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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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leon: we are going to begin in stormwatch mode. hurricane hermine gaining strength and set to make landfall in florida, the state's first hurricane in 11 years. tonight, the big question is, will the impact of that powerful storm be felt here this weekend? >> we have new information about the track of the storm at this hour. but get straight to steve rudin with the update. what is the latest? steve: fresh information from the national hurricane center, the eye of the storm about to make landfall, about to take hour, 90 minutes before it makes landfall, tracking to the north and east.
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as we move through the next couple days. it will eventually make its way over the outer banks of north carolina, still looking at wind of 50 miles per hour. saturday at 8:00 in the morning, just off the delmarva coast. right now it is hugging further to the east, which is good news for the delmarva beaches. still going to have quite a bit of rain, but it does not look as quite as significant in terms of the amounts of rain, and the d.c. metro may not see anything at all besides breezy conditions and cloudy skies. that, what to expect in town for the holiday weekend, plus where does hermine go saturday through tuesday? more on that coming up. michelle: steve, thank you. florida's governor today said make no mistake, the storm has the potential to be life-threatening. it is about to make landfall
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in florida, but the impact has already been felt for several hours. jonathan elias has the latest from florida. jonathan: the flooding has become a huge issue, the latest information as the hurricane will make landfall at about midnight tonight. fierce wind come heavy rain already smashing parts of the state today. the rain and storm surge triggering warnings. the are bracing for up to 15 inches of rain to fall. the governor urging people to have a three-day supply of food and water in case they get trapped. >> the storms have really taken us back. you worry about people being complacent? >> that is my biggest worry, complacency. tampa,n: northwest of more than 200 hostile patients had to be evacuated after a fire in power outage that was likely caused by lightning. it is also turning into a travel nightmare, airlinean
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major airlines are waving change fees because of the storm. we'll have a live report from florida coming up at 11:15. michelle: jonathan, thank you. stay up-to-date with the latest were much forecast by signing up for text alerts at t. district,ews in the where the police are on 15th play southeast for a double shooting. a man and woman were shot outside of a home. both are conscious. as soon as we get more details about the situation, we will bring that to you live. leon: a sad update from southeast, a teenager shot near anacostia high school this afternoon has died. the school was briefly locked down during the shooting incident on 15th street southeast. an adult was also shot. his condition is not known. no arrests have been made. michelle: renter's
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nightmare, water shut off for nearly two of months -- two months because the landlord was not paying the bills. 7 on your side stepped in and tom roussey started asking questions. >> i have the water now. vonne's dailyy routine. she hauls four gallons of water up to her apartment in this columbia heights rowhouse. >> every day. tom: she has to be careful how much she uses. even learning how to efficiently flush her toilet. , so this saved up some is enough. tom: why? because the $1400 per month apartment has not had water since july 7 7. >> i'm paying my rent every single time come on time, to come home to a house that i cannot even flush the toilet. tom: tom roussey, 7 on your side .
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d.c. waters says that she owes them $7,000 and they have not received payment since march of last year. >> they had an option to leave immediately. i gave them the option. they would not leave. but anyway, -- tom: by law you have to provide water. >> i did not know that. the d.c. department of consumer and regulatory affairs said after an inspection earlier this month, they wrote the landlord up for several violations considered emergencies, including two for not providing water. you have been telling her ever since this started the water would be coming back soon. two months and it's not back. >> that ain't my fault. tom: why is it their fault you have not paid them? >> it's not their fault that i have not paid them. tom: yvonne has found a new apartment and today she received a call from the city offering a hotel room until she can move. tom roussey, 7 on your side
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leon: developing now, the rhode island metro station was shot down again and will stay closed until tomorrow. that is because debris fell from the ceiling. last night the station closed because metal and concrete fell from the ceiling. nobody was injured. engineers are being called in to evaluate the situation. trains will bypass the rhode island station and shuttle buses will get people around. thousands of fans are at nats park to see bruce springsteen right now, but some were forced to leave before the end of the performance because of the metro save track schedule. metro closes at midnight tonight. now officials are making a push to make sure that late-night service does not go away. anna-lysa gayle is live at nats park right now. we are getting close to the bewitching hour. her people leaving --our people leaving? anna-lysa: that is correct. the
