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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 15, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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south. rain heavy in the northeast. sunshine in the midwest as the plains prepare for a possible blizzard condition later this week. high temperatures in the wildfire zone at 70 degrees, not bad. highs in the northeast reach the mid-50s, and 60 in minneapolis. dallas and los angeles are both shooting for 80 degrees today. monday night football action to talk about now. giants needed to beat the bengals in order to keep pace with the nfc east rivals who cincinnati's jeremy hill ran here, just nine yards out for the touchdown in the third quarter, and kind of dig the dance. the league is slapping down on showmanship. >> celebration. >> yeah. they added a field goal, taking 20-14 lead, but then, oh, it was back with the dancing. the giants, they took a risk going for it on fourth down with manning throwing the third
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they hung on from winning it, 21-20. even odell beckham in on the dancing action. >> if there's a tie, settle it off with the dance off. go straight to the danceoff. >> you get the sense based on celebrations that the league is t toning it done, don't you think, jack? >> toning down celebrations or crackdown on the celebrations. >> crackdown on the celebrations. they were going a little bit far earlier in the season. >> we know moves. >> we like it. >> looks like they have fun when they scored. >> yes. >> opposed to the no-follow-up league. >> oh, no. okay. >> exactly. that's right. it's back. fun is back. >> the fun is back, at least here if not the nfl. a star making retirement plans? venus williams is targeting the next o llympics taking place in 2020 in tokyo, the final appearance. she loves competing, but it's
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sprinting legend, bolt, plans for life after retirement from track. he said the last races will be at next year's world championships, but he's a soccer fan and would like to play the game professionally. bolt will have a chance to show off skills soon working out with one of germany's biggest club teams. that will be interesting to see. >> boom, gone. >> that's the thing. who knows how he will be, running in soccer is a huge >> it is. coming up, 3 9 days, shoppig days, until the big day. >> never too early to start the list. this year's hottest toy ideas for the kids on your list. you're watching "world news now." or don't. "world news now" weather
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>> check out that incident on video on the campus of ohio state university. that was an anti-trump protester tackled on the steps of the student union. the man who tackled the protester was reportedly arrested and placed under suspension of the university. student walk-outs sparked at college campuses across the country as well as high schools by students too young to vote, but old enough to assert political voices, you might say. staged a protest with the approval of school officials, but along with the protests are reports of hate crimes in the wake of president-elect trump's election night victory. >> trump, himself, asked about those attacks targeting minority groups. here's more on what he said. >> reporter: from maryland to
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the election raising concerns about the hate crimes and violation across the country including a california teenager attacked in school after posting on instagram she hoped trump would win. >> this girl comes up to me and said, do you hate mexicans? i said no. she said, you support trump, you hate mexicans. >> reporter: tracking more than 300 hate accidents, almost cases involve immigrant, black, and gay victims and 20 against trump supporters. so far, school officials in jacks jacksonville, florida investigating these signs over a water fountain. the fbi is looking for a thread depicting lynchings. >> i opened up the chat and there's derogatory name calling and really hurtful things.
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bathrooms were defaced too profane for tv. all of this prompts trump to directly address those responsible on "60 minutes." >> i am so saddened to hear that, and i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this, and i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> reporter: trump also reassured protesters that he will bring our country back together, out demonstrated every day until inauguration day. abc news, new york. when we come back, it's the most wonderful time of the year unless you have not done a single bit of shopping. >> how much a dent have you made in the gift list for the holiday season? we have hot ideas for you.
