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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the other babies that she had. >> [ gasps ] no, this woman is like a pit bull with a piece of meat. >> there isn't a friendship anymore, and there shouldn't have been one anyway. >> this is really the only negative experience i've ever negative experience i've ever had. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution announcer: that is "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. >> please help me. please come now. please come now. send i'm being attacked by this bear. he is coming back. jonathan: you can hear the fear in her voice. abc7 has just gotten a 911 call from a bear attack in maryland. we have been following the story since its happened last night. >> the 63-year-old victim has a broken arm, 80 stitches and other injuries. michelle: the bear was tracked down and killed. kevin lewis is live in frederick county. this is a scary as it gets.
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63-year-old karen osborne was walking down the driveway with her dog when she got in between a mother bear and three cubs. this happened at 9:00 last night. it was pitch black dark out here. that reported 200-pound bear thrashed miss osborne onto the pavement here. at one point she managed to pick up her cell phone that was in her pocket and dial 911. police on the scene in 15 minutes. the d.n.r. set up overnight. when that didn't work, officers opted to shoot and euthanize the mother bear. it also used a nonlethal tranquilizer dart on one of her three cubs pictured here. they were relocated to a more rural area. but get back to her 911 call. here is how the terrifying conversation started. >> frederick county, 911. what is the address of the emergency?
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>> what attacked you? >> bear. he is still here. please help me. please come now. please come now. sent someone now. he has broken my arms and my legs. i can't move. i'm bleeding. i'm going to die. please hurry. >> we are sending help as san as possible. >> oh, my god. here he comes. my lord. please dear god, no. please dear hurry. kevin: that phone call went on for 12 minutes in total. maryland d.n.r. said it was formed in the 1920's and says this is the first bear attack on any of the files. miss osborne is in the hospital with puncture wounds, broken arms and 80 stitches in total and she is expected to
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with -- all new at 5:00, an interview with her son-in-law. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. alison: now breaking newts. four dead in a home in stafford. jonathan: police are on the scene in windsor forest subdivision. stephen tschida just got there. there appears to be no threat to others. what are police telling you this? this is a horrible discovery. stephen: that is all they are telling us. very little information coming out of the crime scene active situation here in stafford county. we had video from above, from sky track 7 that showed how active the scene was. we know that the call came in this morning. we know that investigators found four bodies inside this home. we spoke with the neighbors. they say an older couple lived in this home or lives in this home with the adult son, his wife and the younger couple's two children. the question now for the
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is dead inside that home. this is what one neighbor had to say when she discovered the scene today. >> i just brought the dogs for a walk and the next thing i see are cop cars and police tape. i didn't know what was going on. we knew nothing. it's complete shock. >> now the mother, the older mother well known in this community. well known in the homeowners association. o often seen gardening. many people here knew or know that woman. again, awaiting information here on how the individuals died and who among six people who lived in the home is dead. also, investigators stressing there is no threat to the community. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks. this is something we are just getting in the newsroom. a former teacher at cloverly elementary school in silver
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police say three more students now accused him of sexual abuse. he has already been charged with fondling two 11-year-old students. he has been rearrested. michelle: time is running out to share your best fall foliage pictures. andre sent this to us by the potomac river. it's beautiful there in upper marlboro over the weekend. send us your pictures to it's not just because the leaves trees but because it is not going to be that warm outside much longer that we are urging you to send pictures as soon as you can. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill has details about the big chill on the way. doug: a lot of leaves are blowing off the strees saturday and sunday because of a strong cold front. at the moment it's delightful. late afternoon sunshine. clear skies. 61 in hagerstown, leesburg and fredericksburg. 62 in annapolis.
