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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 30, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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the air. >> reporter: the talk of the campus, the fellow buckeye, this 18-year-old accused of slamming his car into a crowd of people on the sidewalk near the engineering building before slashing victims with a butcher knife. heroic police officer shot and killed him. osu student, anderson payne, stabbed. >> felt like i was punched in the hand. you get that dull pain in your hand, and then i looked down, and i saw my entire >> reporter: local and federal authorities searched the suspect's home, walked door to door in the neighborhood and scoured his social media posts. five months ago, the somalia-born student jumped across the stage in a ohio community college. by fall, at osu, upset about the treatment of muslims, posting on facebook minutes before the attack, i can't take it anymore.
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injured. >> i want to see what all the circumstances are that led to him doing this and all the history that led up to it. >> reporter: this well-known university community now coming to the to show it is buckeye strong. as investigatorings work to figure ought if the motive was terrorist related, isis claimed the suspect was a, quote, soldier of the islamic state, and did not say if they directed the 18-year-old to carry out the attack. >> t the man accidently locked inside the cook county jail for more than a day got 600,000 for his ordeal. he was visiting his son when he was direct to go down the hallway and turn right where he passed through an open door that closed behind him. he was stuck in the room for 32 hours. guards could hear him yelling for help, and finally rescued by the fire department after breaking a sprinkler head. mcdonald's is playing with
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burgers. they have been testing use of fresh rather than frozen beef in the dallas area. now that trial is being expanded to include restaurants in oklahoma. apparently, they like the way the fresh burgers taste better. shareholders called on mcdonalds to improve food quality overall. mysterious things are caught by trail cameras in kansas. those cameras put in place after reports of a mountain lion in the area. >> no mountain lion yet, but one of the cameras c image. >> okay. >> that's a fox. >> yes. >> that's not all. >> there's a gorilla there in the garden. >> oh, come on. >> wait, actually, there's two gorillas there. >> oh, come on. a woman with a walker is also in one of them for some reason. are we being punked? oh, wait. check this out. >> oh. santa claus. >> santa! >> on a hike, early christmas season visit, i suppose?
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couple weeks. better have toys. >> santa! i can't do that high pitch. >> the only reasonable thing to be seen were deer. >> which you'd expect there on the trail. >> a nice look at nature for us. coming up, meeting the tennessee 20. they all work together buying low toe tickets together for years, and now they hit it big. how much will each of them get splitting a $420 million >> the former police officer killing an unarmed black man takes the stand in his own ons and what he said that stunned the courtroom. first, a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather
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veered off the 405 freeway in los angeles and landed on a homeless camp. three taken to the hospital after the accident that happened in last night's rush hour. the victim was a 40-year-old woman. a walmart truck driver who injured tracy morgan and killed his freiend in an accident pled guilty. he is charged with four counts of aggravated assault and could avoid jail time and jail record if he stays out of trouble and performances community service. the case of a police officer who killed an unarmed black man, high call slater took the stand in his own defense yesterday. here's the details. >> made the decision to use lethal force because mr. scott never stopped. >> reporter: this former police officer took a risk testifying. michael looked into the jury's eyes saying at this moment when he started firing at walter
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felt afraid for his life. >> i fired until the threat was stopped. >> reporter: scott was unarmed and is clearly seen in the cell phone video running away. prosecutors said it was murder making him stand up and hold a tape ruler to show him how far he ran, 18 feet before he started shooting. he's claiming scott grabbed the taser in a fight before the cell phone recording. >> i saw that coming at me like this. >> reporter: he now admits that scott didn't run away holding it. people in the courtroom shook their heads as he struggled to explain this, why he picked up the taser from this location and moved it closer to scott's dead body. >> was it because i was policing my gear? i can't answer that. >> reporter: he said he was not trying to plant evidence, but outside the courthouse in the black neighborhood he worked, they don't believe it.
