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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- president-elect trump and his first tv interview since winning the election. what he's saying about the protests around the country, abortion, immigration, and that wall. who is filling key roles in trump's and the phone call last night from china. new zealand rocked by more aftershocks overnight as new video of the powerful quake comes in. and the herd now stranded after a landslide. and supermoon in it's shining glory. why we haven't seen the moon like this since 1948.
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diane are off today. >> and i'm adrienne bankert. many people across the country are not taking the outcome of the election in stride. protesters hit the streets in major cities. after deriding china throughout much of his campaign, trump has now spoken to the chinese president and says they've esta mutual respect. >> and trump sat down for his first tv interview since the election to clarify his came pan promises and address the anger on dislay. >> don't be afraid. we're going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. we just had an election. and -- sort of like you have to be given a little time. >> mr. trump was also asked about acts of violence popping
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supporters and reports of racial slurs and personal threats to minorities by some of his supporters. >> i'm surprised to hear that. i'm so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it -- if it helps. i will say this. and i'll say it right to the camera. stop it. >> trump addressed a number of his top campaign promtss. including building a wall along the mexican border. >> they're talking about a in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. for certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it's called construction. r and on his campaign pledge to deport millions of undocumented imgranlts, he said that would begin immediately. >> we're going to get the people who are criminal, have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these
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current or we're going the incarcerate. >> reporter: trump restated his pledge to roll back abortion rights, sending the issue back to the states. if a woman is seeking an abortion -- >> they'll perhaps have to go another state. >> reporter: on another controversial issue, marriage equality, he said the issue of same-sex marriage is settled. >> these cases have gone to the sourt. they've been settled. and i'm -- i'm fine with th >> reporter: on foreign policy, he was pressed to reveal more details about his plan to defeat isis. >> i don't want to tell anybody anything. >> what about the american people? >> we have great generals. we have great jens. >> you said you knew more than the jens about isis. >> i'll be honest with you, i probably do. because look at the job they've done. >> reporter: another prit, repealing and replacing obamacare. people are pre-existing
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under a new plan. he's leaving open the option to use twitter to speak to all americans. >> i'm going the do very restrained, if i use it at all. it's a modern form of communication. >> reporter: president-elect trump telling "60 minutes" he would decline the president's $400,000 salary and will only take $1 a year. and donald trump is with top aides as he staffs his new administration. he's made two key picks with starkly different backgrounds. >> he's closed reince preeps as chief of staff. abc news's janae norming has the details. >> reporter: good morning. can you believe it. we're 67 days out from the innaugs ration and seeing trump's first dig besixes as
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campaign promises. the future of the government is take shape. president-elect trump announcing chairman of the republican party reince priebus will be chief of staff. >> you probably heard me say it. drain the swamp. >> reporter: on one hand, choosing a washington insider with deep ties to republican leadership and on the other, a fierce critic of the gop establishment, announcing former head of conservative chief strategist and counselor. he has alleged ties to the alt-right and white nationalist movement. the president-elect was back on twitter with multiple tweets yesterday where he bashed "the new york times" and posted about the numerous congratulatory phone calls he's received since winning the election, including
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well as jeb. donald trump is looking to put off the lawsuit against his now depunked trump university until after the election. the president-elect would like to focus on his transition to the white house. the class-action lawsuit accuses trump university of failing on its promise to teach success in real estate. it's set to begin in two weeks. overseas to new zea where strong aftershocks are being felt after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. the quake triggering landslides and a small tsunami and leaving two people dead. a 5.8 aftershock hit the country overnight. take a look at this aerial view of cows stranded on an island of grass after their pasture was ripped a apart by the quake.
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merchandise all over the store was left in shambles. more than 70,000 arks in eight states have been destroyed by wildfires. the thick smoke is now posing a health hazard in several areas. some residents have been evacuated. a section of the appalachian trail is closed. officials believe many of the wild first were started by arson. 21-year-old admitted to setting a fire in kentucky. he would post videos about weather issues, including one taken at the scene of a wildfire. >> not a good idea. i'm glad that they caught him on video. sflmplgt still ahead no need to peek outside. weal show you some of the best photos from the supermoon happening right now. and a woman accused of killing her twin by driving off a cliff. why the sudden arrest after being initially cleared.
