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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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announcer: now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: breaking overnight, thieves hitting a convenience store. why the building next door makes this all the more bizarre. larry: balance. the two meetings today for donald trump that could shape the future of his white house. autria: and a dramatic drop in temperatures. for a micah johnson is track -- and veronica johnson is tracking our first case of winter. good morning to you, washington. i'm autria godfrey. larry: i'm larry smith. let's get over to v.j. for more of these details. the w word.
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not too far from the sea. by the end of the -- not too far from d.c. it is going to be a 50-50 weekend there it even higher temperatures today. really a gorgeous day with sunshine, all part of your winter headlines. out the door this morning, 30's and middle 40's. a little chilly, a little cool, with sunshine across the area the 9:00 a.m. temperature at about 50 degrees. doing just fine. headed to a high today of about 60 to 61. we are talking -- we are calling that a pleasant and very seasonable. the second half of the weekend, we will do with wind. today is just nice. d.c. up to 61. annapolis will hit 62. for the rain chances, they will
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will be back in a couple of minutes to track the ring for you, how much we could get and how hard it will rain in a few minutes. julie: around the capital beltway, a new crash has been reported near kenilworth avenue. we will bring you more information on that location. the blue line headed to franconia and springfield is still below's be -- is still below speed. the story is going to be the wires that are down along georgetown pike. between springdale road and utterback store road. that will have an impact on your drive. john lewis, one of our photographers, is out there at the scene. this is from one end of the closure point. or signs telling you the road is closed. eastbound traffic at utterback store road, westbound traffic at
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cheverly, you are not alone. it will cost you about seven minutes worth of travel time. back in the next 10 minutes with an update in greenbelt. autria: alexandria police are working a robbery at a 7-eleven in old town. two armed thieves took off with the cash come along and south columbus street. it is worth noting the alexandria police 7-eleven. but no officers were on duty at the time. we are talking about donald trump in transition. the president-elect is in the international spotlight for a last-minute meeting. japan's prime minister, shih-tzu shinzo abe, is reworking his scheduled to meet with him.
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-- abe will likely warn trump that rejection of the deal could push them toward a deal with china. they are optimistic that president-elect trump will take the u.s.'s history of cooperation with japan into consideration. this is the first of two meetings today. we are telling you which governor trump plans to sit down has been in the headlines recently, and the position in his cabinet he could soon -- she could soon hold. larry: knew this morning, a message from a man in charge of montgomery county schools. >> m cps supports the rights of everyone to express themselves. this generates concern, though,
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in the school. it raises serious safety issues that require us to rethink the situation. larry: jack smith went on to say that students need to be kept safe. if students do not stay in school, they may face disciplinary action. autria: doctors diagnosed someone at la plata high school in charles county with tuberculosis. the county health department has not said if it is a student, will be no -- those who have been exposed will be tested at no cost. and a look at what sparked a food truck fire at george washington university. three employees were inside a falafel truck, one of them
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behind it when it burst into flames. >> we were scared. we were concerned about our livelihood and the people who were on the truck. > it was completely engulfed in flames. it was surreal. autria: it was one of the popular trucks on campus, and students are already donating money to get it running again and help the injured employee. larry: the common sleep problem that went undiagnosed. investigators think it went -- that it led to train wreck. and why this whopper of a
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autria: if diamonds are a girls best friend, then, ladies, this got a whole lot friendlier. take a look at this beaut. it is a whopping 187 carats, on
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ever been made available to the public. you can see it through february 16. veronica: i like that it is sitting on plain old rock. "look at me." look at us today. we will be gleaming because we have sunshine throughout the day. once the sun comes out, a little bit of sun glare, but with dry roads. sunshine and feeling great through the afternoon hours. the temperature goes up to about 60 degrees. 35 and sterling, remington coming in at 36. the wind is so light, mainly out of the north, northwest, now at 46, 48 in arlington virginia. -- in arlington, virginia.
