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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 25, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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the passing of american's tv mom. ? ? ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> unpleasant surprise, a shock to us, florence henderson has died at the age of 82. we'll moment. found alive, a california m who was missing has been found; tied up on the side of the road and managed to get free. the details of the ordeal just ahead. mom on a mission, couldn't have children of their own, so they turned to adoption, but they had a rude awakening to the costs involved. how the couple overcame obstacles and are helper other couples realize their dream of parenthood. it's happening.
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are out there right now. so are all the other shoppers. we're going to tell you where to avoid crowds and finish your list today on this black friday, november 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's a yay day. you got black friday, you're stuffed because of thanksgiving, amazing leftovers in the fridge, i hope. >> yes. >> all of that. >> you are as full as santa claus is. >> thanksgiving? >> it really is. >> it is. it should be something you do every day, gratitude. >> i like that outlook, very nice. >> absolutely. we start the day after thanks giving with shocking news that actually just came in within the last few moments here to abc news, the passing of out of los angeles, the death of america's most beloved television icon. >> actress and singer florence
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her career started on broadway in the 50s, commercials in the 60s, the today girl before landing her defining role in 1969 as carol brady. >> she was a contestant on "dancing with the stars" back in 2010, and just appeared on the show's season finale three days ago. her manager said she died last night surrounded by f friends, just checked into the hospital the day before there in los angeles, and manager saying she passed away from heart failure. what a storied life. >> what a great life, a legacy, worked with children at different points in her career, not just the "brady bunch", but a number of programs. she'll be missed. >> those who worked with her, members of our crew, said she was a wonderful woman to work with and kind to everyone.
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this hour. we'll follow that throughout the morning, of course, and "good morning america" with the latest. from that shocking news to stunning developments in california where a family has a new reason to give thanks this weekend. >> it is a big surprise. mother of two vanishes without a trace while jogging three weeks ago. she's been found alive. >> talking about sherri papini, described as supermom never to bond her children. >> she was found yesterday on country roads miles from home bound with restraints. lauren lyster is in california. >> reporter: authorities revealing few details surrounding 34-year-old's time missing, but one thing is clear, on p thanksgiving, she and her family were reunited. after missing for 22 days, this california mother of two, sherri, turning up alive
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disappeared. >> she was released by her captor on o rural road, bound are restraints, but was able to summon help from a passing motorist. >> reporter: she was taken to the hospital for treatment and has been reunited with her husband, keith. >> you never think you'd be in a position like this. i would never wish this feeling upon anybody. >> reporter: that was 32-year-old keith papini more than a week after his wife went missing. police say he was at november 2nd when she jogged on this rural road, a mile from their home. she was not seen again. she didn't pick the children up from day care, keith reported her missing, and he used the find my phone app to locate her cell phone, found on the side of the street, headphones attached, and tangles of hair. >> the investigation is far from over, and, in fact, it's a new chapter.
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public's help, we'll make an arrest on the case. >> reporter: police are looking for a dark suv with two hispanic females with a handgun. the public should be cautious until a suspect is identified. >> our thanks. annual family thanksgiving tradition is deadly in kentucky. two killed, four injured as gunmen exchanged fire during a youth football event. gunshots can be heard in the video taken by a witnesses said dozens of adults and children ran for cover when the gunfire erupted. police are still searching for the suspects who fled the saep, and motive for the shooting is unclear. turning overseas, syria, a u.s. service member killed by an improvised explosive device. it's the first casualty of u.s. forces since being deployed last year. the pentagon has not revealed the name, and 300 special forces
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offensive against isis. yesterday was no holiday for the pipeline protesters in north dakota shutting down streets thanksgiving morning, protesting the pipeline that will contaminate the water near a native american reservation there, but that the holiday symbolizing the infringement of native american rights. >> it's a holiday to be thankful, but for natives, especially for me, for us, you for a lot of natives, but we're here now to pray. >> apparently jane fonda served dinner to 300 protesters. only a few arrests. protests broke up when the demonstrators learned their cars were towed. >> an earthquake rocked el salvador's coast shaking up areas across the capital city of san salvador. no reports of major injuries or
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92 miles off the southwest coast. earlier tsunami alert lifted as you can see there. in neighboring nicaragua, a one-two punch. it was under alert because of hurricane otto pounding the country with heavy rain, flooding, and landslides, and then the tremor from the strong earthquake raising concerns about tsunamis this was caught on the officer's dash cam. we showed you yesterday the tense moments when that fugitive suddenly jumped out of the trunk and attacked the officer armed with what seemed to be a ha handgun. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: caught on dash cam, a terrifying encounter as an idaho officer on a traffic stop fights off a fugitive hiding in the trunk of a car. >> we have to make split second difficult decisions that are
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>> reporter: showing the police officer woods stopping the car for not having a license plate. they just left the home of a wanted fugitive with multiple arrest warrants. he asked the driver, his mother, if her son is there. >> she immediately responded with the words, to the effect of, it's a toy gun, don't shoot him. >> reporter: the officer called for backup. >> i need you here >> the trunk opens, two wrestle on the ground. police determined that the firearm was, in fact, a toy gun. this video released after a particularly dangerous week for law enforcement around the country. five officers shot. two killed. he was booked on warrants and new charges for resisting arrest and aggravated assault. his mother facing charges for harboring a fugitive. abc news, new york.
