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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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sunday after a gunman walks into a local witnesses say the man walked into comet ping pong-- to investigate a bogus news report that claimed hillary clinton and her campaign chief were running a child trafficking ring in the restaurant's back rooms. employees say as soon as he approached the restaurant-- they knew something was wrong. "one of the hosts runs up and was like, did you see that guy, he had a big gun." "he didn't make eye contact with anybody. he didn't ask for any help." police say it appears 28-year-old edgar welch fired at least one shot into the ground while inside. no one was hurt.
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happening now.. 33 people are confirmed dead, in that massive fire in oakland, california. the flames ripped through the warehouse during a party-- witnesses saying the lights went out, and there was no where to run. and as danya bacchus the death toll is expected to rise - even more.
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protesters mark a major victory regarding dakota access oil pipeline. last night-- the
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announced that it is denying the permit needed to build the pipeline under a missouri river reservoir. the decision is a victory for the standing rock sioux tribe who argue the pipeline threatens the water supply and sacred land. the redskins drop their second game in a row on the road.. and yesterday's loss in arizona--crucial for a team looking to make a case for the playoffs. redskins trailed by four in the third quarter when kirk cousins found jamison crowder for the touchdown. skins take a 20 to 17 lead.. but the defense gave up 31 pots for the second week in a row. carson palmers touchdown to jj nelson would seal the game. cardinals win 31-23. after the game-- let's say coach jay gruden had one or two things he didn't like. with the loss-- the skins record
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coming up. a burglary suspect pleads for police to come arrest him after he gets himself in a bad situation. you won't believe where officers found him... coming up rain rain.. go away. our meteorologist eileen whelan is tracking this morning's wet weather. and she has good news... and some bad news. you can get both.. when we
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(some sleet possible in the morning) - coldest air of the season on the way today: early morning clouds, then partly to mostly sunny. highs: 52-57 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph tonight: cloudy and cold. lows: 32-40 winds: e 5 mph tuesday: rainy and chilly. sleet possible in the morning at the
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winds: ne 5 mph
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grounds dozens of flight overseas. we'll tell you
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election officials in michigan will begin recounting more than 4-million votes cast on election day.. green party candidate jill stein successfully lobbied for this recount and another in wisconsin. president-elect donald trump won michigan by just 10-thousand votes. stein alleges that there were irregularities with the election but has offered no proof. new controversy for president-elect donald trump. he is facing backlash for a call with the president of taiwan meanwhile-- trump turning off on his plan to keep jobs in america -- and saturday night live. abc's david wright has more. the vice president-elect insists people are making too much of donald trump's decision to ignore four decades of us diplomatic protocol and talk with his taiwanese counterpart. sot - pence, this week it's a little mystifying to me that president obama can -- can reach out to a murdering dictator in -- in cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and president-elect donald trump takes a courtesy
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become -- it's become something of a controversy one of the candidates being considered for secretary of state general david petraeus told george he's convinced trump has a firm grasp of america's interests abroad. petraeus: well, i think he's actually quite pragmatic. in our conversation what i enjoyed most frankly was the discussion of issues high on trump's agenda: the issue of protecting american jobs. a rant. warning companies against making what he called an "expensive mistake": gfx "any business that leaves this country for another country?" "? fires its employees builds a new factory or plant in the other country, and then thinks it will sell its product back into the u.s." "? there will be a tax on our soon to be strong border of 35% for these companies." trump also took aim at
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(snippet) alec baldwin's parody "just tried watching saturday night live - unwatchable!" "? and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad!" baldwin tweeted back sharply: "release your tax returns and i'll stop." cuba's nine-day mourning period over the death of fidel castro.. is over. the ashes of were buried yesterday, in a cemetery in santiago. outside the cemetery, tens of thousands of people lined the streets. castro died november 25th. he was 90-year-old. castro asked that no statues or monuments be erected in his memory.. and he wanted no parks or streets named for him, after his death. a man is being held without bond after an incredibly botched burglary attempt in upstate new york. 53-year-old richard graham allegedly tried to break into a pizzeria.. but he became
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having to yell for help. firefighters say he was so far into the air vent, he couldn't be rescued from the outside. by getting stuck in the vent, graham caused more than two-thousand dollars in damage to the restaurant's exhaust system. he was taken to the hospital, and treated for minor injuries, then released to the custody of officials. a big tribute to some leaders in the performing arts.. the kennedy center honors were held saturday night. the five honorees: pianist martha argerich , the rock band, the eagles, actor al pacino, and singers mavis staples and james taylor. kidd o'shea has more. no script available and kidd o'shea will join us later
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night rubbing elbows with the stars. coming up a little later on good morning washington. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen - morning clouds, afternoon sun (some sleet possible in the morning) - coldest air of the season on the way today: early morning clouds, then partly to mostly sunny. highs: 52-57 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph tonight: cloudy and cold. lows: 32-40 winds: e 5 mph tuesday: rainy and chilly. sleet possible in the morning at the onset.
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a terrifying scene on an airport runway in texas. the latest on the passengers..
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this crash landing in san antonio. a plane made an
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issues with its landing gear. during the landing, the nose-gear collapses. sparks flying as it scraped the runway, and finally came to a halt. 55-people were on board. only a few minor injuries were reported. deliberations resume today in the trial of a former north charleston police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black person during a traffic stop. friday, jurors told the judge they were unable to reach a verdict in the michael slager trial. but, the judge said the jury needs to keep trying to reach a decision. slager is murder in the 2015 shooting of walter scott. cell phone video shows scott running away from slager. a lawyer for scott's family said they remain hopeful they will get justice.
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convicting slager on a less charge of manslaughter. more than twenty thousand people are stranded at an airport in china. state media is reporting thick clouds of smog and heavy fog are preventing planes from taking off at an airport in chengdu. more than 100 flights are grounded. officials are calling it the worst fog to hit the city in years. local cities has plans to reduce coal consumption for winter heating, replacing it with less-polluting electricity. newest casino at the national harbor will open! and this morning, we will have a sneak peek inside. the one-point 4 billion dollar casino will officially open thursday. resort officials expected around 20-thousand people to come in and out on a daily basis. several restaurants, bars, and a spa will be included in the building. sting, bruno mars, and cher, and duran duran are just a few starrs already slated to perform there. now to the box office we go. "moana" and
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them" continue to be the top performers. "moana" pulled in another 28 million dollars in its second week. fantastic beasts came in second, bringing its total to more than 183 million dollars since opening. "arrival" came in third. still ahead on good morning washington. new details about a tragic warehouse fire in oakland. crews still searching for victims as federal investigators weigh criminal charges against
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chilly start. the rain is moving out - but watch out for wet roads and standing water as you head out this morning. good morning i'm autria godfrey. and i'm larry smith. - morning clouds, afternoon sun (some sleet possible in the morning) - coldest air of the season on the way today: early morning clouds, then partly to mostly sunny. highs: 52-57 winds: sw to nw 5-10 mph tonight: cloudy and cold. lows: 32-40 winds: e 5 mph tuesday: rainy and chilly. sleet possible in the morning at the onset. highs: 39-46


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