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temperature goes up to 58 by recess time. 61 by drop off time. the high temperatures are coming our way tomorrow. the forecast for tomorrow, friday will wrap up the work week. unseasonably warm. even 70 in a few neighborhoods. a big holiday celebration. we dropped to 54, 53 between 8:00 and 9:00. julie: we are talkg we have them on the roads this morning. heads up if you are making your way in virginia as well as in greenbelt. we have accident activity on kenilworth avenue. heads up leaving the bw parkway headed northbound toward college park. and then typical delays expected outside college park toward silver spring. a crash in brandywine reported on the right side of the
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as a result of a crash that occurred yesterday afternoon. vdot is still out on the scene, along with dominion power. georgetown pike is shut down between springdale road and are back store road -- and utterback store road. we thinking they will get some lanes open for the morning commute. keep a close eye on your ride out to the west as well as 270. autria: police in prince william county are on alert with a string of crimes they think now by the related. -- now might be related. let it snow, let it snow, just
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. veronica: it is finally starting
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arriving on the west coast, bringing snow to the pacific northwest, the rockies, even parts of the northeast. the storms will remain in what is the least snowy decade -- the least snowy november in the last decade in the country. skiers are rejoicing in portland, oregon, with the first significant snowfall of the season. foot of snow. coming up in five minutes, this storm coming in for the start of our holiday. we will break down what it means for you if you are flying thanksgiving. larry: thanks. we will talk to you soon. new developments following two robberies in prince william county. police are hoping surveillance video will help them solve the
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took place at the ramada inn in triangle, the other at the quality inn in woodbridge. the suspects took off with cash. autria: investigators in new jersey believe sleep apnea played a role in the hoboken terminal train crash that killed a woman. officials say the conductor, thomas gallagher, was diagnosed with sleep apnea. new jersey transit confirms it has a sleep apnea dia the train was traveling twice the speed limit when it crashed into the terminal. larry: an incredible rescue caught on camera. a construction worker is thankful to be alive after being trapped in a collapsed trench. it happened yesterday afternoon in greenbelt. dirt quickly piled over his head, and workers rushed to clear it by hand so he could continue breathing. but his entire body remained trapped.
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monitor as crews worked for almost six hours to free him. >> he was great. he went through a series of emotions. we are fortunate he was able to survive. larry: the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to survive. autria: when you earn enough to build your dream home, you expect it to be much close to perfect. 7 on your side i-team tracked down new homeowners who are not happy with what they moved into. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we found multiple homeowners in our area who believe they are stuck after their builder would not correct the mistakes. they turned to 7 on your side. >> the ceiling is cracking all the way down. >> she brought a new house in white plains, maryland, for almost half $1 million.
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cracks, paint issues, issues with the flooring, the tiles, cracked cabinets, damaged casing, doors coming up. >> she now lives in a world of little blue pieces of tape. contractors call her house a smurf bomb. she is past her one year, and her contract only allows binding arbitration as a last resort. in other the builder to correct any mistakes. >> absolutely not. i would like to give it back. >> she is a homeowner has a major issue with the builder. you will be shocked to see what 7 on your side discovered living in this hole that leads inside a home in waldorf, maryland. our investigation was done in conjunction with the abc news
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similar stories from homeowners across the nation. the goal, to help them get the answers they need to resolve long-standing problems. my full investigation, "damaged dreams," tonight at 11:00. you have to see what we found in the hole in waldorf. larry: scott, we cannot wait. autria: you know there is good investigative work when abc news kind of hijacks the investigation. larry: thanks so much. autria: sun. veronica: but what i do not like is what follows for the second half of the weekend. i am going to get in my closet, pull out the heavy sweaters and heavier coats, and for the kids. the gloves, the scarf -- you will need them all. here is what we are tracking. we start out on the west coast
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day today. you can see some snow out west. look at the storm. a lot of snow down even toward denver. it organizes as it heads to the midwest. look at the rain -- chicago, memphis. that is for friday. by saturday, the storm is just west of us, producing rain through kentucky, and the cold air starts to come in. white is showing up on the map now. the snow, the rainov out at about 10:00. maybe with all the wind comes a few flurries that we can see around here, come late saturday night, sunday morning. 42 starting out, 61. a nice fall day with sun glare that we are going to be experiencing across the area. 61 and cool, light wind, no