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having thanks giving dinner in florida with his family on twitter indicating that he's working to keep in the u.s. jobs that carrier corporation plan to move to mexico. there is growing opposition among supporters to mitt romney as secretary of state saying mr. trump should pick someone more loyal to him personally. the current president had even lower key thanksgiving dinner with his family and nine phone calls to military service members who are deployed overseas. mr. obama has no public events scheduled for today as well. 800 u.s. military personnel celebrated thanksgiving outside the iraqi city of mosul enjoying a traditional meal and took photos to send home, of course, marines and soldiers there to advise and assist iraqi forces. it's a good thing to remember
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their family, and it's nice to get a glimpse of a life out there in iraq or wherever they are serving to remember that freedom is not free. >> nope. and neither are the bargains that are out there today. coming up, the rush is on for black friday 2016, almost 200 million americans hunting for the best bargains retailers have to offer. we'll check out the best deals. building families one child at a the mom on a mission to help hopeful couples overcome enormous financial hurdles to adoption. find us on facebook,, and on twit twitter, @abcwnn. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours?
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nothing new under the sun, is there? >> oh, my gosh, i didn't know there was a bla >> wonder what the tie-in was to the shopping, right? >> yes, exactly. >> there you go. >> black friday has a song. >> you're welcome. stores opens before the tables were cleared, macy's shoppers parading into the store in san francisco's union scare, and die hards in suburban indianapolis lined up outside of best buy. some chains let employees spend thanksgiving with families.
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tiffany was closed. >> are you okay? >> yeah, i think i'll recover. >> all right. >> it's too bad, though. i think a lot of the men were, like, thank you. >> yeah, yeah. >> saving money on the eve of one of biggest shopping days of the entire year. by now, you're wondering about the great deals out there waiting for you. >> abc's rebecca jarvis tells us where to find them. >> reporter: retailers battling it without with never before seen and kohl's open right now, m macy's, too, opening doors earlier than ever this year. sears with more than 50% off this drier. macy's slashing more than half off regular price of these knives. topping the best deals this weekend? experts say electronics. this hp laptop just $170 at best buy. these amazon fire tablets for $33. and the very best deals we've
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what do you think are going to be the big sellers? >> behind me, that 55 inch phillips, a high-def, 4k, and you can only get it at walmart. >> reporter: the hatchimal on the kids' wish list? fear not. some go for hundreds of dollars on ebay, walmart sells a limited number for $48. they are going quickly. you have to act fast, and here at best buy in chicago, the doors just year, and everyone in it telling me they are here for one thing, a tv. abc news, chicago. all right. thanks to rebecca. in the next half hour, consumer warning for parents on black friday. >> recalled toys still sold on loin that could pose dangers to kids. what to watch for when checking wish lists. beating the odds, couples
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those in need chart their own course to parenthood. you're watching "world news
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? ? all those people are members of the family. >> you know, i was at the parade today -- rather yesterday -- what day i felt like, god, this is what america's all about, people of every color, every nation, and you're under one, you know, common cause to have a great time, so it was a beautiful thing. now, i'll get off the soap box. thanksgiving is a time for family and togetherness, but it can be a painful time for couples who are having trouble trying to start their own families. >> for many couples, adoption is