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good morning to you. hundreds of people have gathered in northern california to mourn the loss of a sheriff's deputy who authorities say was executed while responding to call. dennis wallace was killed with to shots to the head. his death marks the fifth california law officer killed in the line of duty in just two months. a suspect was caught after a manhunt. and angry protestered filled the streets of cincinnati after
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in a fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. the jury was unable to decide if the actions of ray tensing were warranted. the officer was wearing a t-shirt of a confederate flag urnds his uniform. a healthy lifestyle with counter to genetic risks of heart disease. people are minimize an inherited right -- exercising, eating healthy, staying slim, not smoking. scientists say with even a little effort, people can cut their high genetic risk by more than half. a consumer alert for you right now. toyota is agreeing to pay up to $3.4 billion to settle claims over rust. owners of 1.5 million suvs and
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protection. tributes pouring in this morning for rock 'n' roll legend leon russell. ? i'm up on the tight wire one side's ice is other fire ? >> he had hits like tight rope and a song for you. elton john is one of the many stars mourning the loss, writing that russell was a mentor and inspiration. he died in his he was 64 74 years old. what a legend. the miracle on the big muddy. why one player credits ballet classes with the winning play. and notorious rbg gets a standing "o." ruth bader ginsburg takes the stage, next, right here on "america this morning." start?
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you're looking at the aftermath of a violent crash in los angeles. a speeding bmw hit a toyota, sheered off a fire hydrant. >> scary. now for a look at road conditions this morning. heavy rain in the northwest. 1 to 2 inches of rain likely. a few showers in the mid-atlantic. a woman who survived a car crash in hawaii that claimed the life of her twin sister has been arrested again. >> after initial murder charges for insufficient evidence. witnesses say there was screaming and hair-pulling before the suv plunged off a cliff. more from abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: the lone survivor of this fatal crash in hawaii is once again in police custody accused of murder. yoga instructor alexandra you have dal was arrested in new york over the weekend for the second time.
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in hawaii with her sister in the passenger seat. >> she was angrily arguing with the person. and she was in a rage. >> reporter: duval said the crash was an accident. in june, a judge threw out the charges against her. ordering her release. citing no probable cause for murder. then last month, that grand jury indictment. >> it's the things that are missing from this case that actually make this case. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> all right, thank y the suspected serial killer in south carolina. todd kohlhepp was arrested after a missing woman was found chained to a storage container on his property. he built a successful business as a real estate agent.
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me. there are details the public does not know. if the detail are made available, it will be shocking to the public. >> and we should tell you kohlhepp has a public defender but has not entered a plea. a police officer in michigan is suspended. michael peters drove a pickup truck decorated with the confederate flag to a love trumps hate rally and parked and word got back to police chief. now time for sports. a super bowl 50 rematch between the patriots and the seahawks. >> we get all the highlights now from espn. good morning, america. i don't know if you recall super bowl xlix. it included the patriots. fourth quarter, patriots down seven. 1:30 left. tommy, trying to drive 'em down
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hits rob gronkowski. we're inside the 5. goal line stand. it comes down to fourth and goal at the 2. gronk, split out wide. kam chancellor, the all pro on the all pro tight end. brady, the fade. we have contact. we have a collision. we have no flag. we've got no score. gronkowski getting into chancellor. no flag. pete carroll is happy. to watch the cowboys and steelers. pittsburgh down, 29-24. looks like they'll clock the ball. no, ben roethlisberger gave them the okeydoke. finds antonio brown. steelers are ahead. cowboys come right back. they only need a field goal. instead, zeke elliott races off 32 yards for his thirst touchdown of the game. the cowboys take it by a final of 35-30. america, i have like 88 more minutes of sports news.
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minutes? "sportscenter" over on espn. thank for watching. >> thank you, john. we have to show you this incredible moment from the broncos-saints showdown. >> the final 90 seconds of the game, drew brees throws a 32-yard touchdown to tie the game, 23-23. saints set up for the extra point. it's blocked. >> will parks picks it up and runs for the safety. he credits ballet classes he took in the fourth grade for helping him tiptoe up the saints sideline. i thought all football players had to take ballet. maybe his bike isn't born to run. bruce springsteen needing some help after baracking down. a receive if i from space.