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bruce springsteen is still performing. for fans who rely on the metro, they either have to leave early or call a cab or a friend. nights likey that tonight are proof that metro needs to stay open late. >> we have been on almost every tour. anna-lysa: david and his wife, dawn, hopped on the metro to get to the bruce springsteen concert thursday night. with the last train heading towards greenbelt at 11:37, they were prepared to grab an uber to get home. >> it's unfortunate it will not be open later. anna-lysa: as many fans know, the concert usually goes into overtime, which made it tough to decide between staying for the entire concert and catching the metro. >> i plan on taking a cab if it goes over. anna-lysa: lawmakers in maryland this say that similar concerns show that the metro general manager should reconsider his proposal. >> he has a tough j a
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trying to find ways to do that job. and-lysa: 40 local leaders municipal officials are calling for metro general manager paul wiedefeld to rethink his proposed plan to permit a close at midnight -- permanently close at midnight monday through saturday. >> for working-class people who rely on trains to get around, it's important to have this. it is a public safety issue. anna-lysa: th have proposedey alternatives. >> you can do spot maintenance. you can close down one line for a few weekends. anna-lysa: we reached out to metro regarding the letter. they have not responded yet. metro's general manager has emphasized the proposal is necessary for safety reasons. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. leon: thank you. the biooss is no stranger to god albums, but he is a gold metal fan base tonight. maryland swimmer katie ledecky was there, tweeting
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photo. look at those big smiles. [no audio] noah leotta was killed last december. leon: noah leotta was killed last december when he was struck by a drunk driver on rockville pike the top tonight, officers from several different law enforcement agencies will be participating in a checkpoint to honor his legacy. members of his family spoke about his legacy. coming up -- turn it down. in lot in county, that is not just what the neighbors will say for stop tonight is the first night of a new police ordinance -- noise ordinance that started at 11:00, and the penalty is stricter than you may imagine. is live with what should be a quiet night, rich? richard:
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of summer. we like to drive around and crank up the music. this noise ordinance is targeted at house parties that take place between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. the hope is to make the area quieter. fast-growing loudoun county. it has the urban sounds of the city. [car horns] ♪ >> sometimes the younger crowd gets the party going. richard: along with suburban quiet. >> it depends on the neighborhood and the environment. richard: now the new noise ordinance designed to pump down the volume. you are disturbing neighbors, asked to turn it down, he gives a chance to enforce it. richard: like music heard more than 100 feet away overnight. no more leaning on car horns more than 20 seconds. and the summer favorite, racing
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>> just a bunch of neighborhoods that want to raise families and don't really like loud noises. richard: violators face fines of risk a $2500 and even year in jail as well as a warning to turn it down. called,the police are they turn it down, and then it goes back up. richard: that is the problem and a nutshell. for a couple of weeks, there will be a grace period and you will get a warning. after that, you may have to pay the fine. the idea is to make things less noisy around here for stop richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: all right, rich, keep it down. still ahead, hurricane hermine still on the move tonight. prepare for ants
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with the very latest. michelle: and a big question for many, will hermine bring rain to the delmarva beaches this weekend? we have new information about
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leon: right now, storm activity is ramping up in florida with hurricane hermine very close to making landfall in florida. there is high surf, strong wind come and all day we have been checking in with marcy gonzales. she is live from mexico beach in florida. how is it looking since we last checked with you five hours ago. what is the difference now, how does it feel? reporter: really there has not been much change in the last five hours. the community was bracing for somewhat of the worst of the storm. the wind has picked up, it has been raining off and on, strong wind, but nothing as scary as what they are seeing east of where they are already experiencing several feet of storm surge. storm surge is one of the major concerns with this hurricane,
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feet of storm surge as the storm hits. leon: what are people doing to prepare for this? marci: there are some mandatory evacuations underway, from the barrier islands, the coastal communities that are prone to flooding. shelters are open overnight. the governor expects hundreds or thousands of people to evacuate because of this. people spent the day putting up sandbags, things over the windows to protect their homes. a lot of people in this area say they will ride it out and wait for the storm to pass. leon: what's the thinking of how long that process will take? and are you still at the beach? you are a pro at this stuff. floridian, so i'm used to this. the storms are expected to pass by tomorrow. that is good news
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about the holiday weekend. people coming in for the hotels and restaurants, to enjoy this beautiful beach. they are saying, still come out for the weekend. leon: here is hoping that your home state holds up. marci gonzalez, good luck. came in at 11:00 am continuing to move to the north, northeast at 14 to 15 miles per hour, making landfall by about 1 a.m. and will continue to track to the north and northeast. the track right now, the projection through the next couple days. saturday at 8:00 in the morning come eventually back off the coast, off the coast of the outer banks of north carolina. then it spins and spins, with the high pressure just off to the north and west. that will lock it in place, which could mean severe beach erosion for ocean city into the day sunday and monday.
