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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> and when i heard it, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, i was like it down. kimberly: gunfire in a d.c. neighborhood, damaging several homes and a car. how close some residents say they were to getting hit. plus, beaten and then set on
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and a friend of the victim shares his troubled past. and bill murray's big weekend, from crashing the white house to celebrating his baseball team. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. an northwest d.c. took a terrible turn. the victim was beat up and set on fire. tonight he is in fair condition with serious burns. tom roussey has more. tom: kimberly, the police say this all began last night when a man was drinking with friends in an alley. he decided it was time to go home, so we started walking apparently this way. when he got to the corner in northwest, two men tried to rob
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they let him on fire. until two months ago, anna, who asked us not to reveal her full identity, used to rent a room to the man, who she knew as albertine. >> i consider him a good person, but he has a problem with alcohol. tom: late saturday night, the police say he was drinki he left and began walking home. that is when two guys walked up and demand it money. when he said he did not have any, they began to hit him and knocked him face down on the ground. that is when the police say they let him on fire. he took off his burning jacket and threw it away. he then echoed go to the hospital until i concerned person called d.c. fire and ems. at medstar, he was diagnosed with third-degree burns.
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contact his sons or brother in maryland. they hope they see this so they can help. from the attack come eventually avalos was taking to washington medstar hospital center, admitted in fair condition, third-degree burns on his back. right now there is no word of an arrest in the case. live in columbia, near 14th street, tom roussey, abc 7 news. kimberly: a close call for people in one d.c. neighborhood. they were home saturday night when bullets went flying through their windows come hitting the walls and the inside. cheryl conner spoke with the people involved. >> this is the inside where it went through. cheryl: bullet holes, but this
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cheryl: she had to celebrate her birthday with some extra guests when the police arrived. >> pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, and i was like it down. cheryl: it was after midnight sunday. she showed us where the bullets hit the home and were her grandson sits, just inches below. fortunately, nobody was hurt here or n roger sadler had just gone upstairs for the night. he is lucky, too. his couch is directly in front of the cardboard. >> and came through here and hit the wall on the inside. i sit right here. this was where my head was 15 minutes beforehand. cheryl: he had settled in for the night. this car was also hit.
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holes. we have not heard back from d.c. police, but the neighbors say that at least three homes and two cars are damaged. >> if they are kids, did they realize they could have potentially killed someone? cheryl: all of this a week before halloween. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: d.c. police force to arrest one of their own while complaint early this morning about officer thompson. when a supervisor went to investigate, he reported smelling alcohol and that officer thompson was impaired. he also failed fields are brady test. he had been on the force for four years. neighbors say that no one should be above the law. >> there are kids who play around here.
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>> i find that very troubling. with everything going on in the country, with police departments in neighborhoods, it's troubling. kimberly: his police powers were immediately revoked. he is under investigation by the internal affairs department. investigators in california say it appears a bus driver did not hit the brakes before slimming into the back of a bus driver. many of the victims have yet to be identified. 31 others were taken to the hospital, some remaining in intensive care tonight. with the bus moving so fast, the impact sent it 15 feet into the trailer. >> in almost 35 years, i've never been to a crash where the have been so many confirmed fatalities.
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trailer. kimberly: the ntsb is joining the investigation. the four bus company had no accidents or mechanical issues in the last three years. taking a live look outside right now, a beautiful evening to take a stroll. you may want to pull out the winter coat the rest of the week. the first forecast for meteorologist josh knight. josh: we are talking about the coldest air of the season moving we still have the southerly flow through monday. with that in mind, temperatures remain mild. tuesday and wednesday, we wake up with lows in the 30's and 40's, highs just in the 50's. the big take away, enjoy tomorrow. most of us are in the low to mid 50's at the bus stop in the morning. recess low 60's. in the afternoon, mid 60's.
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just a little breezier than today. the next big chill and then some rain thursday. i will time that outcome and tracking a chance of showers this weekend. more about that coming up. kimberly: as long as it's out of the way for trick-or-treating. president obama back on the campaign trail, stopping for hillary clinton and nevada's democratic senate candidate in las vegas. early voting starting yesterday in t i growing lead in that state. the race to succeed senate minority reid this essentially tied. clinton holds a 12 point lead right now over donald trump and an abc news presidential tracking poll. just over two weeks before election day, a busy day for the candidates. reporter: hillary clinton took
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for. reporter: the democratic nominee looking confident with just 16 days to go. a new abc news tracking poll shows why. clinton is now ahead by double digits, up 12 points over rival donald trump. >> my opponent thinks that belittling women makes him bigger. that may be who donald trump is, but the selection is about who we are and what we believe. reporter: clinton sunday targeting the battleground state of north carolina, where she will make her first on campaign appearance with first lady michelle obama later this week. >> you have a lot of energy. reporter: trump is focusing on florida, still fighting accusations of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. reporter: trump pledges to take all of his accusers to court.