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? we gotta get out while we're young cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run ? time to check "the pulse." starting with veterans coming to the rescue of the boss. >> the boss. broke down by the side of the rode. american legion members stopped by to help. >> he jump toed on the back of their bike. >> they say he's down to earth. this weekend, ruth bader ginsburg got laughter and applause. she made her grand opera debut
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ginsburg read her lines, in english, apparently off crib sheets hidden in the props. she still stole is the show. she's an opera fan. someone else will take over the role now for the rest of the washington national opera. >> nice surprise for the people in the stands. after all, she still has her day job. a selfie like no other is making the rounds on twitter. buzz aldrin took it in orbit 50 years ago yesterday. that's t e >> yeah, planet earth. he was whizzing around every 90 minutes. aldrin best known as the second man to walk on the moon durlg apollo 11. these photos taken three years earlier. before selfie was considered, he was taking them. way to be ahead of your time, buzz aldrin. if you don't get a chance heading out the door this morning, look up at the sky tonight. the supermoon is back.
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in almost 70 years. >> a full moon coming just as the moon makes its closest approach to the earth. about 17,000 miles closer than usual. if you don't catch it this time. you'll have to wait 18 more years. >> okay, we need to take a supermoon selfie. >> you ready? here we go. >> eat your heart out, buzz aldrin. >> more news after this. washington. it's monday-- november 14th. if your haven't seen that super moon yet-- you may want to look right now before the sun comes up. but be sure to put on a coat! good morning washington. toss to eileen - cool start to the week, warmer (mid 60s) late week
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late weekend today: increasing clouds. cool with a few showers developing late this afternoon. highs: 54-60 winds: sw to n 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with a few showers. lows: 35-45 winds: nw 5 mph tomorrow: mostly cloudy with a few morning showers. becoming mostly sunny, cool. highs: 55-61 winds: nw 5 mph developing now.
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anti-trump protests cities, including portland, oregon. demonstrators this was the scene sunday morning as riot and demonstrators clashed after 5 nights of protests, and rioting. portland police made multiple arrests after they say protesters threw bottles at officers and blocked streets. at least 50 demonstrators have been arrested in
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in maryland-- the election results appear to be linked to a shocking case of vandalism. a silver spring community now coming together after vandals wrote "trump nation" and "whites only" on the signs at the episcopal church of our savior. the church is attended by a large number of immigrants. the episcopal diocese of washington condemned those responsible for the vandalism. the church is calling on the those who voted for him, to seperate themselves from acts of violence and hate and in virginia-- hundreds of vcu students participated in an anti-trump march on campus saturday. the university released a statement saying that freedom of expression is expected and encouraged-- vandalism and violence will not be tolerated. there were no reports of vandalism at saturday's event. president obama is scheduled to hold a news conference at
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right here on abc-7 when it happens. we will also stream it online at and on our wjla news app. new this morning. a drug bust at west point military academy lands several cadets in serious hot water. military investigators say the six cadets are all seniors and are all charged under military law with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. they did not specify what kind of drugs were involved. one of the cadets-- jaelen gadson-- is from alexandria. they are all now suspended pending investigation. just getting started. election fallout. thousands protest against donald trump over the weekend-- and not all of the demonstrations ended peacefully. whats next for demonstrators vowing to fight on. plus, amid protests donald trump moves forward as he builds his white house cabinet. and in a new interview-- he speaks on his vision for a very different america. the details.. coming up.
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- cool start to the week, warmer (mid 60s) late week - shower chances today (pm) and tomorrow (am) - another big cool down late weekend today: increasing clouds. cool with a few showers developing late this afternoon. highs: 54-60 winds: sw to n 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with a few showers. lows: 35-45 winds: nw 5 mph tomorrow: mostly cloudy with a few morning showers. becoming mostly sunny, cool. highs: 55-61 winds: nw 5 mph
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government. president-elect trump filling two key positions in his cabinet, hours before sitting down for his first t-v interview since winning the election. abc's janai norman is live in northwest with more on the president-elect's priorities moving


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