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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a lot of the names should sound familiar to you. behind closed doors at the trump tower in,, no president-elect donald trump working on transition plans deciding who will fill hundreds of jobs in his administration. including key cabinet positions. >> the number one characteristic donald trump is looking for is loyalty. that's something we saw over and over in the campaign and he wants a personal relationship with whoever he chooses. q: the transition team now le pence, replacing chris christie. chris christie and ken rudy giuliani and are vice chairs and the names are circulating for the attorney general candidate. in the search for chief of staff some speculate the list of the appointees includes trump's son-in-law.
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former head of breitbart news. and reince priebus who on g.m.a. avoided addressing whether he is being considered. >> i don't have updates for you on transition. q: trump is also focused on how to turn the campaign promises in reality. working the build unity in the country and with foreign allies. >> mexico's president says he is eager to work with president-elect trump but no way they will pay for a wall. i think the world is waiting mr. trump's foreign policy positions will be. q: some of the other names are ben carson, newt gingrich and ivank trump. the transfer of power from obama administration to trump's happens january 20. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. tonight much the same as the past two nights people are protesting donald trump's victory. so far they are quieter than those earlier.
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portland, oregon, where 29 people were arrested. in the district, no one has been arrested in similar expressions of displeasure. stephen tschida is live at the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue. anyone gathered there tonight? stephen: right now it's all quiet. but still a lot of security here in front of the trump hotel. throughout the day, across the district but primarily in front of the trump hotel and the white house. we saw a number of pop-u lone demonstrator. a man who had flown from vermont to march back and forth in front of the white house with a sign. we saw groups of young people gathered in front of the trump hotel. a number of students. group with the howard university sweatshirts 15 or 20 minutes ago calling for democracy and justice
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and the outcome of the election. we will see these for the next few days. that is the latest in front of the trump hotel at this hour, or at this moment. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, stephen. it has been quite a week. for complete coverage of the election and the president-elect's plan for his first 100 days, you can go to it's a great resource. jonathan: well, t maureen, americans across the country and in d.c. are honoring our military veterans who served the country. as coust mare the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington. mr. obama used his final veteran day speech to deliver a plea for unity. he urged americans to set aside political grievances and follow the example of those
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president obama: when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of the best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. jonathan: mr. obama noticed he had increase funding for the department of veteran affairs by 85%. improved access and cut veteran homelessness in half. jonathan: just down the road at quantico national cemetery this was a smaller crowd but with an equally poignant ceremony. as mike carter-conneen reports no matter the age or the military branch, veterans are thankful for the day of gratitude and camaraderie. in the wake of the election,
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veterans day recommending all men of all races and creeds united in the service to country might help bridge the divide. >> today is the one time we can begin to heal. >> this is a great country. it became great not because of the president but because of the people here. mike: at this event they enjoyed a day of camaraderie. the commandant of the marine corps issued a call to action. >> i ask all the vets to take someone that you served with, give them a call. check in and see how they are doing. >> this is a day for quiet reflection, remembering and grieving. >> i lot of good friends. >> this is a day to celebrate the oldest veterans.
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in pearl harbor. >> he is a marine and he will be a marine. it is never going to change. >> he wouldn't miss this. he loves the fellowship. >> i have so many friends. i am 96 years old. they are all gone. but they are waiting for me. when we get together. jonathan: once a marine, always a marine. happy yesterday was the 241st birthday for the core. on the veterans day many are drawn to the vietnam's veteran memorial. for years they left keepsakes to honor the name encybed -- inscribed there. the items are picked up every night and stored in a warehouse in maryland. tonight, our reporter jay korff will take us on a tour of the facility and he highlights the awe-inspiring
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maureen: when it comes to memory, which gender is superior? the answer coming up. jonathan: i'm not going to answer that. also this. >> i wasn't happy. she is i won't get to hug her again. jonathan: three days after bonnie black's estranged husband was convicted of killing her, her family is opening up to abc7 news. >> inauguration day in d.c. usually means big business for the hotel. just like the election cycle it's different this time around. i'm ryan hughes. i will explain coming up. doug: today's cold front will drop temperatures mid-morning. frost advisory in effect. freeze warning for tomorrow.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: the family of a murdered arlington woman is speaking about the loss of the daughter and sister. bonnie black mother and sister sat down this morning exclusively with abc7 news. black was found stabbed to
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played outside. months later her husband david was charged with her murder. they were about to file a contentious divorce including a custody dispute. black's sister is sharing the story to stop domestic violence. >> even if one family, one woman that she is not m it's worth it. this week, david black was found murder of first-degree murder. coming up -- erin: coming up in sports how does otto porter keep the
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maureen: this is a big story for us women. we have better memories than men. in a study in the journal "menopause" women in their 40's and 50's perform better in all memory measures than men. the study shows as long as women's aging brains remain healthy they continue to have an edge over their male counterparts. jonathan: i forgot. who did you say had better memories? i don't want to argue on that one. two airlines had computer glitches at airlines a american and alaskan have had various problems at the ticket kiosk. it didn't disrupt travel. the system known as sabre went down at noon. i.t. firm working with the airlines say they fix the problem now. but this is the second system crash in the past month. the fifth since june. there have been disruptive ones. now bookings at trump hotel in the district and new york have spiked since his victory. they plunged in his presidential campaign.