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capital. once the sun goes down at 4:53, the temperatures are dropping quickly. we are in the lower 60's. by 7:00 we are in the upper 40's. we slide to the mid-to-upper 30's in most areas by tomorrow morning. through the they tomorrow, nothing but sunshine. look at this. late afternoon is near 70 degrees. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, i'll be out at tysons. christmas tree lighting. big deal we do every year with the i heart radio. santa will steve rudin will be here and i'll be there and talk about what a beautiful day it was. back to you. alison: looking forward to that. thank you so much. the trump transition is picking up steam with vice president elect mike pence on the hill as donald trump preparing for his new job. hold back-to-back high powered meetings from trump tower. we have when he might have the cabinet picks. reporter: the transition from obama administration to a
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president elect trump laying low in trump tower hosting nearly nonstop meetings. today likely focused on foreign policy. with victims from south carolina governor nikki haley, former secretary of state henry kissinger and he hosted prime minister abe from japan. the meetings continue but sources tell abc news it's full of internal fighting and disarray, something team trump denies. >> we are wa schedule. >> mike pence, also the man in charge of his transition team is back at the old stompings ground in washington. >> it's humbling to me to be back in a room i spent 12 years as a member of congress. reporter: snagging a selfie with republican congress members tweeting they are going to shake things up in washington. >> we'll move an agenda that will rebuild the military. revive the economy. >> he met with someone he considers a worthy adversary. nancy pelosi. the under can democratic
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they -- the democratic leader in the house. >> you know the territory. >> president obama's final trip overseas as head of state is dominated by the question of trump and his readiness for office. >> if you are not serious about the job, then you won't be there very long. >> when asked when we would hear more about trump's cabinet the team said around thanksgiving. that is when the other newly elected pre first choices. abc7 news. jonathan: part of the transition includes member of the president obama administration preparing for what comes after january 20. ahead of that, james clapper, the director of the national intelligence formally submitted his resignation. clapper long planned to retire and he has been serving in the role since 2010. so when it comes to handling the upcoming trump presidency, students have protested what is more than a week now.
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now school officials across the area are starting to take a hard line stance when it comes to ditching class. alison: letters and e-mails are going out to parents and students to warn them of the consequences for the action so this is the subject of the abc7 instapoll today. should students stop protesting? jonathan: very curious to hear what you have to say. head to you can weigh in and the results show up at the bottom of the screen. michelle: let's read out the options to choose from. yes, they have made a point. no, never stop. all right. right now we go to richard reeve in frederick. richard: well, superintendents are calling for the staunts to stand -- students to stand down and calm down. stay in school or face discipline. all this after at least three days of the street demonstrations we have been showing you. we have video for you here. of course we have seen thousands of students on the
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protesting about the current political environment. they are not happy. montgomery county, they have essentially said that you folks have to stay in school. we have a school to run and you have to do learning here. there is especially a concern because of a young sophomore, a trump supporter who is assaulted, allegedly by another student. kicked, thrown to the ground. injured in the head. his alleged assailant now faces assault charges. in frederick co physical stuff but there were verbal situations, students in a hall way shouting "build a wall." the student -- the superintendent says it is important to express opinions but not to be abuseive or hurtful. >> taking the passion and help the students direct it and learn how to participate in the conversations that are an essential part of what a democracy is about.
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another student, muslim to remove her head scarf. because she feared for her friend's safety. coming up at 5:00, we will hear about what parents think about all of this. in frederick, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. you can see all of our coverage of the trump transition and the protest in one place, just log on to the website we have an update to a story we broke 234 ours ago -- 24 hours ago. e the middle of the campus. three people were injured in the fire. abc7 went digging into the food truck's history to see if it was up to code. here is what q mccray found along with the cause of the fire. q: george washington university students won't forget this scene anytime soon. the falafel bus going up in smoke. flames raging. today only burn marks remain on the pavement what they call food truck row, h street.
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the time are still at the hospital. but they are expected to live. two of them, a man and a woman, are in critical condition. firefighters now say refueling caused the fire. the generator was filled while still open for business. that is illegal according to the city law. we caught other food trucks doing the same today. we did digging for violations. in d.c. the food trucks have to pass a safety check and health inspection. the falafel bus met bo through september 30, 2018. we gave its owner a call and left a message. for the students the falafel bus is gone, but definitely not forgatten. for not forgotten. they started a go fund me page for the owner. the goal was $5,000. they surpassed that. the goal now is $10,000. in foggy bottom, q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the city council that wants to make it legal to kill cats.
