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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: how long and how late should metro stay open? the idea to close earlier would make time for me it's, but there was a -- with leave time for maintenance, but there was a 10-our public hearing today. tom roussey is covering metro
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tom: yeah, alison, that incident highlights why the metro gm wants more time to work on the tracks. the hearing started at 12:30 this afternoon. the last speaker walked out those doors about 10:00 tonight. until metro's safetrack program ends next spring, it closes at midnight seven days a week. the question is what happens after that? >> government jobs, closing on saturday and sunday. tom: they want weekend late-night service back. until june, metro stayed open until 3 a.m. fridays and saturdays. now sometimes workers have to take taxis instead. >> we cannot afford that on a
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does not with the system open as many hours as it used to be, giving crews time to maintain the tracks. metro was looking at a bunch of choices, everything from opening at noon sundays to shutting down at 11:30 on weekdays. the gm said he could live with a compromise in which late-night service ended at 1 a.m. weekends. >> we use it as safe transportation around the city. tom: most speakers and metro's >> most restaurants and bars in the district are open until 2:00. tom: metro's board is expected to vote on what hours metro will be open in december. these changes will take effect, whatever they are come in spring after the safetrack program is finished. live in northwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news.
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weeks away, metro is making plans to ease traffic in the area. the bus route will run from king street in old town the huntington metro station to the casino. the casino is scheduled to open in early december, but the new bus route would start sunday. >> for the first time in 30 years, we have a deal inside the beltway. now both inside and outside will be fair. alison: straight from the on plans to start building tolls along i-66 inside the beltway. governor mcauliffe said that one of two contractors will be chosen for the project next week and construction will start and finish next year. jonathan: another reminder of the risks of the cot airbags. investing at her say that a woman was killed in a neck in california last month, the 11th
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the problem led to the largest automobile recall in u.s. history. alison: a former uva football player is suing the school, claiming he was the victim of hazing. he said that teammates and others believe him because he has a learning disability. he said he had a broken eye socket. a uva spokesman would not comment on the lawsuit. jonathan hillary clinton sat just one seat away from each other at a charity dinner in new york tonight. the presidential nominees both addressed the crowd at the dinner. it is an annual event that usually gives the candidates a lighthearted moment on the campaign trail. >> the truth is i'm actually a modest person, very modest. in fact, many people tell me modesty is perhaps my best quality.
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>> i'm not boring at all. in fact, i'm the life of every party i attend. and i've been to three. [laughter] jonathan: the dinner comes one night after the third and final presidential debate in which trump referred to clinton as "a nasty woman." and the pulse of the people about the presidential election, tomorrow brad bell will be in harrisburg, pennsylvania. alison: girl stabbed after a fight on a metro bus is just the latest in a series of deadly encounters in ward 4 in the district. interim chief peter new show him talk to residents about what is going on in with the police are doing to stop the violence. anna-lysa gayle joins us from police headquarters with the latest. anna-lysa: residents were satisfied overall with the
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to their questions. several people have lost their lives in this community, and some say the one hitting closest to home is the 17-year-old's death. >> it brought back memories. the memories that it brought back were of my granddaughter. anna-lysa: alice gilmore lost her granddaughter 20 years ago when she was stabbed to death. here, another teenager died in a similar way. she listened police chief peter newsham as he discovered kaelia minor's death and several other homicides, including deadly shootings on riggs road. >> 45 shots were fired. anna-lysa: there was also a deadly stabbing october 13 and a double homicide on kennedy street. >> we don't believe those were random. anna-lysa: it is information
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looking for in the meeting. >> trying to picture that ward 4 is getting the support we need. anna-lysa: he also had slightly positive news to share with residents. >> we have had a reduction in crime compared with last year. anna-lysa: there have been 110 homicides across the city since january, compared with 125 at the same time last year. >> we have done a lot this year to interdict illegal firearms. anna-lysa: the police department has made an arrest in connection to the youngest victims murder, but they are still looking for suspects in those three other cases. live outside of the fourth district, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: tomorrow, the couple accused of killing in burying their three-month-old son behind parkdale high school are due back in court for a bond review. anton petty andjenice petty are
