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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 23, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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good morni . this morning on world news now. travel getting tricky. the mad dash is looking to beibe ic complicated by a new storm system. >> and donald trump his stance. hear why he's backing off a threat to hillary clinton. and the turkey's not even defrosted yet. the race is already on for black friday. >> door buster items already on sale. we'll show you the deals you should jump on now and those you can wait on. and the coronation ceremony is complete. we have a new champion, but it was a champion we thought would always be.
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mirror ball trophy last night, a complete wrappup and the skinny, it's wednesday, november 23rd, vanilla ice, ice, and rick perry. >> on the ones and twos. ? ? >> yes. ? ? from abc news, this is from abc news, this is world news now. >> anything less than the best is a felony. >> come on. >> we were getting >> she's like, really? can i go back to d.c.? this is really kind of awkward, but, good morning. good wednesday morning. it is the day before thanksgiving. the big story. >> speaking of ice, ice baby. >> hala. >> we're talking about the severe weather. nearly 50 million americans hit the roads. storms will make for unsafe conditions in the northwest.
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concern is the volume of travelers who will pack those roads and airports. >> she's a little bit embarrassed to be with us. >> dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. >> you can put that on in the car. >> wherever you are traveling this weekend, you could expect to run into some of those traffic jams, even playing some vanilla ice jams and travel holidays. but some areas like the midwest and parts of the south will likely be worse with up to five inches of snow and slick roads as millions of people head out. >> reporter: winter weather advisories and weekend travel woes. that's what many can look forward to as travel for the holiday is expected to hit a nine-year high. as usual, whether you're preparing for takeoff or taking
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predict today to be one of the worst. tsa hiring new officers and hiring new k-9 teams. >> focus is on-screening operations hour by hour at the top 30 airports. >> reporter: faster security lanes rolled out in new jersey, chicago, and l.a.x., just in time for the holiday. >> we've seen very happy faces. we're seeing people coming through much more efficiently. >> reporter: but that take the mid of the country by storm. look at this. winter weather advisories for parts of wisconsin and minnesota which could bring inches of snow. that same system packing a line of heavy rain and storms through arkansas and tennessee. that could mean delays or cancellations at airports from chicago to new orleans and slippery roads as millions prepare to travel. this picture from l.a. showing jam-packed traffic as the holiday weekend gets under way.
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thanksgiving dinner, the most important thing is taking home leftovers, right? if you fly, you can stuff stuffing, turkey, even your favorite my your carryon. unfortunately, mashed potatoes, anything you can spill has to go in the checked. >> what about with the clips on it? >> good luck, if tsa doesn't take it. >> she's going to start the challenge r beans, tomatoes, potatoes. clams, yams. >> no mashed potatoes. >> thank you. she was going to be back tomorrow, but. >> she may be out of play tonight, having nothing to do with the travel schedule. >> many are going to be on a plane, and it could be a rough travel experience. >> we have cam tran with the forecast.
