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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  December 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> it's cold. warm. out here in short sleeves and tonight bundled up and back down to 20. >> the rollercoaster weather continues. the return of chilly temperatures brings with it concerns for a troubled monday morning commute. plus a road rage tragedy. why a 3-year-old was shot during a shopping trip with his grandmother. thrust into the spotlight. electoral college voters meet to make donald trump's presidential winnow figures under the cloud of the russian hacking scandal.
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>> it has been a wild weather weekend with rollercoaster temperatures. thanks for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. the weekend started with freezing rain and ice and we hit what was the high today? josh: up to 66 today. it has been all over the place. like that guy in the beginning, he was paying attention. he knew what was going to go on. we might have hit 66, started in the 50's this morning. now things have really taken a nosedive. bak into the 40's and 30's across the area. you see right around lunch time we hit the 66 and had for a few hours today probably just about two and then we really started to cool back off. 49 by 2:00. now it's around 41 degrees. here is a look. you can see all of our breeze is out of the northwest. for everybody, that cold front has pushed all the way across the area. behind it the cool temperatures really start to settle in. 34 in winchester. 35 hagerstown. meanwhile, 40's as we get to d.c. and off to the southeast buthe
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for everybody and ultimately overnight into the 20's. now we're drying out across the area and showers still hang on just south of fredericksburg into southern maryland but otherwise dry weather taking over and the temperature continues to tumble tonight. we'll be into the 20's closer to midnight. for now, not any problems with any refreezing out there but overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning that is when we will see a chance for that. now, i do think we have a couple things in our favor. we'll talk about that and why it won't be too bad coming up. kimberly? >> yesterday i was trying to get all the ice off my car and today it's like 60's. really crazy how it's changed drastically so fast. kimberly: just as josh described, a very quick pass through the seasons from winter to almost spring to fall and back to winter again in 36 hours the cold air prompting concerns, though, for what could be another problem commute come monday morning. we'll go live along the beltway
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in alexandria with what it's looking like out there right now. ryan? ryan: kimberly, you can feel the drop in temperature. yesterday this was one of the major problem spots. the beltway here in fairfax county. we had a 23-vehicle accident as the road was covered in ice. now as the temperatures drop again vdot says it can't pretreat the roads because they're wet in spots from the rain earlier. it will have crews on stand by monitoring the conditions after a weekend filled with all kinds of weather. from ice covered roads creating dangerous driving conditions to skaters wearing t-shirts and 60-degree weather at the pentagon row outdoor ice rink. >> it's cold. it's warm. out here in short sleeves and tonight we'll be bundled up and back down to the 20's. ryan: it's been a rollercoaster weekend of weather. >> it was easier to get out of bed today because it's not as cold. but that's why i'm here shopping because i was able to get out.
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ryan: megan listened to the warnings to stay off ice-covered roads saturday as crashes piled up across the region. major roads shut down for hours. today shoppers are out and about taking advantage of the mild temperatures with one week left till christmas. >> i'm almost finished. i'm done. it was great. no long lines. >> at virginia highlands park a pickup game of ultimate frisbee. players in shorts and t-shirts in mid december. >> awesome weather. you have to appreciate it when you have it. come out and play. >> a lot of people came out to play and enjoy the weather. this is perfect. yes. if we keep it like this it'll be great. ryan: unfortunately the cold is back and vdot says it will mobilize crews if necessary. the maryland transportation authority warning drivers the roads, untreeted surfaces could refreeze. their best advice, if the roads look wet, think ice, and use a lot of caution. live tonight in fairfax county,
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ryan hughes, abc please news. kimberly: good advice, ryan. 7 is on your side working to help keep you safe tomorrow. "good morning washington" is going to start early for that reason at 4:00 a.m. to monitor weather and, most importantly, for tomorrow morning's commute, the roads. stay connected when the weather turns bad. look for forecast updates online on facebook, and on twitter. be sure to down load our storm watch 7. 22 people had to be pulled from the very cold river about two hours ago. maryland natural resources police say several sail boats tipped over when they got caught in a squall with winds hitting 50 miles per hour. more than 15 boats were part of the severn sailing association, a sailing school. the people rescued range in age from 16 to 70 years old. and a water main break started crumbling part of wisconsin avenue and chevy chase this afternoon. two southbound lanes of wisconsin were shut down and willard road a little after 1:00 this afternoon. that's right in th
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shops on wisconsin. w.s.s.e. says it had to shut off the water main to access and assess the damage, but it was waiting to do that because of the impact on customers in the area. repairs are expected to take six to eight hours. developing right now, police in little rock are looking for the person who shot and killed a 3-year-old boy. this is very tragic and hard to imagine. investigators say someone simply fired into a car driven by the boy's grandmother while the two were out christmas shopping. police believe the shooter opened fire because he was upset that the grandmother was driving too slowly. >> this is the second time in less than a month that an infant child has been shot while traveling in a vehicle in our city. as you can probably understand that's very, very frustrating. kimberly: that second shooting that he reference involved a 2-year-old girl. she was shot while riding in the back of a car last month.
