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tv   ABC World News  ABC  December 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." we're tracking a fatal freeze. more than a dozen deaths blamed on the snow, ice and cold. this tanker truck exploding on an icy highway. the passenger plane skidding off the runway. and now thousands of flights delayed or cancelled. wedding horror. the 100-foot tree crashing down on a bridal party taking photos. one person killed, five hurt. road rage manhunt. police searching for the driver who opened fire. killing a 3-year-old boy riding with his grandmother. call for proof. both russia and the trump team calling on u.s. intelligence agencies to prove the hacking accusations. >> where's the evidence? and, shipping shortcuts. time running out before christmas.
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make sure your packages arrive on time. plus, tonight, meet the one ups worker you don't want handling your deliveries. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with deadly deep freeze across america. hundreds of highway accidents reported coast to coast this weekend. a tanker truck skidding off the road, flipping on to its side, bursting into flames in baltimore. thousands of flights cancelled or delayed. more than 50 million people facing sub-zero windchills. here's eva pilgrim from minneapolis. >> reporter: tonight, an arctic assault blasting the country. dangerously cold temperatures freezing roads across the u.s., leaving at least 14 dead.
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>> check this out. check this out. >> reporter: this tanker crash in baltimore caught on camera, part of a nearly 70-car pileup. >> yo! what is going on? >> reporter: a stranded motorist watched helplessly. >> stop! stop! god. jesus. >> reporter: as truck after truck, unable to stop. >> the whole 95 is on fire. >> reporter: skidding right into the flames. >> this is a disaster. >> reporter: two dead. 20 more injured. at chicago's o'hare airport, a terrifying landing after a plane slid off the runway, landing in the grass. no one was injured. major airports taking a huge hit. the winter weather being blamed for almost 10,000 delays and more than 3,700 cancellations this weekend. >> i'm not spending another night here. >> reporter: a strong cold front pushing east, triggering a
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temperature crash. a 50-degree drop in texas catching many off-guard. it's so cold, this waterfall, which was flowing yesterday, almost completely frozen over. today, the coldest december morning here in minneapolis in almost 20 years. the sub-zero wind chills not stopping the nfl. players and fans bundled up in chicago, denver, and kansas city. the coldest game today at 2 degrees at arrowhead stadium. while the roads look clear, with temperatures like this, there is always concern for an invisible threat -- black ice. authorities couraging caution. tom? >> thank you. and let's go to kait parker. the front head ed east? >> yes, it's
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rain is moving offshore and leaving frigid air behind it. it's not just bitterly cold in the midwest, it's up and down the i-9 corridor. d.c., new york, in the teens tomorrow morning. the problem is, when you're waking up tomorrow, you'll see any water left over on the road and sidewalks freeze over. that can turn dangerous, fast. >> kait, thank you. and now to the wedding horror outside of los angeles. a tree falling over on a wedding party. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: what started as a celebration on a happy day, taking a cruel twist. >> i saw a bunch of kids. they were just running for their lives. >> reporter: a group of kids and
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adults in a wedding party, gathered at this park in whittier, california, saturday for pictures, when the large tree above them came crashing down. police and firefighters scrambled to rescue them, using cpr on one victim. and chainsaws to cut away heavy branches, as members of the wedding party waited and prayed. >> a lady with a little baby and she was screaming so i hold the baby and put it down, and he had a very big bump on his head. it was bleeding. they were both bleeding. >> reporter: one person was killed. five others injured and taken to hospitals, including a 4-year-old girl in critical condition. officials say they don't know exactly why it fell, but say california's years-long drought followed by heavy rains may have affected the tree's health. >> we've seen this happen throughout southern california, with the drought, that trees are stressed. and we did have a large amount of rain. so there's some reason that that tree failed. >> reporter: you can see what's
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there are several more large eucalyptus trees in this park, and officials are shutting it down until they can be inspected. >> thank you. and president-elect donald trump and members of the electoral college, making it official tomorrow. and mr. trump denying claims that russian president vladimir putin was involved in hacking the election. >> reporter: with the electoral college set to vote tomorrow, trump pushing back. >> if there is this conclusive opinion, they should issue a report or stand in front of a camera and make
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>> reporter: u.s. intelligence groups agree, russian president vladimir putin was directly involved. but trump continues to question if russia played any role at all. >> they have no idea if it's russia, china, or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: but the clinton campaign says there's no debate. "saturday night live" joked that putin is like santa delivering trump's christmas gifts. >> this is elf on the shelf. >> reporter: electors had wanted more information. 80 of them asking for a briefing before voting, but intelligence officials declined. trump saying on
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many supporters threatened people like many who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called names. trump praising the process. >> i never appreciated it until now, how genius it was, what they had in mind. >> and mary joins us from washington. tonight, trump already facing another foreign policy challenge? >> reporter: yes, trump's team is sending mixed messages to china after tensions rise. when china agreed to return a drone, they gave the president-elect credit. but trump tweeted that china should just keep it. tom? >> thank you. and moscow pointing fingers back at washington, telling the u.s. to show the evidence or stop with accusations.
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here's terry moran. >> reporter: on the streets of moscow today, sparkling with holiday cheer, few russians seemed to believe the hacking allegations. >> we don't believe this. >> reporter: why not? >> it's stupid. >> reporter: russian media openly mocks the u.s. accusations. >> there you go. that's how you prove it was the russians. >> reporter: and kremlin insiders like andrei klimov, deputy chairman of the russian senate's foreign affairs committee, say clinton, obama and the democrats are just looking for scapegoats with these hacking charges. you reject it? >> absolutely. really, it's american fairy tales, it's american fictions. it's a very convenient explanation. >> reporter: but russians now expect warmer relations with the u.s. under president trump. and they point to his pick of exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state, with his decades of business links to russia and putin, as proof. >> the appointment of rex tillerson as state secretary is regarded in the kremlin like a christmas present.
