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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. breaking this morning, the investigation intensifying. the scene of a potential terror attack in berlin. >> plus, a security scare at the u.s. capitol. a late-night crash outside the library of congress. >> a break, weatherwise. autria: good morning. i am autria godfrey. >> we have the rest of the crew here with us?
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i have been here the all morning long. [laughter] i'm lost. [laughter] autria: what is going on with the weather? [laughter] temperatures are low. bottoming out in the teens and 20's across the area. roads are fine except for the area that julie wright has been telling you about with the water main break. ice there. no issues for the weather today. except for sun glare. temperatures will get into the upper 20's and should be rising nicely. 29 degrees by 8:00 a.m., upper 30's by 1:00 and 40's from 2:00-4:00.
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clear. mostly clear. that means we will get cold again tomorrow. so tomorrow, temperatures will be higher than today. areas through st. mary's and letter town, high temperatures area.across 40's in the thursday, a high of 55. thursday we could see a chance of rain. problems and fairfax. that is due to a water main break. quickly, we will show you on the map. south of 66, main street at roberts road. sam sweeney is live with more details. sam: we have water flowing on main street this morning. take a look behind me. with these temperatures, they are below freezing, it could turn ugly out here. they did lay salt down here to
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from forming but we may see cars sliding this morning if they don't get the water stopped. crews are trying to figure out the problem and stop the water from flowing. in bothis getting by directions but we do have slush forming on the road. ande are slick conditions we will continue to keep you up-to-date. but right now, no ice because of the salt on the roads. you have to wonder how much good that will do because the water is still on. wouldn't that just wash the salt away? careling on 210, a stalled on the ramp to the beltway. prince george's county, east of 210, signal lights are out. we'll be back in 10 minutesn
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atria: breaking overnight, security scare on the grounds of the u.s. capital. a car crashing into the barricades. thought a police officer was hurt but suzanne kennedy is on the scene and that is now not the case. we will check in with suzanne kennedy later in our. jummy: i am following breaking news from the terror alert desk. arrests across europe. this is in berlin. a truck ran into a christmas market. the truck was removed while you were sleeping. investigators are now looking for clues in the attack. say there is no question the man behind the wheel
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angela merkel called this a terror attack, the first mass casualty attack in germany. media blackoutll after the assassination of russia's ambassador. in turkey. lived he was seen on screen. aboutd attack to tell you in zurich, switzerland, a man on the run after he stormed a mosque and shot three people. authorities are not calling this an act of extremism. is too early to connect to yesterday's other attacks. we will keep you posted on any new developments in all three of these attacks. back to you. seven foray with abc information unfolding on these events. we have got
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turn to the dramatic showdown at fedex field. >> the redskins and panthers made monday night football a battle. a battle that unfortunately didn't go our way. next? what is >> washington tried to keep their playoff hopes alive last night. it was a game that use all right here. the skins bounce back in the second. piling into the end zone for a touchdown. theington trailed 13-9 at half. third quarter after kirk cousins stretch itm newton out for a one-yard score. in the third, frustrations are beginning to mount. the usually
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throwing punches eddie gets ejected from the game. the redskins go on to lose. >> we were out coach today. no question. than us played better today. so we have two credit to the carolina panthers. and it is my responsibility to get these guys ready to play and we were not as ready as i would have liked to have been. we didn't execute in the way out of like. we still have two games left to look forward to. hopefully we will get a victory in chicago on saturday. >> that is a look at sports. have a wonderful day. >> thank you. there is now encouraging news for metro riders. and's todayarch 11 and it won't resume until the end of the month. that is giving crews time to prepare for the inauguration. on january 20,
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metro will open early. and there will be extended service on new year's eve. they will announce start dates in early january. there is a new study out this morning about your diet. it claims the way you look at sugar is wrong. a study that claims to help you take any newsy -- you hear with sugar with a grain of salt. and a critical christmas deadline is coming up
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veronica: we may be cold outside this shot.look at union station ready for the holidays. that is gorgeous. even hear the christmas music playing. christmas -- ready for the holidays. i am ready to go somewhere.
