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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  December 5, 2016 2:00am-2:30am EST

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the american people say that is enough of sex video, and enough about people's lives, can we discuss the syria, and terrorism? that is what we will do today with our exclusive guest, the man himself, frank gatson. join us. ? ? ? ? >> armstrong: are the chinese now aligning themselves with russia to declare war on syria? >> guest: i think the chinese are generally lining themselves with russia.
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syria, as much as it is to have their help in dominating the western pacific. you know, they have been moving aggressively, armstrong into lots of areas strategic choke point in that incredibly important body of water, because about 50% of the world's commercial traffic moves through the south china sea, and what they figured out, i think, is they can control it th russia's help and check mating and the united states, they certainly have ambitions farther beyond that region, but that is where they're starting. that is where this alliance is first taking shape. >> armstrong: what are we not being told about what is going on in syria? >> i think we're not being told that the country has essentially already irversebly broken apart. there's never going to be in my
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model of what was kind of the inheritance of the post world war i division of the middle east. you are going to have almost certainly an area that is going to remain under the control of the alowites, perhaps under the president assad, perhaps, under somebody else. backed by the russians who will have a temporary presence there. you will have parts of the country that won't be under their control, but the sunnies of one tripe or another mostly jihadist will operate there. and then you will have the curds, you will have probably the turks exercising some influence, and the iranians, of course with their militias are going to be trying to jockey for position. it's going to be as far as i can
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great detriment of christians who have been displaced almost barely, many of -- entirely, and many of them killed and to the extent that great many others, muslims specifically have died and been displaced as well. a lot of them now in europe. >> armstrong: most terrorism are actually jihadist, and jihadist is truly increasing around the world? >> it is. you know, project on terrorism calculates that there's been probably 30,000 people killed in one kind of jihadist attack someplace around the world in the past year or so. and that's unfortunately likely to grow, and it doesn't take into account the large numbers of people who are just being murdered or, you know, forced out of their homes or oppressed in other ways.
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really clarify to our listeners, we're not just talking about this jihadist terrorism increasing around the world, it's not just europe and the middle east. it's happening here in the? it is and we're seeing more and more kind here of jihad. my biggest concern is the infrastructure for the future violent jihad that is being built day by day by the guys who wrote that pook, if i may the muslim prehood. this is their secret plan. which we proved enshallly found in 2004, and what this document makes absolutely clear, and people can get it for free at secure is they have been pursuing for 50 years the undermining of our civil society, and governing
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aspire. we got more evidence the obvious kind of threat, we also have increasing evidence that the precursor to it, the enabler at it. kind of termites that chew away at the under pinnings of a building waiting for a big blow that takes it down. that is what is going on at hand of the brotherhood and what i'm shocked to be telling you is we have done so little to address forget, we do very little. talk about how we assist them? what they want to do and damage and permanently change america forever. >> that is the worst of it. you're right, we're not only missing the opportunities to stop this, we're actually, particularly under the obama administration, but to some extent under the bush administration before it enabling the muslim brotherhood to do this sort of thing. we hear after everyone of these
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least 12 of them in last eight years. >> armstrong: tell us specifically how they are -- efforts. >> guest: let it me make this point to introduce the thought. there's been 12 of these attacks under the obama administration. in each of these cases, the fbi has said, these are lone wolves. initially they said they are not act of terrorism, but they say this are lone wolves. in fact, in every single one of those cases, the fbi kn wolves. there's an example of how we are enabling these. it's not that the fbi is stupid. i think they are director comiis compromised t describes w the fbi, the homeland security, and the intelligence community has been prevented from actually
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nature of the enemy we're facing, and as a result they're not able to see the danger posed by these lone wolves. >> armstrong: are you certain about that? >> guest: the evidence couldn't be more conclusive. when they can't tell you that a guy they have been talking to, a guy that they have been better viewing for -- interviewing for a problem turns out to not be a problem and then he goes out and shoots people up. >> armstrong: then they are more sophistat >> guest: these guys are serious about the business they are in. >> armstrong: frank is our
