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tv   ABC News Your Voice Your Vote Election Night 2016  ABC  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-2:00am EST

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just blocks apart in new york city, and just hours from now, you will see the next president at one of those podiums. a night of history starts right now. the time has finally come. they've made their case. >> we will make america great again. >> we're going to prove to the world we are >> so, who will be your next president? right now, live from times square, the crossroads of america, with our country at the crossroads, this is abc election night 2016. now reporting, from abc news election headquarters, george stephanopoulos. >> good evening, and welcome to election night 2016. what a crazy campaign this has been. bitter, ugly, always
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done now. the decision in your hands. our whole team is here all through the night. and the first states are in. so, let's get right to it. the polls have now closed in six states, with 60 electoral votes, and abc news can project that donald trump has won the state of kentucky. that was a state won by bill clinton twice in 1992 and 1996. republican ever since then. donald trump, the winner tonight. up in vermont, three electoral votes, hillary clinton wins those. of course, that is the home state o rival in the primaries. solid blue state. hillary clinton gets that tonight. and in the state of indiana, right in the middle of the country, donald trump wins that, as well. that was won by barack hussein obama in 2008. it's gone republican ever other time since 1964. and, of course, donald trump's running mate, mike pence, is from the state of indiana, so, right there, we see 19 electoral votes for donald trump, three for hillary clinton so far. those first three states, we can
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clinton in 1992, we do not have enough votes in to protect that yet. it's been a solid republican state ever since 1992, not enough votes in there yet. state of south carolina, also solid red, went democrat only once in the last generation to jimmy carter in 1976, not enough votes there yet, either. and we also have been paying special attention tonight to 12 battleground states, those are the states that the candidates spent the most time in, spent those are the states that are going to determine this election. one of the key ones, polls just closed in the state of virginia. they voted for barack obama in the last two elections, of course, hillary clinton's running mate, tim kaine, from the state of virginia. that is a key part of her strategy, but we do not have enough votes in to project that, so, we have some votes in, three states called so far, as i said, our entire team is here. "world news tonight" anchor david muir, we don't have a lot of results. we do have exit polls.
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fascinating signs about the makeup of this country and some of the key issues as they headed to the polls today. first, look at the issue of race in this country. and in particular, the racial makeup of the voters. 70% of the voters who turned out today, white. 30%, nonwhite. that number is up from 28% four years ago, and thats that tripled since 1976. on the question of honesty, so much attention paid to hillary clinton, the e-mails, that private server. when they were asked, which candat trustworthy, 37% saying hillary clinton, 32% saying donald trump is the most honest and trustworthy. this is a key question, as we know, which is most qualified to be president, which candidate, hillary clinton, 53% at this point, donald trump, 37%. this is preliminary data. and on the final question, and george, we asked donald trump about temperament, he said, i have the best temperament to be commander in chief, to be president, voters were asked this question. who has the best temperament, 56% saying hillary clinton, at
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trump. >> temperament and quali qualifications. also joined by my "this week" colleague, martha raddatz is here. you spent a lot of time on the road in your car, going out and meeting voters and you really did hear this distaste for both candidates. >> absolutely distaste for both candidates. and different parts. pennsylvania, i was just back from pennsylvania, in rural pennsylvania, big trump country, hillary clinton in those cities, but the voters would tell me, i'm not really voting for that person, i'm other. and that was everywhere i went. undecided voters, even those solidly for one of the candidates, it was a vote against the other. >> not a ton of enthusiasm. our chief political analyst here, matthew dowd. what are you watching for? >> i'm watching the demographics. if these hold, it looks like a presidential year. donald trump wanted it to look like a midterm year. i remember a tied race in 2000, 18% of the vote was nonwhite in 2000 and it was a tie.
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to me, that's the history getting made tonight, besides potential history at the end. the history is this country has changed over the last 20 years. >> and jon karl, you've been doing a deep dive in all the states. i want to put up the 12 states we are watching, the battleground states. there they are right there. which two are you paying most attention to? >> i'm paying attention to the ones that the candidates paid the most attention to, north carolina, one of the big battleground states that was visited and spent heavi and florida. no state had more candidate visits and more money spent than the state of florida. and here's the thing, george. with both of those states, donald trump simply has to win. with north carolina, it is very difficult to see how he gets elected president if he loses, with florida, it is virtually impossible to see how he's elected. if i can tell you one more item here, if you are looking at florida, if you want to look at one place on this entire map,
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>> that is the bell weather county right there. we're at an odd place tonight light here in times square. we consider it the crossroads of america. i'm also joined by my "gma" colleagues who are at both head quarters right there. robin roberts is with the clinton campaign, that's at the javits center, that's the clinton headquarters tonight. ten blocks away from here, amy robach at the trump campaign at the new york hilton. ten blocks up from here. and robin, what's the mood there right now? >>oh the crowd, you can see, the coming in. there's a bigger crowd, george, outside, it took us about an hour and a half to gain access here. usually a short distance from our stios. we saw police presence virtually at every block. the crowd is beginning to grow, and there is a large projector that is showing the results as they come in. and the projector is hanging from a glass ceiling. and people have noticed the glass ceiling here and wondering if hillary clinton will be able
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ceiling, becoming the first woman to be president. but you've been to these things, george. it's starting to pick up. it's a little early yet, but you can feel the energy building. >> no accident they picked that hall with the glass ceiling. cecilia vega, you have been with the clinton campaign from the very, very beginning. and one of the things they've been telling us, it seemed like they were getting momentum coming into election day. as they really look back at the convention and the debaments as the turning points. >> those are the two moments in this campaign. biggest bumps in some of the polls. of course, that first, the convention, the khan moment, the gold star family that ended up going at it with donald trump, telling him to read the constitution. and michelle obama's line, they go low, we go high, that became a campaign point for hillary clinton, she mentioned it almost every day. and of course, that first debate, where they just went at it. hillary clinton turning that issue into alicia machado, took that out on the campaign trail. and you saw her shift in her campaigning, turning it to an
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and has not stopped since, george. >> how about the lowest point? >> i got one word for you. e-mails. and it did not let up. she startled her campaign on the issue of e-mails at a low point, and she almost ended it on one, the craziest day we had on the campaign trail is that day that james comey announced again that they were investigating her e-mails, of course, we know what happened with that, nothing came of that investigation, but that was definitely one of the low points. they were gloating about how well they were doing in the polls when that happene >> and david muir, she had such a hard time figuring out who talk about the e-mails. the first time she apologized was in an interview with you. >> you had a sense, going in, that she knew she had to address the e-mail question, george. we asked her that september day, she said, i'm sorry, and we talked about the book that she wrote right before the campaign and in that book, she talks about how important it is that a candidate acknowledges that they make mistakes. that a politician was able to call it a mistake. i said, would you call it a mistake?
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we sat down with her in the middle of the investigation, i said, can you believe we're still talking about your e-mails? she knew it really dogged her. tim kaine came to her defense and she welcomed him in that way on particular, that issue, because she was so exhausted talking about herself. >> no question about it. let me go to amy robach at the new york hilton. not at the trump tower, amy, but you are at the trump rally. >> yes, this is the biggest venue closest to the trump tower, and that is why we are here at the hilton. a few of the thousand expected guests have started to arrive. probably one of the most exciting things we've seen is only rosa, taking selfies with some of those guests who have begun to come here, but something interesting, those guests walk through the door office this ballroom, they can each pick up one of those "make america get again" caps, those red caps. if you take a look behind me, i'd like you to look, there is one of those hats right behind
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there are two of them on either side of the stage. they say the reason why is because it has become the iconic symbol of the trump campaign. george? >> it certainly has. and tom llamas, you've been with the trump campaign from the start. you and i were both there in trump tower june 2015, i can tell you from my part, i had no -- there was no way i thought donald trump would be here today as the nominee of the republican party. i'm not sure donald trump thought so, either. >> george, never doubt how high donald trump thinks of himself. but i do and in the beginning, there really was no campaign. it was donald trump a microphone and a twitter account. and he did so many things that were unconventional, and that's why no one believed he could get to this point. he savaged his opponents with insults. he shunned spending money on ads or a ground game. he did whatever he wanted. he showed off his airplane. there was so much going there and of course, he would make up his own facts. but it was his message and that
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voice from queens, he would go into those arenas and said, we're going to build a wall and mexico's going to pay for it. nafta's killing your jobs, we're going to bombing the hell out of isis and millions of people bought in. >> and for the longest time, it looked like one of his iconic sentences, i could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose a vote, for a long time, that helped. >> think about how much he bounced back from. even bounced back from that horrific "access hollywood" moment, to where we're watching battleground states right now. african-american, every single voting block at one point or another, he had problems with. and yet he still at this point in a very close race. we can't ever deny that he truly is in many ways a comeback kid. and the reason why, he never stopped fighting. he never gave up. like him or hate him, he kept in this race the entire time. >> five rallies right through midnight last night. tom, we'll be coming back to you. want to go to times square right now. michael strahan there, as well, right down there with the people.
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>> very nice, george. and thank you. you got robin at the javits center, amy at the hilton. we're right here in the heart of new york city, right here in times square. and you see i'm standing on this map here. this is an interactive map. some red states, some blue states. these states light up when they're called, when the call is given for trump or for clinton. it is a booth behind me built in partnership with facebook, we're going to connect with our audience. hundreds of our audience are concerned about the most. things they are looking out for in this election. and wee have a great crowd her. a lot of trump supporters, a lot of clinton supporters, they are excited. a lot of young voters, too, here, george. see some pace university students here. so, i'm going to stay out here in times square with the people, and we're going to have a conversation about this election. >> looking forward to that, michael. we have our first tweet of the night. this is from mike pence.
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board to vote to make america great again." that comes from the republican vice presidential candidate, mike pence. i want to welcome back charlie gibson. great to see you. and you started covering campaigns for abc news, i think, back in 1976 -- >> it was 1876. >> one thing i'm pretty sure of, none of us has ever seen a campaign quite like this one. >> are you asking me if i've seen anything like this? no. >> that's it. i can go home. no, you know, what's dismaying, george, and i think all of us who are here, all are here because we love politics, we love this process of electing a president. it is a -- it is a moment of majesty. and i haven't seen much majesty in this campaign. david made mention of hillary clinton's book, and, chapter about when you should apologize,
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chapter somewhere along the line. and -- the toxic nature of this campaign is truly dismaying to somebody who loves politics. you know, you were all immersed in the, who is going to win which senate race, but -- being retired, i look at it sort of from 10,000 feet. and at a greater distance, and this campaign truly, truly dismays me, for the country. not just for what's happened over the last couple of months, but what's going to happen in the coming months, because the divisions are so whether or not, whoever wins tonight, can govern, given the kind of toxicity that exists, really worries me. >> i want to bring that question to coe keykie roberts. people really thought washington was broken, especially donald trump voters. it's going to be a big challenge to try to make something work there, as well. >> right. his drain the swamp was all about washington.
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anti-government mood in the electorate. we are seeing that as the voters come out of the polls. they are angry or dissatisfied with the government. and they've got good reason to be. the congress has not been able to function. and they've promised a lot of things they can't do. and so, i think it's going to be -- it's going to be very, very hard to pull this together, but there's some -- something of a polyanna about this, because like charlie, like all of us process, and love the politics and the country. and i think that -- i think that sometimes after even a bitter election like this, people do come together. they say, okay, this is our president, and it is exciting and let's do something. >> and terry moran, you spend most of your time in london as our chief foreign correspondent. i think a lot of people all around the world look at this election with eyes wide open. >> they were shocked, and there's no question that it's
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image around the world. you have don't have to look any further than iran. when the ayatollahs wanted to find the west anti-american propaganda they could this year, they showed the presidential debates to the people of iran. and then they just said, look at how degenerate and broken that system is. and for our allies around the world, friends and allies, this was a shocker, you know? they heard one of the major party candidates question the commitment of the united states to nato. th's world. and even beyond that, for people around the world, for all the problems that america has, the american democracy is still seen as kind of a beacon of sta stability, of decency, of order, and it's damaged that. >> byron pitts, eight years ago, charlie announced barack hussein obama would be the first african-american president in the united states, a lot of people thought that maybe we're heading towards a post-racial america. clearly not the case.
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always been a backlash to progress. 1863, emancipation proclamation, s slavery is gone, great. 1865, the klan is born. 1877, jim crow begins. so, i think many people felt that certainly the election of barack hus barack obama, people could celebrate, but what happens next? there have been countless raise his head when jackie robinson broke the color barrier. but, george, something happens when you raise your head, you have to look both ways because someone will be looking to knock your head off. i think black america is what's casually optimistic when obama won, but history tells us, be careful wt happens after progress. >> byron pitts.
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another look at the board right now. 19 electoral votes for donald trump, three for hillary clinton. we're going to be right back with pierre thomas on the impact of fbi director james comey on this election. and we have nate silver from five thirty eight here, as well, with h final forecast. back live in times square
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and we are back now election night 2016. we just heard cecileia vega talking about the e-mail issue, how much that hurt the clinton campaign. that brings up james comey. i want to talk to pierre thomas about that. boy, pierre, james comey getting it from all sides, for coming out in july and giving that commentary after his finding that he wouldn't, would not bring charges against hillary clinton. more criticism when he came out, ten days ago, said he was lookingt it again and sunday, the same thing.
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has this done to him, and take us inside his head on what he took these actions. >> george, political theater is coming to washington. both of these candidates have sharply criticized comey, about what he decided to do. now, what this means is that the fbi director found himself right where he didn't want to be, in the middle of an election, and it's going to be a prickly relationship, because they're going to have to work with him, but the bottom line is, he said that having a presidential candidate, hillary clinton, in investigation required transparency. he felt he had to do what he had to do, but one of his closest aides told me, there were no good decisions he could make, only bad ones. he made the best he could make, but bottom line, imagine that moment in the situation room for either trump or clinton, both having criticized comey and he's going to have to work with them. he's got a ten-year term that does not end until 2023. he doesn't plan on going anywhere. but he serves at the pleasure of
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let me bring that to nate silver of fivethirtyeight. you do the forecasts of the polls, whatever is coming in on our abc projections, as well. before we get to that, i wan to ask you about the comey effect. he came out with the letter ten days ago, looking at the e-mails again, you heard the democrats scream, and they think it really hurt hillary clinton's chances, and their chances of getting control of the senate. >> yeah, so, we had it hurting clinton by about three points on net in the polls. she few days. but there were so many close senate campaigns, within a point or two that if one of them, say evan bayh, who is down in early returns, would lose by a point or so, they might be able to point a few fingers potentially. >> and nate, tell us where you we're coming into the evening. >> so, we wound up with clinton having a 71% chance of winning, so, better than two in three and we'll update that as the night goes along, as abc news calls states. so far, obviously, no game
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kentucky or clinton winning vermont. the people i follow think the returns look good so far for clinton in florida, of course, which is a must-win state for trump. >> okay, nate silver, thank you so much. we have a group of strategists here, republican and democratic. stephanie cutter, let me begin with you. you worked on president obama's campaigns in his white house, as well. how are you feeling coming into the evening? >> i feel pretty good, listening to nate saying 72% of hillary winning. but i think what we see from the early returning is that ground game has really delivered. especially in florida, where the makeup of that electorate is becoming all that much more diverse. so, i think it's looking good for her there, and if she blocks trump there, she's won the presidency. >> and alex castellanos, you started off this campaign not a big fan of donald trump, came onboard as the months went by. and in some ways, that is the story of the republican party over the course of this election. >> yeah, this -- we've seen it in both parties, frankly. the outsiders versus the insiders, and in the democratic
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trying to overthrow the democratic establishment, and they lost, but in our party, the outsider won, and that has -- it's been difficult to bring the party together in all that. we shouldn't forget that on occasion, these elections are not just about the candidates, they're about government, and both parties think the government is failing them and want change and it will be interesting to see tonight if they get that change. >> a lot of republicans never came onboard for donald trump, one of we learned today that george w. bush and his wife did not vote for donald trump. there was a big group of conservatives, including you, safing the republican party simply cannot get on board. >> we'll see what the implications of those. i see that senator pat toomey of pennsylvania waited to vote fl very late in the day and did announce that he did vote for donald trump. he withheld his endorsement or support until the very end, which confirms the point you
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and i'm not for trump, but i'll say this. if we have a reasonably close race, if trump does almost as well as mitt romney did in 2012, better than john mccain in 2008, he will be a big force. if trump loses tonight, it's not the end of trump. may be the end of the beginning of the trump phenomenon, but the implications will ripple through the republican party. >> it may not be the end of trump, but the question for the republican party is, how do they grab onto those growing voter >> you're right. i have a feeling tonight, as we're looking at the exit polls, we're going to be looking at the cleavages in the electoral along race lines, generational lines, college lines. and republicans tried to draw for votes in shrinking groups of voters. >> okay, thank you all. be coming back to you, as well. got to take another quick break. when we come back, the polls close in north carolina and
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built for better health. this is abc abc news live coverage of election night 2016. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> and we are back now. 7:30 in the east and polls? ha just closed in three more states. 38 electoral votes in the three states. let's look at the board right now. donald trump has 24 votes to three for hillary clinton, because he's just won the state of west virginia. solid republican state, voted republican in the last four elections. of course, donald trump made a direct pitch to the coal miners in that state. very turned off to democrats. that is a win for donald trump. we're closely following these battleground states. polls have closed in two battleground states, including the state of north carolina. hillary clinton closed out the campaign last night in the state of north carolina.
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of course, mitt romney won that in 2012. barack obama won it in 2008. and this, jon karl, this is really hard-fought state. ro robbie mook saying, they're not even sure it's going to be decided tonight, and barack obama went in there heavy in the last several days. >> went over there huge to try to boost the turnout among young voters and especially african-american voters. the state that we are watching, florida, george, a lot of returns are coming in. lo we have 40% of the vote already in, and -- florida. it's been going back and forth. so much early vote. that's why we're seeing so much come in. and neck and neck. it's been going back and forth between clinton and trump. some of the key counties, i mentioned hillsborough county, we don't have anything there yet. miami-dade county, a county that is two-thirds hispanic. obama won it by 25 points back in, four yea ago and it's
7:32 pm
now. >> and that's really teresting. the clinton campaign told us that was right on the bubble. they would have to win that by 24%, 25% to have chance of winning the state. just about right there right now. >> absolutely. and, i mean, it's going back and forth, every minute or so, it goes back and forth. >> i know you are going to keep an eye on that. the polls have closed in the state of ohio. such a key state for so many different election cycles. no republican has ever won the white house without winning the state of ohio. not enough votes in to project what's happening there yet. this is one of best states through the campaign. and david muir, you've been going through the exit polls, what are we learning from them? >> the working class, blue collar workers left behind in the rust belt, in ohio. look at the two questions. first, voters in ohio were asked, and this is preliminary data. your job situation versus four years ago. 38% said the job situation is better today. 35%, about the same, only 27% said it's worse today, but look at this issue that donald trump really doubled down on.
7:33 pm
clinton, his time on this and the trade deals struck under the first clinton administration. takes away jobs, 47%, concerned about trade deals, only 32% in ohio say it actually creates more jobs. so, these are issues key to trump's success in ohio. >> and ron claiborne in ohio for us. ron, i want to go to you. this has been such a competitive state for donald trump, despite the fact that the republican governor of ohio, john cakasich is against him. >> that's right, george. donald trump's going against him. john kasich very pointedly did not endorse donald trump. the senate candidate, rob portman, the gop senate candidate, endorsed him and after those remarks, recorded on the bus that came out, about a month ago, portman withdrew his endorsement of trump. also, the get out the vote effort here by the trump campaign considered weak. a schism in the gop party here and yet donald trump expected to
7:34 pm
recent days showing him slightly ahead of hillary clinton. >> martha raddatz, you were there this weekend. >> ohio, just like pennsylvania. it is that divided america. there are parts of ohio that none of us would recognize as america. there is absolute blight. there are people who are desperate. and those are people who have turned to donald trump. and what they hear from him, i can ask voters, say, do you believe that he'll make a change, do you believe hillary clinton could make a change, and they'll say, i donald trump gave them some sort of hope. they didn't believe he could really make change, but it gave them hope. he said what they wanted to hear. >> and matthew dowd, one of the signs how much america is changing, right now, ohio is a state that democrats can win the presidency without winning ohio. >> i think we're going to see over the course of the night a few switches, we have to win this state in order to win the presidency, i think that's going to switch back and forth. the other piece of data i think is really important is how much
7:35 pm
election. if you take a look, one, he campaigned in the last ten days feverishly and helped build turnout. you look at his approval rating, one of the few things that's risen. people felt better about the president. when you look at his approval rating and how it breaks. if you approve of barack hussein obama, you voted for hillary clinton. if you didn't approve of barack obama, you voted for donald trump. >> the polls have closed in the state of virginia, one of those battleground states. let's look at it right now. we do t to project what's happened there just yet, but as you see, donald trump has a pretty good lead. of course, hillary clinton came into this campaign considering that one of her safer states, with a pretty healthy lead in the polls. we'll be following that all night. right now, i want to go to kellyann conway, joining us this evening. you're at trump tower, maybe at the hilton. tell me how you are feeling right now? >> we're feeling great, george. we like the fact in some of the states, it looks like a jump
7:36 pm
four and get to 270. as you know, we've had a really aggressive campaign to try to flip a blue state or two, and in doing so, we look at michigan, pennsylvania is always what i call a reach state, like your reach college when you apply, but it's one that really, to martha's earlier point, really is attracted to donald trump's question about trade and job creation and illegal immigration. and then, of course, we're looking at a big day of vote turnout in places like the democrats generally do a very good jobarlier on, and we like to make up those gains today. and you look at michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire, three states that don't have a very robust early vote, absentee voting would be the key in those states and so that's why we've been deploying governor pence and mr. trump back to those states where they'll be basically 100% day-of voting. >> secretary clinton's team said
7:37 pm
speech and a concession speech. are you working on two, as well? >> i was with mr. trump until we arrived to trump tower at 4:30 morning, and he's feeling really great. he's f he's feeling buoyant. very pleased about the movement he's created, the fact that he has given voice to a lot of the forgotten men and women that martha was talking about, in ohio for example. i feel really good about the campaign going into tonight, candidate, hillary clinton, who is very well known, who has the advantage of a very popular president, a former president who is also popular. happens to be her husband. a lot of celebrities campaigning for her. and we didn't always have, you know, republican elected officials. we're going to win a couple of the states tonight without the republican governors or senators voting for us. >> i want to ask you about that. we know that former president george h.w. bush voted for hillary clinton. george w. bush said he left his ballot blank, did not vote for
7:38 pm
did not vote for donald trump. how much did that hurt you? >> it doesn't help. and it's very personally disappointing, though i respect all four of the people you just mentioned, and respect their right to vote the way they'd like. i just would, what i would say to that is that we were all there for them, certainly, but secondly, you know, in growing a party, you have to count on being able to keep the party also it is together, to be able to grow it. and the irony for donald trump is, he's been able to grow this pay groups without having the full support of some of the erelecte officials. we've worked hand and glove with chairman rins preibus and the rnc. they've been nothing but fantastic to us here at the trump campaign. but at the same time, we don't have all the senators, governors, former presidents. the irony, george, is tonight, we are poised to win states that neither romney nor mccain won and winning those states without roc romney or mccain support.