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ratings in 2008, only a quarter of the seats we rated got the top rating. this year 48 out of 53 got the top rating. alison: a booster seat boost. the reason it's easier for parents to pick the right seat for the kids. michelle: a little later, black friday is now a week away. "7 on your side" with the online tools that will help
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r doctor right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or if you develop any allergic symptoms including itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. so, stop taking victoza? and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems.
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brianne: i'm brianne carter at the "live desk" with breaking news regarding metro. just getting word in the last ten minutes metro is working as of this afternoon to pull off of the 4,000 series rail cars from the system. metro says there are 41 married pairs or 82 of those on the system. and they reliable of those six legacy fleets that are out there on the system right now. this is all amid a safety concern. the general manager saying that the accident being taken out of an abundance of caution. they believe that the risk hear is small. they say they -- the risk here is small. they are unwilling to take any safety concern. this is the speed and the distance between the trains or any resksh the risk -- the
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eight car trains on the system. they are beginning to pull them as of 3:30 this afternoon. they say in future you may see some of the 4,000 series rail cars cars in the center of a train. you currently see those with the 1,000 rail cars and you could see it in the future. they say the problem of the speed and the distance regarding some sort of risk with any collision, they do not see it when it is not the lead car in a train. so you could see them in the center cars of a we are continuing to follow breaking news. we will have more throughout the night. back to you in the studio. jonathan: thanks. big development. there are so many car booster seats out there, it is hard to know which is safest for the children. michelle: as of today it's getting easier because the insurance institute for highway safety released latest report on the life-saving seats. alison: lisa fletcher has details. it can be complicated right now to pick out the best seat. lisa: there are so many on the market.
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up. they are listening to the iihs and others and they are remodeling most booster seats to make them the safest that have been on the market. what used to be a confusing and a stressful choice for parents among the mix of safe and unsafe booster seats is now remarkably easier. >> when we first started ratings in 2008 only a quarter of the seats we rated got a top rating of best bet. of the 503 got the rating. lisa: manufacturers have been listening to the recommendations and now more than 20% of the seats -- 90% of the seats have improved guide for the lap and shoulder belt that it properly positions the restraint on a child in the event of a crash. this greco seat is one of the best bet winners. >> for the lap belt we look for it to sit at the top of
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the shoulder, not riding up on the neck or the face. >> in the event of a crash, if the belt is on the child's stomach it can cause serious and fatal interim -- internal injuries. the problem with this costco seat. >> this is one of the two not recommended seats on the booster list this every year. i will show you what the problem is. >> the lap belt is too high up here on the belly. what we are looking for, for it to be flat across the th >> kids in the proper booster seats are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash that kids who are just wearing a seat belt alone. >> the insurance institute's best bet rating icon looks like this. many of the manufacturers put it on their box. go to the website, we will link you to the iihs list of the best booster seat and the mobile app. they have the information handy when you are shopping. >> thank you. abc7 is on traffic watch.