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indication that those two shootings are connected. tomorrow electoral college voters meet to vote on the winner of the election. it is an election that donald trump of course took but it is an elect under scrutiny. the president and president-elect are on opposite sides when it comes to evidence of russian hacking and its influence on the election. mary: the current and future leaders of the united states facing off on foreign affairs. president-elect trump: it's called america first. mary: donald trump spent the weekend wrapping up his thank you tour. notably absent any talk of russian hacking in the u.s. election. president barack obama: not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. mary: cyber security experts found stolen e-mails were sent to an internet address used by russians in other attacks and the c.i.a. has shared with other agencies highly classified information from inside the kremlin, itself,
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vladimir putin was directly involved. president barack obama: unless the american people genuinely think the c.i.a., the f.b.i., are less trust worthy than the russians, then people should pay attention to what our intelligence agencies say. mary: trump has repeatedly refused to accept russia's involvement. >> there is this conclusive opinion among all of these intelligence agencies then they should issue a report or stand and make f a camera the case. mary: president obama said he addressed the hacking with putin back in september. president barack obama: talked to him directly and tell him to cut it out or there will be serious consequences if he didn't. mary: obama says that warning stopped future attacks but the current head of the dnc disagrees. >> no. they did not stop. they came after us absolutely every day until the end of the election. mary: the president has promised retaliation against russia but refused to say what it would be.
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washington. kimberly: sad news to report from hollywood. actress and socialite zsa zsa gabor died today. she was 99 years old. tmz reports she suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. gabor most often played herself throughout her career, which included nearly 80 tv and film acting credits. she would have turned 100 years old in february. police and tourists under assault. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:30 what we know about the attacks that made a medieval castle the center of a
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kimberly: developing now a canadian tourist was among nearly a dozen people killed during a series of shootings in jordan. gunmen opened fire on police officers in the city before
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escaping to a hill top castle popular with tourists. police later stormed the medieval complex, freeing several tourists. doctors are treating nearly 30 people at local hospitals. no group has claimed responsibility yet for the shooting. an early morning house fire kept prince william firefighters busy. take a look at these flames. the two-alarm fire started around 5:30 on finley road in woodbridge. a neighbor shot the video as flames shot through the roof and talked about what he heard. >> i certainly have no information to say anyone in this family has done anything to cause this young person's life but this is about as frustrated as you can be over public safety as an official or just as a plain citizen. kimberly: everyone got out safely except the family dog, who died. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a d.c. firefighter was injured battling a fire in northeast. that fire broke out in a commercial
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road around noon. investigators ruled it accidental from the use of a cutting torch and say there is heavy damage on the inside of the building. no one besides the firefighter was hurt. feeling the pressure one week before christmas. coming up on abc 7 news some ideas for you procrastinators out there or those strug tolling come up with the perfect idea for a great gift. plus, hitting highs hitting lows in just one day. josh details the drastic 24-hour temperature change.
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kimberly: 7 is on your side with tips about how to finish up your holiday shopping with just one week to go. the best way according to personal shoppers and retail experts is to get organized. even now. ma
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have a back-up plan. just wandering around the mall aimlessly wastes valuable time. if you get stuck and you're thinking about a gift card, keep this in mind. >> monday can only be spent in one place, right? sometimes when i get mine i've always thought, what are they trying to say about my lifestyle? kimberly: right. if you're stuck with coming up with one big gift try putting several smaller items together into one gift with a central theme. those are always fun. another idea, spend a little extra on a deluxe version of something they youssef day. now let's talk to meteorologist josh knight who i'm sure has done all his shopping because he is super organized. josh: oh, yes. kimberly: at least you appear that way. josh: i try to do a little more every day. i started wrapping. the cold front that pushed through is still mild down into the carolinas. we were at 3 degrees in chicago. now we're down to 1. 11 in indianapolis. we've go
