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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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crowd. tom, it looks like they are open. you are inside! how is it going? tom: i can't hear you because the big moment is upon us. >> three. two. one. tom: count it down. here we go. it's official. black friday has begun right here. 5:00 p.m. opening for best buy. it's one of the earlier stores to open but not the only one that opens at this time. you can see live on television here we are at the one at the potomac yard shopping center in alexandria. these are the clouds coming in. some of the folks i'm told signed up for the best buy credit cards and got a special place in line. folks that got here this morning are coming in as well. in a moment. there was a man i talked to last hour who is in line.
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of more than 100 people who got here. some of the folks again got here, one guy at 7:00 a.m. this morning and he does it year. let's go with them. they are headed to video games or computers or televisions. televisions seem to be the biggest one. see what they a before. this is fun. see what the hot items are. some people are moving fast in here. we have running. we have running. this is the television. this will be popular. you can see someone grabbing the uhd tv in the distance. they knew what they wanted and right where they wanted to go.
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best buy stores throughout the area are open and they will stay open until 1:00 in the morning and then they will reopen. let's ask this gentleman here. you knew what you wanted to get. >> i looked online to know what i wanted and i had a map. i came to the perfect place. >> why two tv s? >> i have gifts? >> i don't know what size i want. i got a credit card and i got approved for more than i want. i will buy them both, see how they fit and decide which one i want. >> return one and keep one? i don't know yet. give it a gift. >> it look like you will not lack for size with either one of these. >> trying to figure one will fit in the room. >> great. enjoy that. you can watch football with that. in fact, you are missing the redskins game. the malls, many of them are opening in an hour here. black friday, even though it is thursday, definitely
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buy in alexandria. i'm tom roussey. abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" heading into black friday. for a full list of store opening hours go to larry: a lot of you are probably enjoying the leftovers are going to sit down to eat or you are going to take a nap. some families had other plans. scott taylor one of them and joining us from the national mall with what is open down there today. hey, scott. scott: hey, you a tradition in d.c. your relatives fly in. you don't stay in during the thanksgiving holiday. you get out of the house. you try to see everything. this family from california, a lot of them, are making their way through the attractions on thanksgiving. >> monuments were awesome. >> most of the coolest attraction open including all the museums plus turkey for
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wild animals are a thanksgiving tradition. >> what is the best thing you have seen so far? >> the otters. >> just to give you an idea of how long the lines are at some of the spots here in d.c., take a look at this line at the botanical garden. it's clear that not everybody is home eating turkey. there are mall. gomez family that just arrived in d.c. from panama, celebrating turkey day out and about, too. >> it's different. the weather in panama is different from here. it's very hot and warm there. here -- >> how do you like the cold? >> i like it a lot. >> thanksgiving is all about spending time with the family. for the family from california, who is very nice, it's all about taking in a
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selfie. that is real family. >> it's great to be together in a beautiful place, celebrating america. what better place to be? >> you know if we have not inspired you to get out of the house, here is a suggestion. over the weekend, the national zoo turns on the zoo lights. that starts tomorrow night. so grab the kids. especially the teenagers. head out to zoo. it's a must see. live in the district, scott scot taylor, abc7 ?? ?? michelle: west virginia marching band kicked off the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it's one of 16 bands selected this year. the parade featured 16 giant balloons, including this the guy. spongebob squarepants. charlie brown was also there. there were 26 floating and more than a thousand clowns.