7:39 pm
away from dangerously close to elites and to the party of the working man and working women. that's a huge accomplishment. >> mr. trump talked a lot about before tonight, the possibility of some problems at voting sites. are you seeing any big ones? >> we're hearing reports of some, but nothing that's tangible enough to me to raise flags. but we do have folks giving reports anecdotally. we have positive information from the polling places today. very long lines of people in their full trump regalia, now head hats. so, people excited, i think you are going to see record turnout in some places. that's a great sign for the health of democracy. but we will assess that, as it comes due. if it comes due. we're really focused right now on people who are still voting in some of these states after work, looking at the data inpunts we have here in our data and digital war room to try to
7:40 pm
work to do. thank you for joining us. i want to go to pierre thomas right now. keeping an eye on ballot security. hearing of any major problems? >> no major problems so far. things are going pretty well. nothing to speak of, george. >> okay, pierre thomas, thank you. i want to go back now to robin roberts. you're there with a member of the clinton campaign. >> yes, i am. i'm here with christina shockey. so, how has the campaign been responding to materially as you can see, thousands of people are starting to pour into javits center to what we hope is going to be a celebration tonight. we felt great coming into today, because of the impressive early vote, in florida and north carolina. we really saw the hillary coalition come out and vote for her early. and fromhe early results, we're feeling very excited right now. >> and the number of people that have come out all across the country, the long lines, the wrapping around buildings and
7:41 pm
exciting for us to see millions of americans are getting out there today. we're seeing democracy in ak. we're really grateful, by the enthusiastic supporters for hillary clinton. we're really seeing hillary's coalition come together tonight. african-americans, latinos, millennials, asia-pacific islanders, suburban moms are coming out to support her. we think this is going to be a historic night. >> i don't have to tell you that hillary clinton's unfavorable ratings have been an issue, and that is one of the reans what has been the biggest challenge there? >> we've had a lot of headwinds inhis campaign. hillary's certainly be at the forefront of a lot of issues for many years and she tes a lot of incoming attacks. she has for decades. but she keeps in there and keeps fighting. we had some headwinds during the campaign, but she worked her heart out and i think people responded to her positive message for this country. >> the crowd is growing and they are watching the results from
7:42 pm
people have commented about the glass ceiling here. >> we think it's going to be a meaningful night. we are trying to make our capacity bigger here tonight, robin, is because so many of the people that we invited asked to bring their daughters. we had moms and dads say that they thought this was going to be a really meaningful night for this country, they wanted to bring their daughters to be here to hear hillary clinton speak. you know, i think hillary behalf of children and families her entire life. she's a children's advocate, running for president of the united states. we think hshe's going to make history tonight and be an incredible president for america. >> a large crowd here and even larger crowd waiting outside to get in, george. >> okay, robin, thank you so much. be coming back to you in a little bit. i want to put the results from virginia up again. show the raw vote coming in for virginia. right now, showing a relatively large, rather large lead for donald trump right this, jon karl. go inside the numbers, show us
7:43 pm
assess what it means. >> that would be shocking, because this is a state the clinton team has felt they've had a lead for a long time and the trump team actually pulled resources out of virginia, but if you drill down, you see that trump lead isn't all that it appears. first of all, virginia is a state that the further south you go, the stronger republican vote you're going to have. the key vote and the most populous part of the state is up north. fairfax county. this is a county that went 21 points for see there's not much vote coming in. less than 1,000 votes in there. that's going to be overwhelmingly clinton vote. and then, arlington county, right in here, nothing. nothing's come in. that's an area that obama won by 40 points four years ago. there's a bell weather county, louden county, which kind of crosses different parts of the state, and if you look at that, in that state, in that county,
7:44 pm
>> and matthew dowd, a real sign of a rapidly changing america right there. virginia used to be part of the solid republican south. it's been won by barack obama twice. as they get an influx of a lot of new populations. >> well, i think it's a reflection of this urban/rural split. george bush, worked on his campaign in 2000 and 2004, we never considered west virginia close to a swing state. that changed automatically in 2008, and now it's almost -- it's moving so rapidly blue in the course of this. it's a problematic situation for the republican party that because of these demographics, a lot of these states now are following the demographics. >> how do the replicans get virginia and states like it back? >> we have to win voters who live in denser areas. large pieces of the state are rural, but when folks are living in the sub buurbsuburbs, urban
7:45 pm
>> and stephanie rawlings-blake, you represent a city heavy african-american population, but one of the concerns, for the longest time, african-american voters were not coming out in the same numbers they were coming out for barack obama. >> i think secretary clinton really leaned on the first lady in this race, and i think you're going to see the african-american vote really come out. i think it's unreasonable to expect the vote to come out the same way it did in 2008, 2012, going to show up, because we understand how important this race is. i was there at the congressional black caucus, when president obama looked into the crowd and said, if you care about me, and if you care about my legacy, then you need to support hillary clinton, and i think a lot of us heard that very loudly. >> cokie roberts, you spent a lot of time studying first ladies, michelle obama, in some ways, the star of this campaign. >> she was the prime surrogate
7:46 pm
african-american voters, young people. young people. really responded to her. and she just -- she took it on the trail in a way that was so meaningful. and her, of course, her popularity ratings are so high that, when donald trump just once went after her, he pulled back, the only time he really pulled back fast. and hillary clinton, of course, took up her chant from the convention of, when they go low, we go high, and took it out on michelle obama did that was so effective was, every place she went, she'd say to the voters, just two more votes in this precinct would have turned it around, and she had all of that data that she used along with her inspirational talks, to really get the voters energized. >> and cecilia vega, hillary clinton said she wasn't voting for bill clinton's third term, wasn't running for barack obama's third tearm, but you di see both obamas come out and
7:47 pm
work that needs to get finished. >> the biggest rally of this entire campaign was just last night in philadelphia on independence mall. the obamas there, the clintons there. george, this election has very been about for hillary clinton preserves president obama's legacy, and she's using that as a way to get votes, especially with what kristina called the clinton coalition. african-american voters. latino voters. voters of color. the one group that she did not mention, which i thought was re hillary clinton has had a huge problem with that from the very beginning. but george, i want to go back to michelle obama for one second. one of the most invigorating rallies that i covered covering this for the last year and a half was a michelle obama rally in north carolina, with hillary clinton. when they walked out, arm and arm in a college arena, that place went wild. and hillary clinton has tried to capitalize on that ever since that they go low, we go high moment at the convention. she, michelle obama, was hands
7:48 pm
>> got to take another quick break. when we come back, michael strahan in times square, and more results. >> this is live coverage of vote 2016 from abc7 news. >> and a good evening to you frm
7:49 pm
virginia. they will close in 15 minutes in maryland and in the district. >> we will start in virginia. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in falls church watching the results. jeff, a critical congressional seat is on the ballot there. >> no question about it. this is a happy group of democrats here in false church watching results come in. they are very confident hillary clinton will win virginia and go ahead and win the white house with the critical 13 electoral votes, but as michelle mentioned happening in-house district 10. 50 percent of the votes are in house district 10. barbara comstock, the incumbent republican with 50 percent of te votes. luann bennett, the democratic challenger with 50 percent of te votes. that race has been considered a toss up all season long. we're going to be watching that one very closely. >> let's look at the presidentil
7:50 pm
38 percent for hillary clinton. the polls will close at 7:00 tonight, and still a long way to go in the commonwealth. but once again democrats here in falls church are confident they'll pull out the race in virginia. we'll wait and see what happens here tonight. with a look at what's happening across the river we'll go torad bell. brad, take it away. >> jeff, we're outside where the democrats here hope that they will soon be celebrating a victory as well. the party not yet underway because the polls are in fact il that will be arriving here are still out working the polls and still trying to get the last minute votes. when we expect what will happen. we will get the big early vote counted and it is expected that that will skew democrat. those votes were cast 3-1 democrat versus republican. the other big race in this stat, the statewide race is the race for the united states senate and that features the democratic
7:51 pm
chris van hollen and he is running against the republican kathy szeliga. >> jonathan and michelle, back o you. >> we are back now with election night 2016 right here in times strahan with some clinton supporters? >> thank you, george. i'm out here with a group of students from pace university. and how many of you are first-time voters? as you can see, a lot of young voters out here. and i have mariah right here. she's 20 years old. first-time voter. she's from tennessee, and you usually are on the conservative side, but you voted for, everyone here voted for hillary. what made you vote for hillary? >> i just think that i couldn't
7:52 pm
he's sexist, i don't agree with the idea of it being okay for someone to brag about sexual assaulting women. i didn't like the whole muslim ban thing. i didn't like the idea of someone calling mexicans rapists and drug dealers. so, there are a lot of things -- >> a lot of things. >> a lot of things he said that i didn't agree with. and a lot of things don't line up with republican, like, family morals, so, i couldn't support him. >> all right, well, definitely understand that. and congratulations on being a first-time voter. your voice will be heard and we're going to go back to you, george. >> thank you, michael. want to go down to north carolina. linsey davis in raleigh, north carolina. and linsey, the polls closed there at 7:30. what do you hear there? important senate race there on the ballot and the governor is up. >> you're right, george. in theory, the
7:53 pm
occurred in durham county, what they're describing as computer glitches that essentially shut down voting for a period of time, they have extended voting at a few locations in durham county. as you mentioned, some calling this the tight trifecta, because you not only have a tight race for the senate, for governor, but also for president. according to the most recent polls here for president, north carolina, you have a tie between hillary clinton and donald trump. and this is the epitome swing state -- right? because in 2012, north carolina voted for mitt romney, in 2008, president obama. a huge help for president 0 bam that in 200 8, extremely large black turnout. hillary clinton will need a repeat of that in order to win north carolina again. but based on early voting here, the black voter turnout is nine points down this year, compared to where it was in 2012, of
7:54 pm
also, just to look at that senate race, this is being called one of the core four, obviously, democrats need four seats in order to win control of a majority in the senate. and democrats are looking very closely, thinking that they could get a win here. and then you have the race for governor here, where the incumbent republican, people are suggesting that there may be a referendum on his bathroom bill, which some estimate has cost the state billions of dollars in lost revenue, george. state. linsey davi linsey davis, thank you. let's keep north carolina up there, see the results as they are coming in. that's florida. let's bring up north carolina. jon, i want you to dig inside what you are learning for the counties. >> it is going back and forth. if you look at what's happening here, the big democratic stronghold in north carolina, of course, is the raleigh-durham area. one of the big strongholds. this is an area that barack obama won by a double-digit margin, not any vote has come in
7:55 pm
it's big, populated. i would expect as we see more coming from there, you are going to see clinton pull ahead. you see one county here to keep an eye on that's not come in is watauga. this county's voted for the winner in every single presidential election since 1996, but again, no vote coming in. so, although you have a quarter of the vote coming in, very even, going back and forth. there's a lot of hillary clinton vote that's not been counted yet. >> exit polls their decision, a rlot of talk about director comey's announcement, whether it would make a difference. look at north carolina. 59% said they made their decision much earlier. 18% say in the month of october. just 5% say in the last few days or the last week. and we've seen similar results from some of the other battlegrounds. and the qualities in north carolina that matter most. 35% said can bring change. 22% good judgment.
7:56 pm
campaigning on change in washington. >> and martha raddatz, north carolina, another one of the states that's changing very rapidly. >> there's a fascinating figure here. the toddler population of this country, 3, 4-year-olds, younger, is now majority nonwhite. 70% of the electorate is down two points from 2012, so, that trend is going to continue, as those toddlers grow up. >> and it is accelerating. we have to take another quick break. when we come back, polls about to close in 16 more states, including one of the biggest, one of the most critical of the night, that is the battleground
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
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8:00 pm
the time has finally come. they've made their case. >> we will make america great again. >> we're going to prove to the world we are stronger together. >> so, who will be your next president? right now, live from times square, the crossroads of america, with our country at the crossroads, this is night 2016. now reporting, from abc news election headquarters, george stephanopoulos. >> and welcome back to election night 2016. 8:00 p.m. here in the east. and the polls have just closed in 16 states, plus the district of columbia. let's look at where things stand right now. you see there, 68 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 37 for donald trump. the magic number is 270. here are the states that have closed. we can say now that hillary
8:01 pm
chef was born in the state of illinois. that is her home state. she's the winner there. democrat has won by double digits in the past six presidential elections. hillary clinton wins the state of illinois. hillary clinton also wins the state of new jersey. that is a state that's not voted republican since 1988 for george h.w. bush. one of the states where donald trump has a home, but that one's gone to hillary clinton. hillary clinton also winning the true blue state of massachusetts. it has voted democrat in the last seven elecons. last voted republican in 1984. of course, also the home of senator elizabeth warren, one of hillary clinton's allies, perhaps donald trump's most determined foe on twitter. hillary clinton wins the state of massachusetts. and the state of maryland. and its ten electoral votes. hillary clinton wins that, as well. major stephanie rawlings-blake,
8:02 pm
>> i do. i'm very excited. he got such a wonderful reputation in the house, and he is going to do an amazing job. and as this is all coming together, you know, i'm very excited about what this clinton coalition is going to be. i'm excited about the numbers that we're hearing and i'm very optimistic. >> more numbers are coming in. the state of rhode island, four electoral votes, again, one of those solid blue states, the last republican to win rhode island, ronald reagan in another one, state of delaware, its three electoral votes, the northeast filling in blue right now. last voted republican in 1988 for george h.w. bush. district of columbia, no surprise there, that goes to hillary clinton right there and its three electoral votes, and now one for donald trump, the state of mississippi and its six electoral votes. jimmy carter, the last democrat to win that in 1976. donald trump campaigned in mississippi, he ones that state. and the state of oklahoma, seven
8:03 pm
1968. and matthew dowd, before we move on right here, what you are starting to see here is the way tradition has gone in so many of the last elections, democrats have won so many of the solid blue states for the six out of the last seven elections, appears to be continuing tonight. >> if you look at the map as it fills in, it's very much similar to a map we saw in 2012 and very similar to, for a few exceptions, to 2008. so, you see, we've seen among race, and the geography, that's settled out in the country, vast swaths are red and then there's coasts that become blue. >> let's put up the map again one more time. see where the scoreboard stands right now. 68 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 37 for donald trump so far. a lot of states coming in right now that we don't have enough votes to project, including the state of connecticut. it last went republican in 1988
8:04 pm
state. hillary clinton and donald trump both won their primaries in april. we cannot call that one yet. tennessee, the state of tennessee, not enough data in yet on the state of tennessee and its 11 electoral votes. haven't voted democrat since 1996, even al gore, when he ran in 2000, could not win his home state for the democrats. we don't have enough data, this is a little bit of a surprise, the vote just coming in slow, but the state of alabama, and its nine electoral votes, not enough day to project there yet. not enough day to project in the state of main electoral votes. and jon karl, there's a little twist in maine, one of two states where they split the votes. >> that's right. so, the second congressional district of maine is way up north, they say the people up there speak with canadian a accents, but they vote like they're from alabama. it's part of the state that the trump team has put a lot of effort in. one of their paths to 270 electoral votes gets them to
8:05 pm
district. >> okay, state of missouri right now, ten electoral votes, state has gone blue only twice in the past decade, '92 and '96. not enough information in to project on that one. important senate race being held there, as well. so, we're going to spend time looking at missouri later. but these are the states we're paying most attention to tonight, these battleground states, these 12 battleground states, and the biggest one of them all, the polls have closed now in the state of florida. jonathan karl, 29 electoral votes, not only are the polls closed, so much of the vote is coming in. let's look at what exactly we're seeing in that vote right now. >> well, if you take a deep dive into florida, it's been going back and forth. right now, clinton with a slight lead. but if you take a look at the counties, again, it all comes down to some of the bell weather counties. down here, miami-dade is overwhelmingly hispanic and overwhelmingly democratic.
8:06 pm
hillary clinton has a big lead there, 30-point lead, a bigger lead than barack obama had in 2012. and still a significant amount of vote to be counted in miami-dade. that's going to be overwhelmingly hillary clinton. if you go up here to the panhandle, george, this is -- excuse me. if you go up to the panhandle, this is a part of florida that is overwhelmingly republican, and we see very little vote has been counted up there. so, there will be some more donald trump vote. devalue deval county, part of the state that mitt romney won by three points. right now, we have a slight lead for donald trump. the trend seems to be moving towards hillary clinton. >> there's no more important state early on in this evening. david muir, what do you have in the exit polls? >> the clinton campaign wants florida to lights out for the night. jon, you were talking about
8:07 pm
miami-dade. if you dive in at the racial makeup of the voters so far in florida. hispanic/latino making up 18%. that's just ticking up one percentage point from four years ago. and if you break it down, when you make up your decision, many of them, 61% said much earlier than the most recent weeks. but look at this. this could be interesting, as the night plays out. when asked if trump's treatment of bothers you after the audio released from that bus, 68% of florida voters saying so far that that bothered them a lot as they headed into the polls. >> martha raddatz, lot of the voters said it wasn't making that much of a difference to them. >> a little bit of truth in both of that. they said it made a difference, but not as much as you would expect it. and it changed over the months that i went. first, they were very concerned about it, then they weren't as concerned about it. so, they went either way. didn't seem like as big a deal as we're hearing about tonight. and i think it was very different in different states. again, if you go to the rural
8:08 pm
>> let's go back to paula faris, at the university of miami. what is happening there right now? what are you feeling? >> well, i got to tell you, there's a lot of excitement from the students behind me. as have been mentioning, all about florida and trump's campaign knows that. it's virtually impossible for him to win the presidency would winning here at the sunshine state, that's why he spent more time and money here than anywhere else. in fact, both candidates have spent more time here in florida over the last month than the story here, george, has been the early vote. 6.4 million floridians voted early here. we went to five polling stations, and they were virtually ghosttowns. to put that into context, that's more than the total vote here in florida back in 2000. one key demographic that david muir was just referencing was that hispanic vote. and the early hispanic vote in 2012 was 522,000. fast forward here, 980,000, 36%
8:09 pm
cycle. i have to tell you, the students here, george, are so engaged, most of these students are from out of state. they know the gravity of this vote. they registered here in florida, because they know their vote is going to count. one of the students said, quote, i'm so nervous, i might pass out. but george, they want to say one thing to you. >> hi, george! >> you have a lot of fans here on the campus of the university of miami, george. >> that is good to hear. i will take that. thanks very much. let's stick in on this. i want here. what we are seeing with the focus on the latino vote and the early vote is the difference in the ground games between the clinton organization and the trump organization. >> yeah, they both call this a must-win state. and hillary clinton has spent a lot of time in florida, in fact, one of the things we've seen over her -- out of her campaign in the last few months is this coalition of big name celebrity surrogates. and she had this huge rally down there with jennifer lopez and latino stars, and really, she's
8:10 pm
donald trump say, he spends half of his time in florida, that's his second home. hillary clinton is trying to get in on that ground. >> tom llamas, he did very well in the primaries. >> he won 66 of the 67 counties. the only county he lost, miami-dade. i can't tell you enough how important florida is for donald trump. it's part of their core four. it's where he had the most visits since he locked up the nomination. look at the ad spending. the clinton team, $92 million to now, kellyanne conway said there is one path to the nomination without florida, but many people you are chasing windmills at that point. >> another big announcement out of the state of florida. marco rubio, he was running for president earlier in the year, decided to go back into the senate race, he will come back as the senator. he has won that race, 51% to 46%, right now over patrick murphy. and jon karl, seeing a real gap here between marco rubio and donald trump.
8:11 pm
ten points. statewide, five to six points depending as it goes back and forth. rubio outperforming donald trump. it's a little sweet revenge. rube yoep's presidential campaign died in florida, when he got destroyed by donald trump. he said he was never going to run for senate again. he finally decided to change his mind to run and he had to answer for every everything he said about trump during the primaries. he never lifted his endorsement, george, but he made it clear he still does not like donald trump. >> he did vot >> and he endorsed him. secret ballot. we'll see. >> we remember marco rubio from the debate. >> but you know, george, he said, during the primaries that donald trump couldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes. during the course of this election, he said, yes, he still believes that, but he still has my endorsement. >> i want to bring the republican strategists in. marco rubio, a case study in the kind of pretzels you can get tied up into when you are a republican elected official
8:12 pm
said he could not be trusted with the nuclear codes. yet, in the end, he comes around and votes for him. >> yes, he does. and that was the tight rope a lot of republicans had to walk, but if marco rubio is running five to ten points ahead of donald trump, i'm demanding a recount. that's -- those are not good signs early for donald trump in florida. you know, trump has been appealing to a different voter than rubio. rubio's about the future. donald trump is appealing to the republ voter, older, whiter, less educated, rubio is very different candidate. and you can see a different republican party than maybe younger, more optimistic, doing better in florida tonight. >> and bill, you saw the real split here between former republican officials and current office holders. the former president says, i'm not voting for donald trump. mols of the elected officials came around, finally, maybe
8:13 pm
>> there's a lot of pressure for them if they're on the ballot in particular. and that but true of rubio and to toomey. the secret ballot is a good thing. in the general election, jimmy carter, gerald ford was on the ballot. he was the democratic candidate for senate in new york. he respected gerald ford. i don't think he had a high view of carter. i asked pat, did you really vote for carter over ford? and he gave me a long lecture on the history of ballot. and how important a thing that is in the anglo-american tradition. i wonder about paul ryan, marco rubio. >> tom llamas, you wanted in on this? >> we have news coming in for the first time tonight, we are hearing frustration from donald trump, in an interview tonight over the radio, on lindsey graham not voting for him. he said, i think it's terrible. on george w. bush not voting for
8:14 pm
sad. donald trump can't be surprised. he put lindsay graey graham's c phone number out there. george w. bush, h savaged him on the war in iraq and destroyed his brother, constantly made fun of his brother and family. for the first time, george, we are hearing the frustration of what's happening tonight. >> got to take another quick break. when we come back, nate silver's forecast is change pg. we'll have that, plus more states. okay google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. google assistant: i und a few places. vo: the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively on verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? vo: because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a pixel and get up to $400 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages,
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8:17 pm
and we are back with
8:18 pm
silver from fivethirtyeight, our forecasting guru. nate, your forecast is changing right now? >> a little bit. we have clinton up to 78%. she was at 72% at the start of the night. as more blue states come in, predictably to her side. >> she goes up even though the states were expected to go her way? >> yeah, i mean, you know, what we're seeing is we have some semblance of a normal election night in america. you're not seeing new jersey go red or something like that. obviously, the first major swing state that's called will shift and we're on the edge of four, five or six, maybe not on the edge, but monitoring four, five, six states right now. no major domino has fallen, but still, the script is going a little bit more how the clinton campaign would want it. >> we don't have any swing states we can call, but two other states can come in. the state of south carolina has gone republican, of course, we were saying it is a solid republican state. the only democrat to win was jimmy carter in 1976. and tennessee hasn't voted for a democrat since 1996. that goes to donald trump, as
8:19 pm
trump's biggest supporters, former major rudy giuliani. i like what "washington post" reporter sent out a bulletin, and u just left trump's apartment, said trump is watching everything, though i'm telling him not to. >> i meant during the campaign, more than tonight. i used to always tell him during the campaign, don't watch television, the way george w. never but he loved watching it. >> how is he doing right now? >> i never -- oh, he's fine. he's in great shape. he -- he's -- he's happy, obviously, he doesn't -- he doesn't know how all these numbers are going to turn out anymore than we do, but he's pretty happy with the information we've gotten back about where we perform, where we thought we were going to perform, so -- i hate the word
8:20 pm
description i can give. i wish i could think of a better one. >> you say he's been happy. he's been lashing out tonight, including lindsey graham. he still seems to have some anger there. >> i haven't heard that, i mean, i can't imagine what lindsey has to do with tonight, but in any event, this is a question of, we got to find out whathe voters are going to do and nobody ever knows until they actually vote. i remember going to win up until 9:00 at night and then all of a sudden, boom, it switched. >> no question. we all remember that change. do you think donald trump is at peace with whatever the voters decide tonight? >> oh, yeah. this is a very mature, very accomplished man. i think, obviously, whoever wins is going to be extremely happy and feel very satisfied with what they did and whoever loses
8:21 pm
disappointed, because as you know, george, this is a tremendous effort, you give your whole life to it, and you also feel tremendous sort of loyalty to the people who worked so hard for you. so, this is not something that is easy to lose, it's something wonderful to win. i expect that he's going to win it, but i certainly am not a prophet and i've seen these things switch in a second one way or the ot talk of him serving as attorney general. are you interested? >> right now, i'm interested in getting through tonight. and i'm superstitious. i'm superstitious about that stuff. i never -- when i was running, i never talked to anybody about what they might do, should iet elected, even though i was a front-runner for awhile. i certainly thought about it in my head, i sort of thought about
8:22 pm
attorney general or secretary of defense would be or head of the cia, but i never talked to anybody about it, i never would let anybody talk to me about it. >> major iugiuliani, thank you r joining us tonight. >> thank you very much, george. always a pleasure. >> jon, we're tabout to take another break. >> a few minutes ago, there was a 30-vote lead out of 8 million votes cast. florida is looking tight. trump has just moved incredibly close. one thing you have to say for donald trump, they are still counting votes in the panhandle, there are still votes to come in in miami-dade county. this is going to be a contest at the end that i think i going to go right down to the wire. >> matthew dowd, you worked on the george w. bush campaign in 2000, little deja vu. >> ah, i hope we're not faced with 547 votes in this, but it looks very close. >> okay.