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>> armstrong: i'm armstrong williams, and this is the "right side forum." ? ? ? >> armstrong: frank gatsson is our guest, the president for the center for security policy. in all fairness, you talk about the fbi and how it appears that
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terrorists attacks, what you really don't talk about them is they're not allowed to stop them. our system doesn't allow them to do their job? >> that's the point. that is why we talk about the disarming the first lines of defense. it's not that they're not equipped. they are very cable folks, and most of them incident tink tively understand what is going on. it's a career connect the dots between sharia, that sort of dna of totalitarian islamic supremacism, and jihad and terrorism. and if they do it, if they actually look for it, they're likely to be punished. >> armstrong: punished by who. >> guest: they will lose their lives. >> guest: a colleague of mine is a fellow by the name of john gu a, ndola, is fb itagent who
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ranks and was among those who were basically told you are not going to train our personnel to understand the threat as it is. and by the way, that was the leading edge of what turned into a more or less a full year of purging of our trainers, and the training materials they are allowed it use to teach the department of homeland security, and the military, and the intelligence community and so on. that means we literally are being blinded, you know. blindness. my friend andy mcartur a wonderful federal prosecutor, it's mount con pulse sorry blindness, you you're not allowed to do this. i got to bring it back to the muslim brotherhood, it's because these guys are inside of the wire. one of my friends, ridge higgins
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the meetings, and in the obama years they run the meetings. they are telling us what kind of behavior we can consider to be a threat. you know how this works out. i think it sounds unbelievable, but it's true. we have been told we can now only focus on something called countering violent extremists and you know who they think are the violent like you and me. >> armstrong: you know what is so ironic about what frank is saying. we're not talking about political correctness running a muck. this is becoming absolute submission. >> that's correct. whatever you call t political correctness, multiculturalism. sensitivity, not wanting to give offense, whatever you call it. the word that the islamists use,
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islamic state, their word for it is submission. why that is so troubling. >> armstrong: you think the american people are submitted. >> guest: i don't think they do. >> armstrong: would you give them an understanding. >> let me give an example in the after attack of the attack on san bernardino, some of the neighbors of the perpetrate or of that attack came eastern men coming in at all hours of the days and night putting boxes and stuff into the garage of the folks next door but we didn't say anything, because we didn't want to be branded as racist and bigot or islam februaries. folks, that is what thefeel are. >> armstrong: naive is part the
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>> guest: suppressing the freedom of speech, suppressing the kind of conversation we're having today is central to the agenda of both the muslim brotherhood, and the organization of islamic cooperation. they actually promulgated earlier in the obama administration with the help, by the way, i just have it say of barack obama, and hillary clinton a resolution in the human rights council called 1618. it's member of the state of the united nations to prohibit defamation of religion, and you may have noticed that you can defame christians and jews all day long or as treianses and buddhist. you can't dename muslims. -- defame muslims. it's only meant to protect muslims. and there's a lot of muslims had a don't want anymore of this sharia business than you and i do. >> armstrong: they're a casualty of this.
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biggest casualty fist and foremost, because they must submit too, but in the end because we not working with them and instead we're working with the muslim brotherhood who wants to dominate them, and make the rest of us submit as well. we're playing into the hand of our enemies, especially as it relates to this point about free speech. if hillary clinton has her way, she has made this absolutely clear, she would ensure that we do not give offense to whether it's videos that she blamed for the benghazi business or any other way. she said we are going to use old fashion techniques. >> armstrong: why would they destroy and jeopardize, is it that they don't know, is it that they trust too much or being naive and manipulated. why would your leadership. >> guest: let me break the code. i believe that the record shows unmistakenbly that the hard left
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sort of red-green access, that forged in the principle that they both want to get rid of this country as the powerful -- >> and israel. >> absolutely. the western civilization. >> armstrong: who would buy into that. >> the hard left and the islamists seek this, and they do it together. >> armstrong: we got to do it when we get back. there's got to be some good where we're making progress. we got to tell that story.