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there's glee over the turmoil in america. but they are also bracing now for some kind of retaliation from president obama. >> that's an issue that i think we have to wrestle with. and we will. >> reporter: the options for president obama range from more economic sanctions, to crippling cyber attacks on russian intelligence agencies. but the worry is, putin has already shown he can play this game -- to win. tom? >> a foreign dispute that's far from over. terry, thank you. now to the deadly terror attack in jordan. at least ten killed, more than two dozen wounded. gunfire erupting at a popular tourist site, and a police station. no one has yet claimed responsibility. to syria, and evacuations are again under way
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thousands of people are sleeping in the streets or in bombed-out buildings waiting to get out of the city. back at home, a deadly road rage case and a manhunt in arkansas. police searching for the driver, shooting at a grandmother for not moving fast enough at a stop sign. the gunman missing her, but killing her 3-year-old grandson. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, the frantic search for a shooter in a deadly case of road rage. an innocent child gunned down. >> this is probably one of the most frustrating things you will encounter in your career. when it involves children, kids of this age, very innocent. >> reporter: a grandmother behind the wheel, taking her grandchildren, ages 1 and 3, on a shopping
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police reporting the driver behind her honked his horn, angry she was go to slow. investigators say she honked back, and the driver behind her shot into the car. police saying the family is completely innocent, authorities looking for a 2003 black chevrolet impala. >> we're asking that anyone with information please come forward. >> reporter: sadly, this is the second incident where a small child was gunned down inside of a car in little rock. last month, a two-year-old child was killed. and late word coming in at this hour, actress zsa
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has died. here's linsey davis. >> zsa zsa gabor, a former miss hunga hungary. >> i see them as i want them to be, not as they really are. >> reporter: and also starred in "queen of outer space." but it was as a professional celebrity that gabor shined. perfectly coiffed, dripping with diamonds. calling everyone darling, on and off the screen. and study she did.
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i've never hated a man enough, she once said, to give his diamonds back. she was arrested for slapping a police officer. >> at least i can have some peace and write my book. it will be okay. >> reporter: she was sentenced to serve 72 hours in jail. she later spoofed the cop-slapping incident on screen? her later years, a car accident left her partially paralyzed. and at the age of 89, she had a stroke. but this is the zsa zsa gabor fans will always
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with so many doing their shopping online this year, time is running out for shipping. tuesday is the deadline for sending packages via first-class mail with the u.s. postal service. >> this is the super bowl for us. yes, ma'am. >> reporter: there's a high-tech solution in some cities. post mates will pick up items from certain stores and deliver them for you same day. and with amazon's prime now service, same day delivery available until 9:45 p.m. christmas eve. >> pretty impressive. thank you. up next, when we come back, the natural fireworks. the spectacular volcanic
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and rocking at the box office. the new chapter in the "star wars" saga takes off.
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to the "index" now. and the spectacular eruptions. lava, ash, and smoke spewing nearly a mile high. timelapse video of explosions this weekend at western mexico's colima volcano, also known as the fire volcano, one of that country's most active. and the delivery drama captured on camera. take a look at this. this ups worker dumping over cargo marked fragile over a wall. the homeowners furious. the company saying tonight they've addressed the worker's behavior and retraining for proper delivery methods. next to the box office. disney's "rogue one: a star wars story" already hitting blockbuster status. the second-largest haul ever for a december movie opening in north america. $155 million. only last year's "the force awakens" had a better december opening. disney, of course, our abc news parent company. and
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r 13® at your next visit to your doctor's office or pharmacy. finally tonight, heartwarming doesn't begin to describe it. the new twist on a holiday classic. here's david wright. >> reporter: as the curtain rises on tchaikovsky's christmas classic, this production by the festival ballet of rhode island features something special. >> let's do some makeup. >> reporter: among the mice and the little toy soldiers, the nutcracker and the snowflakes. >> you're a beautiful princess. >> reporter: 9-year-old
6:27 pm
gabriella sluter has a place, helped along by her friend, sami shorr. >> we've become really good friends. right, gabby? >> reporter: 18-year-old sean muldoon is in the cast, too. that's him, practicing with one of the principal dancers. he and gabby have down syndrome. >> he's a bit of a hambone. he loves to dance. he loves to be on stage. >> reporter: they're star students in the company's adaptive dance program for kids with special needs. and tried out for "the nutcracker" this year like everyone else. >> the students in our production have taken them under their wings and it's special. it gives us a very warm feeling. >> reporter: as the party scene begins, gabby is beaming. >> good job. >> reporter: her mother, too. >> it's emotional, to be honest. because when you have a child with special needs, you're very hopeful that she will be included and be a participant. >> reporter: "the nutcracker" is
6:28 pm
all about a christmas dream come true through the magic of ballet. here, in a way that tchaikovsky never imagined. david wright, abc news, new york. >> "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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>> it's cold. warm. out here in short sleeves and tonight bundled up and back down to 20. >> the rollercoaster weather continues. the return of chilly temperatures brings with it concerns for a troubled monday morning commute. plus a road rage tragedy. why a 3-year-old was shot during a shopping trip with his grandmother. thrust into the spotlight. electoral college voters meet to make donald trump's presidential winnow figures under the cloud of the russian hacking scandal.


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