8:23 pm
six more electoral votes up for six more electoral votes up for grabs. ? and the seagulls they'll be smilin ? ? and the rocks on the sand... ? it's so peaceful up here. yeah. [ eagle screech ] introducing the new turbocharged lkswagen alltrack with 4motion? all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. t there's sharp blades. then shielding lubrication. and cooling. brrr. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world.
8:24 pm
8:25 pm
>> but campaign in parts of the state erthere are lots of republicans. >> well, not a big surprise that van hollen is winning this and the democrats also believe they will be winning the fourth and eighth congressional districts s well. we're told that the speakers wil
8:26 pm
in silver springs brad bell reporting. >> all right, brad. thanks for that. >> we want to check in with kevn lewis, that's coming up in our next half hour. >> but for now we want to check on the hot race for congress in virginia. you have certainly seen the ads over and over. >> lots of ads. >> and the barbara comstock versus luann bennett. those are the numbers that we have so f 50/50, neck in neck. a tight one. richard reeve is at comstock's watch party in ashburn. rich? >> i have to tell you the party is getting into high gear. and a lot of people are keepinga close eye on their phones and watching their laptops, because as you said this is a razor thin race. pretty amazing that no democrat
8:27 pm
1970s. a lot of money has been spent on this race. we've been talking about this. barbara comstock spending $4 million. luann bennett about half that. but incredible. this is a district held by frank wolf for years and years and years and now a democrat challenger coming this close right now. guys, this is going to be a nail biter. back to you. >> >> northern virginia bureau chif jeff goldber we have seen so many negative ads. he joins us from luann bennett's watch party with the virginia democratic party in falls church. >> this is an exciting group of democrats. every time you hear a projection for a democrat, there's a lot of cheering. there's a lot of democrats that believe luann bennett will pull this off. as rich was mentioning this is going to be a very close race as
8:28 pm
luann bennett, her first run for public office, but she believes the strong popularity f hillary clinton in the tenth district is going to deliver her a win in this very close race ad let's look at where things stand in the presidential race at this moment. >> donald trump is ahead, as you can see there. but hillary clinton obviously is predicted to win virginia. she's been solidly ahead in nearly every single poll, a pour in from northern virginia that is her strong hold, especially fairfax county, arlington, alexandria, louden county as well. luann bennett is certainly hopeful that it continues to led her to victory. back to you in in the studio. >> staying in virginia, another race we're keeping a close on. a proposal to allow the meal ta.
8:29 pm
8:30 pm
and we are back now at 8:30 here in the east. that is the crowd for hillary clinton's campaign at the javits center here in midtown manhattan. go to robin roberts in a minute. let's look at the map, the scoreboard right now. see where the electoral votes stand. and there you see it right there, very close so far. donald trump. the magic number, 270. we can now say that donald trump has won the state of alabama. nine electoral votes. last time they voted for a democrat, 1976. that was the only time since 1964. it guess to donald trump. and the polls have closed in one more state. another home state of hillary clinton, the state of arkansas, of course, her husband was governor there for many years. six electoral votes, not enough
8:31 pm
and of course, we are following these battleground states, these 12 battleground states that are so important in this election, and the polls have also closed in the state of pennsylvania. one of the key es. the keystone state, a real co cornerstone of hillary clinton's strategy. one of her closing rallies there, president obama, the first lady. this is so key. donald trump's campaign hoping this could be one of the states in hillary clinton's blue firewall that they and deborah roberts, you're in johnstown, pennsylvania, where there is a core of trump support. >> that's exactly right, george. in fact, folks are hoping that they will see some seismic activity here from johnstown tonight. i have to tell you, though, that even though this is, and pennsylvania has traditionally, in the last few weeks, tilted democratic, they are hoping to see a big shift. we're at a watch party for a state legislator, a republican, who is hoping to become the
8:32 pm
been a democratic seat. they are also hoping to see this in the presidential race. this is trump territory. it's a former steel mill town, people have seen a lot of unemployment, drug problems. they feel like donald trump speaks to them. he was here about a week and a half ago, and boy did they turn out for him, george. tonight, a lot of the folks are saying they are solid by behind him. some democrats have told us that they voted for donald trump. i spoke with one woman who people said the weren't thrilled about this candidate, but they feel that he understands their problems, their pain and their suffering, better than hillary clinton. and they're hoping that this area might somehow ship this ate a little bit more and maybe tip it over to the trump column. could be a long night. a lot of folks here excited and we'll see what happens. >> we will. deborah roberts in johnstown, pennsylvania. of course, hillary clinton, david muir, pinning her hopes on philadelphia and those
8:33 pm
philadelphia. so interesting to hear the president say, i hope the moms and dads out there will think about their daughters, the respect for their daughters, a direct appeal to the moment in the campaign when we heard that audio from that bus. we know this number so far. in the philadelphia suburbs, obama won them by seven points. hillary clinton is winning them by 27 points. if you look at what the voters said about trump and what he said about tape and some of the other behavior towards women, look at this. 71% of pennsylvania voters said it bothered them a lot. only 28% said not at all. so, it would ail peer in the counties around philadelphia, the strategy is working. >> martha, you spent a lot of time in those counties, as well. the clinton campaign pitching directly at women. >> i have to say, johnstown, where deborah roberts is, that's the only place i asked a voter what they thought of having a female president and a man told
8:34 pm
could do that job. back in the philadelphia suburbs, they like hillary clinton. but they don't like her as much as they used to. i mean, the e-mail thing, we were talking aboutt before, that actually has some resonance in those areas. but again, they like donald trump even less. >> and tom llamas, the philadelphia suburbs, the only place we saw a speech from melania trump. >> that is right. he hoped -- outside of philadelphia, in the suburbs. he hoped that melania could win over trump campaign was worried about all the comments, all the women that came forward in the last few weeks accusing donald trump of sexual harassment, melania was supposed to be is secret weapon. she gave the one speech, we didn't see her again. during your interview, he announced to her she was going to be speaking, it was news to her. we were in pennsylvania yesterday, in scranton, in a dark gymnasium.
8:35 pm
red hats and the crowd was so hangry. they were on fire. and donald trump felt off that, he said one of the most vicious lines about hillary clinton. he said, that is the face of failure. that is the face of a failed foreign policy. >> i want to get to new hampshire in a second. we have a senate race to call and congressman todd young in the state of indiana has defeated evan bayh in that state. evan bayh, a former two-term senator. former this is a real blow to the democrats hopes to take the senate. >> it is. getting senator bayh back into office was a key part of taking the majority. this loss means that pathway is tougher. there's still a shot, but it is getting tougher. >> but you know, this also makes missouri a race to watch, because blunt is the evan bayh of missouri. >> and he's the republican missouri. >> and he's a republican, so,
8:36 pm
>> and running against a real, personhat's -- jason kander, made his name in the last several months. >> todd young, the challenger, ran a classic -- the democrats recruited evan bayh, chuck schumer did it personally, and they thought this was great, get a two-term governor and two-term senator back. they recruited a de facto incumbent and allowed the republican to run the challenger race for a republican seat. and young was behind and gained 15 points in the last two weeks. >> in a hotel room instead of his parent apartment -- >> if only that worked on the presidential level. >> it will not. >> and look, evan bayh had a 35-point lead at one point, george. this was a great recruit for democrats, or so they thought. but you know, as you said, two terms, congress, two tomorerms senate. by the way, we have other big
8:37 pm
republicans are going to retain control of the house, right there. democrats are not going to be able to pick up enough seats to get control of the house. >> not a big surprise. but this means that paul ryan will be the man, we think, i mean, the challenge now is, paul ryan is speaker of the house. he supported donald trump, but refused to campaign with him. a lot of anger on the part of people who supported trump. and he will face a challenge to his speakership. he has control of the congress. republicans have control. but t republicans who, in the house, who are saying that paul ryan should pay a price for not more fully supporting trump. >> cokie and charlie, you covered the house. this is going to be a real challenge for paul ryan and who the next president is. >> absolutely. paul ryan has been saying over the last couple of days, oh, this is a lot of hype, i'm fine for speaker, everybody's for me, i've been out in all their districts campaigning for them. and that does count for a lot, as you well know, charlie, but
8:38 pm
he's got to placate them at the same time that he'll be under pressure if there's a democratic president, to work with her. and so, it's going to be a lot of tugging on him to come. >> and then he's got to factor in, as well, charlie gibson, does he want to be president of the united states, and speaker is not the place to do it from. >> is there a question about whether he runs for president? i can answer that one with one word, too. but he has a devilish problem. and basically, he tried to finesse th whether he would support donald trump or not, by simply going out and saying, i care about my members, i'm going to go out and do everything i can for them. he really worried about his on constituency in the house. but it's a devilishly difficult group to manage. as john boehner learned when he was speaker of the house. so, ryan's problems aren't going to go away. >> even if he retains control, if he has a smaller majority right there, and tom llamas, its will be one challenge to work
8:39 pm
trump was irritated throughout this campaign by paul ryan. >> george, it was the strangest political relationship. almost like love affair in junior high, like, did they break up, are they back together? two weeks ago, i interviewed donald trump and i asked him what he thought about paul ryan, he said one of the reasons he wasn't supporting him is because he thought paul ryan wanted to run for president. republicans were so upset over that. reince priebus, from wisconsin, paul ryan's state, tried to hard to mend that relationship, and just in the c trump campaign deciding to pull out of wisconsin. they didn't go there in the final days. and i can't remember, and jon karl can help me out there, did they ever appear together in public? >> they never appeared on stage together. not once. this is -- and it's an unbelievable relationship, because trump was, you know, had ryan at his convention, ryan was -- >> the chair of the convention. >> the chair of the convention, and they didn't appear together. >> even when they met in washington, you saw the shot of them going in. they never showed each other
8:40 pm
face a serious challenge to his -- >> george, one of the things that we're seeing tonight, three big check marks to be checked tonight in the politics in washington. the republicans just made a big check mark. they retained the house of representatives. they are starting to look like, they just won a seat in indiana that nobody expected them to win in the course of this, that's beginning to see where it goes. so, the idea that the republican party was gone, there was an anchor on it, they retain most of the governorships, they now retain the house and we're waiting t and the senate. so, this is a country still governed by two political parties. >> and mary bruce is in wisconsin, the home of the speaker of the house, paul ryan. mary, what's happening there? >> you >> you know, george, paul ryan is a bit superstitious when it comes to election days. he has a ritual, he goes hunting. he did that today. he's hoping the good luck will carry over, and he's going to need it. regardless of what happens tonight with the presidential election, paul ryan's future is at stake here.
8:41 pm
line. if donald trump does not win, if hillary clinton does, paul ryan could face huge, tremendous challenges regardless. he is going to be the most powerful republican standing in the house, if hillary clinton does, in fact, win. he could be an instant 2020 contender, and that means he's going to have to find some kind of way to show the republicans in congress can get something done, why dealing with the push-back that he could be getting from members of his own party who could point a finger at him if tonight. >> you'll be covering the house for us. i want to go back to the battleground board. and one of the key states right there is the state of new hampshire, polls have closed in the state of new hampshire, as well. don't have enough votes to project a winner right there, but jon karl, this is a small state. only four electoral votes, but on this electoral map in this year, it packs a powerful punch. >> absolutely. another one of those states that's on donald trump's path to getting exactly 270 electoral votes. he spent a lot of time there.
8:42 pm
ways, the state that gave us donald trump republican nominee. remember, he lost iowa, came in second, and then he came in and had that huge victory in new hampshire, which propelled him into south carolina and onto the nomination. he's been largely behind in the public polls in new hampshire, almost throughout the course of this campaign, since the convention. this is a tough state for them. >> the republican debate in new hampshire, such a key moment in that campaign. that was the debate where marco chris christie. he was rising in this race for -- before that happened. >> he punched himself in the chin. >> he was repeating his argument against president obama. >> how many times was it? >> three times. three times. as a moderator, you let him do it and let the voters notice it themselves. governor chris christie noticed it, he was across the stage. as he was repeating himself, i look over at christie, he looks
8:43 pm
i'm not in the game with you. >> there he goes again. robot. >> he brought up governor christie's name. so, we went to the governor next. >> that was pivotal. >> the other -- the other reason new hampshire so important. i want to bring this to cecilia vega, as well. if hillary clinton can hold onto the state of new hampshire, then donald trump is almost certainly going to have to flip one of those other big blue states right acss the stop of the midwest. >> absolutely. and you've seen her concentrate on new hampshire a lot recently, in fact, she had a rally there not too long ago, with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. this is bernie sanders' backyard. you go back to that primary, the hard-fought primary she lost in that state and now she's trying to turn it to her camp. she is, this is one of the states where we saw her reach out to millennial voters, where she really struggled with that. interesting to see how this works out for her tonight. the clinton camp is watching this state closely. >> more senate news, coming from the state of illinois. and this is a pickup for the democrats. congresswoman tammy duckworth, a
8:44 pm
senator mark kirk, he was seeking a second term. you see it right there. tammy duckworth, that is a pickup for the democrats. they need four, if hillary clinton wins the white house to control the senate, five if she doesn't. that is the first pickup there for the senate democrats, and stephanie, that was one that was long expected. >> long expected. she has been running very strong there for some time, against mark kirk, incumbent senator. and recently, they've had some he's made. so, she really tied up the race in the past couple of weeks. the probability of her wins was only going up. >> the democrats plus-one right now. and while we're here, let's go back to florida. that state, so important, how much do we have in right now? >> well, it is close. 48% clinton, 49% trump. trump has been gaining here. 91% of the precincts reporting, but zoom in here a little bit.
8:45 pm
right now in florida, it's the county of valucia county. this is a county that romney won, but barely. he had 111,000 votes. i'm on brevard, i'm sorry. there it is. you have 140,000 votes until 30,000 more votes docked than mitt romney in 2012. florida, we have 10% of the state to count. this is, i think, going to be very close. look back at miami-dade county, again, this is the big overwhelmingly democratic largely hispanic county, and we have 91% reporting, so, we'll have -- >> and what is the vote, with 91% in there, what is the vote gap? >> the vote gap is almost 30 points. she's doing better in miami-dade
8:46 pm
fact, if you look at our exit polls, she is outperforming brk w barack obama among hispanic votes. 29% ahead. obama won by 21%. so, she's significantly -- doing significantly better. >> have to take another quick break. more results coming in. we'll be right back. >> back live in times square after this.
8:47 pm
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8:49 pm
back now, election night 2016. let's take a look at where things stand. put up the scoreboard of the electoral votes won by each of the candidates right now. 68 for hillary clinton, 66 for donald trump. couldn't be closer right now. let's take a look at those battleground states, the 12 battleground states we are following closely. let's pull up one of the key jon karl what are weseeing? >> this is a battleground that trump had been winning in virtually every public poll coming into this election. but if you look at this right now, there's only about a third of the state that's been voted, but hillary clinton has a narrow lead and there are signs of trouble for donald trump. take for instance, delaware county. delaware county, which is right above columbus. this is a county that mitt romney won by more than 20 points. if you look at it right now, donald trump has barely a one-point lead in delaware county.
8:50 pm
matthew dowd, this is key, as well. as donald trump continues to do, hang in there in florida, maybe gets the win in florida, if h hillary clinton wins in ohio, that cancels it out. >> donald trump, i mean, what's fascinating to me is, she's running up in their margins in all the places that she needed to in florida, and other places and he's running up his margins in all the places he needed to. so, that's why we're seeing such a competitive race. >> alex, you've done races in florida. >> a lot of races. if you look at the northern counties, nonurban areas, there seems to be a bit of a trump wave. those counties are dramatically overperforming for trump. if that's true in other places like ohio and north carolina, we ought to keep an eye on some of the rural counties, because they may help balance the scales. >> trump overperforming up in the north, clinton overperforming down in the south. >> so, what happens in the i-4 corridor? my home county, orange county.
8:51 pm
i'm showing donald trump losing it by 24 points. doing worse in some of the counties. bear in mind, what's interesting about orange is that you have a real big influx of folks coming from puerto rico. these are folks who are u.s. citizens, they can vote. the latino population in florida is not just about the cuban vote in miami-dade. it's becoming more diverse. this is aig reason why this central florida maybe be tougher for donald trump this time around. >> and bill, the also changing in florida. >> right, it is, the younger generation. the younger generation is different from alex's generation, which is different from alex's parents generation. you mentioned that trump's overperforming in the north and hillary clinton in the south, the electorate is overperforming. just looking at the raw numbers here, we're going to have a massive turnout in the competitive battleground states. for all the talk about how unfavorably viewed they both were, going to be a low turnout election -- we must have the
8:52 pm
>> you spent a lot of nights sweating out florida results. what are you looking at right now? >> looks like we're going to be sweating it out again. i think it's going to be very close. there's still a good sizable vote out in the miami-dade area, which could bring her over the top. i also think in the i-4 corridor, it's increase in latino votes, but this is an area where, in the suburbs, we can see the white college educated women come out in large that's part of the story in florida that we haven't seen yet. >> want to go back to robin roberts, there with brian fallon from the clinton campaign. >> you've been very patient, standing here with us. watching intently, listening intently what are you hearing and how are you feeling about florida right now? >> well, a state like florida is important, but it's important to keep it in perspective. there is a large portion of the vote still out in southern florida. looking at miami-dade and brow ward, where you are seeing a
8:53 pm
the polls closed. we're outperforming president obama in many key counties in florida. if we do win florida, the story of it will be the surge you've seen in the latino vote. to the point just made on the panel, we had a very targeted strategy, recognizing that the latino vote is not a monolith. we've talked to the puerto rican community, the cuban community, and the mexican community, when you lo at a state like nevada. we have taken a strategic but while florida is important in terms of if donald trump loses it, very hard to see how he could get to 270, it's not going to be decisive for him just if he ones florida. he's going to have to run the table. not just win florida, win ohio, win north carolina and then paul off a michigan or a pennsylvania, and right now, the latter two states, michigan and pennsylvania, we feel very good about. >> you want to talk about, quickly about the stage here. >> the stage is symbolic, too. it's cut out in the shape of the
8:54 pm
it's because hillary clinton tonight, when she speaks, she's going to talk about how she wants to be president for everybody, not just those who voted for her. >> all right, brian, thank you very much. we'll have more coverage coming
8:55 pm
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8:56 pm
panera. food as it should be. >> good evening with fredericks' election central a major race in our area has just been called. >> maryland congressman chris vn hollen is now senate elected. chris van hollen has been electd
8:57 pm
barbara mcculsky. >> we checked in with brad ball at van hollen's camp. >> kevin? >> well, alison, certainly no surprise in this race as van hollen assumes control. a seat that's been held for the last 30 years. >> van hollen defeating kathy at right now. van hollen had more name recognition with his work in the house of representatives and he also politically speaking is moe in line with the majority of marylanders. after all they out number republicans 2-1. as van hollen now shifts to the u.s. senate, democrat jamie raskin is assumed and favored to tame van hollen's seat over republican opponent dan cox.
8:58 pm
upbeat despite szeliga's loss. about 200 in number watched cnn cheering as donald trump victories come in. kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> we want to check on one other race. the race for virginia's tenth congressional district. you see it right now. this race between incumbent barbara comstock and challenger luann bennett is razor thin.
8:59 pm
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9:00 pm
back live in times square. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> it's 9:00 p.m. here on the east coast. the polls have just closed in 14 more states. let's put up the scoreboard, look at where things st donald trump with 127 electoral votes, hillary clinton with 97. we're paying so much attention to battleground states. and let's look at florida, there you see it. just about 100,000 votes separate donald trump and hillary clinton. and rebecca jarvis, you've seen an interesting development? >> with the polls so close,
9:01 pm
in the -- [ inaudible ] >> rebecca's microphone went off. you're seeing a selloff in the mexican peso. >> yes, about 1% -- >> we'll come back to you. and jon karl, the votes are so close right now. >> it's unbelievably tight. trump votes. but i think hillary clinton will bounce back. miami-dade county, 93% of votes in. but in broward county, went overwhelmingly for barack obama
9:02 pm
p precincts reporting. >> and north carolina, just about 4,000 votes separate them. another one of the changing states. >> well, the halfway point between raleigh durham, is apex. in 2000, it was 90% white. today, a town the hispanic population is up 40%, the black population, up 80%, asian pacific up 60%. so, this is no longer jesse helms' north carolina. and donald trump had three offices in north carolina, hillary clinton had 33. >> and texas, 38 electoral
9:03 pm
and donald trump, the projected winner. matthew dowd, democrats hope the state is changing, but not quite yet. >> yes, there was a huge increase in latino vote, but it seems to have trended back. i think what you're going to see is a less of a margin a typical republican gets, but it's still a red state. kansas, six electoral votes. republican dominated the state, it goes again to the republican, donald trump. state of nebraska, five electoral votes. donald trump, only projected to win four.
9:04 pm
the second district, it's a place that the clinton team is very hopeful to pick up. >> they paid some attention to omaha. >> and not just omaha, states they never paid attention to before. arizona, who would have ever thought we would be talking about arizona. texas, they had hopes there. they were even looking at utah. this map has changed for them. they have their sigs we will see. >> a lot of red there right now. south dakota, three electoral votes there. that will go republican as well. only voted for democrats in four presidential elections, the last time in 1964. north dakota, their three electoral votes go to donald trump as well. and wyoming, three electoral votes, that goes to donald trump as well.
