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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for this to swing in the balance of the democrats 30 of these red seats would have to turn blue. that is a tall order. we don't know whether it will happen or not. in the senate we have an interesting situation. five of the red seats, five of the republican seats have to flip to blue for the democrats to democrats to take the balance of power. take a are taking a close look at tonight. five close races. let's start in florida with the former republican presidential candidate marco rubio trying to get his seat secured in the senate. he is up against murphy. with florida the tight residential rate.
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kelly ayotte is the incumbent against governor maggie hadsen. in indiana evan bayh trying to get his seat back. those are the races we will watch carefully. we look at the electoral map throughout the night. jonathan: a lot of close races going on tonight. our area has a congressional race that many believe could be the litmus test for the way it will swing. the virgi jeff goldberg is joining us live from falls chunk where the democrats have gathered. >> we expect hundreds to be here in falls church tonight. here is video from today. we caught up with the democrat luann bennett in herndon talking to the voters out there. she knows it is a close race but she feels confident she will win.
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clinton's popularity will help her. comstock, barbara comstock the incumbent republican is a known name in virginia politics when it comes to northern virginia. she hopes being the incumbent will help her win a separate term. in ashburn we caught one terry mcauliffe firing up democrats as they are getting out there in the field to drum up support for the democratic ticket including hillary clinton and tim kaine. i am joined by governor mcauliffe. we will tal presidential rate in a moment. how are the reports across the state with the turnout and making sure it's running smoothly. governor mcauliffe: big turnout. i voted in richmond. took me an hour to vote. they haven't seen anything like it before. we haven't had issues. we had a problem with a machine here or two but no big, is. everyone is having a good vote. people know this is history. this is the first woman to be elected president in the united states in our history. virginians, for the time a virginian has been on the
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hundred years. this is history. jeff: you guaranteed that hillary clinton will win be the presidency. governor mcauliffe: i have been telling her that. but don't take it for granted. we're feel very good. a million phone calls have been made. doors knocked on. she is right for virginia. i want to be the first governor to announce that virginia is blue. that is the fuse that lights it for hillary clinton to be the first female of the president of the united states. jeff: we will be hear with you. thank you for your time.
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maureen: thank you. now for the race for the white house which the candidates have been campaigning for nonstop. this morning, hillary clinton went home to newschopper7, new york -- went home to chappaqua, new york, to vote. hillary clinton and donald trump will be in new york city tonight. lisa fletcher? lisa: hillary clinton left her home in chappaqua an haring and she should roll in to she is going to the pennsylvania hotel first before arriving here at her election quarterbacks at the javitz center. jonathan: thanks. let's turn our attention to donald trump. he and his running mate mike pence went to the home state to cast the votes. tonight they are only a couple of miles from the clinton camp another trump tower. a few miles are separating the
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of them, same city, hoping for the same outcome. scott: you are right about that. one of them is probably going to be sorely disappointed. unless for some reason this drags out. do to legal challenges or tight votes in several states. we hope that is not the case. the coincidence of them both being here. people here call it a victory party. donald trump critics scoff at the no victory. all he has done is upend the system and prove all the doubters have been wrong. how many times have we thought it wouldn't happen? he hood 1% of the polls early on. there were 17 republicans who are making a run. of course he emerged. someone who has never run for political office in his life and he is one night away from possibly becoming the president. his day was low key. he went to the polling station and quickly and quietly went
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trump today. there was an e-mail that went out from the team that he would spend the day talking to the top political strategist to do any sort of advertising blitzes in the last minute. where are they making the robo calls and reaching out to voters according to the registrar's office has not shown up yet. very behind the scenes today. we will have up updates all evening. do you think this is going to be a long evening? scott: we know if it is going to drag out. if the tossup states go his way you will want to get ready and take nodos. it's a long everything. jonathan: all right. thank you. you can find the election result osnonstop coverage on
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guide to help with any problems you encounter casting your vote. maureen: election coverage continues. we have ways to see the results if you're not near a t. jonathan: a woman set on fire in prince george's county and what she told election workers who race to rescue her. doug: we have had a good rain is on the way. we will tell you if it impact the morning rush.
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jonathan: a maryland woman is in critical condition after a house fire in kettering. before workers got there the poll workers came to the rescue as the woman staggered >> she said, "please help me. call 911. my husband set me on fire." i looked at her and she was completely burned head to toe. it was horrible. jonathan: a man rescued from the home also hurt. authorities believe the fire was connected to an argument between the two. maureen: video captured this moment this afternoon when a worker had to be rescued from a northwest washington construction sight. first responders used a crane
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we are told he hurt his leg but did not lose consciousness. jonathan: there is a search on for a vandal after somebody spray painted the world war ii memorial. they have completed one step to remove the graffiti but more work planned. i was of a hashtag popular among those protesting the dakota pipeline. maureen: next, with the ways to watch the election results come in, even if you are standing live coverage of vote 2016 on abc7. that is a big him. the ferris wheel. ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values.