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jamie? jamie: a slow one. a lot of issues. we starting off on an accident in the inner loop in virginia with the left lane partially blocked. heading north from tysons we have lowing here but it's heavier -- we have slowing here but it's heavier. this is partially blocking our lane, slowing us down significantly more than we would be. here is a picture, just past this point. video, actually. this is at bradley boulevard. you can see how congested we we still don't loosen up. we are on the brakes continuing to maryland. big picture look, a lot of red. we are seeing heavy traffic in d.c. we will start with the crash. alabama avenue at naylor road. all lanes completely blocked. this accident involving a pedestrian. we have a building fire closing down pennsylvania avenue southeast between 2nd and 3rd. you can use d street as an alternate. live look at 395, passing by the pentagon. a lot of sun glare we are
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alison: thank you. take a look, the finishing touches are applied to the ice sculptures at an exhibit in belgium. artists have been working on the sculptures for quite a while now. the theme of the exhibit is climate change. so the artists say they are carving pieces to raise awareness. one artist says his work will focus on wildlife affected by climbed change. the exhibit opens on saturday. and will be open until january. that is beautiful. jonathan: they have chil a while. that stuff would melt quick here. alison: right now. doug: a lot of things going on here. we'll start with the big changes still in order. mild the next couple of days and it will get cold. maybe a few flurries. get you started now with what we are dealing with around the area now. we look at live at the national harbor. capital wheel spinning? kind of. looks good. clear skies. 61 now at the reagan national airport. tomorrow at this time it might
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real deal. unfortunately to go with the warmth, past couple of months, exceptionally dry. now parts of the area are under a drought. moderate drought. officially now for part of the district. arlington, fairfax, loudoun, montgomery county, howard and frederick county. more through orange county and southwest. we have had not much rain here in the past couple of months. since september 1, we are sitting at five inches below the average rainfall at washington dulles and the reagan national. a little bit any showers in the forecast for next days won't do anything to lower it by much. the numbers tonight and the forecast continues. a trend of clear weather drops through the 50's and through the oh's overnight. on the surface we have mild air tomorrow. 70. mild through the midday on saturday. then it will change again. the big cold front we talk about moves in late saturday afternoon. that will drop the temperatures, give us gusty
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us. highs in the mid-40's. strong gusty winds and a few snow flurries. well, do you wonder what the winter weather is like here? how much snow? we are thinking about it, too. tomorrow at 5:00 on abc7 news we will give you a winter weather outlook for upcoming winter. look ahead to the next ten days and then the trivia question. warm tomorrow, mild saturday. big change saturday and sunday. we get to early next week the weather conditio down to seasonal temperatures. the pattern is looking like the showers we watch for next week may come in wednesday evening or wednesday night. good news for thanksgiving day. it should be partly sunny in the mid-50's. keep the weather, the chilly weather partly cloudy through the middle or the end of next week. ready for trivia? here is the question on this thursday. when was the first snowfall last winter? define snowball. the first measurable snow is the first time we had .1 of an inch or more at reagan
4:24 pm
january 4? december 12? january 20? as always, no googling allowed. we will come back to give you an answer. jonathan: folks at home can google if they want. doug: i will know if they are. jonathan: we had a blizzard last year. doug: yes, we did. michelle: factor that in. yeah. alison: see you in a bit. still ahead at abc7 news at 4:30 -- a murder investigation gone cold. for nearly a month. a message to the dark will come to light. and god does not like ugly. alison: we'll show you what little evidence police found so far coming up. michelle: plus a horse attacked by a dog but it's who the dog belongs to raising questions in virginia tonight. a police k9. the department's response and an update on the young colt
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jonathan: it kind of goes withouts saying. alison: the "7 on your side," tell investigator scott taylor they are not happy with what they moved into. michelle: he joins us with details to the investigation damaged dreams. >> a big mess across the country.
4:28 pm
multiple home openers in our area who believed they were stuck after the builder would not correct mistakes. >> she bought a new house for almost $500,000. >> settlement crack, paint issues, issues with the flooring, with the tile, cracked casings. doors come apart. >> she now lives in a world of little blue pieces of tape. contractors call her house a smurf bomb. brooks says each piece of the tape marks an imperfection created by the builder. she is past her one-year parnty and her con -- warranty and her contract only allows binding arbitration as a last resort. she can't sue her builder to
4:29 pm
>> we'll see tonight at 11:00, discovered discovered in this hole that leads to more. >> the investigate unit gathered similar stories from homeowners across the nation. to he need to fix long standing problems. you have to see what we found in the hole in waldorf. >> the search for a killer and a mother's broken heart message to the suspect in the
4:30 pm
they track down in leads in a case that have gone cold. >> confirmed case of tuberculosis at a local school. more than 300 students and staff will be tested but not until next month.