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brighter. the stormwatch 7 future wind the morningin saturday, the wind starts to pick up around the d.c. metro, 15 miles per hour, but that is about it. the heaviest of the wind begins to diminish as the storm system moves to the north and east. causes the the coast problem with the beach erosion. right now we have tropical storm warnings for south carolina to the outer banks of north carolina, ocean city, rehobeth, dewey, kate may, all with tropical storm watches, which will likely be upgraded to warnings. the beach forecast saturday and sunday, windy and wet, middle to upper 70's. a little bit of sunshine monday, 82 degrees, but the beaches up, solves may be ripped you may want to reconsider.
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moving into springfield. the slowly tracks to the south and east. old town alexandria, oxon hill, national harbor light rain at this hour. tonight, 58 to 65. once we get the showers out, the skies clear and the wind becomes light. updated,ecast, freshly the clouds increase just a little bit tomorrow afternoon. mostly cloudy skies by tomorrow evening, but it remains drive. then as we move into the day saturday, here we are in d.c., the shower activity just wants to hit southern maryland. then through the day saturday, d.c. not a drop of rain. the heaviest of the rain for the delmarva peninsula. we could get out of this thing with mostly cloudy sky saturday. sunday maybe even some sunshine. even better conditions for the day monday, labor day. the forecast
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cool start, in the 50's. for the kids at the bus stop, 75 degrees. ,hrough the afternoon, 80 to 85 boesch humidity, clouds later in the day, but it stays dry. and70 outlook, 77 saturday sunday. then we warm up dramatically the middle of next week. summer does not want to give up. wednesday and thursday, back into the 90's. 95 thursday. the heat index could be closer to 100. download the stormwatch 7 weather app and stay ahead of the storms. michelle: all things weather-related. steve: everything, it's the best. and it's free. we finally have a controversy at quarterback. erin: not the kind you are making people think about, but an nba team
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sent kirk cousins a customized jersey and the wizards are not happy about it. plus, the ravens in new orleans tonight. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: we begin with a game that you saw a right here on abc 7, ravens-saints. at the superdome, the ravens defense in midseason form. michael pierce finds the quarterback, sacks him, and recovers the fumble for a touchdown. the ravens go 4-0 this preseason, 23-12 the final. in the talk today, trash, a fan claim to have discovered
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playbook. according to an official, what the fan really found was a player pasta fence of workbooks that he threw in the trash. the reds can there was nothing important in the work looks. the actual playbook is on an ipad. >> it was a defensive playbook, so i don't know how much that will affect a team. if this was the offensive playbook, then i think opponents would be interested. >> not sure if the person who wrote those scripts saw that. a are rewriting, don't you think? >> i would hope so. >> we can't have our secrets given away. i'm a diehard fan. erin: all right, here is leon's quarterback controversy. kirk cousins one of the redskins to be like the san antonio spurs. the team sent captain kirk a customized jersey. he posted the picture on instagram.
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don't like that" on twitter. leon: so send him a jersey. sisters onilliams display at the u.s. open. first venus, then serena. here is jonathan novak. jonathan: none other than beyoncé and jay-z were on hand to watch the world number one for the master class. after taking the opening set 6-3, serena cruised to victory in just over an hour. major, tying at a martina navratilova on the all-time list. beyoncé? anyone notice d.c. united at yankee stadium. looking to win two in a row. the black and red score in stoppage time.
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d.c. united falls 3-2 in new york. and the nationals had the day off today before their three-game series at the mets tomorrow night. leon: still tracking hurricane hermine at this hour. we will have the latest coming up.
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steve: we have wild weather on the way. tomorrow looks fantastic, lots of sunshine, clouds in the afternoon. great,ch forecast not saturday and sunday, showers, gusty wind, in the 70's. monday we dry things out. the heat continues next week. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, winona ryder, casey wilson, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from yg. and now, in the meantime, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my name is jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm glad you're in


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