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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> former military intelligence chief michael flynn getting the nod as the national security adviser on the trump team. >> there is a lot of pieces of input for decision-making rather than just the one you are providing. >> flynn has been a fierce critic of obama foreign policy. mike pompeo from kansas is c.i.a. director, key challenger to hillary clinton. democrats are calin >> this is getting more and more disturbing. clear that donald trump is not trying to bring the country together. >> then mitt romney. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> the 2012 g.o.p. presidential candidate has had few kind words for trump and now they are mending fences with romney a possible secretary of state nominee visiting trump this weekend.
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to serve the new administration. i am humbled to be part of it. >> trump announcing he plans to nominate jeff sessions of alabama as attorney general. former d.c. chancellor is among those visiting trump this weekend. the president-elect spending the next few days at the trump national golf club and he tweeted he will be working hard there all weekend. maureen: thank you, rich. abc7 s president-elect trump transition to the white house. learn more about the appointments and who is under consideration for cabinet posts. on clique -- click "election." jonathan: trump, the real estate mogul will pay $25 million to settle claims that his real estate investment school was a fraud. trump repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. much of the $25 million will
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protests against trump explode from the peak a few days ago. we found a couple of dozen students marching at the national harbor this afternoon. part of the slowdown may be institutional. jonathan: you are looking at the video from inside the wise high school in upper marlboro where the principal and the security officers stopped the students from leaving campus today. they say studts campus. maureen: snowstorm moving in the northern plains after bringing an early taste of winter to colorado. the storm has moved northeast to nebraska, south dakota and minnesota. a foot of snow has fallen in some places.
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soon but the temperatures are about to plunge. stormwatch7 joins us with what is coming our way. steve? steve: it's looking good out there now for the everything and the overnight. the temperatures will fall in 50's. eventually the 40's under mainly clear skies. the temperature trend is a big change on the way. tomorrow's high in the upper 60's. compare it to sunday when we will be in middle 40's. that is part of the story. we have gusty winds and the wind chill factors that will be in the 2 expect for the redskins football game sunday night and the thanksgiving week travel outlook. all of that and more coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: see you then. we are hearing for the first time from the six baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death. you will remember he died in 2015 in police custody setting off protest and riots in baltimore. sergeant white called it devastating.
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and she faced financial problems but that wasn't the worst part for her. >> you know, that loss, the loss of his life, the loss of seeing property destroyed. that hurt. somewhere else and came to baltimore. this is home. jonathan: three officers charged were equited in the death and prompted them to drop charges against white and the other officers. alison: the metropolitan police department needs to work to update the outdated policies in the finding of an independent board tasked to examine the m.b.d. general
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jonathan: the arlington county sheriff office is going to pay to settle a discrimination lawsuit. a man deaf says he was held 40 days without interpreter. he sued under the american with disabilities act claiming they failed to provid services. the department is working to comply with the a.d.a. alison: still ahead at 6:00 -- that is not so. what happened that sent the football field worth of foam in the street of california. >> a new company opening locally for those lives forever changed and how they are making an impact coming up. jonathan: first, new information on a tragic story we have been following.
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jonathan: a person is dead as a result of a brush fire in southern virginia 80 miles south of roanoke near the north carolina border. victim was an elderly woman but so far they are not saying how she died. it's extinguished but authorities are on alert due to dry conditions. maureen: new information from the tragic story from northwest stafford. investigators identified the family killed in a murder-suicide that left four
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his wife and two young children yesterday and he called 911, reported there had been a murder-suicide and hung up the phone. buckley was dead when deputies arrived. he is a man who disappeared last year after leaving a computer lot and found a few days later saying he was overwhelmed. jonathan: the united states lifted the zika muslim but it doesn't mean the risk is over. the agency said it's preparing for the long-term respon the mosquito borne virus. it's been linked to neurological disorders to babies born to infected mothers. new at 6:00 for us -- >> i went to the barbershop myself. i didn't ask hey, can i get a haircut? jonathan: we have a great story coming up. local company to give freedom to those defending the nation. doug: behind me the tree in tysons corner. we are going to light it live
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"good morning washington" team is working on for monday morning. >> monday on mornhinweg -- "good morning washington" is how safe is your chip i.d. >> and we have the happy holiday hour. seven winners get $100 turkey bucks.
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jonathan: we are taking your calls. if you are making a major purchase take a second to get work done around the home and give them a call.