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evening. julie: on the roads right now, a couple of accidents have popped up. this will be along northbound 30 one before the split on the right side of the highway. heads of working your way -- along northbound 301 before the split on the right side of the highway. mobile trak 7 and john lewis are out there showing live wires down blocking georgetown pike between springvale road and utterback store road. westbound is diverted at springvale. back to the maps. you will find the outer loop the capital beltway definitely below speed, college park edited to silver spring. right now it is a 23-minute
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west side of town near arlington boulevard. larry: coming up, a health alert at schools in our area. autria: sam sweeney is following this one. sam: the races is on to find out how many people were exposed to tuberculosis in a charles county, maryland, school. autria: first, a big brother being called a hero. remember this video yesterday? unbelievable catch by a nine-year-old.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: a home security camera catches the moment a baby falls off a changing table, and his big brother runs in to the rescue. >> in this morning's "gma first look," an amazing act of brotherly love caught on camera. watch as tina langley turns her back for just a moment, -- as
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just a moment, leaving her baby on the changing table. first the baby dangles his leg on the edge, then tumbles over. but the 30 pound infant is miraculously caught his older brother, joseph. >> i just ran and caught him, but i cannot even carry him, so i do not know how that happened. >> falling is one of the leading causes of infant injury, and it can happen anywhere. >> it was something that happened in a kid while half-asleep. we will have more of our
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announcer: now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: a major commuter route is reopening after being shut down for nearly 14 hours. larry: let's get to suzanne kennedy and mobile trak 7 for what we need to know this morning. suzanne: this really is good news. we had anticipated this roadway
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morning rush-hour. take a look at the scene. we are at the intersection of georgetown pike and springdale road. the road has been closed down overnight as utility crews did some work here. traffic is back flowing smoothly, and we are driving on torch down pike, one of the first cars to do that this morning. authorities had to -- we are driving on georgetown pike, one of the first cars to do that this morning. they have reopened this roadway and that will help commuters traffic was already heavy on route seven, but now things are back open at georgetown pike. julie wright is keeping an eye on the traffic elsewhere. she is standing by with those details. julie: good morning, suzanne. now that all lanes are open, hopefully we will get things back to normal inbound on seven. all lanes are now open. a neutral spot. this is the inner loop of the capital beltway approaching
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side of the highway. heads up on the inner loop of the beltway as you try to work your way through annandale. we will bring you live pictures within the next 10 minutes. coming out of brandywine, 301 northbound at the split, an accident on the right side. the ride to and a deal. right now, veronica johnson, it is still chilly but warmer. veronica: temperatures will take a plunge this weekend. it will be 20 degrees colder from one day to the next. but until then, we are going up. today, about 60 degrees. 40 degrees by 8:00 a.m., as we come out of the 30's, a little chilly.
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in all for saturday with cloud cover waiting until moving into the area about 4:00, 5:00, with rain chances about 6:00. a little bit of rain. 67 is the high. 46 on sunday. it looks like it will be very windy on sunday. we could see a few flakes with some flurries. there will be cold air coming in with rain moving out. larry: we wl happening right now, a health alert in charles county. autria: officials are trying to find out how someone at la plata high school contracted tuberculosis. sam sweeney, we understand there is one other critical can't sing -- there was one other critical question to answer. sam: this morning the race is on to find out if anyone else was exposed. it is unclear if it was a student or teacher who has tuberculosis, but the health department in charles county
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this is a disease that is usually transmitted through sneezing and coughing. you can catch it in the air. it is not something you catch by using someone else's utensils are being -- or being in the cafeteria with them. the school says that if you may have been in contact with the person, you will receive an email from the school, there will be a consent form, and you will be tested next week. the most cases in our area because of the immigrant population. the disease is easily treatable with antibiotics, and it does affect the lungs. if you have any concerns, you can call the charles county health department. there is nothing to worry about right now if you do not get one of those letters. from charles county, maryland, i am sam sweeney. autria: breaking this morning,
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d.c. were called out for an actual -- for an electrical fire. crews tell us the fire was never big, but the rowhouse did go up in smoke. two people are displaced, but no one was hurt. jummy: 7 is on your side with good news about your child's safety. car booster seats are getting better at protecting your children. according to the -- 48 of the highest rating. two models, the cost code easy elite and the high back were not recommended. a reminder that kids who sit on booster seats are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash than just using a seatbelt.