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3.5 million people brave the new york city streets for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. new york police and the counterterrorism officials took extra security measures today including blocking side streets along the route. more than 3,000 officers were also on hand. among them bomb-sniffing dogs and rooftop snipers. the extra security was a comforting sight for many families. >> we know that the nypd do a great job. we have full faith that t larry: for two decades, a local hotel is giving the brave men and women a taste of thanksgiving. ryan hughes takes us to thanksgiving on the mayflower. >> thank you for the opportunity to give back to
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families in the time. ryan: serving up a meal for men and women serving the community. police officers, e.m.t.'s, firefighters and the hospital workers taking a quick moment off the clock to have a holiday. >> a lot of times they are not thought of in days like today. but they are out there. if something happens they will help you. ryan: executive cef douglas anderson is cooking more than 70 turkeys as the volunteers in the costumes help gre this is the 137th year the hotel is hosting thanksgiving on the mayflower. >> the unique part the feast is served on the 53-foot mayflower truck. dine in or take the meal to go. >> it feels homey for us because i meanwhile everybody else is with their family, working with our coworkers are also a family. >> i am the flower guy. i hand them out to every
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to show my appreciation. >> he spent 28 years with the u.s. park police but he is back today because the meal is a tradition. >> these are the people who take time out of their holiday to take care of all of us. >> more than 6,000 meals have been served over the years. turkey and all the trimmings. a small way to thank you for the service. in northwest d.c., ryan hughes, abc7 news. larry: a volunteer filled assembly line w morning. for 32nd year the knights of columbus in arlington did their part to deliver turkey dinners for people who otherwise wouldn't have it. it's down to exact science. turning 400 donated turkeys and the pounds and pounds of fixing into 1700 meals for meals on wheels. as we enter the holiday season think about showing generosity with the toys for tots. join us for a toy drive at national harbor next saturday september 3. we will be there collecting toys between 11:00 a.m. and
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first family spending this thanksgiving in florida. trump's club in palm beach, florida. no public events today. before leaving for florida the president elect recorded a video calling for unity after what he called a bruising election. vice president-elect mike pence and his family are spending the day in mississippi. that is where pence's son, a marine, is training to become a pilot. in morning the governor tweeted out a message wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. larry: coming up, the close finish to the turkey bowl. >> and residents around this park are keeping a watchful eye out for what they believe is a budding arsonist. i'm kevin lewis with that story. still ahead. michelle: plus, police officers ambush still to come. how an officer thwarted an attempted attack on his brothers in blue after another
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>> i mean, without you guys i don't know what i'd be doing. larry: still ahead, how hundreds of volunteers are giving back and giving thanks.
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>> a silver spring neighborhood believes arsonist is targeting the neighborhood. we look at what burned and who might be responsible. >> monday everything, smoke trickled from the upscale home under construction along the parkway in silver spring. somebody put a >> worker in disbelief the wooden structure didn't burn to a crisp. >> then on tuesday, a pile of leaves caught fire as did a portion of the concrete sidewalk. later that day, the residents spotted a fire on this embankment. beside seven oaks neighborhood park. >> we came across one to pick
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he suspects that it's the work of a troubled youth. >> i no, ma'am at fray but it would be nice if there weren't random ones being set. >> quiet and laid back and the neighbors know each other. >> robert is heeding the warning, concerned for where a >> uncharacteristic. we'll keep an eye out for sure. >> montgomery county fire rescue is investigating but so far hasn't officially classified the fires as arson. there is also no suspect description. kevin lewis, abc7 news.
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hurricane otto. it's unusual in this season. it is expected to make landfall tonight. a rare winter wonderland for people in tokyo. look at this. the first november snowfall there in more than 50 years. above freezing temperatures kept it from sticking in the places. but didn't begin to accumulate on the sidewalk and the cars. in the far western su --s the last time the central tokyo saw november snow in find the umbrella and the coats. michelle: yeah. i'm just glad our weather is pretty calm and quiet. brian: last year we were in the 60's. we have had snow on thanksgiving and warm, sunny days. we have had it all. we had a mix. the clouds were annoying this morning but they did break up for the sunshine in the afternoon. it's above average. you can't ask for much more. michelle: no. brian: talk about the tropicus. you mentioned on the top. otto is a category two storm now.
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storm. keep in mind the hurricane season does run through the end of november. this is making landfall tonight as category two. it's not good for the folks down there. look at this. the max winds at 100 miles per hour. but gusts at time as high as 120 miles per hour. it will reemerge on the western side and continue to the open waters before falling apart. this is not good news. take a look at what is happening now. a few more clouds building in. sun was down at 4:49. it gets done early. 56 at the reag narc airport. the winds are calm. temperatures will drop back somewhat. i don't think we are looking at the low freezing temperatures. it should be more comfortable. i want to point out this. we got an update yesterday
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this is from the drought monitor. it's down southeast that are under exceptional to the extreme drought. look at the swath of the metro area. we are in a moderate drought situation. we are running five or six inches behind of rain in september. this is adding to point that we need rain. in the next couple of days the chances are meager. we go through friday if you are shopping late tonight and tomorrow morning the clouds are around. mostly cloudy. it's dry around here and 4:00 to 5:00 there are a few blips on the radar that indicate a spotty shower or sprinkle but it will be after dark in the everything early. it's very limited. few and far between. that will be the story. by saturday the winds really pick up and blustery cool air moving back in. we will be in the low 50's.
