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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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team. betsy devos from michigan was a delegate for ohio governor john kasich but says she is honored to work with the president-elect to make education great again. >> a representative of ben carson said he has not made up his mind about the nomination. the "washington post" meanwhile reports vice president elect mike pence is moving to a respected house -- rented house to chevy chase ahead of the inauguration. pence is head of the transition team. newsroom, stephens, abc7 news. larry: thank you. michelle: jill stein, the green party nominee pushing for recounts in three states citing discrepancies in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. traditionally democratic states and republican trump won all three in the election. this week the election researchers urged democrat hillary clinton to contest the
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phone call that left muslims in fear. >> do you identify yourself as a muslim? yes, press 1. no, press 2. jonathan: monday many got the robo call. many muslims told with us the spike of hate crimes and talk of the registry they feared >> it's from a group who were trying to understand how people of muslim faith deal with the election results. >> random house plans to
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the memoir will be released late next year. feelings about contentious moments could lead to awkward moments at thanksgiving. tonight at 6:15, an expert weighs in on how to make sure things are civil at the d jonathan: take politics off the table. right now skytrak7 is over the i270 split and the beltway. a lot of cars. this is the best seat in the house when it comes to traffic in a helicopter. team coverage of what you will face hitting the road. let's start with richard
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miss traffic. sometimes you are standing still and other times you are moving right along. >> this is a weird commuter day. the places that are solid bumper to bumper are moving along. in the springfield area. look at the front. almost nothing. the back, moving along fine. we spoke to a lady who is driving from durham to baltimore. that is a 9.5-hour trip. guess what? she has the whole family and the dog in the car. we asked her how does it go? >> now you have the dog here, too. what is the dog's name?
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>> she likes to lay on all of us. he gets bored. tries to climb all around the car. we approaching seminary road and it's slowing down again. a lot of off today. more people travel yesterday than today in many areas. back to you. larry: seeing the wheels moving of the other cars is a good seen. jonathan: people let others do the driving saw increased security. there is a new device to detect objects under clothing.
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the misery map shows this is not too bad. maureen: the weather seems to be cooperating for the busiest travel day of the year but what about the holiday itself? doug hill has a first look for us. >> we could see sprinkles and showers in the area. the cold front is close tomorrow and another chance in the morning. then showers on the maryland lower eastern shore. larger area along the maryland-pennsylvania line northward. the cold front itself is west of the appalachians to give us the best chance of the scattered showers. our cold front moves through the morning. our cloudy skies for thanksgiving day, cloudy skies, possibility once the showers ind.
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look ahead to friday, the weekend and the next ten day coming up. maureen: thank you. you can check the weather wherever you are. 24 hours a day. using the storm watch 7 weather app. you can download it right now for free in the apple, app or the google play store. jonathan: still ahead at 6:00, two notable absences from the president obama final turkey pardoning. why he said the joke is on his two absent daughters and what he is planning for ne maureen: a dangerous combination for some. turkey and politics. an expert advice to make sure the dinner table discussions stay civil. jonathan: first, dangerous close call. we talk to a police officer who said if one thing had been different, one slight thing, two people could have been
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maureen: a montgomery county police officer has a lot to be thankful for. his cruiser was hit by a suspected drunk driver saturday in burtonsville. his partner and the stranded driver were all were helping
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maureen: this comes a year after the death of officer noah leotta. jonathan: there is new information on a disabled woman hurt in a house fire in riverdale. the woman is in serious condition but it is better an improvement from when pair ming -- paramedics took them to maureen: a metro officer has been suspended after his train hit another train yesterday morning and this happened in the branch avenue rail yard. there there were no emergencies on board and no one was hurt. metro says the train suffered minor damage. jonathan: new at 6:00 -- the dreaded dinner table
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bring it up at dinner. an expert is weighing in to keep things civil for the family gathering. maureen: and chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing of the chance of rain on the way. he will have the updated travel forecast just ahead. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports why ballot week is back.