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believe it or not, the holiday season is just a few weeks away meaning right now is a good time to start thinking about that gift shopping, and for the kids on your list, we are checking out the season's hottest holiday toys, and joining us now for a tour, senior editor of the toy insider. thank you so much. i love what you've brought in today. let's get right to it. >> absolutely. so we'll start with animal jam. one of the hottest on line video games for kids coming to the
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this is our club dance party play set. >> a disco ball? >> it has one that really spins. when we press the dee jay button -- we're ready for a full-on dance party, comes with an exclusive figure and collect for more a full party. >> so cute. >> speaking of cute, i'd like to introduce you to the cutest puppy you've ever seen. this is snuggles, my dream puppy. >> hi, snuggles. >> he has a really >> oh, wow! oh look at the eyes opening and closing. >> yeah. nuzzle the nose a little bit. >> hi. >> so cute. rub his belly, pat his head, feed him a bottle, and he'll react to that. >> so emotive. >> he is. like a real puppy. >> only easier to care for. >> absolutely. he's so cute. a top of kid's lists this year. >> i want to put him in front of
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reaction. >> "trolls" exciting kids my view this year, and it's about the music. to celebrate, sing along to the awesome sound track with our troll selfie star video recording microphone. >> i think that's my wish. >> just hit the record button here, and then we can sing. >> oh, justin timberlake. ? nothing i can see but you when you dance dance dance dance girl ? >> you should get involved in this. this is good. >> that's it. >> then you get the video? >> record the video, save, share with friends and family. so much fun. >> i could have a one person party with that. just by myself i'd have a great time. >> for sure. this year, barbie dawns a lab coat to learn about important stem skills with the barbie stem kit.
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there's everything from a spispin ing closet to a hammock. you can relax, and so everything has real working parts so kids learn all the engineers. >> she has to rerelax, look at e shoes she wore to the lab. star wars rogue 1 hits theaters december 16th, and to celebrate, a storm trooper figure. we press the belt -- >> ready for action. >> there's awesome sounds. >> but he recognizes the jet pack. plug this in, he's ready for takeoff. cool, right? he makes real flying noises. >> kids will have fun with that. >> absolutely. he's so much fun. >> and then skylander i know because of my nephew was obsessed with it last year. >> yeah. >> i have to buy him all specific figures. >> this is the new skylanders
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characters with this. >> all right. put a character on the platform. >> on there, and watch as our custom character will jump to life inside the game. i pre-made this one, but i'll show you all of the different customization options available, so let's see. >> time to and rearm. >> change the look. >> kids make it their own? >> do everything themselves and create any styling they want, and they can even have a custom character activision. >> that's cool. >> so cool. >> something to capture the attention, but gets them creative. >> absolutely. when they are done creating, they play the game like normal. >> for more information on this and other inside go to and our facebook, thank you, always great to have you on. thank you so much. >> thank you. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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? ? two albums on the charts, the week after he passed away. this morning, we're also remembering a pioneer of our industry who broke multiple
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journalisms recognitions along the way. >> dying after a short, private battle with cancer. dan harris has more. >> good evening, and welcome to elkhart, indiana. >> as a humble minister's daughter to the first all-female anchor team, gwen ifill, a pioneer, born in new york city in 1955, and while in college, in an experience later described on "makers." >> i was the lonely only, no other black women in the situation at the time. that did not stop me. there were things to do. >> that led her into television. in 2004, she became the first african-american woman to moderate a vice presidential debate, a role she would fill again in 2008. >> i start with you, governor palin. >> reporter: after her death
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president obama offering condolences during his press conference. >> she was an extraordinary journalist. she always kept faith with the fundmental responsibilities of the profession, asking tough questions, holding those in power accountable. >> reporter: she was 61 years old. >> if you get a chance to see the touching tribute that "news hour" did to gwen ifill, it's minister of canada, giving you a sense of the wide ringing impact, tweeding, condolences to the loved ones and viewers mourning gwen. >> missed by personal friends and family and many friends and family in the broadcasting world as well. >> that's the news this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," transitioning from one president to the next. >> on the eve of the last foreign trip, president obama tells americans to give donald trump a chance. this as we learn more about the controversy surrounding one of the men set to run the white house. across eight states, firefighters met with an enormous challenge to try to contain dozens of wildfires as a haze settles over many towns and cities across the south. the smoke is making it difficult to breathe. more details ahead. and check out this giant sink hole opening up in a family's backyard. the home just built now at risk of folalling into the hole. hear why it opened up. ready, set, freeze, the


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