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increase in reservations and a sold out for the inauguration day for the weekend in january. maureen: other hotels in the district might be offering deals for inauguration weekend. we send ryan hughes to find out if bookings are up or down after donald trump's victory. >> good morning. thank you for calling the georgetown inn. ryan: the phone is ringing inside the georgetown inn. three days after a presidential election, reservations are far from filled. >> we have rece cancellations. i think it's obviously because of the turnout that came from the election. ryan: every four years hotel in the district see an onslaught of supporters booking rooms for inauguration day. but donald trump's stunning defeat over hillary clinton left the country in shock and hotels with vacancies. >> i have been in the city for the last two inaugurations. certainly we see much slower pace than this time around.
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of calls. ryan: this is the general manager of the melrose hotel on pennsylvania avenue. she says hotels were sold out by now for president obama's historic inauguration in 2008 and his re-election in 2012. >> it was like just watching numbers. the bookings come through. it was so exciting and very overwhelping actually -- overwhelming actually. president-elect not a lot of fanfare. people are still trying to absorb the outcome before being part of history. >> it might not be as big as 2008 or 2012 but i can see a turnout coming. ryan: the hotels feel like next week is a good indication that where they stand. many are confident they will be booked up by thanksgiving. in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: set a reminder on your phone right now. when you wake up monday morning you may have a chance
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haven't seen it since 1948. it will be big. really big. we will get the second super moon of the year early on monday. there is one more after that. but monday will be the moon closest point to earth in 68 years. you can almost touch it. you can. it will appear 14% bigger and signs 30% brighter weather permitting of course. you can set your clocks for 6:15. that is when you get a view of it. are they calling this the beaver moon? doug: just a big monday evening. but sunday is almost as good. it won't be maybe 13% brighter and 29% bigger but there is a little concern about the weather. there may be cloud cover on monday evening. i'm make sure that around that time sunday evening i will take a good look in days we don't get the sky to cooperate on monday. maureen: please take a picture for us. doug: i will. jonathan: that is maureen's way. she is not going to check it out.
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good news is by the time i get to the wall i will have forgotten it. no problem. maureen: do your best. doug: this is national harbor. that is beautiful there tonight. a quick reminder they had the lighting, the christmas tree on sundays at 6:30. our own veronica johnson is there at the master of ceremonies. activities all day. it's spectacular when they do it. i got to do it last year. numbers are starting to fall after highs in the low to mid-60's across the area. in the 50's. still 60 at reagan national. the temperatures will d we are seeing drop in temperatures overnight. by morning range will be between 30 and 40 degrees. that is a cold night. still a bit of a breeze. early in the morning not as gusty as it is now. that will set the stage for a point of frost in the morning. profs advisory from 1:00 to 9:00 a.m. all the areas that are highlighted. after a frosty start to the day we warm up to 52.
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temperature of the season under sunny skies we have had. good news is we are going to warm up on sunday. maybe to 60 degrees. but before we get to the warm afternoon on sundays we have to get through saturday night and sunday morning. during that time period the same jurisdictions are under a freeze watch. so a definite punch of cold air. temperatures moderate monday and tuesday and will get back on track for more weather appropriate for this time of the month of november. sunday morning lows are the 26 is a projected low at luray. 24 at culpeper. 28 at frederick. 29 in fredericksburg. 36 we expect at reagan national airport. here we go for the next seven days. no big storms. the only possibility of rain here is one computer model suggesting the rain showers as a possibility for the late afternoon and the everything. that could affect a super moon. i suggest that sunday evening, 5:30, 6:00.
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over the weekend we will keep you up to date on that as well. for the balance of the week it looks fine. temperatures will be close to 60 degrees. they will be partly cloudy skies. no major storm. we are in a building rainfall deficit. more than 4-1/2 inches below average rainfall since september 1. if we don't get substantial rain soon it will be a problem. that is it. back to you. forgot your names. you guys. maureen: thank you. [laughter] thank you wh text later. so the wizards are playing like champions. no. they are playing champions. my bad. erin: that is right. the reigning nba champs are taking on the wizards. scott abraham is at quince orchard in gaithersburg for the game of the week. we will have a preview before
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erin: the reigning nba champion cleveland cavaliers off the visit to the white house will be at the verizon center tonight to take on the wizards. washington hopes to bring the same intensity tonight as they did wednesday against boston. they led the celtics in an opening tip en route to a blow-out.
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high 34 points. robert burton caught up with him ahead of tonight's game. >> i go out there and play hard for my teammates and the coaches and let it take care of itself. erin: montgomery blair looks loss to quince orchard. that is where we find scott abraham for the game of the week. they don't like each other much. >> it's a rivalry showdown. i have the best seat in the house at midfield. you have to love playoff football. the pressure is raised up as it is win or go home from here on out. we are at the quince orchard high school where the cougars are set to face blair in the 4a west regional semi-final.
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year's regional final with quince orchard winning the matchup over blair 48-17. we will have highlights and post game reaction in high school sports final on newschannel8 at 11:30. let's get the party started. the playoffs are here. erin: we are ready. thank you. there are several other games that you can watch. capitals are in chicago. maryland men's basketball team hosts a.u. a lot of options. on. maureen: we have a few seconds to get update from you. doug: okay. steve rudin will be in tonight at 11:00. he will have an update coming our way on the weekend. chilly start to the weekend. looking ahead to next week. i'm confident he will do it tonight at 111:00. jonathan: how happy are you it was friday? doug: oh, i wish it was only wednesday. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up
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at hhgregg. tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. plus, will he not repeal obama america divided. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. letters going home after distu distdis disturbing scenes.


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