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beltsville. the wind is light. so at least we are not having to deal with the extremely low windchill ratings. today, 40 in hand degrees will be the high. today, getting from 39 to 43 for today. a little closer to what average is. and wednesday, higher temperatures coming our way. the christmasget tree this week because it looks like it will be drive. checking rain showers for part of the holiday weekend. i let more formation coming up. thee: we have trouble on roadan
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towards largo town center. expect delays due to an earlier train malfunction. on the roads, the story is the water main break along main street and roberts road. --ice are driving traffic police are directing traffic in both directions. the temperature is below freezing so it will become some what of an ice rink. they have spread out the chemical but i'm worried it will be rushed away. so take it easy. 123 is open. trouble with signal lights. they are flashing. that is the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes with another update on 95 in virginia
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mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> breaking news for you out of fairfax county. autria: let's get to john gonzalez for the search on a missing woman. john: we are in the neighborhood where this woman lives. we understand in fairfax county, we just
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arrived. here is the scene directly in front of us. this is the roof camera. all the police. we drove into the neighborhood behind a couple of ambulances. we understand a woman was last onn around the night here meadow pond court. she was last seen wearing a gray and white longsleeved striped shirt with jeans and no jacket. this woman, again, went missing around midnight. and you are talking about freezing temperatures. the temperature dipped to 23 degrees overnight. helicopter and bloodhounds are responding. on the just arrived scene and we are three blocks from where this woman lives. and one of the officers here is telling us that it is not looking good. they are not giving us
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details right now but the fact that you have all of this activity with the police cruisers and ambulances and detectives on the scene -- it is very rare to see something like this hours after a person goes missing so, right now, it is not looking very good. we don't have any details as far as her identity or age and exactly what police have found here in the neighborhood. that again, you do see the police activity. we will stay right here and bring you the latest as we get it. back to you inside. q: thank you. an airline mixup is threatening to ruin christmas for more than 100 children in haiti. volunteers with a volunteer nonprofit packs 530 backpacks filled with christmas toys. members of the group travel to haiti and arrived with some of the backpacks but 18 disappeared. back tears now as we speak.
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when it comes to haiti, these children have nothing. group members are working with delta airlines to locate the missing backpacks. there are hoping the dozens of children the presents were supposed to go to won't wake up empty-handed. autria: a consumer alert now. holiday shoppers are now scrambling and we have extremely important deadlines that you need to know about. today is the deadline to send first-class packages through first-class mail. wait, the more expensive it will get if you want that gift delivered by christmas. a health matters alert. questioning global health advice . the warning to cut
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cannot be trusted. but scientists are criticizing the study. the study was funded by companies including coca-cola, kellogg's and monsanto. q: they say love and time are the only things that can't be bought. a texas couple finally decided to tie the knot after dating for 41 years. they met in 1975. the couple celebrated their union over the weekend. the wedding was secret but there was no questioning their love for one another. the couple explained what has kept them together over all the years. >> trying to make the other person happy. make it a goal to make that person happy. q: so far, no word
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decade or so. he made her wait. [laughter] autria: she has earned that ring. [laughter] those people who wait three or four years -- yes, talk to us in 41 years. the weather is pretty agreeable over the next couple of days. i don't think anyone will complain. it is cold now but we will warm up. we will warm up for latter part of the holidays. maybe some folks in town will be doing sightseeing. a lot of kids are getting into the half day of school. some don't even have school today. 27 is the temperature. the wind is north east at five miles per hour. a light wind bringing down the feels-like temperature to 22 degrees right now. there is dry. high pressure today and it will be a beautiful day with
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all the way through. 40 degrees by drop off time. for any folks in town doing sightseeing, maybe you will be around town? you will need the sun glasses and gloves, all of that for taking in this great city. by late tonight, 34 degrees. a light wind with temperatures dropping back again. and then warming for the rest of the work week. a little bit of rain on saturday. not too much. most showers will be during the afternoon hours. there is a look at saturday. sunday at 40 degrees. unfortunately on the roads and on the rails, we do have some problems. the silver line towards largo town center is dealing with delays due to a train malfunction. the red line towards glenmont, police investigation
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causing problems with the commute on the metro red line. a water main break is the big issue this morning. this is main street at roberts road. this is south of 66. right now as they have yet to turn off the water so it is a slushy mess at this point. traffic is getting by under police direction. quantico -- a 22 minute ride. a this morning, we had medical emergency to tell you about with a bizarre twist. the lawsuit now brewing after a reporter claims a tweet triggered a seizure.