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after a pregame twitter were between the capitals and penguins, things are only getting worse. the caps took to the ice and spanked the visitors, and they spanked them hard. the caps scored a season-high seven goals. the points scored just one. alex ovechkin finally snapped his four-game scoreless streak. they will meet again in january. autria: sticking with sports, talk abo
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autria: order for nationals pitcher max scherzer, an award winner -- a cy young award winner for best pitcher in the league. he is a happy young man this morning. he is also the strikeout king in all of baseball, with an incredible 284 batters. he is the first nats pitcher to win the award. and we have got him. larry: congratulations.
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veronica: we have some fantastic weather on tap for today, in fact for the rest of the work week. even saturday. i am so thrilled about the weekend, saturday. we have mostly clear skies, 34 to 45. 30's in the outlying suburbs, 45 closer to d.c.. watched and today, we should hit 60 degrees. around 1:00, as we get into the afternoon hours, temperatures will take a dip by the afternoon and evening. look at that clear sky. one thing i wanted to talk about for the evening is that we will have, late tonight and the early part of the day tomorrow, showers peaking. the only issue is, we coming off the super moon, the moon still waiting a bit, very bright in the sky.
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weekend, 67, all the way down into the 40's. the windchill will be in the 30's throughout the day on sunday. julie: on the roads in virginia, this is a hotspot, the inner loop of the capital beltway. as you travel north from springfield headed to annandale, this is where we had the accident activity. we had a flatbed tow truck on the scene respond to a crash, inner loop, mainline blocking the left lane. emergency scene while they retrieve the accident vehicle. on the inner loop, we are already seeing a backup forming from 236 north to tysons corner. on the outer loop, all of your lanes are open. another hot spot is 301 through brandywine. big-time apps from sub station
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is backed up because of a disabled train. autria: breaking right now, a -- >> i can tell you right now, we're standing where anyone was attacked by a bear late last night. that woman, non-life-threatening injuries. but we are learning more at this hour about where the bear is located. stay tuned for that coming up. john: anti-trump protests. hundreds of unexcused absences in maryland in d.c., another --
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autria: 640 -- 6:45 now. days of protests, and now the message is enough is enough. larry: john gonzalez is live with the message going out to every student in montgomery county today. john, good morning. john: school officials in
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to call this truancy yet, but they are ordering students to stop these protests and stay in school, or face disciplinary action, this after three consecutive days of rallies in maryland and d.c. yesterday it was students at richard montgomery in rockville. other students joined in on the walkout and the rallies. th was one ugly moment yesterday when a richard montgomery sophomore wearing a trump at was knocked to the ground, punched, kicked, and suffered a head injury. the juvenile assailant is facing second-degree assault. superintendent jack smith says we are done. >> m cps support everyone's right to assemble and express themselves, but these demonstrations have
6:47 am
-- have unfortunately demonstrated solid concerns to when students are threatened or injured as part of a protest, it raises serious safety issues that require us to rethink the situation. john: hundreds of not thousands of students have already received excuse as this is -- excused absences this week. superintendent smith is also condemning postelection vandalism at different schools around the county, saying mcps will not tolerate messages or behavior. reporting live in rockville, john gonzalez, good morning washington. larry: happening today, two critical meetings for donald trump. he is set to meet with north carolina -- with south carolina governor nikki haley. she and trump will meet along with former secretary of state henry kissinger and rick scott, among others. she has been widely praised for
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hurricane matthew. and japan is -- japan's prime minister, shinzo abe, will meet with trump in new york. he would likely try to salvage what is left of the transpacific trade partnership, which trump has condemned. he said on the campaign trail he would like to kill it. autria: spoke at the museum last night in her first public appearance since her concession speech. she admitted it was hard for her to show up, but she came with a message that everyone needed to hear. mrs. clinton: the divisions run deep, but please listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values, and never, ever
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. she started her career as an intern at that organization. happening right now, a woman attacked by a bear, and the animal is still on the loose. mollie cockrill is live in middletown where it all happened. what is the latest? -- mollie cochran is live in middletown where it all happened. what is the latest? >> we do not have reports of the confirmed bear shooting, but i can tell you that is surely what it sounded like. last night late, a woman was attacked by a mother bear, at about 11:00, right in her driveway. i want to describe the scene very briefly. notice it is overlooking, a highly wooded area. it reminds me of where i grew up when i was a little kid. we talked to a representative who was out here trying to track down the bear.
