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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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opening night, huge crowds, filling the capacity in less than an hour. a look at the traffic mess, the glitz, and glamour, coming up. good front of morning to you, washington. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> you have got to take a look at this video. just minutes after opening to complete gridlock in the area -- at one point overnight the traffic was so bad they had to close several ex really? julie: it was pretty significant. i have to tell you. coming out of virginia, maryland, you could not exit off of 210, 295. those ramps have been reopened and this is what it looks like right now. inner loop of 295 on the inner loop of wilson bridge, from branch avenue across the bridge
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you can see that they do have police and maryland state highway out there, keeping a close eye on congestion that could become an issue this morning. right now it looks pretty normal. starting at northbound the 95 there is a crash that occurred on route three with a tractor trailer leaking fuel. police tell me that this cleanup will be with us for the next couple of hours. headed up plan on using route one as a workaround. delays towards shady grove due to an earlier disabled train and the switch problem outside glenmont. due to speed restrictions, expect delays. back in the next 10 minutes with another update on the roads and rails. v.j.? for on eco: it is cold outside.
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area. 20 to 30 mile per hour wind gusts being reported, 30 miles per hour, it is the wind that is really going to be an issue with the lower temperatures today. wind gusting around 30, maybe 35 miles per hour. tomorrow, for the second part of the weekend we will start to see the winds subside. what it will do today is bring the temperatures down as we see a high of around 39 degrees will feel like we are around 32. for the morning the wind chills are running in the teens to low 20's for a time. sunshine today, but look at this, even saturday, 15 to 20 degrees. >> breaking overnight, a packed house for opening night at the new mgm casino.
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quite a while night, what are things looking like right now? john: i got to tell you, the grand opening is still going strong. believe it or not, there are still thousands of people here at the casino. haven't spoken to many big winners. one lady told me she just lost $800. hopefully she was just kidding. this is the line for the ballet as the folks try to head home. like you crowd, this casino here. the 23 acre resort rate -- resort reached capacity last night. remember, they were going to open the doors at 11:00. they opened about half of an hour early and opened a 15,000 garage early as well. this is what is known as the conservatory, it's essentially the main atrium here at the mgm. just a spectacle, really.
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snacks. -- snags. reports on twitter of a fight on the casino floor, described as two men wailing on one individual who was on the ground at the time. officials called it a minor altercation. the security here was able to disperse it very quickly and deal with that. we of prince george's county police walking around here, some of them with canines. maryland state troopers outsider helping with traffic control. glitz and glamour living up to the hype. you have a 125,000 square foot casino around it with all the restaurants, boutiques, and the spa here at the mgm. outside, it's a bit of a different story. they reached capacity last night
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maryland state police and prince george's county police closed the doors and ramps to access the casino and it stayed accuracy -- stata capacity until about 2:00 this morning. right now there are still thousands of people inside right now, q, if you can believe that. q: it looks great in there, look at those people at 6:45 in a morning. crowds inside creating a mess outside overnight. might now -- right now, mostly smooth sailing. we will have a live report with you from suzanne kennedy in about 10 minutes. autria: ash carter -- jummy: ash carter making a surprise visit to afghanistan. it will likely be his last duty before handing things off to
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with the afghan president and deliver a preholiday peptalk to the troops currently serving overseas. we will keep you updated we learn more about his surprise visit. q: police are investigating a sexual assault at a popular waterfront park in georgetown. it happened in an area popular to runners, walkers, and cyclist . police are now out with a sketch. there it is now on your they say that this is what the suspect look like who attacked the woman in october. in the past we told you about six other cases in the area. police have not set of they are all connected. autria: happening right now, an active search or a group of robbers after a brutal attack was caught on camera. it happened early in the morning of november 26 outside the leyla lounge. we showed in the video to the
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>> ok, he shows me, ok, i remember that, knocking my head to the ground, ok, a dirty shot. ok, these guys? they are real patty. autria: they took his iphone, debit card, and chain, as well as passport. helping you and your family fight back against crime, check out the spot crime map on to latest crimes were you live and work. >> coming up, the snowy mess in
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q, winter technically hasn't even started, but winter weather is making an early appearance in the regions of the great lakes. but this wasn't seen in western pennsylvania thursday.