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cooler around here. keep that in mind. tomorrow the slight chance of the shower toward the evening. mid-to-upper 50's. not a horrible day. not the prettiest of days but it's solid. saturday we are talking about the low 50's saturday. clouds and sunshine. sunday near 50. throughout the weekend we are going to keep the temperatures on the cool side. but not extreme. if you are traveling on sunday, northeast corridor to the upper midwest. calm and dry. even for the south. 60's in atlanta. 70 to orlando and miami. memphis. new o that is a bit unsettled from dallas to wichita. showers to the nation's heartland. clouds and snowshowers in salt lake city cooler. l.a. and phoenix could be wet as well. that could lead to travel delays for sunday. through the overnight hours the temperatures will drop back from the 50's. to the 40's. a few 30's here and there in the suburbs but not a sub freezing night. weekend is nice but breezy.
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100% when rain gets here. late was, wednesday or early thursday. but ahead of the shower action which we need, notice how the temperatures are well in 60's. above where they should be. we will take it with the milder air. once the system moves out by the back of next week it is looking calm on the ten-day outlook. bottom line is not a bad, bad stretch of weather. for travel really. we have seen worse. michelle: thank you. larry: a sweet exchange. >> it's so beautiful. really. michelle: still ahead, on "abc7 news at 5:00", the thoughtful gift tom hanks gave a fan who gave him a special way to remember all of his films through the years. >> players on the field. and it's thanksgiving day. with the fans in the stands. that means it's d.c. turkey bowl. i'm sam ford.
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>> it's something i feel cool bringing my kids to. i'm not wait, something weird might happen. something maybe inappropriate. michelle: everyone is going to keep their clothing on. tonight on abc7, kelly clarkson joins mariah carriey, boys to men and the wonderful world of disney magical holiday celebration. >> the brother and the sister duo are if host of that. that is tonight at 8:00 and then -- why are you checking your credit score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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larry: it's not thanksgiving without football. redskins battle the division rival dallas cowboys now. but earlier today there was another rivalry game in d.c. michelle: a long standing one. the 47th annual turkey bowl this year featuring h.d. woozson and wilson high school. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was there for all sam: it brings them out and it's not about a lot of peanuts, hot dog and popcorn. it's about real food. like potatoes. and deep fried. >> the best chicken and fish in the world. >> the game pitted wilson high against the mighty h.d.
5:24 pm
bowls winning most of them. today's game was close. 14 woodson, 13 wilson through two quarters giving the wilson fans hope. >> i think we stand a good chance. they tore us up last year. we are in the game this year. sam: but -- >> you see the rings. zoom in on that right there. yeah. [laughter] sam: a lot of former woodson players were back to watch. >> i came all the way back from l.a. to see my home boys and cousin out there. he will be the future. jayden made honorary member of the team. >> i was honored. jayden was excited to years ago he was shot in crossfire as shot out the northeast neighborhood. what do you think of the team? >> i think we are going to make it to next season with no l's. >> no losses. >> that means no losses.
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i'm sam ford, abc7 news. larry: a great game. >> thanksgiving wish coming up for president obama to deliver the final thanksgiving message to honor all of america. michelle: also ahead, modern twist on religious nativity set challenging the creator to keep up with the demand. q: are us where the door buster
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> consumers have been trainedded to realize you are looking for the best possible deal. if an you have to be ready, willing able to jump in and take advantage of it. >> like it or not it sparks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. larry: some stores are open all day and others are starting to open the doors. the toys r us in gaithersburg opened a half hour ago. q mccray is there and joins us live now with more on the madness. is that all yours? are you taking it home? q yeah, right. what a difference an hour yaf
5:29 pm
empty. now look. it's packed full of people. they are all shopping to look for best deals. miles from tomorrow land. this is big from disney jr. when it comes to shopping, the gaithersburg shopping is going on since 6 zer a.m. look and listen. shopping carts and hands were full in gaithersburg and so was the parking lot outside the gi that is where we found a mother and daughter duo hunting blockbuster early black friday deals. >> it's a tradition. for us. >> it is going to the k-smart is a tradition. >> they had a plan of attack. >> check out the deal and the line. if the line is too long we don't buy anything. if it's short enough we do. >> the herzogs made it family affair, too. >> family tradition. every year we come out while the kids are at home and the turkey is in the oven and we
5:30 pm
>> it looks you did damage. >> i did but because the kids it's great to be out. >> still they had priorities in order. >> you are a redskins fan so you get this done before the game. >> eat before the game. >> speaking of food. she told us the lines at giant weren't that bad today. >> roasting pan in your cart. that means you haven't started cooking. >> i haven't started cooking. q: she isn't worried, though. she has appetizers ready for the guest. make the turkey in time? >> yes. it's only four hours. >> what you are looking at is the crowd. 4:00 and 5:00 a hundred people came in. then they rushed in. they abided by the rules. there are rules to follow to make sure nobody was trampledded. nothing happened like that.
