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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 8, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the man hunt for an alleged cop killer. authorities in georgia searching for a suspect who shot two officers near a college campus. we'll have the latest details. conflict of interest with president-elect trump announcing a plan how to move forward with the business empire. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, shows us how policy could be affected. the airport pat down that a woman says went way too far. >> telling the agents she was battling breast cancer and said
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tors. wait until you hear who topped the list for the second year in a row. the full story in the skinny on this thursday, december 8th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone, on this thursday morning. we start with the urgent man hunt taking place right now in the south. they are looking for a man police say is armed and dangerous. >> investigators in georgia say he shot and killed a police officer and critically injured another. the video posted to his facebook page shows a man in the shadows that says, quote, i'm going to miss you all. here's the latest. >> reporter: a statewide man hunt for suspected killer accused in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old police officer nicholas smar and his second officer responding to a call at this apartment complex in america's georgia wednesday morning. >> gunshots were exchanged, and the two officers were wounded. one succumbed to officer this morning. >> reporter: the other officer severely wounded. he allegedly fled the scene, considered armed and dangerous with a history of violence and charges including kidnapping on
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individual. we need to have him off the streets. we want him arrested so that he can face the courts. >> reporter: police locked down georgia southwestern state university looking for the suspect. the fbi offering a $20,000 reward for his arrest. adreinne bankard, new york. admitted church killer, dylan roof trial is underway. he's charged with shooting and killing nine black people to death after they invited him to join their bible study group. on the first day of testimony, survivors described how roof gunned down the pastor and eight parishioners while spewing racial insults. roof's attorney said his client pleads guilty if the death penalty was removed, but prosecutors refused to do that. officials in nevada don't know what started the fight at a
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after being shot by a police officer. dozens witnessed the fight and shooting. the school was placed in lockdown while police searched to make sure there were no other armed students. investigators in tennessee say they arrested two teenagers accused of deliberately starting a wildfire in eastern tennessee. win driven flames ravaged the chimney top area of the mountains for days, killing 14 people and destroying or damages more than 2400 buildings. prosecutors charge the teens as juvenile with aggravated arson, but they may add more charges and say they are considering transferring the case to an adult criminal court. alarming new details coming out about the warehouse fire in oakland. the l.a. times reports that building inspectors had knot been inside the warehouse in 30 years despite the city investigating complaints around the time of last week's fire.
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fire was unable to get inside. politics and a bit of controversy. president-elect donald trump is embroiled in a spat with the union leader that represents the carrier workers in indianapolis. the local united steel workers president chuck jones said he was grateful to trump for his efforts to save jobs, but he believed that trump had lied about the number of jobs that were actually saved saying it was actually 800, not 1100 as trump claimed. trump fired back tweeting that an hour later telling the union to spend more time working and less time talking. trump's businesses under scrutiny this morning as new questions are raised about his upscale hotel in washington, d.c. critics say foreign governments are holding events there to curry favor with the president-elect. abc brian ross investigates. >> reporter: just down the street from the white house, the president-elect's new luxury
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governments and special interests to show loyalty to donald trump. the kingdom of bahrain rented out the presidential ballroom at an estimated cost of $100,000 to celebrate its national holiday, so we showed up to ask why here? last year it was a different hotel, is this because mr. trump is the president-elect? the wealthy king of bahrain has good reason to court the incoming administration. its human rights record harshly criticized, accused of torture and rape and other political violence. they still were not talking. and security men blocked our cameras. trump is so proud of his washington hotel, he interrupted his campaign to officially open it. he now says the hotel will be more valuable now that he will be in the white house. it was a benefit for a conservative group with a special guest, the vice
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the government represented rooms to throw a holiday party. >> a lot of governments around the world depend on a strong relationship to the united states trying to figure out in a trump administration what's it going to take to curry favor. >> reporter: trump will announce how to solve the potential conflict of interest problem, but as it stands now, as long as he owns the hotel, every dollar of profit is makes goes directly into his pocket. brian ross, abc news, washington. overseas this morning, syria's government is ignoring a rebel proposal for a cease fire in the city of aleppo. assad regime owns the city of aleppo and territory held by the rebels. they are backed by the u.s. and other western countries and want the cease fire to evacuate 200,000 civilians who are still living in aleppo. seeing plenty of support this morning for a man honored