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jonathan: americans are driving again and they say this is due to a company that have found a glaring need for this. wounded warriors and others with disabilities are getting them back behind the wheel. >> bad feeling is something i can't describe. >> marine veteran is talking about the first time he drove on his own. >> after injuries he suffered in afghanistan left him paralyzed from the chest down. >> i went to the barbershop
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they have teamed up in business to help others get on the road. >> three, two, one. [applause] >> they opened a rehabilitation center in chantilly hoping to fill a gas in fairfax county. >> there are no services that provide a whole spectrum. training behind the wheel and the installation of equipment. >> this is changing lives. changing already forever changed. >> the modifications inside each vehicle are specific to an individual's need. a company says they hope the outcome is the same for everyone. >> i can go, come when i please. >> retired army sergeant is a double amputee and knows how it will be for the community. he had been driving a
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close to home to get services until now. in chantilly, brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: if you know there is a red light camera ahead does it make you show down, or feel safer? advocates say they "n.f.l. live"s." kimberly suiters looks at whether they help or hurt. that is tonight at 11:00. jonathan: thanksgiving air could get messier than usual. here is why i say that. 5,000 union airport workers are threatening to go on strike next week. the workers including baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and the janitors and cabin cleaners. they want $15 an hour wage. union says it won't shut down the airport but it will slow things down. maureen: these are incredible pictures. it looks like snow but it is not. this is the san jose airport. foam covering more than a
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suppression system. fire control. the system malfunction is blamed for filling an entire hangar and spilling out onto to the roadways. one person on a bicycle as you can see found out the hard way that the foam can be irritating. >> it's not like it's christmas. it has chemicals in it, you know? not the smartest guy in the world there. can you magicalling your boss, saying something happened -- can you imagine being the one hangar. steve: today, what a day. 70-degree reading at the airport. past november and thanksgiving is next week. the temperatures are out there and looking nice. upper 50's to the lower 60's. now that the sun has set. we are going to stay mild side. waking up tomorrow morning in the upper 30 to the 40's around 50 downtown d.c. tomorrow the morning hours will be nice starting in the
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clouds will roll in heading through the late afternoon hours. then a cold front. a strong cold front. you can see the skies darken from the west. once this moves by, the winds will change direction. out the north and the west and it will get mighty cold here. wind chill factors ahead of the front, not a problem as all. as we he look at the wind chill. they plummet to the lower 40's by 7:00. by 10:00 it are feel close to 30 degrees around the immediate metro area. wind gusts from 25 to 35 miles per hour. we could see gusts as high as 40. yes, cold enough air across western maryland. garrett and allegany county to look at snow for the day on sunday. here is the ten-day outlook.
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temperatures that are temperatures in the 30's. wind chill factorrers 10 degrees colder than that. mid-40's on monday. 50 on tuesday. travel day on wednesday. for thanksgiving. lower 50's. thanksgiving day around 55 degrees. we have the cold weather coming. that means only one thing. christmas can't be far away. our chief meteorologist doug hill is at tysons corner where they are going to light the christmas tree. doug? everybody is waiting here. we have been waiting for the cue. i will give it to them. it's chilly. start the countdown! >> nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two.
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>> my goodness, it's snowing! doug: it's snowing in the plaza! >> i love it! >> santa, it's a miracle. you made it snow in 70-degree weather! [cheering] >> merry christmas! lights on that. how long did you work on that? maureen: couple of days. tall ladders. jonathan: brilliant work. looks great. while we are talking about the season it's only fitting we talk about the ice hockey. robert: caps got momentum especially after what they did in the penguins. rest in peace. and caps hosting the red wings tonight. with epreview that. and it's friday. high school football.
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robert: there is a lot of momentum for the caps after beating the penguins. they are expecting a big game for alex ovechkin. he has had a good career against the red wings.
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five-game home stand. the puck drops at 7:00. playoffs in high school. week two. scott abraham is there for it. what do we have this week? scott: i can't wait for the high school football game tonight. this is a rivalry slowdown. two schools are separated by a couple of miles. stone bridge ready to face broad run in the 5a north they knew it in bulldog country. every player gets their own poster on the fence line. look at this. we are 30 minutes away until opening kickoff. in the student section is already absolutely packed. they are ready to go to
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they are handing out the dog bones. it's coming to your desk. robert: thank you. i feel special. you never want to see someone get carted off the field in any sport. but last night was tough to watch. kansas linebacker luke kuechly and afterwards he tears up. he is going through the concussion protocol and he wants everyone to know he is final note, the redskins receiverer desean jackson is listed as questionable against green bay. shoulder injury. jonathan: he is one of the toughest in the nfl so you know it was bad. maureen: what do we have to look forward to? steve: a mild day tomorrow with the temperatures in the middle to the upper 60's. it's a small bounce from there. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is next.
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms


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