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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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kellye: coming up next, a chaotic scene in the district after the police say a gun man walked into a business. we are learning this may be tied to a fake news story during the presidential campaign. >> it just does not seem that is a fire that is survivable.
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keeps getting worse and oakland and the massive warehouse fire. some people are losing hope of finding loved ones. and the redskins head coach has what some are calling a meltdown after the team lost in arizona. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kellye: we begin tonight with the weather. we are in for a bit of a roller coaster ride filled with rain and some cold. meteorologis places that we are getting reports of sleet, even some snowflakes further to the north. what's going on here, this is coming from the southwest with the air slowly warming as it pushes in. within the metro, it is pretty much all rain. some reports of sleet closer to bethesda and alexandria. not out of the question.
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sleet comes down, it is warm enough that it will melt. we could see things collect a bit near pennsylvania where it will be slick. that is right along the spine of the blue ridge. that pink color is a wintry mix. the higher elevations are part of this winter weather advisory that goes until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. us, not an issue, but if you are crossing the mountains early tomorrow morning, something to be careful of. take your time. most of us will knock it down to freezing. in the morning, right about 39 degrees at the bus stop. a lot more sunshine moves in. overall, a nice afternoon. enjoy the sunshine monday because the rain moves back in tuesday. we will talk about that in the first real taste of winter at the end of the week.
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district are piecing together the details of make out exceeding this afternoon that started with a report of a gun man entering a restaurant. now there is a twist to the case. it's different from your typical crime story. anna-lysa gayle has more. anna-lysa: the suspect is 28-year- salisbury, north carolina. he walked into the restaurant with an assault rifle, pointed at patrons, who got away. and, ping-pong, witnesses say that a man walked in with an assault rifle. a coworker started to panic. >> a host ran up and said, did you see that guy, he had a gun? anna-lysa: workers called the police and started getting
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restaurant, somebody noticed a large police presence on connecticut avenue. >> the officers had their guns drawn. they were standing behind cars and taking aim, talking to the suspect. after a while, the suspect came out. anna-lysa: he snapped these photos. >> i'm thankful to all of the residents who called immediately. anna-lysa: say the suspect, edgar welch, fired one shot into the ground while in the restaurant. nobody was injured. the police say he admitted he was there to investigate pizza gate, which refers to a fake news article that circulated before the election, claiming that hillary clinton and her campaign chief were running a child trafficking ring in the restaurant's back room. >> we received many calls from
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business will close monday as the fbi investigates. >> i really hope that all of these people fanning the flames of the conspiracy will contemplate what went on here today. anna-lysa: welch is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. the business will reopen tuesday. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kellye: in the murder of a convenience store clerk in spotsylvania county. investigators say that surveillance video shows washington attacking 54-year-old saleh abukhait inside of a sunoco station saturday morning. moments later, a customer found the clerk dead on the floor. he was pronounced dead at the
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caught for the touchdown! kellye: now to the redskins, a frustrating day in arizona. robert burton has more on the loss to the cardinals. what went wrong? robert: it's not how you start, it is how you finish. sometimes it is how you start, and this one hurts. the redskins fighting for the final playoff spot. jay gruden says he is not thinking about the playoffs. kirk cousins hits desean jackson deep, 55 yard gain, leading to a cousins touchdown. less than a minute to go in the game, the skins down eight, but driving. cousins pressured, the passes picked off. the redskins fall to arizona,
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from jay gruden on the tough loss. kellye: thanks, robert. the army corps of engineers has denied a permit to the dakota access pipeline over the misery reservoir. that is a victory for the sioux tribe that say that the pipeline threatened their water supply and sacred land over the missouri reservoir. >> with my elders and the youth, but we need to be ready to keep. going kellye: protests will continue as the president-elect is expected to reverse the decision when he takes off. until then, the department of the interior is working on an alternate route for the pipeline. new information in the massive warehouse fire in oakland. at this hour, 33 people have died in the flames.
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seven have been named, but there may be more victims in the building because 70% has yet to be searched. >> she is not answering her phone, he is not answering his phone and nobody can get into contact with them. and i tried calling. it's not like her to not respond to a text. kellye: criminal investigators will look into the case. record site at least three code violations at the bui the event in oakland was on many people's mind that fire houses in d.c. today. hundreds came out to wish engine company 28 a happy 100th birthday. when the fire house was built in 1916, it was the only building on that part of connecticut avenue. the firehouse reopened in 2014 after a four-year renovation. >> at the end of the day, we want to make sure that everybody
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safe. kellye: this marked its 90th birthday earlier this year for the latter company. an airplane made an emergency landing after having issues with its landing gear. the nose gear for the aircraft collapsed. only a few minor injuries were reported. a funeral today for former cuban leader fidel castro. hi in santiago. the ceremony was private and the government decided to ban coverage. for some, the death of castor has been difficult to accept, but for others it is a beacon of hope. cheryl conner shows us one group that marked castro's burial with a vigil. ?