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john glenn is hospitalized in ohio for more than a week. officials are tight-lipped about the condition. he was the first american to orbit the earth in 1962, served four terms in the senate, and returned to space in 1998 as a sitting senator at the age of 77. this might not be a good day for long distance drive. although the major highways in north dakota are open again, there's no unnecessary travel advisory in the state. yesterday, even >> who towed it out? >> that dude. >> okay. colorado residents are not expecting a repeat partly because it's so cold this morning the cars may not start. snowy roads are a problem in other parts of the country this morning as well. stay safe, everyone. >> please do. the system that brought the blizzard to north dakota brings lake effect to the great lakes region. yeah, buffalo. and very cold temperatures to
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into the northwest and northern california with snow expected in portland and seattle late today. >> portland's high today will be freezing with seattle not much warmer than that. great falls reaching three degrees, highs in denver and chicago are 24, twice that in atlanta and washington. >> and miami is nice at 82. okay. so the water bottle challenge. well, it really seems to be catching on. it's -- >> that was pitiful. >> that's not how you're supposed to do it. >> we got in on the act awhile ago and failed. >> i can't. so it's supposed to land upright, but it didn't go the way i hoped. it's something members of the cleveland cavaliers apparently figured it out better than we have. >> there they were last night at
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bench. this was going on after the cavaliers blew out the knicks. almost. >> was that lebron? >> even lebron taking part. >> that was not planned, but it's a long season, and they have to pass the time somehow, right? when you win by that much -- >> phil jackson will not be happy. look at lebron and his posse. oh, you almost got it! >> that was -- you know how many times i tried to throw that? >> you have to try it with a cup. >> oh, boy. all right. coming up, the tsa screening from hell. a woman describes what she says is the most humiliating experience of her life, battling breast cancer. hear what the tsa agent forced her to do. what's called the best live television musical event of all time. the star studded "hair spray" extravaganza last night ahead in
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the tsa is often criticized as the most disliked government agencies. >> a lot of people feel grieved in criticizing the tsa, but a woman had quite the run-in with the tsa agent, and she's talking about it.
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>> you cannot touch me there. >> reporter: the most humiliating experience of her life. he said this officer patted her down aggressively and when the officer gets to the front of her shirt -- >> i have breast cancer. i had a lumpectomy. i have a port in me. you can't touch me there. >> reporter: there was a standoff there and tried to explain what the agents need to do. >> we have to make sure there's nothing there. i lifted up my shirt and said there's nothing there. >> reporter: albert alleges it got worse. finally, she felt compelled to take off her wig, which she rarely does in public, posted about it in facebook, and saying tonight, it eventually provided her with a private room for a screening. >> my whole point was to bring awareness to this so that it doesn't happen to other people. >> reporter: the tsa regrets any distress it caused her and is retraining three officers who dealt with her reminding every other officer at this airport of
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angeles. >> matt, thank you. when we come back, guess who topped this year's list of most overpaid actors? >> and can you guess this year's biggest viral hit on youtube? the skinny's next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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we're going to start the skinny this morning with proof that stars are just like us. >> overpaid that is not like us. forbes magazine, though, took a look at the most overpaid actors looking not at total dollars paid out, but the movie studio's return on investment. coming in fourth place, will ferrel returning $6.50 for every dollar he was paid. >> channing tatum in third place that was paid out. if they had paid out more for wardrobe, then maybe -- >> yeah, no. maybe less spending on wardrobe. second place goes to will smith returning $5 for every dollar the studio paid him. >> second year in a row, johnny depp is given the dubious honor of the most overpaid actor
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he was paid for all the huge johnny depp movies this year. >> forbes said the list is dominated by established male leads who's past successes allow them to command eight figure payouts despite box office washouts. good negotiating on their part? >> good agents. next to what's called the live tv event of the year. >> okay. so it's set in the 1960s, big screen cult classic in the '80s turned into a tony winning broadway musical in 2002, hair spray was a live tv event last night on another network. the all-star cast featuring harvey as edna. >> newcomer, maddy as well as rosie o'donald, jennifer hudson, and ariana grande. ? ? critics hailed the live event as
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has ever had. >> well, good job there. a lot of hair spray. next, she may have been madonna, but she acted like a virgin. >> getting in the groove with james cordin, and it was not long before she was truly expressing herself. ? i just want to have fun today ? ? oh oh ? >> i love that song. oh, woah.