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obvious are enormous obstacles. >> a mom who succeeded is on a mission to help other couples seeking a dream the parenthood. >> reporter: after learning they couldn't have children, they decided to adopt, but it was a process full of hurdles and surprises, and it put becky on a mission to help other adoptive parents navigate the system and fulfill their dreams of having a family. >> my journey to become a mother was not what i expected it to be. have any problems getting pregnant the old-fashioned way and having a child. >> reporter: becky and her husband, kip, had trouble, emotionally and financially. after five rounds of ibf, three pregnancies and three miscarriages, they decided to try something else. >> we had just the amount left in the savings to cover an adoption. it just hit me how lucky i was to be making choices on my terms
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front. >> reporter: after going through the adoption of the first child, jake, becky knew they wanted to help others adopt too. >> we have to do something to help these other families become parents, and to help kids get homes because the trick of it all is if people can't afford to adopt children, what happens to these children? >> reporter: from her apartment, she launched, help us adopt, an organiza giving financial assistance to other adoptive parents from all walks of life. >> we don't discriminate, period. family is family. you want to adopt a chill? you have a valid home? come. >> reporter: and becky has a family of her own. she and kip adopted jake, who is now 10, and brook, who just turned 7. >> i have to literally pinch myself throughout points throughout the day the children
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are my own, we're a family. they are my son and daughter, we just went about it differently. >> reporter: nine years later, becky and the organization built 179 families, and award over $1.5 million in adoption grants. >> i believe that we have changed the way americans perceive adoption. i mean, it really is cool that you can take an idea and make it happen. it's pretty easy to get up and go to work every day. >> oh, what a bl november is national adoption month, so if you want to learn more about becky and her organization, just visit >> that is so amazing. you know, i love the line she said, she has to think about the fact that the babies did not come out of her womb. today, i was adopted by a family, i went to the macy's thanksgiving day parade, i don't have family here, and they asked me to lunch. the 10-year-old said, come eat with us. >> did you? >> i spent half the day with
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it's time for the mix. >> yo. >> i say yo sometimes. >> yo. we start with dog. >> ending with dogs too. the first dog story. this is amazing. okay. imagine this. your dog is obsessed with santa, takes all over the place. wait until you see what happens when the dog meets santa. >> obsessed with a stuffed santa. >> uh-huh. >> oh, photos with it? >> uh-huh. >> and so what did they do? they eventually -- >> look at the dog's happy face. >> oh, my gosh. >> like "home alone." >> like any kid with santa claus. >> most kids are screaming. >> yeah.
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and there have been some with pets, but this is cool. this is a dog that issing the mannequin challenge. it's an australian cattle dog. it's going from unmoving ey eyeballs that do not move. the tail -- how did they get the tail to stay still as well? >> oh, starts ? ? brush up on more martial arts ? ? it's black friday polka ? ? everything you love other than the smart phone earphone jack ? ? it's the black friday polka ? when turkey's and the democrats got it in the neck ? ? tvs cloths everything ?
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? christmas bills ? ? christmas bills ? ? soon it will be time to pay ? ? tweeting late at night, ba rump rump rump ? snot i sing a version of this every turkey day ? ? but you're at home saying leftovers again ? ? ? santa claus is in the red ? ? that's the black friday polka ? ? kids play mind craft ? snot very favorite game ? ? surviving combat in the stores is pretty much the same ? ? if you're blue ? ? take it from me ? ? practice retail therapy ? ? that's the black friday polka ? speaking of which i should
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breaking news this morning on "world news now," actress florence henderson has died. warming the hearts of millions on "the brady bunch" and danced her way into her living rooms. the details on her seemingly sudden passing just ahead. quite a scene on a street. this video capturing the center of a rapidly spreading wildfire. more on that just ahead. a consumer alert for parents shopping for toys this holiday season. >> websites selling potentially dangerous toys that have been recalled. what to watch for before you click and ship. ? land of the free ? ? it is the land of the free ?


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