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adult film star jessica drake said that trump kissed her and two other women without their consent 10 years ago. the campaign says this latest claim, like all the others, is not true and says that it is trump's right to sue the women. >> he is trying to defend himself against false accusers. they are covered in the media every single day. he cannot get fair coverage. reporter: 69% of voters poll say they do not like the way he is handling accusations of sexual assault and 59% do not believe his claims that the vote is rigged. kimberly: "saturday night live" poking fun at the third and final presidential debate. helping out with tom hanks, playing the role of debate moderator chris wallace. >> he choked. >> wrong. >> he said he would be tough on
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kimberly: unlike last week, the candidate did not tweet his distaste for the actor's performance. celebrations getting out of hand. why the police had to get involved. >> i'm not really excited to see this, but i like to seeing them all. they are fine people. kimberly: costars come to washington to
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alert in the district that may impact you for the rest of the week. roads around the verizon center have closed for the upcoming washington international horse show, including a three block stretch of 6th street and avenue straight. they will be closed until monday morning october 31. the national horse show starts monday -- starts tuesday.
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night. fans did some damage while celebrating the victory. local police wearing protective gear had to shut down the streets and some used pepper spray to disperse the crowds. the victory moved in it the lions back into the -- move the nittany lions back into the standings. president obama congratulating the world series. he tweeted, "i will say it, holy cow, cubs fans. even this white sox fan was happy to see wrigley rocking last night." cubs fans are rushing to pick up r national league championship series winners gear. fans celebrate it well into the night for stop this will be the cubbies first world series appearance since 1945. the cubs and indians open the
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tuesday. it's no secret that bill murray is a massive cubs fan. he has had a massive weekend. friday, the actor, comedian, and big cubs fan made a cameo at the white house press briefing. i guess he crashed it. last night he was at wrigley field for the win. tonight he was back in washington to be honored with the mark twain prize for humor. the ceremony at the kennedy center some of his costars through the years. jimmy kimmel and sigourney weaver were among those saluting murray. >> our director told me to go introduce myself to bill. bill was in a blue suit, looking very handsome. i said, hi, i'm sigourney. bill said, hello. sue.
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over his shoulder, and walked down the street with me. kimberly: other guests included his "ghost buster" costars and david letterman. bill murray famously was on david letterman's first and last late-night shows. josh: i love seeing all these people together. kimberly: what a trip. josh: kimberly: "the aquatic life," which is sort of random, but it showed his emotional side. josh: very cool. cool weather moving in. that will be the big thing. the rain in pennsylvania will not be a problem for us. that continues to move over towards the coast. the high-pressure further to the south is what we have to think for the warmer weather today and it will stay mild tomorrow.
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the warmer breeze. unfortunately, the cold front is moving through tomorrow. the rain pushing further to the east. behind the front is when we start to see the chilly temperatures. still a decent amount of sunshine tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday. it is dry weather, but tuesday morning and wednesday morning a lot of us will be waking up in the 30's and 40's. most likely wednesday morning the coldest morning we have had so f t the weather until the middle of the week. thursday, the low pressure moves our way, bringing the next chance of rain. i think thursday morning is dry. if you have soccer games thursday evening, that is the timeframe we may be dealing with showers. tomorrow, pretty mild, not as chilly as this morning. have the light jackets ready to go and grab the sunglasses.
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try to get out for a quick walk, grab lunch outside. the drive home, right around 67, cooling quickly. with that in mind, whatever the kids have going on tomorrow after school, watch out for that. we go from the mid-60's down to about 62 by 6:00, and after sunset the temperature will drop fast. as we go through the weekend, another chance of showers, predominantly the second half of e anything moves through be late into the evening and later overnight. sunday morning the chance sticks around, but in general what you will notice is things are cooler. the good news is the chances are still slim. a much better chance of needing the umbrella thursday. we are in the 50's, low 30's and 40's in the evening. thursday, grab the umbrella.
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that. if you have halloween parties planned, keep in mind saturday evening may be dealing with some showers. kimberly: party inside saturday. no party on the redskins sideline. coach gruden look shocked. scott: that was a great transition, i was just going to say that. no party for the redskins fans today. they gutwrenching loss at ford's
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: 65 seconds. that is what separated the redskins from their fifth straight win. down the stretch, the skins offense did their job. the defense could not come up with the final stop when it
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just over a minute to play, kirk cousins keeping himself on the read option. 19-yard touchdown, the redskins take the lead, 17-13. the lions march right down the field, less than 30 seconds to go. matt stafford to boldin, heartbreak for the redskins, falling 20-17, dropping to 4-3 on the season. >> it's the think the game is over. just feeling pretty good, happy, and it just shows you. matthew stafford made some great throws and drove down and scored. frustrating. scott: next up a trip to london to face the bengals. d.c. united down 0-2.
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3-1. check out the fancy footwork. finds the back of the net. this was a beauty. d.c. united fall short 4-2. despite the loss, they will host montr?al in the playoffs thursday at rfk stadium. after this, stay up for abc 7 "sports sunday." former nfl running back lamont jordan is here to talk redskins and more. reaction. kimberly: i was going to say looking forward to that, but we do look forward to the breakdown. scott: just one game. kimberly: coming up next, clicking her heels and breaking news tonight concerning the kickstart a campaign to protect
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the author's home. the man who wrote the letter said he received hate mail and death threats. he sent the letter he said to be humorous and not mean-spirited. the smithsonian has reached this lofty goal to protect dorothy's ruby slippers. made famous in "the wizard of oz," debuted at a special display case, and tonight the kickstart her campaign reached its
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kimberly: a miami man took top honors at the stone crab eating contest. the commercial appliance technician cracked and ate 25


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