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columbus. then as we get over toward d.c. and richmond we're back into the 40's. unfortunately, the colder air is going to continue to stream our way and overnight we'll drop into the 30's and then ultimately into the 20's by early tomorrow morning. here kind of my concerns for us. through the majority of the evening it's really not a problem because we're not freezing at this point. as we get after midnight we will see some of those freezing temperatures so some icy patches a possibility. more of an issue for us by tomorrow morning. the one thing we have going for us though, it is still really breezy right now. that will do a lot to dry up the wet spots we had from the rain earlier. we get into monday afternoon. going to stay cold. the ice is going to melt down for us and then by the middle of the week temperatures are back into the 50's. the winds i was just talking about, 25 miles an hour right now in d.c. 21 for andrews. 21 in manassas. that is really going to do is us a nice favor. walking around in that doesn't feel nice but it does work to dry things out. as far as ice goes tomorrow morning i think it will be nothing like saturday morning. that was an entirely different
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sort of setup. this we're just trying to dry out the rain we got today. what does stick around, any puddles will likely be icy tomorrow morning. here's the good news. a good amount of sunshine as we go through your monday. 11:30. that is going to work to melt things. unfortunately, temperatures really tough to warm up tomorrow. we're only going to get to the mid to upper 30's. dress for the cold day. as we get into tuesday morning another very cold start but we get to warm up a bit more into the afternoon. those temperatures up to right around 40. not until wednesday are we making it up to 50 degrees. why do we have the ice tomorrow morning? we'll be 29 in d.c. 24 for manassas. about 23 in frederick. once again, any water left over by early tomorrow morning is going to be frozen so just keep that in mind and take your time. if there are any spots that water typically sticks around, expect it to be slick. as we get into tomorrow morning at the bus stop right around 21 for the wind chill for the kids. 27 around recess. all the way home just 31. not doing a whole lot better. your actual high temperature up to about 36 and once again early tomorrow morning
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36 tomorrow. up to 40 by tuesday. the upper 40's, close to 50 as we work our way later into the week. here it is on your 10 day. 36. we continue the climb up, a slim chance for a shower on thursday. i think most of us will stay dry. as we head into the holiday weekend, temperatures hanging right around 50 degrees. so staying more on the mild side for you and it looks like that trend continues as we head into the beginning of next week. kimberly: pretty typical winter forecast. josh: especially after this weekend nice to take a slow, even ride. kimberly: and the wizards? >> have to wait and see. an exciting finish at verizon. we got work from the nfl including ravens-eagles. scott has reaction from baltimore. that's next.
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>> now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> we'll start with taking the ravens down to the final seconds. so the team trying to stay alive in the playoff race. we're going straight to the fourth. 12 seconds to go. 27-20, ravens. carson wentz scrambled out of trouble and runs in for the touchdown. ravens holding on to a 27-26 lead. so the eagles decide to go for the two points. why not? deflected. incomplete. ravens hold on. 27-26 your final keeping their playoff hopes alive with a record of 8-6. scott abraham has more from baltimore. scott: a heart stopping finish. the ravens-eagles game came down to one play. a two-point conversion the ravens had to stop to secure a 27-26 victory. the defense rose to the occasion when it mattered most. >> all
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we knew the ball was going to come out quick. i just rushed and got my hands on it. >> we had the defense. the way our corners, you know, the front put pressure on it made it easy. i hate to be in those situations. >> the ravens had tremendous offensive balance against the eagles. terrence west provided damage on the ground while joe flacco, steve smith sr. hooked up for a key touchdown just before halftime. >> jumped outside, kept at it. went inside the line. great throw. covered two throws. it was great. >> a key divisional matchup now looms on christmas day in pittsburgh. >> sure it's what everybody wants. you know? and we're up for the challenge. it's going to be a fun day going in there on christmas into pittsburgh and into that environment. it'll be a pretty cool place to go. >> with the win the ravens improve to 8-6, wrapping up the home portion of their regular season
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only two games remain to let the playoff push continue in this steel city. reporting in baltimore, scott abraham, abc 7 sports. >> thank you. a programming note. see the redskins-panthers matchup here on abc 7. pregame coverage begins at 7:30 kickoff. it's at 8:30. hoops, wiz hosting lob city today. going for their fifth game in six games. a great performance from bradley beal. he was on fire today. 18 in the third quarter. finished with 41 on the night including six three-pointers. wizards still trailed by one after three. fourth quarter tied at 104-104. john wall to morris who had 23, by the way. on a nice little run here winning 5 of the last 6. 117-110 was the final. and one last note tonight. at 11:35, abc 7 sports sunday,
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tonight we'll talk redskins right after the news. please stay with us.
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kimberly: time for a final check of the weather. josh: not too bad at this point but the temperatures continue to tumble tonight. tomorrow morning watch out for patchy ice. not widespread. just a few areas to keep an eye out for. if it looks wet, it is probably icy. cold for us tomorrow morning. even colder for the game tomorrow night. temperatures hanging in the 20's the entire time. the good news, the breeze is pretty light but not going to help us too much. request ick check on your 10 day. looking at warming up close to 50 into the middle of the week and staying mild for the holiday weekend. kimb
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to go skiing tomorrow morning.
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