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memorial on the day that fidel castro's ashes were buried in cuba. through an interpreter, she said that she lost her left arm at the hands of an assassin in the castro regime. >> it caused her to lose her left hand. cheryl: now she is seeking political asylum. >> they threatened that they would kill me here. castro created an oppressive leadership since his rule began in 1959. >> anybody doing anything viewed as disruptive to the ideals of the revolution, they were warned they need to stop and if they don't they were arrested, families intimidated. cheryl: there are people who praise castro for advancing
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, the losers are far more numerous. cheryl: this person grew up in florida after her parents left cuba. >> i know people who were prisoners and tortured. cheryl: organizers of tonight's vigil hope that those who are walking by will stop and remember the people of cuba. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kellye: deliberations resume monday in the of a north johnston police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black person during a traffic stop. friday, jurors told the judge they were not able to reach a verdict in the trial. the judge said the jury needs to reach a decision. the officer is charged with murder in the 2015 shooting of walter scott. cell phone video shows scott running away from the officer. a lawyer for the family
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get justice. >> it is not over. justice is still coming. we will see it monday. we still have faith. we have not been shaken. we are not worried about it taking so long. it takes a long time sometimes. kellye: the judge has given jurors an option of convicting the juror on a lesser charge -- of convicting the officer on a lesser c campaign manager says about with
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kellye: the secret service may direct donald trump to relinquish his personal twitter account after he is sworn into office. he has for years used the twitter account as a platform for assaults and ideas. today on cnn, one of his supporters talked about him using twitter after he takes office. >> that will be up to him, the
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have to decide this issue. i will tell you the president-elect has 25 million users on twitter and facebook and views it as a good way to convey his messages. kellye: the president-elect is expected to name the remaining members of his cabinet this week. president barack obama today attended his final kennedy center commander-in-chief. there were several stars honored tonight. kidd o'shea was on the red carpet as the stars came in. kidd: music and entertainment's biggest stars showed up for the kennedy center honors, honoring james taylor. >> it's a high point. kidd: here is clive davis.
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eagles, hit music and radio, talk about their influence. >> we are honoring the eagles and james taylor. they represent the best. kidd: darius rucker was part of the tribute. >> they asked me what i would want to sing and they gave me a list of about 15 songs. kidd: she started singing when she was eight years old. di >> i could have never dreamed i would be here. this is just -- this is the highest honor. kidd: actor don cheadle told us about honoring out the chino -- al pacino. >> he is a great person. i forgotten to work with him and he is very generous and humble and it shows you the way that you want to go about your
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aired december 27. kellye: you need to make sure that you tune in tomorrow morning because there is much more to come restarting this -- regarding this. kidd will have even more from the red carpet, so don't miss that. josh: kidd o'shea never stops working. kellye: i felt bad for him when i saw him working this weekend, but when he told me his assignment, out the window. josh: hopefully he was able to dodge the rain. it is on the other side of the chesapeake bay, just in time for the morning commute. feels like right now, in a few different places, we have the rain coming down, some reports of sleet and snow flakes closer to the maryland-pennsylvania border, but i'm having problems finding areas at freezing. the only spots i could find are on top of wintergreen and ski
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maryland, 33 degrees, one of the coldest spots, hagerstown about 37. even if it comes down as sleet or snow, it will be melting and will not be a problem. all of this is pushing it out of the southwest. the breeze continues out of the southwest as well, allowing things to warm and it stops things from becoming icy. the spine of the blue ridge and further into west virginia. those spots the temperatures could be cooler. early tomorrow morning there could be some slick places, so keep that in mind. for most of us, light rain coming down as the temperature warms up overnight. 1:00 a.m. until about 5 a.m., everything pushing out, and in a hurry. unless your commute starts early, not going to be an issue.
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good. partly cloudy skies, mostly sunny skies that time, temperatures in the mid-50's. tuesday we do it all over again, except this time the rain moves in early in the morning. a lot like today, at the onset the will be right around freezing. we could have some sleet mixing in. it does not sure what in d.c. until closer to midmorning or lunchtime. until 8:30 tuesday evening, still hanging on to the rain. dry on the way to work and school and on the way home, but in between showers. the rain moves out overnight tonight, cloudy skies get us started in the morning, 39 degrees, a little chilly, but drive. lunchtime 52, partly cloudy.
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evening. the highs tomorrow, a big spread, upper 40's further north, further south close to 60 degrees in fredericksburg. the big blast of cold air moves in friday and saturday. that is coming out of canada. highs are stuck in the 30's those days. that will be the coldest air we have seen so far this season. rain moving in tuesday. high of 44, a cold, rainy day. wednesday back into a few showers thursday. then 38 and 39 friday and saturday. sunday a little better, a looking for a chance of snow flakes mixing in next week. kellye: hopefully not much accumulation. josh: i'm not expecting much. but the cold air is moving closer. kellye: he told you.
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roller coaster ride, and i think that is a good description of the redskins game. robert: coming up, a rough day at the office for the redskins. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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