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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. the fbi pouring through those newly discovered e-mails right now. what we can now report. hillary clinton saying there is no case here. the fbi director now in the hot seat, why did he go public before the fbi even looked at the e-mails themselves? and tonight, donald trump on the attack. also this evening, the the u.s. the emergency declared. calm under pressure. the 911 call just released tonight from that nightclub in orlando. the shooter and the very calm fbi negotiator who was trying to save other lives. the father on trial tonight, his somebody dying in their hot car. this evening, the wife takes the stand. and what she says about her husband. and up in flames. the new condo completion, the inferno, and the race to clear
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investigators on what caused this. good evening. and we begin tonight with just eight days left until the election, nearly 24 million americans voting already. and tonight, the fbi right now searching through those newly discovered e-mails. the fbi director saying he's not sure if they will be significant or not. and because of that, fbi director james comey is under fire tonight. many asking, why did he speak ou e-mails first? we know the e-mails were discovered on anthony weiner's laptop. and she, of course, is hillary clinton's long-time aide. the new fbi spotlight comes amid our new tracking poll showing hillary clinton now down to a one-point lead nationally. tonight, the clinton camp furious with the fbi, asking, why it would make this public with so few answers to offer to the american people. and with so few days left before the election. abc's senior justice
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what the fbi has done already. >> reporter: tonight inside the fbi, dozens of cyber experts are pouring over thousands of e-mails belonging to huma abedin, hillary clinton's top aide. the team, which previously investigated clinton's private server, has pulled the hard drive from a laptop used by abedin's estranged husband, anthony weiner, who is under investigation for an alleged sexting scandal with an underage girl. weiner's disgrace captured in this documentary. >> why do you think you deserve this second chance? photo, now off the trail as the investigation intensifies. abc news has learned the fbi has made a copy of the data from the hard drive and begun separating abedin's e-mails from the hundreds of thousands that belonged to weiner. the focus is on abedin's work-related e-mails during clinton's time as secretary of state, especially any that may have been sent to clinton's private server. agents plan to use computer programs to see if they can weed
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today, the white house trying staying on the sidelines. >> i'll neither defend nor criticize what director comey has decided to communicate. to the public about this investigation. >> reporter: but the fbi director facing a barrage of criticism from the left and right for his decision to notify congress this close to the election. comey has maintained it would have been wrong not to acknowledge the new development. but some democrats on capitol hill are calling on comey to resign. and today, former attorney general eric holder, and roughly 100 former senior justice department officials, including republicans, penned a letter saying they were "astonished and per perplexed" by comey's actions. even long-time trump allies like former prosecutor jeanine piro criticizing the timing. >> 11 days before one of the most hotly contested presidential elections of our time, both disgraces and politicizes the fbi and is
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congress friday, comey said that he wanted to determine whether the e-mails contained classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation into the clinton server. but in a separate later released later that day to fbi colleagues, comey described in more detail that "given that we don't know the significance of this newly discovered collection of e-mails, i don't want to but that only drew more fire. >> if you don't know, keep your mouth shut. don't speculate. >> pierre, is there any chance we could hear from the fbi director again before this election, which, of course, is now just one week from tomorrow? >> reporter: david, comey is getting updates on the investigation and i'm told that if something definitive was found, he would consider making that public. but david, there's just so much material to sift through, no one knows what's going to happen. we really are in unchartered territory with the election just eight days away. >> unprecedented indeed.
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hillary clinton, meantime, in the battleground of ohio, where early voting is already under way, telling voters, quote, there is no case here. and they are now fighting to keep whatever they might have, the fire wall in some of the battlegrounds with early voters, who they know are heading to the polls right now. abc's cecilia vega in ohio. >> reporter: in ohio, where voting is already under way, tonight, hillary clinton trying to tackle the political firestorm engulfing her campaign. >> i'm sure a lot of you asking what this new e-mail story is about, and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing, with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: clinton putting on a defiant front. >> and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year.