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maureen: i voted stickers you have seen them and they are out there today. businesses see them too, and they offer freebies and the discounts for anyone wearing one. krispy kreme offered the customers a free doughnut. after all the eating if you want to work off calories anyone with a sticker got
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gym. >> you could make a day at it. good deal. maureen: time honored election day tradition. heading to a watch party. jonathan: this year one of the biggest parties has a new way to track results. jay korff joining with us a cool and a colorful way to look at it. jay: trying to be visionary here. working in cooperative fashion with folks at the national harbor. beautiful on the popular vote as it is coming in real time, the results will be reflected on the millions of the lights that encircumstance the pie chart on the capital wheel. we will take you inside. 15 to 20 minutes ago we shot vid vo inside -- video inside
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the gondola is temperature control and they can change lights accordingly. so they get the results from us and then they change percentages up on the pie chart. red for mr. trump and blue for secretary clinton. as the night unfolds, so is the pie chart going to change. there is a big watch party here. we expect a lot of folks here. they will be able to watch channel 7 over t pie chart. live in prince george's county, jay korff, abc7 news. jonathan: you need a beach chair and a blanket for that one. national harbor is not the only place to watch results from afar. maureen: lil' kimberly suiters continues the team coverage outside the building with the big projection for tonight.
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kimberly: we are competing with jay for the cool eslive shot situation. this is the election projection screen. that is 1000 wilson boulevard. the sister building to 1100 wilson boulevard where abc7 is housed. all night long we will show the electoral returns. polls haven't closed yet so it's clinton zero and trump zero but numbers are expected to change throughout night. people are saying it's cool because they can see it from the office or the apartment building. it's fun to be part of it. there are four projectors that are beaming a strong light
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kimberly suiters, abc7 news. back to you in the studio. maureen: thank you. we have a team of reporters to bring you local updates every 30 minutes in abc's national coverage. we have nonstop coverage on newschannel8. jonathan: the projection is cool. if you could go to bed before all of the results are in, if you end up doing that, you can count on "good morning washinon speed. we are starting early tomorrow with the results and reaction at 4:00 in the morning. getting up extra early to make sure you get ma you miss if you hit the pillow. but a lot of folks will stay awake for this one. maureen: a lot of folks got to the polls. doug: the stormwatch7 weather team did their job.
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let's tell you the weather story. doug: we have a beautiful image. the contest is over. the fine viewers are sending beautiful fall images to this is the arlington image filled with the beautiful colors. point of interest. 68 degrees. seven degrees above average with a high te ticks below average. the clouds will roll in. the cloud cover combining with that. sunrise tomorrow, the showers are moving in. period of showers overspreading the metro area at times for the rush hour. tail end of the rush hour tomorrow.
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across the cold front to ohio. kentucky, southeast and indiana. northwest pennsylvania to move across michigan and detroit to ontario canada. that rain area is headed this way. it could move through. we don't have enough rainfall since september 1. we have showers left over. it will clear out late with the gusty winds drier and the cooler air. the rain we are expecting between now and 8:30, we are
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70% chance of rain tomorrow. clear and breezy. veterans say is gorgeous. 62. sunshine and 49 for a high. milder on sunday. next week is fine as well. back to you. jonathan: redskins off a bye week. they have big when they played in london. so could he be in danger of losing the starting running back job? look at this. bald eagle. why is it wearing a camera?
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the capital host the sharks tonight but they need your help. in honor of election day the capitals want you to vote for the next bobblehead. you can use the hashtag to vote. the bobblehead will be distributed on march 21 when the caps host flames.
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redskins had the day off today but several players gave back to families in need in the redskins 13th annual harvest feast at fedex field. 2,500 gins porridge's residents were on the receiving end. a nice vent. i appears that robert kelly will receive the bulk of the carries for w jones was the starter but the fumbling issue came back. so he sat out with a knee injury so even if he is healthy, gruden said jones has to earn his way back to playing time. >> we have three or four good backs. i'm not going to project who gets the bulk of the load. right now it is going through robert kelly. that could change on thursday
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>> this is different. a cool moment. a bald eagle named challenger flew in for the pre-game ceremony and challenger is wearing a camera. he is a non-released bird cared for by the american leagual foundation. we reached out to them and they chaired the video with us. fun. good luck to the bowie state football team. the bulldogs play in the championship game at winston salem state saturday in salem, virginia. jonathan: good luck. >> best of luck. jonathan: thanks. maureen: what is the latest? doug: showers moving in before sunrise. quick look at the next three days show 60 tomorrow. clearing for thursday. beautiful day on friday. steve rudin keeps track of the morning rain later tonight. maureen: well, "world news tonight" with david muir is
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tonight, breaking news. election night in america. from abc news election headquarters, right here in times square. the first clues coming in right now. what voters are revealing already. just as the first polls are set to close. tonight, hillary clinton, donald trump, the sprint to the finish. clinton in the wee hours of the morning. >> i believe that we will win! >> just hours later, casting her ballot. will she become america's first woman president? donald trump after midnight, finishing in michigan. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. >> flying back to new york, then casting his ballot. a thumb's up. and this image peering over his wife's ballot. and tonight, trump in a new interview. will he accept the results? he says, we'll see.


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