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i do love that song. >> by the way, she's no match for adele. it's become this year's biggest viral hit on youtube. >> it is my favorite of all of them. >> it really is fantastic. >> one, she's an amazing singer, two, she had so much fun with it, and her expression to how good james is at singing was the priceless moment of the whole thing, and -- >> and three, the rap. >> the spice girls -- >> no, no. "monsters." >> i loved how many songs she chose to sing that were not hers. sing the spice girls, forget about myself. >> it was great. it was the best one. >> a look at women who will be vying for nike's heart in the season 21 of "the bachelor." >> this crop of contestants hail from all over the country and canada with rather unique occupations.
3:51 am
new jersey. >> a dolphin trainer. >> yeah. >> she said the most outrageous thing she's ever done is move to miami. >> oh. jack? >> alexis sounds jersey to me. she said her most embarrassing moment was when an ex told her she had a mustache at a giants game. that's better than a jets game, though. >> shows up the first night dressed as a dolphin. have you had that experience on a first date? >> dressed as a dolphin? >> thankfully no. >> no. quickly, brianna, 28-year-old surgical unit nurse from salt lake city. okay. >> she -- >> all righty. >> she says, also, talks about dolphins, and that she can do underwater flips. >> and next vanessa at 29, a special ed teacher. i want to mention, there are five black contestants.
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but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. so it's often said that broadway is thee place where dreams come true. >> and then they never have been more true than for opening night of one of broadway's newest and hottest musicals because gracing the stage was the daughter of one of our very own proud papas. byron pits takes us there. personally. my youngest, making her broadway debut. >> my late mother said when she was proud of us, child, about to break a bra strap i'm so proud. look at the line. a bronx tale, an autographical one-man show. >> that's bad money. >> reporter: a young boy caught between the love of his father
3:56 am
>> just leave my son alone. i treat him like he's my son. >> he's not your son. he's my son. >> this is a bronx tale. >> reporter: the story timeless and now modernized for broadway. that duwap sound track, the background for a brand new musical. and at the helm, veterans of stage and screen, denero himself taking a stab at broadway directing. the movie set the spotlight in new york undertones in race, translate to stage. we swing by the show. >> hey, how are you! >> bobby thornton, his first role on broadway, just 24 years old. do you appreciate what a gift
3:57 am
young actors in this show? >> it's the best. i love them. to pay attention and appreciate how privileged they are to be doing a broadway show. >> he's a great jewish father. >> that's right, i am. >> reporter: a sigh after opening night, i couldn't stop beaming. hey! >> hi! >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you, pops! i'm going to cry again. there's nothing like it. >> reporter: for nightline, i'm byron pitts. >> he attempted to say that parents are like a bow and children are like an arrow, and you try to point the arrow, and that's as far as he could get before crying. >> really? oh, man, classic. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
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making news in america this morning, president-elect donald trump selects more people for his cabinet. his pick for epa head, though, is causing some controversy because of his stance on climate change. plus, the latest appointee, a co-founder of the wwe and overnight another trump tweet is creating conflict. arctic blast, the temperatures b morning where they're heading right now, plus why snow could cause big problems in the northwest. breaking overnight an inmate serving a life sentence escapes from prison. we have the latest on the massive manhunt under way. for the first time in decades the life expectancy in the u.s. drops. what's behind the decline? a good thursday morning to


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