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and pacific north west thanks to rain, and we're looking at major delays thanks to a storm system bringing in widespread rainfall from chicago to cleveland, all the way down to louisville, wap out -- watch out for major delays. and travel delays in minnesota. watch out there. as for your thanksgiving holiday itself, it's actually looking very nice. in the pacific northwest, we are looking at rainfall. in the northeast, we are looking and that's going to be the case for those of you heading out black friday shopping as well, we are looking at rain for the northeast. >> the city of chattanooga, tennessee is trying to heal after the crash that left five dead. balloons were released in their memories. the children died when the bus flipped after hitting a tree e
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identify. thre three were fourth grader, and the youngest was in the kindergarten. one woman saw the crash up close. it crashed in her front yard. >> the kids were screaming so loud. just tear your heart out. >> the bus driver is being held on more than $100,000 bail on vehicular homicide and other charges. he was involved in an accident only two months ago. authoriti sent a package that exploded, seriously injuring the recipient. the man opened the package thinking it was medication. he suffered injuries to his hands and face. the incident was not terror related, but it does appear the victim was targeted. after today's marathon meetings, president-elect donald trump is taking a brief break. they arrived in palm beach last
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he is softening some of his most extreme campaign promises, such as bringing backwater boarding and prosecuting hillary clinton. he now says he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani is backing whatever decision trump makes. >> there's a tradition that after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. i also would be supportive of considered for the secretary of state job along with mitt romney. and ben carson could be tapped as the next head of housing and urban development. he's been offered the post along with other cabinet positions. now last week he said he prefers serving as an adviser, but he's making it clear that he's open to any request from the president-elect. there had been some talk about biden taking over the lead
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says the vp isn't interested in the job. she says he does plan to play deeply involved in shaping the party's future. and the vice president may not be the dnc's man, but he's still the man when it comes to some die-hard fans. he stopped and gave an impromptu speech at a thank you uncle joe rally. he told a cheering crowd of about two dozen people that serving them has been the honor of his life. >> he has been fun to it was a day to honor 21 americans with the honor the medal of freedom. >> she made it to the stage. by that point everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly. >> but here's what she posted beforehand. they haven't let me into the white house yet because i forgot my id. #not joking. everything was sorted out, and
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later. >> send a tweet out to 60 million plus followers who will help verify your identity a little bit. plus the #not joking. so means it fact checks the story and it's definitely correct. >> can you imagine the secret service getting that call, sorry, i'm being honored, but i don't have any id. we're going to have more from the medal of freedom ceremony, including michael jordan and the badgfan in chief. >> we are getting a jump on black friday deals, we'll tell you where the best bargains are and where you can hold off. you're watching world news now. world news now weather
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that's spooky. what is it? >> ooh. >> this is from a dash cambi police, reporting a fireball blazing across the night sky in florida, this from monday night. >> that's bright. >> yeah, it is. the flash of light could be seen in most of the state. astronomers say i bolad, that is an extremely bright meteor that sometimes explodes when it hits the atmosphere. there's no word on where it or pieces of it landed. >> a bola, can use that in a sentence today. black friday is on friday for many retailers, but for some it's already on. >> for many of this year's hot holiday items, it still pays to
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>> the new rules for that black friday bargain hunt. when to buy and where. >> black friday isn't a single day. it's every day till christmas that you'll find deals. >> reporter: amazon, best buy, walmart and target already rolling out the deals, like this tv now $580. more than $1,000 off. in gift cards with your purchase of an iphone 7. how do these compare to store discounts? >> you should expect them to match. they have to slash the prices to make it worth it. >> reporter: for the top deals on tvs, toys and phones, they recommend waiting until thanksgiving and yomd and using
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when you shop. around this time of year, you'll be getting a lot of e-mails it outing special offers from our favorite retailers. our experts say you can ignore them. they're not the best deals. rebecca jarvis. when we come back, new stars crowned. and the big baby anousment from adele.
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? skinny ? ? so skinny ? it's skinny time, starting with the newly crowned champions of "dancing with the stars." >> so last night's two-hour part two season finale reunited all of the contestants as well as knockout bergeron and rick perry performed on stage with vanilla ice, ice baby. >> love it. i love seeing the old contestants come back. >> yes, and you remember why they got voted off. >> oh, maybe sometimes. it's safe to say last night's dances were perfect across the board. literally, everyone got a perfect out of 40, including this dance.