6:50 am
believe is the actual bear that attacked the woman. they were using radio waves to try to get a sense of where the bear is. like i said, we heard the loud noises just a few moments ago. we are getting -- waiting for confirmed reports. we will have more on that coming back. back to you in the studio. autria: thanks for the updates. bear sightings are also causing scares in prince william county. this month, two bear sightings have forced students inside. at haymarket elementary, the second scare this month. what appeared to be a mother bear and her cubs forced students inside at nearby buckland mills elementary. larry: today we are talking
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when they are a danger to your home. horace, you found a way for one of our viewers to solve their tree troubles. horace: do you know how expensive it is? larry: yeah, i have been there. horace: we help consumers find just the right bid at the right price. for the 21 years they have lived re -- >> it started as a little thing, and then it started going sideways. i am afraid it will take out our shed. horace: other limbs need to be trimmed off. when they heard about the 7 on your side project, offering homeowners saving money on projects like this, they signed up.
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but also help them identify low prices. horace: consumers checkbook went to work, calling tree care experts, setting up appointments, taking bids. they shopped nearly 10 different companies, and this is what they found. >> there is a very wide range. horace co the top bid was -- horace: by shopping around, consumers checkbook >> we could have gone and paid $3000 with the first person we had found. that was crazy. horace: you can save money on doctors visits or dental work for your pet. tomorrow we are going to fix the smile of a cute little dog. wait until you see remi.
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for that. horace, thank you. veronica: i like that horace is doing this. how about a nice warm coat? if you do not have one, go get one because you will need this weekend. they change is our way. today, warm temperatures, in the 60's. 61 by 1:00. the evening is not too bat either. sunshine throughout the area today. we have early part of saturday, then rain from 5:00 or 6:00. then there will be a 23-degree temperature drop that will feel again 35-degree temperature drop with all the win. they could bring down some small branches. the windchill will be awfully low, with highs anywhere from 41 to 46 degrees across the area. let's take a look at your 10-day forecast.
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your thanks giving, right there with the turkey, 56 with some passing showers and wind. julie: on the road at this hour, you are looking at bumper-to-bumper traffic. 301 coming out of brandywine, pushing up to the split, a crash on the right side. also on the beltway, we are looking for a crash on the inner loop. definitely a slowdown here, and you can see one police officer is still on the scene left shoulder. southbound 270 leaving gaithersburg heading to the link divide, that is where we had the incident on the right side of the road. delays coming out of germantown. the beltway at van dorn street, a crash at telegraph road. a huge backup, unusual at the sour heading to the springfield interchange. also route 1 before the occoquan, this crash in the far left lane. back in the next 10 minutes, i will take that ride.
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kidd, what is going on "in the now"? kidd: have you ever received a text from the wrong person? a woman texted a person she thought was her grandson and invited him to thanksgiving. when jamaal asked who she was texting, she said it was your grandmother. he asked for a picture. >> i think it is crazy that people can actually connect and be so nice to each other, with people they do not even know. kidd: what a great story. "usa today" reports that she is
6:56 am
he -- he did not want him to be alone on thanks giving. she had to text that she had to change your phone number, though, because he provided it with a screenshot. [laughter] time now for your express. mrs. clinton: there are times this past week that i wanted to curl up with my dogs and a good look and never leave the house again. john: school officials in montgomery county are not ready to call this truancy yet, but they are ordering students to stop these protests and stay in school, or face disciplinary action. sam: one person was diagnosed
6:57 am
it is unclear if that was a student or a teacher. larry: a construction worker is thankful for being alive after being stuck in a collapsed trench. >> he was grateful. he went through a series of emotions. molly: a woman was attacked by what we believe was a mother bear. larry: the search for a bear, and we search for our traffic situation as well, coming up. autria: we are heading over to
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th all day breakfast. . good morning, america. hillary clinton breaks her silence. speaking for the first time since her loss to donald trump. >> this isn't the easiest thing for me. >> as donald trump fights back against a transition in sur mile. now henry kissinger heading to here live with the inside story. breaking overnight, a deadly gas explosion. a blast going off in the middle of a town square. destroying buildings, shattering glass, killing at least one person. 11 rushed to the hospital. >> just a big boom. >> now, investigators are on the scene. >> abc news exclusive, former fox news star and miss america, gretchen carlson speaking out about sexual harassment. the unwanted advances she said


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