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doug: we are 20 minutes from sunset where the temperatures will drop more quickly. by tomorrow morning with clear skies and light winds we are getting as low as we can go given the air mass. mid-to-upper 30s in suburban areas. 32 in manassas with a cold spot. 3 in la plata. 43 in downtown washington tomorrow. at the bus stop for friday. bright and sunny. chilly. 43 in pickup time. 64 in the afternoon. 70 in dismissal ti beautiful day all through the afternoon. the weekend will be mild. 67, but the showers are possible. cold front late in the afternoon. sunday is like winter. partly cloudy, windy, chilly, 46 and a few flurries in the air. flurries the trivia question was when was the first measurable snowfall last winter. that means .1 or more measured at reagan national airport. 128 of december, 4 of january
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jonathan: you go first. michelle: january 4. jonathan: i was going to say the same thing. doug: you know what? jonathan: we are both wrong. doug: you are wrong again. michelle: again! doug: january 17 we had a massive .3 of an inch here. the plows were out. it was crazy! jonathan: wrong! doug: steve rudin will have a detailed look at the weekend in 12 minutes. jonathan: thank you, doug. feeling good about myself. michelle: on a roll. lebron james is stepping up wi african-american history an culture. he is contributed $2.5 million to support the muhammad ali exhibit. robert burton takes us inside the exhibit at 5:50. jonathan: a police k9 it in virginia blamed for a vicious attack against a colt. baby horse. upper marlboro county police officer jogging with her four-legged partner when they got to the pasture where the colt was.
4:35 pm
and lunged at the colt and attacked. they turned turned the shock cor to the highest setting but the dog would not back off. >> the dog attacked the colt. i didn't realize the damage on the phone until i got here. jonathan: the damage was extensive. the dog ripped a gash in the hind quarters of the got. the got had to go through two and a half hours of surgery with more than 50 stitches to repair the wound. the police are treating this the same way if it involved a is still on its beat or what is happening. we will let you mow when we find out. michelle: it's almost a month ago when banks was shot and killed. the murder suspect or suspects are still on the loose. brad bell has bank's mother emotional message to the killer and those who might have information leading to them. brad: lydia says her daughter tried to do everything right.
4:36 pm
high school as student government president. going to college full time. attending e.m.t. classes at night. >> my daughter was an all-around wonderful person. brad: a young woman with a bright future. taken from her mother and loved ones. murdered october 19 as she sat in a car with her boyfriend in upper marlboro. our cameras were there at the crime scene. to see him load in an ambulance. >> i'm hurt. i'm angry. i'm totally at >> the young couple just returned to alyssa's neighborhood when it happened. parked on the prince place when several people police believe were intent on a robbery approach. the young man was able to get out of the car and run. he was shot and wounded as he fled. the gunman shot and killed alyssa as she sat in her mother's car. >> police have few leads. so today, lydia banks asked to speak directly to her
4:37 pm
>> whoever did this heinous crime, i pray you come to justice. whatever goes on in the dark will come to light. god does not like ugly. brad: there is a $25,000 reward for leading to the arrest and to mother's peace. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: at least 300 students and the teachers at la plata high school are going to have to be tuberculosis. the group may have been exposed to the disease by one person confirmed to have t.b. charles county is working with the school to isledfy those who should be receive -- identify those who should be receiving testing and they will contact them and it will take place december 5. a lot of black friday deals, hard to believe are one week away. michelle: yeah. after stuffing yourself with the thanksgiving meal you can walk it off by shopping for some of the deals. jonathan: that is how you do
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just fall asleep. lindsey mastis shows us where to look for the deals. lindsey: we are use to seeing the black friday deals online and in the mail but how can you fell if it's bargain, with the electronics and the clothing. according to wallet hub, 11% of the deals are the same as last year. they put together this guide to figure out who has the best deal. number one is macy's with 60% of discounts. a lot of deals online you want to make sure they are legit. the b.b.b. put together a holiday helper. check out the retailers to see in any other shoppers had trouble with them in the past. a 150 million people went shop something you have competition. you will need to strategize. back to you. jonathan: 150 million people with the same idea on friday.
