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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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jonathan: we start with breaking newsin waldorf. there was a shooting at the movie theater and the victim has critical injuries. alison: sky track 7 flew over the scene a few minutes ago. tom roussey is there. what can you tell us? tom: alison, when this happened, there were people inside the theater watching movies, probably had no idea happening outside the back door. this is video from when we arrived on the scene a few minutes ago. they finally clear the scene. according to a spokesperson, there was a man with a group of friends. the victim was in his late teens or early 20's. he and the suspect walked away from the group of friends, had a conversation, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the suspect. he was airlifted to the hospital with very critical conditions.
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who matches the description of the suspect, but at last check they were still trying to determine if that person was the suspect. one person shot behind the amc movie theater in waldorf. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: stay with abc 7 for updates. you can get breaking news around the clock by signing up for text alerts at jonathan: other top story, their lights are off, the power is out, and choices are now limited. families were left with nowhere to go, forced out of their condominiums. alison: 7 on your side pushing for solutions to help this community. tim barber has new developments and what has become a growing call for help for so many families. tim? tim: locally they have brought
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state leaders say they are fighting to turn the lights at the condo complex back on. frustrated families continue their exodus from the condemned lynhill condominiums. >> i paid for my condo. tim: tonight they voiced their frustrations to elected leaders. what can you do to help these people come if anything? >> i was in touch with the governor's office and our attorney general. to get a hearing tomorrow. he says the governor's office is working for funding to restore power. the utility company shut everything down because the former management company of the condo complex owes more than a million dollars. we asked why taxpayers should fit the bill -- foot the bill.
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and offer help. that would be disingenuous. tim: the red cross brought food and social services helped all 77 families come up with a plan for their future. >> we have to bring all of our resources to make sure the folks here are safe. tim: residency web have been paying their condo fees are still frustrated. >> we need to get the power back on. tim: police officers are still in the parking lot. the we will let you know a soon as they come up with a time and place for that. live in prince george's county, tim barber, abc 7 news. steve: the temperatures will be on the cool side overnight, but not as cold as last night. at least you don't have to worry about getting the scraper out for the car windows. inside the beltway, in the 40's, upper 30's north and western
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recess 57, and dismissal lower to middle 50's. i will time the rain and when it is expected to arrive and when it will finally be out of here. and the upcoming weekend and the marine corps marathon forecast. more on that in just a few minutes. alison: meanwhile, take a look at this. this is video from boston. people are kicking up the windows, trying to escape a train that is filling with sme. rush-hour. motor on the train overheated. nobody was hurt, but you could see the panic as people were rushing to try to escape. jonathan: the worlds of politics and business collided today in d.c., which has become the new normal in donald trump's run for the white house. he was in d.c. today to cut the
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metaphor for what he will look up which of the country, under budget and in a lot less time. not everybody was on board with the message. tom roussey reports the mirror was a no-show. tom: when the ribbon was cut on the $212 million hotel and the owner promises this, many would expect the mayor of the city to be there, muriel bowser to be found. mayor bowser: i decided it was a political event more than anything come and i will not be a pawn. tom: when asked about not attending, he ought -- he offered very little praise for the old post office renovation. she did reference a trump lawsuit over taxes on the property. mayor bowser: we want to make sure they pay their fair share of taxes, but i always root for d.c. businesses to be
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d.c. political figure was mentioned, but the trump family made no mention of mayor bowser. although protesters showed up, was balser write about this being more of a political event? sort of. although much of the focus was on the hotel. >> under budget and ahead of schedule. that's what we do. tom: presidential politics made an appearance. tom roussey, news channel 8. jonathan: national committee filed a motion in federal court because the democratic national committee says republicans are violating a long-standing anti-intimidation agreement. they asked a judge to prevent republican national committee from coordinating with the trump campaign on so-called ballot security operations. for her part, hillary clinton campaign for a second day in florida. >> with 13 days left until the selection, we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here.
