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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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northeast. now-- the clean up begins as millions count down to the holiday weekend. the presidential race back in the spotlight. as the electoral college prepares to officially pick the next president-- some congressional leaders are calling for the vote to be postponed. we will tell you why.. good morning washington starts right now.. good morning washington. i'm jummy olabanji.. in for larry smith. people in the d-m-v
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another cold commute this morning. this-- comes after cold and ice lead to dangerous road conditions over the weekend. and now dozens of people are recovering for huge, chain-reaction crashes. abc's eva pilgrim has more. when bad weather hits, you can stay
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day. for the latest forecasts, traffic impact, and live dopplar radar-- just log on to our website happening today. the electoral college will meet today-- to make offically select donald trummp as the next president of the united states. electors will meet in all 50 states, plus the distrct, to elect trump. but the vote is under new scrutiny this morning as some critics have held out hope electors will reject trump because of clinton's victory in the national popular vote and questions about president
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meanwhile-- several democratic officals are calling for today's vote to be postponed-- pending further investigation on russian hacking allegations. senator john mccain and incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer are pushing for a "select committee" to investigate any impact during the presidential campaign. republican leaders in congress have rejected calls for a stand-alone committee... saying existing committees can investigate russia's actions. this all comes as aides to the president-elect cast doubt on russia's role in the election's outcome. on friday, c-i-a director john brennan sent an
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unclassified letter to the agency's employees. the letter said f-b-i director james comey and the director of national intelligence agree with the c-i-a assessment that russia's interference was designed to help donald trump. coming up. a senseless act of violence claims the life of a 3 year old boy. what police say a woman was doing.. that prompted another driver to open fire on her car. plus, another chilly morning outside, as winter weather impacts the travel plans for millions of people. meteorologist veronica johnson will let us know if the worst is over.. her in depth forecast.. is coming up.
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coming up a new york lawmaker takes aim
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electronic-cigarett es after a string of fiery accidents. what he is doing to ensure the popular devices are safe.. plus, if you want your holiday presents to arrive by mail this weekend-- time is running out. but you have some options. we will break them down... when we come back.
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the scene of a large fire along the southeast water front. sam sweeney is live on the scene. developing now... evacuations from developing now... evacuations from
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have resumed after another delay. the exodus was put on hold after several buses used to transport civilians out of the warn-torn city were set on fire. later today, the united nations security council will vote on a resolution to monitor evacuations. it's unclear if russia -- which supports the syrian government's attacks on rebels in aleppo and has blocked previous resultions -- will do so again. happening now.. police are searching for a man who fatally shot a three-year-old boy in a road rage incident. it happened saturday evening in little rock, arkansas. a woman was taking her grandchildren, ages one and three, on a shopping trip. police say the driver of a car behind her honked his horn, angry that she was going too slowly. she honked back. that's when the man allegedly got out of his vehicle and shot at her car. the woman pulled into a shopping center, where she discovered the three-year-old had been shot. police say the
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family was completely innocent, and had no relationship to the gunman. authorities are looking for a 2003 black chevrolet impala. a family in southern california is devastated, after a horrifying incident during a wedding party. pictures were being taken in a park saturday, when suddenly.. a eucalyptus tree came crashing down. one person was killed, and five others hurt. a four-year-old girl was criticallly injured. chainsaws were used to remove about 20 people who were trapped underneath the tree's branches. the park is now shut down. inspectors are now checking other trees there, to make sure they don't pose a danger. new york senator chuck schumer is fighting back... against unsafe e-cigarettes. he's calling on the consumer product safety commission, and the f-d-a to consider issuing a recall on
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batteries and devices that have caught fire or exploded. there were dozens of reports of e-cigarrete related explosions in the past month alone. schumer says the two agencies need to take a look at which brands are the most volatile. important news for procrastinators.. here are some deadlines you're facing, if you want your packages to reach their destination by christmas. the u.s. postal service has a deadline of tomorrow.. for first class and priority mail. with u-p-s second day shipping, the deadline is wednesday. with fedex second day shipping.. the deadline is thursday. if you're using amazon's prime now service: you have a lot more time. free two-hour delivery is available on orders placed all the way up until 9:45 p.m. christmas eve. at xx time for weather. toss to
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coming up. a life-saving drug is
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more affordable. whats driving the price drop.. and later, an expensive mistake. a sports car an expensive mistake. a sports car destroyed for a relatively minor infraction. what the driver did... coming up.
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about to hit the market this week. in an emergency, the epi-pen helps treat people suffering from life-threatening allergic reactions. in recent years, the drug company mylan hiked the price by more than 400-hunderd percent. that increase made the device unaffordable for many who needed it, sparking harsh criticism and a federal investigation. the generic version of the epi-pen is
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pens. time is winding down to sign up for health insurance under the affordable health care act. the enrollment deadline for coverage starting january 1st, is tonight at 11-59. the deadline was pushed back from december 15th after it experienced heavy volume leading up to the cut off date. president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal obamacare. coming up. dangerously cold weather wreaks havoc on travel across the nation. roads, sidewalks, airports... it was all impacted. the details..coming up. plus, an instant classic in baltimore. a nail-biting end to the ravens game is good news for redskins fans. the details.. coming up.
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flames rip through a warehouse. sam sweeney is live on the scene with what we know.


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