9:05 pm
country, straight down the middle, you have a line of red. right there for donald trump, across the south also. a few states for hillary clinton, and one in blue, the state of new york, 29 electoral votes. goes to hillary clinton, voted democrat in every election since 1984. tom llamas, at the beginning, donald trump kept talking about >> he said he was going to win new york, he said he felt the people of new york would go for donald trump. the only campaigning he did was around trump tower and manhattan. we just got word mike pence is on his way, and we bet they're watching florida, florida, florida, right now. >> and a lot of states we can't
9:06 pm
five electoral votes, the democrats hoping for a win there. part of their solid blue wall. before 2008, it was a swing state. the democrats had been counting on it. and donald trump had a real feud there with the republican governor. minnesota, ten electoral votes, not enough data coming in yet to project that one. that was a state that donald trump made a late play for. one of the things we saw, tom, they thought he was to wisconsin, trump saw polls, and went elsewhere. >> they put together a last-m last-minute rally in minneapolis. it was one of their biggest ones, during a vikings game. >> that's a solid blue state, going democrat every single
9:07 pm
>> false hopes, it's a tough state for republican. >> it is a tough state for repub republicans. but let's go to the battlegrounds. florida. >> florida, florida, florida. i mentioned in the beginning, the state that's been the bellwether has been hillsboro county. take a hillsboro county, hillary clinton has a big lead. that doesn't mean it's going to continue to be a bellwether, but it's always been one. overall in florida, the count is incredibly tight. it's still donald trump with a slight lead, but as i mentioned, a lot of democratic votes still to be counted. >> polls just closed in other battleground states. michigan, 16 electoral votes,
9:08 pm
matthew dowd. michigan has also been one of the states, like pennsylvania, republicans towards the end think, this is one we can get. >> they looked at the limited nature of the map for donald trump, the places where he could win the election, he needed to flip a blue state. they went for wisconsin, pennsylvania, then settled on michigan. then the clinton folks got nervous about it. bunch of surrogates there in the last days. it's a state that's divided. detroit will vote overwhelmingly for hillary clinton, and the rest of the state will vote for donald trump. >> david kerley is there. what are you seeing? >> exactly what matthew is talking about. the trump campaign believes it's all about turnout. they were hoping to get people out in the rural areas, and that
9:09 pm
and the campaign was hoping the african-american vote would be lower. it was only 2% lower according to the exit polls. and 2 out of 10 voters were white educated women, and clinton is winning them by ten points. not a lot of votes counted here, but hillary clinton has the lead at this hour. david muir, jobs are always such a big issue in the upper midwest. >> yes, and that's something th capitalize on. voters were asked what do you think about your job situation, 39%, better, 26%, about the same, 25% worse. and the president and hillary clinton were there the last 24 hours, they wanted to do the early voting states first. what we couldn't find out, were they truly worried about michigan in the final days?
9:10 pm
will wish they had a better ground game there all along. > we have another call, we can say abc news can project that donald trump will win the state of arkansas. it's been a republican state, and it's going to go to donald trump, six battlegrounds in the upper midwest. wisconsin, ten electoral votes. tough state for donald trump in the primaries. he lost that state to ted cruz, we don't have enough votes to call that right now. and bill kristol, this is a state where the conservatives never warmed to donald trump.
9:11 pm
>> it's the mormons in utah, and the midwesterners in wisconsin that resisted donald trump the most. and paul ryan's state, he will be under great pressure from within his conference. but if the republicans hold the house, don't win the presidency, and maybe lose the senate, paul ryan is the one guy that came through. people like me criticized him for being too nice to trump, being too accommodating, if he preserves the majority, he could be the most valuable republican of the night. and connecticut, hillary clinton winning the seven electoral votes. 104 for hillary clinton, 129 for donald trump. and another battleground state, colorado, 9 electoral votes in
9:12 pm
voted democrat in 2008 and 2012. and matthew dowd, colorado, strategists look at virginia and colorado as a pair. the states tend to go the same way. >> i think we're going to see them going in the same way. virginia is close, colorado will be close. another state where the divisions within the state, denver and boulder, are state. and just like places like florida, michigan, these geographic pots of votes each side is getting and turning out. >> another battleground state, the state of arizona, with its 11 electoral votes. clinton team went there late, michelle obama, spent some money there, even though it's been a solid red state. >> yes, a democrat hasn't won in 20 years.
9:13 pm
were hoping the latino vote would come out. colorado, a state they thought they had locked in early on, and went back towards the end and started pouring more ad money in there. arizona, they think they had this locked in. >> they don't need arizona, but that would be big news there. they would love the state of florida. going to stay on the state of florida, because it's so close. what are you seeing, jon? unbelievably tight. can i give you one on colorado since i'm right here? this is jefferson county, colorado. a key swing county, western denver suburbs. she's outperforming barack obama, so that's a good sign. but florida, we're still
9:14 pm
but let's check the counties outside of miami. broward county, overwhelmingly democratic county, 48% reporting, still over half to be counted. >> so, we're going to have this race, the panhandle versus broward county, getting in the last several votes. >> i think it's going to come down to a few thousand votes. we saw that in a lot of the polls, florida is one of the pivot states, all the polls, some had donald trump or hillary clinton ahead, but they were all within a point. and it looks like florida will be within a point. >> another quick break, we'll be
9:15 pm
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9:18 pm
welcome back to abc news coverage of election night 2016. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> we're back in times square. let's look at where the map stands. 104 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 129 for donald trump. the magic number, 270. at trump headquarters tonight. >> that's right. we're seeing a very different scene than about 30 minutes ago. a lot of cheers, a lot of energy as the results start to come in. anytime someone starts talking about florida, you hear the crowd erupt with usa, usa. smiles, laughing, something i
9:19 pm
hopeful than earlier in the evening. >> and matthew dowd, he's in the game. donald trump is in the game if he can put out that state of florida. >> yes, he's definitely in the game. if she won florida, slam dunk, there's really no path for him. florida is the pillar of the game he needs to keep running. florida, north carolina, then across the cotr >> but not hillary clinton. not pivotal for her. >> show the states he's got to win. >> it's basically 12 battleground states. looking at the one going into today, hillary clinton had a lead. she's already got over 270. what trump has to do, win all the ones we had as toss-ups,
9:20 pm
then a traditionally blue state, like nevada. >> and as we watch florida and north carolina, two states so close between hillary clinton and donald trump, if he manages to win the two states, then he has to find some of the no off. >> if he's not going to win in nevada and new hampshire, he has to get one of the biggies. one of them, the state of michigan. it's a state that democrats feel good about, but were the most nervous, you could say about any of the industrial, midwest states. >> and david, one of the signs why donald trump is hanging in in florida?
9:21 pm
looking at women voters in florida, zeroing in on the exit polls. clinton getting 51% of the women voters with trump's 44%. in florida, of all the battlegrounds, is where she's performing at this level, surpassing this level in every other battleground. >> and st sign of nervousness in the democratic camp in michigan. take us through the states they're worried about in the midwest? >> in michigan, they do think it's going to be much closer than 2012. they think white, college educated white women will bring them over the top. looks like the african-american vote is down a little bit in michigan, and the rural vote is significantly higher than it was
9:22 pm
so, it's going to be very tight. in ohio, much of their early vote was very good in ohio, outperforming where president obama was. some bellwethers are not in yet. much of is areas outside of cleveland and cincinnati. and in pennsylvania, they feel very good about pennsylvania. from all signs, traditional republican philadelphia are going for her in very strong ways. that's a strong sign for what happens across the state. >> and florida may be telling us about the future of other states. hillary doing well in the i-4 corridor, that may mean she'll do well in florida. and trump may do well in michigan.
9:23 pm
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9:26 pm
>> right now voters are rejectig that by a narrow margin. >> all right, maryland bureau chief brad bell is in silver springs. so far they have some good news but they also have some tense moments ahead. brad? >> yeah, they do. certainly chris van hollen has been projected as the winner and is expected that anthony brown will be as well and so will jame raskin. they also believe that hillary
9:27 pm
there haven't been any statewide results put out because marylanders are still voting. the lines were so long at 8:00 that at this point polls in certain areas are still open. people are still casting their votes. they will not release any resuls until the polls finally close ad we don't know when that will be. back to you. >> all right, brad. thanks very much. >> and let's take a quick look now at something turning heads just outside our studio. drive by. kimberly suiters is projecting the results. i don't mean looking ahead to te winner, these literally projecting them. >> hey, kimberly. >> this is election projections on the side of the building. you can see trump there at 129. there's the map of united states looking very red at this hour, and people are slowing down as they drive by. people are bringing their kids
9:28 pm
one young woman said i don't evn have a television set so thank you so much for putting this up here. another couple from a foreign country said, what are those numbers? those are electoral votes. we're going to keep them up here until we get to the magic number of 270. >> reporting live, kimberly suiters. >> thanks very much. the national wheel, they've got the ferris wheel. it has a pie chart so, if you head that way tonight, you can see the ferris wheel. it's red and blue indicating who is in the lead fr the race for president. >> out the national harbor. well, we appreciate you joining us here at abc7 and abc news. we'll continue to bring you all of the national races and we wil bring you what's happening here locally. >> if you would like, you can go to newschannel8. there you will see continuous coverage of the election that we will be handling. in the meantime we'll toss it
9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
and we're back now, 9:30 p.m. in the east. election 2016. let's look at where things stand right now. 104 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 129 for donald trump. and let's go right to jon karl for the latest on florida. >> it's as tight as it's been. donald trump still has a lead, a significant lead. but again, as i mentioned before, the miami area, specifically the county just above miami, broward county, this is an overwhelmingly democratic county.
9:31 pm
hillary clinton can still harvest enough votes there. >> how much vote is in so far? >> the overall vote, about 90%. let's take a look, overall. 94% of the vote in florida is in. >> and you have it a little bit more than 100,000-vote lead for donald trump. and north carolina, let's see where that stands. there it is right there, 49% for donald trump. about a 60,000-vote lead in north carolina for donald trump. >> multiple states are going to go down to the wire, we may not even be decided by this evening. it's going to be a close race. >> one state that hillary clinton is counting on, the
9:32 pm
let's pull that up. there you see, donald trump ahead there. about 78,000 to about 76,000 in the state of new hampshire. >> and new hampshire is a state that is critical to one of donald trump's path, and, george, incredibly close. >> and another one that's close, the state of michigan. blue state of michigan, as we said, a lot of attention i donald trump ahead, about 30,000 votes over hillary clinton. and cecilia vega, this has to be unnerving the clinton camp a little bit. >> they were a little uncertain about michigan going in. they thought they had it in the bag, then got nervous and went back. hillary clinton, former president clinton, president obama was there. this is a state they want to
9:33 pm
and the issue of trade has come up, especially in the primaries with bernie sanders and her issue on tpp, and her flip-flop, as he would say, on that. it's been used to illustrate what her opponents would say, inconsistencies, hillary clinton's willingness to change what she says. >> and another state coming in for donald eight electoral votes coming in for donald trump. and you're seeing the map fill in red across the south. and down the middle of the country. tom llamas, what are you hearing from the trump camp? >> right now, the campaign is buoyant, feeling happy. there is a tweet, eric trump tweeted out a picture of trump with governor mike pence in their headquarters, they're
9:34 pm
we'll see where it goes from here. >> but right now, this could be, as you were saying, moatthew, a very, very long night. >> we're seeing donald trump overperform in a lot of places that people had questions about. but he's in many places, setting records in rural areas. >> alex? >> the missing trump voter that we've all they've shown up. in rural america, voting in intense levels. that may mean h can hang on in north carolina, and maybe in michigan. if he can do that and keep arizona, that would get trump to 275. >> martha? >> and i saw enthusiasm for trump in the rural areas. they were concerned in ohio and pennsylvania that they could get the vote out.
9:35 pm
because there's no organization there, but in the last couple of days, they saw that ramp up. i traveled around, trump signs all over the place. they were doing it themselves, people would put signs in front of their houses. and in those areas, the economy is very, very important. it's the number one issue, for example, in ohio. and that's where tmp is leading, among those worried about the economy. >> and this is the exit poll in michigan, look at this. donald trump, 54%, to hillary clinton, 39%. this could illustrate the
9:36 pm
smiling. if you look at the key states, new hampshire, michigan, north carolina, and florida, right now, they're still counting votes. but right now, in florida, he still has that slight lead. in north carolina, he has the lead, very close. in new hampshire, looks like he has a chance to do something in new hampshire. and michigan, only 18% of the votes counted, but he's off to an early but one note of caution to the folks at trump headquarters. florida, back to the ever-important county of broward county. 75% of precincts reporting. more than 200,000 potential democratic votes still to be counted there. >> and hillary clinton has been there four times in the last few
9:37 pm
florida, they've invested in ads and visits. one of the most traveled-to states since early voting began. trying to lock in the early vote, build up a firewall against donald trump. try to lock in the voters. we talked about the i-4 corridor, and the demographic has shifted there. cubans, puerto there. >> and there's this real split between rural and city areas. >> yes, a middle school mock election in new bethlehem, pennsylvania, trump gets 86% of the vote from the kids.
9:38 pm
country together? and they said no, we have to split the country. and i said, we tried that, it didn't really work. on june 23rd, i stayed up all night in london, covering the brexit thing. at first, they looked like in. i have a sense of deja vu happening here. >> byron pitts? >> i'm fascinated by the change in america, in 1967, a commission came out that said, there are two americas, one black, one white. now it seems we've gone in a different direction.
9:39 pm
there are more black people in college, life expeexpectancy ha increased, but for rural working class white america, seems like they're unhappy. >> they've been stuck for a long time. and one way to put budweiser america. >> yes, the 22 states you can look at hillary clinton carrying, 16 of hers are in the top half of starbucks. donald trump's, 18 of his 25 are in the bottom half, low starbucks. that's why this is the last election that republicans can try to win with the old white
9:40 pm
election. so, the challenge for republican, we need to be a party that appeals to more americans than just that. how do we appeal to the i-4 corridor, the younger, educated voters. >> mary? >> i think it's going to be hard to appeal to those voters when you don't have any understanding of urban america. when you, the only thing you can say about american cities is that cesspools, almost 90% of the population lives in cities and metro areas. it's no mistake, this is going to be a city versus rural vote. >> and jon, let's also look at another battleground state, virginia. one that hillary clinton is
9:41 pm
>> this one looks tight, too. 79% reporting, and donald trump still has the lead in virginia. i should caution once again, we see the democratic counties coming in slower. maybe one of the most important, fairfax county. just north of d.c. 80% reporting, clinton has a 33-point lead. would have thought. >> i want to bring in donna brazile. the chair of the democratic national committee. how worried are you with the close states? >> we're still confident that will are lots of votes that still haven't been counted. lots of votes in traditional
9:42 pm
the headquarters in brooklyn. we know based on what we've heard early in the day, with the kind of lines we saw, not just in durham and nth carolina, the lines that we knew existed in detroit, the lines in pennsylvania, at the end of the night, i'm confident, maybe it's too early to count all of the votes, but as soon as they're all counted, we'll see the democrats will overcome some o right now. >> i had some people telling me they're sensing some weakness in flint and detroit. >> earlier today, some of the voters we rely on, they tend not to vote before 4:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. i was on several radio stations encouraging people to stay in line. detroit, flint, earlier today, it was slow, steady.
9:43 pm
afternoon. the last message i had an hour ago was to remind people to stay in line. they have the right to vote, if they stay in line. >> and you remember well, the days of the recount in florida. are we headed that direction again? >> i hope not. but if that happens, we're prepared in florida and any other state for that outcome. but right now, i want to see what happens in broward and west palm beach. i'm optimistic, even if we can't overcome that big hurdle, we still believe there are enough votes out there, before we start popping the champagne. >> and donald trump has been bringing it up over the last several days, what was revealed in the wikileaks, any regrets about giving out questions to
9:44 pm
>> as you know, i've never had access to questions. as a strategist, i work with topics, trend lines, but the event they claim the debate questions, as you well know, it was a forum. i have enough time to make my case, but right now, i'm focused like everybody else on the campaign. making sure every voter in line stays in there are still votes to come in all across the country for hillary clinton. we're expecting a big night tonight. >> and paula faris in miami, we talked about the possibility of a recount. walk us through what procedures are in place. >> i don't mean to give everybody in the studio immediate indigestion, it is
9:45 pm
if the differential is 0.5%, it will be ordered by the secretary of state, and will be completed by next thursday by 3:00 p.m. these are the rules in place, 50,000 votes. and right now, they're still coming in from democratic-heavy broward county. 50,000 votes, automatic for a mandatory recount. >> and you're seeing something in virginia? >> well, jon has been talking about the northern virginia vote. you get so caught up in the numbers. the tightening, it's just an amazingly close situation. virginia is now an example of it. >> it's a state that the trump campaign has essentially written off weeks ago.
9:46 pm
the assumption was that hillary clinton had a big advantage. >> they had stopped advertising there. >> and let's not forget were tim kaine is from. he's the senator of the state. i would love to hear from someone in the clinton campaign about this. >> tim kaine has never lost a race in virginia. coming up, ten states still headg we'll be back with you live when
9:47 pm
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9:49 pm
and night 2016, coming up on 10:00 p.m. in the east. let's look at where things stand in the electoral college. 104 for hillary clinton, 137 for donald trump. you need 270 win. and jon karl, so many close battleground states right now. >> florida, north carolina,virginia, michigan, surprisingly close, and new
9:50 pm
stand. in florida, donald trump still has a lead. north carolina, donald trump has a lead. in virginia, donald trump has a lead. a lot of democratic votes still to be counted in northern virginia. but virginia will be incredibly close. whether or not he wins, it will be cleoser than anybody thought. in michigan, a state with only 21% in, but >> and matthew, these states are all so close. coming into the race tonight, it looked like hillary clinton, convergence of national polls had her at about a 4% lead. >> i had her at about 5%. but what we're seeing, a divergence between the national numbers, and the possibility that hillary clinton could win
9:51 pm
percentage, four or five points, and possibly by a few thousand votes. we have no idea what will happen in the electoral college. >> if donald trump wins in three or four states, he becomes president. florida, north carolina, virginia, or florida,north carolina, and michigan, hs there. >> if he wins one of the states up in the north, michigan, pennsylvania, he has a real possibility right there. cokie, we were seeing going into it, and from what we were seeing earlier this evening. and a complete reversal in terms of the electoral college going for her, and maybe the popular vote going for him. that was an earlier theory. and what it is is, the rural votes getting out. it's the non-college educated people getting out.
9:52 pm
america has left them out and left them behind, economically and culturally. and they're ready to show their distaste for theurrent country. >> charlie? >> what's dismaying about this, to me, looking at this from a distance, the disparities in so many groups. such a difference between urban and rural, men and women. such a difference between college educated and not. between whites and it's dismaying, the polarity of these groups. >> and asking the question, what candidate is qualified to be president, honest, trustworthy,
9:53 pm
5% say both. 2% say both are honest and trustworthy. they're not willing to give an inch to the other side. >> tom llamas? >> charlie's point of the two americas theory. i want to tell a story from michigan. exit polls say 50% say trade kills jobs. and i was at a rally, a guy going crazy for he said i'm an auto worker, the union bosses are going for hillary clinton, the guys on the floor are going for donald trump. >> and rebecca jarvis? >> trump has pulled ahead in the polls, we've seen a selloff in
9:54 pm
behind, stocks pick up. and the closer we see things look, the dow is down 500 points. >> polls about to close in four more states. 21 electoral votes up for grabs. we'll be right back.
9:55 pm
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10:00 pm
welcome back to abc news coverage of election night 2016. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> and it is 10:00 p.m. here on the east coast in times square. let's take a look at where things stand right now in this very close race for president. there you see it. hillary clinton has 104 electoral vo you need 270. polls have just closed in four more states with 21 e tlectoral votes, and donald trump has won the state of montana. republicans carried that state in all but one election, 1992. since 1964. but it is going to donald trump, the republican this time around. and three electoral votes. polls have closed in the state of iowa, one of our battleground states. not enough vote in to say yet what's going to happen there
10:01 pm
2004. close in both 2000 and 2004. barack obama won it twice. tough state for hillary clinton. we don't have enough votes in there to project yet. the state of utah, not usually a battleground. usually solid red. but you've got hillary clinton, donald trump, gary johnson, of course, evan mcmullin, hometown favorite there, running, as well. a mormon in a very heavily mormon state. not enough votes to call that yet, but we are keeping an eye on the very, very close another battleground state. six electoral votes. not enough to project yet. a lot of early vote in that state. last voted republican in 2004 for george w. bush. not enough to project, though. cecilia, want to bring you in on this, because we did see a heavy latino vote and early vote in nevada. democrats had been encouraged by that. >> one of the most encouraging signs for the clinton campaign this weekend coming into election day. a market, a latino market in las
10:02 pm
hours to vote to cast a vote. we saw a really strong ground game from the clinton campaign in states like nevada and one number that jumps out at me as we headed into election day, the clinton campaign says early voting started, knocked on and made phone calls, they contacted 45 million people. this is a well oiled very well paid for machine that they've got going into this election day and they're banking on that right now. especially in states like nevada. >> bankingn in florida, but boy -- >> i don't know, george. look at this. it's still very close. donald trump with 130,000-plus vote lead and i've been talking a lot about broward county, just north of miami. look what's happening there. 98% of the vote is in. and donald trump still has a big lead in the state of florida. it looks to me like he is trending towards winning the state of florida. >> tom llamas, what are they saying in the trump war room?
10:03 pm
the trump campaign is sending out more and more photos of thumb's up, donald trump smiling inside that room. i have one text, this is a wild night. and the mood is energetic and upbeat. >> amy robach, you're at the new york hilton, where trump campaign hoping to celebrate tonight. >> that's right. and there are a lot of people already celebrating here, a lot of shouting, a lot of chanting. and we've heard from inside that trum aide telling us that the mood in that room could be summed up with one word. fireworks. another one, intense. and we have tweets showing inside, actually, trump's d.c. brand new hotel, popping champagne already. people are in the mood to celebrate. and certainly at trump headquarters, we are waiting for him to make his way to the hilton. we don't know when that's going to be, but a dramatic shift in mood here in the past hour.
10:04 pm
in. >> robin roberts, what are we seeing at the javits center? >> well, just as amy said, a drastic shift in the mood here at the javits center. though people are trying to stay upbeat -- and you can hear every time -- they just saw that she's the projected winner in new mexico, and so they are very happy about that. but earlier, george, they were playing music, it was a very upbeat scene. and then, when the race started getting tighter and going in the way of donald trump, they stop results up on the big screen, they kept changing from different networks and it was so quiet, as people were intently listening to the commentary, as well. so, you could hear the cheers, because of new mexico, but they're trying to remain optimistic, but in all honesty, there has been quite a shift here in the last hour or so, george. >> okay, robin roberts. we are not ready to project the state of new mexico yet.
10:05 pm
v.a. sla? >> looks like hillary clinton has pulled ahead. the northern counties near washington, especially fairfax, that vote is coming in. hillary clinton is pulling ahead in virginia. but i think the state that we're going to be watching, if trump takes florida, the state that it will all come down to, i believe, is the state of michigan. >> michigan. >> because, matthew dowd, if krm donald trump holds onto florida, he's leading in north carolina, leading in ohio. we don't have enough vote in iowa. four. all he really needs is one more of the big blue states from the democrats. >> yeah, and jon's right. i think as we move forward, as we, this comes in, if this sticks with the way the numbers are, as we know, these always are a few thousand votes, it becomes the great state of michigan, could ultimately decide the presidency. >> stephanie cutter, nervousness in the democratic camp? i guess that answers the question. >> in this camp.