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in. jonathan: 60% off, how can you beat deals like that? michelle: wait until cyber monday. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- d.c. has a cat problem. first we tell you about the rats and now it's the cats. if they are officially classified as a nuisance that is bad news for strays. what it means that you can do to a cat you see wandering. we'll tell you what it means. michelle: this is a monet from his grain stack series. we showed this to you yesterday before it went on record setting winning bid. we will tell you about it
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michelle: heard of a siamese fighting fish? this is what we are talking about. it has the colors of the thai national flag. jonathan: cool fish. how much would you pay for it? it auction. it's a fish. get this. bred by a convenience store owner who expected only to get about $100 for the fish. he got $1,500. >> it would be gorgeous in the fish tank. jonathan: i don't have a lot of luck with fish. michelle: me neither. couple weeks if i'm lucky. jonathan: goldfish. updating a story from yesterday. michelle: your favorite piece of art. jonathan: this is the monet that went on the auction block
4:43 pm
get big bucks. they did. michelle: the forecast was for them to bring in $45 million. it nearly doubled that going for $81.4 million. that is more than the previous record. jonathan: they call it a haystack but it looks like a cupcake. michelle: or a volcano. depending what you see. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the world record bungee jump across the pond. did. from 230 feet up. he makes a flash. but a little one. we will show it to you. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner. this is giselle. cat advocates are taking issue
4:44 pm
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jonathan: it happens fast. we will show it to you again. group of college student. ncaa track meet and they are all running around the field. you hear someone yell "watch
4:47 pm
they tag a runner and knock him off his feet. it happened in pennsylvania where they were running the race. this was like a division iii regional cross country championships. a big deal. but the herd of deer sprinting across the field absolutely uproot the one kid. you would think he gets hurt. what happens is one of his teammates comes, helps him up, gets him back on his feet and he finishes the race with only a bruise. he has a good story to tell. d.c. wants to call cats advocates fear that a bill could make it easier to euthanize the animals. cheryl conner has more on the possible changes. cheryl: the cat eyes are captivating and now they have caught the interest of the d.c. government. >> what are you doing? cheryl: the humane rescue alliance taking claws to a bill to put cats in a category. >> that they are a nuance and
4:48 pm
are left opened and more cats could be euthanized because there is no place to locate them. the city wants the department of if energy and the environment to manage feral cats. the cats staying here at the humane rescue alliance are not feral but the concern is they would be lumped together. there is no way to tell the difference between a feral cat and domestic one that just got out. >> giving a full other agency with no expertise on cats the ability to decide where and win it should happen. cheryl: one of the biggest concerns is jeopardizing the trap-neuter release program where the cats in communities are brought in to be sterilized and vaccinated and taken back and cared for by neighbors. >> at their discretion they can say any t.n.r. cat in this neighborhood has to go or you can't t.n.r. in this
4:49 pm
a possum in the tree. cheryl: the city wants to work with advocates on the language that will affect the future of the d.c. piercing eyes. in northwest washington, cheryl conner, abc7 news. >> how about this. your want to talk about precision? this is it. world record bungee dunk. michelle: that is not just a bungee jump but a dunk. here it is. jonathan: oh! michelle: here is slomo. when he took the 230-foot jump to dunk a biscuit in a cup of tea. jonathan: well-played. you can see the cameras around there. you can see the minimal splash. it was precise. it gets him in agings -- guinness book. who knew? michelle: imagine how many time he is had to practice that to nail it. jonathan: get steve rudin to
4:50 pm
steve: ahhhh! jonathan: he dropped the pist quit as soon as -- the biscuit as soon as he fell. steve: let me tell you, interesting but probably not going to happen. talk about the weather. so much to talk about over the coming days because we have a travel period, a busy travel period for thanksgiving. the everything forecast in the 50's. mainly clear skies. on the cool side. the sunset in three minutes. tomorrow looks fantastic. to 70 by the afternoon. grab your sunglasses. i guarantee with 100% certainty you will need them. thanksgiving parade in downtown silver spring. julie wright and brian van de graaff are going to emcee it. the temperatures will warm nicely to the middle 60s and the upper 60's as we move to the late afternoon hours. cold front late saturday and
4:51 pm