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with michelle obama tomorrow in north carolina. while she has held several rallies, this will be the first time the first lady has appeared with a nominee. alison: an auditorium full of people remembering a life taken too soon. a teenage girl was shot to death last week in largo. her killer is still out there. anna-lysa gayle joins us with how friends and family are remembering this young woman. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: alison months ago, she was walking across the stage here at largo high school. tonight, faculty members, family members, and classmates shared kind words about her legacy. >> she was so sweet, so nice, so caring. anna-lysa: remembering one of largo high school class shining stars and a young woman with a
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car not far from her home. homicide detectives believe she was innocent victim of gun violence. >> she never hurt anybody at all. >> she was absolutely outstanding. she tried everything largo had to offer. she was in voice, band, air force rotc, ap classes. anna-lysa: a young was also injured. he was one of dozens who filled the high school auditorium to remember the inspiration she left behind. >> she will always be remembered. >> she touched everybody, everything. >> it's really an honor for all of us, her family and friends. anna-lysa: shortly before her murder, banks was enrolled in the paramedics program at prince
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elisa banks will be laid to rest on november 2 at the first baptist church of glenarden. anybody with information should call the police. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: devastating news in glenarden, an eight-month-old baby killed by a bottle. the police the police say she was napping with the baby started crying. they say that she forcefully fed two bottles, causing the baby to die of aches fix the asian -- to die of its fixie asian --asphy yxiation. alison: a boy walking home from school found a baby safe in a car seat just if you are after
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and the suspected criminal. no word yet on any charges. jonathan: a case of mistaken identity could pick a police officer against another police department after yesterday shooting at iversen mall. d.c. police officer robert parker lives nearby. he was off duty at the time and apparently fit the description of the shooter. parker said in prince george's police officer stopped him, immediately frisked him, found the service weapon on his holster, and through him to the ground i was in a bit of shock when he started patting me down. he patted me down and got my service weapon. he looked at me and i said, i'm a police officer. and that's when i got thrown to the ground. jonathan: parker is considering a lawsuit against the d.c. police department, claiming excessive force. the police department said the officer involved acted
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controls? a highlight under arrest. plus -- >> this is 2016, not 1916. this is america. alison: a noose placed around the neck of a black high school student. allow the calls for justice.
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alison: disturbing developments out of mississippi. the naacp calling for a federal investigation after reports that a white high school football player put a noose around the neck the team's coach threw the student off the team. the district said the student was disciplined but the student will not be identified because of his age. the naacp said that is not enough. >> this is 2016, not 1916. this is america.
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that string to expelled in a federal hate crime investigation. jonathan: there is a new study that tested whether a patch can treat the peanut allergy. groups were given doses of peanut protein and a patch were able to eat at least 10 times as much peanut protein than when the study started. the patch is not yet approved by the fda, but more testing is being done. alison: 7 on your side with consumer headlines. livingsocial has been bough by its former rival, groupon. groupon said the amount of the purchase is not significant. the transaction is expected to close next month. livingsocial had already cut more than half its workforce last spring. groupon says their jobs will not be affected. jonathan: apple says it is not quite ready to release the new air pods, the new wireless headphones. the company says it is still getting them ready.