10:06 pm
going to be closer. there's -- it's -- there's -- even though we believe florida is leaning in trump's direction, there's still some vote out. and there's big democratic counties that have yet to report in michigan. and i think this is just going to be later than anybody thought. i think she's still favored to win. >> david muir, what do you have in michigan? >> take a look at this. tom llamas was talking about this earlier. when you ask abo trump pounded this issue during his visits to michigan. 50% of the voters in michigan said the trade deals takes away jobs here in america. only 31% said the trade deals create more jobs. and look at this. when you break it down, with other countries, take away jobs, if you feel like your frightened about these trade deals, that the jobs disappear because of them, the breakdown is very clear. you went with donald trump, 57% to -- >> jon, i want to go to you in a second.
10:07 pm
abc news can project that donald trump has won the state of missouri. gone blue only twice in the last four decades. both times for bill clinton in 1992 and 1996. donald trump, republican, wins the state of missouri. right now, filling in the red across that map. martha raddatz? >> i just want to say, we keep talking about this divide in america. the divide is about opportunity. and you look at places like michigan, you look at places like ohio, you look at places like real incomes for americans with a four-year college degree have increased by 22%, real incomes for americans without have fallen by 10%, 68% of americans age 25 and older do not have a four-year college degree. and it's not so much enthusiasm in these area that's bringing out all the trump voters, it is anger. it is frustration. it's feeling that they are really left out. >> and we just saw a state go to
10:08 pm
we heard the javits center applaud when they thought new mexico was coming in. we can project that now, as well. new mexico, and its five electoral votes for hillary clinton. so, there you see the map right now, 150 to 109. jon, let's go back to michigan. becoming more and more important by the hour. >> this is a state that barack obama won by nine points. right now, only a quarter of the vote is in, and trump is up five points. here is what's happening. look at three key counties in michigan. first, marquette in the upper peninsula. look at this. trump is beating hillary clinton in marquette county. you know what happened in that county in 2012? barack obama won by 14 points. so, donald trump is outp outperforming mitt romney. if you go back and you look at eaton county, just outside of lan lansing, trump has a big lead.
10:09 pm
points. and then, finally, historically we know, we talk a lot about macomb county. only 1% is in. but this is the county that gave us the reagan democrats. the very early counting there, donald trump with a lead in macomb. >> michigan, very, very close right now. a lot of vote yet to come in in the state of michigan. let's pull up the state of north carolina right now. that is another one of the core four for donald trump. and in the state of north carolina, what are you seeing? >> state of again, trump expanding his lead. this has been close all night. but trump is expanding his lead in north carolina. 83% in. he's got a 3 percentage point lead. >> matthew dowd? >> it's an amazing unfolding of the map, as we watch this tonight. i mean, i had thought, as the national polls were moving, all this was going in the direction, but what we're seeing is a diver jens. between sort of the national popular vote and the votes in these states that are divided on
10:10 pm
rural and suburban -- one thing i noticed in the numbers is donald trump is overperforming what anybody thought he was going to get in the suburban areas of these states. >> tom llamas, what are you hearing from the trump camp? >> we have this from kellyann ckellyanne conway. she said, come into the war room. she says he is energized an opti optimistic. we're talking about the core four for the trump ohio, florida, north carolina, iowa, they have a lot of reasons to be happy. >> they are watching the numbers come in. byron pitts. >> across the street, there's a new play called "a bronx tale." one of the famous lines from the play is, it's better to be feared than loved. and so it seems at this point, tonight, fear is winning out, the dark picture of america seems to be carrying the hour at this point. >> talk about the divide in this country. the story line that is sort of emerging here, this difference
10:11 pm
i just pulled this up. the u.s. economy. is the condition of the economy not good or poor? 57% in urban america say it's not good or poor, but in rural america, 72% say the economy needs to be fixed. look at this, nationwide, direction of the country. in urban america, 53% believe we're on the wrong track, but that, look at that number in rural america. 71% believe this country is on the wrong path. >> terry moran? >> whoever wins here, what is happening in the united states world, and it goes beyond brexit. it's essentially ordinary people around the world saying that the way elites have arranged the globalized world, through immigration and trade, ain't working for them and their families. and when they get a chance to punch the elite in the face, they have. >> we're see, they are sending a message to washington, to the elite institutions across the board. cecilia vega? >> we haven't heard from anyone in the clinton campaign, and this is the opposite of what we
10:12 pm
they've won something, they are out there screaming from the roof toops is going, i haven't heard from anybody yet, now, it's the clinton team that is quiet tonight. they do think that -- they're still waiting on michigan. that knew that was going to be a late one, and they always said was that florida was not theirs. they didn't necessarily need to win it. >> but florida was their hope, that's why they went in for the kill in the last several days. >> yes, their spin is that they didn't necessarily need it, but you saw them heavily in that state. if they do not win florida tonight, there will be some tears because of that one inside brooklyn. >> that's where they spent the most money, jon karl. >> she went there more to florida, more than any other state. trump spent the most money, went there more than any state. really did come down to florida. and looking now, 95% reporting, he's still got that significant lead, well over 100,000 votes. you know, the other state i'm watching is new hampshire. another state that four years
10:13 pm
home in new hampshire, partly from new hampshire, just like he was partly from michigan, and he lost handedly to barack ama. and look at this. almost half the vote is in, and donald trump has a three percentage point lead. >> if he wins new hpshire and michigan and the core four -- >> look at the possibilities. if you look, again, we have 12 battleground states, virginia, say that goes to clinton, she's up there. we've thought all along she's going to win, she seems to have a pretty clear path to 270. but now because of what's happened, if you put florida in trump's camp, if you put north carolina in trump's camp, if you put ohio in trump's camp, and arizona, 254. he now actually has a couple of paths to get to 270. >> all it takes is michigan right there. >> all it takes is michigan, michigan does it, if he doesn't do michigan, he could do new
10:14 pm
>> and he has iowa. >> and in michigan and in new hampshire, remember, hillary clinton was dealt a surprise by bernie sanders who had -- many people said had a similar message, talking to white working class blue collar america about the inequality that so many people are feeling in this country. there are some parallels with donald trump's message and bernie sanders. i know that frustrated sanders when he joined forces with hillary clinton, saying, don't vote for him, vote for hillary. a lot of people on the ground feel like there's something that resona both of them made. we remember when hillary was surprised. >> our friends at fivethirtyeight had it at a 99% she would win michigan in the primary. >> let's go to nate silver right now. a pretty dramatic change in your forecast right now. >> well, it's not about our forecast, it's about the fact we haven't had any swing states called yet. and those are states that clinton was supposed to win, was supposed to win michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, those
10:15 pm
meaning if you have problems with white working class voters, if you don't turn out african-americans, you lose those states or win by a razor thin margin. she is in profound trouble right now in the electoral college. >> you were pointing out for awhile that donald trump had a better chance in the electoral college than he did in winning the national vote. i want you to address another question that a lot of people are going to be asking right now. we did see a convergence of the high quality national polls over the course of the last week, at lead for hillary clinton and we'll see what comes in, what comes in at the end. and some people had always been talking about the possibility of a systematic bias in the polls, they were going to be missing trump voters. is that what's happening? >> well, first of all, our model at least always showed the potential for a split. wh clinton might still be the favorite to win the popular votes, she will wrack up huge margins in california and new york.
10:16 pm
in the midwest. that could prove to be her downfall in the electoral college. but also, polls at the end, sometimes it's not the last poll that's the most accurate, because pollsters don't want to be out of line. and therefore, it's a next to last poll sometimes that was the honest opinion of the pollster and those showed a very competitive race. >> and as we were just repeating one more time, as we were coming into the day, your projection above 70% for hillary clinton, where is it right now? >> i mean, i would look at betting markets which say that donald trump is a narrow favorite to win the college. >> okay, nate silver, thank you. we saw both campaigns closely watching these results come in. millions still heading to the polls out west. voters in the final six states still casting their ballots. we'll be right back.
10:17 pm
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10:20 pm
abc news live coverage of election night 2016 is sponsored by hulu. >> and it is election night 2016, we are right here in times square. what a dramatic night. what a close election. want to go to the battleground jon karl, been talking about the possibility, just heard nate silver, looking at the betting markets, starting to predict a donald trump victory. they had not been doing that for several weeks and months. let's look at the paths that could get him there. >> i see two paths for a donald trump victory, if he wins the state of florida. and that is trending in that direction. so, if you put florida in his column and you assume he wins ohio where he is up, iowa, arizona, north carolina, places where he is up. here's what he can do.
10:21 pm
nevada and new hampshire. and that gets him to exactly 270, but again, george, it assumes he wins the second congressional district in maine, which tells you why they were spending so much time there. >> we should say, though, but at 269, donald trump is probably still president. >> 269-269, it goes to the house of representatives, the republicans control the house. it is voted by state delegations, almost certain they would choose a republican president, donald trump, you have to have run. if you come ba take new hampshire and nevada, he can take the state of michigan. if he takes michigan, 276. both of these paths are difficult, because there isn't that much vote yet in michigan. michigan is a state where he has not led a single public poll, he's up right now in the raw vote. a little over a quarter. the other problem is that nevada, nevada's been a state, again, where the public polls were all trailing, all going against trump coming into this election.
10:22 pm
the vote, of his vote, of the margins that he was going to get among noncollege educated whites, because as we've looked through the numbers, hillary clinton's getting overwhelming numbers with nonwhites. nonwhite turnout unlike we've ever seen. 70% of the vote was white. so, what's -- and she got college educated white women, what's happened is, noncollege white men buy a huge margin went to donald trump. >> and we have to te break. before we go, a big state for donald trump, donald trump has won the state of ohio. donald trump wins the state of ohio. one of his core four. you saw it right there. a big victory there for donald trump. there you see it. key state, no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. donald trump has won it.
10:23 pm
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10:24 pm
a crucial race has been called. >> comstock winning about 54 percent of the hotly contested race.
10:25 pm
the place is beginning to erupt. these folks just found out about the call. the place simply erupted. this is such a nail-biter of a race. that was reflected by the number of people that came out. we went by a and the place was packed. an amazing tnout. all day long. she has held onto this seat, held by the republicans since 1970. >> in northeast washington.
10:26 pm
tonight. >> they are celebrating. here is the governor, now counsel man elect. >> that's how it started. >> you got in by the skin of your teeth. >> i'm very grateful for the a chance to come back and serve them again. enduring plan. so people will be able to update the plan and make changes. and perhaps it will have some value to other wards. >> that's vincent gray that was
10:27 pm
gray has made a lot of friends as mayor. so it's going to be a -- reporting live from northeast washington. >> an hour ago we showed how we're the presidential results. now we want to give you a unique look. that wheel is changing colors and it's the biggest pie chart in our area. >> i can't imagine a bigger pie chart. as heated as things are getting
10:28 pm
as things are winding down, things are cooling.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
and we are back, election 2016. 10:30 here in the east coast. you see it right there, donald trump, we called it just before the break. donald trump projected the win the state of ohio and its 18 electoral votes there, and david muir, you see a big gender gap in that state. >> this is really fasnating in must-win for donald trump, and he's now pulled that off tonight. no republican wins the white house without ohio. the breakdown. 53% women voters, 47% men. but look when we break it out. who did they vote for? look at the men. 54% went with donald trump, 39% with clinton. that's 15 points right there. the gap there. and then look at women. she carries women, but only by nine points. and one more thing i wanted to show you is when you do the education breakdown, the voters
10:31 pm
which gets back to this dits cushion we've been having about economic opportunity in this country, not matching those with college degrees and trying to level the playing field. >> and cokie, we've seen the gender gap a little bit less there. >> in ohio, yes. but, you know, what we're seeing is, we've been talking all season about this change of the college educated vote and especially college educated white women and they are going for clinton, it appears, from all of the exit polls. not enough of them and so, what you've got is many more noncollege educated people turning, first of all, there are many more of them, but secondly, many more of them turning out to vote. and it is, as we've said, this sense of opportunity that is world wide because of technology. and so, what you're seeing is, people being left behind by the technological revolution in a way that's very similar to the
10:32 pm
are so disrupted that they don't recognize them, either in terms of their day-to-day economic life or their neighbors. their neighbors are different people from what they used to be, their kids might be doing something, might be involved in a gay relationship that they never expected, all kinds of things have changed in their lives and this is the way of saying, we want it to stop. >> and these are people who stuck with this guy, through the most incredible campaign in our say. whatever happens tonight, donald trump has astonished the country. >> you heard the noise right there, that means we have another state to call, and it is the state of virginia, virginia, 13 electoral votes, going to go to virginia. voted for obama in the last two elections. such a key state for hillary clinton, her running mate, tim kaine, from virginia. you would call it, jon karl, a must-win state. >> absolute must-win. especially now.
10:33 pm
clinton has won, it was a lot closer than anybody thought it would be. >> that's righere. but right now, she seems to be holding onto the states so far that she needs, but it goes back to that state in the midwest, state of michigan. let's look. >> and i'll tell you, it's very close, it's tightened a little bit. trump still has a lead with about a third of the vote in. and i'm trying to look at the key counties in michigan, it's been awhile since it's been a true battleground. as close as you can get to a bell weather county, i don't anymore after this election, it is so scrambled, but it's kent county. that's lansing. and this is a -- >> grand rapids. kent county is grand rapids. >> i'm sorry, i'm talking about eaton. i meant eaton. eaton county is lansing, and this is a county that has gone in the past, has gone back and forth. if you look at it, three-point victory for obama, and look at this. trump with 40% in, has a huge
10:34 pm
trump, but you mentioned grand rapids. let's go out to grand rapids, a solidly republican part of the state. if you go to kent county, as i said, in grand rapids, trump has a huge lead there, but only 9% of the vote is in. that means, to me, that there's a lot more republican vote to come in from grand rapids and kentcounty. but there's also a lot of vote, george, still to come in in detroit. wayne county, only -- i'll circle it, so here, a third of the vote in, that is overwhelming democratic. i don't know. i could see trump moving ahead in michigan. i could see him losing michigan. >> either way, cecilia vega, president obama went to detroit in the final days, hillary clinton went back in the final days. they didn't pay a lot of attention to it from the convention and late october, early november. didn't spend any money there. and they kept saying that they thought that donald trump didn't invest early enough in the state of michigan. >>yeah, you're right. initially, i with us going to
10:35 pm
really became, like a last couple of weeks state for them that they really started to pay attention. george, i just want to say, over the last half hour, i've been sitting here and i keep thinking back to the primaries, and the 17 republicans duking it out, and i'm talking to sources in the clinton campaign throughout all of it and they thought they were getting ready to run against marco rubio or jeb bush and they never thought that it would be -- they have always said the race would be tight, but i think when it came down to it, the thought of hillary clinton running against donald trump this in the bag. and look at where they are right now. you've got to bet that they are really nervous inside brooklyn seeing this map right now. >> george, let me raise just one other thing we haven't talked about tonight, which is, again, looking at this as a distance, as i know do, being retired. never in my lifetime, george, and i don't think in yours, have we had two such unpopular candidates. >> have not. >> never. >> so, we're talking about why
10:36 pm
why they voted for hillary clinton, we haven't talked tonight about why people voted against hillary clinton, and against donald trump. and a dismaying percentage of the vote, in both cases, were because they didn't like the other guy, or they didn't like her. and that, again, speaks a sadness about this election. i mean, something extraordinary is going on, and you can't take anything away from trump and how strongly he's running. but i wonder how much of that is an anti-hillary vote and how much is really a >> i think you see a lot of anti the other side. people i spoke to, it is about character and temperament. a lot of people didn't trust donald trump's temperament, but they didn't trust hillary clinton's character. people knew a lot about this race, it's incredible to go around the country and hear everybody talking about it. everybody engaged in this race. i wouldn't say there's a lot of depth on the issues, but the
10:37 pm
donald trump's message got out there, among the voters. he said she's corrupt. he said the e-mails over and over and over again. he said benghazi, and those sort of things really stuck with the voters. >> the other thing, i think you're seeing is, is a reflection of the political environment, the environment we're in as a country as a whole. what you're watching is unfolding. a bunch of voters don't think donald trump has the temperament. don't think he's ready to be commander in chief. but they're voting for him, because they're tired o like she formalized representing the status quo and he repr representing blowing it up and people inspite of their questions whether he was qualified to be president went for blowing it up. >> nuclear codes. what about the nuclear codes, if you don't think he has the temperate. you know, he wouldn't do that, would he? i'm going to vote for him anyway. >> it's kind of astonishing that he's this close right now, when you've got a majority of americans, solid majority said
10:38 pm
>> the analogy i've heard used is that he's the experimental treatment to what ails america. he may comes with side effects, he may not be tested in the same way as other leaders might but if you have been sick long enough, maybe you're willing to take a chance on that treatment. >> i think that's right. we've discussed this, george, over the months. in a change election, being the candidate of change is the better thing to be and you have to make yourself acceptable. a lot of us thought he probably hadn't succeeded in doing that and people think secretary clinton is me cetera, but it seems like donald trump was able to reassure people just enough, not to be scary enough that he, if you want change, we're voting for trump. if he makes it across the finish line, just comes just short, just shows how powerful the unhappiness of the status quo is, and i think hillary clinton, and again, we said this over the months, not just second guessing, she never really explained the change she was going to bring about. entirely a disqualification of donald trump that she attempted and may have not succeeded.
10:39 pm
james comey. when he came out and announced he was reopening the investigation into the e-mails, not fully reopening, but looking at what was on anthony weiner's com computer, hillary clinton was on her way, they certainly thought and i think most of us thought was on her way towards a pretty decisive win. that was the ultimate october surprise. comey came back a couple of days there's nothing more to investigate, but i think, if this goes donald trump, you're going to hear democrats -- >> we have another projection right now, it is a projection for hillary clinton. the state of colorado. voted democratic in 2008, 2012. that is going to hillary clinton right there. so, one of the things we're seeing, virginia and colorado, as we said matthew dowd, going in tandem, voting like new mexico, also coming in for
10:40 pm
question is, can she hold the firewall? >> that's the real question. we're going to go to michigan, i think wisconsin is still undecided. the numbers in wisconsin, maybe john can give us an update on that. i think wisconsin is not yet decided. new hampshire's not yet decided. and so, we still have -- and obviously florida's not been called, north carolina's not been called. those are leaning right now in donald trump's direction. this is going to be a long time. >> okay, i want to -- jon, pull up wisconsin. let me go to clayton sandell in denver, you hear tho behind you, clayton. >> yeah, there's a lot of excited people here but i think there is also releech, you know, you heard cecilia say earlier, the clinton camp thought they had colorado wrapped up very early. they pulled all of their ads over the summer. but in recent weeks, the race tightened here considerably. one poll had them tied at one point and that prompted a flurry of activity. many visits by clinton sure galts, donald trump himself over the weekend.
10:41 pm
is. in the last ten presidential elections here, republicans have won all the contests, except for three. bill clinton in '92 and, of course, barack obama twice. but with a hillary clinton win here, that now makings it three for three for democrats here in colorado. that's never happened here before, george. >> clayton, thank you. pull up the scoreboard right now. 131 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 168 for donald trump. takes 270. nine battleground states left on the board. jo >> wisconsin is quite a story. 48%, half of t vote in, and donald trump with a two-point lead over hillary clinton. you know, i've got to drill down and see where the outstanding vote is, but with almost half the vote in to see donald trump leading in the state of wisconsin is -- >> and this is a state he didn't win in the primaries. >> this is a win he got trounced in the primaries, because the entire republican establishment in the state was against him.
10:42 pm
the conservative talk radio, a guy named charlie sikes, one of the big influencer for republicans, led a jihad against donal donald trump on the radio. and then, look. i don't know if he's going to win wisconsin, but it is unbelievable at this point, he looks to be in the hunt. >> tom llamas. >> take you inside the trump war room right now. it is so filled, you can't even walk in. there are so many people around there. chri donald trump. you know, covering trump is a lot like playing roulette. you never know what's going to happen. and in roulette, the trend is your friend. and one lesson i learned from co covering donald trump, once he starts winning, he doesn't lose. i think we are at a very critical moment. he's just won ohio. my republican sources say he's going to win florida, as well. this could be a very interesting night. >> he wins ohio, he wins florida, he needs north carolina and he's going to look up north
10:43 pm
right now in the senate. and this is the north carolina senate race and we can say that the republican incumbent, senator richard burr is going to win that race in the state of north carolina. key race to help the republicans retain control of the senate. now they have made up for the seat they lost in illinois. and this is going to be very close, bill kristol, but that was a big one for the republican party. >> yeah, looks like the senate could maybe go to a 50/50 split. i think most of us thought that hillary clinton was likely to be the next president and it would be a senate, because tim kaine would be the tie breaker. >> okay, and gary langer, our pollster, is he hooked up now? do we have gary on the microphone right now? i want to pick up with a couple of the points i wanted to get with nate silver, as well. first of all, this idea that we are conditioned to watch all the public polls, we saw hillary
10:44 pm
small lead in the final days, but first pick up on the point that onkarl was making. what kind of an impact did we see from this announcement about ten days ago from james comey? >> well, george, what we have here is really a cry, i think, among the disadvantaged voters in this country. those that don't have a college education, who have seen their real incomes falling, as we've been discussing, they're not turning out in greater numbers than we expected, but they are voting overwhelmingly for donald trump. at discontent with the status quo in terms of a system that hasn't been working for these americans. now, we did see this in the pre-election polling. we had a small lead nationally for clinton, four points in the final estimate. we'll see how that comes out. but state by state, in these tossup states, you're seeing this overwhelming trump vote among these noncollege whites. >> on the two states we were just talking about, wisconsin and michigan, and we talked
10:45 pm
been one tie in michigan between the conventions and election day. same thing in wisconsin. >> yeah, i didn't followhe state polls in those two states. we can dig back in and look how they did. state polling is sometimes squirrely. it takes a lot of effort to do pre-election polls well. but the -- i think the most important thing to keep in mind is, what the voters are telling us here. and this notion here that many americans, for particularly noncollege educated white americans, the system i not working. they've been falling behind, growing increasingly frustrated. not since the great recession, but for decades. and this expression of frustration turns into this anti- -- >> yeah, but you have a good metaphor there, as well. you can look at some of the economic statistics and pick out statistics, unemployment is down. there's been economic growth for the last several quarters. you can see consumer confidence.