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>> in this morning's gma first look, -- is no stranger to contentious attacks on twitter. >> what are you talking about?
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last week was no difference. an interview about the social media claims that trump had been put into a mental hospital due to a new his breakdown. a claim that is unfounded. -- said henterview, receives this malicious tweet from a trump supporter with flashing strobe lights and the words "you deserve a seizure for this post." that is exactly what happened. it triggered a seizure. up, he joins us live in times square with your first look. i am linsey davis, new york.
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>> now, "good morning washington" on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. that breaking news at 6:30, the search for a woman who disappeared overnight in the cold is over. q: john gonzalez is live at the scene with brand-new information he just got from the fairfax county police department. john: last time we spoke a few minutes ago, i told you how
6:31 am
police officer on the scene told me it was bad news and now we do have confirmation. this critically missing persons case in fairfax county has turned into a death investigation. police helicopters in bloodhound had been searching and a body had been found. fromody was found blocks where this was. i lost count of how many police cruisers there are on the scene. you also have a number of emergency trucks. on theo have detectives scene. police are not telling us any details on what happened with this woman but we did know that she went missing around midnight from meadow pond court. and the body has been found. shew blocks away from where was first seen at midnight. she was last seen wearing
6:32 am
jacket. of course, freezing temperatures overnight made this a dire situation. a deatht now, investigation is underway. q: thank you for that update. he mentioned the weather. how cold was it last night? veronica: in burke, the temperature dropped to 23 degrees. for a long amount of time overnight. temperatures were around freezing by 10:00 a.m. this morning so keep that in mind when you are addressing. we will get to 40 degrees and we will be a little bit better than yesterday. light wind and sunshine. tomorrow, closer to 50 degrees. the temperatures overnight
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get to the mid-20's across the area. we are looking for a white christmas well to the north. mountain snow, as close as it gets around here. christmas dayhe forecast. 45 on christmas eve and 48 on christmas day. and 52 on monday. -- 62 on monday. julie: we have problems on the roads. a crash on the top side of the beltway. the outer loop as you travel over to georgia avenue, a 26 minute commute. look for that to be a 33 minute ride. to theyou make your way morgan temple, outer loop, your lanes are open.
6:34 am
this crash is tying up the left lane. back in virginia over in fairfax, main street and roberts road, dealing with this huge water main break. they have yet to turn off the water so it is a slushy mess. again, 120 three is open for business and we will hear back from sam sweeney reporting live shortly. towards largo town center and on the red line towards glenmont, earn earlier police investigation. i am back in 10 minutes to update your ride in gaithersburg. breaking overnight, tense moments outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. is in the same neighborhood as the russian embassy, the art gallery where the russian ambassador was assassinated yesterday. turkish police arrested a man overnight after he showed up and began firing a shotgun
6:35 am
of thistaying on top story. if anything new comes out of this, we will be sure to let you know. autria: new developments out of california. the judge used handed the sentence of six months to rock turner has been cleared of misconduct allegations. the judge faced severe conduct backlash for that decision. a state judicial panel came up the a different conclusion, ruling is unlikely to quiet critics. >> we believe he did not treat these crimes with the seriousness that it deserves. we believe that the voters will agree with us when they have the opportunity to weigh in. he said he followed the recommendation for the sentence and turner had no previous criminal record and was drunk at the time
6:36 am
months in jail. q: here is good news. three local man are among 21 people being honored for heroism. the carnegie commission hands out awards for heroism and the latest winners include two police officers who trapped a -- who saved a man trapped in a car. this was last year on the beltway. from fairfax,er, help save a teenager from drowning in the atlantic ocean in north carolina. autria: this one is an absolute travel nightmare. >> i will never fly front tier again. even if they had flights from $.10. [laughter] autria: quote of the day. the whole thing set off by lost bags. this had the
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q: welcome back. it has been a tough few days for those flying on frontier specifically,ore those who
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some peoplehad stuck for days at the denver international airport. just look at those pictures. forced themeather to cancel flights nationwide. of therier completed 65% scheduled flights on monday. the airline did get the cruise and planes where they needed to be. autria: and that is why i don't fly. [laughter] that is awful. i will get in a car any day and drive for 12 hours because that is the other option. in your cars this morning, you will want to stay warm and turn the heat on. 23 degrees is the high in takoma park. look at the various prince george's county, cold everywhere. 22 degrees and julie wright has been telling us, there is a water main break. we will
6:41 am
in the one location with temperatures above freezing. 40 degrees today. clear overnight. the head part of our winter headlines is the warming trend that we will have this week with rain coming this way on the holiday weekend. we will take a look at what you can expect in a couple of minutes but some passing showers will come through the area on saturday. julie: right now, we started off this time around in montgomery county. a crash is reported on southbound to 70. let me clear up the situation on metro. the silver line is delayed to the largo town center. investigationthe of a suspicious package is wrapped up. the red line experiencing delays because of the earlier investigation. gaithersburg, you are on the brakes.