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welcome back to the broadcast, what is the good news, where are we making progress. not everybody is buying on this agenda that is in the obstruction of america, and israel. >> the best news, we have had interest expressed on capitol hill finally about this problem. senator ted cruz and a congressman by scott perry held hearings in the house respectively to drill down on this phenomenon of willful blindness. somebody is finally saying, what is going on here? that's a necessary step to some
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could conceivably happen in the house of representatives after this election in the lame duck session, because i'm told that they may try to push forward legislation calling for the designation of the muslim brotherhood as what it is. a terrorist organization. so that is good news. the other piece of good news, i'll have to say, whatever his on shortcomings may be, donald trump has put before the american people a real choice. more which is imperilling us all, or a different course of action, with respect to the jihad. we are going to stop importing more of them. we got enough as it is. we are going to recognize that this is an ideology we are dealing with, not a religion. sharia is a total ter political ideology and it's trying to displace and suppress our
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networks that are radicalizing muslims. that is the muslim brotherhood. a debate, a focus serious debate in the remaining days of this election, is i think the possible outcome and the very good news. why is it that we can't find some comfort and hope in a house and senate which is the majority republican? >> i have to say, just as i indicated earlier, armstrong. they too, cool aid that we can deal with the muslim brotherhood, we can deal specifically with its front groups, like the council on american islamic relations. the islamic society of north america, we can use them as the arbiters of what we say and do. that is crazy and has put us in the place we are. how about the.
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mated the whole effort of suppressing the freedom of speech. we have a constitutional protection against it, as you know, but to the extent that they can dress up conversations like these that might offend an islamist as hate speech, they hope that they're going to be able to suppress it in this country as well. which goes back to the point you made earlier. if we can't talk about what is going on here, it those who those who are trying like the termites to take us down from within, do their job. we got to be honest about this. we got to have the american people engage and understanding what we're up against, and we got to take legal, and necessary action to stop this kind of subversion inside of our country. >> but you are saying to us today -- you know what you're
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pill to swallow is that not only are we losing this, but we're losing badly. look you know how disheartening this it. >> guest: we are willing to listen to this, but to pretend that is not so, not only is it extraordinarily dangerous but it defies what most common people. >> armstrong: could it be that you have become paranoid? >> i've been accused of more than the truth of the matter is, if you look at this kind of information as we have done rigorously, and analytically, and by the way, there's a lot more where this came from, you can't help from come to the conclusion that i have, that we're losing the war the way we're fighting it and we can't continue down the road without truly imperilling our country and our people. most americans are intuitively getting that.
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to fight for our country to fight for our land. to fight for our infrastructure to fight for our identity and not to succumb to the submission of these jihadist terrorists that we strongly a lied about. frank will give us pointers that
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>> armstrong: we're back. solutions, how can we a arm and empower americans? >> guest: we got a five point plan for trying to defeat -- >> armstrong: you got a minute. >> guest: i won't get through all of it. >> armstrong: get through it quickly, you're good at talking. >> guest: let me just make this point, there are things we can do. they all start with understanding the nature of the enemy. >> armstrong: tell the american people what they can do, frank. >> what they can do is go to
2:27 am and they will see the 5 point plan for victory over jihad which includes -- >> armstrong: don't. >> guest: don't import more jihadist. >> armstrong: start with that. >> we have plenty we can't afford more n what else. >> have a screen that applies an ideological test. >> armstrong: less refugees. >> guest: less refugees in that point particularly. get to the point where you understand the muslim victory over jihad is the requirement. >> armstrong: we need nor time with you. thank you for loving america and protecting it. you can always visit us at armstrong and i want to thank the staff here at channel 8 for making us
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good morning. i'm mara schiavocompo. >> i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "abc news now." nearly 40 confirmed dead in that massive warehouse fire and we're learning names of some of the whether the fire could have been prevented. the death toll in the gatlinburg wildfire has rise ton 14. the latest victim, a woman who was killed in a multi-car crash as she was trying to flee. dolly parton has announced a telethon in nashville to help victims of the the fire. a major victory for the standing rock sioux tribe.


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