10:46 pm
economic opportunity. >> that's right. it's less about the economy than it is about the opportunity for prosperity. really, the promise of the american dream. if you don't have a college degree, we talked about this earlier, your real income against inflation over the last 35 years has declined. the reason most people in this country feel like they're doing less well is because it's true. and we're seeing the result tonight. >> okay, gary, thank you very much. let's go back to michigan. jon karl? >> michigan, still 41% in, donald trump still up by three percent in the state of michigan. >> david kerley, what is the feeling there in detroit? >> oh, george. let me tell you. this is the state democratic party we're at in detroit, and it has completely changed. people have been on the podium saying, keep your fingers crossed, we're not out of it yet, but the mood has changed here entirely. don't forget, this is a state that hasn't gone republican
10:47 pm
so long. but as gary langer was just pointing out, what we're seeing in michigan is that a lot more rural voters did turn out here. 27% of the vote in michigan, according to the exit polls, was rural. it was only 19% just the last election. so, a lot of folks have turned out. now, there are still a lot of votes in detroit, about 60%, 64% of the vote, still to come in from wayne campaign was worried about. how good was the trump turnout? and what we're seeing is, in the rural areas, it's very good. will detroit make up the difference? >> this night could not be more dramatic or close. all eyes on michigan, florida, the battleground states. voters still casting their ballots out west. we'll be right back. >> abc news live coverage of election night 2016 is sponsored
10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
comg up on 11:00 p.m. in the east, and this dramatic election night, it's been an unusual campaign and tonight, everything so close and donald trump doing so well so far. let's look right there. he's got 168 electoral votes to hillary clinton's 131. you need 270 to win. we've been keeping an eye on battleground states all night. started out at 12, now we're down to nine and jon karl, let's go through the wins that remain, starting with that big win, 29 electoral votes, the state of florida. reporting, george. donald trump still holding a pretty commanding lead. we move up the coast a little bit, north carolina, donald trump with a solid five-point lead, 91% reporting. keep going up, pennsylvania, this was a long shot from the start for trump, he's losing, but, again, it's pretty close. only a three-point margin in pennsylvania. new hampshire, one that he had been losing in most of the public polling, look at this.
10:53 pm
go to michigan. donald trump still leading, it's narrowed a little bit. about 45% in. wisconsin. donald trump with over half the vote in, still has a pretty serious lead in the state of wisconsin. >> three big opportunities there. >> just shocking. >> three big opportunities there for donald trump. let's go back to the possibilities. say for the sake of argument, you give him the statements where he has the lead right now. north carolina and florida, the states that he has to win. those are the states that he but then he's got his choice among michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania looking like clinton for now, but he's got his choice, michigan, wisconsin and new hampshire still out there. >> i'm going to leave iowa in the middle. hillary clinton is looking pretty strong in iowa, which is a state we thought donald trump, one we thought he was going to win. you look at the other stafts, 243 if he stakes ohio, north carolina, florida.
10:54 pm
that, he should take arizona. if he takes michigan, 270 electoral votes. put michigan back. if he takes pennsylvania, 274. put it back. if he takes wisconsin, not quite there. he needs something else. he would need to pull in iowa, that would get him to 270. >> so, we've seen really a reversal of what we've seen all throughout this election campaign in hillary clinton had multiple maps, now donald trump has and she has a i want to take that to sean spicer. sean, what are you seeing, what are you feeling? >> it's just pure excitement here at trump tower. mr. trump, governor pence and the entire team are just watching these results come in. the excitement is unbelievable, as we saw north carolina, ohio, we're keeping our eye on florida, but it looks good and it's just, you know, again, you see michigan and wisconsin, all closing in and as -- i know jonathan karl was just talking
10:55 pm
all of them it will take, but it's definitely the race that we thought. i know we've kind of had that candidate with a message and a ground game that we've been touting for awhile. it's producing the result we thought it would. >> what did you see that others didn't? >> well, i think that we saw a shift in the electorate a few weeks ago. to mr. trump. and again, i think this was the perfect storm. you heard republicans out there talking about clinton inc, the obama care increases, and the trump perfect storm in these last couple weeks. and then when the fbi scandal happened, and they revived the concerns that most voters had with trust and honesty, it really kind of became that perfect storm of that message of change that donald trump and mike pence have been talking about. >> what are you seeing out of michigan right now? >> well, again, i think that we've seen a shift in at the last couple of weeks. we had us going into this race, just barely ahead, and the
10:56 pm
are pretty muff on par. i think it's going to be close but we're going to pull it out. >> and wisconsin? >> wisconsin's going to be a tight race. and so, we'll keep an eye on that, but senator johnson's fighting hard. and i think we've got some areas that, you know, if you look at some of those key counties that obama won 51%, 52%, you're now seeing a role reversal, where donald trump is up 51%, 52% on those. we're not giving up on wisconsin. it's going to be tough. but it's amazing to see some of these couie about where iowa is going to end up, as well. >> you and your boss, chairman of the republican party, took a lot of heat for the way you've backed donald trump. i was wondering how mr. preibus is feeling now? >> i think there are smiles all around trump tower tonight. i think we touted, you know this, and jon karl knows this, but we've been talking about the data operation that the rnc put together, the ground game that we have, the amount of time and money that chairman reince priebus has invested in both and
10:57 pm
a movement, and those things combined, we've been talking about for awhile and i think it's finally that combination hit it at the sweet spot and going to spell foa really good night for us tonight. >> sean spicer, thank you. all eyes on the big battleground states. florida, north carolina, wisconsin, michigan. polls about to close in more states. we'll have all the latest
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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11:00 pm
>> this is live coverage of vote 2016, from abc 7 news. they voted. >> today the american working class is going to strike back. >> so many people are counting on this election. >> millions of you waiting hours, all in the name of democracy. >> i just think the republicans are out for the rich. >> a rivalry like no other. only one candidate will move into the white house. abc 7's special coverage starts now. jonathan: all you can say is wow.
11:01 pm
country, people lining up to vote. moments ago, the final polls now closed. michelle: at this hour, votes are still being tabulated. welcome to our special coverage of vote 2016. alison: we will bring you updated results. let's start with the big picture right now, and that is the electoral college. here are the current numbers. 197 for donald trump, 131 for hillary clinton. jonathan: subtext in terms of numbers, florida has been called for donald trump, ohio has been called for donald trump, north carolina, georgia, michigan all leaning towards donald trump. it's a big night, and historic night, and a night when a lot of people are saying, wow. we have teams all over the country to bring you break a election coverage and the results as they come in.
11:02 pm
who is joining us from the javits center in manhattan. that is clinton headquarters. are they hearing crickets, or people freaking out, with happening? lisa: they are still excited, the crowd still cheering and energetic. they know that it is a narrow pathway getting more and arrow by the moment. five more states had their polls close, so we assume that oregon, washington, and california all she will still need to michigan and wisconsin. michigan is quite close, so it is on the edge. it will not end soon, but people here are still energetic, still awaiting hillary clinton's arrival, which they anticipate fairly soon. lisa fletcher, abc 7 news. michelle: we all know the magic number is 270 tonight. lindsey mastis is live in the
11:03 pm
y: when we talk about the virginia numbers coming in, it look like it was going red, which is what people expect it, but it went below. florida has just been called. that is one they had been neglecting to call until the end. a few election a cycles ago, nobody wants to call it for the wrong candidate. a sickly they were waiting for the last minute on that one, but it appears that is going towar still up in the air that everyone is watching his pennsylvania. iowa it seems might come into play here as being a deciding factor. as all of those results come in, we will keep updating the map and get back to you with the latest numbers. michelle: thank you so much,
11:04 pm
we watched donald trump cast his vote in new york city this morning. today he said if he does not win, he will consider the whole thing a waste of time, energy, and money. scott thuman is at trump campaign headquarters. i have to imagine the attitude has changed quite a bit. scott: yeah, i would imagine they would say that was a smart investment at this moment. about two mite broadcast news here, and when fox news came out that said florida was trump's, the place went crazy, chants of usa. they had already in the past hour been given north carolina and ohio, major battlegrounds on the east coast. they think that gives them a path, a better chance. why is this happening?
11:05 pm
philadelphia, south to orlando, florida. we spoke with so many people who were undecided. they did not know what they were going to do. people at the rnc said they believe that group would break right. it appears that may have happened. just two days ago, we were in north carolina, long lines outside, and they said there was an army of colleagues that supported donald trump but they had not made it known. they were being very private about that, saying they would not push it. that appears to have happened. now all eyes go west. nevada people are watching, michigan, and everyone in this room is electric at the moment because they believe, they
11:06 pm
may never happen is on the brink of occurring if they win those states. jonathan: as we have been listening to utah talk, north carolina has been called for donald trump. michigan and wisconsin also leaning towards donald trump, georgia towards donald trump. you have been traveling with donald trump and have seen this movement. he has had thousands of people line up for hours to hear him speak. he said it was a movement he created. to the polls. scott: they did. at the risk of being skewered for making this comparison, but what i have seen on the campaign trail the past few weeks, i believe is similar to what we saw in 2008 in the movement for then-senator barack obama. the passionate supporters and fans have, so devoted, so
11:07 pm
way that you cannot compare. and we talking about very different candidates, different ideals. it does not change the fact that that emotion, that enthusiasm exists on a level that does not occur in politics every four years. at least so far tonight, they are proving that movement to be something to reckon with. jonathan: path has become a highway to the white house. if donald trump wins the race to make him he has the job of trying to bring people together. she would have had the same job to do because we are so divided, the numbers indicate. does he have that ability? what would he have to say to do that? scott: i think some of the hillary clinton fans would be more conciliatory than donald
11:08 pm
him. even if you like donald trump, it's hard not to agree that he is one of the most vitriolic, tough, nasty critical campaigns we have ever seen. every single speech included the words "crooked hillary," chording nicknames for any opponent that he faced. and the nicknames highly demanding, "little marco," every one of them nasty. hey, now you have to be on my side. if he does win tonight, his critics will remember that. jonathan: scott thuman at the trump campaign headquarters. they are 469 seats up for grabs in the house and senate. are we on the verge of a shift in power? if trump wins, and we are seeing
11:09 pm
seriously would change what is happening with the senate because republicans will hold house. they may even hold the senate? horace: it's a possibility. the democrats are not going to take the house, but they do have a shot at the senate. if they were to split five of the seats, they would have a 50/50 split. even at that, if trump wins, the new vice president, mr. pence, would be the deciding vote. a couple of races that are very interesting. democrats, and that is the state of illinois, where tammy duckworth has come in and be in the incumbent from the republicans. where are we now? one seat has flip from red to blue. the democrats would have to get four or five. still a lot of races not decided. we will continue to watch.
11:10 pm
but ours might be the largest because we are projecting the results of the election on our building in rosslyn. kimberly suiters is live outside of the building with more on that. hi, kim. kimberly: alison, you know we are not going to project the winner, way too close to call. the election projection screen on the side of the building, the closest the electoral college has been all night long, the just four electoral votes just separating the candidates. way too close to call. we are staying here until, as one woman said, the fat lady sings. jonathan: careful about that. we are just getting started on wall-to-wall coverage of the historic election night in the united states.
11:11 pm
and results, and analysis through this newscast. michelle: and we have heated local races coming up next. >> this is live coverage of vote
11:12 pm
11:13 pm
11:14 pm
>> this is live coverage of vote 2016, from abc 7 news. jonathan: thanks for staying with us tonight. one of the more heated contests in our region, the 10th congressional district in virginia with barbara comstock facing democratic challenger luanne bennett. barbara comstock came out on comstock's watch party in ashburn, where they are watching. this was a close contest, rich. richard: boy, it was. we were watching -- [no audio] alison: we will try to get back to rich. barbara comstock, 53%. let's hear what she said a few minutes ago.
11:15 pm
, this is what a winning coalition looks like. right here and all around this room. thank you so much! [cheers] and applause thank you, thank you. michelle: barbara comstock holding on to that seat. luanne bennett was the challenger. jeff goldberg is in falls church at her watch party. jeff, be hearing from person? we actually heard from her not long ago. what is the mood, what are the folks saying now? jeff: certainly, a jew jacket -- a dejected group of folks. luann bennett in the green coat is walking out of the room.
11:16 pm
future for america will be a bright one. but there is much work to be done to rebalance our economy, support working families, and most of all to heal the divide. >> what we are doing in virginia is what hillary clinton and tim kaine will do for the united states! we are going to bring it back together! virginia, hillary clinton is going to the white house because of virginia! jonathan: well, not so fast, governor mcauliffe. he is getting the crowd pumped up, talking about virginia going to hillary clinton, which is true. it was called by the slimmest of margins. some of the bigger battleground states went to donald trump, florida, ohio, north carolina.
11:17 pm
right now hillary clinton has197, donald trump has 201. california has 55 electoral votes. you have arizona, nevada, all the states yet to weigh in as far as the results come in this really could come down to a state like nevada with a small amount of electoral votes to push the race one way or the other. it is now shaping up to a horse race. hopefully it will not be too much longer before we get the answer. we are your home for election results on air and online. you can get the full list online at our website,, and we are updating them instantaneously through the night. let's turn our tuition --let's turn our attention to the weather. steve: we will need the rain coat in the morning, but by the
11:18 pm
40's, low 50's, rain for the morning commute. through the midmorning, most of the rain moves out and the skies begin to clear. it will stay breezy out there, with wind gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour. the forecast tomorrow, stormwatch 7, 60 degrees the high, morning showers, rain giving way to clearing by the afternoon. it will be a breezy day. the weekend, looking at the coldest day of the season saturday, with highs only in the upper upper 50's sunday, lower 60's monday and tuesday. michelle: steve, thank you. for many, it was not enough to just go out and vote at the polls. a are gathering outside of the white house to mark the momentous occasion, the historic race for the white house. tim barber is live at the white house with the active scene. i understand a number of protests starting to gather
11:19 pm
tim: there was one antitrust protest. they just got off the stage. a lot of folks here gathered in front of the white house. you can see just how many people of gathered since we first saw you guys earlier this afternoon on abc seven news at 4:00. just how manpe history. will it be the first female president, or donald trump, a political outsider. obviously hillary clinton and bill clinton have lived in this house before in the 1990's. the big question is, who will take over the white house in the next four years. we will stay out here and gather reaction of voters as it comes in. live outside the white house, tim barber, abc 7 news. actually, we talked to a voter
11:20 pm
the house, from what i recall reading, has already promised they would launch a probe an investigation into hillary clinton. if clinton wins, then trump could potentially refrain from conceding the election. this may not necessarily be over yet, but we are hoping this will be the end and we can finally work move forward as a country with the next president to be inaugurated. tim: obviously we will begat a ring reactions from all sorts of voters tonight. we will have the latest from outside the white house throughout the newscast. tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: we are tracking election results from every corner of the
11:21 pm
latebreaking results and tallies
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
alison: welcome back, everybody, to our in-depth election coverage right here on abc 7. michelle: all of the results are
11:24 pm
there is also a full list at jonathan: if you were looking for exciting, full night of corage as far as results go, well, bingo, you got it. some of the high profile local races. in maryland? michelle: the very hotly contested senate race, chris van hollen coming out with 61%. jonathan: that was a big win. this is maryland's eighth congressional district. jamie raskin up again with a huge lead. we heard his speech a little while ago, thinking his supporters. alison: also in maryland, anthony brown with the fourth congressional district, a democrat, over george mcdermott. michelle: and a decisive win, this is the poster child, vincent gray with 87% over his competitors, just in the single digits.
11:25 pm
race for the white house. alison: jay korff is at national harbor tonight, were abc 7 and news channel 8, the capitalwheel is illuminated, and it is possibly the biggest pie chart in the world. jonathan: let's go with that, the biggest in the world, jay. jay: i think it's fair, yeah, we can say that. we have about 15% of the precincts across the country in, and these results are extremely tight. that is the huge pie chart. obviously blue democrats, red republicans. donald trump has about 49% of the popular vote, hillary 47%. that boils down to about a 1.27 million vote difference. that is of course reflected on the capital wheel in prince
11:26 pm
harbor. the mgm casino, about a half mile up the road that way, being built right now, opening in early december, i'm not sure the odds they would give for what's unfolding this evening. certainly the prognosticators and pundits did not think this would happen, but as we know, trump's supporters are extremely thrilled by how things are trending. a long night. michelle: yeah, the operator who has to change all the lights on the capital wheel. jonathan: this justin, utah has been called for donald trump. that is one of those states where the third-party candidate was doing so well. the state went to donald trump. alison: we will take a quick break and be right back after this. ??
11:27 pm
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11:32 pm
the wire. michelle: there is so much more to go, so be sure to join us.
11:33 pm
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11:35 pm
those pictures tell the story. that's the hillary clinton campaign, you see tears at the clinton campaign. now, at the trump headquarters, you hear the cheers, you see the votes to 209 for hillary clinton. it's getting close. >> and in the war room in trump tower, they're getting very excited. we said conventional wisdom was wrong, and so is political science. everyone said they weren't ready for prime time, but they made
11:36 pm
people criticized them for that, but seems to have been smart. the visit to michigan, seems like a smart play. and the supporters still there, they put up with a lot, and now they're there. >> a small state, iowa, six electoral votes, last republican voted for, bush in 2004. it's gone to donald trump. and jon karl, now hillary clinton has one path? >> she basically she needs to win all of those states we just mentioned in that industrial midwest. pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, and she needs to hang on to the state of nevada. if she does that, she narrowly wins. let's look at it on the possibilities board. so, here's where we are. if she wins michigan, new hampshire, nevada, pennsylvania,
11:37 pm
>> so, donald trump has many, many more paths. he's still leading. let's go through the states, he's still leading in most of those states. >> let's go back to the map. running out of states that are still open. pennsylvania, clinton now up slightly. but donald trump is up in new hampshire, michigan, donald trump leading. wisconsin, donald trump is up three points, 70% remaining. minnesota, clinton has the lead. but right now, she has to win in three states where donald trump is leading. >> and wisconsin, a fairly healthy lead, three points? >> yes. and here's one county that caught my eye.
11:38 pm
door county, right here, he's got a three-point lead with, i'm sorry. i'm going to get -- door county, he has a lead where barack obama won by double digits in 2008, and by seven points in 2012. it's a place where the median income is $50,000, 96% white, a but suddenly, it's the trump demographic. >> and ohio, that could tell you about some other states. >> if you look at ohio, which looks like it's going to be an eight to ten point victory for donald trump, and extrapolate the voters there. wisconsin, and michigan, and right now, the odds completely
11:39 pm
states. >> if he wins michigan or wisconsin, either one, he wins. >> terry, you were talking about brexit. >> it's deja vu, the polls and pundits, britain would never leave the european union. they were being told by the betters the voters of great bri britain, the smart play was to stay in the european union. anth unwashed, the people who voted for brexit were not in the higher classes for sure, and they came out and socked the establishment in the face. that feels like what's happening because of donald trump. i just want to take a step back. this is an astonishing personal
11:40 pm
this is a personal endeavor. and his sister, a judge on the new york state supreme court, said i knew better when i was a child to compete with donald, because he always wins. >> i think putin is excited, and other world leaders are a little fearful about what would happen under a donald trump reduced to rubble. let's remember what the trump supporters are voting for. ban on muslims, build a wall, offended mexicans, lashed out at a gold star family, and the access hollywood tape. we haven't talked about it a lot this evening, but the white
11:41 pm
didn't care. i mean, really didn't care. [ inaudible ] >> of white evangelical votes than we've ever seen in our polling, 87%. it might not have been a personal campaign for donald trump in the traditional sense, but there was definitely a campaign in the churches. videos that went out on mike pence going out, and the turnout was high. >> go ahead. >> you use the word fear talking about foreign leaders responding to this. i have a number of e-mails from friends across the country. there's also an amount of fear from brown america. the optics of the trump rally. to many people, that looks like 1950 america. you don't see many brown people walking around that room.
11:42 pm
throughout the campaign, this may be a wonderful opportunity to pivot back to people of color and say, don't be nervous. because many are this evening. >> and senator ron johnson has defeated russ feingold 52% to 45%. so, if this continues, looks like you will have republican senate. >> looks like 50%/50%, maybe with another republican breaking the tie. and pennsylvania, looks like the republican vote that's outstanding. that blue wall, this always happens in politics. the three big republican victories in a row, then the
11:43 pm
wisconsin, three of the key states, looks like it's totally crumbling. >> that wisconsin senate race is a shocker. that's one that most republicans today that i spoke to thought was going to go to the democrats. we have a very good day for republicans, not good for all republicans on the top, but a very good day for republicans in the senate, and also the house. looks like we're projecting they'll lose no more than nine, and house. >> and what are we seeing out of madison county, wisconsin? >> let's take a look. 70 -- in madison, 71% of the votes in, obviously, huge clinton vote there. but 29% still to come in. >> how about dane county? >> dane county, right next door. wait.
11:44 pm
71% in, and obviously, it's a big democratic county. so, there still are a lot of outstanding democratic votes potentially out there. but trump has a solid lead. >> and we've all talked about how unpopular both candidates are, how high the dislikability is, and how untrusted they both were. but voters would rather go with a flawed insider. instead of going with somebody they didn't like as the insider, they went with the outsider. >> and tom, you spent a lot of time with the trump campaign. how much thought have they put into what he would do as president? how prepared are they for this tradition, and transition to take over? >> you had governor chris christie heading up his transition team. governor christie had a lot of
11:45 pm
the last two weeks. but he had a core group with giuliani, christie, donald trump, mike pence, jeff sessions. we'll see how that cabinet could shake out. but to be completely honest, i don't know if they have thought that far into the future. another quick update inside the war room, they're high-fiving each other, trump family members with the staff. celebrating the victory tonight. >> and almost the complete opposite for hillary clinton, what comes next. the press corps were joking, they had essentially started measuring the drapes. hillary clinton had 350 fundraisers, he had 50. they've got to be scratching
11:46 pm
democrats not only underestimated donald trump but the entire republican party. >> let's look at the national vote, donald trump has pulled ahead in the national vote, 48% to 47%, about 1.5 million votes. alex castellanos? >> well, maybe there's some reasons that men voted against the first woman president, and all of that. but underneath this, donald trump had a clear message, he was change, make america g again. they were selling t-shirts in the airport, the trump t-shirts said, make america great again. the hillary clinton ones said, hillary clinton 2016. there was no message, vision offering the american people better. they tested 85 slogans in the campaign. not finding that clear message, the campaign, i think, with the vision and the the message may have had an edge.
11:47 pm
did not support donald trump. >> yes. >> what happened? >> looking like we didn't do well. i think that what we're seeing today is frankly, a rejection of hillary clinton. i think people looked around and said, i'd rather vote for the devil i don't know than the dev devil i know. i think the comey letter was hurtful to her. i think it's astounding that he hurt florida. he had no field clinton began organizing in florida well over a year ago. when you compare to what mitt romney did in 2012, he lost florida. mccain lost florida. i think the turnout was wrong in p the polls. the same way that romney underestimated the amount of obama coalition members that came out, they underestimated
11:48 pm
>> if you don't have a visn to inspire people, all the machinery in the world won't deliver people to the polls. >> i interviewed donald trump in 2013 in iowa, nobody thought he was going to run. i don't think he thought he was going to run at this point. i asked him, what would the motto of a trump presidential campaign be? this is 2013. he said, i think it would be make america great again. old interviews, he's been consistently on the message. >> you broke the story. >> exactly. but the same thing happened with hillary clinton, the campaign at the end was entirely a negative campaign. donald trump is unfit for office, he's temperamentally unfit, he's likely to fly off
11:49 pm
nuclear war. >> she talked about -- go ahead. we have a projection. >> the state of georgia, 16 electoral votes, they will go to donald trump as well. bill clinton won itn 1992, republicans have won it ?ever since. donald trump continues that tradition. the map continues to get smaller and smaller. the lead for donald trump gets bigger and bigger. he n >> he certainly is. and this is fascinating. a key question that we ask every four years. the track of this country, if you think it's on the wrong track. 93% who say wrong track went with trump, 32% who didn't believe wrong track, went with hillary. and noncollege white men, by 49 points, donald trump won noncollege white men in the
11:50 pm
since 1980, an 11-point gap. >> and in pennsylvania, when voters were saying the white working-class men were enthusiastic about donald trump, they were the hidden vote. >> donald trump, 26 electoral votes from victory. such an exciting night. we'll be right back. okay google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. google assistant: i found a few places.