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in cleveland involving 50 cars and at least three people were killed in the pileup about 60 miles west of detroit. across the country and other system is hitting western washington state right now. heavy snow starting to fall as people were having -- heading home last night. here in the dmz we know all about that. the weather created big accept with the rush-hour commute coming and a wave of bitterly cold air across the country. veronica? please tell me we aren't going to be seeing any of that? veronica: this is my jacket and it's a reminder that it time to break out the warmer, snuggly or quilt or jacket. anything to just stay warm. you might want to go with a hood today. it is going to be blustery and cold.
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sunshine throughout the area. scarf, gloves, you are going to need it. next weekend the temperatures could be even lower. we are trending much colder here this december than we did last december. i will talk more about that in about 10 minutes. 17 in camp springs right now, with sustained winds at about 10 to 20 across the area. high today of 29 by 5:00. and a clear sky tonight. should be clear conditions for the leesburg parade, 6 p.m., kicks off the temperature around then with wind chills in the low 20's. julie: on the roads right now you will need seat warmers, it is chilly out there. northbound on 95, the tractor-trailer cleanup is still in effect.
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towards 610. you will find delays on 270 coming from interstate 70 towards hyattstown. from the roads to the rails, the red line toward shady grove, still dealing with a switch problem outside glenn month. signal issues in alexandria, and as result, reduced speed, so
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jummy: we are back at 6:16 with breaking news overnight. a stunning fall for the first korean korean female president. hundreds of protesters amassed in front of the national assembly building there. you can see them on the screen. she was embroiled in a corruption scandal involving a friend and former adviser. she apologized to the nation for negligence. this just in, the south korean prime minister told reporters that he feels deep responsibility for the scandal that wrought down his boss.
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presidential powers until the new president is elected. some are hinted that the retiring u.n. secretary general may play a role. autria: memories are pouring in for john glenn. the first american to orbit the earth died yesterday at the age of 95. he was the last of the original mercury 97 astronauts. people in the bethesda neighborhood where he lived so that he was humble and f photo of him when she was just a little girl. >> he invited us inside, picked me up, carried me and my brother, put us on the counter and talk to us for 30 minutes, telling us all about his adventures in space. >>'s body will lie in state at the statehouse in columbus. a public memorial service will be held at ohio state university
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arlington national cemetery. q: the president-elect's cabinet picks suggest a dramatic era of deregulation. his pick to head the labor department, the fast food executive, andrew puzzler, an outspoken critic of raising the minimum wage. scott pruitt, whom trump has tapped to head the epa, has a history of legal challenges on environmental rules. during the victory tour stop last night in iowa promised to/regulations. a wisconsin judge will hold a hearing on whether or not to stop the state's residential recounts. just yesterday they stopped a recount in michigan. both of the retaliatory requested by gilles simon. the wisconsin recount was 80 2% complete as of yesterday. so far clinton has gained 61 votes. trump defeated her in that state by 20,000 votes.