5:31 pm
hello. happy thanksgiving. shopping for all type of things. what are you buying? >> frozen stuff and barbie. q: it's popular. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. q: happy thanksgiving to everybody at home as well. back to you in the studio. kimberly: the shot of the long line convinced me not to go shopping tonight. thank you very much for that. "7 on your side" heading into black friday. for a list of the stores opening hours, head ov larry: in the spirit of the hopping a new spin on traditional nativity set is raring in popularity. check out the hemper the nativity set. it's got wise guys segways and with starbucks and the modern nativity say in a week of launching it. they are selling 500 hipster
5:32 pm
kimberly: i see a major flaw. she is doing a peace sign. deuces are like this. it's like this. not like that. larry: it's not as hip as what we think. president obama wished happy thanksgiving from the white house for the final time and asks the nation to come together. president obama: today we continue to give thanks for those blessings and for all that ensure i inheritance. we remember the determined patriots who landed at the edge of the world in search of freedom. we give thanks to the brave men and women who defend the freedom in every corner of the world. we honor all people from the first americans to the newest arrivals. who continue to shape the nation's story give meanings to the values that we must never take for granted. kimberly: speaking of those
5:33 pm
thanksgiving with the nato partners. in kabul. soldiers enjoyed a traditional thanksgiving meal thinking about the family way back home. >> to be here training with the afghanistan coming here even for dinner tonight. i think it's a great next opportunity outside of being with the family on the holiday. michelle: if you don't have a loved one in the military is it easy to forget 100 are ei do -- 10,000 troops are afghanistan now. larry: the incoming first family spending thanksgiving at donald trump's club in palm beach. dr. ben carson is using to holiday to consider the offer to be associate of the housing and urban development. on wednesday, trump elected nikki haley for u.n. ambassador and billionaire betsy devos to be education secretary. in the meantime the head of world trade organization said
5:34 pm
the director-general says the w.t.o. wants to work with the incoming administration on any issues it may have. >> there is a scone with globalization. that is clear and evident? many societies. particularly in advanced society as we see today. i think we sho with that. >> in the campaign, trump suggested leaving the w.t.o. if it objected to the u.s. renegotiating certain trade deals. kimberly: isis claiming responseibility for car bombing in baghdad. the blast knocked out power to the area forcing people to use the light from their cell phones to go around looking for loved ones.
5:35 pm
senior aid official says the team received written approve from officials in aleppo to allow aid in and evacuate injured. theup -- they are waiting few approval from the ups government. michelle: a gift that tom hanks receiverred from a super fan and what he gave her in return. >> food and friends with a thanksgiving meal for those in need. i'm amy aubert with the story coming up. larry: new at 6:00. rushed to the hospital. what her son was doing on the phone. that ended with the home catching fire. >> first out the door when it matters most. next month made in america is back. when american jobs on the lean, he is right there. thank you for making "world news tonight" with david muir
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brian: the weekend outlook. three-day weekend outlook. a lot of folks have off tomorrow. the big shopping day. if you haven't started the deals now. there are some that are open. it will be above the average. we have shower chances tomorrow but they will happen after dark. after 5:00 or 2:00 with the chance for the showers to make their way in here. temperatures are in the low 50's on saturday and sunday. breezy next week a slight warming trend. tuesday and winds the clouds will increase with the next batch of rain. much needed rain. run in the mid-60's before another push of air moves in.
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larry: targeting police, the investigators releasing video of a traffic stop that nearly turned into officer stopped it. kimberly: as lauren lister reports it's another example of attackses on law enforcement in the past weeks. >> watch as the police officer making a traffic stop faces a fugetive wielding what appears to be a gun but it is a replica. in detroit, procession for a fallen wayne state university officer killed tuesday by a
5:40 pm
earlier in texas -- >> we made an arrest in the capital murder of officer marconi. >> taken into custody for the shooting of a detective shot twice and killed in his patrol car outside the police headquarters. authorities say they saw the alleged shooter in this police station surveillance video hours before the >> they didn't deserve that. >> did you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> detective marconi is one of several officers ambushed in last week. in st. louis another officer shot twice in the face sitting in the squad car. in florida and in missouri, two more officers shot and wounded during traffic stops. all three recovering. >> this year's fair average related police death are climbing. there have been 60. according to the national law
5:41 pm
in los angeles, i'm lauren lister, abc7 news. larry: even best laid plans can fail. >> we are look at the failed thanksgiving plans. it will make you laugh.