11:51 pm
exclusively on verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? vo: because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a pixel and get up to $400 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each.
11:52 pm
and we're back now, coming up on midnight in the east. donald trump, let's look at the map. he has the lead, 244 electoral votes to 209 for hillary clinton. you need 270 to win. you see the states out there right now. hillary clinton has to run the table right now, donald trump is ahead in most of the states right now. matthew, this is really something. we could have one of the biggest
11:53 pm
outcome, which i think heavily leans in donald trump's favor, this is the bigst political news story in at least 100 years. donald trump, not favored to win against 16 opponents, wins the primary, comes to an election totally behind, against the establishment, and he's about, not yet, but he's on of pulling off. and i think we're going to look back at this, more so than any other presidential election. >> nate silver, you had a hillary clinton election over 70%. >> we were a lot more cautious because of the scenario
11:54 pm
underperforms in the midwest, she could win the popular vote, but there are a lot of swing states in the west, if you lose wisconsin, she can maybe hold michigan, pennsylvania, and get to a 269-269 tie. but when you lose ohio and iowa by three to five points, when michigan is in jeopardy, her voters are coasts. you have plenty of votes, maybe more than donald trump. but that leads to her maybe not winning the white house. >> and what is your projection? >> right now, clinton with a 20% chance, but that's without wisconsin being called. when wisconsin is called, she has to win arizona or some
11:55 pm
to the house of representatives. not much of a reward, because the house would be republican. but if she ran the table, it could be a tie. >> let's look at the states still out there. jon, start with wisconsin. >> stranger things have happened, i keep thinking, but i don't know if have happened. the odds that he would be the republican nominee were as astronomically small, but now this has happened. michigan, it's tight. but 48%, 47%, hillary clinton is un underperforming in wayne county,
11:56 pm
african-american vote in wayne county is not turning out for hillary clinton. >> and arizona, donald trump has a lead. >> 68% reporting, closer than you would have expected. but it's highly unlikely she's going to win the state of arizona. >> cokie, it's astonishing. >> arizona have voted to increase the minimum wage, and maybe some the minimum wage are also voting for hillary clinton. >> and in arizona tonight, joe arpaio has lost. >> and john mccain has won. >> we're just moments away from midnight. have to take another quick break. crucial point in the race. all eyes on michigan, wisconsin, is and pennsylvania.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
back live in times square, here again, george stephanopoulos. >> it's midnight on the east coast. and donald trump is racking up the victories. 244 electoral votes hillary clinton. only needs 26 more to become the next president of the united states. what are you hearing, tom? >> we just got a good piece of information, from john santucci. donald trump left the war room, went to his penthouse in trump tower, said he needed a moment
12:01 am
a good way. they feel like this is their night. and breaking down, on a simple level, matt doubt a-- dowd had big operation, and donald trump won this race by labeling people. jeb bush, low energy. he had an lying ted, crooked hillary. the night is not over, but think about this. president trump. >> president trump, would be the 45th if he wins. three key states, michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. let's look at them one by one. jon, start out with michigan. >> donald trump clinging to a
12:02 am
and next door to wisconsin, donald trump has a larger lead, 76% of the vote in. we zoom back out, to pennsylvania. here's one where we have essentially a tie. about a 4,000-vote lead, out of 5 million votes cast. >> but he does not need pennsylvania, if he wins wisconsin and michigan, he's the next president of the united states. >> the appeal of donald trump was in the rural areas. he gives them pe. they may not believe he can change anything, but he's their hope and change candidate. they rejected hillary clinton, they want the man who promises them, even if he can't deliver on the promises, he's their man. >> and the u.s., wrong track, if you think it's on the wrong
12:03 am
and if you thought supreme court appointments were important, you go with donald trump. and the names like the bush family, john kasich in ohio not voting for trump. the voters feeling like they were left saying, i don't care what the establishment will do, i've found my man. >> cecilia vega? >> well, in a campaign that has been nothing but surprises, how many times have we sat around a table saying, i can't believe that happened. after donald trump called
12:04 am
enough. the list goes on and on, it's been a campaign of oh, my gods. >> and my thought goes to the white house. barack obama and michelle obama in the white house, they poured everything they had into this in the final weeks. president obama, going back to the white house correspondent's dinner, showing nothing but >> well, saying that ride up to the capitol on january 20th, with barack obama sitting next to donald trump in the limousine up there, it could be a pretty frosty ride. and the campaign, it was donald
12:05 am
>> and a lot of media exposure. >> we haven't talked abilout th media. donald trump talked about this, tom knows this. >> every night. >> we weren't telling the truth, we were the corrupt media. don't believe whatever you hear. and apparently a lot of people bought into that. >> donald trump came to the campaign with a skill set. he was a television ventures. this was something he brought that no one could match. none of the establishment republicans in the debates, donald trump was the best performer on the stage, and knocked them all off the stage. >> and trying to reflect when the last time in our history, we've had a moment when donald trump showed up. and the closest i can get,
12:06 am
populist, everybody thought he was a crazy man. there was no way he should be president of the united states, all of his party didn't want him to be president. he won. >> it hasn't been decided yet, 244 for donald trump, 209 for hillary clinton. new hampshire, what are we seeing there? >> first, let's share a tweet from david wrong about anything in my life. there's still a beating heart in wisconsin, but he's never been as wrong. what state did you want to go to? >> let's go to new hampshire. >> 77% reporting,nd donald trump continues to lead in the state of new hampshire. >> and michigan? >> michigan, still tight. but donald trump with more than a 50,000-vote advantage in the
12:07 am
next door, wisconsin, donald trump, the lead if anything is expanding. most of the vote is in in dane county, and milwaukee, not a lot more democratic votes to mine. >> and how about minnesota and nevada? >> minnesota, hillary clinton up six points. nevada, a solid six-point lead. >> and pennsylvania? >> pennsylvania, tight. look at that. donald trump is back in the lead in the state of pennsylvania by about 8,000 votes. >> so he's ahead in pennsylvania, ahead in michigan, ahead in new hampshire, ahead in wisconsin right now. >> it's looking like a trump victory. >> just a little note from over the northern border, the canadian government's immigration website crashed
12:08 am
move to canada. you can try it yourself, it crashed tonight. it was overloaded. so, the international shockwaves have started. >> charlie? >> you can't take, give him enough credit for doing this. for pulling this off. and i don't mean, i don't want to be a debbie downer. but one of the things that's so dismaying, people can't talk to each other anymore. they walk away from conversations with each other. because the feelings are so heated. no matter who wins this thing, that's not going away. the deep divisions have divided us as a country. and that, that hurts. >> and that's going to be a big challenge for whoever becomes the next president. and debra roberts is in johnstown, pennsylvania.
12:09 am
to the faithful few, just biting their nails. i asked them if they think it's over, and a couple sai it's not over until it's over. they thought a week or two ago, there was something going on. the head of the republican party said, we think we're on to something, we're seeing something we haven't seen before. and also tonight, they saw a senate race to go a republican that hadn't gone to a republican in 30 ye so, they feel they're speaking, these are heavily trump supporters, jobs, jobs, jobs. some of the women said they reluctantly voted for donald trump, at the end of the day, jobs trump everything. so, a lot of nervous folks still waiting, but i think they're feeling confident, but it's not over until it's over. >> donald trump, holding on in
12:10 am
there. >> i have to say, i'm not surprised in those areas where debra is, because of the anger. the mayor, who drive around with, two days ago in pennsylvania, he was showing me all the trump signs. maybe one or two hillary clinton towns. monessen, going from 7,500, people are moving out, and they don't have jobs. he kept saying, i don't care what donald trump says. and whoever wins tonight will not only be president, they will be commander-in-chief. not only just commander-in-chief, but we are still at war in iraq. we're still at war in afghanistan, and that is going to be immediate. i've been talking to a lot of military in the last couple of days.
12:11 am
it really is kind of across the board. i think donald trump was probably more popular in the military than even the general population. that's the place, if you want to find working-class white males, it's the military. and it's a split in society. no active duty general is going to tel but there is a split, and there are, i was just listening to someone, he said, look, i like donald trump, i like what he says. i'm worried about the second amendment. it's the messaging that donald trump has done. >> let's go out west, jon, start with arizona and then nevada. >> arizona, trump has a solid lead, about two-thirds of the
12:12 am
ve-point lead. neither one is particularly surprising. pennsylvania, the lead going back and forth. right now, trump up. one thing i would point out, pittsburgh, allegany heny count. 25% of the vote is in. >> and donald trump can afford to >> he can absolutely afford to lose pennsylvania. it's shocking we're this close. and one other place that's interesting, luzerne county. looking back to 2012, obama won handily. this is steel, coal country. and donald trump winning by 20 points in a county that barack obama won just four years ago. >> cecilia vega? >> we're hearing from a donor to the clinton campaign, i want to read you this quote.
12:13 am
>> this is from a clinton donor. >> clinton donor. >> there we have it. >> we haven't heard from anybody in the campaign, they're still radio silence. and i'm told by my colleagues in the room at the javits center, we were told that hillary clinton was working on a speech in a hotel room in new york. a top donor to the clinton campaign, done, over, he's the president. >> if wisconsin goes for trump, and maine, too, one of the two congressional districts, i think it's gotten now for trump. it is 270. all he needs is arizona,
12:14 am
to 270. arizona, wisconsin, they look pretty strong for trump. >> and to take up something martha said, about being president elect. there's two historical things that will be broken, the glass ceiling of a woman president, or the first president with n experience. they've either had military or political experience, and he doesn't have either. >> and bill kristol and matthew dowd, you've worked with republican presidents and republican white houses. we're still waiting for the other states to come in. but donald trump has multiple paths. he calls you up tomorrow morning and says, what should i do?
12:15 am
application to canada. i guess the website is crashed. he needs to unite the country. he needs to make a gracious speech, and reach out to whoever didn't vote for him. i assume secretary clinton will do something like that, and it's extremely important, the tone of donald trump's speech tonight. i think there will b amount of goodwill, even among those who have strongly opposed him, you have to hope your president succeeds. >> i would agree, but i think one of the things he needs to do, he needs to reassure them, he's going to be surrounded with people in the white house that something isn't going to go out of control.
12:16 am
his temperament. >> tom llamas, quickly. >> respectfully, i disagree with matt dowd. just because, if he wins tonight, it's a testament to himself. i did this by myself. a politician's job, to take a jaded perspective, is to get re-elected. if donald trump wins by big margins whatever he wants. >> donald trump, 26 electoral votes away from the white house. we'll be right back. vo: introducing the nemotoz droid with moto mods, exclusively on verizon. boom! vo: transform your phone in a snap. with the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it, because verizon lte advanced
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12:19 am
and we're back now, coming up on 20 minutes after midnight on the east coast. and donald trump is coming up on 244 electoral votes to 209 for hillary clinton. shaping up to one of, if not the most stunning upset in american political history. cecilia vega, they were exuberant, is reality setting in for the clinton camp? >> i'm hearing from democratic
12:20 am
clinton campaign that they believe the race is over for hillary clinton right now. no one from the clinton campaign has spoken publicly. that's a sign in and of itself. and hillary clinton is not notoriously superstitious. and has been working on two speeches all day and all night. >> tom llamas, the exubera camp. >> rudy giuliani talking with reporters about the future. they're calling the polls before the election prejudiced. donald trump said the election is rigged, he may end up winning a rigged election. >> and it picks up on the point
12:21 am
donald trump. >> it's a stunning thing. and a key question we always ask, which candidate is qualified to be president. 46% say only hillary clinton. 54% of americans say they oppose the idea of a border wall. and immigrants, deserve a chance. and 39% of americans say the candidate who can bring change, 83% of american voters who wanted the change went with donald trump. >> and alex, let me bring that to you. mexico has made it clear, they're not going to pay for a wall.
12:22 am
supporters? >> well, for too long, american voters have seen, they send people to washington with their five-point plan, and that's where they start. donald trump is the kind of guy, i want to buy this car, you want $50,000, i'll give you $10,000. i think the american people understand it's part of the as long as we move things in a different direction. but peter thiel gave a big speech in washington last week. he said, i don't think voters pull the lever to endorse a candidate's flaws. we're voting for trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed.
12:23 am
now. washington is broken, someone has to fix it. donald trump, 26 electoral votes away from the presidency. out o. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. only on verizon. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways
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12:25 am
will step away for a quick second. stay with us for 2016 election coverage. >> still no winner to announce. close number presidential race. so close in a number of states. >> let's take a races as well. barbara comstock holding up democratic challenger luanne bennett with 54 percent of the votes. northern virginia jeff goldberg has a look at that race. >> we are here the democratic headquarters for the evening and necessitate theater. a lot of disappointed democrats not only in the situation with hillary clinton drilling in presidential race but also the disappointing showing of luanne
12:26 am
this was expected to be a close race but in the end not that close. in many ways a reflection of executive what is happened in virginia. things that expected to win solidly with hillary clinton. that was the case in the republicans came out for the incumbent. barbara comstock going into her second term and here's what she had to say after the victory tonight. >> virginia, this is what a right here and all around this room. thank you so much. >> in spite of tonight's results, i am optimistic that the future for america will be a bright one. >> so while democrat when bennett loses the race on 10th district hillary clinton wins virginia for democrats. but republican barbara comstock holding on and moving on to a
12:27 am
representatives. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> when it comes to race for white house virginia and maryland and dc once at hillary clinton. let's check in with kimberly with a big election projection. >> this is one of the largest screens they've ever done. 200 feet by 120 feet. you can see donald trump is still eating. the numbers are coming in slowly. we are watching them here live
12:28 am
12:29 am
12:30 am
and we are back. we had a little audio glitch there, sorry about that. but the state of nevada has gone to hillary clinton, six electoral votes, a lot of early vote there.
12:31 am
they're still alive. >> she's in a situation where she has to win, she has to run the table on these states in the industrial midwest, including pennsylvania. she has to win minnesota, where she has a lead. wisconsin, where she's trailing, michigan, where she's trailing. and pennsylvania, almost a toss-up. >> so, she has to win two key states where she's behind, >> and even so, donald trump has some other paths here. if he wins in new hampshire, he can win just the state of wisconsin. let's go to my possibilities board. he still has multiple, sorry -- if you look at this, these are the states outstanding.
12:32 am
wisconsin alone puts him at 270. he doesn't need anything else. >> and michigan, well over 270, pennsylvania as well. just needs one of the three. >> and i want to go back to rebecca jarvis. world markets are now open, asian markets. what are we seeing? >> lower across the board. the dow, points. the s&p, futures are down, the traditional 401(k) is down about 5%. and at the moment, the cme group halted trading in the s&p 500 because stocks were down so much. that's extremely rare. it happened momentarily, now the
12:33 am
bit, but much lower. >> and terry moran, we're starting to see world reaction. the french ambassador to the united states, we'll put it up in a second. this is a world we do not know anymore. >> he said after brexit, this election, anything is possible. our world is crumbling before our eyes. the new world order, built after the borderless world, but a very open world, in terms of trade, money, capital, jobs, businesses to flow from country to country. immigration is being rejected, trump voters would tell us the homeland means more. this is a rejection of the
12:34 am
been the consensus around the world. >> themes they hit from the first day in 2015. >> it's what carried him through the primaries and the general election. and getting some updates, we understand that donald trump is waiting for two things to happen. someone calls the race, or he receives a call from hillary now. >> let's look at the state of new hampshire. what are we seeing? >> you ready for this? 15-vote margin. donald trump is winning the state of new hampshire by 15 votes. >> how much is out? >> 81%. >> so, still a lot of votes left. but it's a 15-vote margin right now. lots of close states right now, as we go cross the map. matthew, a lot of similarities
12:35 am
necessarily depending on how other states in the midwest fall. >> i think hillary clinton would wish it was florida 200 at this ti time. i think will have to grasp with a lot of things in the aftermath of this. but i want to follow up on, there was major poll problems in this election. winning the popular vote, and it looks like she probably will win the popular vote. so, the national polls not far off. but every single state poll, most of them done by the hillary campaign. >> it's not just the public polls. we reported with the democratic, republican, senate campaigns. >> i talked to both the
12:36 am
almost everyone said, it was almost impossible. the trump side had a route, but they thought it was almost impossible to win in the last 48 hours, and now he's about to. >> nobody had the data that was right. the question is, is there any way to have gotten this right? the proportion of voters, noncollege white men, they got the sample right. it's the proportion saying they voted for trump that was wrong. is it socially unacceptable to say you voted for donald trump? you can fix sampling error, but you can't fix that. >> alex?
12:37 am
if you thought that you didn't have a phone or a television set. john kerry, george bush, 2004, the exit polls had kerry winning by six, he lost by two. >> stephanie? >> well, the polls for kerry were wrong, but not the internal we were pretty darn close. i want to address one thing, the social undesirability of trump, there's one reason. make america great again was a dog whistle for keeping immigrants out, keeping your foot down on people, discriminating against people -- >> that's only --
12:38 am
powerful ad against donald trump were the ads that used his own words. >> i'm not going to argue that donald trump made it difficult to defend him. >> in election after election, everyone said that mitt romney was racist and sexist. >> i don't disagree. >> let's take a quick -- >> you have to agree with me that it's a different -- >> that's why he won. >> i'm going to c we're going to come back to this. i want to go back to the state of nevada. they just had the hillary clinton win in the state. >> that's right, in fact, just a few moments ago when the state was called for hillary clinton, there was a great deal of chanting, yes we can, and hillary chanted in the room. it's only six electoral votes
12:39 am
but nationwide, they're disappointed, because this was one of the states where latinos were expected to have a surge. apparently there was a latino surge that helped win nevada. but across the country, it hasn't won. we've been talking about anger all night long. from working white people, and the working class. there's also a great deal of anger tonight among latinos. night long from latinos, and their advocacy groups. now they're turning not just to anger but to fear. there's a real fear among lat latinos, because it appears to them that donald trump will win. not just fear about their relatives being deported, or there being i.c.e. squads
12:40 am
immigrants, but fear they're going to be marginalized. people of color, muslims, blacks, they'll be ostracized and not important. what are the chances if donald trump wins, of true immigration reform? even though the exit polls say that most americans who voted today actually favor a citizenship. but they also favor a huge wall. and that wall is a symbol of marginalization, that americans of color are feeling tonight. >> and if he becomes a president -- let's go back to the maps. let's look at pennsylvania, very, very close. >> pennsylvania is close. and we have 93% of the vote in.
12:41 am
but it's a lead with 90% of the votes in. and i mentioned we were waiting for votes for allegany heny cou. not a lot of votes left. >> leading in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin? >> that's right. leading in three, he only needs to win one. >> and jim talked about the hispanic vote. sleeping giant, building the wall, about a deportation force, he woke another sleeping giant. and that's the uneducated white men in this country who heard someone who spoke to them. 49 points, the biggest record going back to 1980, an 11-point gap with non-college educated
12:42 am
>> and gender gaps the likes we've seen never before. 30-some points in some states. it's another place where you'll see a sense of being left out. if you have african-americans voting by 89% for clinton, and hispanic americans voting for her by 67%, and women voting for her, you have got this incredible divide that's not just a partisan divide, divide among groups of people who are going to feel very, very hostile to each other. >> and groups of people around the country and in washington as well. byron pitts? >> i'm confused at this moment. >> join the club. >> i went to an all-boys school
12:43 am
see it's very american, the underdog has won. it's a very american quality. and many of my friends of color and women, many times if you're a person of color, you're told if you get a good education, prepare yourself, you can be as successful as anyone else in america. in this case, you have a woman as prepared as anyone c forgive me, a white guy with a haircut. >> and tom llamas, you have the champion of working class america, a man who inherited an awful lot of money, parlayed that into success in reality tv and hotels, moved himself as far
12:44 am
connecting with the midwest. his message resonated with these people so well, and he never adapted or changed his style. wore that suit, threw on the hat, sometimes if he was going into -- an area with a lot of hunting, he would throw on a camouflage make america great hat. that was the only adaptation of his jacket, played golf every sunday. but the message connected. >> and matthew dowd, he connected in a way, tom llamas is saying, people saw him as a trut truth-teller, even though if you look at the nonpartisan examination of the claims he was
12:45 am
>> well, his voters didn't take him literally, but took him seriously. things that many people laughed and said, he's not serious. but the bad things, he doesn't mean that. i think they've been frustrated at both political parties. this is not a reward for the republican party. they said, give us the biggest, brashest guy, he's giving give us that big, brash, in many ways bully, and he's going to go to washington and he's going to represent me. >> he's not there yet, but close. what's happening in wisconsin? >> there are still democrat votes to come in. dane county, home of madison,
12:46 am
democratic. still votes there and in milwaukee. but if you look overall at the state, trump has a three-point lead. and michigan, he's had a lead all night. we've been waiting on wayne county. which is detroit, 85% is in. so, they're starting to run out of democratic votes. >> and new hampshire? >> and new hampshire, it's tight. let's see where we are 15-vote lead. now, 81% reporting, with a sizable lead. >> all the ballots, everything is going liberally. mari marijuana, minimum wage,
12:47 am
passing. so, this very bifurcated result. >> and i want to bring this to terry, if donald trump is indeed elected, with a republican house, perhaps with a republican senate, he will be adopting the agenda they put on the table. all along. >> well, good luck, paul ryan, retaining your speakership. and the thing that is trump's ideology, he's not a liberal or a conservative, he's a nationalist. make america great again is a nationalist slogan. and what counts for the people who voted for him, it seems to
12:48 am
great again. seems like the people in new york city have more in common with people in frankfurt, london, hong kong, than with their cousins in albany. >> and you make a good point, terry, just now, that because donald trump may win, that doesn't mean that paul ryan is in the clear here. remember, he has had that very, very tense relationship with donald trump. donald trump has called him weak, ineffective. donald trump made very clear his views about paul ryan when he made the announcement that he was no longer going to defend or campaign for donald trump.
12:49 am
>> but we don't have a winner yet. the race is not over. one slim path for hillary clinton. all eyes on wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. donald trump still with the lead. more results when we come back. >> we'll be back in times
12:50 am
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12:53 am
unusual, surprising. just a day ago, no one would have predicted it. donald trump, 26 votes away from becoming president. he's leading, jonathan karl, in most of the states on the board. >> he sure is. the key ones, the industrial states in the midwest and pennsylvania. let's start with pennsylvania, 48%, 49%, 95% of the vote pennsylvania. >> just to underscore, that was considered safe territory by the clinton campaign. part of the safe, blue firewall. >> it's a state that hasn't gone republican since 1988. the clinton team did campaign hard there in the final days. barack obama campaigned there,
12:54 am
pennsylvania, with bruce springsteen, the clinton. they put some effort there in the end. michigan, donald trump still has the lead. now just 77% reporting. donald trump continues to lead in michigan, and in the ste of wisconsin, here, this enduring lead, 85% of the vote in. and donald trump has a three-point lead. and wisconsin, a state that might have been even more pennsylvania. >> let's sit on that for a while. donald trump did not win the state of wisconsin in the primaries. he had the republican establishment against him. some of them came around, but scott walker, paul ryan against him. the talk radio network in the state against him. he was incredibly unpopular.