redskins football starts at 8:30. halftime the temperatures are in the upper 30's with the feels like temperatures in the middle 20's to 30. thanksgiving day looking at the temperatures around 55 degrees. black friday, busy day at the local stores. the temperatures in the middle 50's. nice sunshine. travel plans, saturday and sunday the following weekend looking good. talk about the travel times right now. jamie sull areas. i want to start with the wilson bridge on the inner loop. going from maryland to get into virginia. 9 miles per hour from branch avenue continuing to the accident activity. it's in the through lanes taking up two of the left lanes. the backup is a big one already. swinging the camera around to get a better idea how slow we are approaching. talk about another issue we have. building fire closing down
4:52 pm
z street is an alternate. you are traveling on alabama avenue getting ready to leave work, watch near nailor road that crash is involving a pedestrian. big picture. a lot of slowing. take a live look up near bradley boulevard. you can see how much slowing we have as you wrap around getting into silver spring. if you are heading to baltimore, take 95, b.w. baltimore crash near i-95 will slow you down. single digits. jonath coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a look at the disease affecting millions of americans. november is diabetes awareness month. >> i'm scared and nervous. >> real consequence of debilitating disease and three biggest risk factors for type ii diabetes. michelle: next week on monday
4:53 pm
event. secure i.d. day. the "7 on your side" will have reports in every newscast about what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of i.d. theft. we invite you to our data destruction event in falls church to bring your electronics for free destruction. go to for details. be sure to join us on monday for great advice to keep the
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alison: diabetes awareness month in partnership with the parent company. michelle: our responsibility. health matters. in tonight's sinclair cares report, we explain diabetes is a matter of life and death. benson is one of the 29 >> what i eat. >> like 9 it 0% of the people -- 90% of the people who had the disease, he has a chronic condition that affects the way insulin processes blood sugar. >> in type ii diabetes they have their own insulin still but related to aging or becoming overweight, or both, you become resistant to
4:57 pm
>> some people with type ii diabetes can control the blood sugar levels with the healthy eating and being active but many require medication to keep it in check. sam admits for years he didn't know how to take care of himself. >> so i. we for a while without taking meds. >> that took a toll. >> a heart attack, nerve damage and excruciating pain. >> tomorrow i have the and i'm scared. i'm nervous. >> but sam is determined to better manage his disease. he knows what the consequences can be. >> i know people that had amputation. guy i went to school with went blind. i'm not ready for that. >> sam is getting hemp from the local hospital -- help from the local hospital and
4:58 pm
heinz who works to educate people managing the diabetes. >> if it's slow, and you don't have anything around you to bring the sugar up you could potentially die. >> risk factors for type ii diabetes are overeight, over 45, physically inactive. african-americans and hispanics are particularly at high risk. sam has now found the strength to rehab an old row home. >> i'm very proud of the things of t two months to do this room. >> just like he is rehabbing his health. one step at a time. for sin carrie cares, i -- sinclair cares. alison: tonight, we're following a developing story. disturbing and a mysterious discovery. four bodies in a local home. >> please help me. please come now. please come now. please send someone now. oh, my god. hurry.
4:59 pm
night's bear attack. the victim trying to remain calm as the bear lurks nearby. sure sign of the holidays. devoted mother gets a surprise as she prepares for an annual meal fit for an entire police force. larry: glad you are with us. metro news to start with. brianne carter is live with why metro is pulling train cars. brianne: happening, right now they are pulling allt series from the metro system. you can see where it said the number of cars. that is where the folks look to see the elevator outage to see if it is an six or an eight-car train. impact to the riders. they will see the fewer eight-car train on the system. eunderstand in the last hour metro telling us they are pulling the 4000 series rail cars amid safety concern with the automatic train control system on the cars.
5:00 pm
another. failure of the system can potentially lead to a collision. metro says the risk of that is small. tonight the general manager saying it's a risk he is not willing to take knowing that safety is the top priority. what does it mean for riders? starting at 3:30 they started to pull the trains and it will take several hours to do so. fewer eight-car trains will be noticed. over the next couple of days. what you may see is the 4,000 of a train. they say this issue is caused when it's the lead car in a train. so how many of these are out on the system tonight? they are telling us there are 41 married pairs on the system. the process to remove them is underway right now. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. now we turn to a developing story out of stafford county. where four people were found dead in a hope there. larry: this happened happened ie


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