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>> reporter: clinton's team now counting on their get out the vote operation. more than 23 million votes already cast. democrats outpacing republicans in gaslebat pl grounds like nev and north carolina. but in all-important florida, it is republicans with a slight edge in early voting. here in ohio, most clinton supporters we spoke to brushed off this new chapter in the e-mail saga. if i say and e-mails, you say -- >> i don't care -- >> i don't believe it -- >> reporter: you can't say the word you want to say. >> i don't care. >> reporter: does this make you reconsider your vote at all? >> not at all. >> reporter: i am running against a man -- clinton trying to focus back on her point. >> when the election is over, and people wake up on november 9th, we will have picked the person who will carry the
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a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> and cecilia vega joins us tonight from cincinnati. cecilia, you've been hearing that hillary clinton and the campaign will try to take this to donald trump in these final days, she wants to turn the focus back to trump. but even the clinton campaign knows that it's going to be a tough task, given the new headlines about the e-mail. >> reporter: they certainly do, but they're not giving up. the very last thing they want to be talking about this close to they are bringing in other heavy hitters to try to change the subject, too. president obama, vice president biden will be out on the trail this week. david, you can imagine they'll be hitting donald trump, as well. >> cecilia vega right there in ohio for us. thank you. the task for donald trump's campaign tonight, to keep him on-message, and to keep the focus on these new headlines involving hillary clinton. but he still needs a sweep of many of the battlegrounds on election night, and some blue states, as well. which explains why he's in michigan tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, donald trump riding a wave of momentum. the renewed investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server shifting the tide. >> the clinton crime spree ends on november 8th, it's going to end on november 8th. >> reporter: trump even gloefting over the redrent developments. >> thank you, anthony weiner. >> reporter: trump supporters here in michigan tell us there is a renewed enthusiasm within the trump campaign since the news broke of that new fbi inquiry. >> absolutely, they're totally energized. no finding out what we already understood, she's a criminal, and she can't be allowed to move back into the oval office. >> reporter: for months, trump slammed the fbi, even safing this just hours before director comey upended the race on friday. >> but the system is rigged. i think the biggest rigging of all is what's happened with the fbi and the justice department with respect to hillary clinton. >> reporter: but now trump heaping praise on the fbi director. >> it took a lot of guts. but i'll tell you what, what he did, he brought back his reputation.
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final days, trump amplifying his prediction of widespread voter fraud. this time, questioning mail-in ballots. >> like people say, oh, here is a ballot, here is another ballot, throw it away. oh heeshgs's one i like, we'll keep that one. i have real problems, so, get your ballots in. >> reporter: over the weekend, word of an arrest for voter fraud. a woman in iowa who allegedly tried to vote twice. turns out she's a trump supporter. she told iowa public radio she worr "the polls are rigged," she said. >> and tom llamas with us tonight from michigan. and tom, more than 23 million americans have already voted, election day a week from tomorrow. and it is very clear from the trump campaign that they sense an opening here with these new headlines about hillary clinton and the e-mails. >> reporter: david, the sense out here on the campaign trail is that it's the fourth quarter and donald trump feels like he has the ball back. he's going to continue to hammer this e-mail issue for the next seven days to remind voters in
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david? >> tom llamas in michigan for us. tom, thank you. so, let's get right to the map tonight, where things stand right now. what american voters care about, which states favor donald trump, which states favor hillary clinton. let's bring in jon unanimous karl. there's no question, these new headlines do not help hillary clinton. but even so, for donald trump, he has a somewhat steep hill to climb here. >> reporter: a very steep climb to get to the 270 electoral votes he needs to win the presidency. so, look at the map. we've rated every state, red states favor trump. blue states clinton. the gray states are tossups. start out west, trump needs to win every single tossup. utah and arizona, traditionally republican states. but then, david, he needs to win florida, north carolina and ohio and even after that if you look up top, he's still short of 270. >> only at 259. now he has to flip some blue here. >> reporter: yes. now, the best chance for him is nevada, which has been quite close. but even if he wins nevada, he's at 265, still short.
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blue state. today, he's in michigan. that would do it for him, that would get him to 281. but not a single public poll since the convention has put trump in the lead in michigan. >> all right, jon, you're going to be spending a lot of time with that map. just eight days left until election day. a reminder, next tuesday night, election coverage begins, of course, with "world news tonight" and then 7:00 p.m. eastern, i'll be joining george and the entire powerhouse political team. we'll be here all night long, and it could be a very long night. in the meantime, this monday evening, we passenger jet, waiting to take off from ft. lauderdale, when authorities say one passenger told the flight crew that he saw another passenger texting about a bomb. here's abc's fwee owe benitez. >> we are the aircraft that had a bomb threat. would like to declare an emergency. >> reporter: those are the frightening words from a spirit airlines pilot before taking off for dallas. authorities say a passenger said he saw a text message on another passenger's phone possibly about
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>> came via a text message by a passenger, other passengers did see the message and then the passenger turned off the phone. that's all i have so far. >> reporter: passengers were evacuated, leaving all of their bags beh >> they ripped him out of the seat and dragged him off the plane. >> reporter: and david, that flight did end up taking off, but hours later. tonight, the local sheriff says there was no bomb and have been made in this case. david? >> gio benitez tonight. and now, to what investigators are learning about that massive fire on the runway at o'hare airport. passengers fleeing down the emergency slides. the ntsb now calling it an uncontained failure in that engine. and tonight, should there be concerns about thousands of other engines right now in use?