6:42 am
ride leaving college park towards georgia avenue. now the wreck is on the right side. the big-time up this morning is the water main break on main street and roberts road. police are getting you buy one lane at a time. we will be back in 10 minutes with another update. sam sweeney, what are you working on? sam: i am at the water main break where the water is flowing down main street on fairfax. suzanne kennedy: we are working to find out more information about an overnight crash yards from the capital. i will have a live report. a tragic story, a woman in her late 60's goes missing here in
6:43 am
about the ending here. it is a tragic situation.
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autria: it is 6:45. breaking right now, a water main break is making for a slushy ride in fairfax. q: sam sweeney is live on the scene. sam: water has been flowing since 5:00 this morning on main street and roberts road. fairfax water is on the scene trying to figure out where this main happened. they did lay stalled down on the road. it could get icy later on. are now trying to figure out why people are slowing down on this hill. luckily, they are slowing down but hopefully we don't see any accidents coming up and they will keep salting this. travel in both lanes with traffic moving. we will bring you the latest when we switch to newschannel 8.
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right now, breaking news from the terror alert desk. poland's prime minister announcing a short time ago the first victim in the deadly attack on a berlin christmas market with a polish citizen. as many of you were sleeping, the vehicle used in the attack was removed from the scene. police are now saying there was no question that the person behind the wheel drove into the crowd into actually. there have every reason to suspect it was intentional. confirmed to just the associated press five minutes ago. at least 12 people were killed and dozens were injured. at home, homeland security officials issued a warning that -- could be targeted. the nypd is on alert with armed guards there. autria: developing today in turkey, a media blackout
6:48 am
yesterday's assassination of the russian ambassador in ankara. the shooter was afterwards seen on camera yelling. both russia and turkey were quick to condemn the killing. calling it an attempt to ruin the relationship. he sure to stay with us to update on these unfolding situations. go to to sign up for the breaking text alerts. also, a scare at the u.s. capitol. a car slammed into a barricade there. details of this story have been changing during the overnight. suzanne kennedy: where we are right now, the barrier has been brought down but last night it was up at the time of the accident on east capitol street. we wanted to show you pictures from around 10:00 last night. that is when the four-door vehicle came around the corner and hit the security barrier
6:49 am
street. initially, we did hear reports that there might have been an injured police officer but that turned out to not be the case. two people were charged in connection to this incident. it is unclear right now why they hit the barrier. whether they were disoriented or they were experiencing discontent. reporting live in northeast washington, suzanne kennedy. thank you. more breaking news in fairfax county. the search for a missing woman in burke has now turned into a death investigation. john: that is right. minutes ago, more firefighters arrived here in this neighborhood, not to put out a this is when were drive. we understand that at the end of the street there is
6:50 am
that is where this elderly woman was found deceased. just moments ago. it was initially a critical missing persons case. the woman lived only three blocks away in this burg neighborhood with her family. they reported her missing around midnight. she was only wearing a longsleeved shirt and jeans with no coat. she was out in what was very cold temperatures. , freezingconditions overnight. right now, this is now a death investigation. we understand that this woman suffered from early alzheimer's. she was in her late 60's. right now, police are on the scene and they are telling me there is no indication of foul play or anything suspicious. number of fairfax county police officers and detectives right now. they were using helicopters and bloodhounds earlier. now they
6:51 am
to die out here. q: thank you. metro riders are about to get some relief. safetrack 11 ends today. and work won't resume until the end of next month, a break from safetrack which is aimed at giving crews time to prepare for the inauguration. metro will open early on january 20 and there will be extended service on new year's eve with trains running until 3:00 a.m. metro said they would announce 12 start date for the surge in early january. also, the redskins no longer control their own destiny. with a loss last night, the underdog carolina panthers, they would need to win the rest of the season to make it into the postseason. let's get the highlights from monday night showdown at fedex field. down 10 in the second quarter.