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wireless headphone technology because the latest iphone was designed without a headphone jack. alison: a commercial pilot arrested moments before a flight because the police say he was too drunk to fly. this happened in south dakota on a regional delta jetliner headed for salt lake city. a tsa agent smelled alcohol and called the police. the pilot was in the cockpit when he was arrested. been released. another pilot was brought in to complete the flight. jonathan: this was all kinds of fun -- an early halloween celebration in vienna, a beautiful night to get together and show off creative costumes for dogs. more than 80 floats took to the streets in the festive celebration. this is the 70th annual halloween parade. it dates back to the 1940's. by the way, which was the time
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halloween event just for our four-legged friends. the animal welfare league of alexandria's annual halloween pet testing contest. -- pet costume contest. boy, what a range of outfits. oh, look who that is, steve rudin was there. the host with the most. steve: it was a lot of fun and a great cause. they do the alexandria shelter, and they have a new calendar out, their biggest fundraiser to get the dogs out and adopted. a role model facility around the area. a lot of fun. alison: a nice night? steve: it was a little chilly. we had heat lamps, which helped warm us. it will not be as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning. some people had to scrape frost
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morning. cloudy skies tonight, a little cool. coolest to the north and west of d.c. waking up in the morning, sunglasses for some of you, but you will not need them very long. the best bet is to grab an umbrella. tomorrow morning, lower to middle 40's. we warm into the 50's, eventually into the 60's as we move through the afternoon. 64 martinsburg, forecast high 64 charles town leesburg. closer to the immediate metro area, between 64 and 67 degrees. this is before the real thick clouds arrive in the afternoon. along with scattered showers. southern maryland, looking at 65. prince frederick, dahlgren 67. further south, about 66 to 68 for the daytime highs with
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satellite and radar looks like right now, no worries overnight. it will be dry early tomorrow morning. veronica and eileen will be in the morning and keep you updated on "good morning washington." this rain will move our way through the day tomorrow. it will not be a washout. more scattered showers afternoon time, for the rush hour. the forecast through the day tomorrow, stays dry inside the be the midday. recess for the kids or outdoor activities, maybe going for a mid afternoon jog. the further west that you go, garrett county, allegany counties the wet weather begins to move in. scattered showers for the rush-hour commute tomorrow evening. it could be slow for some of you, but not looking for steady rain, just scattered showers. once this is out of here, the skies clear, breezy, and a whole
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sunday, upper 60's near 70 towards the end of the race. the wind out of the southwest that 5 to 15, dry. the fall color change now in the moderate range. don't forget to send in your pictures, halloween forecast, temperatures in the 50's. it will be drive. and then we warm up towards the end of next week. alison: thank you very much jonathan: a whole bunch going on in sports. robert: alison, you heard erin's production at 6:00? alison: yes, it was good.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. a thrashing in cleveland last night. the cavs beating new york in their nba opener. and in the cubs were smashed by the indians. reverse that. the cubs got on the board early, in a hurry. top of the first, anthony rizzo, chris bryant scores from first -- kris bryant scores from
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hwarber back up the middle, and the even the series at 1-1. the caps on a four-game road trip, first up edmonton tonight. scoreless after one. in the second, the oilers went on the attack. oilers up 1-0. right now it is 2-0. cousins, facing the cincinnati bengals sunday at wembley stadium in jolly old england. that was bad. it will have a light workout friday afternoon. the bengals are one opponent. together is jet black. it is five hours earlier in london.
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to bed before 7:00 tonight, we will see, then get up around 5:00. when i went over there this off-season, i had a hard time adjusting. i was only there about three days and it was tough sleeping until about noon or 1:00 because of how tired i was. robert: back to baseball, max scherzer posted this today. his wife threw out a dirty jersey. jersey from his second no-hitter. #shessleepingonthecouch. max may have gotten the last laugh. a little while later he says, oh, look, dirty purses. careful, max. i wonder how the old scherzer house is.
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really dirty to just throw it away. i'm not even cleaning this one. jonathan: i hope they have a comfortable couch. robert: because somebody is sleeping on it. jonathan: coming up next, a
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from pennsylvania. an eight-year-old was diagnosed with a learning and behavioral conditions early in life. what helped him through, horses. instead of gifts this year, he wanted money and he donated it to the police department's mounted unit to help build facilities for their horses. >> i asked him, are you sure this is what you want to do? do. alison: when asked why we should all pay it forward, c.j. simply said, it feels right. jonathan: i hope they made him a
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afternoon and evening. 64 degrees the high tomorrow, 60 and breezy friday, mild this weekend. jonathan: thank you for joining us. jimmy kimmel is next.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight andrew garfield, chef mario batali, the fourth annual canine costume parade, and music from conor oberst. and now, what do you know -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, very nice. welcome. thank you. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. it's very kind. i'm glad you're here. this is night two of the world


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