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the rails on new year's eve. the transit agency is bringing back many years -- late-night service for the celebration. the trains will run until 3 a.m. and no track work is planned for that time. the new mgm casino at the national harbor, officially open for business. don't -- doors opened early last night with a packed house quickly filled to capacity. creating a mess on the roads, forcing the police to shut down roads with the latest this morning. suzanne? suzanne: good morning to you. the good news in all of this is that prince george's county police are on the scene and they remained here overnight, keeping an eye on things, trying to figure out how to manage all of that traffic. the decision was made to shut down three exits, exits 2 a.m. to be, to the national harbor, and also three be on the outer
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re-opened at around 2:00 in the morning. all of this to alleviate the standing traffic. we want to show you some pictures of all of that traffic, going back to the woodrow wilson bridge. so many people trying to get in your to the national harbor. they just were not able to do so. the garage was supposed to open and 9:30 but they instead chose to open them at 9:00 to get those cars off the road and into the casino. tell you, though, that by 11:13 the garage was full and it remained that way overnight. we just went by the casino again and noticed that for the first time since we have been here, there are parking spaces at the casino, it is back open. a couple of tips if you plan to head back out here today or through the weekend, you might want to go on the prince george's county website, get the text alerts, and on twitter
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that the national harbor has set up that has some good information there. julie wright has been keep an eye and the roadways all morning long and is also an expert on what's going on over here. julie: hope you are warm out there. keeping a close eye, we told you that just a few moments ago, two hundred 95 itself coming south doesn't look too bad, the wilson bridge is typical at this hour coming out of oxon hill. anxious to see would you guys find coming out of 210 was the beltway. we spoke to some people who lived in the area and they could just see the hustle and bustle of what was going on down there over the last couple of weeks. took them a good 40 minutes to make it up to the beltway. we are anxious to see how the shapes up on 210, you can tweak me. the crash on route three has the right lane blocked. 66, coming inbound out of
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beltway. back in the next 10 minutes to update that ride on the top stretch of the beltway. over to you, v.j. veronica: windy out there with a big plunge in temperatures that happened overnight. yesterday at the same time we were running around 40 degrees, but now it is windchill in the teens to load 20's. it is still going to be windy today but we will have sunshine throughout the area with high pressure moving in slowly. starting out as mentioned, in the teens to upper 20's across the area. the kids really need to be bundled up. if you do have the opportunity to wait at the bus stop a while for them, maybe they can sit in the car for a minute before the bus comes. we are not going to rise very much today, with temperatures, stay in that 30 degree pocket. look at the windchill, 7:00 a.m.
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3:00 it will feel like 28 degrees. then we do it all over again on saturday. so, we are going to have a repeat performance for tomorrow, another cold and windy one for sure. sunday's going to be better, but you are still going to need the code, running well below the average, 49 degrees. very much so next week, we will do a comparison of this upcoming weekend versus next weekend in a few. her twin sister, now we are learning new details about the relationship.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. q: 6:25, the woman accused of killing her twin sister by driving off of a cliff will soon be extradited to hawaii. autria: the ex-boyfriend of the woman who died is talking about the relationship. we have the details this morning in the
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>> the yoga instructor accused of murdering her twin sister is being extradited from new york to hawaii, for police say that she intentionally drove her car off of a cliff, killing her sister in the passenger seat. witnesses say that they saw the women fighting moments before the crash. >> i could see hands yanking on the driver's head. >> a former boyfriend, speaking out for the first time on television, te that he has witnessed them fight on several occasions and even had to intervene. >> i'm trying to pull them off, they are knocking each other down to the ground. >> we will have more of the
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: a star-studded event, kicking off the opening of the grand national harbor mgm, but it wasn't without issues. q: will this holidays ship in
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takes to get your packages to their destination. good morning, washington. i'm q mccray, in for larry smith this morning. autria: and i'm autria godfrey. let's check on your forecast with veronica johnson on this frigid friday. veronica: if you think the arctic air is making a move on us, you are absolutely right, temperatures are well below average in much lower than last year at the same time. george's county, with annapolis now at 32 degrees. we are around and below freezing in just about every neighborhood and we will see a high temperature of only 39. mid to upper 30's around 1:00, temperatures falling off again after 9:00 this evening, getting back to the freezing mark. it will be a breezy day and a wins the -- windy day. wind chill will be in the teens