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authorities say that anton admitted that he punched the little boy after the little boy started to cry. alison: a prince george's county day care worker is out on bail after being arrested on child abuse charges. they say that she slammed a three-year-old boy's head into the table at the daycare. the child's father is a prince george's county police officer. jonathan: arlington police are investigating two incidents in which somebody the first one, so many shot at a home in the 2400 block of south 27th court. shortly after, some at a fired an air soft weapon at homes on south 11 straight. nobody was injured in either incident, but the police are trying to find the person responsible. steve: we tied another record today at dulles international airport, 83 degrees. 85 the high at reagan national,
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time with the warm weather is quickly coming to an end. showers across garrett county and allegheny county. this is a cold front that will move through tomorrow afternoon. we will give you the exact timing and how to dress tomorrow, as well as the weekend, a huge cooldown on the way. more on that coming up. jonathan: energy efficient streetlights could be the key to free wi-fi in the district. about 70 lights went online in the golden this week. the pilot program spans three blocks on pennsylvania avenue near the white house. >> if you look in any of the parks, you will see people on a day like this are logging on and sitting down and working. jonathan: how great is that? it's part of a partnership with cisco. as many as 71,000 streetlights in the district could be replaced with smart lights. they are activated by light
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game show host is getting help for the upcoming season. this morning i had the privilege of spending time with the jeopardy team in d.c. i got to even read a few clues for "jeopardy." alex trebek will be here tomorrow and will join us in the studio on abc 7 news at 4:00. i don't know exactly when the d.c. clues will be airing, but we will let you know. it was perfect, and the crew from l.a. was enjoying it. weather. jonathan: a hollywood hotshot wants to share some of the most iconic props in movie history. bill tippit, the legendary artist behind films like "star wars" and "jurassic heart" is putting nearly 500 items up for auction, including concept sketches for star wars. he says he wants to share them with people who love the movie as much as he does. we have a link to that auction. just go to our website,
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alison: we will have to say goodbye to a local superstar early next year. the national zoo announced that is when bao bao will be heading home to china. the giant panda cub was born at the zoo three years ago and is one of the main attractions with her mother, father, and baby brother. one woman came all the way from india just to see the giant pandas. >> i was like, oh, my god, i've times a day. this is better than getting a celebrity. alison: the national zoo's agreement with the china wildlife conservation allows them to keep the parent so long as any cubs they have head back to china before they are four years old. then the cubs become part of china's national breeding program. we will let you know as soon as we get the exact date for bao
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potential goodbye parties. jonathan: she was very excited. alison: i have to get one of those hats. >> so much time. i hope they enjoy saying hello again. jonathan: a happy ending 10 years in the making. how this dog finally found its way home. tim: leaders at this church want to turn it into an eight story
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock voted to parenthood... man: five times. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate against gay employees... man: twice. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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jonathan: 7 on your side in health matters and demands from two top hill for information about a price like of a popular leukemia drug. they want to know why area pharmaceuticals raise the price of the drug four times this year, increases adding up to $80,000. the inquiry comes on the heels of congressional hearings on the rising cost of epipens. alison: a big step forward for plans to build a new state-of-the-art medical center
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state health care commission unanimously approved the application for a new prince george's regional medical center. the building would be in largo and would replace prince george's county hospital center. jonathan: six graves outside of an arlington church are creating a controversy. church leaders want to move the graves to expand the church, but others say the graves in history should be protected. tim harbour reports on the public meeting -- tim barber reports on the public meeting. tim: gravesites on this sliver of land, but they say they need to move this piece of history to improve the community's future. among the cars, concrete, and condos, there is a small sliver of grass with six headstones. they belong to ballston's namesake, the ball family. >> i would hope somebody would fight for me and my legacy.
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about a project that threatens to move the graves. it would explain the central united methodist church that owns the property. >> we just found out about this three days ago. we are 100% against this. tim: the reverend says they need to expand the church to build something great for the community. >> our kitchen needs to be replaced, our fellowship hall is crumbl new preschool, kitchen, and eight story apartment building with 120 units, 40% of which that would be for low income housing. is there any way to build around this? >> the challenges we need to build underneath. tim: they are not against the project, just disrupting this small piece of history. >> why are we bothering them? the church is supposed to be taking care of them.