6:52 am
the half washington made too many mistakes last night. carolina panthers one. 26-15. autria: did you catch this crazy outfit from cam newton during the post game? he has turned heads for his colorful attire this season that he said this pink hat and checkered suit wasn't about drawing attention to himself, it was in honor of a man he admired. craig sager. he died last week after a battle of leukemia. fittingly, everyone attending today's services had been told to dress loudly. cam newton has his outfit. >> i love it. it is about being in the moment and appreciating people. we will be in the moment today because it will be a little bit cold. very cold. we are below freezing right now. bus0 six degrees at the stop. some kids are still in school. so
6:53 am
is -- academy and i had a chance to be a part of their day yesterday. hopefully they are bundled up. a light wind today. the temperatures. this afternoon and back down to the lower 30's by 7:00 p.m. wednesday, closer to 50 degrees but we are dry throughout the day. any rain chances with a sprinkle on thursday. and saturday night? christmas eve. hopefully you have been good. i small chance of a shower, not for a much. 48 degrees and dry on christmas day. so that is a good forecast coming our way. at theake a look extended forecast. 40's this weekend and 60's next week. julie: didn't you hear? not he is the new nice. [laughter] julie: and up-and-coming trend. on the
6:54 am
are not alone. we have heavy delays coming on 66 and at main street on roberts road. police are still out directing traffic through this area due to a water main break. slushy road conditions. it is slick out there. you may want to stick with 123 as the alternate. toll road, crashes reported along the left side of the highway. southbound to 70 is a mess. a 33 minute commute headed south to 124. a crush has been pulled over to the shoulder but by 8:00, this could be a 40 minute ride. the outer loop, almost an hour break traveling into silver spring. all lanes are open. the red line has resumed. no longer dealing with delays. the silver line towards largo town center is experiencing delays. back in 10 minutes with an on the roads ride and the rails.
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story of three brilliant african-american women working at nasa in the 1960's, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest a competence in history. recently ine was d.c. for the premier where i caught up with her. talk about when you got involved in the process? and when did you know that you had to be part of this? whengot this gripped, and i read the script i was blown away. i thought, wow. finally, someone has created this story and they read my mind. not only are these women , based off of what i was reading on paper, but they would be celebrated for the brilliance. we see african-american women not objective five but as part of a subject of study. and then i found
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they did math and science and engineering during the time when glenn, trying to -- john we got him into orbit. and i had no clue about these women. i had no idea who they were, any of these human computers. and i knew that if i didn't know, i started asking my parents -- i knew there was a whole generation who had no clue. so that became a personal responsibility and mission to tell the story to celebrate those women who love gone far too long without being celebrated. kidd: pharrell williams is the producer. we will talk to him when we moved to news channel 8. turkey, police have detained a man who opened fire outside the embassy after another ambassador was assassinated. the truck that rammed into
6:57 am
the german capital was removed from the scene while police say there was no question that the man behind the wheel did this intentionally. a critically missing persons case in from >> county has turned into a death investigation. a woman found deceased three blocks. >> we are working to get details about what happened here overnight when a four door into this barrier. two people were arrested at the scene. >> water flowing on main street this morning in fairfax. take a look behind me. we may see cars slipping and sliding if they don't get this water stopped. >> you
6:58 am
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good morning, america. holiday terror attack. at least 12 killed. dozens more injured after a truck plows into a christmas market in the heart of germany's capital. >> i think it misses immediate by three meters. >> learning more about the suspect in custody seen in this new video and only on "gma," the woman at the heart of the terrifying attack, how she survived with just moments to spare. in cold blood. a gunman assassinates the russian ambassador in turkey in front of a terrified crowd. with cameras rolling. the killer shouting about the war in syria. the latest on who was behind the brazen attack as russia vows to crack down on terrorism. abc news exclusive. the "newsweek" political reporter who says he was the target of a malicious attack on twitter that used


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