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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 11, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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his own family to find his chief of staff. trump's son-in-law was last seen walking with dennis at the white house, and he became chief of staff at the start of president obama's second term. kushner is married to ivanka trump, a real estate developer like his father-in-law and owner of "the new york observer." when the 115th congress convenes in january, it's the most diverse the nation has ever seen. there's 38 women of color, which have the most women of color in its history. among them, katherine cortez of nevada, and harris of california, the senate's first indian-american. >> a former illinois congressman has been indicted on charges of misusing public funds. the capitol hill office decorated in the style of the tv show,downton abbey, once a
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pear. he resigned last year over reports of improper spending. other charges include wire fraud, mail fraud, and theft of government funds. the philippine's president was in tune with malaysia in a state visit. at a state dinner after negotiating agreements on piracy, they each got up to sing a song. >> so he's a fan of karaoke, well-known for this, and performed "t wings." ? ? >> the malation prime minister was a bit more animated singing cliff richmonds, up tempo "the young ones." >> just like us.
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have you heard that one? >> jack, do you know that one? >> i hope i said that right. >> i just want to hear them sing "the wind beneath my wings." >> again? that was not enough for you? >> jack can't hear anything. >> thank you for the encore light from your phone. some might thing spain's new government needs to lighten up a bit. the administration there wants to ban memes which s honor of a person. honor is important, kendis. >> i guess. >> the proposal, as you might expect was met by a host of m ergs mes. >> most poking fun of the prime minister. here he's shown as edward sis sore hands, and here he is portrayed as ewok. there is no democracy without memes.
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>> long live meme. >> one day, you know, you have exto plain to the kids where that's okay. >> why they are okay? >> to insult an authority figure? can they make you a meme, dad? >> yes, of course. >> i'm totally -- >> yes, they would. is it memes or memes -- gif or gif? big league or neighborhood. >> a new approach to calming kids at school. the trick, just breathe. we'll explain. first, a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather
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wow, dramatic images capture panic in the streets of brazil an explosion and fire ball sent people running for their lives. the power of the blast knocking people to the ground, and it was apparently started when a car carrying gas cylinders caught fire. four people were injured. >> amazing that more weren't. now back here in this country and to a shocking crime in pennsylvania. two police officers ambushed responding to a domestic disturbance. three people dead includi officer. another officer woulded. >> police are saying this was an assassination. now authorities are trying to determine what went wrong. abc has all the details. >> reporter: investigators are sifting through evidence after a police officer was killed responding to a disturbance at this home near pittsburgh. >> shots fires, shots fired. any available unit responding. >> reporter: the 52-year-old officer, one of two responding
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rang out. >> upon arrival, they were amb ambushed. >> neighbors hiding in their homes. >> it's the most dangerous calls for them, you know, for them to have been ambushed. >> reporter: inside the home, police found a woman and the suspect dead. authorities also looking into whether gas tanks, oxygen canisters, and a propane tank found in the suspect's car were intended to be used as explosives. it's been a deadly year for police officers across the so far this year. up 63% since last year. this community is mourning the loss of the officer, a father of four. the officer with him was shot, but survives and is in stable condition. abc news, canonsburg, pennsylvania. thousands of officers paid
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his final act of an officer was taking the bullet for his partner. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. >> you see the grief on the face of family members there. you see the video from northern california that captures an incredible moment in nature. look at this. that's some of -- more than 500 dolphins leaping through the waters in monterey bay. there were more than a dozen humped back whales feeding on an choef >> something to see. have you seen a humped back whale close? >> i have not. fasc fascinating? >> they go under the boat. go to maui, go whale watching. >> just go to maui opposed to the south of france. >> when you live in california, it's not that serious, come on, now. still, it is a big deal to see that moment in nature. there's three new members of the toy hall of fame. little people -- >> oh. okay.