12:55 am
campaign with him in the final stretch, and trump cancelled the trip to wisconsin. >> went to minnesota instead. >> this may be the state that puts him over the top. >> matthew dowd. >> i can't -- the historical, unprecedented, we've said that from the beginning. i thought donald trump would win the republican primary based upon data. and then i said donald trump based upon data. but the data was wrong in the second half so far. even if hillary clinton pulls out a close victory in the final hours of this, something went majorly off in all of the expectations, everybody on both sides had. >> and i think it had to be more than secret trump voters, i didn't find anybody who wouldn't say, i'm voting for trump.
12:56 am
that didn't tell me who they were voting for, but they were college educated women. who knows about the secret trump support. but there is something that the data and polls are missing. >> we do have, late deciders, this is interesting. when did you decide, last few days, last week. many decided earlier. but break it down to, did you decide last week? if you decided days, trump outweighed clinton. >> we're coming up on 1:00 a.m. eastern. one state still voting. donald trump, 26 electoral votes away from the white house. hillary clinton has a small path, she's not giving up. we're not ready to call anything. the latest results, coming up. >> back live in times square,
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
it's 1:00 a.m. in the east. 10:00 p.m. in the west. and we have an amazing election night going on. donald trump has 244 of the 270 electoral votes he needs to become the 45th president of the united states. and hillary clinton has 215. the polls just closed in alaska. three electoral votes in alaska. but let's just go through the most consequential states, starting with new hampshire. put that up. and we're going to show where the votes are in the state of new hampshire. there's the state of wisconsin,
1:01 am
three-point lead. nevada, we've called for hillary clinton. and let's go to pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. >> new hampshire, donald trump has a, hillary clinton now has a slight lead in the state of new hampshire. only four electoral votes, she has a slight lead. the first lead of the night we've seen in new hampshire. pennsylvania, 96% for donald trump, almost 50,000-vote lead over hillary clinton. and about a 59,000-vote lead. the state of wisconsin, donald trump continues to lead 87% reporting, a three-point lead. out west, in arizona, where democrats had hoped for an upset vi
1:02 am
>> he only has to win one of the other big states. >> he would win wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, one puts him over 270. and maine, only one electoral vote, he's way ahead there as well. >> a lot of possibilities here, evening. matthew, in some ways, an entire industry blindsided. >> i think a country blindsided, as well as an industry. every single media association that did their own polling, the clinton
1:03 am
campaign. and i think we're going to be asking a lot of questions in the days that follow this, how was this missed? i actually think this was a bigger miss than the brexit. there were way more polls done in this race going up to this, and the arguments were clear. so, i think this is the biggest miss the world has seen. >> you know who didn't believe those polls? do listened to him say this isn't over. they didn't listen to us, or anybody else about the polls. it's not over. >> and cecilia vega, give us a sense of what it's like at the javits center. >> well, bewilderment.
1:04 am
questions in this room right now. people don't know what's going on. they don't know if they're waiting for a concession speech, they're hoping they're waiting for a victory speech. one man, with a paper hillary clinton mask on top of his head. this was supposed to be a party. and i'm standing underneath this glass ceiling, the that at this point i think a lot of people are wondering if in fact it will be shattered tonight. >> radio silence from clinton command? >> complete radio silence. but we're hearing from top democrats and clinton campaign donors saying the race is over.
1:05 am
his campaig and the white house. take us inside the white house at this point. jon had the tweet from david plouffe, he was as certain as anyone that hillary clinton would win. it sure seemed that president obama believed it would be a victory as well. >> i think we all got and it would be good for the democratic party to take some time and look at what happened. maybe we weren't listening well enough to those voters. she clearly didn't perform as well as she needed to with african-americans, hispanics, even women. and he overperformed with white men. so, we have to understand what happened here, and also understand that white men used
1:06 am
coalition. but we've completely lost them here. >> stephanie, one of the things we talked about, we saw in the primaries, bernie sanders out of nowhere to give hillary clinton a real fight for the nomination. but a lot of hollowing out of the democratic party. at lower we're very confused, because the numbers were just so wrong. just all across the country. i was in florida stumping for hillary clinton. i saw people coming out to the polls, they wanted to make sure their votes were in the bank for hillary clinton. i don't know if there was some
1:07 am
regrouping to do as a party. >> and bill kristol, donald trump was talking about during the primaries, maybe this was a hostile takeover of the republican party. maybe on the verge of winning after that hostile takeover. >> and i think matthew dowd made the point, but it's extraordinary that donald trump was not a politician or a the upset in the republican party was striking, they normally nominate the next in line, a former vice president, former governor, and to win an upset like that, we're all going to be underestimating the impact of this. you don't have an anomaly of this magnitude, and things go
1:08 am
be speaker of the house, i hope donald trump reaches across the aisle, and across country, because it's a divided country, whichever one won. i hope there's a message of unity. but what he chooses to do, he doesn't agree with paul ryan on the heart of the republican agenda, a different view of immigration, trade, is he going to go ahead with the trade we're in more uncharted waters than we even think. >> alex? >> one thing it makes you think, president obama's personal popularity is separate from where he's left the nation. this is a rejection of continuity. president obama said at the convention, hillary clinton is continuity. he campaigned for her strongly. and voters sent a powerful message there.
1:09 am
this is old/new. top-down washington and government has failed this country, so we're going to blow it all up. that's part of the big message tonight. >> people were saying, we hate those charted waters. we know where that chart goes, and it's not working for me. >> yup. >> so, what they want, it's what trump kept saying about african-americans, if not directly to them was, what do you have to lose? they felt there was a lot to lose. close to 90% of them voted for hillary clinton. but trump voters, that's exactly right. what do i have to lose? >> and this is what i'm trying to puzzle over, i think your
1:10 am
my question, what are they going to get? what is donald trump going to do for these voters who have now put their faith in him? >> he's going to attack nafta, the co companies that take jobs out of american. we haven't mentioned this yet, buthe evangelical voters, he didn't prove that he loved god more than his rivals, we saw the bible come out but not again, but he got the vote because of the supreme court. >> to pick up on the point tt
1:11 am
moran, he says he's going to tear up trade deals, and nato. he's been critical of the operation in mosul and the iran deal. how does the world react? >> in shock. he's about to take over the united states, in this power. the president is an office with a great deal of power for a person who knows how to pick it up and use it. if there's one thing he's demon demonstrated, he's that guy. >> and martha, you questioned donald trump closely on this during the debates. but right now, we have americans on battlefields in afghanistan
1:12 am
>> yes, and his uerstanding of military policy and civilian/military divide, i don't know that he really has a plan for what he's going to do there. he has general mike flynn with him, he'll quickly tell you he has 200 admirals and generals backing him. i think mike flynn has been a huge influence on him. i was also looking back at an interview tim kaine gave. tim kaine has a son in the he was asked, if donald trump is democratically elected, and your son is serving as a marine, you wouldn't trust his life under that commander-in-chief, and kaine said, i wouldn't. that's an extreme thing to say. the people in the military defend the constitution. that's what they do. >> and let's take one more look at the key stes.
1:13 am
hampshire, hillary clinton seems to have a lead. she's maintaining with 85% in. but new hampshire is only four electoral votes. go down to pennsylvania, 20 electoral votes. solidly, democrat for a long time. and donald trump continues to have a considerable lead, with 97% reporting. further west to michigan, donald trump continues to 87% reporting. wisconsin, 87% reporting, and donald trump has a three percentage point lead. >> needs to win only one of the three states. and let's look at minnesota, as we keep an eye on the trump headquarters in the new york hilton right now. i'm sorry, clinton.
1:14 am
three-point lead, the thought that minnesota is even close is not something that was anticipated. >> i want to go back to the first time i really met donald trump, at the iowa state fair. he was really just coming on the scene in a big way. flew the helicopter in, trump on the side. the people at the iowa state fair couldn't get enough of him. we were walking around, seeing if anyone supported hillary clinton there, and anybody. and donald trump, bringing kids on his held c helicopter. he was charming them. >> i grew up in upstate new york, you go home, and you see trump/pence signs everywhere. we go back to the bernie sanders compison, both had a message for the working class in the
1:15 am
again, they were talking for people who might be a high school graduate, may not have had an opportunity to go to college. which is a huge issue, and they wanted the opportunity, too. and think that, bernie sanders may cringe at the notion that some of his supporters went to donald trump, but it was something that sanders and trump tapped into. and i think there will be an autopsy in the democratic party about whether hillary clinton got that message across that she could do something, too. >> and this is from bucks county, an obama voter, he said, i've never voted republican, but i'm voting for trump this year. and why?
1:16 am
she wanted to be a politician her whole career. staying in a marriage for that, that bothers me a little bit. does anything bother you about donald trump? they're both who horrible, abut going with trump. >> i want to go outside to t.j. holmes in times square. tell us about the crowd, what you're seeing and hearin shocked and confused, same here in times square. something i've never heard before is quiet. it's been quiet in times square this evening as the results have popped up on the screen behind me. it's overwhelmingly a pro-hillary crowd. and they've been shocked. we set up this facebook booth, and this instagram oval office.
1:17 am
office, the pro-hillary crowd, they've been in absolute shock. the place has gone quiet. seven days a week, 24 hours a day, times square, you hear noise. you're not hearing much of anything. ayla, hello, you have a smile on your face. >> considering the fact that florida was republican, i'm v disappointed. but it's not shocking. i love in boca raton, very pro-trump. >> are you holding out hope? >> it sucks, but it is what it is. >> thank you so much. and if you want to hear from more voters, you're welcome to, george.
1:18 am
they're hiding, but got a little bit more vocal. you hear, let me go ahead and toss it back to you right now, george. but the place has gone quiet this evening, something i never thought you would hear about times square on an election night. >> and we're still waiting for crucial battleground state results coming in. donald trump, only 26 we'll be right back. vo: introducing the new motoz droid with moto mods, exclusively on verizon. boom! vo: transform your phone in a snap. with the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it, because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a motoz droid and get another one free and $300 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each.
1:19 am
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and we're back now, coming up on 1:30 on the east coast, 10:30 p.m. on the west coast. and donald trump has 244 out of 270, to 215 for hillary clinton. he's ahead in in michigan, and pennsylvania. and we also have some news out of pnsylvania. pat toomey has won defeating
1:23 am
>> he didn't reveal who he was going to vote for until the end. you have to look at this day for the republican party, because outside of what happened with donald trump is having an unbelievable day. holding on to the house, losing very few seats. look at the senate races. they are winning indiana, florida, wisconsin, now they've won pennsylvania. new hampshire is very close. hampshire, and blunt is ahead in missouri. will keep control of the senate. the question that bill kristol raised, what does the republican party stand for? because they ran on a very different agenda than donald trump. >> well, the democratic party needs to have the same condition. if this continues, donald trump
1:24 am
senate, and republicans suffer very few losses. everyone thought it was the end of the republican party 30, 60 days ago. the democratic party has to realize, 34% of the electorate rejected the democratic party. >> and hillary clinton did underperform what she needed to >> it was the effort to get nonwhites, hispanic, african-american voters. and this is what president obama did in 2008 and 2012. look what she did tonight, at least so far into the evening. ten points, she lost, to what obama was able to perform just four days ago. donald trump gained 11 points
1:25 am
country. >> we're still waiting detroit, milwaukee, philadelphia, but is one of the stories tonight going to be that african-americans, who came out in record numbers for barack obama, did not have the same enthusiasm for hillary clinton? >> well, i don't think anybody expected they would have the same level of enthusiasm. between fighting to win and being a leader. when you're a candidate it's great to have a winning strategy. but i don't think anybody up there that's a supporter of trump or a republican can say one policy that he'll actually do to keep any of the promises that he's made. not one thing.
1:26 am
going to build the wall. we don't know how he will bring jobs back. so, i hope that will be a story that will be filled in. >> that will be a challenge for him. still 26 electoral votes short of what he needs right now. 244 to 215 for hillary clinton. we'll be right back. remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto. get excited world. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. buy one moto z droid, get one free.
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1:29 am
1:30 am
welcome back to abc news coverage of election night 2016. here again, george stephanopoulos. >> 1:30 a.m. on the east coast, 10:30 p.m. on the west coast. trump with 244, clinton with 215. and hillary clinton holding on to a two-point lead in minnesota. the state of michigan, donald trump holding on to the lead, about 70,000 votes. 16 electoral votes. donald trump leading the state of michigan. new hampshire, only four electoral votes.
1:31 am
state of pennsylvania, this is a big one. 20 electoral votes. and donald trump ahead, 49% to 48%. that would get him just about there. 20 electoral votes in the state of pennsylvania alone. and up by about 60,000 votes. tom llamas, take us inside the trump high command. >> they're excited, and they want the networks to cal there's a little bit of frustration, because they feel they have won this race. that being said, donald trump got a promising sign, mary bruce reports that paul ryan congratulated donald trump and mike pence.
1:32 am
speaker ryan up close. what do you think is going through his mind? hope you heard the question. go ahead. >> george, we know that speaker ryan did have that conversation with donald trump, this is clearly a warming-up we're donald trump and paul ryan have had this very contentious relationship throughout the election. we've seen paul ryan over the last few days, saying he'd be willing to campaign with donald trump but it never ended up happening. we've heard paul ryan saying donald trump's name, the t-word, something he was reluctant to do throughout much of the campaign.
1:33 am
trump, the healing process going forward if donald trump does in fact win the presidency. >> and we know paul ryan had a distaste for a lot of the language he saw, against the muslim ban. very strongly for free trade agreements. i can movement to get rid of the trade agreements. >> well, it's also international affairs, paul ryan favors a more aggressive u.s. foreign policy. that's not donald trump. they disagree across the board. it's hard for me to imagine them
1:34 am
perhaps on social issues, they could probably agree on the supreme court. and cokie, repealing obama care, replacing it with something else. and more tax cuts to promote economic growth. >> absolutely. and paul ryan has this whole better way that he talks about of a whole host of legislation i'm not sure that donald trump will oppose him on any of that. one place they could have an argument on is spending. and the question of infrastructure. think about that. we do have a crumbling infrastructure. airports are terrible, and this is where you could hire
1:35 am
college degree to build roads, airports, train stations, schools, hospitals. this may be a place where trump can deliver to people what he's talking about, and republicans in congress may have to swallow hard and add to the deficit. >> and he'll get democratic votes for that as well. >> absolutely. lots of democratic votes. >> and the muslim ban, the trade deals, he did also keep on idea that in his first few weeks in office, he would move to get rid of obama care completely. >> and we haven't talked about that tonight, but he hammered home those premiums that were rising in the final weeks of this campaign. every time he mentioned that, every state he would go to, the numbers would get higher and higher, and the crowds would cheer when he said he would repeal obama care.
1:36 am
>> and let's go to amy robach, what do you got? >> a lot of impatient people here, ready for the race to be called. and susan, with me, you supported trump. are you surprised at all by tonight's results? >> not at all. >> not even a little bit? >> no. >> why do you pollsters got it wrong? >> it's similar to when reagan got elected. there's a silent majority that will vote what their heart says. >> trump said tonight would be brexit times 50. looks like he may have been correct. what are you seeing tonight in this room? >> it's exciting, seeing everybody is positive and
1:37 am
in the room. >> this has been a negative campaign, we have a divided america. you see the signs, women for trump. but that's been an issue, there's been a big gender gap for who came out for whom. why, as a woman, did you vote for trump? >> i believe in what he says. do i believe in the way he says, all. she proved she was pretty much disreputable. she's been in the government 30 years, has made a lot of money off being in the government. there's something wrong with that. you make it in the private sector, i'm happy for you. >> was it a vote against hillary rather than for trump? >> no, it was for him.
1:38 am
have the possibilities i had when i grew up. >> and what do you think about how he speaks to women and minorities change? >> yes, absolutely. i want to see what he's going to do. >> are you going to go to bed tonight? >> not until they call it. >> any predictions? wi sleep this evening? >> i'm not sure, but i'm pretty sure michigan will put him over. >> susan says michigan will go for trump. >> and tom llamas, we're hearing from trump's campaign manager. >> tweeting this out, things that were true. undercover trump vote. mike pence for vp. hillary's floor and ceiling are the same.
1:39 am
>> and congratulations coming in from overseas? >> high fives coming from the kremlin. putin is a big winner, and it will remain an open and perhaps unanswered question how much the russian government was mucking around in the election. but putin will have a freer hand in ukraine, and eastern europe. he's a person trying to sow 27 years ago today, the berlin wall fell, oning up borders to be much more porous, and shrinking russian power. and today, the guy who will build a wall won. >> and marine le pen, some
1:40 am
talking to the french politicians about donald trump, and there is some support over there. but when you look at the world and we wake up tomorrow, there will be a lot of reaction from around the world, and what it means for everybody. will he pull troops out? and the other thing, i don't think any of us really know. >> that's the thing, the point i wanted to get tom llamas, i'll bring it to you first. we know donald trump started to get security briefings, the same that hillary clinton received. the conclusion of 17 of our national security agencies that russia was behind the hack of the e-mails. he went out day after day and said, i just don't believe it. >> not only did he say that, he
1:41 am
he said it over and over again, and crowds loved it. even when marco rubio said, it w wasn't a good idea that republicans were promoting this. donald trump said he was joking, but he at one point endorsed the leaks. and when e-mails showed some voters, maybe he's got a point, maybe he believed that. >> but 17 professional intelligence agency people, giving him the facts. >> and he says he knows more than the generals in iraq.
1:42 am
he said the generals were reduced to rubble, but came back and said it's the civilians, not the military. >> and how could the intelligence agencies be wrong, but they told us we had weapons of mass destruction in iraq. and the iraq war became so incredibly unpopular. >> absolutely, we said, the intelligence agencies had been wrong in iraq. >> we're waiting for the results in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. but charlie, this is something we've talked about a bit tonight. american people, skeptical of everyone. intelligence agencies, business leaders, the press, politicians, leaders in washington. this is a repudiation of all of it. >> it certainly is.
1:43 am
whipping on the press. you still have some of the marks. >> every single day. >> but i'm gobsmacked, what brings me up short, we don't know, we have no idea what waters we're in. we're in uncharted waters, because he really hasn't given much signal as to what he will do. he says i'm going to cure this and to do it. bill, bless your heart, you think he may come out with a conciliatory statement. but every time he's spoken, it's all about him. it is about me. that's basically what it comes down to when he gives a speech. and i have a feeling he's going to take this very personally, and not be very conciliatory. and that worries me. and the other thing, the other thing, words matter.
1:44 am
when you start your campaign calling mexican immigrants rapists and murders, insult hisp hispanics, saying he's going to deport all 11 million. he got 29% of the hispanic vote in this country. that's just amazing to me. and needless to say, his comments about women, and his support among women, than expected. >> and this is pretty telling, charlie. if you break down that question about the comments that were made on access hollywood bus. trump voters were asked, trump's treatment of women, do they bother you? and the majority of trump voters, 54% said not much, not at all. i think it will be a discussion
1:45 am
dads with their children, the ads played with trump's comments and the children listening and watching, and what parents will say on the day after. 54% say it will not matter that much. >> they said it didn't care, it's in the past, he's going forward. >> but tom llamas told us that donald trump went upstairs in trump tower to talk to melania trump. that speech? and she spoke about cutting down on bullying, to get at, among the criticisms of donald trump, what he's done on twitter, the comments made about women. that was perhaps the first sign they have to do some healing. >> i think we have a sense of what a potential trump white house would look like.
1:46 am
propositionals. jeb bush got four delegates, spent $110 million. he goes into the general election, the most massive infrastructure of hillary clinton, 50 times more headquarters, outspent donald trump 5 to one. won all the debates, and he's a somali pirate, and this time of large tanker ships, and donald trump will go into the white house thinking, i did this. >> and people voted for him. it's not just him. there are millions of americans who voted for donald trump. this country does rest on the consent of the governed. you may disagree with them, but they voted for donald trump, and
1:47 am
him. they believe it's about them. and i think we have to keep that very firmly in mind. >> and this is why i keep coming back to it. i think you're exactly right. the question is, what is he going to do for them? >> and on that point, as i look around, i think there's a lot of confusion, people are asking, what happened tonight. i've been with donald trump for 500 days. my question is, what happens donald trump knows what he'll do. he'll say one thing, and do something else. he'lccl make a promise and go bk on it. if he does have the senate and house, and he's the president, he can do whatever he wants to do. and we just don't know until he starts in office. >> governing is a serious business. you can't promise one thing and
1:48 am
i hate to sound like an establishment, sober boring, it's important to get policies right. there's a world order that has not failed for 70 years. and this country hasn't failed so much either. a lot of good things have happened over the last 30, 40 years. let me just finish this. if trump can change, i'm hoping he changes. if he has the attitude that i fooled everyone in the primaries, in the general election, i can keep doing this for four years, it will be bad for the country. i think it will not work and will end up badly. >> he said, i can fix this country for one term. i may not have to run for re-election. >> alex? >> remember the donald trump you
1:49 am
winning florida, very conciliatory. and martha, your point that this is not just an american phenomenon. it's a global phenomenon. everywhere, people think those guys who think they're better than us, they've failed us. so, the first thing he has to do is make disruption safe, because government is a problem. it's time to get a lot of money and power out of washington and into the people's hands. if he can help the republican party or even the democrats -- >> talking about this globally, the trump movement would have its own party in europe. here, what donald trump has to
1:50 am
broken the republican party is. how much does winning heal wounds and how much is the pressure from the conservative part of the party to go to donald trump and say, you have never run as a particularly conservative >> well, the supreme court pick, that will be one of the first orders of business. all eyes on wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. we're live with the latest results when we come back. okay google, show me korean restaurants in boulder. google assistant: i found a few places. vo: the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively on verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? vo: because verizon lte advanced
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it's 11:00 p.m. on the west coast, and donald trump is closing in on what may be the biggest upset in american political history. 244 electoral votes to 215 for hillary clinton. he needs the electoral votes in gray states, starting with pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania, one of the many shockers of the night. 97% of the vote in. and as you see, he has a solid lead, 75,000-vote lead. and if you look at where the
1:55 am
watching allegheny county, that's pittsburgh. and philadelphia, if you look at philadelphia, 99% in philadelphia. even in the counties around philadelphia, as you look, 98%, 99%, 100% of the counties. not a lot of obviously democratic votes in the state of pennsylvania. if he wins president trump. >> and michigan, looking the same, a little bit closer than it was. >> but trump continues to hold the lead in michigan. the other one, the more likely, wisconsin, he continues to have a very enduring lead in wisconsin. 90% of the vote in, and he still has a three-point lead in wisconsin. >> and any one is enough. the state of arizona, still hanging out there in the west,
1:56 am
if you go to the possibilities board, what would hillary clinton have to do. arizona, trump has a solid lead. give her new hampshire, she has to win all the remaining states. if she wins michigan, doesn't get 270, michigan and pennsylvania, 268. needs to win new hampshire, michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. >> and is behind in all but hampshire. our election coverage will continue. dot k donald trump has 244 electoral votes. 215 for hillary clinton. donald trump is closing in on the white house.
1:57 am
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1:59 am
2:00 am
and we're back now, 2:00 a.m. on the east coast. 11:00 p.m. on the best coast. and we're still here, because donald trump is closing in on the 270 electoral votes he needs. 244 to hillary clinton's up in the midwest. michigan, leading in the state of michigan. he's leading right now in the state of wisconsin. you see it there, as well. 49% to 46% over clinton. leading now in the state of pennsylvania. a win in any one will almost certainly give him the white house, because hs also leading in the state of arizona.