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records as to how many remains are on the land. there will be a company out here to survey. the next public hearing will be on november 1. tim barber, abc 7 news. steve: hope that you enjoyed the warm weather we had earlier today because pretty much the last of it for a little while. at this hour, in the 70's. keep in mind the average high this time of year is upper 60's. that is the average high in the afternoon. stormwatch 7 garrett county, where earlier this evening they had severe thunderstorm warnings. things have really started to settle down. widen the view, this is the cold front that moves through tomorrow afternoon. once it moves through, a noticeable difference not only with cooler temperatures but the wind is really going to pick up by about 3:00 in the afternoon. it will stick around for the day saturday.
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mostly cloudy skies, stray showers mainly west of d.c., patchy fog, but nothing that will bring travel delays tomorrow morning. the wake-up temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the 60's. some of you may see glimmers of sunshine. don't be full by that. nature that you have the rain gear with you, a raincoat and umbrella, because the cold front will rush through. highs tomorrow, charlestown, clarksburg, upper 60's, near 70. make it into the 70's inside the capital beltway and stay on the warm side of things for southern maryland tomorrow, middle 70's. not going to last all day. by 5:00, the front will clear the area. the futurecast, 10:30 a.m., generally in the 70's. outdoor recess for the kids or going out to lunch should be fine. montgomery county, all of
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showers, maybe some thunderstorms. then the front clears through and the wind really begins to pick up. the wind gust forecast, moving through the day tomorrow, notice what happens as the frontal system moves through. wind gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour by noontime. that is saturday. add that to temperatures only in the 50's for the daytime highs. it will be chilly. don't forget to send us spooky pictures of your house. house next week to do a live remote. download the abc 7 news app, and i will hope to be at your home. the forecast, one mild day tomorrow come a big cool down for the weekend, upper 50's, near 60 the middle of next week. alison: thank you. jonathan: what's going on in sports? erin: jaromir jagr joined an
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the capitals on the road, at the florida panthers. the caps seeking their third straight win, leading 2-1 in the second. panthers on the power play and jaromir jagr has done this a time ro two. that goal makes it 750 time s, just the third player in nhl history to reach that milestone. still tied in the third, the caps moving it around. alex ovechkin with the redirection, past the keeper, 3-2, caps win their third straight 4-2. redskins running back robert kelley, or fat rob as his teammates call him, came up big last weekend.
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electrifying runs against the eagles. kelley finished with 59 yards on only five carries, definitely impressing teammates. >> he knows how to find lanes. very extremely -- extremely fast to get to the second level. he has some really good moves. he is not an easy guy to get a hat on. it's a perfect erin: love to see the running game get going. virginia tech hosting the university of miami. it was all hokies tonight. evans, the junior quarterback, throwing for a pair of touchdowns and running for a third. virginia tech wins big. high school football action. friendly hosting largo. the patriots quarterback,
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his life. terrance good makes the unbelievable catch for the touchdown. friendly takes the lead. the ensuing drive, for and goal, anthony nelson junior connects with martin for the score. largo wins. wnba, finals, game five. final seconds, los angeles down one. chelse shot falls. last chance for minnesota. the desperation three is no good. the l.a. sparks with their first wnba title in 14 years. candace parker gave the tribute to the late pat summitt, a nice ending. and game five of the nlcs between the dodgers and cubs,
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if you are in a sports bar in chicago right now, you are fired up. alison: thanks, erin. still to come, a lost pet can be devastating. jonathan: when we come back him how long it took this
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i thought the only way they knew it was her was the microchip. jonathan: that's because the little dog was missing not one year, not two, but 10 years. she heard an animal crying when she took a dog out for a walk. when she took a little pekinese to the vet, the microchip, which led to the dog's owner. they are actually traveling the family, out of the country, but they cannot wait to be reunited with their lost dog. 10 years. erin: that's incredible. steve: how old is the dog?
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on issues that matter to northern virginia, barbara comstock and donald trump have a lot in common. bill o'reilly: overturn roe v. wade; rturn or overturn... comstock: i think roe v. wade should be overturned. trump and comstock. trump: i'm totally for defunding. we shouldn't be giving to planned parenthood. while comstock voted five times to defund planned parenthood. northern virginia, we need luann bennett. standing up to trump and comstock. standing up for us. i'm luann bennett
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch isla fisher this week in unnecessary censorship and music from flatbush zombies. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. wow, that's very nice. i'm glad you're with us.


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