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nature of this engine fire. >> go, go! >> reporter: passenegers could see flames and smoke. >> jump and slide. >> reporter: an "uncontained failure," the boeing 767 engine, meaning heavy pieces of metal blew out of it, most likely ripping through the fuel tank in the wing. one piece threw 3,000 feet, going through the roof of a ups warehouse. it was a part like this that failed part of the turbine. it minute inside the engine. a similar part has failed on two other 767s in the past 16 years, breaking into pieces, causing extensive damage. and an order for airlines to change the way they inspect these parts. but is that enough? >> sometimes this will happen because of fatigue, where an older engine will develop cracks that aren't detected in normal maintenance. sometimes it can be a manufacturing defect. >> reporter: this type of part is never supposed to fail. american airlines has now had two incidents. the airline says it's
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and can say nothing more. david? >> david kerley with us again tonight. next, this evening, to chilling new insight into the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. newly released audio tapes of calls between a very calm police officer negotiator and that gunman. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: orlando police already knew about the horror playing out in the pulse nightclub when their negotiator got on the phone with the terrorist. >> hello? >> hello there. hi. whom am i speaking with, please? >> you're speaking with the person who pledged allegiance to the islamic state. >> can you tell me where you are right now so i can get you some help? >> no. because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they're killing a lot of innocent people. you get what i'm saying? >> i do. i completely get what you're saying. >> reporter: the officer staying calm, trying to keep omar mateen talking from the bathroom where
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>> tell me what you did, please? >> you already know what i did. >> well, i'm trying to figure out how to keep you safe and how to get this resolved peacefully because i'm not a politician, i'm not a government. all i can do is help individuals, and i'm going to start with helping you. >> reporter: david, that negotiator spoke with mateen a total of three times over the course of more than two hours. during that time, police coming up with that plan to bust through an exterior wall of the club, freeing the hostages. david? >> linzie janis tonight, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the raging inferno. the new condo complex up in flames. the neighborhood evacuated. the massive fire tearing through the building. and now, investigators on the scene. the mother on the stand today. the father on trial, his son dying in their hot car. tonight what she's now saying about her ex-husband. and america strong tonight. as we know, millions of children putting on their halloween
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next tonight, the inferno in the west. a massive fire gutting an apartment complex, new condominiums. more than 150 people evacuating from neighboring homes. here's abc's kayna whitworth with the pictures. >> reporter: tonight, oakland firefighters still putting out hot spots from a massive multi-alarm fire. >> very much out of control at this point. >> reporter: the building under construction. engulfed. interior walls picking apart, falling into the inferno below. >> you can see it, wow, right there. >> reporter: firefighters racing to contain the fire. >> there was a little bit of the wind this morning, so, the embers were flying. >> reporter: tom kennedy, more than 150 nearby resident forced to get out. >> i thought it was our building on fire. that's how hot and close it was. >> reporter: miraculously,
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blaze from spreading. >> there were a couple of moments, you thought the whole block was going to go. >> reporter: oakland seeing a boom in new construction, as home prices skyrocket in nearby san francisco. david, firefighters estimate the damage at $2 million, and as this investigation continues, they will be looking at the materials used during construction. david? >> kayna, thank you. and when we come back here tonight, the father on trial, his son dying in their hot car. tonight, the boy's mother on the stand, what she says about her ex-husband. also dangerous for so many children, and there is news tonight about a possible treatment. and cubs fans celebrating a much-needed win to stay alive in the world series. but check out that monitor right behind there. funny moment. funny moment. we'll have it after the break. e. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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tonight, more than 15,000 people are living in shelters. back here, about emotional testimony in the hot car trial in georgia. the accused ex-wife speaking in his defense. prosecutors say justin ross harris left his son cooper while he sent sexual text messages to other women. lee ann that taylor testifying her ex-husband was a devoted father and he thinks he forgot drop cooper off at in my mind is, is it even a remote possibility he was never checked in? if he was never checked in, then he must have forgot. >> harris is pleading not guilty in the death of his son. a possible treatment for peanut allergies tonight. the national institutes of health testing a skin patch to help children overcome allergic reactions. the study shows nearly half wearing the patch were able to consume ten times more peanut protein than they could before the treatment.
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captain america. 2015, a starwars snow speeder. they're all home made, months in advance. his father, who clearly loves him so, designs and builds the hot wheels. here's wishing jeremy a spock-tacular halloween with plenty of candy. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> who you gonna call? jeremy. thank you for watching on a monday night. we'll see you right back here
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