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. sunday, we have got cloud cover to start and look at this, a little bit of white with snow in the mountains through pennsylvania for us. this system will be coming into the area and giving us a little bit of rain on monday. look at the temperatures for the upcoming weekend. 39 and 42 are your high temperatures. julie: that's not a high. [laughter] on the roads right now, we are going to show you what it looks like virginia. the tractor-trailer cleanup continues here at route three, blocked as we continue to mop up the fuel spill that will be with us throughout the morning commute. headed northbound, be prepared for delays. route one is still a viable option for you. pushing north in leaving dale city through woodbridge, a 27 minute ride. top side of the outer beltway, coming up that silver spring, 20 minutes to go from college park
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moving over to the traffic lane camera, kenilworth avenue past eastern avenue and 11th street bridge is a you are still at speed, headed south. back in the next 10 minutes with another update on the roads and rails. julie? -- jummy? jummy: fire crews are still on the scene of a fire that started several hours ago. here is a picture that we got from the public information officer of the crews on the scene. we don't have many as a large trash debris fire on martinsburg road. we are told that the fire is contained, but not out right now. the crew is still rotating in and out, trying to make sure the hot spots are put out. the good news here is that there were no injuries reported but it won't point a second alarm was called. autria? autria: howard county police fighting back against crime, they found a truck full of
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colombia on wednesday. last night police went back to the neighborhood to hand-deliver dozens of the stolen boxes and they have set up a pickup system if you are not at home. want to learn how to protect yourself from porch pirates? head over to and click on the 7 on your side tab. q: shipping companies are bracing for the busy season. many say that this could be a record year. now and it looks like you are inside one of them right now. sam: right now we are on board an airbus a 300 jet and in just a few minutes this will be loaded up with thousands of passages and it is off to louisville. he has no idea where he will end up. ups plans on moving 700 million
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that's 393 packages per second. it's an incredible operation. 75% of ups shipments will touch the ground in louisville. i want to bring you inside the plane and show you a little bit. it's not your typical commercial jet. you can go from the cabin area to the galley area here. 1, 2, 34, then you have the the busiest week will be december 19 through the 23rd. that is when they will handle about 30 million packages a day. one of the biggest challenges is the weather. they guarantee that their packages will arrive on your doorstep in many cases by 8:30 in the morning or 10:30 in the morning.
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the last day that you have is thursday the 22nd, arriving on friday. remember, christmas this year is on a sunday. reporting live, back to you guys in the studio. q: that was a q live shot. good job. all right, don't forget, you start time to make the holidays brighter for a little child. donate a new unwrapped toy to toys for tots. get this, you don't even have to leave the house go to and have it shipped. autria: still ahead here on "good morning washington," coming up coming your chance to see the new star wars movie before anyone else.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: the new star wars movie opens in theaters one week from today. because you are waking up with us, you can see it before anyone else. we are giving away pair of tickets, an advance screening in imax 3-d.
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seven is snagging those tickets. how is it looking outside? veronica: outside? dark, clear, and this weekend is going to be cold. as a matter of fact, we start with a cold today, it's the next wave we have to deal with. going up a little bit next week, but for every bit of this weekend, find some indoor activities, like maybe going to the movies. 24 degrees is the windchill breeding. 20's, the feel like temperatures this morning. actual air temperature is 31. if you are going to be walking to work at the bus stop for any length of time, 10 or 15 minutes, you really are going to need to stay warm. a heavy coat will be needed today. afternoon temperatures topping out at 39 degrees.
6:41 am
stay windy and breezy into the evening hours and into tomorrow. this will not be a good pick for getting the christmas tree, today. saturday and sunday, cold and dry. rain we are tracking on monday, we are going to talk about how much we will get coming up in a couple of minutes. julie: good day to get the tree, have a hot chocolate, get some fire going, do a little decorating. around the capital beltway right accident activity is still in play. right lane blocked off. we have a new crash with a medevac helicopter requested at the scene at many phil road. shut down in each direction, awaiting the arrival of the chopper. the red line toward shady grove still experiencing delays due to an earlier switch problem outside glenmont.