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jonathan: this is not christmas light. this is traffic! the 405 in los angeles. we are told the backup directions. nobody was going anywhere in a hurry. in our area there was gridlock following crashes earlier. this is what the beltway looks like from the i-270 split in bethesda. both directions the lights are moving. good sign. a lot of headlights but the traffic is getting there on time. if you are waiting for
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tonight. maureen: some excuses for last minute rush for necessities are the catering company made a mistake. and we are moving and trying to keep the refrigerator and the pantry empty. jonathan: no matter what you serve on the dinner table there is some anxiety about what will be said by those gathered to give thanks. family gathering. everybody brings their own opinion. it's presidential election. ryan hughes shows us how people now are preparing. ryan: shoppers are filling up the grocery cart and getting ready to host family for dinner. his parents are conservative and he and his siblings don't share the same political views. >> politics should be left at the door. everyone should focus on just getting back involved with
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election, that still has a lot of people upset, families are telling the loved ones to take the political talk off the menu. karen french is hoping her familiar keeps the comments to themselves. everyone voted for president-elect trump but her. >> a lot of people feel strongly. i feel strongly. it could get ugly. >> a coun lel somewhere specializing in family matters is offering up food for thought. to keep the peace, keep the conversation fun and friendly. >> think of the discussing things that are deeper and more meaningful about how they have been doing, how is the
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>> be mindful of how you act and put family first. jonathan: president-elect trump released a video with the thanksgiving message for the nation. >> this is our home. this is where we raise our family. it's my prayer on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our division and move forward as one country strengthed by shared purpose and c resolve. jonathan: he emits it won't heal overnight. maureen: a tradition continued for another year in richmond today. this afternoon members of the tribes presented virginia governor terry mcauliffe with the body of two deer. the tax tribute of the deer dates back to a treaty signed
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the meat from the deer will be donated to a richmond area shelter. jonathan: well, president obama continued a white house tradition today par daning not one but two turkeys. and he didn't let the final chance to pardon the fowl go without fun. president obama: my daughters are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon. i haven't told them yet we are going to do this every year from now on. [laughter] no cameras, just understand every year. cold turkey. [laughter] jonathan: you notice the girls aren't there. really? we have done it seven times. we are going to pass. the first daughters not there. the president, though, brought out two of the nephews to absolve tater and tot the two turkeys who will live out their lives at a virginia tech farm. every year he has good lines about what is going on. the important job of being president. this is not one of those
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maureen: tater and tot? they sound delicious. jonathan: consider that you cook them, it's good they aren't going to get cooked. doug: good news indeed. maureen: yes. doug: talk about the weather. a few showers tomorrow but nothing heavy. that is good news. maureen: great. doug: we have had sprinkles and cloudy and cool through the remainder of the wednesday evening. happy the traffic information is working out so well this everything with the traffic jamie reporting all afternoon that is lighter than normal. that is i don't think we will see much else. the western zones may have a sprinkle and it will be after the sunrise tomorrow men the rain gets our way. the future cast timing the fronteddal system and the rain associated with it. at 6:00 a.m. we are analyzing the possibility of rain north and west of the metro area.
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the drought we are under in the area. we get through the afternoon and there may be breaks of sunshine. tomorrow morning there is similar weather for the turkey trot. just a chance of showers with the skies brightening throughout the afternoon hours. we have clouds affidavit showers in the morning affidavit a possibility o is the way it goes. 53 for a high, so it's pleasant. looking ahead to friday. there is shopping. a cloudy day. another front could bring showers in the nighttime. behind the front look at the next ten days. saturday is sunny and breezy. it's 52. sunshine, not as breezy on sunday. 50 degrees. a warmup early next week. the computer models suggest
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late tuesday and wednesday. too early in the game to say where it will happen and break the drought. or whether it's another case of the scattered showers. keep a close eye on that for the next few days. robert, what are you looking at? robert: thanksgiving at your house. i'm kidding. doug: come on! robert: redskins prepare for the hottest team in the nfl, the cowboys. they plan to contain the
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robert: all right. well a quick turn-around for the redskins after putting on a clinic against the packers on sundays. only a few days to prepare for the best team in football at the moment. the dallas cowboys. the last muchup earlier in season. en the-23 loss. it was -- 27-23 loss. dak prescott's first loss and the second start ezekiel elliott and they're better now than in september. >> now they have complete ownership. confidence. dak making adjustments. elliott running with enormous confidence. >> they have a guy like zeke can take it to the house and a guy that won't make a mistake in the pocket.
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jonathan: last hour we brought you jefferson. he remembered dallas week when it was dallas week. we caught up with joe theismann who says the rivalry is becoming a rivalry again. >> dallas week is finally back. thanksgiving is week is back. a lot at stake. we are closing the gap. the redskins feel good where they are. the cowboys feel good about on a mid-afternoon thanksgiving day on turkey day. robert: the nba, nick young the hero for l.a., hitting the game-winning shot against the thunder. only thing is, he stole the ball. from his teammate. he doesn't matter because he hit the shot. a true nick young moment. the nba fans know what that
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hoops. georgetown will play oklahoma state for third place in the maui invitational. the tip-off at 7:30. can you imagine if he stole the ball, missed the shot. jonathan: end of that. who wins? robert: redskins. redskins 27-23. that was the exact score. jonathan: payback. doug: works for me! look at what is happening tonight and tomorrow. cloudy skies overnight. the showers by dawn. 35 to 42 degrees by early tomorrow morning. an mid-day. remaining cloudy and a peek of sunshine hitting 53 degrees, something to look forward to in the afternoon. tonight at 11:00, molly is in for steve rudin to talk about the timing of the showers and the black friday shopping outlook. maureen: okay. good weekend coming up. jonathan: thank you. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us. see you at 11:00.
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tonight, travel nightmares. a rocky start to the thanksgiving getaway. two powerful storms delivering a one-two punch from the rockies to the midwest. a record number of americans on the move, jamming highways. long lines at airports across the country. slow-going for millions on one of the busiest travel days of the year. donald trump's fex move. the president-elect nominating the first two women to his cabinet. two names who opposed him during the election. trump appearing to soften his stand against some of his critics. breaking news. police revealing the bus driver's toxicology report. and what we've just learned about the route he was driving. should he have been on it? parade threat. police increasing security and new steps to protect against a lone wolf attack. and black friday.


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