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didn't know it was a toy, but this swing is a toy. >> huh. >> they were chosen from among 12 finalists, the announcement made at the museum of play in ro she'ser new york. the swing is a toy. honored for longevity, and the swing takes children and adults to new heights. literally. >> yes. coming up, let's take a moment, just take a breathe, relax. my motto for life, actually. >> it didn't work. that's what's going on in one school. we'll tell you why next.
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? ? i was, like, what? th >> i wouldn't let my kids watch the video. >> really? dirty. >> there's a lot of videos i couldn't let them watch. talk about breathing, that was the keyword, breathe in, breathe out. >> a big part of meditation, of course, and they are doing quite a bit of it these days in baltimore. it's having a positive effect. >> reporter: the chaos of early mornings.
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meditation. >> all the way up. >> reporter: along with writing, reading, and math, here in inner city baltimore, they study breathing with mindfulness classes woven into everyday. if a student acts up, they are not sent to the principal's office, but this mindful moment room to recenter. >> what do you think about when meditating? >> happy stuff? >> happy thoughts? >> yes. >> what are your happy thoughts? >> like, making for kids. my father was shot when he was 4. he got shot when going to the movies by his house, so every time i get mad, i just breathe. >> reporter: they launched the program in baltimore 15 years ago with two local brothers. >> a lot of stimuli for them to deal with, self-regulate, manage their emotions, make them
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and emotionally, the climate for school is better for academics. >> reporter: movement exercises, breathing, and mindfulness, the kids' behavior changes. >> 95% of my class who goes out for the mindful room, they'll come back and they'll be at peace and at work. >> the goal is that they'll not only be at peace for the rest of the day, but hopefully for the rest of the their life. >> take two minutes. a day. you know, just take two minutes, take a minute, stop for a second and >> the holistic life foundation wants to expand on the success from baltimore to all schools across the country. they are tapping into mindful meditation, helping soldiers in war, stress out executives and families at home. abc news. >> it's great advice for anyone. >> that's -- >> why are you laughing? >> that's hilarious, the kids are, like, why is this woman still talking. >> i think they were really good participators. >> they were cute.
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ditch the misery. let's end this. can you believe, thanksgiving is two weeks away. >> don't talk about it. >> not prepared? >> i'm so not ready. how many pies i have to bake. >> oh, my gosh. you know, how many dinner reservations i have to make. let's talk about movies opening this weekend at the box office. >> yes. tense election week with a science fiction thriller, amy adams playing a linguistics professor who leads an elite team investigating what appears to be a mass alien invasion. >> i need to see me. >> she's walking towards the
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>> now that's a proper introduction. >> oh, my. my mother would like this movie. she would. she used to watch "war of the worlds" back in the day. 96% rates on rotten tomatoes. >> i have not seen a movie like that in a lg >> ever. >> a terrific example of how to put the science back into sci-fi without compromising pace or action, and peter calls it this generation's close encounters saying it's the stuff that dreams are made of. i don't think i could handle it. >> it's dreams, not nightmare, thank you, peter. >> i see it as a nightmare. >> a holiday offering with christmas, trying to bring his dysfunctional family together for the first time since their
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monique. he knows he's really praying for a christmas miracle. ? ? >> what are you doing? i taught you that! i taught you that, baby! >> that's for you, baby. >> oh, somebody got a boyfriend. >> a couple -- >> almost christmas could be a hit if not and critics are mixed about it. all i want for christmas is my two hours back. come on. why the shame? roger moore calls it christmas film comfort food packed with cli cliches, but the most toxic fall in recent american history. >> remind you of soul food. >> kind of does. exactly. >> we'll see. that's the news this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," a second night of protests. >> in dozens of cities throughout the u.s., out in the streets, some demonstrating peacefully against president-elect trump, and others turning into riots. trump breaks twitter silencement we'll bring you the latest. when worlds office between the president and future president, two meet after a long and sorted past, and the woman of the white house having a slightly less stressful timesharing tea. details straight ahead. in florida, despecesperate attempt to rescue a bald eagle stuck in a storm drain. they did what they could to free the majestic bird as prey as another eagle appears to stand guard. honoring heros as a divided nation, hopes to come together,


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