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kimberly: "7 on your side" with health matters. a lot of dishes and hungry people. increase chance of the food borne illnesses. to ensure everyone is healthy make sure i cooked properly and important to make sure leftovers are put away quickly. the best way to avoid getting sick is make sure everyone washes their hands regularly. it can make your mouth water but frying a turkey at home is not easy. it can be downright dangerous if not done correctly. medium rare in downtown d.c. offers families a chance to have the turkey fried without the hassle. the restaurant provided the service for eight years and
5:45 pm
this year is n.e.h. children's inn. it takes a plan to get the meal done without the panic. larry: all great plans can fall apart for some people. lindsey mastis has a look at some turkey fails this everything. we need a laugh or two. lindsey: i am seeing a lot online as well but i asked people this for the last few days so they are sharing all kind of stories from the thanksgi so take a look at this one. of course, the big fear is frozen, of course. a lot of people told me about that. look at this one. she had a different issue. she tells me on facebook her mom put the turkey on the stover -- stove to let it rest. but the cats had something else in mind and they had a wonderful dinner. this is from this morning.
5:46 pm
over the place. eric johnson is telling me caterer he used to work for put the meal in the oven. forgot to turn the oven on. didn't figure it out for hours. imagine that the turkey done too early. donald tuttle jr. said his former mother-in-law had the bird ready by 8:00 in the morning. then wantedded everyone to eat it right then. a lot with well we are hearing about. we'd love to a laugh. kimberly: i had a big one. we tried to grill ours one year. literally 10:00 at night we have a flashlight outside waiting for it to cook still. do you have any? larry: i have not. my mother unfortunately waits until the morning to begin. like 6:00 a.m. kimberly: right. larry: like 9:00 at night we're eating for the first time.
5:47 pm
larry: if it didn't work last year, try something different it love her to death. happy thanksgiving. >> fun stories. tuesday tom hanks received the presidential medal of freedom. larry: but a gift from a fan that has gone viral. ?? ?? larry: she gave the actor a book of characters he played in over the years. touched one of his own. so this week, she received a typewriter signed by the oscar winner. he a collector of antique typewriters. kimberly: both cool gifts. larry: yeah. i have forgotten in some of those. kimberly: fascinating. can you name them? jamie: where is the big one. got to be a big piano somewhere. larry: "philadelphia@in there. kimberly: how are we doing on
5:48 pm
>> one thing about today is we have seen accidents. 295 in the district was closed a little while ago. the nice thing is it's calmed down. take a look. you almost feel like the lights we see are getting in the christmas spirit. bring on the christmas music. now that we are getting through thanksgiving. our traffic matches yeah, we have a little bit of volume out there. breaking as they head across the 134th street bridge -- 134 -- the 14th street bridge. look at the it green. 3 -- this is so light. if you are heading home be careful. we aren't worried about the wet roads. so take it easy to enjoy the drive. nice one. almost anywhere you are traveling. this is 95 in virginia. this is what you will see anywhere you travel now. tomorrow should look nice as
5:49 pm
it will be a rough ride anywhere you are going. that is a look at traffic. back to you. kimberly: thank you. ahead tonight at 2:00, we show you menu for thanksgiving at the white house. it has a few things you wouldn't expect. larry: right. welcome to the neighborhood. the reaction from the d.c. community. vice president elect mike pence will call home until the inauguration. kimberly: we will also ride along to tell you how the firefighters spend their thanksgiving. that is coming up at 6:00. larry: right now brian van de graaff is back with the forecast. we love it's so even for next several days. brian: not bad. we are in the upper 50's. that's not bad. the capital wheel turning. sun down at 4:49. talk about the forecast if you are shopping tonight or a little more turkey or pie. 40's in downtown. 30's in the burbs.
5:50 pm
tomorrow, despite the clouds we will make a run to the mid-to-upper 50's. highs above average again. now there is a chance for a couple of showers. if best shot in the evening after dark. bulk of the day is good to go. not a lot of sunshine but it's mild. saturday, the sunshine returns. it will be breezy for the weekend with the low 50's saturday and sunday. looking more detail for tomorrow. 40's for the early shoppers. 50's midday. 59 by the afternoon. all in all a solid look for yo in the weekend, saturdayed and sunday. you make the travel home. good chunk of the nation is calm and dry. heading west it could cause issues. the temperatures are going to briefly warm with a chance for much needed rain. fingers crossed.