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and the quickstep and jive kept them alive until the bitter end when they were announced as the runners-up. >> however, you can probably guess who's taking home the mirror ball trophy. they won it all with the argentine tango. >> it was rigged from the start. >> well, you know, she's an olympic gold medallist. i'm saying that gives her an advantage. >> i'm so grateful to even be here. it's an honor to be able to get th i hope through this crazy journey, whether it's gymnastics, dancing or anything in the future i can inspire others. >> wow, finally got bragging rights in the household. >> so the olympic gold medallist went on to tell kids her age, doesn't matter what age you are, you can do anything. >> there are advantages to being a gymnast, but she was also the youngest person in the competition, and that, at times,
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a good role model either way. and stay tuned for season 23 cast reunion later on good morning america. >> the one we thought should have won said it was very well-deserved for her to win. >> she was fantastic. a little whoopsy happened on camera, look at that. cameraman falls on the ice. and you see val rush over and leaves lori there to try to help everybody was kind of little startled by it. they came back on camera after the commercial break, and tom said, well, that he obviously slipped and that he's nursing some injuries back stage. the ice did cause quite a bit of problems last night. >> yeah, it was a surface that was meant to look like ice, right? but i guess moisture got on the floor and it ended up being incredibly slippery. next, to the new details surfacing about the medical
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in the hospital. >> the 911 call was placed by his personal physician after he reportedly suffered a psychotic break down at the home of his personal trainer. >> west's doctor was so afraid that the rapper would hurt first responders, including police that he even put west on what's called a 51-50 hold, which allowed him to forcibly admit west to the hospital and handcuffed to a stretcher. >> he remains in the hospital and is being deprivation, exhaustion and dehydration. >> it happened just hours after he canceled the remaining tour. days after a rant on the weekend. we haven't heard much from the kardashian clan or any official statement. >> it was an event honoring their father robert kardashian, but kim kardashian was not there. >> hopefully they're there trying to take care of him.
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the #pray forr kanye. and adele finished off her north american tour in phoenix, the last of more than 100 shows. and just before leaving the shows announced, "i'm going to have another baby." >> the british singer is a mother to 4-year-old angelo with her partner simon who surprised her with a colorful banner when she got home reang did it." >> she will continue her live toward through march. which makes you think that she's not necessarily pregnant now. it will come to a close in auckland, new zealand. once this tour ends, she's taking a five-year break to focus on her family. >> so when she said, "i'm going to have another baby", she just meant in the general future. at some point in time. >> at some point.
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? ? ? ain't no mountain high enough ? ? nothing can keep me, keep me from you ? >> i can just picture her in central park, the rain coming down, but she is there for us, singing it all, diana ross. it is o collections of americans. >> from diana ross to bill gates and michael jordan. they've been bestowed the nation's highest civilian honor. >> reporter: before the ceremony began, robert de niro and the gang, ellen degeneris tweeting this, the mannequin challenge inside the white house. ellen, bill gates, and the boss pointing there.
3:56 am
the crowd of honorees. ellen once getting the president to dance on her show. the president had ellen in tears. >> today, every day in every way, ellen counters what too often divides us with the countless things that bind us together, inspires us to be better, one joke, one dance at a time. >> wiping away the tears, a hug from robert de niro. then it was his turn. >> his the sicilian father turned new york mobster, a mobster who runs a casino, a mobster who needs therapy. >> they were the musicians, diana ross still reigning supreme. her trademark beauty was there, bruce springsteen honored too. >> i am the president. he is the boss. >> reporter: and who stands taller than the president?
3:57 am
and michael jordan. >> there is a reason you call somebody the michael jordan of. michael jordan of neurosurgery. or the michael jordan of rabbis, or the michael jordan of outrigger canoeing, because michael jordan is the michael jordan of greatness. he is the definition of somebody so good at what everybody recognizes it. >> all right, our thanks to david muir for that report. and the president also said something else about jordan, that he's not just an internet meme. >> belwe've all seen the crying jordan, and there you have the real crying jordan at the white house. it's the real thing. the crying jordan square.
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making news in america this morning, the holiday rush already under way. highways packed and the airports are filling up on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the weather is making things worse in some parts with snow, rain and ice. trump's transition is on hold for the holiday. overnight the president-elect touched down for florida or in florida, meeting with "the new york times" where he retreated on some campaign promises. caught on camera the store owner who refused to be a victim fighting off an armed robber. and champions in the ballroom. the "dancing with the stars" finale wraps up with the best performances yet so who took home that coveted mirror ball


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