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shopping consumer alert. jummy: major retailer facing a legal fight. the lawsuit accusing some big chains. suzanne? suzanne: what a night it was for the mgm grand hotel and casino. what are night it was on the roads.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: it was a wild opening night at the new mgm casino. q: you bet it was. it felt like capacity crowds and even a fight on the casino floor. we begin with john gonzalez, live at the national harbor. >> believe it or not, the grand opening here is still going strong after 6:00 in the morning. take a look, that is the valet area there, plenty of folks
6:46 am
start to get in line and wait for their cars and it has been a long wait. there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people inside of the casino right now. this is the atrium here and it is quite a spectacle. all of the glitz and glamour seem to live up to the hype with minor incidents, that so officials have described it. you can see prince george's county police here on the floor, we have canine sweeps in the area. as you can see, there are still plenty of people walking around through the hallway there. that is where you have most of the folks. 9000 people, that's the capacity on the floor of the casino. they reached that at 11:15 last night. the resort was set to open at 11:00. they wound up opening half of an hour early. they opened the garage early as well.
6:47 am
. as for the spectacle, the glitz and glamour seem to live up to the hype. surrounded by fine dining and a lot of boutiques here, and it was a busy night. they were expecting 25,000 35,000 people in the resort. again, 9000 fit and they were at capacity until about 2:00 this morning. at this hour, again that there are hundreds if not thousands still inside. there was an incident, two men kicking and punching a man on the ground. we are told by officials that they described it as a minor incident that security year was able to handle without police. security was able to disperse it very quickly. no arrests were made. from inside of the mgm to
6:48 am
suzanne kennedy, who has more on that situation. suzanne: good morning, johnny. i'm on the outer loop of the beltway just outside the casino. here's the area that was significantly impacted last night. all of these areas were closed down last night because the traffic was so significant. at one point it back all of the way up to the woodrow wilson bridge. they haven't closed up opening the garage half of an hour early in order to get some of the cars off the road and into the garage. both exits on the beltway were closed until around 2:00 this morning. the other thing that we noticed as we were circling is that for a time, until about 5:45, that 5000 garage was still full. but we know that things have opened up.
6:49 am
now, hopefully with some winnings. traffic is flowing smoothly now back on the beltway on the inner and outer loop we should let you know that there are a number of ways you can find out what the traffic is looking like heading into the national harbor and the mgm grand. specifically prince george's county has set up text alerts. reporting live, suzanne autria: hillary clinton, calling fake news and epidemic that should concern everyone. a man went into the, ping-pong after reading a fake news report saying that the restaurant was the site of the sex trafficking ring led by clinton himself -- or so. clinton said that these fake stories are a matter of life and
6:50 am
like is now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. autria: in a brief hearing on thursday, the case against edgar welch continued. he told "the new york times" that he went there with good intentions but went about it the wrong way. q: this coming monday marks the six-month anniversary of the islamic terror attack in florida. inside of the nightclub in memory of the victims. 49 people were killed, dozens of others injured when a gunman opened fire during a 911 call and he pledged allegiance to isis. monday the club will open at 1:45 a.m.. another memorial ceremony is set for 5:30 p.m.. autria: donald trump flew to ohio on thursday to meet with
6:51 am
the u.s.. he met with victims of last week's attack that ohio state university and he sat down with first responders, praising their quick response. he called the meeting and honor. from there he was off to des moines for the latest stop on his victory tour. many new themes from his campaign but with a different tone. at the start he was briefly interrupted by protesters, instead of criticizing them he responded with aor i think they are actually on our side. they just of know it yet. they will be soon. autria: in his speech he touted the cabinet he's assembling and touted his top priorities when he reaches office. another thank you rally set for tonight. jummy: we have got a 7 on your side consumer alert. as million shop this holiday