5:51 pm
>> happy thanksgiving. when you think of thanksgiving it is food, family and you mentioned it. we had a good football game in d.c. thanksgiving dinner, we know redskins and cowboys game is the main course. the appetizer is the turkey bowl. h.d. wood zand wilson. the warriors going for the fourth straight turkey bowl win while the tigers are attempting to dciaa title since 1991. woodson with the early lead. the incredible play. touchdown warriors. nicely done. wilson answers. freshman anthony tosses it deep to the bucket to coleman. 65 yard score. next drive for wilson. this time, it's savoy for coleman. look at this. it's a beautiful ball.
5:52 pm
wilson down 14 to 13. moving to the fourth. woodson knocking on the doorsteps. robinson is looking for boykin. warriors are up 22-13. climb the ladder. woodson hanging on. the tigers' last chance. savoy out of the rea coleman. that is it. jubilation on the warriors sideline. 22-20, the final score. h.d. woodson wins the fourth straight turkey bowl. >> on the road. that's why i'm crying and so emotional now. the people i came in here with, then i was sitting behind. i help them to leave out with the championship on the road. we'll make history.
5:53 pm
>> congr how about the seniors. four turkey bowl championships to go out on. that is impressive. larry: the thing they will brag about at the class reunion 30 years about. >> glory days. >> thank you. kimberly: giving thanks and giving back. larry: coming up how hundreds of the volunteers spent the morning to make sure those in
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5:56 pm
kimberly: people in china accelerated the completion of a ladder across the cliff. it has 280 feet of vertical distance from the valley. before the steel ladder's construction. the 358 villagers could only use the ratan ladders or the thin steel bars that hang off the cliffs. >> wow! that is incredible. hundreds of volunteers packed
5:57 pm
meal at a time. amy aubert caught up from the volunteers that say they are thankful to have the organization on their side today. >> an assembly line. packed full of volunteers giving back. >> deep feeling of the joy you can help somebody. >> helping people. >> hi, how are you? >> like barbara wright. a full thanksgiving meal, turkey and the sides. >> happy to help out however we can. >> in a bag and delivered >> she is one of 675 families thankful today for the meal. >> it's a blessing. without you i don't know what i'd be doing. >> volunteers say it means just as much to them. >> even if there isn't that much of a spoken word, there is something that is told sometimes. >> stuffing more than 600 bags full of all the things thanksgiving essentially it.
5:58 pm
oiled machine. i laugh. it's a well-oiled machine as long as you oil it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. >> they top it off with the finishes. bread and fruit. >> happy thanksgiving. >> a day for this team. full of reasons to be thankful. >> i know, right? >> amy aubert, abc7 news. larry: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00, the new holiday tradition on the way. we are letting you watch the shopping madness unfold without leaving the house. plus a holiday tragedy. a mother burned in a fire. what investigators say her son was doing while on the phone that sparked the flames. a d.c. neighborhood about to
5:59 pm
reaction from the new home for mike pence. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. it's thanksgivings day. there are plenty of traditions that people love to indulge in. be it the macy's thanksgiving day parade, serving those in need. d.c. turkey bowl or visiting the museums. there is lots to do enrich yourself. the past two years another tradition sprung up for people to escape the food coma best buy in the potomac yards that opened in the hour. tom you managed to avoid the stampede it looks like. tom: yes. it wasn't as bad as in years past but we are going now. you can see a lot of folks in the bast buy. route one. north part of alexandria. a lot of folks have shown up. i am hearing tv's are the big items here. let's walk around because there are other items as well.
6:00 pm
things. what did you show up for? >> i was looking for a laptop for my wife. they didn't have it in stock. >> buy anything? >> no. i try to get a tv. she has the last word. >> they got good deals on the tv's. >> they do. i was tempted. i try to get it through here. tomas they have ever's that are bigger than me for they have tablets and you name it. they are they canning them out. we were here when the doors opened. best buy made it a tradition to open at 50:00 p.m. on thanksgiving -- 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. we were here when they opened. i have been in other years when the stampede was more people. the crowds have been growing since the doors opened. a lot of people knew just where they were heading. they scouted out the best buy first. they went to the big screen


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