a big mess in rio.... now ryan lochte is speaking out on what he says actually happened.. find out coming up..
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its 5 coming up next on good morning washington
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what caused this fiery scene at a connecticut gas station.
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september 10th at jiffy lube live. each winner will than be in the running to win a v.i.p package which includes a private acoustic performance by rascal flatts! watch for the number to call at 6:50 this morning. happening today.. a major announcement by maryland governor larry hogan on the start date for public schools. he's schedled to announce an executive order moving the start date for all maryland school systems to "after" labor day and we want to you think of the idea - grab your phone and go to at wjla dot com slash vote now.. to let us know if you think its a good idea. sam sweeney is live in largo with more. must see video this morning.. take a look at this.
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connecticut backed into a gas pump tipping it over onto a another car with children inside. within seconds, both vehicles caught fire. fortunately , both children a 2-year-old and 7-year-old were pulled out before the car went up in flames. investigators believe the driver who struck the gas pumped intended to hit the brake but instead hit the gas,. no one was injured.
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interview since the olympics. embattled swimmer ryan lochte sat down with on good morning america and confirmed he is headed to "dancing with the stars". he says he is ready to put that scandal in rio behind him. abc's elizabeth hur with more from lochte and why he says he decided to take on the ballroom. it's 5: and time for a check on weather.
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kidd o'shea in the now..
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of jail this morning on a $250,000 bail after being arrested yesterday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. much of the day chris was in a standoff at his home with lapd, posting videos on his instagram accusing police of unfairly demonizing him. here's a clip from one of those videos according to the la times he was released from jail around 11:15 last night. take a look at this video, this is the woman accusing chris brown of assult, baylee curran. tmz reports she is wanted in nyc for questioning in connection with a criminal theft dating back to 2013. coming up after 6:00 here on good morning washington we will here from baylee in h
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at chris brown's house. a surprise last night for bachelor fans, who found out nick villa will be the next bachelor the announcement came last night on the bachelor in paradise afer show. the cast of season 23 of the dancing
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been revealed. we told you about some of the rumors yesterday here on good morning washington, many of those confirmed yesterday the cast includes former texas governor rick perry... olympic swimmer ryan lochte... u-s olympic gymnast laurie hernandez....kenny "babyface" edmonds... vanilla ice... and "brady bunch" star maureen mccormick. this season will also welcome back some veteran dancers. as we told you first
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would be returning in pursuit of the mirror ball trophy... along with cheryl burke.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] news, this is a breaking news alert. >> i thought he was going to shoot me. our kiddhis is what o'shea was talking about. chris brown's alleged victim speaking out during what she says happened that sent the finger over the edge. larry: a new warning in effect for parts of florida's gulf coast. start date debate carried at the big announcement hours away that could make some are a little longer for some kids in our area.


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