6:52 am
several retailers of not giving the deal you think you're getting. they have all been sued by the l.a. city attorney. false reference pricing is what you call setting original prices higher to make customers think of they are getting a deeper discount and a better deal. under california law, businesses cannot publicize higher original prices unless the items have been on sale for those prices within three months of the advertisement. for a quick check on the forecast, let's get over to v.j.. veronica: a lot of folks will be digging through their closet trying to find a wall cap. where did i put my gloves? you are to need it. cover up today. it is windy, temperatures are low around the area. below freezing temperatures. around chevy chase, 28 degrees
6:53 am
it is going to be windy throughout the day today. with wind increasing. tomorrow, a little bit on the breezy side and wintry light coming our way next week. it will be one of those weeks where we start out with the rain . monday is your next chance for rain, then wednesday what follows behind this way for the early part of next week? even lower temperatures than what we get this weekend. sunglasses, yes, to go alone -- go along with your warmest year. and then tomorrow we do it all over again. this is the windchill for saturday. another day with sunshine. afternoon hours will be starting out in the teens to load 20's across the area. sunday there will be a lot of clouds around and next weekend is already looking towards
6:54 am
the gets her a closed us. looking very wintry, feeling very cold. 32 degrees. this weekend, a great weekend for getting the tree, but keep in mind that it will be very cold out there. julie: all right, but on the capital beltway the lanes are open. sky track 7 is having a live look at the capital we'll. taking a peek at what it looks like outside right now, lanes are open and zooming in on a couple of we will come back to them in just a minute but on 66 eastbound the right side was taken away there because of the crash that was reported. a motorcycle rat -- motorcycle crash closing at the scene, with north on 95 cleanup from this morning's crash continuing on the right side of the road. right now, a 24 minute commute headed toward 610. back in the next 10 minutes with
6:55 am
come to your television, this is going to be good tv. the first trailer for "the baywatch movie," has been released. the comedy, and let's be clear, it's a comedy, stars the rock, zac efron, and plenty of slow motion running. autria: is it supposed to be a spoof? kidd: i think so. i mean, there you go. taking his shirt off. and the rock. autria: "neighbors," one and two. kidd: which were horrible movies. [laughter] autria: i saw both of them. kidd: i also saw both of them. [laughter] kidd: "office christmas party," in theaters this weekend. kate mckinnon, olivia munn, jennifer aniston. i seen the film, i absolutely
6:56 am
but let me be clear, this is not something that you take your grandmother too. or mom. or the kids. this is an adult film. but it is very funny. go in with low expectations and you will really enjoy it. it excellent. hangover meets office party. it's a mess. all right, time for your 62nd express. >> while opening night at the new mgm casino. >> a fight on the casino floor. likes the grand opening is still going strong. believe it or not, there are still thousands of people here at the casino. they reached capacity last night so they closed the doors. >> it's amazing to me that the parking lot is still full. they had traffic backing up to the woodrow wilson bridge. >> a stunning fall for the first
6:57 am
on uprooting 700 million documents this holiday season. 393 packages per second. an incredible operation. >> just a reminder that it is time to break out the quilt. >> memories are pouring in for john glenn. the first american to orbit the earth died yesterday at the age of 95. autria: our nation mourns the passing passing of one of our great heroes. q: thank you for joining us. we are here on abc seven.
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good morning, america. deep freeze in that deadly winter storm sparked whiteout conditions and icy roads. three people killed in this 40-car pileup in michigan and the 70-car pileup in pennsylvania. half a foot of snow in the forecast. 16 states on alert. as the new storm heads for the midwest and then bone-chilling cold moves reality star president. >> you're fired. >> a stunning announcement from president-elect trump overnight staying on as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice" with arnold schwarzenegger as the host and hillary clinton re-emerges lashing out about those fake news stories. >> this isn't about politics or par partisanship. lives are at risk. holiday shopping alert. many four of your major stores are accused of deceptive


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