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switching gears now to sports. tiger woods is a day away from returning to competitive golf. woods has been on the sidelines for 15 months dealing with a variety of ailments. now he's in the bahamas for a tournament that starts tomorrow. he has 14 championships to his name, and he's ready to go at it again. >> i've been away from it for a long time, been away for golf throughout periods in my career. i care about what i do out there, like, i want to win, and correct spots. >> he also admits he's nervous about getting back in the action. for this weekend's tournament, he's using the putter he used to win 13 of his 14 majors. >> all right. hopefully it brings good luck. >> yep. the obamas have hung their ornaments at the white house for the last time. >> yes. first lady michelle obama unveiled this year's holiday decorations. the theme is the gift of the holidays, special decorations celebrate military families and
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star families. there's also large replicas of the first pets, beau and sonny, there as well. >> you can't celebrate christmas without the pets. the tree, by the way, 19 feet tall. big one. >> that is huge. they were bunch of volunteers yesterday, holding parties at the white house for them, and michelle obama said she continues to be impressed how people give up time to be there at this event at the white house. >> on to house, 150 pounds of ginger bread. >> oh, my gosh. i might eat that. >> i was going to say, a big group of people just going in and devour it on christmas. >> while mrs. obama gives you the stink eye, like, how many calories that is. >> that's not the rule in my house. everyone would chomp down. all right. coming up, a group of workers in an auto parts plant that hit it big on the power ball.
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? ? >> great song. if only it was reality. it is, though, for a group of 20 factory workers in tennessee who no longer have to worry about if, but now a when they get the money. >> they'll find out what they'd do with a million dollars because they have been playing the lottery together faithfully for year, and now it paid off big time. here's more. >> let's see first number tonight 1. >> 21. 37. 44. 16! and i was screaming. >> they called themselves the tennessee 20. >> checked the e-mails, we won. just -- i almost passed out. >> reporter: these employees of an auto parts manufacture in tennessee played as a group for years. the split on that $420 million jackpot? $12.7 million each. >> last night, my check engine
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well, you know, i don't have to get frantic about that now. >> reporter: still pinching themselves and still staying on the job at least for now. >> right now, i don't plan on quitting, but staying there. may change my mind, but -- >> reporter: several million reasons that just might change her mind. abc news, new york. >> well, good for them. >> yeah. my new cousins. >> i like the nickname, the tennessee 20. they will be on morning, hear from them firs firsthand. they used to buy $120 worth of wednesday and saturday. >> $12.7 million not bad. >> they consider themselves a family, work 24 hour shifts together sometimes, and on top of that, as if it's not enough, they did on vacations together. >> really? >> i thought we spent a lot of time together. >> yeah. >> maybe we should vacation together. >> well, we do trips together, but we're broke. we're not like the tennessee 20.
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ditch the misery. let's end this. a secret santa project taking over the country. >> and the little boy who lost swimming goggles. here's two truths and a why. good morning, will. >> good mornin the truth can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you meet your long-time hero. just ask kya, a shiba in orlando, her toy, a plush santa claus. so when the owners product her to their local mall for pet go toes, christmas came early for everybody. tweeting the holy jolly reaction to meeting her idol, and forget rocking around the christmas
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150,000 likes since post the. easy to see why. it's adorable. next, unwrap the truth from new zealand warming the grinch's holiday hating heart. over 2,000 new zealanders participated in a country-wide secret santa swap. they are assigned a random twitter user they follow to get to know, and buy a present and send it to the post who towards but i bet they have the world's highest per capita population on the nice lais, just a guess. finally, why can't aden find what he's looking for, and why is it the cutest case ever? he was enjoying the day at the pool asking his sister to help him find gogglings. the problem? well, take a look. >> what are you looking for? >> my goggles.
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>> you don't know where your goggles are? >> yo. >> i thought you had them. what -- >> oh, oh! >> found my goggles! >> retweeted 31,000 times with good reason. i mean, i look a lot less cute when i can't find the keys in my hand or sunglasses i'm wearing. come on, you feel my pain too, right? >> of course. >> oh, amen. we -- i definitely have done the sunglasses thing, but a works an overnight shift does it more than the rest of the normal people. >> the weird part is when you're in the car, and where are -- where is my car? >> you try to get in the wrong one? play that game? >> oh, yeah.
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this morning on "world news now," deadly wildfires in the south. >> as firefighters work to keep flames contained, there's worries the flames intensify once storms pass through the region. we have the latest and a close up look at the town burned to ashes. a pipeline explosion near a major airport. the flames seen reaching through the night sky as invest gaiters raced to the scene. the tax you may have to pay for watching shows online. hear why a growing number of city and states are charging you for cutting the cord and watching netflix and amazon. the key to a long life? many say they have it, but a study reveals which activities are best to maximize longevity. is your hobby on the list?


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